Interest Groups

Examples: oil, telecom, tobacco
IndustriesContributions 01/01/11 - 12/31/12Bill Positions during 2015-2016
Agricultural Services & Products
Farm organizations & cooperatives$102,52123
Agricultural services & related industries$78,9373
Agricultural chemicals (fertilizers & pesticides)$28,9302
Farm machinery & equipment$20,3002
Florists & nursery services$07
Animal feed & health products$02
Grain traders & terminals$0
Commodity Brokers & Dealers
Commodity brokers & dealers$0
Crop Production & Basic Processing
Vegetables, fruits & tree nuts$273,55922
Farmers, in general$200,09913
Other commodities (including rice, peanuts, honey)$111,6905
Cotton growers, cotton ginners$19,8539
Includes all sugar growers and sugar co-ops$0
Farmers, crop unspecified$0
Wheat, corn, soybeans & cash grain$03
Dairy farmers & wholesale and retail milk, cheese and ice cream dealers$183,77512
Farm Bureau
Farm Bureau/affiliated organizations & PACs$157,32933
Food Processing & Sales
Food stores$342,11317
Food & beverage products and services$185,58319
Food & kindred products manufacturing$160,8158
Food wholesalers$1,5001
Meat processing & products$0
Forestry & Forest Products
Timber companies, sawmills, & others engaged in cutting down trees$184,18410
Paper & pulp mills and paper manufacturing$16,250
Feedlots & related livestock services$30,6905
Horse breeders$01
Sheep & wool producers$0
Miscellaneous Agriculture
Miscellaneous agriculture$08
Poultry & Eggs
Poultry & eggs$123,2506
Tobacco & tobacco products$06
Communications & Electronics
Bands, Orchestras & Other Live Music Production
Cable TV
Cable & satellite TV operators$96,125
Computer Equipment & Services
Computer software$307,2968
Online computer services$221,45012
Computers, components & accessories$172,3271
Computer manufacture & services$24,40020
Data processing & computer services$1001
Electronics Manufacturing & Services
Electronics manufacturing & services$144,2435
Live Theater/Other Entertainment Productions
Actors, actresses & others in the live theater industry$01
Miscellaneous Communications & Electronics
Communications & electronics$83,6756
Movie Theaters
Movie theaters$04
Printing & Publishing
Book, newspaper & periodical publishing$21,50011
Commercial printing & typesetting$16,075
Greeting card publishing$0
Printing, publishing & allied industries$01
Recorded Music Production
Recorded music & music production$31,200
Telecom Services & Equipment
Paging & cellular phones and services$145,2503
Telephone & communications equipment$2001
Other Communications Services$0
Satellite communications$0
Telephone Utilities
Long-distance telephone & telegraph service$0
Telephone utilities$0
TV & Movie Production/Distribution
Broadcasting & motion pictures$379,9733
Motion picture production & distribution$85,3004
Television production$52,400
Commercial television & radio stations$46,3501
Building Materials & Equipment
Construction equipment$95,2002
Stone, clay, glass & concrete products$36,0006
Other construction-related products$17,7004
Building materials$11,5003
Lumber and wood products & lumber yards$3,5005
Plumbing & pipe products$01
Electrical supply$0
Construction Services
Engineering, architecture & construction management services$214,88014
Architectural services$13,0004
Engineers - type unknown$2503
General Contractors
Builders associations$595,77748
Construction, unclassified$29,1003
Public works, industrial & commercial construction$28,20013
Construction & public works$05
Home Builders
Residential construction$37,1603
Mobile home construction$8,5003
Special Trade Contractors
Electrical contractors$31,94117
Landscaping & excavation services$22,5004
Special trade contractors$11,65016
Plumbing, heating & air conditioning$019
Defense Aerospace
Defense aerospace contractors$12,400
Defense Electronics
Defense electronic contractors$42,050
Miscellaneous Defense
