H.R. 3276 - American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2010

Energy. 111th Congress (2009-2010) View bill details
To promote the production of molybdenum-99 in the United States for medical isotope production, and to condition and phase out the export of highly enriched uranium for the production of medical isotopes. (by CRS) 
The bill was voted on in the House on November 5, 2009 
House Vote: On Passage

PASSED on November 5, 2009.

2/3 required to pass

voted YES: 400 voted NO: 17
16 voted present/not voting

Other Votes:

American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2010

H.R. 3276 — 111th Congress (2009–2010)

To promote the production of molybdenum-99 in the United States for medical isotope production, and to condition and phase out the export of highly enriched uranium for the production of medical isotopes. (by CRS)
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To promote the production of molybdenum-99 in the United States for medical isotope production, and to condition and phase out the export of highly enriched uranium for the production of medical isotopes.
Other Titles
  • American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2009
  • American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2009
  • American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2009
Edward J. Markey
  • Energy
  • Arms control and nonproliferation
  • Congressional oversight
  • Government investigations
  • Hazardous wastes and toxic substances
  • Health technology, devices, supplies
  • Licensing and registrations
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical tests and diagnostic methods
  • Nuclear power
  • Nuclear weapons
  • Public contracts and procurement
  • Trade restrictions
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    Major Actions
    Referred to Committee
    Passed House11/05/2009
    Bill History
    currently selectedHouseOn Passage - House - H.R. 3276 American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2009 - Under Suspension of the Rules11/05/2009This bill PASSED the House
    400 voted YES 17 voted NO 16 voted present/not voting
    7/21/2009Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.
    7/22/2009Referred to the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment.
    9/09/2009Subcommittee Hearings Held.
    10/14/2009Subcommittee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
    10/14/2009Forwarded by Subcommittee to Full Committee (Amended) by Voice Vote .
    10/21/2009Committee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
    Put on a legislative calendar10/21/2009Ordered to be Reported (Amended) by Voice Vote.
    11/04/2009Reported (Amended) by the Committee on Energy and Commerce. H. Rept. 111-328.
    Put on a legislative calendar11/04/2009Placed on the Union Calendar, Calendar No. 187.
    11/05/2009Mr. Markey (MA) moved to suspend the rules and pass the bill, as amended.
    11/05/2009Considered under suspension of the rules.
    11/05/2009DEBATE - The House proceeded with forty minutes of debate on H.R. 3276.
    11/05/2009At the conclusion of debate, the Yeas and Nays were demanded and ordered. Pursuant to the provisions of clause 8, rule XX, the Chair announced that further proceedings on the motion would be postponed.
    11/05/2009Considered as unfinished business.
    currently selectedHouse Vote on Passage11/05/2009On Passage - House - H.R. 3276 American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2009 - Under Suspension of the Rules
    11/06/2009Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.
    12/03/2009Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Hearings held.
    Put on a legislative calendar12/16/2009Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Ordered to be reported with an amendment in the nature of a substitute favorably.
    1/28/2010Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Reported by Senator Bingaman with amendments. With written report No. 111-120.
    Put on a legislative calendar1/28/2010Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 263.
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    American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2010: On Passage - House - H.R. 3276 American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2009 - Under Suspension of the Rules

    10 organizations supported this bill

    American Association of Physicists in Medicine
    Amy Shaw (2009, July 29). Congress Introduces Bill To Ensure Continuous Domestic Supplies Of Common Medical Isotope. Medical News Today. Retrieved September 14, 2009, from http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/159187.php.
    American College of Radiology
    Amy Shaw (2009, July 29). Congress Introduces Bill To Ensure Continuous Domestic Supplies Of Common Medical Isotope. Medical News Today. Retrieved September 14, 2009.
    American Nuclear Society
    Amy Shaw (2009, July 29). Congress Introduces Bill To Ensure Continuous Domestic Supplies Of Common Medical Isotope. Medical News Today. Retrieved September 14, 2009, from http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/159187.php.
    American Society for Radiation Oncology
    Amy Shaw (2009, July 29). Congress Introduces Bill To Ensure Continuous Domestic Supplies Of Common Medical Isotope. Medical News Today. Retrieved September 14, 2009, from http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/159187.php.
    American Society of Nuclear Cardiology
    American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (n.d.). ACT NOW: Ask Your Member of Congress to Support Important Legislation Addressing the Isotope Shortage!. Retrieved September 14, 2009, from American Society of Nuclear Cardiology .
    Council On Radionuclides And Radiopharmaceuticals
    Testimony of Roy Brown, Federal Affairs Senior Director: Hearing before the United States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. 111th Cong., 1st Sess., (2009). (Testimony of Roy Brown). Retrieved January 13, 2010, from BrownTestimony.pdf.
    Health Physics Society
    Amy Shaw (2009, July 29). Congress Introduces Bill To Ensure Continuous Domestic Supplies Of Common Medical Isotope. Medical News Today. Retrieved September 14, 2009, from http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/159187.php.
    Lantheus Medical Imaging
    Testimony of Michael P. Duffy,Vice President and General Counsel of Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc.: Hearing before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce: Subcommittee on Energy and Environment. 111th Cong., 1st Sess., (2009). (Testimony of Michael Duffy). Retrieved January 13, 2010, from Duffy Testimony.pdf.
    Nuclear Energy Institute
    Amy Shaw (2009, July 29). Congress Introduces Bill To Ensure Continuous Domestic Supplies Of Common Medical Isotope. Medical News Today. Retrieved September 14, 2009, from http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/159187.php.
    Society of Nuclear Medicine
    Society of Nuclear Medicine (2009, August 4). SNM asks for support with the American Medical Isotope Production Act of 2009. Retrieved September 14, 2009, from American College of Nuclear Physicians.

