H.R. 3564 - Regulatory Improvement Act of 2007

Law. 110th Congress (2007-2008) View bill details
This bill authorizes appropriations for the Administrative Conference of the United States for FY2008-FY2011. (by CRS) 
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Senate Vote: On Passage

PASSED by voice vote on June 27, 2008.

Regulatory Improvement Act of 2007

H.R. 3564 — 110th Congress (2007–2008)

This bill authorizes appropriations for the Administrative Conference of the United States for FY2008-FY2011. (by CRS)
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To amend title 5, United States Code, to authorize appropriations for the Administrative Conference of the United States through fiscal year 2011, and for other purposes.
Other Titles
  • Regulatory Improvement Act of 2007
  • Regulatory Improvement Act of 2007
  • Regulatory Improvement Act of 2007
  • Regulatory Improvement Act of 2007
Christopher Cannon
  • Law
  • Administrative Conference of the U.S.
  • Administrative procedure
  • Authorization
  • Budgets
  • Executive departments
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    Major Actions
    Referred to Committee
    Amendments (1 proposed)
    Passed House10/22/2007
    Passed Senate6/27/2008
    Signed by President7/30/2008
    Bill History
    select this voteHouseOn motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by voice vote.10/22/2007PASSED by voice vote
    select this voteSenateAmendment SA 5065 agreed to in Senate by Unanimous Consent.6/27/2008PASSED by voice vote
    currently selectedSenatePassed Senate with an amendment by Unanimous Consent.6/27/2008PASSED by voice vote
    9/18/2007Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.
    9/19/2007Referred to the Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law.
    9/19/2007Subcommittee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
    9/19/2007Forwarded by Subcommittee to Full Committee .
    10/10/2007Committee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
    Put on a legislative calendar10/10/2007Ordered to be Reported by Voice Vote.
    10/18/2007Reported by the Committee on Judiciary. H. Rept. 110-390.
    Put on a legislative calendar10/18/2007Placed on the Union Calendar, Calendar No. 244.
    10/22/2007DEBATE - The House proceeded with forty minutes of debate on H.R. 3564.
    10/22/2007Ms. Sanchez, Linda T. moved to suspend the rules and pass the bill.
    10/22/2007Considered under suspension of the rules.
    select this voteHouse Vote on Passage10/22/2007On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by voice vote.
    10/23/2007Received in the Senate.
    10/24/2007Read the first time. Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under Read the First Time.
    Put on a legislative calendar10/25/2007Read the second time. Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 443.
    select this voteVote6/27/2008Amendment SA 5065 agreed to in Senate by Unanimous Consent.
    6/27/2008Measure laid before Senate by unanimous consent.
    currently selectedSenate Vote on Passage6/27/2008Passed Senate with an amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    6/27/2008Message on Senate action sent to the House.
    6/27/2008Amendment SA 5065 proposed by Senator Levin for Senator Coburn.
    Presented to President7/14/2008Cleared for White House.
    7/14/2008Mr. Schiff moved that the House suspend the rules and agree to the Senate amendment.
    7/14/2008DEBATE - The House proceeded with forty minutes of debate on the motion to agree to the Senate amendment to H.R. 3564.
    7/14/2008On motion that the House suspend the rules and agree to the Senate amendment Agreed to by voice vote.
    Presented to President7/22/2008Presented to President.
    Signed7/30/2008Signed by President.
    Enacted7/30/2008Became Public Law No: 110-290.
    NumberSponsorDate OfferedStatus
    select this voteS. Amdt. 5065Coburn, Thomas [R-OK]June 27, 2008Passed by voice vote on June 26, 2008.

    To modify the authorization of appropriations for fiscal years 2008 through 2011.

