Includes all politicians who were in office at any point during the 2011-2012 Legislature.

AB 2248 -

State contracts: veterans’ services. 2011-2012 Legislature. View bill details
The bill was voted on by an Assembly committee on April 24, 2012. 
There have been no votes on passage on this bill.
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AB 2248 — 2011-2012 Legislature

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Paul Cook
    • State contracts: veterans’ services
    Major Actions
    Referred to Committee
    Passed Assembly Committee on Veterans Affairs4/24/2012
    Bill History
    select this voteAssembly Committee on Veterans AffairsDo pass and be re-referred to the Committee on Appropriations.4/24/2012This motion PASSED the Assembly Committee on Veterans Affairs
    8 voted YES 0 voted NO 1 voted present/not voting
    2/24/2012Introduced. To print.
    2/26/2012From printer. May be heard in committee March 27.
    2/27/2012Read first time.
    3/15/2012Referred to Com. on V.A.
    4/10/2012From committee chair, with author's amendments: Amend, and re-refer to Com. on V.A. Read second time and amended.
    4/11/2012Re-referred to Com. on V.A.
    select this voteVote4/24/2012Do pass and be re-referred to the Committee on Appropriations.
    4/25/2012From committee: Do pass and re-refer to Com. on APPR. (Ayes 8. Noes 0.) (April 24). Re-referred to Com. on APPR.
    5/09/2012In committee: Set, first hearing. Referred to APPR. suspense file.
    5/25/2012In committee: Set, second hearing. Held under submission.

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    Luis AlejoDCA-28$0$0
    Michael AllenDCA-7$0$0
    Tom AmmianoDCA-13$0$0
    Toni G. AtkinsDCA-76$0$0
    Jim BeallDCA-24$0$0
    Bill BerryhillRCA-26$0$0
    Marty BlockDCA-78$0$0
    Bob BlumenfieldDCA-40$0$0
    Susan BonillaDCA-11$0$0
    Steven BradfordDCA-51$0$0
    Julia BrownleyDCA-41$0$0
    Joan BuchananDCA-15$0$0
    Betsy ButlerDCA-53$0$0
    Charles CalderonDCA-58$0$0
    Nora CamposDCA-23$0$0
    Wilmer Amina CarterDCA-62$0$0
    Gilbert CedilloDCA-45$0$0
    Wesley ChesbroDCA-1$0$0
    Connie ConwayRCA-34$0$0
    Paul CookRCA-65$0$0
    Mike DavisDCA-48$0$0
    Roger DickinsonDCA-9$0$0
    Tim DonnellyRCA-59$0$0
    Mike EngDCA-49$0$0
    Mike FeuerDCA-42$0$0
    Nathan FletcherRCA-75$0$0
    Paul FongDCA-22$0$0
    Felipe FuentesDCA-39$0$0
    Warren FurutaniDCA-55$0$0
    Beth GainesRCA-4$0$0
    Cathleen GalgianiDCA-17$0$0
    Martin GarrickRCA-74$0$0
    Mike GattoDCA-43$0$0
    Rich GordonDCA-21$0$0
    Jeff GorellRCA-37$0$0
    Shannon GroveRCA-32$0$0
    Curt HagmanRCA-60$0$0
    Linda HaldermanRCA-29$0$0
    Isadore HallDCA-52$0$0
    Diane HarkeyRCA-73$0$0
    Mary HayashiDCA-18$0$0
    Roger HernandezDCA-57$0$0
    Jerry HillDCA-19$0$0
    Alyson HuberDCA-10$0$0
    Ben HuesoDCA-79$0$0
    Jared HuffmanDCA-6$0$0
    Kevin JeffriesRCA-66$0$0
    Brian JonesRCA-77$0$0
    Steve KnightRCA-36$0$0
    Ricardo LaraDCA-50$0$0
    Dan LogueRCA-3$0$0
    Bonnie LowenthalDCA-54$0$0
    Fiona MaDCA-12$0$0
    Allan MansoorRCA-68$0$0
    Tony MendozaDCA-56$0$0
    Jeff MillerRCA-71$0$0
    Holly J. MitchellDCA-47$0$0
    Bill MonningDCA-27$0$0
    Mike MorrellRCA-63$0$0
    Brian NestandeRCA-64$0$0
    Jim NielsenRCA-2$0$0
    Chris NorbyRCA-72$0$0
    Kristin OlsenRCA-25$0$0
    Richard PanDCA-5$0$0
    Henry PereaDCA-31$0$0
    John PerezDCA-46$0$0
    Manuel PerezDCA-80$0$0
    Anthony J. PortantinoDCA-44$0$0
    Jim SilvaRCA-67$0$0
    Nancy SkinnerDCA-14$0$0
    Cameron SmythRCA-38$0$0
    Jose SolorioDCA-69$0$0
    Sandre SwansonDCA-16$0$0
    Norma TorresDCA-61$0$0
    David ValadaoRCA-30$0$0
    Don WagnerRCA-70$0$0
    Bob WieckowskiDCA-20$0$0
    Das WilliamsDCA-35$0$0
    Mariko YamadaDCA-8$0$0

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