PRESS RELEASE: Congressional Money Race Widget Empowers Bloggers and Media Sites

BERKELEY, CA, January 17, 2008 - Citizens can now track fundraising for over 1,500 congressional candidates with free widgets for blogs, social networking pages, and personal web sites., a nonpartisan watchdog group, released today customizable widgets - portable chunks of code that allow content to be displayed on any web page - that make political fundraising more transparent. Bloggers and reporters will be able to easily share the campaign finance data for any number of congressional races with their audiences.

Congressional money race widget


"Congressional candidates are competing in increasingly expensive election campaigns, and we want to make it easy to see the huge amounts of money candidates received from private contributors." 

- Dan Newman, Executive Director,

The congressional money race widgets follow's August release of presidential money race widgets that allow users to track funds raised by presidential candidates. Citizens can use the widget to show money raised for one Congressional race, to view all candidates in their home state, or to view House and Senate races from across the country, in any combination desired.

The free congressional and presidential money race widgets are funded by's $25,000 first prize win at the NetSquared Innovation awards, a contest for the best nonprofit technology project worldwide, and by the Sunlight Foundation, a Washington, DC-based foundation dedicated to open government. also provides insider access to Federal Elections Commission (FEC) data. The nonprofit group publishes an Application Programming Interface (API) that makes it easy for any Web developer to build their own site or software program to share up-to-date campaign contributions from the FEC.

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