S. 231 - A Bill to Authorize the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program at Fiscal Year 2006 Levels Through 2012.

Criminal justice. 110th Congress (2007-2008) View bill details
A bill to authorize the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program at fiscal year 2006 levels through 2012. (by CRS) 
The bill has become law. 
Senate Vote: On Passage

PASSED by voice vote on May 24, 2007.

A Bill to Authorize the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program at Fiscal Year 2006 Levels Through 2012.

S. 231 — 110th Congress (2007–2008)

A bill to authorize the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program at fiscal year 2006 levels through 2012. (by CRS)
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A bill to authorize the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program at fiscal year 2006 levels through 2012.
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    Dianne Feinstein
    • Criminal justice
    • Authorization
    • Budgets
    • Federal aid to law enforcement
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    Major Actions
    Referred to Committee
    Passed Senate5/24/2007
    Passed House7/14/2008
    Signed by President7/30/2008
    Bill History
    currently selectedSenatePassed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.5/24/2007PASSED by voice vote
    select this voteHouseOn motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by voice vote.7/14/2008PASSED by voice vote
    1/09/2007Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
    1/09/2007Sponsor introductory remarks on measure. (CR S299-300)
    Put on a legislative calendar3/15/2007Committee on the Judiciary. Ordered to be reported without amendment favorably.
    5/23/2007Committee on the Judiciary. Reported by Senator Leahy without amendment. Without written report.
    Put on a legislative calendar5/23/2007Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 170.
    currently selectedSenate Vote on Passage5/24/2007Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    5/25/2007Message on Senate action sent to the House.
    6/05/2007Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.
    6/05/2007Received in the House.
    6/25/2007Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.
    Presented to President7/14/2008Cleared for White House.
    7/14/2008Mr. Schiff moved to suspend the rules and pass the bill.
    7/14/2008Considered under suspension of the rules.
    7/14/2008DEBATE - The House proceeded with forty minutes of debate on S. 231.
    select this voteHouse Vote on Passage7/14/2008On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by voice vote.
    Presented to President7/22/2008Presented to President.
    Signed7/30/2008Signed by President.
    Enacted7/30/2008Became Public Law No: 110-294.
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    Municipal & county government organizations$0

    3 Organizations Supported and 0 Opposed; See Which Ones

    Organizations that took a position on
    A Bill to Authorize the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program at Fiscal Year 2006 Levels Through 2012.: Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.

    3 organizations supported this bill

    International Association of Chiefs of Police
    National Association of Police Organizations
    (n.d.). State and Local Law Enforcement Grant Funding. Retrieved n.d., from .
    New Jersey State League Of Municipalities
    (n.d.). COPS Funding Battle. Retrieved n.d., from .

    0 organizations opposed this bill

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    Includes reported contributions to congressional campaigns of Senators in office on day of vote, from Municipal & county government organizations interest groups, January 1, 2003 – December 31, 2008.
    Contributions data source: OpenSecrets.org