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    Date Range of Contributions
    Within days of the vote "Passed Senate with an amendment by Unanimous Consent."
    ContributorInterest groupAmountDatesort iconSenate memberPartyStateVote
    Abrams, James DAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Barry, Donald DAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Burns, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$2,3005/28/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Channing Tenenbaum, Gayle SAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Childs, Larry MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Coleman, John Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Corley, Phillip MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Cozen, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    D'arcy, Sean GAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Donohue, Mary LynneAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Drew, Mark MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Eden, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Erne, AnnAttorneys & law firms$7505/28/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Estess, Glenn Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Faulkner, David Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Field, Joyce FAttorneys & law firms$3005/28/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Franklin, Charles LAttorneys & law firms$3005/28/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Fulton, Philip JAttorneys & law firms$7005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Fulton, Philip JAttorneys & law firms$3005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Galperin, RonAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Gilligan, John P EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Gittleman, Richard LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Goyer, James Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Hedden, Herbert aAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Hein, Ronald RAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Hendrixson, Peter SAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Huckstep, Ann MsAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Jordan, Albert MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Khattak, GhaffarAttorneys & law firms$3005/28/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Long, Thomas LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Malone, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Maron, Stanley EAttorneys & law firms$2,3005/28/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Mastel, GregAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Mone, Robert PAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Nabers, Drayton Honorable JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Newman, Dianne RAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Palmisano, Ralph J EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Povall, John KAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Priester, James L MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Rana, MohdAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Riley, Robert Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Rogers, Douglas LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Ronayne, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Rosso, Joseph L MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08George VoinovichROHYes
    Sandler, Richard VAttorneys & law firms$2,3005/28/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Sandler, Richard VAttorneys & law firms$2,3005/28/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Sanger, KarenAttorneys & law firms$-2,3005/28/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Satterfield, William MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Sellers, Jane W MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Shavitz, IanAttorneys & law firms$3005/28/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Shifrin, Debra SAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Simpson, Henry MrAttorneys & law firms$2005/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Smith, Lee MAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Smith, Richard MrAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/28/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Spiegel, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Thompson, H Lee EsqAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Wegman, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Wolf, Block Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,2005/28/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Berezin, AlecAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Bourdette, Philip CAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Bourdette, Philip CAttorneys & law firms$8005/29/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Bourdette, Philip CAttorneys & law firms$-8005/29/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Bravo, Kenneth aAttorneys & law firms$5005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Carrey, NeilAttorneys & law firms$5005/29/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Chandra, SubodhAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Davis, Tracy MrsAttorneys & law firms$2005/29/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Dijulio, P SAttorneys & law firms$2505/29/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Driker, EugeneAttorneys & law firms$2005/29/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Driker, EugeneAttorneys & law firms$2005/29/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Duncan, David TAttorneys & law firms$2505/29/08John CornynRTXYes
    Elk, David J EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Flom, Katherine SAttorneys & law firms$2005/29/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Garson, StuartAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Greenberg Traurig LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/29/08Barbara MikulskiDMDYes
    Greenberg Traurig LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/29/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Huff, LeslyeAttorneys & law firms$5005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Kinzler, Travis WAttorneys & law firms$6425/29/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Knecht, DeniseAttorneys & law firms$5005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Knudson, Anna DAttorneys & law firms$6505/29/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Lansdowne, Dennis RAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Mack, Sarah EAttorneys & law firms$2505/29/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Mckinney, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5005/29/08James InhofeROKYes
    Mcmorran, Michele MAttorneys & law firms$2,3005/29/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Prince, David LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/08John CornynRTXYes
    Purnell, Maurice E JrAttorneys & law firms$2505/29/08John CornynRTXYes
    Rawson, Robert H JrAttorneys & law firms$5005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Rickard, NathanielAttorneys & law firms$3005/29/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Rosso, Joseph LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Ryan, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2505/29/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Scanlon, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Scogland, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Skadden, Arps Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/29/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Smith, Todd MAttorneys & law firms$5005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Strauss, David JAttorneys & law firms$5005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Stuck, Haven LAttorneys & law firms$5005/29/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Tricarichi, Carla M EsqAttorneys & law firms$2505/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Weinberger, Peter HAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Whitney, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2505/29/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Wolff, Robert M EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7505/30/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Arbuckle, J GAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/30/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Barnette, CurtisAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/30/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Bentley, UpshawAttorneys & law firms$3005/30/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Bentley, UpshawAttorneys & law firms$2005/30/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Berry, TurneyAttorneys & law firms$8005/30/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Bock, Bennie W IiAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/30/08John CornynRTXYes
    Boyer, R BruceAttorneys & law firms$5005/30/08John CornynRTXYes
    Burch, E DavisonAttorneys & law firms$5005/30/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Burge, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2505/30/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Carver, BradAttorneys & law firms$5005/30/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Collier, Steven EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/30/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Cook, Gregory MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/30/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Cooper, CareyAttorneys & law firms$5005/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Cox, John W JrAttorneys & law firms$2,3005/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Dankof, Steven KAttorneys & law firms$2505/30/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Darrow, Clarence aAttorneys & law firms$5005/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Durst, Timothy SAttorneys & law firms$5005/30/08John CornynRTXYes
    Ferguson, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5005/30/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Graham, David FAttorneys & law firms$3755/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Hall, JohnAttorneys & law firms$7505/30/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Hughes, Vester T JrAttorneys & law firms$6005/30/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Hughes, Vester T JrAttorneys & law firms$4005/30/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Keesal, Elizabeth LAttorneys & law firms$2,3005/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Keesal, Elizabeth LAttorneys & law firms$1,1005/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Leizerman, E J EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/30/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Mertes, JimAttorneys & law firms$2005/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Murray, William MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/30/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Quicksilver, William TAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/30/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Savage, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/30/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Schooley, VemAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Shannon, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2505/30/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Shillito, Beverly FAttorneys & law firms$3005/30/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Shillito, Beverly FAttorneys & law firms$2005/30/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Skidmore, David MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/30/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Smith, RushAttorneys & law firms$3005/30/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Williams-Young, Marc GAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/30/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Winstein, StewartAttorneys & law firms$2005/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Womble, Ema a MrsAttorneys & law firms$5005/30/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Womble, William F Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$5005/30/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Wymer, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2505/30/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Zimmering, Paul LAttorneys & law firms$5005/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Zoll, David WAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/30/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Keithley, Bradford GAttorneys & law firms$3005/31/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Maher, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,3005/31/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Piersol, Catherine VAttorneys & law firms$5005/31/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Whatley, Joe R JrAttorneys & law firms$5005/31/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Burns, Timothy WAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/1/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$-1,0006/1/08John ReedDRIYes
    Willis, RobbAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Anderson, Leslie JAttorneys & law firms$9006/2/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Barron, David MAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/08David VitterRLAYes
    Bell, Sharon JAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/08John CornynRTXYes
    Brooks, B JAttorneys & law firms$1,3006/2/08David VitterRLAYes
    Brooks, B JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/08David VitterRLAYes
    Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$3,0006/2/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Cohen, Jonathan VAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Cole, Thomas aAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Dengel, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Farley, JosephAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Gehrke, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Gray, Kevin MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Grindal, Michele HAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Groseclose, ChetAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Harpootllan, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Hennen, Dennis WAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/2/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Housum, Virginia AnneAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Kaplan, Samuel LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Lancaster, Peter MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Maynard, Cooper & GaleAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/2/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Mcdonough, M BrigidAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Mcguire, Woods Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/2/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Mcguire, Woods Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/08John ReedDRIYes
    Moricoli, Mary HelenAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/08John CornynRTXYes
    Pierce, John S MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Potter, David BAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Robinson, Ann RAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Rokacz, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2006/2/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Rokacz, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2006/2/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Segal, Susan LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Smary, Eugene EAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Tetzlaff, Theodore RAttorneys & law firms$4006/2/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Thompson, Craig KAttorneys & law firms$2006/2/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Thomsen, MarkAttorneys & law firms$7006/2/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Thomsen, MarkAttorneys & law firms$-7006/2/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    White, J RAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/08John CornynRTXYes
    Arent, Fox Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/3/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Baker, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/3/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Beneke, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$3006/3/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Bernstein, JeffryAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Bozeman, MarcAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Carey, Steven SAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Carmody, Arthur RAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/08David VitterRLAYes
    Cram, M VAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Crumbley, Alex MrAttorneys & law firms$1,1506/3/08John IsaksonRGAYes
    Fettig, Dwight aAttorneys & law firms$3006/3/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Gertz, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Gipson, AndyAttorneys & law firms$7506/3/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Goodman, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Greenberg Traurig LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Jacob, RodneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Jacobs, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Junkin, John R JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Kendis, James DAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Kendis, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Kessler, RandallAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Kohler, MartinAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Lasala, Joseph PAttorneys & law firms$2,2006/3/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Mottur, Alfred EAttorneys & law firms$1,3006/3/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0006/3/08Daniel InouyeDHIYes
    Paul, Hastings Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Pohlman, William JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Portman, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Potter, Wayne aAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Rossbach, William aAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Simpson, C KyleAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Sinclair, TomAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Skinner, Samuel K MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Sturgeon, a HAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Thompson, Tommy GAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Waters, RobertAttorneys & law firms$3006/3/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Zemenides, EndyAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/08John ReedDRIYes
    Berlin, Stephen R MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Bernstein, Stanley DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/08John ReedDRIYes
    Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Brown, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/4/08John ReedDRIYes
    Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Chambliss, JacAttorneys & law firms$2006/4/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Corbin, Peter R MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Doherty, Louis W MrAttorneys & law firms$4006/4/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Fohrell, Fred MrAttorneys & law firms$2006/4/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Fowler, White Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Gillespie, KatherineAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Girardi, Thomas VAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Hildre, DonAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/4/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Hildre, DonAttorneys & law firms$1,2006/4/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Hildre, DonAttorneys & law firms$-1,2006/4/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Honaker, Shannon MsAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/08John BarrassoRWYYes
    Hunter, Bynum M MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Jonah, Rebecca EAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/4/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Kasieta, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Manning, Jack BAttorneys & law firms$3006/4/08John CornynRTXYes
    Miller, Jeanne MAttorneys & law firms$4406/4/08Claire McCaskillDMOYes
    Powers, Pyles Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,3646/4/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Rafalowicz, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/4/08John ReedDRIYes
    Saakvitne, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Skadden, Arps Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Spiegel, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Spiegel, DanielAttorneys & law firms$-1,0006/4/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Thompson, Tommy GAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Troutman SandersAttorneys & law firms$4596/4/08Blanche LincolnDARYes
    Troutman SandersAttorneys & law firms$-4486/4/08Blanche LincolnDARYes
    Austin, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2506/5/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Balisle, LindaAttorneys & law firms$2506/5/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Berry, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$5006/5/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Carney, John J EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Clarkson, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Connors, James PAttorneys & law firms$5006/5/08Maria CantwellDWAYes
