California Prop. 21 - Campaign Contributions - Nov. 2010

Updated as of Nov. 5, 2110 11 a.m.

This ballot measure (FAILED)    Background

Prop. 21 Exempts commercial vehicles, trailers and trailer coaches from the surcharge. Fiscal Impact: Annual increase to state revenues of $500 million from surcharge on vehicle registrations. After offsetting some existing funding sources, these revenues would provide at least $250 million more annually for state parks and wildlife conservation.(Source: Official Voter Information Guide)

In Support of Prop. 21

Contributions $9,090,575
Votes 3,064,701 (41.8%)

In Opposition to Prop. 21:

Contributions $74,000
Votes 4,250,001 (58.2%)

Top Contributors

In Support of Prop. 21

The Nature Conservancy $2,226,489
The League Of Conservation Voters $1,030,000
California State Parks Foundation $951,059
Save The Redwoods League $750,000
Peninsula Open Space Trust $700,000
National Audubon Society $520,000
Sempervirens Funds $500,000
Anne G. Earhart $350,000
Ocean Conservancy $257,000

In Opposition to Prop. 21

Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Inc. $49,000
Enterprise Holdings $25,000

Contributions by State

In Support of Prop. 21

California $8,460,575
Virginia $265,000
Washington D.C. $262,000
New York $101,000
Oregon $2,000

In Opposition to Prop. 21

Washington D.C. $49,000
California $25,000

Contributions by State in Support of Prop. 21

Contributions by State in Opposition to Prop. 21

• Contribution figures, geographic location and support and opposition are based on information disclosed by the individual campaign committees and published by the California Secretary of State. Campaign committees can declare positions on multiple ballot measures, in these cases has included the total figures from these committees on each relevant proposition page. Industry and interest designation based on analysis conducted by

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