    Contributions by Legislator

    Namesort iconPartyState$ From Interest Groups
    That Supported
    $ From Interest Groups
    That Opposed
    Daniel K. AkakaDHI$0$0Yes
    Andrew Lamar AlexanderRTN$0$0Yes
    Alan Wayne AllardRCO$0$0Yes
    Max BaucusDMT$0$0Yes
    Birch "Evan" BayhDIN$0$0Yes
    Bob BennettRUT$0$0Yes
    Joe BidenDDE$0$0Yes
    Jesse "Jeff" BingamanDNM$0$0Yes
    Christopher "Kit" BondRMO$0$0Yes
    Barbara BoxerDCA$0$0Yes
    Sherrod BrownDOH$0$0Yes
    Sam BrownbackRKS$0$0Yes
    Jim BunningRKY$0$0Yes
    Richard BurrRNC$0$0Yes
    Robert ByrdDWV$0$0Yes
    Maria CantwellDWA$0$0Yes
    Ben CardinDMD$0$0Yes
    Tom CarperDDE$0$0Yes
    Bob CaseyDPA$0$0Yes
    Clarence Saxby ChamblissRGA$0$0Yes
    Hillary ClintonDNY$0$0Yes
    Tom CoburnROK$0$0Yes
    William Thad CochranRMS$0$0Yes
    Norm ColemanRMN$0$0Yes
    Susan CollinsRME$0$0Yes
    Gaylord Kent ConradDND$0$0Yes
    Bob CorkerRTN$0$0Yes
    John CornynRTX$0$0Yes
    Larry CraigRID$0$0Yes
    Mike CrapoRID$0$0Yes
    Jim DeMintRSC$0$0Yes
    Chris DoddDCT$0$0Yes
    Mary Elizabeth DoleRNC$0$0Yes
    Pete DomeniciRNM$0$0Yes
    Byron DorganDND$0$0Yes
    Dick DurbinDIL$0$0Yes
    John EnsignRNV$0$0Yes
    Mike EnziRWY$0$0Yes
    Russ FeingoldDWI$0$0Yes
    Dianne FeinsteinDCA$0$0Yes
    Lindsey GrahamRSC$0$0Yes
    Chuck GrassleyRIA$0$0Yes
    Judd GreggRNH$0$0Yes
    Chuck HagelRNE$0$0Yes
    Tom HarkinDIA$0$0Yes
    Orrin HatchRUT$0$0Yes
    Kay Bailey HutchisonRTX$0$0Yes
    Jim InhofeROK$0$0Yes
    Dan InouyeDHI$0$0Yes
    Johnny IsaksonRGA$0$0Yes
    Tim JohnsonDSD$0$0Yes
    Ted KennedyDMA$0$0Yes
    John KerryDMA$0$0Yes
    Amy KlobucharDMN$0$0Yes
    Herb KohlDWI$0$0Yes
    Jon KylRAZ$0$0Yes
    Mary LandrieuDLA$0$0Yes
    Frank LautenbergDNJ$0$0Yes
    Patrick LeahyDVT$0$0Yes
    Carl LevinDMI$0$0Yes
    Joe LiebermanICT$0$0Yes
    Blanche LincolnDAR$0$0Yes
    Chester Trent LottRMS$0$0Yes
    Dick LugarRIN$0$0Yes
    Mel MartinezRFL$0$0Yes
    John McCainRAZ$0$0Yes
    Claire McCaskillDMO$0$0Yes
    Addison "Mitch" McConnellRKY$0$0Yes
    Bob MenéndezDNJ$0$0Yes
    Barbara MikulskiDMD$0$0Yes
    Lisa MurkowskiRAK$0$0Yes
    Patty MurrayDWA$0$0Yes
    Earl "Ben" NelsonDNE$0$0Yes
    Clarence "Bill" NelsonDFL$0$0Yes
    Barack ObamaDIL$0$0Yes
    Mark PryorDAR$0$0Yes
    John "Jack" ReedDRI$0$0Yes
    Harry ReidDNV$0$0Yes
    Charles "Pat" RobertsRKS$0$0Yes
    John "Jay" RockefellerDWV$0$0Yes
    Ken SalazarDCO$0$0Yes
    Bernie SandersIVT$0$0Yes
    Chuck SchumerDNY$0$0Yes
    Jeff SessionsRAL$0$0Yes
    Richard ShelbyRAL$0$0Yes
    Gordon SmithROR$0$0Yes
    Olympia SnoweRME$0$0Yes
    Arlen SpecterDPA$0$0Yes
    Debbie StabenowDMI$0$0Yes
    Ted StevensRAK$0$0Yes
    John SununuRNH$0$0Yes
    Jon TesterDMT$0$0Yes
    Craig ThomasRWY$0$0Yes
    John ThuneRSD$0$0Yes
    David VitterRLA$0$0Yes
    George VoinovichROH$0$0Yes
    John WarnerRVA$0$0Yes
    Jim WebbDVA$0$0Yes
    Sheldon WhitehouseDRI$0$0Yes
    Ron WydenDOR$0$0Yes