    Glover, Karen E MsAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Maria CantwellDWAYes
    Guarini, Frank JAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/5/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Guarini, Frank JAttorneys & law firms$8006/5/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Christopher DoddDCTYes
    Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08James InhofeROKYes
    Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Michael EnziRWYYes
    Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Honaker, ShannonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Michael EnziRWYYes
    Howell, Lembhard GAttorneys & law firms$2506/5/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Hunter, Bynum M MrAttorneys & law firms$-6506/5/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Inabnett, Carrick RAttorneys & law firms$5006/5/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Klarfeld, PeterAttorneys & law firms$2506/5/08Maria CantwellDWAYes
    Londrigan, Timothy JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Mcconnell, KirkAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Lamar AlexanderRTNYes
    Mcnally, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2006/5/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Miller, Gerry MAttorneys & law firms$5006/5/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Quackenbush, Karl J MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/5/08Maria CantwellDWAYes
    Ratliff, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Skadden, Arps Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/5/08John KerryDMAYes
    Thomson, William JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/08Michael EnziRWYYes
    Anderson, Jean FAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/6/08Bill NelsonDFLYes
    Barrett, DonAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/6/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Brown, Rudnick Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/6/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Cassirer-Srulowitz, AuroraAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/6/08Blanche LincolnDARYes
    Crowley, LisanneAttorneys & law firms$2506/6/08Blanche LincolnDARYes
    Dettling, Aaron MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/6/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Easdale, KennethAttorneys & law firms$3006/6/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Edge, Joe MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/6/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Fetherston, BenAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/6/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Foster, Mark DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/6/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Franke, Paul M JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/6/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Groom Law GroupAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/6/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Langley, Eric MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/6/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Lynch, Jim CAttorneys & law firms$2006/6/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Marchena, MarcosAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/6/08Lamar AlexanderRTNYes
    Mccain, Jennifer MsAttorneys & law firms$5006/6/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Mcconnell, James FAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/6/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Minter, Alan HAttorneys & law firms$2756/6/08John CornynRTXYes
    Pickering, John MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/6/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Reno, LeeAttorneys & law firms$5006/6/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Rich, Joseph CAttorneys & law firms$5006/6/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Rostov, EugeneAttorneys & law firms$2506/6/08Bill NelsonDFLYes
    Serling, Michael BAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/6/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Shuffield, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/6/08Lamar AlexanderRTNYes
    Simon, Deborah aAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/6/08Bill NelsonDFLYes
    Smith, GarrettAttorneys & law firms$2506/6/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/6/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/6/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Stanko, Joseph C JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/6/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Vignos, GreggAttorneys & law firms$2006/6/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/6/08Charles GrassleyRIAYes
    Easterly, a Shelby IiiAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Honeycutt, D BlayneAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Wiley Rain & FieldingAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/08Maria CantwellDWAYes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/9/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/9/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/9/08Michael EnziRWYYes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08John ReedDRIYes
    Arffa, AllanAttorneys & law firms$2506/9/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Beeman, Earl RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Charles GrassleyRIAYes
    Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Christopher DoddDCTYes
    Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Buchholz, CarlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Crews, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5006/9/08Kay HutchisonRTXYes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Daniel InouyeDHIYes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/9/08Lisa MurkowskiRAKYes
    Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Gorton, SladeAttorneys & law firms$6006/9/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Gregorio, Sam NAttorneys & law firms$5006/9/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Hallenberg, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2506/9/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Harmelin, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Heim, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Johnston, William Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Laupheimer, AnnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Lykins, Elizabeth WAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Debbie StabenowDMIYes
    Malone, Michael PAttorneys & law firms$5006/9/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Mcerlane, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Mcguire, Woods Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Pecsanye, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Robbins, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2506/9/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Ross, LauraAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/9/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Russell, Lyle DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Debbie StabenowDMIYes
    Shapiro, RaymondAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Tegeler, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/9/08John KerryDMAYes
    Tew Cardenas LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Bill NelsonDFLYes
    Waldrep, CharlieAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/08Ben NelsonDNEYes
    Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Bartholomew, SamAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/10/08Lamar AlexanderRTNYes
    Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/10/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Brown, Rudnick Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/08Bill NelsonDFLYes
    Buckmaster, Wesley WAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Campbell, Amanda L MsAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/08John IsaksonRGAYes
    Cozen & O'connorAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Johnson, EdwinAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Kamens, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$5006/10/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Kellar, ShermanAttorneys & law firms$2006/10/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Mccalley, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$5006/10/08John ReedDRIYes
    Mclarney, C Patrick MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Merriman, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/08Charles GrassleyRIAYes
    Mottur, Alfred EAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/08John ReedDRIYes
    Peterson, John CAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Phelan, John CAttorneys & law firms$5006/10/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Porterfield, Timothy MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Raeber, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Resnick, StephanieAttorneys & law firms$5006/10/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Rieser, Joseph a EsquireAttorneys & law firms$5006/10/08John ReedDRIYes
    Selanders, JayAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Shook, ChadwickAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Simpson, C KyleAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/08John ReedDRIYes
    Snyder, RalphAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Thackston, G William JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Tourney, Donald J MrAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/10/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Wagner, CraigAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Westmoreland, CarlAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Baker & HostetlerAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/11/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Baker & HostetlerAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/11/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/11/08Richard BurrRNCYes
    Brimsek, John RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/11/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Courie, James RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/11/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Dailey, Brian TAttorneys & law firms$5006/11/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Foley, Thomas aAttorneys & law firms$2506/11/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Hines, Ernest R JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/11/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$5006/11/08John BarrassoRWYYes
    Kimmel, Morton RAttorneys & law firms$2006/11/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Levy, Roger MAttorneys & law firms$2506/11/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Lobst, Frederick WAttorneys & law firms$2506/11/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Mcbride, David CAttorneys & law firms$2506/11/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Mcdonald, LamarAttorneys & law firms$2006/11/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Mcguire, Woods Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/11/08John CornynRTXYes
    Monhait, Norman MAttorneys & law firms$2506/11/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Paul, Hastings Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/11/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Pfaltz, HugoAttorneys & law firms$2006/11/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Reynolds, Douglas VAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/11/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Stanziale, Charles aAttorneys & law firms$8006/11/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Stanziale, Charles aAttorneys & law firms$2006/11/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Stargatt, Barbara HAttorneys & law firms$2006/11/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Stone, RogerAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/11/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Wolf, Block Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/11/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Young, Stuart BAttorneys & law firms$2506/11/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/12/08Blanche LincolnDARYes
    Baker & HostetlerAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/12/08Jon TesterDMTYes
    Bell, Harry F JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/12/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Blache, Cecil JAttorneys & law firms$7006/12/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Blache, Cecil JAttorneys & law firms$3006/12/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Charnes, Adam M MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/12/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Colton, Neal DAttorneys & law firms$2506/12/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Cunningham, Kevin EAttorneys & law firms$2506/12/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Dalton, Andrew CAttorneys & law firms$2506/12/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Dalton, Bartholomew JAttorneys & law firms$2006/12/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Grossman, Jerome KAttorneys & law firms$2506/12/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Heywood, Thomas aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/12/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Hodge, Derek MAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/12/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Johnsen, R CAttorneys & law firms$3006/12/08David VitterRLAYes
    Johnson, H Alston IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,6006/12/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Krembs, Andrew P EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/12/08Sherrod BrownDOHYes
    Levine, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$2006/12/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Logan, G Hunter JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/12/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Mahtook, Robert a JrAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/12/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Mckay, Michael WAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/12/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Ramonas, George aAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/12/08George VoinovichROHYes
    Ramonas, George aAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/12/08George VoinovichROHYes
    Sands, ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/12/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Seaton, Douglas PAttorneys & law firms$5006/12/08John ThuneRSDYes
    Shirley, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/12/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Skadden, Arps Et AlAttorneys & law firms$3,0006/12/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Sours, JohnAttorneys & law firms$3006/12/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Talkington, Robert VAttorneys & law firms$2506/12/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Tanzman, RoyAttorneys & law firms$2506/12/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Young, Robert J MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/12/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Barrasso, Judy YAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Baumann, Julian H JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/13/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Bivins, Patricia HAttorneys & law firms$2506/13/08John CornynRTXYes
    Bourque, Charles C JrAttorneys & law firms$3506/13/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Brewer, William a IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Butzel, Albert KAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Curtin, Cynthia K MsAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/13/08George VoinovichROHYes
    Curtin, G MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/13/08George VoinovichROHYes
    Davis, DwightAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    De Scherer, Richard KAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Feldman, Larry JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Fertitta, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Flowers, Richard WAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08George VoinovichROHYes
    Foote, W RossAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Gardner, J CecilAttorneys & law firms$2506/13/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Grace, James M JrAttorneys & law firms$1,3006/13/08John CornynRTXYes
    Grysen, Bernard E Md JdAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Debbie StabenowDMIYes
    Hatch, Scott DAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Hildebrand, CarolAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Jackson, Patrick RAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Kane, MeredithAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Kuenzli, David PAttorneys & law firms$2506/13/08George VoinovichROHYes
    Kutcher, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Laclair, Paul LAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Lazarus, BarryAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Martin, JackAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Morris, Larry WAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Murphy, Betty SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Nederlander, Robert EAttorneys & law firms$1,3006/13/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Nederlander, Robert EAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Nunnally, Kevin K CaptAttorneys & law firms$2506/13/08John CornynRTXYes
    Olson, LeifAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08John CornynRTXYes
    Peebles, E B IiiAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Preservati, NickAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Rhee, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2506/13/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Rosenbaum, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Sangisetty, Ravi KAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/13/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Seaton, Douglas P MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Seiter, Lawrence JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Sprague, Robert FAttorneys & law firms$2506/13/08George VoinovichROHYes
    Talley, Susan GAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Walker, LairdAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Ward, Wesley aAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08John CornynRTXYes
    Wells, Steven JAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Wertheim, JerryAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/13/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Zirin, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/13/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Zirin, JamesAttorneys & law firms$3006/13/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Duval, Daniel WAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/08George VoinovichROHYes
    Taft, Robert a Hon IiAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/08George VoinovichROHYes
    Baldwin, EdwinAttorneys & law firms$2006/15/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Charles, KayAttorneys & law firms$2006/15/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Knauer, NancyAttorneys & law firms$4006/15/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Adams & ReeseAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Baker & HostetlerAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/16/08John SununuRNHYes
    Bayard, Eugene HAttorneys & law firms$2006/16/08Thomas CarperDDEYes
    Brooks, B JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$1,1506/16/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Brooks, B JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$3506/16/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Byrd, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Chemtob, NancyAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/16/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Christenberry, Herbert WAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$4,5006/16/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/16/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/16/08John CornynRTXYes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Dorman, Richard TAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Easdale, KennethAttorneys & law firms$2006/16/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Farmer, FAttorneys & law firms$2006/16/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Ford, Wendell HAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/08Daniel InouyeDHIYes
    Glassco, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$2506/16/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Hittner, Barry GAttorneys & law firms$2506/16/08John ReedDRIYes
    House, William MAttorneys & law firms$2506/16/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Kriss, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Lee, KennethAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Lehmann, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2006/16/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Mcmanus, RandolphAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Mcmickle, John DAttorneys & law firms$5506/16/08Charles GrassleyRIAYes
    Mcmickle, KarieAttorneys & law firms$4506/16/08Charles GrassleyRIAYes
    Mills, Thomas LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Charles GrassleyRIAYes
    O'melveny & MyersAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Olsson, Frank & WeedaAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Oneill, John JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Charles GrassleyRIAYes
