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AJR 3 - Relative to Immigration.

Immigration. 2013-2014 Legislature. View bill details
This measure would specify goals for the reform of the nation’s immigration system, and would urge Congress and the President of the United States to take a humane and just approach to solving the nation’s broken immigration system.  
The bill has become law (chaptered). 
Assembly Vote: On Passage

PASSED on August 5, 2013.

voted YES: 57 voted NO: 3
18 voted present/not voting

Relative to Immigration.

AJR 3 — 2013-2014 Legislature

This measure would specify goals for the reform of the nation’s immigration system, and would urge Congress and the President of the United States to take a humane and just approach to solving the nation’s broken immigration system.
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Relative to Immigration.
Luis Alejo
  • Immigration
Major Actions
Referred to Committee
Passed Assembly Committee on Judiciary4/02/2013
Passed Assembly5/06/2013
Passed Senate7/01/2013
Passed Assembly8/05/2013
Presented to the governor (enrolled)8/15/2013
Became law (chaptered).8/15/2013
Bill History
select this voteAssembly Committee on JudiciaryBe adopted as amended.4/02/2013This motion PASSED the Assembly Committee on Judiciary
7 voted YES 0 voted NO 3 voted present/not voting
select this voteAssemblyAJR 3 ALEJO Assembly Third Reading5/06/2013This bill PASSED the Assembly
61 voted YES 1 voted NO 17 voted present/not voting
select this voteSenateAssembly 3rd Reading AJR3 Alejo By Cannella7/01/2013This bill PASSED the Senate
28 voted YES 1 voted NO 9 voted present/not voting
currently selectedAssemblyAJR 3 ALEJO Concurrence in Senate Amendments8/05/2013This bill PASSED the Assembly
57 voted YES 3 voted NO 18 voted present/not voting
12/03/2012Introduced. To print.
12/04/2012From printer.
1/18/2013Referred to Com. on JUD.
4/01/2013From committee chair, with author's amendments: Amend, and re-refer to Com. on JUD. Amended.
4/02/2013Re-referred to Com. on JUD.
select this voteVote4/02/2013Be adopted as amended.
4/09/2013From committee: Be adopted as amended. (Ayes 7. Noes 0.) (April 2).
4/10/2013Amended. Ordered to third reading.
5/02/2013Read and amended.
5/06/2013Amended, adopted, and to Senate.
select this voteAssembly Vote on Passage5/06/2013AJR 3 ALEJO Assembly Third Reading
5/07/2013In Senate. To Com. on RLS.
6/05/2013Read third time and amended. Ordered to second reading.
6/06/2013Read second time. Ordered to third reading.
7/01/2013Adopted and to Assembly.
7/01/2013In Assembly. Concurrence in Senate amendments pending.
select this voteSenate Vote on Passage7/01/2013Assembly 3rd Reading AJR3 Alejo By Cannella
8/05/2013Senate amendments concurred in. To Engrossing and Enrolling.
currently selectedAssembly Vote on Passage8/05/2013AJR 3 ALEJO Concurrence in Senate Amendments
8/15/2013Enrolled and filed with the Secretary of State at 4 p.m.
8/15/2013Chaptered by Secretary of State - Res. Chapter 77, Statutes of 2013.

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Relative to Immigration.: AJR 3 ALEJO Concurrence in Senate Amendments

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Travis AllenRCA-72$0$0
Tom AmmianoDCA-17$0$0
Toni G. AtkinsDCA-78$0$0
Frank BigelowRCA-5$0$0
Richard BloomDCA-50$0$0
Raul BocanegraDCA-39$0$0
Susan BonillaDCA-14$0$0
Rob BontaDCA-18$0$0
Steven BradfordDCA-62$0$0
Cheryl BrownDCA-47$0$0
Joan BuchananDCA-16$0$0
Ian C. CalderonDCA-57$0$0
Nora CamposDCA-27$0$0
Ed ChauDCA-49$0$0
Rocky J. ChavezRCA-76$0$0
Wesley ChesbroDCA-2$0$0
Connie ConwayRCA-26$0$0
Ken CooleyDCA-8$0$0
Brian DahleRCA-1$0$0
Tom DalyDCA-69$0$0
Roger DickinsonDCA-7$0$0
Tim DonnellyRCA-33$0$0
Susan Talamantes EggmanDCA-13$0$0
Paul FongDCA-28$0$0
Steve FoxDCA-36$0$0
Jim FrazierDCA-11$0$0
Beth GainesRCA-6$0$0
Cristina GarciaDCA-58$0$0
Mike GattoDCA-43$0$0
Jimmy GomezDCA-51$0$0
Lorena S. GonzalezDCA-80$0$0
Rich GordonDCA-24$0$0
Jeff GorellRCA-44$0$0
Adam C. GrayDCA-21$0$0
Shannon GroveRCA-34$0$0
Curt HagmanRCA-55$0$0
Isadore HallDCA-64$0$0
Diane HarkeyRCA-73$0$0
Roger HernandezDCA-48$0$0
Chris R. HoldenDCA-41$0$0
Brian JonesRCA-71$0$0
Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer, Sr.DCA-59$0$0
Marc LevineDCA-10$0$0
Eric LinderRCA-60$0$0
Dan LogueRCA-3$0$0
Bonnie LowenthalDCA-70$0$0
Brian MaienscheinRCA-77$0$0
Allan MansoorRCA-74$0$0
Jose MedinaDCA-61$0$0
Melissa A. MelendezRCA-67$0$0
Holly J. MitchellDCA-54$0$0
Mike MorrellRCA-40$0$0
Kevin MullinDCA-22$0$0
Al MuratsuchiDCA-66$0$0
Adrin NazarianDCA-46$0$0
Brian NestandeRCA-42$0$0
Kristin OlsenRCA-12$0$0
Richard PanDCA-9$0$0
Jim PattersonRCA-23$0$0
Henry PereaDCA-31$0$0
John PerezDCA-53$0$0
Manuel PerezDCA-56$0$0
Bill QuirkDCA-20$0$0
Sharon Quirk-SilvaDCA-65$0$0
Anthony RendonDCA-63$0$0
Rudy SalasDCA-32$0$0
Nancy SkinnerDCA-15$0$0
Mark StoneDCA-29$0$0
Philip Y. TingDCA-19$0$0
Don WagnerRCA-68$0$0
Marie WaldronRCA-75$0$0
Shirley N. WeberDCA-79$0$0
Bob WieckowskiDCA-25$0$0
Scott WilkRCA-38$0$0
Das WilliamsDCA-37$0$0
Mariko YamadaDCA-4$0$0

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