    0 organizations opposed this bill

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    Namesort iconPartyState$ From Interest Groups
    That Supported
    $ From Interest Groups
    That Opposed
    Neil AbercrombieDHI-1$-2,250$0Yes
    Gary L. AckermanDNY-5$0$0Yes
    Robert B. AderholtRAL-4$2,000$0Not Voting
    John AdlerDNJ-3$1,500$0Yes
    W. Todd AkinRMO-2$0$0Yes
    Rodney AlexanderRLA-5$2,500$0Yes
    Jason AltmireDPA-4$12,100$0Yes
    Rob AndrewsDNJ-1$0$0Yes
    Mike ArcuriDNY-24$1,000$0Yes
    Steve AustriaROH-7$0$0Yes
    Joe BacaDCA-43$0$0Yes
    Michele BachmannRMN-6$500$0Yes
    Spencer BachusRAL-6$0$0Not Voting
    Brian BairdDWA-3$0$0Yes
    Tammy BaldwinDWI-2$4,450$0Yes
    James Gresham BarrettRSC-3$0$0Yes
    John BarrowDGA-12$6,000$0Yes
    Roscoe G. BartlettRMD-6$4,500$0Yes
    Joe BartonRTX-6$25,000$0Yes
    Melissa BeanDIL-8$3,500$0Yes
    Xavier BecerraDCA-31$9,000$0Yes
    Rochelle "Shelley" BerkleyDNV-1$1,000$0Yes
    Howard L. BermanDCA-28$0$0Yes
    Robert Marion BerryDAR-1$0$0Yes
    Judy BiggertRIL-13$0$0Yes
    Brian P. BilbrayRCA-50$16,750$0Yes
    Gus M. BilirakisRFL-9$250$0Yes
    Rob BishopRUT-1$0$0Yes
    Sanford D. Bishop Jr.DGA-2$0$0Yes
    Tim BishopDNY-1$0$0Yes
    Marsha BlackburnRTN-7$9,300$0Yes
    Earl BlumenauerDOR-3$0$0Yes
    Roy BluntRMO-7$16,750$0Yes
    John BoccieriDOH-16$0$0Yes
    John A. BoehnerROH-8$6,000$0Yes
    Jo BonnerRAL-1$250$0Yes
    Mary Bono MackRCA-45$5,500$0Yes
    John BoozmanRAR-3$10,000$0Yes
    Dan BorenDOK-2$0$0Yes
    Leonard L. BoswellDIA-3$0$0Yes
    Rick BoucherDVA-9$2,000$0Yes
    Charles W. Boustany Jr.RLA-7$1,500$0Yes
    Fred Allen BoydDFL-2$3,500$0Yes
    Kevin BradyRTX-8$0$0Yes
    Bob BradyDPA-1$0$0Not Voting
    Bruce L. BraleyDIA-1$6,500$0Yes
    Bobby BrightDAL-2$250$0Yes
    Paul C. BrounRGA-10$0$0No
    Corrine BrownDFL-3$0$0Yes
    Henry BrownRSC-1$1,000$0Yes
    Ginny Brown-WaiteRFL-5$0$0Yes
    Vern BuchananRFL-13$0$0Yes
    Michael C. BurgessRTX-26$14,000$0Yes
    Dan BurtonRIN-5$0$0Yes
    George "G.K." ButterfieldDNC-1$2,500$0Yes
    Steve BuyerRIN-4$1,000$0Yes
    Ken CalvertRCA-44$13,500$0Yes
    Dave CampRMI-4$21,500$0Yes
    John CampbellRCA-48$6,050$0No
    Eric CantorRVA-7$5,000$0Yes
    Anh "Joseph" CaoRLA-2$750$0Yes
    Shelley Moore CapitoRWV-2$0$0Yes
    Lois CappsDCA-23$0$0Yes
    Mike CapuanoDMA-8$45,000$0Not Voting
    Dennis CardozaDCA-18$1,000$0Yes
    John "Russ" CarnahanDMO-3$5,900$0Yes
    Chris CarneyDPA-10$0$0Yes
    André CarsonDIN-7$0$0Yes
    John R. CarterRTX-31$0$0Yes
    Bill CassidyRLA-6$0$0Yes
    Mike CastleRDE$2,000$0Yes
    Kathy CastorDFL-11$0$0Yes
    Jason ChaffetzRUT-3$0$0No
    Albert "Ben" ChandlerDKY-6$1,000$0Yes
    Travis ChildersDMS-1$-1,000$0Yes
    Judy ChuDCA-32$1,250$0Yes
    Yvette D. ClarkeDNY-11$0$0Yes
    William Lacy ClayDMO-1$0$0Yes
    Emanuel CleaverDMO-5$0$0Yes
    Jim ClyburnDSC-6$12,000$0Yes
    John Howard CobleRNC-6$2,000$0Yes
    Mike CoffmanRCO-6$0$0Yes
    Steve CohenDTN-9$1,000$0Yes
    Tom ColeROK-4$0$0Yes
    K. "Mike" ConawayRTX-11$0$0No
    Gerry ConnollyDVA-11$0$0Yes
    John Conyers Jr.DMI-14$3,000$0Yes
    Jim CooperDTN-5$0$0Yes
    Jim CostaDCA-20$0$0Yes
    Jerry F. CostelloDIL-12$0$0Yes
    Joe CourtneyDCT-2$6,500$0Yes
    Ander CrenshawRFL-4$0$0Yes
    Joe CrowleyDNY-7$17,500$0Yes
    Henry CuellarDTX-28$0$0Yes
    John Abney CulbersonRTX-7$0$0Yes
    Elijah E. CummingsDMD-7$0$0Yes
    Kathy DahlkemperDPA-3$0$0Yes
    Artur DavisDAL-7$0$0Yes
    Danny K. DavisDIL-7$3,000$0Yes
    Geoff DavisRKY-4$0$0Yes
    Lincoln DavisDTN-4$0$0Yes
    Susan A. DavisDCA-53$5,000$0Yes
    Peter A. DeFazioDOR-4$0$0Yes
    Diana DeGetteDCO-1$6,000$0Yes
    Rosa L. DeLauroDCT-3$5,500$0Yes
    John Nathan DealRGA-9$0$0Not Voting
    Bill DelahuntDMA-10$0$0Yes
    Charlie DentRPA-15$500$0Yes
    Lincoln Diaz-BalartRFL-21$0$0Yes
    Mario Diaz-BalartRFL-25$0$0Yes
    Norm DicksDWA-6$500$0Yes
    John D. DingellDMI-15$8,900$0Yes
    Lloyd DoggettDTX-25$0$0Yes
    Joe DonnellyDIN-2$0$0Yes
    Mike DoyleDPA-14$0$0Yes
    David DreierRCA-26$17,300$0Yes
    Steve DriehausDOH-1$0$0Yes
    John "Jimmy" DuncanRTN-2$0$0Yes
    Donna F. EdwardsDMD-4$2,500$0Yes
    Thomas "Chet" EdwardsDTX-17$0$0Yes
    Vern EhlersRMI-3$0$0Yes
    Keith EllisonDMN-5$0$0Not Voting
    John "Brad" EllsworthDIN-8$0$0Yes
    Jo Ann EmersonRMO-8$800$0Yes
    Eliot L. EngelDNY-17$7,000$0Yes
