AB 746 -

Pupils: cyber bullying. 2011-2012 Legislature. View bill details
The bill has become law (chaptered). 
Assembly Vote: On Passage

PASSED on April 7, 2011.

voted YES: 52 voted NO: 13
14 voted present/not voting

AB 746 — 2011-2012 Legislature

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Nora Campos
  • Pupils: cyber bullying
Major Actions
Referred to Committee
Passed Assembly Committee on Education3/30/2011
Passed Assembly4/07/2011
Passed Assembly4/14/2011
Passed Senate Committee on Education6/08/2011
Passed Senate6/23/2011
Presented to the governor (enrolled)6/27/2011
Became law (chaptered).7/08/2011
Bill History
select this voteAssembly Committee on EducationDo pass.3/30/2011This motion PASSED the Assembly Committee on Education
7 voted YES 1 voted NO 3 voted present/not voting
currently selectedAssemblyAB 746 CAMPOS Assembly Third Reading Amend By CAMPOS Set #14/07/2011This bill PASSED the Assembly
52 voted YES 13 voted NO 14 voted present/not voting
select this voteAssemblyAB 746 CAMPOS Assembly Third Reading4/14/2011This bill PASSED the Assembly
53 voted YES 5 voted NO 21 voted present/not voting
select this voteSenate Committee on EducationDo pass.6/08/2011This motion PASSED the Senate Committee on Education
9 voted YES 1 voted NO 1 voted present/not voting
select this voteSenateAssembly 3rd Reading AB746 Campos By Lieu6/23/2011This bill PASSED the Senate
29 voted YES 6 voted NO 5 voted present/not voting
2/17/2011Read first time. To print.
2/18/2011From printer. May be heard in committee March 20.
3/07/2011Referred to Com. on ED.
select this voteVote3/30/2011Do pass.
3/31/2011From committee: Do pass. (Ayes 7. Noes 1.) (March 30).
4/04/2011Read second time. Ordered to third reading.
4/07/2011Read third time and amended. Ordered to third reading. (Ayes 52. Noes 13. Page 876.)
currently selectedAssembly Vote on Passage4/07/2011AB 746 CAMPOS Assembly Third Reading Amend By CAMPOS Set #1
4/14/2011Read third time. Passed. Ordered to the Senate. (Ayes 53. Noes 5. Page 975.)
4/14/2011In Senate. Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment.
select this voteAssembly Vote on Passage4/14/2011AB 746 CAMPOS Assembly Third Reading
5/12/2011Referred to Com. on ED.
6/08/2011From committee: Do pass. (Ayes 9. Noes 1.) (June 8).
select this voteVote6/08/2011Do pass.
6/09/2011Read second time. Ordered to third reading.
6/23/2011Read third time. Passed. Ordered to the Assembly. (Ayes 29. Noes 6. Page 1536.).
6/23/2011In Assembly. Ordered to Engrossing and Enrolling.
select this voteSenate Vote on Passage6/23/2011Assembly 3rd Reading AB746 Campos By Lieu
6/27/2011Enrolled and presented to the Governor at 11:30 a.m.
7/07/2011Approved by the Governor.
7/08/2011Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 72, Statutes of 2011.

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: AB 746 CAMPOS Assembly Third Reading Amend By CAMPOS Set #1

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Tom AmmianoDCA-13$0$0
Toni G. AtkinsDCA-76$0$0
Jim BeallDCA-24$0$0
Bill BerryhillRCA-26$0$0
Marty BlockDCA-78$0$0
Bob BlumenfieldDCA-40$0$0
Susan BonillaDCA-11$0$0
Steven BradfordDCA-51$0$0
Julia BrownleyDCA-41$0$0
Joan BuchananDCA-15$0$0
Betsy ButlerDCA-53$0$0
Charles CalderonDCA-58$0$0
Nora CamposDCA-23$0$0
Wilmer Amina CarterDCA-62$0$0
Gilbert CedilloDCA-45$0$0
Wesley ChesbroDCA-1$0$0
Connie ConwayRCA-34$0$0
Paul CookRCA-65$0$0
Mike DavisDCA-48$0$0
Roger DickinsonDCA-9$0$0
Tim DonnellyRCA-59$0$0
Mike EngDCA-49$0$0
Mike FeuerDCA-42$0$0
Nathan FletcherRCA-75$0$0
Paul FongDCA-22$0$0
Felipe FuentesDCA-39$0$0
Warren FurutaniDCA-55$0$0
Cathleen GalgianiDCA-17$0$0
Martin GarrickRCA-74$0$0
Mike GattoDCA-43$0$0
Rich GordonDCA-21$0$0
Jeff GorellRCA-37$0$0
Shannon GroveRCA-32$0$0
Curt HagmanRCA-60$0$0
Linda HaldermanRCA-29$0$0
Isadore HallDCA-52$0$0
Diane HarkeyRCA-73$0$0
Mary HayashiDCA-18$0$0
Roger HernandezDCA-57$0$0
Jerry HillDCA-19$0$0
Alyson HuberDCA-10$0$0
Ben HuesoDCA-79$0$0
Jared HuffmanDCA-6$0$0
Kevin JeffriesRCA-66$0$0
Brian JonesRCA-77$0$0
Steve KnightRCA-36$0$0
Ricardo LaraDCA-50$0$0
Dan LogueRCA-3$0$0
Bonnie LowenthalDCA-54$0$0
Fiona MaDCA-12$0$0
Allan MansoorRCA-68$0$0
Tony MendozaDCA-56$0$0
Jeff MillerRCA-71$0$0
Holly J. MitchellDCA-47$0$0
Bill MonningDCA-27$0$0
Mike MorrellRCA-63$0$0
Brian NestandeRCA-64$0$0
Jim NielsenRCA-2$0$0
Chris NorbyRCA-72$0$0
Kristin OlsenRCA-25$0$0
Richard PanDCA-5$0$0
Henry PereaDCA-31$0$0
John PerezDCA-46$0$0
Manuel PerezDCA-80$0$0
Anthony J. PortantinoDCA-44$0$0
Jim SilvaRCA-67$0$0
Nancy SkinnerDCA-14$0$0
Cameron SmythRCA-38$0$0
Jose SolorioDCA-69$0$0
Sandre SwansonDCA-16$0$0
Norma TorresDCA-61$0$0
David ValadaoRCA-30$0$0
Don WagnerRCA-70$0$0
Bob WieckowskiDCA-20$0$0
Das WilliamsDCA-35$0$0
Mariko YamadaDCA-8$0$0

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