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Campaign to legalize pot has huge fundraising advantage

JACK GUEZ / Getty Images


 May 5, 2016 - A campaign to legalize marijuana in California has raised more than 240 times as much money as efforts to fight it, according to a MapLight analysis.

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California Ballot Measure Funding Tops $372 Million
2011-2012 California Senate Committee Chairmen: Education

Key Companies

CompanyContributedRelated bill positions
National Education Association$1,442,44012
California School Employees Association$777,20111
California Faculty Association$513,1782

Key Legislators

SenatorsParty/DistrictRelated bills sponsored
Anthony J. Portantino[D-CA]41
Tony Mendoza[D-CA]35
Kevin de Leon[D-CA]29
AssemblymembersParty/DistrictRelated bills sponsored
Rocky J. Chavez[R-CA]17
Anna Caballero[D-CA]14
Jose Medina[D-CA]13

Key Industries

Numbers on this page (except for Latest Bills) include latest available data through the present starting January 1, 2009 for contributions and in the 2009 legislative session for bill positions. For date range numbers on Latest Bills, visit the bill page.