Spotlight on Wisconsin

Money & Politics Blog: Sen. Schultz expects better mining bill

Two days after the Nov. 6 election in which Republicans retained dominion in the state Assembly and regained control of the Senate, a GOP assemblyman interviewed in the state Capitol press room identified Job No. 1: “We bring a mining bill that Dale Schultz can’t stand in the way of.”

Welcome to the smash-mouth world of Wisconsin politics. Schultz, R-Richland Center, a 30-year veteran lawmaker who not long ago served as the Senate majority leader, is seen by some as an obstacle to be bypassed on the way to revamping the state’s mining laws.

Money & Politics Blog: Election law violations not easy to prove

A week before the Nov. 6 election, Americans for Prosperity tried to pump up support for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The conservative advocacy group offered $1.84 per gallon gas to motorists in Rib Mountain, a town near Wausau, by paying the $1.70 per gallon difference. The line was so long that the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department came out to control traffic.

Money & Politics Blog: TV ads reviled, but effective

On Election Day, capping off months of record spending on federal and state political campaigns, reporters from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism visited some Madison polling places to ask voters about the role of money in politics.

Their reactions, like the ads themselves, were mostly negative.

Money & Politics Blog: Record spending brings little change

The Nov. 6 election was as exhausting as it was astonishing, especially when viewed from the new Ground Zero for American elections — the intersection of Money and Politics.

Records were broken, along with some hearts. Wisconsin’s status as a battleground state was reaffirmed in thousands of 30-second increments. The money flowed fast and furious.

Money & Politics Blog: Cheeseheads frugal in presidential race

Frank Burgess, the head of an investment management firm in Madison, says he’s “solidly behind (Barack) Obama, in every sense,” including his donations to the president’s re-election campaign. He would have liked to have given even more. In fact, he tried to.