Prop. 23

Texas-Based CVR Energy Throws Support Behind Prop. 23

Oct. 14, 2010 - An additional Texas-based oil company has thrown its financial hat in the ring in support of Prop. 23. CVR Energy Inc. gave $150,000 on Thursday to help defend the ballot measure designed to stall California climate change legislation AB 32. 

The top contributor in opposition, Thomas Steyer, contributed an additional $49,000 yesterday, bringing his total to $5,049,000. A venture capitalist, Vinod Khosla, contributed over $1 million yesterday to oppose Prop. 23.

Funding for California's Prop. 23 a National Affair

Based on analysis of campaign finance data, roughly 70 percent of the $8,398,509 that has been donated as of Oct. 7th in support of Prop. 23 are from sources outside of California. On the other side, analysis of donors against Prop. 23 shows that just 15 percent of the $15,695,276 received are from sources out of state.