Ground-based & other weapons systems$100
Defense research & development$0
Defense shipbuilders$0
Defense-related services$0
Energy & Natural Resources
Aluminum Mining & Processing
Aluminum mining & processing$0
Commercial Fishing
Electric Utilities
Gas & electric utilities$713,8008
Electric power utilities$307,22112
Independent power generation & cogeneration$64,0004
Rural electric cooperatives$0
Environmental Services & Equipment
Environmental services, equipment & consulting$25,8502
Fisheries & Wildlife
Fisheries & wildlife$019
Hunting & wildlife$06
Metal mining & processing$0
Mining services & equipment$0
Coal mining$0
Non-metallic mining$0
Miscellaneous Energy
Alternate energy production & services$292,37617
Power plant construction & equipment$1,0002
Energy production & distribution$06
Miscellaneous Energy & Natural Resources
Energy, natural resources & environment$08
Nuclear Energy
Nuclear plant construction, equipment & services$4,500
Nuclear energy$0
Oil & Gas
Major (multinational) oil & gas producers$623,1501
Petroleum refining & marketing$296,46019
Gasoline service stations$94,7504
Oil & gas$55,2259
Independent oil & gas producers$48,30012
Natural gas transmission & distribution$5002
LPG/Liquid propane dealers & producers$0
Oilfield service, equipment & exploration$01
Fuel oil dealers$0
Manufacturers of railroad equipment$0
Railroad services$0
Railroad transportation$0
Smelting & Refining
Smelting & non-petroleum refining$0
Steel manufacturing$50,800
Waste Management
Waste management$306,03615
Water Utilities
Water utilities$155,49635
Wise Use
Resource-development anti-environmental groups$0
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
Banks & Lending Institutions
Banks & lending institutions$04
Commercial Banks
Commercial banks & bank holding companies$602,79315
Credit Unions
Credit unions$237,0954
Finance & Credit Companies
Credit agencies & finance companies$181,4004
Property & casualty insurance$2,023,23823
Accident & health insurance$1,083,95823
Insurance agencies, brokers & agents$565,3689
Life insurance$214,1403
Insurance companies, general$61,0006
Investment Holding Companies
Investment Holding Companies$0
Miscellaneous Finance
Financial services & consulting$166,3662
Credit reporting services & collection agencies$71,6503
Other financial services$50,6252
Tax return services$0
Miscellaneous Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
Finance, insurance & real estate$404,925
Payday/Title Loans
Payday/Title Loans$629,700
Real Estate
Real estate$1,182,54515
Building operators & managers$370,96143
Real estate developers & subdividers$269,98018
Mobile home dealers & parks$257,8003
Real estate agents & managers$220,476
Title insurance & title abstract offices$138,4501
Mortgage bankers & brokers$129,4974
Other real estate services, appraisals$03
Savings & Loans
Savings banks & savings and loans$100
Securities & Investment
Securities, commodities & investment$30,650
Venture capital$6,800
Security brokers & investment companies$02
Commodity brokers & dealers$0
Stock exchanges$0
Investment banking$0
General Business
Beer, Wine & Liquor
Liquor wholesalers$562,8503
Wine & distilled spirits manufacturing$477,82816
Liquor stores$3,000
Business Associations
Chambers of commerce$143,785130
Pro-business organizations$122,13339
Small business organizations$17,70058
General business associations$1,00061
International trade associations$01
Business Services
Political consultants & advisers$82,800
Business services$32,8503
Outdoor advertising services$32,625
Management consultants & services$24,9122
Employment agencies$17,0001
Advertising & public relations services$02
Direct mail advertising services$01
Beauty & barber shops$01
Security services$02
Commercial photography, art & graphic design$0
Marketing research services$0
Chemical & Related Manufacturing
Household cleansers & chemicals$97,5426