    Owen, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Parsons, Charles CAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/16/08Lisa MurkowskiRAKYes
    Power, Joseph a JrAttorneys & law firms$2006/16/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Power, Joseph a JrAttorneys & law firms$2006/16/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Power, Susan VAttorneys & law firms$2006/16/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Power, Susan VAttorneys & law firms$2006/16/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Quillen, William TAttorneys & law firms$4006/16/08Thomas CarperDDEYes
    Quillen, William TAttorneys & law firms$2506/16/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Rafalowicz, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Robinson, NorwoodAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Claire McCaskillDMOYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Van Geertruyden, Sara TAttorneys & law firms$3006/16/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Vorys, Sater Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Waits, John aAttorneys & law firms$2506/16/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Weiss, Stephen a EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/16/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Zussman, Milton YAttorneys & law firms$2006/16/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Abraham, Lee JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Appel, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Barnard, Marialyn PAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/08John CornynRTXYes
    Beer, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Berman, KarlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Bonovitz, SheldonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Broughton, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/08Richard BurrRNCYes
    Buscher, John GAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/08Jon TesterDMTYes
    Bush, GlenAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Calkins, R RonaldAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/08Richard LugarRINYes
    Cooney, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Counihan, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Crew, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Dickinson, Q ToddAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$3516/17/08Robert CaseyDPAYes
    Durant, William E JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Evans, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/08Jon TesterDMTYes
    Johansen, KirkAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Johnston, John FAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/17/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Mcdonnell, BrendanAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Mcgregor, Jack EAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/08John SununuRNHYes
    Mondale, WalterAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Parsons, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Payne, RobertAttorneys & law firms$3006/17/08Kay HutchisonRTXYes
    Phillips, LeoAttorneys & law firms$1,3006/17/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Renberg, DanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Rich, J CurtisAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/08Jon TesterDMTYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$-2,5006/17/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Strauss, BenjaminAttorneys & law firms$2006/17/08Thomas CarperDDEYes
    Wender, DianeAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Wuller, Roman PAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/08Claire McCaskillDMOYes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Berthold, Robert V JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Broas, Timothy MAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/18/08Claire McCaskillDMOYes
    Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/18/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/08John ReedDRIYes
    Erb, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Gerstein, Mark DAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Gwinn, Marianne SAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/08John CornynRTXYes
    Jones, W ProctorAttorneys & law firms$7006/18/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Jones, W ProctorAttorneys & law firms$3006/18/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Mcadams, David KAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Nakahata, John TAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Pavel, Mary JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Porteous, Joan LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/08Debbie StabenowDMIYes
    Powers, Pyles Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Ritchie, StephenAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Robinson, Donald aAttorneys & law firms$1,1506/18/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Ross, James JAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/18/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Ross, LauraAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/18/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Shearer, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Shughart, Thomson & KilroyAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Speckman, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2256/18/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Spector, David MAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Sprayregen, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Sprik, Dale RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/08Debbie StabenowDMIYes
    Strandberg, Brita DAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Tober, Eric EAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Vega, Angel LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/08Bob CorkerRTNYes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/08Lisa MurkowskiRAKYes
    Alston & BirdAttorneys & law firms$4,0006/19/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Alston & BirdAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/19/08John ReedDRIYes
    Blaylock, Ronald EAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/19/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Bromley, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,8006/19/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/19/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/19/08John CornynRTXYes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/19/08Lisa MurkowskiRAKYes
    Bucci, Anthony J JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/19/08John ReedDRIYes
    Coleman, Gregory SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/19/08John CornynRTXYes
    Cotty, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$4006/19/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Cullerton, John JAttorneys & law firms$5006/19/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Devalerio, GlenAttorneys & law firms$2506/19/08John ReedDRIYes
    Edwards, CliffAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/19/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/19/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Gregory, Marie H MsAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/19/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/19/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Jarussi, Gene RAttorneys & law firms$5006/19/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Kalil, Earl L JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/19/08John SununuRNHYes
    King & SpaldingAttorneys & law firms$3,8886/19/08John KerryDMAYes
    Metnick, Michael BAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/19/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Moran, Paul PAttorneys & law firms$5006/19/08John ReedDRIYes
    Olsson, Philip C MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/19/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Printz, Charles F JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/19/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Ratcliff, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2006/19/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Rodrigue, Linda GAttorneys & law firms$2506/19/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Rudman, Warren B MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/19/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Shekarchi, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2506/19/08John ReedDRIYes
    Veasey, E NAttorneys & law firms$2506/19/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Aerenson, NormanAttorneys & law firms$2506/20/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Allred, AllenAttorneys & law firms$5006/20/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Arent, Fox Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Bolster, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Booth, AlexAttorneys & law firms$5006/20/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Burleson, Richard L MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/20/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Burns, James MAttorneys & law firms$6006/20/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Burns, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Carver, BradAttorneys & law firms$4276/20/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Curtis, Lawrence NAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Genova, Angelo JAttorneys & law firms$9006/20/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Gholson, HunterAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Gorman, GeraldAttorneys & law firms$1,1506/20/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Hershey, LorenAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/20/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    House, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Hunter, JerryAttorneys & law firms$1,1506/20/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Kosmas, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5006/20/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Mccarthy, Robert WAttorneys & law firms$2506/20/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Mcguire, Woods Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Peters, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2006/20/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Rountree, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Sanchez, WalterAttorneys & law firms$5006/20/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Sklar, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/08Blanche LincolnDARYes
    Stark, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$5006/20/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Stone, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Travostino, JoanAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/20/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    White, NancyAttorneys & law firms$5006/20/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Wilson, StanfordAttorneys & law firms$5006/20/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Ferguson, John JAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/21/08John SununuRNHYes
    Ferguson, John JAttorneys & law firms$1,3006/21/08John SununuRNHYes
    Gannett, Robert TAttorneys & law firms$2506/21/08John SununuRNHYes
    French, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5006/22/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Jacobson, MartinAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/08John SununuRNHYes
    Jones, Theodore LAttorneys & law firms$8006/22/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Jones, Theodore LAttorneys & law firms$2006/22/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/22/08David VitterRLAYes
    Knag, Paul EAttorneys & law firms$5006/22/08John SununuRNHYes
    Nielsen, Mark DAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/22/08John SununuRNHYes
    Wenger, Judith aAttorneys & law firms$2006/22/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Abramson, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Ankney, Gordon LAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/08Claire McCaskillDMOYes
    Baker & HostetlerAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/23/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Barger, Brian P MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08George VoinovichROHYes
    Bernstein, Stuart GAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Bialkin, Kenneth JAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Burns, Roberta LAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/23/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Chester, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Cohen, EdmundAttorneys & law firms$2006/23/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Dallmeyer, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/08Claire McCaskillDMOYes
    Dorkey, Charles E IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Doroshow, Eric MAttorneys & law firms$2006/23/08Thomas CarperDDEYes
    Erisman, James aAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Faust, Adele PAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Gilliland, Robert HAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/08James InhofeROKYes
    Gray, Rodney DAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/08Claire McCaskillDMOYes
    Gunn, James FAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08Claire McCaskillDMOYes
    Hein, Peter CAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/23/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Holch, NielsAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$5,0006/23/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Hollier, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Hughes, JudiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Jacobson, David CAttorneys & law firms$3006/23/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Jacobson, David CAttorneys & law firms$2006/23/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Jarussi, Gene RAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Kerby, Katherine SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Kilgore, DonAttorneys & law firms$2006/23/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Kobza, James JAttorneys & law firms$4006/23/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Krislov, Clinton aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Levenstein, Gary IAttorneys & law firms$2176/23/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Mcguiness, KevinAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Mchard, SamuelAttorneys & law firms$2006/23/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Nelson, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Neukom, William HAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Oconnell, JaniceAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/08Christopher DoddDCTYes
    Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$3,5006/23/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/23/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Philippi, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$2176/23/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Powell Goldstein LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Price, William SAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/08James InhofeROKYes
    Pryor, SpencerAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Rosenberg, HenryAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/23/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Rush, Warren DAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Schachter, VictorAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Schoenebaum, Steven CAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/08Charles GrassleyRIAYes
    Schumm, JerryAttorneys & law firms$2006/23/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Sherman, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/08Claire McCaskillDMOYes
    Stanford, Charles TAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/23/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Stoel, Rives Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/23/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Stoel, Rives Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/23/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Tetzlaff, Theodore RAttorneys & law firms$4606/23/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Thomas, JohannaAttorneys & law firms$2256/23/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Torres, Sidney D IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/23/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Umin, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Vaughan, Keith W MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    White, KirstenAttorneys & law firms$8506/23/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Zubrensky, LeonardAttorneys & law firms$2006/23/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Adams, Neal WAttorneys & law firms$1,4506/24/08John CornynRTXYes
    Adams, Neal WAttorneys & law firms$-8506/24/08John CornynRTXYes
    Adams, Phyllis GAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Alston, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Ansari, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Arent, Fox Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Bennett, JayAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Bines, Harvey EAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08John CornynRTXYes
    Blumberg, BarryAttorneys & law firms$8006/24/08David VitterRLAYes
    Blumberg, BarryAttorneys & law firms$7006/24/08David VitterRLAYes
    Brown, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Chernenko, Marc BAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Clark Hill PlcAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Dobson, Robert a IiiAttorneys & law firms$7006/24/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Dobson, Robert a IiiAttorneys & law firms$3006/24/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Eisen, NormanAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Orrin HatchRUTYes
    Freund, DanielAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Goldlust, PerryAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Grice, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Howard, D Douglas JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Howard, Justin RAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Jimenez, AdolfoAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/24/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Dianne FeinsteinDCAYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Kahn, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/24/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Mayne, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,6006/24/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Mcconnell, James FAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Mccormack, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Ben NelsonDNEYes
    Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Morgan, Charles HAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Mullen, Eugene JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Ben NelsonDNEYes
    Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08John IsaksonRGAYes
    Pastor, JoseAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Pavel, Mary JAttorneys & law firms$7006/24/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Pavel, Mary JAttorneys & law firms$-7006/24/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Pottle, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2006/24/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Pryor, Victor W JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/08James InhofeROKYes
    Schneider, Anne JAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Spitzer, Robert BAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/24/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Spitzer, Robert BAttorneys & law firms$-4006/24/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Spitzer, Robert BAttorneys & law firms$-2,0006/24/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Thatcher, LauraAttorneys & law firms$2006/24/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Tramont, BryanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/08John SununuRNHYes
    Andrews, B ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08John ReedDRIYes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Askin, MollyAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/25/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Robert BennettRUTYes
    Bilich, Edward KAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Brown, ReginaldAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Brown, Reginald JAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/08John SununuRNHYes
    Cook, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Corcoran, M EvanAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Corkern, Ronald E JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Cozen, Stephen aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Cronic, JasonAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Dahl, Alexander RAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/08John SununuRNHYes
    Davis, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,3986/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0156/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$856/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Dowling, Sarah TAttorneys & law firms$4506/25/08John ReedDRIYes
    Due, Paul HAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Gillis, William FAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Glist, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/08Claire McCaskillDMOYes
    Graustein, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Haney, Robert P JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/08John ReedDRIYes
