Spotlight on California

MapLight research on the influence of money and politics in California.

Bill to Cover Mental Illnesses Supported by State and Local Gov't Unions

AB 1600, which has passed both houses and awaits action by the governor, would require the diagnosis and care of mental illness

Water Quality Measure Clears Votes Despite Fiscal Groups

AB 2554 is an act that would allow the Los Angelos County Flood Control District to impose a fee or charge to pay the costs of carrying out projects and providing services to improve water quality and reduce stormwater and urban runoff pollution in the district. The bill passed both houses despite opposition by tax policy groups who gave eleven times more to senators voting no than voting yes.

Unions Help Send Employee Protection Bill to Governor

AB 2774 would facilitate claims against employers who cause (or potentially cause) employees serious injury or illness. The bill was supported by construction and government unions among others. Supporting groups gave 31 times more money to assembly members voting yes than no.

Bill to Track Hospital-Acquired Illnesses Helped Along by Unions

Based on the August 25, 2010 final passage vote in the Assembly on AB 542, State and local government unions gave $30,345 on average to assembly members voting yes and a mere $1,031 on average to those voting no. The bill has been enrolled (passed both chambers) and awaits action by the governor.

Sens. Wright's and Steinberg's Top Contributors

According to the Sacramento Bee's Capitol Alert, news broke yesterday that Sen. Rod Wright has received an eight-count felony indictment related to allegations that the senator does not actually live in the 25th Senate District he represents. Wright pleaded not guilty at an arraignment yesterday.