Includes all politicians who were in office at any point during the 2011-2012 Legislature.

SB 1475 -

Veterans’ benefits: Department of Veterans Affairs. 2011-2012 Legislature. View bill details
The bill has been introduced. 
There have been no votes on this bill.

SB 1475 — 2011-2012 Legislature

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Anthony Cannella
    • Veterans’ benefits: Department of Veterans Affairs
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    There have been no votes on this bill.

    2/24/2012Introduced. To Com. on RLS. for assignment. To print.
    2/25/2012From printer. May be acted upon on or after March 26.
    2/27/2012Read first time.
    3/22/2012Referred to Com. on RLS.

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    Elaine AlquistDCA-13$0$0
    Joel AndersonRCA-36$0$0
    Tom BerryhillRCA-14$0$0
    Sam BlakesleeRCA-15$0$0
    Ron CalderonDCA-30$0$0
    Anthony CannellaRCA-12$0$0
    Ellen CorbettDCA-10$0$0
    Lou CorreaDCA-34$0$0
    Mark DeSaulnierDCA-7$0$0
    Bob DuttonRCA-31$0$0
    Bill EmmersonRCA-37$0$0
    Noreen EvansDCA-2$0$0
    Jean FullerRCA-18$0$0
    Ted GainesRCA-1$0$0
    Loni HancockDCA-9$0$0
    Tom HarmanRCA-35$0$0
    Ed HernandezDCA-24$0$0
    Bob HuffRCA-29$0$0
    Christine KehoeDCA-39$0$0
    Doug La MalfaRCA-4$0$0
    Mark LenoDCA-3$0$0
    Ted LieuDCA-28$0$0
    Carol LiuDCA-21$0$0
    Alan LowenthalDCA-27$0$0
    Gloria Negrete McLeodDCA-32$0$0
    Alex PadillaDCA-20$0$0
    Fran PavleyDCA-23$0$0
    Curren PriceDCA-26$0$0
    Michael RubioDCA-16$0$0
    Sharon RunnerRCA-17$0$0
    Joe SimitianDCA-11$0$0
    Darrell SteinbergDCA-6$0$0
    Tony StricklandRCA-19$0$0
    Juan VargasDCA-40$0$0
    Mimi WaltersRCA-33$0$0
    Lois WolkDCA-5$0$0
    Rod WrightDCA-25$0$0
    Mark WylandRCA-38$0$0
    Leland YeeDCA-8$0$0
    Kevin de LeonDCA-22$0$0

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