    Harfst, David LAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/08John ReedDRIYes
    Heinemann, John WAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Herman, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/08John ReedDRIYes
    Johnson, KellyAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/08Lisa MurkowskiRAKYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Kaplan, Lionel aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Kelly, DanaAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Kelly, Dee J JrAttorneys & law firms$2,7006/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Kelly, Dee J JrAttorneys & law firms$-2,3006/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Kirby, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Kulik, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Lanham, CarolAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Lapson, Michael SAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/08John ReedDRIYes
    Lionel, Sawyer & CollinsAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Marr, Thomas M SrAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Mcbride, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Mccaleb, ScottAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Mcconnell, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Modica, Guy a SrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Nelson, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Nuckolis, C Randall MrAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/25/08John IsaksonRGAYes
    O'brien, Kevin aAttorneys & law firms$4006/25/08Thomas CarperDDEYes
    Pettit, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Piedrahita, Randolph aAttorneys & law firms$1,7006/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Piedrahita, Randolph aAttorneys & law firms$3006/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Price, Donald WAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Roberts, Richard YAttorneys & law firms$6006/25/08Richard ShelbyRALYes
    Shane, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Shapiro, MathieuAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Smoak, LewisAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/25/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/25/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/25/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Sonnier, Christopher RAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Sopp, Teresa JAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/08Bill NelsonDFLYes
    Starzynski, Amy L MrsAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/08John IsaksonRGAYes
    Stephens, ArthurAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Tucker, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Uphoff, DaryleAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Wade, NicoleAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Wascha, James JAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/08Debbie StabenowDMIYes
    Whittington, Christopher LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Adler, Lee RAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Andry, Jonathan BAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/26/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Andry, Jonathan BAttorneys & law firms$2006/26/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Baker, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Blan, KennithAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Boufel, VirginiaAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/26/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Bums, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Bums, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$-1,0006/26/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Cole, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Coolbroth, Frederick JAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08John SununuRNHYes
    Fettig, Dwight aAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Glover, Jere WAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/08John KerryDMAYes
    Gorovitz, Aaron JAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/26/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Greenberg Traurig LlpAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Hundley, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Johnson, Bernard SAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Kennedy, J KeithAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Kilberg, William J MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    King & SpaldingAttorneys & law firms$1,7686/26/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    King & SpaldingAttorneys & law firms$7506/26/08John KerryDMAYes
    King & SpaldingAttorneys & law firms$3616/26/08John KerryDMAYes
    King & SpaldingAttorneys & law firms$2326/26/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Kronmiller, Theodore GAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Lamont, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Leblanc, Patricia SAttorneys & law firms$1,3006/26/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Leblanc, Patricia SAttorneys & law firms$2006/26/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Leebern, Robert D JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Lehmann, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2006/26/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Lehmann, RichardAttorneys & law firms$-2006/26/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Levine, DanielAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/26/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Luckey, Alwyn HAttorneys & law firms$2,1006/26/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Mackinnon, Douglas MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Mallow, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Martin, Shelly MAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/08John CornynRTXYes
    Mautz, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Mccarthy, DougAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Mcgrath, Dean JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Mcmanus, RandolphAttorneys & law firms$2006/26/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Mcmanus, RandolphAttorneys & law firms$-2006/26/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Murphy, Betty SAttorneys & law firms$2006/26/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Myers, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Nicholson, R JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/08John ReedDRIYes
    Odear, CraigAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Peterson, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Pfaff, Bruce RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Piccione, KirkAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Quirk, AimeeAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Rasmussen, H WAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/08Michael EnziRWYYes
    Reid, David RAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Reinke, William JAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/08Richard LugarRINYes
    Robinson, Russell M Mr IiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Steinberg, Andrew BAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Threadgill, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Tofil, Lisa V MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/26/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/27/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Blanchard, James JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Bleecker, John M JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Boigon, Howard LAttorneys & law firms$2006/27/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Brimsek, John RAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Chafin, H TrumanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Connolly, Arthur G JrAttorneys & law firms$2006/27/08Thomas CarperDDEYes
    Cowan, Brian aAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08John CornynRTXYes
    Dansky, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Devierno, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Druckman, William SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Dunn, JasonAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Flannery, David MAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Flynn, Neil FAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Gaffney, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Gill, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/08Lamar AlexanderRTNYes
    Gomez, Paul CAttorneys & law firms$2006/27/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Hayden, Jan MarieAttorneys & law firms$3006/27/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Hayden, Jan MarieAttorneys & law firms$2006/27/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Hedlund, KarenAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Heitzer, ArthurAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Herrmann, Susan aAttorneys & law firms$4006/27/08Thomas CarperDDEYes
    Kennedy, J KAttorneys & law firms$3006/27/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Kennedy, J KAttorneys & law firms$2006/27/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Langdon, James C JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/08John CornynRTXYes
    Lee, KennethAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Lobst, Frederick WAttorneys & law firms$7506/27/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Mcbride, David CAttorneys & law firms$4006/27/08Thomas CarperDDEYes
    Mccormick, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Mclendon, CecilAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Medlin, Kay CAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08John CornynRTXYes
    Middleton, Jack BAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08John SununuRNHYes
    Miller, Gale TAttorneys & law firms$2006/27/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Mirsky, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Mitchell, BruceAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Mondello, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Olson, NormanAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/27/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Parsons, Ronald a JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08John ThuneRSDYes
    Poole, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Read, Charles BAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    Reilly, Patrick WAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Shea, Sean OAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Simone, Christine MAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/27/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Sizemore, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/27/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Sizemore, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/27/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Smith, James EAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08John KerryDMAYes
    Sommers, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Stamp, ZachAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Watkins, KennethAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Wisor, Dee PAttorneys & law firms$2006/27/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Woloshin, Natalie SAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Wooderson, JAttorneys & law firms$3006/27/08David VitterRLAYes
    Yarema, GeoffreyAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Block, Jerald PAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/28/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Block, Jerald PAttorneys & law firms$3006/28/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Douglas, John aAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/08Robert BennettRUTYes
    Fowler, George J IiiAttorneys & law firms$4836/28/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Mccoy, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2106/28/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Rodriguez, Antonio JAttorneys & law firms$3416/28/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Sullivan, John JAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Wagner, BillAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/28/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Bonner, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/29/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Bortnick, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$3006/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Brewer, John NAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/29/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Cagle, John CAttorneys & law firms$3006/29/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Canoni, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Emmel, AllenAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Florentino, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/29/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Gray, Kenneth FAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Gronauer, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Kasowitz, LoriAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Kasowitz, MarcAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Kleinberg, FredericAttorneys & law firms$4006/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Kummer, Thomas FAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Lazovich, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Minsker, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Moore, MikeAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/08Mark PryorDARYes
    Oconnor, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Parr, HenryAttorneys & law firms$7006/29/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Parr, HenryAttorneys & law firms$3006/29/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Ramos, Marcos aAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Roberts, MicheleAttorneys & law firms$2006/29/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Roberts, MicheleAttorneys & law firms$2006/29/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Rosner, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Rowe, Russell MAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Schultz, StephenAttorneys & law firms$9206/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Sklar, MartinAttorneys & law firms$4606/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Stricker, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Thomas, Peter CAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Vermeys, Gregg RAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Wolff, NorrisAttorneys & law firms$9206/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Woodcock, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$-2506/29/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Alioto, John IAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Allen, ClayAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Aucoin, Paul GAttorneys & law firms$6006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Babcock, Keith MAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Barbour, Wiley JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Barris, GeraldAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Beale, Walter M JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Belair, Robert RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Bennett, JayAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Bernstein, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Blanton, M SAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Blute, Joseph GAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Boles, H HAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Bortnick, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Bortnick, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Bradley, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Bradner, Robert H MrAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/30/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Brooks, TroyAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Buckner, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Bob CorkerRTNYes
    Carey, PeterAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Chonoles, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Clardy, Travis PAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/30/08John CornynRTXYes
    Clark, J FAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Clary, Patrick CAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Coats, Daniel MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Cohen, AndreaAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Cohen, Barry aAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/30/08John KerryDMAYes
    Cohen, JamesAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Cohen, JamesAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Cole, David JAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Coleman, James J JrAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Colom, WilburAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Colom, Wilbur OAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Cooper, ScottAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Cox, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Daniel InouyeDHIYes
    Crawford, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    D'amato, KuturiaAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Dahl, Alexander RAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08John CornynRTXYes
    Danforth, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Dastin, Robert EAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08John SununuRNHYes
    Davis, Alexandra WAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/30/08Lamar AlexanderRTNYes
    Davis, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    De Saint Phalle, AlexandraAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Decotiis, M RobertAttorneys & law firms$2036/30/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Deschauer, John J JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Daniel InouyeDHIYes
    Devierno, John aAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Devierno, John aAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Devierno, John aAttorneys & law firms$-5006/30/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Devore, Jon MAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Eberspacher, E CAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Ellis, M H H MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Fay, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Fay, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Fitzpatrick, Barbara TAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Fitzpatrick, Barbara TAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Fleishaker, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Friedmann, Peter aAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/30/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Friedmann, Peter aAttorneys & law firms$1,2006/30/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Friedmann, Peter aAttorneys & law firms$-1,2006/30/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Gertler, Louis LAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Gertler, Meyer HAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Goldabey, GaryAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Grammas, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Grant, AndreaAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Groseclose, ChetAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Gross, KennethAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Hall, HendersonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Hamilton, Palmer CAttorneys & law firms$2,1006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Harper, Sue ErwinAttorneys & law firms$7006/30/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Harper, Sue ErwinAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Harpootlian, Jamie LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Hassell, DouglasAttorneys & law firms$1,6506/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Heard, KeithAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Hemingway, JonAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Hemingway, JonAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Hemingway, KimberlyAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Hines, Ernest R JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Hopkins, AlbenAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Howell, John MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Hudson, Thomas HAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Hul, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Hul, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Hunter, Philip GAttorneys & law firms$8006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Hunter, Philip GAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Huntley, EdAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Iani, L JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Johnson, SherryAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Johnson, Travis CAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    Juban, Joseph EAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Kaplan, MyronAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Kaplan, MyronAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Kaplan, MyronAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Kaplan, MyronAttorneys & law firms$-2006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Karpel, MaxAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Kasten, Carl EAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Katzenstein, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Keating, Hugh DAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Kerstein, David aAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    King & SpaldingAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Christopher DoddDCTYes