    Anna G. EshooDCA-14$41,550$0Yes
    Bob EtheridgeDNC-2$2,000$0Yes
    Mary FallinROK-5$0$0Yes
    Sam FarrDCA-17$0$0Yes
    Chaka FattahDPA-2$0$0Yes
    Bob FilnerDCA-51$0$0Yes
    Jeff FlakeRAZ-6$0$0No
    John FlemingRLA-4$0$0Yes
    J. "Randy" ForbesRVA-4$0$0Not Voting
    Jeff FortenberryRNE-1$0$0Yes
    George "Bill" FosterDIL-14$5,150$0Yes
    Virginia FoxxRNC-5$500$0Yes
    Barney FrankDMA-4$1,750$0Yes
    Trent FranksRAZ-2$0$0Yes
    Rodney P. FrelinghuysenRNJ-11$0$0Yes
    Marcia L. FudgeDOH-11$0$0Yes
    Elton GalleglyRCA-24$2,000$0Yes
    John GaramendiDCA-10$7,200$0Yes
    Ernest Scott GarrettRNJ-5$10,600$0Yes
    Jim GerlachRPA-6$4,250$0Yes
    Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8$1,500$0Yes
    John "Phil" GingreyRGA-11$5,300$0Yes
    Louie GohmertRTX-1$0$0Not Voting
    Charlie GonzalezDTX-20$2,000$0Yes
    Bob GoodlatteRVA-6$0$0Yes
    Bart GordonDTN-6$0$0Yes
    Kay GrangerRTX-12$0$0Yes
    Sam GravesRMO-6$2,500$0Yes
    Alan GraysonDFL-8$250$0Yes
    Al GreenDTX-9$0$0Yes
    Raymond "Gene" GreenDTX-29$6,500$0Yes
    Parker GriffithRAL-5$2,500$0Yes
    Raúl M. GrijalvaDAZ-7$0$0Yes
    Steven Brett GuthrieRKY-2$0$0Yes
    Luis V. GutiérrezDIL-4$0$0Yes
    John HallDNY-19$1,000$0Yes
    Ralph M. HallRTX-4$0$0Yes
    Debbie HalvorsonDIL-11$500$0Yes
    Phil HareDIL-17$0$0Yes
    Jane HarmanDCA-36$0$0Yes
    Gregg HarperRMS-3$0$0Yes
    Alcee L. HastingsDFL-23$0$0Yes
    Richard "Doc" HastingsRWA-4$0$0Yes
    Martin HeinrichDNM-1$2,685$0Yes
    Dean HellerRNV-2$4,000$0Yes
    Jeb HensarlingRTX-5$0$0No
    Wally HergerRCA-2$11,000$0Yes
    Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSD$0$0Yes
    Brian HigginsDNY-27$3,500$0Yes
    Baron HillDIN-9$3,000$0Yes
    Jim HimesDCT-4$2,000$0Yes
    Maurice D. HincheyDNY-22$0$0Yes
    Rubén HinojosaDTX-15$0$0Yes
    Mazie K. HironoDHI-2$1,500$0Yes
    Paul HodesDNH-2$3,900$0Yes
    Pete HoekstraRMI-2$0$0Yes
    Thomas "Tim" HoldenDPA-17$0$0Yes
    Rush HoltDNJ-12$2,400$0Yes
    Mike HondaDCA-15$4,050$0Yes
    Steny H. HoyerDMD-5$2,500$0Yes
    Duncan HunterRCA-52$0$0Yes
    Bob InglisRSC-4$0$0Yes
    Jay InsleeDWA-1$14,450$0Yes
    Steve IsraelDNY-2$3,000$0Yes
    Darrell E. IssaRCA-49$7,000$0Yes
    Sheila Jackson LeeDTX-18$0$0Yes
    Jesse L. Jackson Jr.DIL-2$500$0Yes
    Lynn JenkinsRKS-2$2,500$0Yes
    Eddie Bernice JohnsonDTX-30$0$0Yes
    Henry "Hank" JohnsonDGA-4$0$0Yes
    Sam JohnsonRTX-3$0$0Not Voting
    Tim JohnsonRIL-15$0$0Yes
    Walter B. JonesRNC-3$1,000$0Yes
    Jim JordanROH-4$500$0No
    Steve KagenDWI-8$0$0Yes
    Paul KanjorskiDPA-11$0$0Yes
    Marcy KapturDOH-9$0$0Yes
    Patrick KennedyDRI-1$-3,000$0Yes
    Dale E. KildeeDMI-5$0$0Yes
    Carolyn KilpatrickDMI-13$4,800$0Yes
    Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15$0$0Yes
    Ron KindDWI-3$6,000$0Yes
    Pete KingRNY-3$0$0Yes
    Steve KingRIA-5$0$0Yes
    Jack KingstonRGA-1$0$0No
    Mark KirkRIL-10$1,210$0Yes
    Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1$0$0Yes
    Larry KissellDNC-8$3,000$0Yes
    Ron KleinDFL-22$2,400$0Yes
    John KlineRMN-2$0$0Yes
    Suzanne KosmasDFL-24$5,200$0Yes
    Frank KratovilDMD-1$1,250$0Yes
    Dennis J. KucinichDOH-10$0$0Yes
    Steve LaTouretteROH-14$0$0Yes
    Doug LambornRCO-5$0$0No
    Leonard LanceRNJ-7$8,200$0Yes
    Jim LangevinDRI-2$1,450$0Yes
    Rick LarsenDWA-2$1,000$0Yes
    John B. LarsonDCT-1$250$0Yes
    Tom LathamRIA-4$4,500$0Yes
    Bob LattaROH-5$2,500$0Yes
    Barbara LeeDCA-9$15,650$0Yes
    Chris LeeRNY-26$4,000$0Yes
    Sandy LevinDMI-12$1,000$0Yes
    Charles "Jerry" LewisRCA-41$1,000$0Yes
    John LewisDGA-5$0$0Yes
    John LinderRGA-7$0$0Yes
    Dan LipinskiDIL-3$0$0Yes
    Frank A. LoBiondoRNJ-2$0$0Yes
    Dave LoebsackDIA-2$0$0Yes
    Zoe LofgrenDCA-16$5,500$0Yes
    Nita M. LoweyDNY-18$2,500$0Yes
    Frank D. LucasROK-3$0$0Yes
    Blaine LuetkemeyerRMO-9$3,500$0Yes
    Ben Ray LujánDNM-3$0$0Yes
    Cynthia M. LummisRWY$0$0Yes
    Dan LungrenRCA-3$0$0Yes
    Stephen F. LynchDMA-9$2,500$0Yes
    Connie MackRFL-14$0$0Yes
    Dan MaffeiDNY-25$3,000$0Yes
    Carolyn B. MaloneyDNY-14$0$0Yes
    Don ManzulloRIL-16$0$0Yes
    Kenny MarchantRTX-24$0$0Yes
    Betsy MarkeyDCO-4$2,500$0Yes
    Ed MarkeyDMA-7$17,400$0Yes
    Jim MarshallDGA-8$0$0Yes
    Eric MassaDNY-29$0$0Yes
    Jim MathesonDUT-2$7,000$0Yes
    Doris O. MatsuiDCA-5$5,000$0Yes
    Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4$0$0Yes
