Spotlight on Wisconsin

Money & Politics Blog: Recall cash spigot now wide open

It’s difficult to write about the levels of money now being pumped into Wisconsin’s electoral process without using terms like “jaw-dropping” and “eye-popping.” It’s a wonder we can still recognize ourselves in the mirror, with all these contortions.

Take the recent filings from state campaigns preparing for recalls. They show that Gov. Scott Walker raised nearly $4.6 million in campaign cash in just the five-week period between Dec. 11 and Jan. 17, the date recall petitions against him were turned in.

Money & Politics Blog: MapLight now tracking groups’ political contributions

Any candidate seeking contributions will tell you: No amount is too small to make a difference. But the more you give, individually or collectively, the more of a difference you can make. That’s why it makes sense to study contributions in search of larger patterns.

MapLight, a national nonpartisan research organization, recently launched a new feature that tracks campaign contributions by company for the U.S. Congress and two state legislatures, in California and Wisconsin.

Money & Politics Blog: When is a ‘conflict’ not a conflict?

Mark Radcliffe is an attorney in private practice in Black River Falls. He represents High Country Sand, a Minnesota-based mining company, in a lawsuit filed Jan. 3 against Eau Claire County, challenging its temporary moratorium on non-metallic mining.

Money & Politics Blog: An independent’s take on the state Legislature

Bob Ziegelbauer wants to make it clear he’s not placing himself above his fellow state lawmakers: “I don’t want to be judgmental and say, all these other guys, they’re just money grubbers.”

That’s not his point at all.

Money & Politics Blog: Attorney conduct at issue in Gableman dust-up

Michael Gableman, the Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, has been drawing flak over revelations that he received free legal help in an ethics case from a law firm representing clients with past and pending cases before the court.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a nonpartisan watchdog group, has filed ethics complaints against Gableman with the Wisconsin Judicial Commission and state Government Accountability Board.