A chart showing the timing of campaign contributions and votes.

Chart showing when contributions were given relative to votes

  1. Red and green bars show campaign contributions from the interest groups that support this bill (green bars) and that oppose this bill (red bars). Each bar represents contributions for a two-month period. Click on a bar to see a table of individual contributions during that time period.
  2. Flags indicate votes. Mouse over a flag to see the date of the vote. Click on a flag to go to that vote. Green flags show votes on motions that passed, red flags show votes on motions that failed. Flags on the top row are Assembly votes. Flags on the bottom row are Senate votes.
  3. Use the scroll bar to move forward or backward in time.
  4. Click Quarterly, Bi-monthly or Monthly to change how much time each bar represents.

Contributions to legislators by supporting/opposing interests and how legislators voted

  1. Table of Contributions By Legislator shows contributions to each legislator by support and opposition interests, and the legislator’s vote.
  2. Add Data Filters to see results for only certain legislators, to modify the date range of contributions, or to choose different interest groups. Any filters applied will also affect the timeline on the top half of the page.