    Kirkpatrick, C KrisAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Kirkpatrick, C KrisAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Kleinberg, FredricAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Kleinberg, FredricAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Knudsen, Harry JAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Debbie StabenowDMIYes
    Krasnow, Jordan PAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08John ReedDRIYes
    Kutasi, TeyeAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Bill NelsonDFLYes
    Kutasi, TeyeAttorneys & law firms$7006/30/08Bill NelsonDFLYes
    Laird, Ernest EAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Lanier, Joseph H MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Lanier, Randolph HAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Leeds, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Leland, Matthew MAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/08John SununuRNHYes
    Lesser, MargoAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Lewis, a CamdenAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Lingle, NaomiAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Lockridge, Grindal Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Lockridge, Grindal Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Londrigan, Thomas F SrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Long Law Firm, LlpAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Luskin, MartinAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Maggiacomo, Edward L SrAttorneys & law firms$7006/30/08John ReedDRIYes
    Maggiacomo, Edward L SrAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/08John ReedDRIYes
    Massimino, Elisa CAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Mccarthy, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Mccarthy, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$7006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Mccarthy, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$-7006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Mcdermott, James E EsquireAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08John ReedDRIYes
    Mcdonald, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Mcgregor, John WAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08John CornynRTXYes
    Meyer, MalcolmAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Michel, Robert H MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Middleberg, Ira JAttorneys & law firms$8006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Middleberg, Ira JAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Mitchell, George JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Jon TesterDMTYes
    Mitchell, Richard CAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Morphew, JimAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Morton, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Murray, Stephen B JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    O'neill, Philip D JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08John ReedDRIYes
    O'neill, Philip D JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08John ReedDRIYes
    Oconnor, Paul IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Oconnor, Paul IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Onaghten, JuanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Packard, RonAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Peirce, Richard M EsquireAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08John ReedDRIYes
    Perl, Arnold EAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Bob CorkerRTNYes
    Piccione, James KAttorneys & law firms$7006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Piccione, James KAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Plotkin, LeeAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Putnam, RogerAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Rafalowicz, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Randle, Craig aAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Reeder, Joe RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Daniel InouyeDHIYes
    Reinert, Thomas E JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Roberts, Marjorie RAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Rogers, AlanAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Rothschild, Piper WAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Roy, Mary EllenAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Rutledge, Gary RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Bill NelsonDFLYes
    Salloum, Richard PAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Schreck, Frank aAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Schultz, StephenAttorneys & law firms$9206/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Schultz, StephenAttorneys & law firms$9206/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Schutz, JanetAttorneys & law firms$4,7006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Schutz, JanetAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Schutz, JanetAttorneys & law firms$-1,1006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Schutz, JanetAttorneys & law firms$-1,4006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Schutz, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Seale, C SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Shainwald, SybilAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Shanahan, Ward aAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Sklar, MartinAttorneys & law firms$4606/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Sklar, MartinAttorneys & law firms$4606/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Smith, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Snow, Brian aAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Spiegel, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Spiegel, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Spiegel, DanielAttorneys & law firms$-1,1006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Squire, Sanders & DempseyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Byron DorganDNDYes
    Standish, DanielAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Stempler, Larry aAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Stricker, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Stricker, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Sturm, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Suffredin, Lawrence J JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Tenenbaum, Inez MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Thomas, RoderickAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Thomas, RoderickAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Tikellis, PamelaAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08John ReedDRIYes
    Tomao, Sharon MAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Tomao, Sharon MarieAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Tracy, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Trostorff, DanielleAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Urwitz, Jay PAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/08John ReedDRIYes
    Van Ness, William JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Vann, Thomas H Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/08John IsaksonRGAYes
    Veasey, E NAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Vincent, Rodney PAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Viterbi, CarynAttorneys & law firms$2,1506/30/08John ReedDRIYes
    Vogel, Alexander NAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Ward, RufusAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Wegner, HaroldAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Weinstein, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,3006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Weinstein, DavidAttorneys & law firms$-2,3006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Weiss, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Weiss, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Werner, Mary JoAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08John ThuneRSDYes
    Whitcomb, Marilyn aAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    White, NancyAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Wiener, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/30/08David VitterRLAYes
    Willer, DeanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/30/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Wolff, NorrisAttorneys & law firms$9206/30/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Wolff, NorrisAttorneys & law firms$9206/30/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Wyly, James G IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Zell, Patricia MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/08Daniel InouyeDHIYes
    Zeman, ChristineAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Black, LeaAttorneys & law firms$2507/1/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Clark, William NAttorneys & law firms$2507/1/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Corbett, Dennis PAttorneys & law firms$5007/1/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Doran, Kenneth JAttorneys & law firms$2507/1/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Dorsey & WhitneyAttorneys & law firms$3,0007/1/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Hughes, Vester T JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/1/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Landis, Adam GAttorneys & law firms$2507/1/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Mckeever, Timothy aAttorneys & law firms$5007/1/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Melgren, EricAttorneys & law firms$5007/1/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Miller, JasonAttorneys & law firms$2507/1/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Milton, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/1/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Prysock, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$7507/1/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Robins, Kaplan Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0007/1/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$-1,0007/1/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Trzuskowski, Ann FAttorneys & law firms$2507/1/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Yegelwel, EvanAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/1/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Benjamin, Cloyd JrAttorneys & law firms$2507/2/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Conine, John CAttorneys & law firms$2507/2/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Coppedge, Warren NAttorneys & law firms$2507/2/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/2/08James InhofeROKYes
    Gallegos, J EAttorneys & law firms$5007/2/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/2/08George VoinovichROHYes
    Maynard, Cooper & GaleAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/2/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Mills, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5007/2/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    O'brien, Neil JAttorneys & law firms$2,5007/2/08John CornynRTXYes
    Schultz, AndyAttorneys & law firms$5007/2/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    Vinson & ElkinsAttorneys & law firms$2,0007/2/08Kay HutchisonRTXYes
    Deville, Roman a MrAttorneys & law firms$5007/3/08John IsaksonRGAYes
    Dow Lohnes PllcAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/3/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Flynn, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2507/3/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Kahn, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/3/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/3/08John SununuRNHYes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/3/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Riley, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/3/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Robey, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$5007/3/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Starzynski, Amy L MrsAttorneys & law firms$-5007/3/08John IsaksonRGAYes
    Miller, RobertaAttorneys & law firms$2007/4/08Hillary ClintonDNYYes
    Ronayne, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$2507/5/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Baker & HostetlerAttorneys & law firms$1,5007/6/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Belin, AllettaAttorneys & law firms$5007/6/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    Howeth, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5007/6/08Kay HutchisonRTXYes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/7/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Balick, SidneyAttorneys & law firms$2507/7/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/7/08Michael CrapoRIDYes
    Carlson, DonAttorneys & law firms$5007/7/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Carter, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/7/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Compton, GregAttorneys & law firms$5007/7/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Coward, William H MrAttorneys & law firms$2007/7/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Glasser, BrianAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/7/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Hobbins, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2507/7/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Kelley, Richard PAttorneys & law firms$3007/7/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Kurrie, TomAttorneys & law firms$7007/7/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Kurrie, TomAttorneys & law firms$3007/7/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Lindsay, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,5007/7/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Marshall, Dan aAttorneys & law firms$5007/7/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Martin, Clarence E IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/7/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Phillips, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,5007/7/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Rhoades, Joseph JAttorneys & law firms$2007/7/08Thomas CarperDDEYes
    Shapiro, P JAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/7/08Mark PryorDARYes
    Short, MarianneAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/7/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Triplett, John RAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/7/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Anderson, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$5007/8/08John CornynRTXYes
    Backer, DavisAttorneys & law firms$2507/8/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Baker & HostetlerAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/8/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Bifferato, Karen CAttorneys & law firms$2007/8/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$3,0007/8/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Byler, GaryAttorneys & law firms$5007/8/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$-3517/8/08Robert CaseyDPAYes
    Engelberg, Gail MAttorneys & law firms$5007/8/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Gitlitz, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5007/8/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Goldman, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$2507/8/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Heidelberg, R WAttorneys & law firms$5007/8/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Holzman, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2507/8/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Keleher, Michael LAttorneys & law firms$5007/8/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    Knudsen, HarryAttorneys & law firms$2507/8/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Love, Jeff BAttorneys & law firms$4007/8/08John CornynRTXYes
    Love, Jeff BAttorneys & law firms$-2007/8/08John CornynRTXYes
    Margie, Robert P JrAttorneys & law firms$5007/8/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Mcmanus, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/8/08Ben NelsonDNEYes
    Morse, HowardAttorneys & law firms$2507/8/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Pickering, Matthew RAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/8/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Putnam, RogerAttorneys & law firms$2507/8/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Sanders, SallieAttorneys & law firms$2507/8/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Silverstein, Laurie SAttorneys & law firms$2007/8/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Ableman, S BAttorneys & law firms$2507/9/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/9/08Ben NelsonDNEYes
    Buscher, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2507/9/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$5,0007/9/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Feiwus, LeonardAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/9/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Haley, C VAttorneys & law firms$2507/9/08John CornynRTXYes
    Healy, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/9/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Hemingway, JonAttorneys & law firms$-2,3007/9/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Macdonald, Robert FAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/9/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Sours, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2507/9/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Starzynski, Amy L MrsAttorneys & law firms$5007/9/08John IsaksonRGAYes
    Tramont, BryanAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/9/08John SununuRNHYes
    Urla, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2507/9/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Wangerin, KevinAttorneys & law firms$2007/9/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Baker Botts LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/10/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Bardacke, Paul GAttorneys & law firms$5007/10/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    Bean, Barbara CAttorneys & law firms$5007/10/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Bittner, Michelle SAttorneys & law firms$1,1007/10/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Bittner, William HAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/10/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Bittner, William HAttorneys & law firms$6007/10/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/10/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Castle, BenAttorneys & law firms$2007/10/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Devine, BebeAttorneys & law firms$2007/10/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Fainberg, JackAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/10/08John CornynRTXYes
    Giarmarco, Julius HAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/10/08Debbie StabenowDMIYes
    Koenigshofer, EricAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/10/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Mcginn, RandiAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/10/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    Morton, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2507/10/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Potter, James RAttorneys & law firms$1,2007/10/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Simpson, E BAttorneys & law firms$5007/10/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Steptoe, Robert M JrAttorneys & law firms$5007/10/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Stratton, BarbaraAttorneys & law firms$2507/10/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Sullivan, William DAttorneys & law firms$2507/10/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Thomas, William aAttorneys & law firms$2507/10/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Togman, Leonard SAttorneys & law firms$2507/10/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Whyte, Hirschboeck Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,5007/10/08James InhofeROKYes
    Bennett, RussellAttorneys & law firms$5507/11/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Boyd, NicoleAttorneys & law firms$2507/11/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Chandek, LisaAttorneys & law firms$2507/11/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Erben, Randall HAttorneys & law firms$6007/11/08John CornynRTXYes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/11/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Parsons, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$5007/11/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Pettus, Drew DAttorneys & law firms$2507/11/08Patty MurrayDWAYes
    Vinton, Brock J IiAttorneys & law firms$2507/11/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Bennett, RussellAttorneys & law firms$5507/12/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Bennett, RussellAttorneys & law firms$-5507/12/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Gwinn, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2007/12/08Kay HutchisonRTXYes
    Rossbach, William aAttorneys & law firms$5007/12/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Terrell, C MAttorneys & law firms$5007/12/08Kay HutchisonRTXYes
    Abeska, Timothy JAttorneys & law firms$5007/14/08Richard LugarRINYes