    Kevin McCarthyRCA-22$19,500$0Yes
    Michael T. McCaulRTX-10$0$0Yes
    Tom McClintockRCA-4$0$0Yes
    Betty McCollumDMN-4$250$0Yes
    Thaddeus McCotterRMI-11$0$0Yes
    Jim McDermottDWA-7$0$0Yes
    Jim McGovernDMA-3$14,400$0Yes
    Patrick T. McHenryRNC-10$0$0Yes
    Douglas "Mike" McIntyreDNC-7$0$0Yes
    Howard P. "Buck" McKeonRCA-25$2,400$0Yes
    Mike McMahonDNY-13$0$0Yes
    Cathy McMorris RodgersRWA-5$0$0Yes
    Jerry McNerneyDCA-11$9,500$0Yes
    Kendrick MeekDFL-17$8,500$0Yes
    Gregory W. MeeksDNY-6$0$0Yes
    Charlie MelanconDLA-3$7,000$0Yes
    John L. MicaRFL-7$0$0Yes
    Mike MichaudDME-2$800$0Yes
    Candice S. MillerRMI-10$0$0Yes
    Gary G. MillerRCA-42$0$0Yes
    George MillerDCA-7$0$0Yes
    Jeff MillerRFL-1$0$0Yes
    R. "Brad" MillerDNC-13$1,000$0Yes
    Walt MinnickDID-1$0$0Yes
    Harry MitchellDAZ-5$0$0Yes
    Alan MollohanDWV-1$0$0Yes
    Dennis MooreDKS-3$500$0Yes
    Gwen MooreDWI-4$0$0Yes
    Jim MoranDVA-8$2,400$0Yes
    Jerry MoranRKS-1$250$0Yes
    Chris MurphyDCT-5$2,250$0Yes
    Patrick MurphyDPA-8$3,000$0Not Voting
    Matthew Scott MurphyDNY-20$5,650$0Yes
    Tim MurphyRPA-18$8,500$0Yes
    John MurthaDPA-12$2,350$0Yes
    Sue Wilkins MyrickRNC-9$13,000$0Yes
    Jerry NadlerDNY-8$0$0Not Voting
    Grace F. NapolitanoDCA-38$0$0Yes
    Richard E. NealDMA-2$13,500$0Yes
    Robert "Randy" NeugebauerRTX-19$0$0Yes
    Devin NunesRCA-21$8,500$0Not Voting
    Glenn NyeDVA-2$0$0Yes
    Jim OberstarDMN-8$0$0Yes
    Dave ObeyDWI-7$2,000$0Yes
    Pete OlsonRTX-22$500$0Yes
    John W. OlverDMA-1$6,800$0Yes
    Solomon OrtizDTX-27$0$0Yes
    Frank Pallone Jr.DNJ-6$11,500$0Yes
    Bill PascrellDNJ-8$7,000$0Yes
    Ed PastorDAZ-4$0$0Yes
    Ron PaulRTX-14$0$0No
    Erik PaulsenRMN-3$0$0Yes
    Donald PayneDNJ-10$1,000$0Yes
    Nancy PelosiDCA-8$12,200$0Not Voting
    Mike PenceRIN-6$4,000$0No
    Ed PerlmutterDCO-7$0$0Yes
    Tom PerrielloDVA-5$0$0Yes
    Gary PetersDMI-9$3,100$0Yes
    Collin C. PetersonDMN-7$1,500$0Yes
    Tom PetriRWI-6$0$0Yes
    Rochelle "Chellie" PingreeDME-1$2,000$0Yes
    Joe PittsRPA-16$4,300$0Yes
    Todd Russell PlattsRPA-19$0$0Yes
    Lloyd "Ted" PoeRTX-2$2,000$0No
    Jared PolisDCO-2$0$0Yes
    Earl PomeroyDND$2,000$0Yes
    Bill PoseyRFL-15$0$0Yes
    David E. PriceDNC-4$9,950$0Yes
    Tom PriceRGA-6$3,000$0Yes
    Adam PutnamRFL-12$0$0Yes
    Mike QuigleyDIL-5$0$0Yes
    George RadanovichRCA-19$0$0Yes
    Nick J. Rahall IIDWV-3$0$0Yes
    Charlie RangelDNY-15$16,100$0Yes
    Denny RehbergRMT$0$0Yes
    David G. ReichertRWA-8$12,500$0Yes
    Silvestre ReyesDTX-16$0$0Yes
    Laura RichardsonDCA-37$0$0Yes
    Ciro RodriguezDTX-23$0$0Yes
    David "Phil" RoeRTN-1$0$0Yes
    Harold "Hal" RogersRKY-5$1,000$0Yes
    Mike D. RogersRAL-3$0$0Yes
    Mike RogersRMI-8$10,000$0Not Voting
    Dana RohrabacherRCA-46$2,500$0Yes
    Tom RooneyRFL-16$2,000$0No
    Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18$2,000$0Yes
    Peter J. RoskamRIL-6$6,000$0Yes
    Mike RossDAR-4$3,500$0Yes
    Steve RothmanDNJ-9$12,000$0Yes
    Lucille Roybal-AllardDCA-34$2,000$0Yes
    Ed RoyceRCA-40$0$0No
    C.A. "Dutch" RuppersbergerDMD-2$0$0Yes
    Bobby L. RushDIL-1$0$0Yes
    Paul RyanRWI-1$4,000$0Yes
    Tim RyanDOH-17$0$0Yes
    John SalazarDCO-3$0$0Yes
    Loretta SanchezDCA-47$0$0Yes
    John P. SarbanesDMD-3$0$0Yes
    Steve ScaliseRLA-1$0$0Yes
    Jan SchakowskyDIL-9$0$0Yes
    Mark SchauerDMI-7$0$0Yes
    Adam B. SchiffDCA-29$8,000$0Yes
    Jeannette "Jean" SchmidtROH-2$0$0Yes
    Aaron SchockRIL-18$2,500$0Yes
    Kurt SchraderDOR-5$750$0Yes
    Allyson Y. SchwartzDPA-13$13,800$0Yes
    David ScottDGA-13$0$0Yes
    Bobby ScottDVA-3$0$0Yes
    F. "Jim" SensenbrennerRWI-5$0$0No
    José E. SerranoDNY-16$0$0Yes
    Pete SessionsRTX-32$0$0Yes
    Joe SestakDPA-7$6,400$0Yes
    John ShadeggRAZ-3$500$0No
    Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1$0$0Yes
    Brad ShermanDCA-27$4,800$0Yes
    John ShimkusRIL-19$15,000$0Yes
    Joseph Heath ShulerDNC-11$1,000$0Yes
    Bill ShusterRPA-9$0$0Yes
    Mike SimpsonRID-2$0$0Yes
    Albio SiresDNJ-13$0$0Yes
    Isaac "Ike" SkeltonDMO-4$0$0Yes
    Louise McIntosh SlaughterDNY-28$2,000$0Yes
    David Adam SmithDWA-9$1,000$0Yes
    Adrian SmithRNE-3$1,000$0Yes
    Chris SmithRNJ-4$0$0Yes
    Lamar SmithRTX-21$8,500$0Yes
    Vic SnyderDAR-2$0$0Yes
    Mark SouderRIN-3$0$0Yes
    Zack SpaceDOH-18$14,000$0Yes
    Karen "Jackie" SpeierDCA-12$25,850$0Yes
