John L. Mica Selected to Drive the House Transportation Infrastructure Committee

Dec. 17, 2010 -- As the New York Times reports, John L. Mica will be the chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Rep. Mica represents Florida's 7th Congressional District located on Florida's east coast. Mica has been a member of the House since 1992. Rep. Mica currently serves as the ranking minority leader on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

The following are the top ten contributors to Mica's campaign by interest group:

Interest Contributions
Air Transport $133,666
Construction Services $84,378
General Contractors $65,800
Lawyers/Law Firms $48,150
Railroads $46,500
Transportation Unions $39,000
Building Materials & Equipment     $30,250
Lobbyists $29,550
Sea Transport $27,650
Real Estate $20,950

Rep. Mica will replace the current chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Minnesota Democrat James Oberstar. The following are the top ten contributors to Oberstar's campaign by interest group:

Interest Contributions
Construction Services $115,700
Lawyers/Law Firms $109,607
Transportation Unions $103,000
Lobbyists $88,607
Sea Transport $81,200
Air Transport $70,300
General Contractors $66,500
Building Materials & Equipment     $40,150
Business Services $36,135
Building Trade Unions $36,000

Contributions above are for the last two years of available data, Oct 14, 2008 - Oct 13, 2010. Contributions from political parties and from other candidates are not included in the "Top 10" lists. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics (

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