    Adams, MorganAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/14/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    American Intellectual Property Law AssnAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/14/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Berry, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$5007/14/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Berry, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$2507/14/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,5007/14/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0007/14/08John SununuRNHYes
    Cibrian, David JAttorneys & law firms$2507/14/08John CornynRTXYes
    Coy, Roderick SAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/14/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Dorsey, John TAttorneys & law firms$2007/14/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Dorsey, John TAttorneys & law firms$2007/14/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/14/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Eaton, Joseph GAttorneys & law firms$2507/14/08Richard LugarRINYes
    Epstein, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$3007/14/08John ReedDRIYes
    Everest, James HAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/14/08James InhofeROKYes
    Fox, TomAttorneys & law firms$3007/14/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Gillespie, George J IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/14/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Hawks, BillAttorneys & law firms$1,3007/14/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Jones, Lawrence BAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/14/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/14/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Kouba, Jon Henry HAttorneys & law firms$5007/14/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Mcclain, HowardAttorneys & law firms$2507/14/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Mcdonald, JohnAttorneys & law firms$-1,0007/14/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Medveckus, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$5007/14/08Robert CaseyDPAYes
    Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/14/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Papel, LaurenceAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/14/08Lamar AlexanderRTNYes
    Rudman, WarrenAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/14/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Spagnoli, ChristineAttorneys & law firms$2507/14/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/15/08Charles SchumerDNYYes
    Amero, Jane aAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/15/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Barnard, Marialyn PAttorneys & law firms$-1,0007/15/08John CornynRTXYes
    Berger, DanielAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/15/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Dahl, AlexanderAttorneys & law firms$2507/15/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Dever, Mark FAttorneys & law firms$2,0007/15/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Fahey, William RAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/15/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Flaum, MartinAttorneys & law firms$2007/15/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Greenberg Traurig LlpAttorneys & law firms$-2,5007/15/08Barbara MikulskiDMDYes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/15/08George VoinovichROHYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$2,0007/15/08Lamar AlexanderRTNYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/15/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Larson, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5007/15/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Lerman, Steven aAttorneys & law firms$5007/15/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/15/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/15/08Lamar AlexanderRTNYes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/15/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Olsson, Frank & WeedaAttorneys & law firms$2507/15/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Radlauer, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2507/15/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Rozier, FranklinAttorneys & law firms$2007/15/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Salin, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/15/08Richard LugarRINYes
    Welch, William FAttorneys & law firms$5007/15/08Richard LugarRINYes
    Willis-Miller, TaunjaAttorneys & law firms$5007/15/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Ahern, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2007/16/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/16/08John CornynRTXYes
    Camoriano, TheresaAttorneys & law firms$2507/16/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Catron, John SAttorneys & law firms$5007/16/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$2,0007/16/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$3257/16/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$3257/16/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Evans, GerardAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/16/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    Goldberg, JosephAttorneys & law firms$3337/16/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    Harpootlian, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$1,3007/16/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Harpootlian, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$7007/16/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/16/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Javins, L L IiAttorneys & law firms$5007/16/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Magnuson, RogerAttorneys & law firms$2,0007/16/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Mangham, Michael RAttorneys & law firms$5007/16/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Morris, IrvingAttorneys & law firms$2507/16/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Patterson, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5007/16/08Lamar AlexanderRTNYes
    Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/16/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$2,5007/16/08Robert MenéndezDNJYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/16/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/16/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Werner, David LAttorneys & law firms$5007/16/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Abromowitz, David MAttorneys & law firms$5007/17/08John KerryDMAYes
    Atkins, AlanAttorneys & law firms$2507/17/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Bergen, Bruce WAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/17/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Blease, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5007/17/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Brewer, William a IiiAttorneys & law firms$7007/17/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Brewer, William a IiiAttorneys & law firms$3007/17/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0007/17/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0007/17/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Donoghue, Roger DAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/17/08John KerryDMAYes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$4,0007/17/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Edmiston, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/17/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Gagliano, Nicholas JAttorneys & law firms$3007/17/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Gault, George SAttorneys & law firms$2507/17/08John CornynRTXYes
    Hill, William MAttorneys & law firms$5007/17/08John KerryDMAYes
    Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/17/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/17/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Krenik, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/17/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Leggitt, LanceAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/17/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Lyons, Laurie WAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/17/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Mazo, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5007/17/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Walker, Henry CAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/17/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Walsh, David IAttorneys & law firms$2507/17/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Westberry, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5007/17/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Barker, Scott SAttorneys & law firms$5007/18/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/18/08Robert CaseyDPAYes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0007/18/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Campsen, George IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/18/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Freedman, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5007/18/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    Lustbader, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2507/18/08Tim JohnsonDSDYes
    Munger, Denise KAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/18/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$5007/18/08Harry ReidDNVYes
    Phillips, Paul DAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/18/08Ken SalazarDCOYes
    Pritchard, Edward K IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/18/08Lindsey GrahamRSCYes
    Schoenbrun, Larry MrAttorneys & law firms$2507/18/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Shapiro, SteveAttorneys & law firms$2507/18/08Jon TesterDMTYes
    Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/18/08Jon TesterDMTYes
    Ullman, MarcAttorneys & law firms$2507/18/08Jon TesterDMTYes
    Basile, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$5007/19/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Goodwin, Stephen PAttorneys & law firms$2507/19/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Riley, Arch W JrAttorneys & law firms$2507/19/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Robertson, David LAttorneys & law firms$5007/19/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Annett, AlexanderAttorneys & law firms$5007/21/08Kay HutchisonRTXYes
    Bauman, DavisAttorneys & law firms$2007/21/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Beneke, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$2,0007/21/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Beneke, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$3007/21/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/21/08John KerryDMAYes
    Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/21/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Bredhoff, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/21/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Bright, William IiiAttorneys & law firms$2507/21/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Brock, David HAttorneys & law firms$5007/21/08John CornynRTXYes
    Cattanach, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2507/21/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Coyne, William F JrAttorneys & law firms$5007/21/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Cupit, Danny EAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/21/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Cupit, Danny EAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/21/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Dunham, Douglas WAttorneys & law firms$5007/21/08Joseph BidenDDEYes
    Feingerts, Bruce LAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/21/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Harbour, Laurel J MrsAttorneys & law firms$5007/21/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Hartle, AllysonAttorneys & law firms$2507/21/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/21/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/21/08Mel MartinezRFLYes
    Kirk, Paul G JrAttorneys & law firms$5007/21/08John KerryDMAYes
    Kromholz, JosephAttorneys & law firms$5007/21/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Mahomes, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5007/21/08Kay HutchisonRTXYes
    Marangi, Karen LAttorneys & law firms$2507/21/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Mei, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/21/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Pittman, Crymes GAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/21/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Salzwedel, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2507/21/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Schweizer, Deborah FAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/21/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Segal, GeraldAttorneys & law firms$5007/21/08Arlen SpecterDPAYes
    Smith, SloanAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/21/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Stein, JacobAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/21/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Stein, JacobAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/21/08Frank LautenbergDNJYes
    Teague, Randal CAttorneys & law firms$5007/21/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Wallace, JimmyAttorneys & law firms$1,3007/21/08Lamar AlexanderRTNYes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/22/08Dianne FeinsteinDCAYes
    Angelides, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/22/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Anklam, James EAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/22/08Roger WickerRMSYes
    Baudino, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5007/22/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Benson, DanielAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/22/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Canale, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/22/08Lamar AlexanderRTNYes
    Cook, William PAttorneys & law firms$5007/22/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/22/08Michael EnziRWYYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/22/08Lisa MurkowskiRAKYes
    Keesal, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/22/08James InhofeROKYes
    Kennedy, J KAttorneys & law firms$1,3007/22/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Minor, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5007/22/08Amy KlobucharDMNYes
    Mishaan, Albert SAttorneys & law firms$1,5007/22/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$2,0007/22/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/22/08John ReedDRIYes
    National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/22/08Mark PryorDARYes
    National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/22/08Max BaucusDMTYes
    National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/22/08Michael EnziRWYYes
    Neblett, G RAttorneys & law firms$2,0007/22/08Thad CochranRMSYes
    Parsons, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$3007/22/08Mitch McConnellRKYYes
    Pryor, Victor W JrAttorneys & law firms$4007/22/08James InhofeROKYes
    Skadden, Arps Et AlAttorneys & law firms$3,0007/22/08Christopher DoddDCTYes
    Smith, NealAttorneys & law firms$1,5007/22/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Alioto, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/23/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/23/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/23/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Burton, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5007/23/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Damato, KaturiaAttorneys & law firms$2,0007/23/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Eberstein, Jason SAttorneys & law firms$5007/23/08Bill NelsonDFLYes
    Ginn, Gregg HAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/23/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Gorton, SladeAttorneys & law firms$2007/23/08Lisa MurkowskiRAKYes
    Greenberg Traurig LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/23/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Jones, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/23/08Mary LandrieuDLAYes
    Jones, Richard S Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$5007/23/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Ludman, NeilAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/23/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Marans, Joel E MrAttorneys & law firms$2007/23/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Miller & ChevalierAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/23/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Minsky, NormanAttorneys & law firms$2507/23/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Moore, Wm DAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/23/08John CornynRTXYes
    Parsons, Charles R MrAttorneys & law firms$2507/23/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Popofsky, M LAttorneys & law firms$5007/23/08Barbara BoxerDCAYes
    Potter, Earl WAttorneys & law firms$5007/23/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    Reynolds, William FAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/23/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Rudman, Warren BAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/23/08Ted StevensRAKYes
    Shughart, Thomson & KilroyAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/23/08Christopher BondRMOYes
    Stam, Paul MrAttorneys & law firms$2507/23/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Stern, Joan NAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/23/08Robert CaseyDPAYes
    Tarnacki, Duane LAttorneys & law firms$2007/23/08Carl LevinDMIYes
    Tracey, Sean PAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/23/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/24/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Bentz, Cliff SAttorneys & law firms$2007/24/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/24/08John CornynRTXYes
    Conover, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5007/24/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Dixon, Gus MAttorneys & law firms$7007/24/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Dixon, Gus MAttorneys & law firms$3007/24/08Jim DeMintRSCYes
    Ferguson, C SAttorneys & law firms$2507/24/08Richard DurbinDILYes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/24/08Richard BurrRNCYes
    Johnson, Arthur LAttorneys & law firms$5007/24/08John KerryDMAYes
    Kappelman, Lynn aAttorneys & law firms$5007/24/08John KerryDMAYes
    Locklear, Arlinda FAttorneys & law firms$5007/24/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Parks, J DAttorneys & law firms$1,0047/24/08Saxby ChamblissRGAYes
    Perrell, Katherine EAttorneys & law firms$5007/24/08John KerryDMAYes
    Polsinelli, Shalton Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,3007/24/08Blanche LincolnDARYes
    Saft, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/24/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Seidberg, Kenneth W MrAttorneys & law firms$2507/24/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Snead, William EAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/24/08Jeff BingamanDNMYes
    Snyder, Lynn S MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/24/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Stockman, Samuel LAttorneys & law firms$3007/24/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/24/08John RockefellerDWVYes
    Woltz, Edwin M Mr SrAttorneys & law firms$5007/24/08Elizabeth DoleRNCYes
    Anders, Louis HAttorneys & law firms$5007/25/08Jefferson SessionsRALYes
    Bellomy, Grace SAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/25/08John CornynRTXYes
    Bowersox, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2507/25/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Brown, ReginaldAttorneys & law firms$5007/25/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Bruemmer, RussellAttorneys & law firms$5007/25/08Norm ColemanRMNYes
    Clark, Stanley EAttorneys & law firms$4007/25/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Desideri, Lawrence RAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/25/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Geboy, ScottAttorneys & law firms$5007/25/08Russell FeingoldDWIYes
    Marden, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$5007/25/08Susan CollinsRMEYes
    Neu, ArthurAttorneys & law firms$2007/25/08Thomas HarkinDIAYes
    Rubenstein, MartinAttorneys & law firms$2507/25/08Gordon SmithRORYes
    Skinner, Samuel KAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/25/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Thompson, James RAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/25/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Toth, Bruce aAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/25/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Wall, Robert FAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/25/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Webb, Dan KAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/25/08Pat RobertsRKSYes
    Hsueh, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0007/26/08Kay HutchisonRTXYes
    Callaway, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2507/27/08Kay HutchisonRTXYes
    Fowler, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5007/27/08Kay HutchisonRTXYes
    Kinney, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2507/27/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Pena, Hr BAttorneys & law firms$2507/27/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Pisanelli, Kristina MAttorneys & law firms$2507/27/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    Spiegel, Daniel LAttorneys & law firms$2507/27/08Patrick LeahyDVTYes
    1 Organization Supported and 0 Opposed; See Which Ones

