Spotlight on Wisconsin

Money & Politics Blog: Fundraising appeals sound similar themes

By now, the people of Wisconsin are well aware what happens when elections loom: saturation television ads and robocalls at a frequency that constitutes actual harassment. The groundwork for these onslaughts is being laid now, in fundraising letters to potential donors, typically conveying a sense of extreme urgency and danger.


Money & Politics Blog: Hunters on both sides of controversial bills

In sizing up the just-concluded 2011-12 legislative session, the Associated Press included hunters among its list of “winners,” noting the passage of bills to end the state’s earn-a-buck deer program and allow wolf hunting.

Money & Politics Blog: Presidential ad deluge hits Wisconsin

When we spoke on March 21, Mike McCabe issued an apparent weather bulletin, as for a brief but violent thunderstorm:

“It will be sudden, and it won’t last very long,” predicted McCabe, executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a nonpartisan electoral spending watchdog. “But it will be saturation advertising once it gets going.”

Money & Politics Blog: Sides bicker over who hates jobs more

It’s all over but the blaming.

The state Legislature’s 2011-12 regular session has careened to a close, with both parties accusing the other of blocking progress on Wisconsin’s number-one issue: job creation.

Money & Politics Blog: Mining bill shows might isn’t everything

A few weeks back, this column noted that virtually all the lobbying muscle regarding the redrawing of voter boundaries was brought to bear against the bills that sailed through. That undercuts the popular notion that outside special interests drive the political process, since here the push came entirely from an inside special interest — the GOP-controlled state Legislature itself.