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    NamePartyState$ From Interest Groups
    That Supported
    $ From Interest Groups
    That Opposed
    Daniel K. AkakaDHI$28,500$0Yes
    Andrew Lamar AlexanderRTN$55,500$0Yes
    Alan Wayne AllardRCO$100$0Yes
    Max BaucusDMT$20,950$0Yes
    Birch "Evan" BayhDIN$59,832$0Yes
    Bob BennettRUT$5,500$0Yes
    Joe BidenDDE$37,100$0Yes
    Jesse "Jeff" BingamanDNM$35,491$0Yes
    Christopher "Kit" BondRMO$28,400$0Yes
    Barbara BoxerDCA$74,250$0Yes
    Sherrod BrownDOH$82,262$0Yes
    Sam BrownbackRKS$6,000$0Yes
    Jim BunningRKY$11,550$0Yes
    Richard BurrRNC$50,150$0Yes
    Robert ByrdDWV$26,950$0Yes
    Maria CantwellDWA$93,460$0Yes
    Ben CardinDMD$68,400$0Yes
    Tom CarperDDE$20,315$0Yes
    Bob CaseyDPA$147,995$0Yes
    Clarence Saxby ChamblissRGA$37,150$0Yes
    Hillary ClintonDNY$309,911$0Yes
    Tom CoburnROK$13,350$0Yes
    William Thad CochranRMS$6,900$0Yes
    Norm ColemanRMN$69,717$0Yes
    Susan CollinsRME$41,581$0Yes
    Gaylord Kent ConradDND$21,200$0Yes
    Bob CorkerRTN$93,207$0Yes
    John CornynRTX$67,325$0Yes
    Larry CraigRID$1,750$0Yes
    Mike CrapoRID$1,900$0Yes
    Jim DeMintRSC$22,595$0Yes
    Chris DoddDCT$34,875$0Yes
    Mary Elizabeth DoleRNC$64,866$0Yes
    Pete DomeniciRNM$14,874$0Yes
    Byron DorganDND$6,250$0Yes
    Dick DurbinDIL$90,796$0Yes
    John EnsignRNV$7,800$0Yes
    Mike EnziRWY$3,000$0Yes
    Russ FeingoldDWI$78,824$0Yes
    Dianne FeinsteinDCA$62,794$0Yes
    Lindsey GrahamRSC$22,217$0Yes
    Chuck GrassleyRIA$15,675$0Yes
    Judd GreggRNH$30,950$0Yes
    Chuck HagelRNE$5,000$0Yes
    Tom HarkinDIA$36,200$0Yes
    Orrin HatchRUT$15,500$0Yes
    Kay Bailey HutchisonRTX$60,850$0Yes
    Jim InhofeROK$12,581$0Yes
    Dan InouyeDHI$18,250$0Yes
    Johnny IsaksonRGA$52,900$0Yes
    Tim JohnsonDSD$20,050$0Yes
    Ted KennedyDMA$33,450$0Yes
    John KerryDMA$24,120$0Yes
    Amy KlobucharDMN$65,150$0Yes
    Herb KohlDWI$0$0Yes
    Jon KylRAZ$53,386$0Yes
    Mary LandrieuDLA$61,101$0Yes
    Frank LautenbergDNJ$39,300$0Yes
    Patrick LeahyDVT$7,100$0Yes
    Carl LevinDMI$56,250$0Yes
    Joe LiebermanICT$94,194$0Yes
    Blanche LincolnDAR$21,900$0Yes
    Chester Trent LottRMS$17,050$0Yes
    Dick LugarRIN$21,342$0Yes
    Mel MartinezRFL$106,540$0Yes
    John McCainRAZ$26,825$0Yes
    Claire McCaskillDMO$62,247$0Yes
    Addison "Mitch" McConnellRKY$98,213$0Yes
    Bob MenéndezDNJ$151,400$0Yes
    Barbara MikulskiDMD$38,260$0Yes
    Lisa MurkowskiRAK$67,151$0Yes
    Patty MurrayDWA$75,450$0Yes
    Earl "Ben" NelsonDNE$23,250$0Yes
    Clarence "Bill" NelsonDFL$79,500$0Yes
    Barack ObamaDIL$134,469$0Yes
    Mark PryorDAR$29,600$0Yes
    John "Jack" ReedDRI$21,950$0Yes
    Harry ReidDNV$49,500$0Yes
    Charles "Pat" RobertsRKS$18,850$0Yes
    John "Jay" RockefellerDWV$29,750$0Yes
    Ken SalazarDCO$100,968$0Yes
    Bernie SandersIVT$23,690$0Yes
    Chuck SchumerDNY$16,150$0Yes
    Jeff SessionsRAL$45,810$0Yes
    Richard ShelbyRAL$19,450$0Yes
    Gordon SmithROR$48,475$0Yes
    Olympia SnoweRME$9,050$0Yes
    Arlen SpecterDPA$49,500$0Yes
    Debbie StabenowDMI$87,307$0Yes
    Ted StevensRAK$30,299$0Yes
    John SununuRNH$25,050$0Yes
    Jon TesterDMT$42,752$0Yes
    Craig ThomasRWY$2,500$0Yes
    John ThuneRSD$69,749$0Yes
    David VitterRLA$45,275$0Yes
    George VoinovichROH$43,250$0Yes
    John WarnerRVA$250$0Yes
    Jim WebbDVA$81,999$0Yes
    Sheldon WhitehouseDRI$56,300$0Yes
    Ron WydenDOR$11,450$0Yes

    Interest Groups that supported this bill

    $ Donated
    Civil servant/public employee$3,934,845
    Police & firefighters unions & associations$575,270
    Municipal & county government organizations$0

    Interest Groups that opposed this bill

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