    John SprattDSC-5$0$0Yes
    Fortney "Pete" StarkDCA-13$0$0Not Voting
    Cliff StearnsRFL-6$3,250$0Yes
    Bart StupakDMI-1$2,500$0Not Voting
    John SullivanROK-1$0$0Yes
    Betty SuttonDOH-13$0$0Yes
    Linda T. SánchezDCA-39$6,000$0Not Voting
    John TannerDTN-8$1,000$0Yes
    Gary "Gene" TaylorDMS-4$0$0Yes
    Harry TeagueDNM-2$3,500$0Yes
    Lee TerryRNE-2$0$0Yes
    Bennie G. ThompsonDMS-2$0$0Yes
    Glenn ThompsonRPA-5$0$0Yes
    C. Mike ThompsonDCA-1$10,000$0Yes
    William "Mac" ThornberryRTX-13$0$0Yes
    Todd TiahrtRKS-4$1,000$0Yes
    Pat TiberiROH-12$0$0Yes
    John F. TierneyDMA-6$1,100$0Yes
    Alice "Dina" TitusDNV-3$0$0Yes
    Paul TonkoDNY-21$0$0Yes
    Ed TownsDNY-10$1,000$0Yes
    Niki TsongasDMA-5$13,000$0Yes
    Mike TurnerROH-3$0$0Yes
    Fred UptonRMI-6$9,500$0Yes
    Chris Van HollenDMD-8$2,500$0Yes
    Nydia M. VelázquezDNY-12$1,000$0Yes
    Pete ViscloskyDIN-1$0$0Yes
    Greg WaldenROR-2$6,000$0Yes
    Tim WalzDMN-1$0$0Yes
    Zach WampRTN-3$0$0Yes
    Debbie Wasserman SchultzDFL-20$2,000$0Yes
    Maxine WatersDCA-35$0$0Yes
    Diane WatsonDCA-33$0$0Yes
    Mel WattDNC-12$2,000$0Yes
    Henry A. WaxmanDCA-30$4,500$0Yes
    Anthony WeinerDNY-9$0$0Yes
    Peter WelchDVT$0$0Yes
    Lynn A. WestmorelandRGA-3$0$0No
    Robert WexlerDFL-19$200$0Yes
    Ed WhitfieldRKY-1$6,500$0Yes
    Charlie WilsonDOH-6$0$0Yes
    Addison "Joe" WilsonRSC-2$6,250$0Yes
    Robert J. WittmanRVA-1$0$0Yes
    Frank R. WolfRVA-10$0$0Yes
    Lynn C. WoolseyDCA-6$0$0Yes
    David WuDOR-1$3,000$0Yes
    John A. YarmuthDKY-3$1,500$0Yes
    C. W. "Bill" YoungRFL-10$0$0Yes
    Don YoungRAK$0$0Yes

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    NamePartyState$ From Interest Groups
    That Supported
    $ From Interest Groups
    That Opposed
    Neil AbercrombieDHI-1$-2,250$0Yes
    Gary L. AckermanDNY-5$5,400$0Yes
    Robert B. AderholtRAL-4$2,750$0Not Voting
    John AdlerDNJ-3$80,650$0Yes
    W. Todd AkinRMO-2$22,950$0Yes
    Rodney AlexanderRLA-5$11,750$0Yes
    Jason AltmireDPA-4$114,550$0Yes
    Rob AndrewsDNJ-1$29,450$0Yes
    Mike ArcuriDNY-24$33,100$0Yes
    Steve AustriaROH-7$8,500$0Yes
    Joe BacaDCA-43$13,700$0Yes
    Michele BachmannRMN-6$76,400$0Yes
    Spencer BachusRAL-6$22,450$0Not Voting
    Brian BairdDWA-3$1,000$0Yes
    Tammy BaldwinDWI-2$36,100$0Yes
    James Gresham BarrettRSC-3$0$0Yes
    John BarrowDGA-12$87,200$0Yes
    Roscoe G. BartlettRMD-6$6,250$0Yes
    Joe BartonRTX-6$126,450$0Yes
    Melissa BeanDIL-8$26,700$0Yes
    Xavier BecerraDCA-31$130,277$0Yes
    Rochelle "Shelley" BerkleyDNV-1$139,214$0Yes
    Howard L. BermanDCA-28$5,500$0Yes
    Robert Marion BerryDAR-1$11,500$0Yes
    Judy BiggertRIL-13$7,425$0Yes
    Brian P. BilbrayRCA-50$44,600$0Yes
    Gus M. BilirakisRFL-9$46,246$0Yes
    Rob BishopRUT-1$3,500$0Yes
    Sanford D. Bishop Jr.DGA-2$7,950$0Yes
    Tim BishopDNY-1$43,433$0Yes
    Marsha BlackburnRTN-7$94,550$0Yes
    Earl BlumenauerDOR-3$37,560$0Yes
    Roy BluntRMO-7$192,473$0Yes
    John BoccieriDOH-16$3,750$0Yes
    John A. BoehnerROH-8$151,100$0Yes
    Jo BonnerRAL-1$25,950$0Yes
    Mary Bono MackRCA-45$71,400$0Yes
    John BoozmanRAR-3$71,535$0Yes
    Dan BorenDOK-2$17,000$0Yes
    Leonard L. BoswellDIA-3$4,450$0Yes
    Rick BoucherDVA-9$21,000$0Yes
    Charles W. Boustany Jr.RLA-7$125,728$0Yes
    Fred Allen BoydDFL-2$83,500$0Yes
    Kevin BradyRTX-8$33,650$0Yes
    Bob BradyDPA-1$3,250$0Not Voting
    Bruce L. BraleyDIA-1$68,250$0Yes
    Bobby BrightDAL-2$16,550$0Yes
    Paul C. BrounRGA-10$66,601$0No
    Corrine BrownDFL-3$3,400$0Yes
    Henry BrownRSC-1$2,250$0Yes
    Ginny Brown-WaiteRFL-5$16,500$0Yes
    Vern BuchananRFL-13$69,751$0Yes
    Michael C. BurgessRTX-26$184,450$0Yes
    Dan BurtonRIN-5$250$0Yes
    George "G.K." ButterfieldDNC-1$18,750$0Yes
    Steve BuyerRIN-4$22,600$0Yes
    Ken CalvertRCA-44$25,000$0Yes
    Dave CampRMI-4$194,319$0Yes
    John CampbellRCA-48$35,850$0No
    Eric CantorRVA-7$168,050$0Yes
    Anh "Joseph" CaoRLA-2$16,900$0Yes
    Shelley Moore CapitoRWV-2$22,250$0Yes
    Lois CappsDCA-23$63,599$0Yes
    Mike CapuanoDMA-8$75,900$0Not Voting
    Dennis CardozaDCA-18$15,550$0Yes
    John "Russ" CarnahanDMO-3$31,950$0Yes
    Chris CarneyDPA-10$20,683$0Yes
    André CarsonDIN-7$6,050$0Yes
    John R. CarterRTX-31$17,950$0Yes
    Bill CassidyRLA-6$131,960$0Yes
    Mike CastleRDE$59,100$0Yes
    Kathy CastorDFL-11$27,300$0Yes