Plastics & rubber processing and products$50,8005
Adhesives & sealants$0
Paints, solvents & coatings$04
Food & Beverage
Restaurants & drinking establishments$399,15116
Beverages (non-alcoholic)$52,9863
Beverage bottling & distribution$01
Food catering & food services$0
Confectionary processors & manufacturers$0
Artificial sweeteners & food additives$01
Fish processing$02
Gambling & Casinos
Casinos, racetracks & gambling$478,6162
Indian gaming$71,7223
Lodging & Tourism
Hotels & motels$124,60016
Lodging & tourism$50011
Travel agents$0
Miscellaneous Business
Correctional facilities construction & management/for-profit$84,400
Import/export services$0
Wholesale trade$0
General commerce$0
Miscellaneous Manufacturing & Distributing
Paper, glass & packaging materials$163,7725
Recycling of metal, paper, plastics, etc.$152,8636
Metal cans & containers$33,5501
Shoes & leather products$20,478
Photographic equipment & supplies$17,300
Industrial & commercial equipment and materials$15,9507
Clothing & accessories$13,7004
Office machines$7,200
Heavy industrial manufacturing$400
Textiles & fabrics$01
Personal products manufacturing$02
Optical instruments & lenses$0
Furniture & wood products$01
Toiletries & cosmetics$03
Household & office products$0
Electrical lighting products$0
Small arms & ammunition$0
Manmade fibers$0
Paper packaging materials$02
Glass products$01
Precision instruments$0
Household appliances$03
Electroplating, polishing & related services$0
Sporting goods sales & manufacturing$01
Hardware & tools$0
Clocks & watches$0
Fabricated metal products$02
Miscellaneous Services
Pest control$67,6002
Equipment rental & leasing$55,5001
Physical fitness centers$31,500
Funeral services$0
Laundries & dry cleaners$0
Miscellaneous repair services$0
Video tape rental$0
Recreation & Live Entertainment
Recreation & entertainment$27,35013
Professional sports, arenas & related equipment and services$4,5002
Amusement & recreation centers$05
Amusement parks$02
Retail Sales
Drug stores$352,6504
Department, variety & convenience stores$192,1752
Retail trade$62,06746
Hardware & building materials stores$41,823
Direct sales$31,250
Miscellaneous retail stores$1,5001
Apparel & accessory stores$1,0003
Vending machine sales & services$01
Catalog & mail order houses$0
Consumer electronics & computer stores$01
Furniture & appliance stores$0
Tobacco companies & tobacco product sales
Tobacco companies & tobacco product sales$403,606
Government Agencies/Education/Other
Civil Servants/Public Officials
Civil servant/public employee$103,78044
Municipal & county government organizations$43,000203
Courts & justice system$37,98343
Public official (elected or appointed)$7,40088
Schools & colleges$81,33548
Public school teachers, administrators & officials$35,17542
Technical, business & vocational schools and services$14,0002
Law schools$8,450
Medical schools$3501
Nonprofit Institutions
Nonprofit foundations$1,8508
Museums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$04
Tribal Governments
Native American tribes & governing units$2,902,0508
Welfare/Social Work
Welfare & social work$48,02572
Health Professionals
Other physician specialists$429,39844
Optometrists & ophthalmologists$406,29718
Psychiatrists & psychologists$261,45010
Other non-physician health practitioners$131,58014
Health professionals$025
Health Services
Health care services$277,91047
Optical services (glasses & contact lenses)$97,600
Home care services$16,82013
Medical laboratories$7,609
Mental health services$012
Outpatient health services (including drug & alcohol)$016
AIDS treatment & testing$07
Hospitals & Nursing Homes
Nursing homes$529,10214
Health care institutions$14,15041
Drug & alcohol treatment hospitals$03
Miscellaneous Health
Health, education & human resources$067
Pharmaceuticals & Health Products
Pharmaceutical manufacturing$1,219,85113
Biotech products & research$258,94415