    Organizations that took a position on
    Regulatory Improvement Act of 2007: Passed Senate with an amendment by Unanimous Consent.

    1 organization supported this bill

    American Bar Association
    (n.d.). American Bar Association; "WHAT'S NEW IN WASHINGTON"; 9-07. Retrieved n.d., from .

    0 organizations opposed this bill

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    Includes reported contributions to congressional campaigns of Senators in office on day of vote, from Attorneys & law firms interest groups, May 28, 2008 – July 27, 2008.
    Contributions data source: OpenSecrets.org

    Contributions by Legislator

    Namesort iconPartyState$ From Interest Groups
    That Supported
    $ From Interest Groups
    That Opposed
    Daniel K. AkakaDHI$0$0Yes
    Andrew Lamar AlexanderRTN$13,850$0Yes
    Alan Wayne AllardRCO$0$0Yes
    John BarrassoRWY$1,500$0Yes
    Max BaucusDMT$12,342$0Yes
    Birch "Evan" BayhDIN$0$0Yes
    Bob BennettRUT$1,500$0Yes
    Joe BidenDDE$28,650$0Yes
    Jesse "Jeff" BingamanDNM$7,833$0Yes
    Christopher "Kit" BondRMO$8,600$0Yes
    Barbara BoxerDCA$24,350$0Yes
    Sherrod BrownDOH$34,500$0Yes
    Sam BrownbackRKS$0$0Yes
    Jim BunningRKY$0$0Yes
    Richard BurrRNC$2,250$0Yes
    Robert ByrdDWV$0$0Yes
    Maria CantwellDWA$2,250$0Yes
    Ben CardinDMD$0$0Yes
    Tom CarperDDE$2,600$0Yes
    Bob CaseyDPA$3,800$0Yes
    Clarence Saxby ChamblissRGA$29,831$0Yes
    Hillary ClintonDNY$200$0Yes
    Tom CoburnROK$0$0Yes
    William Thad CochranRMS$20,450$0Yes
    Norm ColemanRMN$68,050$0Yes
    Susan CollinsRME$47,300$0Yes
    Gaylord Kent ConradDND$0$0Yes
    Bob CorkerRTN$3,000$0Yes
    John CornynRTX$38,473$0Yes
    Larry CraigRID$0$0Yes
    Mike CrapoRID$1,000$0Yes
    Jim DeMintRSC$11,750$0Yes
    Chris DoddDCT$6,500$0Yes
    Mary Elizabeth DoleRNC$39,700$0Yes
    Pete DomeniciRNM$0$0Yes
    Byron DorganDND$1,000$0Yes
    Dick DurbinDIL$36,775$0Yes
    John EnsignRNV$0$0Yes
    Mike EnziRWY$6,500$0Yes
    Russ FeingoldDWI$17,419$0Yes
    Dianne FeinsteinDCA$2,000$0Yes
    Lindsey GrahamRSC$15,400$0Yes
    Chuck GrassleyRIA$7,000$0Yes
    Judd GreggRNH$0$0Yes
    Chuck HagelRNE$0$0Yes
    Tom HarkinDIA$28,014$0Yes
    Orrin HatchRUT$1,000$0Yes
    Kay Bailey HutchisonRTX$6,750$0Yes
    Jim InhofeROK$7,650$0Yes
    Dan InouyeDHI$10,500$0Yes
    Johnny IsaksonRGA$4,850$0Yes
    Tim JohnsonDSD$11,750$0Yes
    Ted KennedyDMA$0$0Yes
    John KerryDMA$17,499$0Yes
    Amy KlobucharDMN$19,400$0Yes
    Herb KohlDWI$0$0Yes
    Jon KylRAZ$0$0Yes
    Mary LandrieuDLA$123,184$0Yes
    Frank LautenbergDNJ$30,900$0Yes
    Patrick LeahyDVT$10,000$0Yes
    Carl LevinDMI$38,600$0Yes
    Joe LiebermanICT$0$0Yes
    Blanche LincolnDAR$7,061$0Yes
    Dick LugarRIN$3,000$0Yes
    Mel MartinezRFL$1,000$0Yes
    John McCainRAZ$0$0Yes
    Claire McCaskillDMO$6,940$0Yes
    Addison "Mitch" McConnellRKY$41,528$0Yes
    Bob MenéndezDNJ$2,500$0Yes
    Barbara MikulskiDMD$0$0Yes
    Lisa MurkowskiRAK$7,700$0Yes
    Patty MurrayDWA$8,950$0Yes
    Earl "Ben" NelsonDNE$5,000$0Yes
    Clarence "Bill" NelsonDFL$11,000$0Yes
    Barack ObamaDIL$0$0Yes
    Mark PryorDAR$3,000$0Yes
    John "Jack" ReedDRI$23,950$0Yes
    Harry ReidDNV$14,000$0Yes
    Charles "Pat" RobertsRKS$19,550$0Yes
    John "Jay" RockefellerDWV$34,850$0Yes
    Ken SalazarDCO$7,700$0Yes
    Bernie SandersIVT$0$0Yes
    Chuck SchumerDNY$1,000$0Yes
    Jeff SessionsRAL$22,150$0Yes
    Richard ShelbyRAL$600$0Yes
    Gordon SmithROR$47,150$0Yes
    Olympia SnoweRME$0$0Yes
    Arlen SpecterDPA$20,050$0Yes
    Debbie StabenowDMI$6,750$0Yes
    Ted StevensRAK$36,300$0Yes
    John SununuRNH$18,450$0Yes
    Jon TesterDMT$6,000$0Yes
    John ThuneRSD$1,500$0Yes
    David VitterRLA$8,900$0Yes
    George VoinovichROH$13,100$0Yes
    John WarnerRVA$0$0Yes
    Jim WebbDVA$0$0Yes
    Sheldon WhitehouseDRI$0$0Yes
    Roger WickerRMS$59,900$0Yes
    Ron WydenDOR$0$0Yes

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    NamePartyState$ From Interest Groups
    That Supported
    $ From Interest Groups
    That Opposed
    Daniel K. AkakaDHI$0$0Yes
    Andrew Lamar AlexanderRTN$13,850$0Yes
    Alan Wayne AllardRCO$0$0Yes
    John BarrassoRWY$1,500$0Yes
    Max BaucusDMT$12,342$0Yes
    Birch "Evan" BayhDIN$0$0Yes
    Bob BennettRUT$1,500$0Yes
    Joe BidenDDE$28,650$0Yes
    Jesse "Jeff" BingamanDNM$7,833$0Yes
    Christopher "Kit" BondRMO$8,600$0Yes
    Barbara BoxerDCA$24,350$0Yes
    Sherrod BrownDOH$34,500$0Yes
    Sam BrownbackRKS$0$0Yes
    Jim BunningRKY$0$0Yes
    Richard BurrRNC$2,250$0Yes
    Robert ByrdDWV$0$0Yes
    Maria CantwellDWA$2,250$0Yes
    Ben CardinDMD$0$0Yes
    Tom CarperDDE$2,600$0Yes
    Bob CaseyDPA$3,800$0Yes
    Clarence Saxby ChamblissRGA$29,831$0Yes
    Hillary ClintonDNY$200$0Yes
    Tom CoburnROK$0$0Yes
    William Thad CochranRMS$20,450$0Yes
    Norm ColemanRMN$68,050$0Yes
    Susan CollinsRME$47,300$0Yes
    Gaylord Kent ConradDND$0$0Yes
    Bob CorkerRTN$3,000$0Yes
    John CornynRTX$38,473$0Yes
    Larry CraigRID$0$0Yes
    Mike CrapoRID$1,000$0Yes
    Jim DeMintRSC$11,750$0Yes
    Chris DoddDCT$6,500$0Yes
    Mary Elizabeth DoleRNC$39,700$0Yes
    Pete DomeniciRNM$0$0Yes
    Byron DorganDND$1,000$0Yes
    Dick DurbinDIL$36,775$0Yes
    John EnsignRNV$0$0Yes
    Mike EnziRWY$6,500$0Yes
    Russ FeingoldDWI$17,419$0Yes
    Dianne FeinsteinDCA$2,000$0Yes
    Lindsey GrahamRSC$15,400$0Yes
    Chuck GrassleyRIA$7,000$0Yes
    Judd GreggRNH$0$0Yes
    Chuck HagelRNE$0$0Yes
    Tom HarkinDIA$28,014$0Yes
    Orrin HatchRUT$1,000$0Yes
    Kay Bailey HutchisonRTX$6,750$0Yes
    Jim InhofeROK$7,650$0Yes
    Dan InouyeDHI$10,500$0Yes
    Johnny IsaksonRGA$4,850$0Yes
    Tim JohnsonDSD$11,750$0Yes
    Ted KennedyDMA$0$0Yes
    John KerryDMA$17,499$0Yes
    Amy KlobucharDMN$19,400$0Yes
    Herb KohlDWI$0$0Yes
    Jon KylRAZ$0$0Yes
    Mary LandrieuDLA$123,184$0Yes
    Frank LautenbergDNJ$30,900$0Yes
    Patrick LeahyDVT$10,000$0Yes
    Carl LevinDMI$38,600$0Yes
    Joe LiebermanICT$0$0Yes
    Blanche LincolnDAR$7,061$0Yes
    Dick LugarRIN$3,000$0Yes
    Mel MartinezRFL$1,000$0Yes
    John McCainRAZ$0$0Yes
    Claire McCaskillDMO$6,940$0Yes
    Addison "Mitch" McConnellRKY$41,528$0Yes
    Bob MenéndezDNJ$2,500$0Yes
    Barbara MikulskiDMD$0$0Yes
    Lisa MurkowskiRAK$7,700$0Yes
    Patty MurrayDWA$8,950$0Yes
    Earl "Ben" NelsonDNE$5,000$0Yes
    Clarence "Bill" NelsonDFL$11,000$0Yes
    Barack ObamaDIL$0$0Yes
    Mark PryorDAR$3,000$0Yes
    John "Jack" ReedDRI$23,950$0Yes
    Harry ReidDNV$14,000$0Yes
    Charles "Pat" RobertsRKS$19,550$0Yes
    John "Jay" RockefellerDWV$34,850$0Yes
    Ken SalazarDCO$7,700$0Yes
    Bernie SandersIVT$0$0Yes
    Chuck SchumerDNY$1,000$0Yes
    Jeff SessionsRAL$22,150$0Yes
    Richard ShelbyRAL$600$0Yes
    Gordon SmithROR$47,150$0Yes
    Olympia SnoweRME$0$0Yes
    Arlen SpecterDPA$20,050$0Yes
    Debbie StabenowDMI$6,750$0Yes
    Ted StevensRAK$36,300$0Yes
    John SununuRNH$18,450$0Yes
    Jon TesterDMT$6,000$0Yes
    John ThuneRSD$1,500$0Yes
    David VitterRLA$8,900$0Yes
    George VoinovichROH$13,100$0Yes
    John WarnerRVA$0$0Yes
    Jim WebbDVA$0$0Yes
    Sheldon WhitehouseDRI$0$0Yes
    Roger WickerRMS$59,900$0Yes
    Ron WydenDOR$0$0Yes

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    Attorneys & law firms$1,246,049

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