    Jason ChaffetzRUT-3$18,850$0No
    Albert "Ben" ChandlerDKY-6$32,250$0Yes
    Travis ChildersDMS-1$12,250$0Yes
    Judy ChuDCA-32$23,450$0Yes
    Yvette D. ClarkeDNY-11$5,700$0Yes
    William Lacy ClayDMO-1$10,500$0Yes
    Emanuel CleaverDMO-5$3,000$0Yes
    Jim ClyburnDSC-6$93,069$0Yes
    John Howard CobleRNC-6$2,500$0Yes
    Mike CoffmanRCO-6$3,725$0Yes
    Steve CohenDTN-9$18,350$0Yes
    Tom ColeROK-4$2,500$0Yes
    K. "Mike" ConawayRTX-11$14,850$0No
    Gerry ConnollyDVA-11$3,750$0Yes
    John Conyers Jr.DMI-14$25,550$0Yes
    Jim CooperDTN-5$5,000$0Yes
    Jim CostaDCA-20$6,000$0Yes
    Jerry F. CostelloDIL-12$5,000$0Yes
    Joe CourtneyDCT-2$16,450$0Yes
    Ander CrenshawRFL-4$0$0Yes
    Joe CrowleyDNY-7$77,400$0Yes
    Henry CuellarDTX-28$47,900$0Yes
    John Abney CulbersonRTX-7$12,900$0Yes
    Elijah E. CummingsDMD-7$6,000$0Yes
    Kathy DahlkemperDPA-3$24,133$0Yes
    Artur DavisDAL-7$0$0Yes
    Danny K. DavisDIL-7$29,500$0Yes
    Geoff DavisRKY-4$82,250$0Yes
    Lincoln DavisDTN-4$6,250$0Yes
    Susan A. DavisDCA-53$9,750$0Yes
    Peter A. DeFazioDOR-4$4,000$0Yes
    Diana DeGetteDCO-1$57,765$0Yes
    Rosa L. DeLauroDCT-3$56,200$0Yes
    John Nathan DealRGA-9$17,500$0Not Voting
    Bill DelahuntDMA-10$0$0Yes
    Charlie DentRPA-15$88,150$0Yes
    Lincoln Diaz-BalartRFL-21$9,800$0Yes
    Mario Diaz-BalartRFL-25$3,000$0Yes
    Norm DicksDWA-6$16,300$0Yes
    John D. DingellDMI-15$95,300$0Yes
    Lloyd DoggettDTX-25$20,500$0Yes
    Joe DonnellyDIN-2$14,250$0Yes
    Mike DoyleDPA-14$5,000$0Yes
    David DreierRCA-26$22,000$0Yes
    Steve DriehausDOH-1$18,350$0Yes
    John "Jimmy" DuncanRTN-2$4,500$0Yes
    Donna F. EdwardsDMD-4$5,250$0Yes
    Thomas "Chet" EdwardsDTX-17$36,800$0Yes
    Vern EhlersRMI-3$5,300$0Yes
    Keith EllisonDMN-5$38,650$0Not Voting
    John "Brad" EllsworthDIN-8$23,850$0Yes
    Jo Ann EmersonRMO-8$24,450$0Yes
    Eliot L. EngelDNY-17$58,000$0Yes
    Anna G. EshooDCA-14$154,200$0Yes
    Bob EtheridgeDNC-2$40,150$0Yes
    Mary FallinROK-5$0$0Yes
    Sam FarrDCA-17$4,500$0Yes
    Chaka FattahDPA-2$3,500$0Yes
    Bob FilnerDCA-51$6,000$0Yes
    Jeff FlakeRAZ-6$4,200$0No
    John FlemingRLA-4$65,610$0Yes
    J. "Randy" ForbesRVA-4$5,450$0Not Voting
    Jeff FortenberryRNE-1$31,601$0Yes
    George "Bill" FosterDIL-14$17,950$0Yes
    Virginia FoxxRNC-5$11,050$0Yes
    Barney FrankDMA-4$12,750$0Yes
    Trent FranksRAZ-2$12,050$0Yes
    Rodney P. FrelinghuysenRNJ-11$20,700$0Yes
    Marcia L. FudgeDOH-11$14,400$0Yes
    Elton GalleglyRCA-24$2,500$0Yes
    John GaramendiDCA-10$10,700$0Yes
    Ernest Scott GarrettRNJ-5$22,500$0Yes
    Jim GerlachRPA-6$40,200$0Yes
    Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8$43,250$0Yes
    John "Phil" GingreyRGA-11$188,066$0Yes
    Louie GohmertRTX-1$27,050$0Not Voting
    Charlie GonzalezDTX-20$96,850$0Yes
    Bob GoodlatteRVA-6$7,000$0Yes
    Bart GordonDTN-6$52,300$0Yes
    Kay GrangerRTX-12$20,100$0Yes
    Sam GravesRMO-6$3,000$0Yes
    Alan GraysonDFL-8$13,500$0Yes
    Al GreenDTX-9$1,000$0Yes
    Raymond "Gene" GreenDTX-29$77,169$0Yes
    Parker GriffithRAL-5$65,600$0Yes
    Raúl M. GrijalvaDAZ-7$6,700$0Yes
    Steven Brett GuthrieRKY-2$44,650$0Yes
    Luis V. GutiérrezDIL-4$1,000$0Yes
    John HallDNY-19$15,983$0Yes
    Ralph M. HallRTX-4$24,300$0Yes
    Debbie HalvorsonDIL-11$13,050$0Yes
    Phil HareDIL-17$10,300$0Yes
    Jane HarmanDCA-36$16,400$0Yes
    Gregg HarperRMS-3$3,450$0Yes
    Alcee L. HastingsDFL-23$1,000$0Yes
    Richard "Doc" HastingsRWA-4$15,750$0Yes
    Martin HeinrichDNM-1$44,335$0Yes
    Dean HellerRNV-2$45,000$0Yes
    Jeb HensarlingRTX-5$16,300$0No
    Wally HergerRCA-2$61,300$0Yes
    Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSD$14,850$0Yes
    Brian HigginsDNY-27$37,050$0Yes
    Baron HillDIN-9$65,376$0Yes
    Jim HimesDCT-4$15,700$0Yes
    Maurice D. HincheyDNY-22$450$0Yes
    Rubén HinojosaDTX-15$18,950$0Yes
    Mazie K. HironoDHI-2$4,500$0Yes
    Paul HodesDNH-2$28,250$0Yes
    Pete HoekstraRMI-2$0$0Yes
    Thomas "Tim" HoldenDPA-17$9,250$0Yes
    Rush HoltDNJ-12$25,865$0Yes
    Mike HondaDCA-15$19,750$0Yes
    Steny H. HoyerDMD-5$183,500$0Yes
    Duncan HunterRCA-52$20,000$0Yes
    Bob InglisRSC-4$14,650$0Yes
    Jay InsleeDWA-1$43,700$0Yes
    Steve IsraelDNY-2$42,850$0Yes
    Darrell E. IssaRCA-49$16,650$0Yes
    Sheila Jackson LeeDTX-18$13,900$0Yes
    Jesse L. Jackson Jr.DIL-2$21,000$0Yes
