DATA RELEASE: CA Senators Voting NO on Fracking Moratorium Rec'd 14X More Money from Oil & Gas Industry

June 4, 2014 -- On May 29, 2014, the California State Senate rejected a bill, SB 1132, that would have placed a moratorium on oil and gas well stimulation treatments, including hydraulic and acid fracturing, until the government completes a scientific study of the practices' impacts on human and environmental health.

Senators voting 'NO' on the moratorium bill have received 14 times as much money from the oil and gas industry, on average ($25,227), as senators voting 'YES' ($1,772).

Twenty-one votes were required for the bill to pass. The final vote was 16-16, with eight senators abstaining. Three of the abstainers have been suspended from the Senate due to corruption allegations. If the five active senators who abstained from voting-all Democrats-voted in favor, the moratorium would have passed.

  • The Democrats who abstained from voting on the moratorium have received, on average,4.5 times as much money from the oil and gas industry as the Democrats who voted 'YES'.
  • Senator Jeanne Fuller (R) has received $52,300 from the oil and gas industry, more than any other senator voting on the bill. She voted 'NO'.

Methodology: A MapLight analysis of campaign contributions to legislators in office on day of vote from PACs and employees of oil and gas interests, January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2012. Campaign contributions data source: National Institute of Money in State Politics

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Media Contact: Pamela Behrsin