Spotlight on Congress

MapLight research on the influence of money and politics in U.S. Congress.

Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Passed by the House — Bill Would Circumvent Environmental Review, Presidential Permit

June 6, 2013On May 22, the House of Representatives approved a bill (H.R. 3) that would deem TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline project approved for construction without a presidential permit and without further environmental review.

How much money have members of the House received from interest groups supporting construction of the Keystone XL pipeline?

Senate Approves Caps on Crop Insurance for Wealthy Farmers

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June 6 2013In late May the Senate approved an amendment to the farm bill that would reduce crop insurance subsidies for wealthy farmers. The amendment, sponsored by Senators Dick Durbin (D, IL) and Tom Coburn (R, OK) would reduce crop insurance payments by 15 percent to farmers with a gross annual income of $750,000 or more.

How much money have senators received from the crop production and basic processing industry?

Rep. Jim Himes Thrives in "Disgusting" Fundraising System, Co-Introduced Amendment to Weaken Dodd-Frank

June 6, 2013House Representative Jim Himes (D-CT) recently spoke with the New York Times about the fundraising system in Congress. “It’s appalling, it’s disgusting, it’s wasteful, and it opens the possibility of conflicts of interest and corruption," he said. "It’s unfortunately the world we live in.”

How much money in campaign contributions has Himes received from Citibank and his former employer Goldman Sachs?

Legislators Voting YES on Derivatives Deregulation Bill Receive 2.6 Times More Money From Top Banks

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May 24, 2013The House Financial Services Committee approved six bills that would roll back pieces of the Dodd-Frank Act designed to improve regulation of the derivatives market. 

How much money have members of the House Financial Services Committee received from top banks and the Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate (FIRE) sector?

GMO Labeling Amendment Rejected Overwhelmingly in the Senate

May 24, 2013Yesterday, by a vote of 27-71, the Senate defeated an amendment to the farm bill from Senator Bernie Sanders that sought to ensure that states can enforce their own laws requiring genetically modified foods to have special labels. 

How much money have members of the Senate received from companies that support the use of genetically engineered foods?