    Lynn JenkinsRKS-2$31,600$0Yes
    Eddie Bernice JohnsonDTX-30$21,550$0Yes
    Henry "Hank" JohnsonDGA-4$750$0Yes
    Sam JohnsonRTX-3$27,150$0Not Voting
    Tim JohnsonRIL-15$2,000$0Yes
    Walter B. JonesRNC-3$7,150$0Yes
    Jim JordanROH-4$7,250$0No
    Steve KagenDWI-8$110,450$0Yes
    Paul KanjorskiDPA-11$6,800$0Yes
    Marcy KapturDOH-9$1,000$0Yes
    Patrick KennedyDRI-1$9,000$0Yes
    Dale E. KildeeDMI-5$6,550$0Yes
    Carolyn KilpatrickDMI-13$8,300$0Yes
    Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15$3,000$0Yes
    Ron KindDWI-3$84,219$0Yes
    Pete KingRNY-3$4,150$0Yes
    Steve KingRIA-5$12,700$0Yes
    Jack KingstonRGA-1$26,700$0No
    Mark KirkRIL-10$338,576$0Yes
    Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1$16,183$0Yes
    Larry KissellDNC-8$14,500$0Yes
    Ron KleinDFL-22$41,250$0Yes
    John KlineRMN-2$31,300$0Yes
    Suzanne KosmasDFL-24$44,942$0Yes
    Frank KratovilDMD-1$18,700$0Yes
    Dennis J. KucinichDOH-10$1,000$0Yes
    Steve LaTouretteROH-14$14,500$0Yes
    Doug LambornRCO-5$4,236$0No
    Leonard LanceRNJ-7$40,050$0Yes
    Jim LangevinDRI-2$13,412$0Yes
    Rick LarsenDWA-2$14,050$0Yes
    John B. LarsonDCT-1$87,601$0Yes
    Tom LathamRIA-4$37,750$0Yes
    Bob LattaROH-5$4,500$0Yes
    Barbara LeeDCA-9$29,150$0Yes
    Chris LeeRNY-26$28,950$0Yes
    Sandy LevinDMI-12$67,400$0Yes
    Charles "Jerry" LewisRCA-41$10,500$0Yes
    John LewisDGA-5$32,050$0Yes
    John LinderRGA-7$1,000$0Yes
    Dan LipinskiDIL-3$1,000$0Yes
    Frank A. LoBiondoRNJ-2$8,450$0Yes
    Dave LoebsackDIA-2$15,500$0Yes
    Zoe LofgrenDCA-16$6,500$0Yes
    Nita M. LoweyDNY-18$12,050$0Yes
    Frank D. LucasROK-3$3,000$0Yes
    Blaine LuetkemeyerRMO-9$15,200$0Yes
    Ben Ray LujánDNM-3$3,000$0Yes
    Cynthia M. LummisRWY$13,000$0Yes
    Dan LungrenRCA-3$15,650$0Yes
    Stephen F. LynchDMA-9$5,000$0Yes
    Connie MackRFL-14$14,700$0Yes
    Dan MaffeiDNY-25$73,490$0Yes
    Carolyn B. MaloneyDNY-14$14,250$0Yes
    Don ManzulloRIL-16$45,000$0Yes
    Kenny MarchantRTX-24$5,467$0Yes
    Betsy MarkeyDCO-4$15,300$0Yes
    Ed MarkeyDMA-7$29,650$0Yes
    Jim MarshallDGA-8$33,150$0Yes
    Eric MassaDNY-29$6,250$0Yes
    Jim MathesonDUT-2$177,999$0Yes
    Doris O. MatsuiDCA-5$24,300$0Yes
    Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4$44,050$0Yes
    Kevin McCarthyRCA-22$83,900$0Yes
    Michael T. McCaulRTX-10$19,120$0Yes
    Tom McClintockRCA-4$1,700$0Yes
    Betty McCollumDMN-4$27,450$0Yes
    Thaddeus McCotterRMI-11$14,780$0Yes
    Jim McDermottDWA-7$4,500$0Yes
    Jim McGovernDMA-3$46,750$0Yes
    Patrick T. McHenryRNC-10$59,500$0Yes
    Douglas "Mike" McIntyreDNC-7$24,750$0Yes
    Howard P. "Buck" McKeonRCA-25$9,150$0Yes
    Mike McMahonDNY-13$17,250$0Yes
    Cathy McMorris RodgersRWA-5$36,100$0Yes
    Jerry McNerneyDCA-11$51,447$0Yes
    Kendrick MeekDFL-17$115,151$0Yes
    Gregory W. MeeksDNY-6$2,000$0Yes
    Charlie MelanconDLA-3$26,600$0Yes
    John L. MicaRFL-7$4,400$0Yes
    Mike MichaudDME-2$18,050$0Yes
    Candice S. MillerRMI-10$11,900$0Yes
    Gary G. MillerRCA-42$4,500$0Yes
    George MillerDCA-7$15,000$0Yes
    Jeff MillerRFL-1$29,800$0Yes
    R. "Brad" MillerDNC-13$4,050$0Yes
    Walt MinnickDID-1$46,408$0Yes
    Harry MitchellDAZ-5$9,450$0Yes
    Alan MollohanDWV-1$500$0Yes
    Dennis MooreDKS-3$4,750$0Yes
    Gwen MooreDWI-4$7,500$0Yes
    Jim MoranDVA-8$12,800$0Yes
    Jerry MoranRKS-1$55,250$0Yes
    Chris MurphyDCT-5$115,980$0Yes
    Patrick MurphyDPA-8$43,200$0Not Voting
    Matthew Scott MurphyDNY-20$58,900$0Yes
    Tim MurphyRPA-18$74,850$0Yes
    John MurthaDPA-12$13,650$0Yes
    Sue Wilkins MyrickRNC-9$129,033$0Yes
    Jerry NadlerDNY-8$5,800$0Not Voting
    Grace F. NapolitanoDCA-38$0$0Yes
    Richard E. NealDMA-2$124,599$0Yes
    Robert "Randy" NeugebauerRTX-19$12,150$0Yes
    Devin NunesRCA-21$30,300$0Not Voting
    Glenn NyeDVA-2$69,259$0Yes
    Jim OberstarDMN-8$1,000$0Yes
    Dave ObeyDWI-7$10,000$0Yes
    Pete OlsonRTX-22$23,950$0Yes
    John W. OlverDMA-1$8,050$0Yes
    Solomon OrtizDTX-27$3,500$0Yes
    Frank Pallone Jr.DNJ-6$209,150$0Yes
    Bill PascrellDNJ-8$54,000$0Yes
    Ed PastorDAZ-4$13,150$0Yes
    Ron PaulRTX-14$3,950$0No
    Erik PaulsenRMN-3$91,750$0Yes
    Donald PayneDNJ-10$5,950$0Yes
    Nancy PelosiDCA-8$129,200$0Not Voting
    Mike PenceRIN-6$51,383$0No
    Ed PerlmutterDCO-7$49,655$0Yes
    Tom PerrielloDVA-5$20,700$0Yes
    Gary PetersDMI-9$21,450$0Yes