Health care products$89,6363
Medical supplies manufacturing & sales$66,4003
Pharmaceutical wholesale$39,7502
Personal health care products$5001
Nutritional & dietary supplements$0
Ideology/Single Issue
Animal Rights
Animal rights$9,50013
Anti-Gun Control
Anti-gun control$8,00012
Anti-Labor Groups
Labor, anti-union$0
Christian Conservative
Christian Coalition, religious right$54,6003
Conservative Policy Organization
Republican-based groups (but not official party committees) and generic conservative ones$27,9281
Limited Government$0
Consumer Groups
Consumer groups$0164
Dove Foreign & Defense Policy
Defense policy, doves$01
Drug Policy
Drug Legalization Advocates$1,00015
Drug Prohibition Advocates$0
Elderly/Social Security
Elderly issues & Social Security$10052
Foreign & Defense Policy
Foreign policy$01
Puerto Rico statehood policy$0
Gay/Lesbian Rights & Issues
Gay & lesbian rights and issues$6,15027
Hawk Foreign & Defense Policy
Defense policy, hawks$0
Health & Welfare Policy
Health & welfare policy$151,029191
Human Rights
Children's rights$092
Human rights$0126
Liberal Policy Organization
Democratic-based groups (but not official party committees) and generic liberal/progressive ones$25,75625
Militia & Anti-Government
Militias, militiamen & anti-government organizations$0
Minority & Ethnic Groups
Minority & ethnic groups$124,24186
Abortion policy, pro-choice$21,70014
Pro-Environmental Policy
Environmental policy$143,566118
Pro-Gun Control
Pro-gun control$6,3005
Abortion policy, pro-life$5,50013
Public Education Policy
School Choice Advocates$41,2507
Public School Advocates$0
Right to Die
Legalize doctor-assisted suicide$02
Tax Issues
Fiscal & tax policy$67,85045
Term Limits
Term limits$0
Women's Issues
Women's issues$124,15039
General Trade Unions
Construction unions$4,362,84360
Electrical workers/IBEW$1,115,70014
Health worker unions$1,076,31233
Other unions$770,10035
Retail trade unions$511,4501
Labor unions$239,06076
Communications & hi-tech unions$36,1008
General commercial unions$016
Mining unions$0
Energy-related unions (non-mining)$026
Other commercial unions$0
Entertainment unions$04
Agricultural labor unions$04
Defense-related unions$0
Food service & related unions$013
Commercial service unions$058
Manufacturing unions$05
Public Sector Unions
State & local government employee unions$2,701,515111
Police & fire fighters unions and associations$2,679,467117
Teachers unions$1,624,12561
US Postal Service unions & associations$1,2501
Civil service & government unions$012
Federal employee unions$01
Transportation Unions
Teamsters unions$231,60534
Transportation unions$136,59919
Automotive unions$107,2001
Merchant marine & longshoremen unions$96,75016
Railroad unions$34,850
Air transport unions$0
Other transportation unions$0
Lawyers & Lobbyists
Lawyers & Lobbyists
Attorneys & law firms$2,995,62343
Lobbyists & public relations$50,467
Lawyers & lobbyists$03
Registered foreign agents$0
Air Transport
Express delivery services$265,3001
Aircraft manufacturers$19,000
Aircraft parts & equipment$150
General aviation (private pilots)$0
Air freight$0
Space vehicles & components$0
Air transport$01
Aviation services & airports$02
Auto dealers, new & used$456,30011
Auto manufacturers$167,6112
Car & truck rental agencies$61,900
Auto repair$17,6003
Truck & automotive parts and accessories$5,0006
Auto dealers$0
Automotive & trucking$02
Miscellaneous Transport
Motorcycles, snowmobiles & other motorized vehicles$4,7503
Pleasure boats$5001
Buses & taxis$03
Freight & delivery services$03
Recreational transport$0
Bicycles & other non-motorized recreational transportation$07
Motor homes & camper trailers$0
Bus services$01
Sea Transport
Sea freight & passenger services$60,600
Sea transport$50,7004
Ship building & repair$0
Cruise ships & lines$01
Trucking companies & services$5,1507
Truck & trailer manufacturers$0