Spotlight on California

MapLight research on the influence of money and politics in California.

Campaign to legalize pot has huge fundraising advantage

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 May 5, 2016 - A campaign to legalize marijuana in California has raised more than 240 times as much money as efforts to fight it, according to a MapLight analysis.

One Year Out from November 2016, California State-Level Candidates and Ballot Measures Have Raised Over $43M


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November 9, 2015 -- As a number of local elections unfolded last week, money continued to flow to the state-level candidates and measures that will appear on California’s 2016 and future ballots.

How much money have state-level candidates and ballot measure raised since the beginning of the 2015-2016 election cycle?

Report: $62M in Independent Expenditures Spent on Candidate Media, Print Materials in California’s 2014 Election; Opposition Spending on the Rise


October 14, 2015 -- A new MapLight analysis examines California independent expenditures affecting state-level candidates by category and finds that $62 million was spent on printed materials and media buys in the 2013-2014 election cycle.

What have independent expenditures in California paid for since 2001?

Report: New Tool Reveals $80M in Independent Expenditures Spent in California's 2014 Election



September 29, 2015 -- Independent expenditures played a significant role in last year's election in California, but what exactly are they? An independent expenditure is an expenditure for a communication that advocates the election or defeat of a candidate, but which is not made in coordination with the affected candidate.

How much money was spent on independent expenditures in California during the 2014 election cycle?

MapLight and Secretary of State Alex Padilla Partner to Bring Political Transparency to Citizens of California

Secretary of State Alex Padilla, MapLight President and Co-Founder Daniel G. Newman and MapLight Data Director Miriam Marks demonstrate the state's new Power Search tool for searching political campaign contributions.


September 3, 2015 -- MapLight, in partnership with California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, announced today the launch of a new open source campaign finance search tool that will greatly increase political transparency in the state.

"With the influence of campaign money far too pervasive in our government, we commend Secretary Padilla for his visionary approach to increasing political transparency in California," said Daniel G. Newman, President and Co-Founder of MapLight. "It's now easier than ever for the public to get a clear picture of the money behind California elections."