Obama invites CEOs of major corporations to weigh in on economy

spirit of america/Shutterstock.com

President Obama met on Wednesday with the chief executives of several major corporations to discuss the looming fiscal problems faced by the U.S.

Data: Below are contributions that President Obama has received from the companies run by the executives attending Wednesday's meeting and their employees.

  • Deloitte: $388,420
  • Comcast: $250,420
  • AT&T: $179,335
  • Goldman Sachs: $147,557
  • Pfizer: $88,353
  • Merck: $63,561
  • State Farm: $53,089
  • Yahoo!: $49,517
  • Coca-Cola: $45,212
  • Marriott: $26,970
  • Caterpillar: $22,635
  • Macy's: $19,966
  • Home Depot: $11,356
  • Archer Daniels Midland: $2,675

Methodology: MapLight analysis of contributions received by Barack Obama since Jan. 1, 2011 based on latest available data from Federal Election Commission as of 11/25/2012.

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