PRESS RELEASE: MapLight Releases Enhanced Cal-Access Dataset / API Advisory Group Members Wanted

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MapLight  Releases Enhanced Cal-Access Dataset / API Advisory Group Members Wanted

Aug. 29, 2013MapLight, a nonpartisan research organization that tracks money's influence on politics, announces the release of an enhanced subset of the California Secretary of State Cal-Access bulk download dataset. The MapLight California Bulk Dataset refines the Cal-Access download, which provides data in its rawest format (relational tables).

MapLight's data team of analysts, researchers and programmers worked for several months to take the raw data (from the CA Secretary of State's Cal-Access website, cd-rom, and more recently their daily download) and reformat it to be immediately useful to and understandable by any journalist or citizen seeking to analyze contributions to candidates or ballot measure committees. For example, journalists or citizens interested in viewing contributions to ballot measure committees in the aggregate in the 2012 election cycle only can download that data in a file of a few hundred kilobytes, rather than the full bulk file of 600 megabytes.

API Advisory Group - MapLight is currently recruiting reporters, programmers, and web developers to advise us on how we can best deliver this data to your organization in a way that will serve the needs of the public and the media. Please contact Jay Costa,, if you are interested in participating.

Note: Data table URLs below are stable so they can easily be used to create web applications, data tools and visualizations.

*Currently only includes committees supporting and opposing ballot measures. All committee data will soon be made available.

Yesterday MapLight announced the launch of a web tool that allows journalists and citizens to easily search the California Secretary of State's newly released bulk data to find campaign contributions to candidates and ballot committees. Click here to try it!







EDITOR'S NOTE: The MapLight California Bulk Dataset and the MapLight Power Search Tool for California are currently in beta. Before citing or publishing, please contact MapLight's data team via email or phone (510-868-0894) and we will be happy to verify your results in a timely manner. Please cite MapLight if you use data from the California Bulk Dataset or the MapLight Power Search Tool.

A link to this release can be found here.

About MapLight: MapLight is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization that reveals money's influence on politics. If our work has been helpful to you, please consider supporting us.

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