Prop. 23

Thomas Steyer Gives $1 Million to Oppose Prop. 26

Oct. 25, 2010 - Thomas Steyer, who has given over $5 million to oppose Prop. 23, gave $1 million on Monday to oppose Prop. 26, according to the latest campaign finance data published by the California Secretary of State. Steyer, co-Managing Partner of Farallon Capital Management, currently sits on top of the contributor list of individuals and groups opposing Prop. 23.

PG&E Adds $250,000, John Doerr Adds $100,000 to Oppose Prop. 23

Oct. 25, 2010 - Pacific Gas & Electric Company contributed an additional $250,000 in opposition to Prop. 23 late last week, bringing their total contributions to $500,000. Venture capitalist John Doerr also gave $100,000 in opposition on Friday. He and his wife Ann Doerr have given a total of $2.1 million to the campaign. In total, the opposition to Prop. 23 has now raised over $30.5 million while supporters have raised almost $10.7 million.

$1.5 Million Contribution From Main Prop. 23-Supporters Valero and Tesoro Puts Them Back in the Game

Filing Deadline Reveals Numerous Small Out-of-State Donations Opposing Prop. 23

Oct. 22, 2010 - Following yesterday's pre-election deadline for filing campaign finance data for California's ballot measures, small contributions from across the country are beginning to show up in contribution totals opposing Prop. 23.

The League of Conservation Voters Shifts $300,000 From Prop. 23 Funds to Go After Prop. 26

Oct. 21, 2010 - The League of Conservation Voters transferred $300,000 from their Prop. 23 campaign to oppose Prop. 26 on Tuesday, bringing total contributions against Prop. 26 to almost $3.5 million. Supporters of Prop. 26 have raised just over $14 million.