Spotlight on Congress

MapLight research on the influence of money and politics in U.S. Congress.

Leaked Emails Reveal How Dataminr Was Pitched To Foreign Governments

January 19, 2017 --
 Leaked emails shed light on the largely unregulated world of international lobbying in Washington, where “strategic advisors,” “consultants” and lawyers use their U.S. government experience to benefit clients and themselves, while avoiding public scrutiny both at home and overseas.

Trump’s Cabinet Nominees Campaign Contributions

January 11, 2017 --
 This week, the U.S. Senate begins holding confirmation hearings on President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees. Below is a snapshot of the political contributions made by or to those appointees.

The Interest Groups Behind Five New Congressional Power Brokers

Photo credit: Archivio J. Lange/ Getty Images 

January 10, 2017 - With the 115th Congress officially in session, five key committees have new leaders. Committee chairs wield considerable influence over policymaking, not only by helping to draft and revise legislation, but also by deciding which bills receive a hearing. Read a MapLight analysis of campaign contributions to the five new committee chairs by industry and by company, including corporate PACs and employees of those firms.

Watchdog Group Claims Super PAC Paid Trump Campaign Chair’s Salary

December 2, 2016 -- A campaign finance watchdog group sent new evidence to the Federal Election Commission on Friday to support its call for an investigation into whether President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign illegally coordinated with super PACs.

Trump Victory Boosted By Counties With Greatest Income Growth

December 1, 2016 -- Donald Trump won the presidency with support from an overwhelming majority of U.S. counties where median household income has grown most rapidly over the last generation, according to a MapLight analysis of U.S. Census and elections data.