Kevin De Leon Democrat (Elected 2010), Senate District 22

Picture of Kevin De Leon

No longer in office

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Kevin De Leon: $1,681,471

Top 10 Individual Contributors Funding

Service Employees International Union$44,100
United Association $36,500
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers$36,100
International Union of Operating Engineers$17,700
California Medical Association$17,600
California State Council of Laborers$15,600
Demenno Kerdoon$15,600
California Association of Realtors$15,600
National Education Association$15,600

Geographic Sources of Contributions to Kevin De Leon

Total Campaign Contributions (Jan. 1, 2007 - Mar. 17, 2010): $1,248,735

Kevin De Leon received 94.0% of these contributions ($1,173,185) from outside his district. (Rank: 6 out of 119 members of Assembly and Senate.)

Top 10 Contributing Zip Codes

Sacramento, CA 95814$310,290
Los Angeles, CA 90020$33,720
Los Angeles, CA 90010$26,850
Los Angeles, CA 90071$21,900
Santa Monica, CA 90401$20,400
Pasadena, CA 91101$19,800
Los Angeles, CA 90017$19,400
San Francisco, CA 94105$18,900
Sacramento, CA 95833$15,132
Los Angeles, CA 90024$15,076