Spotlight on California

MapLight research on the influence of money and politics in California.

Funding for California's Prop. 23 a National Affair

Based on analysis of campaign finance data, roughly 70 percent of the $8,398,509 that has been donated as of Oct. 7th in support of Prop. 23 are from sources outside of California. On the other side, analysis of donors against Prop. 23 shows that just 15 percent of the $15,695,276 received are from sources out of state.

Oil and Alcoholic Beverage Companies Among Top Industries Supporting Prop 26

Contributions to groups campaigning in support of Prop 26 total over $8.2 million and have come largely from the pro-business group California Chamber of Commerce, a collection alcoholic beverage producers, followed by oil and insurance companies. Supporting money outpaces the opposition total ($1.2 million) by a ratio of nearly 7 to 1.

Contributions From Attorney Gloria Allred Go to High-Profile Democrats

Gloria Allred, the attorney representing Nicky Diaz Santillan, the housekeeper involved in the illegal immigrant issue hovering over the gubernatorial campaign of GOP candidate Meg Whitman, has made multiple contributions to Democratic candidates in the past, including a $150 contribution to Jerry Brown in 2006 for his attorney general campaign.

Insurance Companies Didn't Stop Gov't Unions on 'Health Benefits Exchange' Vote

State & local government employee unions interest groups contributed an average of $29,721 to lawmakers voting 'yes' and only $3,394 to lawmakers voting 'no.' Accident & health insurance interest groups gave an average of $11,089 to lawmakers voting against the bill and only $7,156 to lawmakers voting in favor of passage.

Industry Favoring GOP Lawmakers Could Get Tax Provision in New Budget

In the California State Senate, oil companies have given just under twice as much on average to Republicans than they have to Democrats over the last four years (7/1/2006 to 6/30/2010). The picture is more pronounced in the Assembly, where these large oil companies gave nearly three times as much on average to Republicans as Democrats in the last election cycle (1/1/2009 to 6/30/2010).