PRESS RELEASE: California Launches Prop. 24 Page with Daily Campaign Finance Updates from Secretary of State Web Site California Launches Prop. 24 Page with Daily Campaign Finance Updates from Secretary of State Web Site
Data categorized by total contributions, top contributors, and contributions by industry

BERKELEY, CA, October 18, California, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization that provides citizens and journalists the transparency tools to shine a light on the influence of money on politics, announces the launch of its Proposition 24 page. The page is updated daily with campaign finance data from the California Secretary of State Web site. The data is broken down into support of and opposition to the proposed law and then categorized by total contributions, top contributors, and contributions by industry. researchers have also posted the raw campaign finance data in a downloadable Excel format so journalists can sort and execute their own research.

According to the Secretary of State website, "Prop. 24 repeals recent legislation that would allow businesses to lower their tax liability." A summary and full text of the proposed law can be found here. is also following the money on Prop. 23 (would suspend Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006) & Prop. 26 (would impose a new two-thirds requirement for state levies and charges, and other fees that currently require a majority vote). Sign up here to receive Prop. 23, 24 & 26 update alerts via email.

"Ballot measures write laws that California citizens will live under for years to come," said Daniel Newman, executive director. "California voters deserve to know who is spending millions of dollars to influence laws in our state.'s new Prop. 23, 24 & 26 pages shine a light on the money fueling the debate surrounding these proposed California laws."

Current Prop. 24 Campaign Finance Data:


Click here to receive up-to-date campaign finance data for Prop. 23, 24 & 26.

Data Source:
All campaign finance figures are based on information published by the California Secretary of State.

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