Guide to Los Angeles

The Los Angeles website is designed to inform voters about special interest contributions to city politicians. By researching the industry affililations of campaign finance and officeholder fund contributions and independent expenditures made in support of candidates, the team is able to identify the special interest groups that are contributing the most to Los Angeles politicians.

As of June 2010, our site includes all contributions to campaign committees (CA Form 460 Schedules A and C) and independent expenditures in support of candidates for city council, Mayor, City Attorney and City Controller in for all candidates in the 2005, 2007 and 2009 election cycles. The date range of transactions is from 2001 through the end of the 2009 election cycle for contributions and 2005-2009 for independent expenditures  Contributions to officeholder accounts are also available via the Contributions search interface but not included on other pages of the site. We are no longer updating the data on this website.

Our campaign contribution and expenditure data come from the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, a government agency, which collects and publishes the campaign disclosure and lobbying reports all candidates and elected officials are required to file.

The taxonomy for assigning interest group codes was adapted for local industry conditions from similar taxonomies used by the National Institute for Money in State Politics (NIMSP) for state campaign finance research and the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) federal campaign research. For example, specific codes have been assigned for prominent Los Angeles industries, such as Department of Water and Power, Medical Cannibis Dispensaries, and Adult Nightclubs. In addition, because of City rules and regulations for registered lobbyists, contributions made by lobbyists registered with the City are distinguised from other types of lobbyists and political consultants.

For more information about the project and the methodology for assigning interest group codes, see Questions and Answers about Los Angeles.