Total Contributions

Compare campaign contributions from interest groups that support a bill with contributions from interest groups in opposition.

Total Contributions from Supporting and Opposing Interests

  1. Interest groups that support this bill (State and local government employee unions, Teachers unions, Chiropractors, Consumer groups, and Elderly issues & Social Security)
  2. Interest groups that oppose this bill (Accident & health insurance, Insurance agencies, brokers & agents, and Life insurance)
  3. Interest groups in support gave 166% as much money to legislators as interest groups opposed.
  4. Click Table to see contribution figures in a numerical table.


Total Contributions Received by Individual Legislators

  1. Table of Contributions By Legislator shows contributions to each legislator by support and opposition interests, and the legislator's votes.
  2. Add Data Filters to see results for only certain legislators, to modify the date range of contributions, or to choose different interest groups. Any filters applied will also affect the chart on the top half of the page.