    Collin C. PetersonDMN-7$3,500$0Yes
    Tom PetriRWI-6$8,100$0Yes
    Rochelle "Chellie" PingreeDME-1$3,250$0Yes
    Joe PittsRPA-16$60,050$0Yes
    Todd Russell PlattsRPA-19$1,500$0Yes
    Lloyd "Ted" PoeRTX-2$20,050$0No
    Jared PolisDCO-2$2,000$0Yes
    Earl PomeroyDND$94,500$0Yes
    Bill PoseyRFL-15$38,650$0Yes
    David E. PriceDNC-4$24,700$0Yes
    Tom PriceRGA-6$280,391$0Yes
    Adam PutnamRFL-12$0$0Yes
    Mike QuigleyDIL-5$250$0Yes
    George RadanovichRCA-19$3,000$0Yes
    Nick J. Rahall IIDWV-3$14,450$0Yes
    Charlie RangelDNY-15$72,650$0Yes
    Denny RehbergRMT$11,500$0Yes
    David G. ReichertRWA-8$52,590$0Yes
    Silvestre ReyesDTX-16$4,100$0Yes
    Laura RichardsonDCA-37$4,000$0Yes
    Ciro RodriguezDTX-23$39,667$0Yes
    David "Phil" RoeRTN-1$32,300$0Yes
    Harold "Hal" RogersRKY-5$9,000$0Yes
    Mike D. RogersRAL-3$28,050$0Yes
    Mike RogersRMI-8$142,699$0Not Voting
    Dana RohrabacherRCA-46$10,450$0Yes
    Tom RooneyRFL-16$16,000$0No
    Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18$23,700$0Yes
    Peter J. RoskamRIL-6$59,917$0Yes
    Mike RossDAR-4$138,400$0Yes
    Steve RothmanDNJ-9$32,650$0Yes
    Lucille Roybal-AllardDCA-34$4,750$0Yes
    Ed RoyceRCA-40$10,800$0No
    C.A. "Dutch" RuppersbergerDMD-2$59,000$0Yes
    Bobby L. RushDIL-1$23,500$0Yes
    Paul RyanRWI-1$112,055$0Yes
    Tim RyanDOH-17$15,000$0Yes
    John SalazarDCO-3$6,500$0Yes
    Loretta SanchezDCA-47$20,800$0Yes
    John P. SarbanesDMD-3$9,300$0Yes
    Steve ScaliseRLA-1$39,080$0Yes
    Jan SchakowskyDIL-9$35,300$0Yes
    Mark SchauerDMI-7$23,300$0Yes
    Adam B. SchiffDCA-29$29,350$0Yes
    Jeannette "Jean" SchmidtROH-2$7,100$0Yes
    Aaron SchockRIL-18$58,525$0Yes
    Kurt SchraderDOR-5$45,850$0Yes
    Allyson Y. SchwartzDPA-13$100,500$0Yes
    David ScottDGA-13$41,300$0Yes
    Bobby ScottDVA-3$500$0Yes
    F. "Jim" SensenbrennerRWI-5$0$0No
    José E. SerranoDNY-16$3,600$0Yes
    Pete SessionsRTX-32$101,300$0Yes
    Joe SestakDPA-7$75,490$0Yes
    John ShadeggRAZ-3$31,750$0No
    Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1$1,917$0Yes
    Brad ShermanDCA-27$28,400$0Yes
    John ShimkusRIL-19$164,858$0Yes
    Joseph Heath ShulerDNC-11$15,650$0Yes
    Bill ShusterRPA-9$3,750$0Yes
    Mike SimpsonRID-2$18,100$0Yes
    Albio SiresDNJ-13$1,000$0Yes
    Isaac "Ike" SkeltonDMO-4$16,350$0Yes
    Louise McIntosh SlaughterDNY-28$10,500$0Yes
    David Adam SmithDWA-9$3,500$0Yes
    Adrian SmithRNE-3$19,525$0Yes
    Chris SmithRNJ-4$1,600$0Yes
    Lamar SmithRTX-21$31,050$0Yes
    Vic SnyderDAR-2$0$0Yes
    Mark SouderRIN-3$35,400$0Yes
    Zack SpaceDOH-18$87,169$0Yes
    Karen "Jackie" SpeierDCA-12$62,500$0Yes
    John SprattDSC-5$50,246$0Yes
    Fortney "Pete" StarkDCA-13$113,900$0Not Voting
    Cliff StearnsRFL-6$21,300$0Yes
    Bart StupakDMI-1$10,500$0Not Voting
    John SullivanROK-1$53,250$0Yes
    Betty SuttonDOH-13$31,300$0Yes
    Linda T. SánchezDCA-39$42,500$0Not Voting
    John TannerDTN-8$14,500$0Yes
    Gary "Gene" TaylorDMS-4$7,500$0Yes
    Harry TeagueDNM-2$21,000$0Yes
    Lee TerryRNE-2$33,700$0Yes
    Bennie G. ThompsonDMS-2$21,800$0Yes
    Glenn ThompsonRPA-5$36,047$0Yes
    C. Mike ThompsonDCA-1$122,750$0Yes
    William "Mac" ThornberryRTX-13$14,325$0Yes
    Todd TiahrtRKS-4$39,782$0Yes
    Pat TiberiROH-12$108,050$0Yes
    John F. TierneyDMA-6$3,350$0Yes
    Alice "Dina" TitusDNV-3$23,950$0Yes
    Paul TonkoDNY-21$5,825$0Yes
    Ed TownsDNY-10$38,800$0Yes
    Niki TsongasDMA-5$25,200$0Yes
    Mike TurnerROH-3$750$0Yes
    Fred UptonRMI-6$117,950$0Yes
    Chris Van HollenDMD-8$66,000$0Yes
    Nydia M. VelázquezDNY-12$9,500$0Yes
    Pete ViscloskyDIN-1$34,600$0Yes
    Greg WaldenROR-2$68,350$0Yes
    Tim WalzDMN-1$30,600$0Yes
    Zach WampRTN-3$-73$0Yes
    Debbie Wasserman SchultzDFL-20$62,750$0Yes
    Maxine WatersDCA-35$500$0Yes
    Diane WatsonDCA-33$1,000$0Yes
    Mel WattDNC-12$3,000$0Yes
    Henry A. WaxmanDCA-30$65,500$0Yes
    Anthony WeinerDNY-9$7,400$0Yes
    Peter WelchDVT$37,550$0Yes
    Lynn A. WestmorelandRGA-3$13,333$0No
    Robert WexlerDFL-19$1,200$0Yes
    Ed WhitfieldRKY-1$86,600$0Yes
    Charlie WilsonDOH-6$17,400$0Yes
    Addison "Joe" WilsonRSC-2$46,000$0Yes
    Robert J. WittmanRVA-1$22,400$0Yes
    Frank R. WolfRVA-10$2,000$0Yes
    Lynn C. WoolseyDCA-6$5,500$0Yes
    David WuDOR-1$17,165$0Yes
    John A. YarmuthDKY-3$47,200$0Yes
    C. W. "Bill" YoungRFL-10$19,750$0Yes
    Don YoungRAK$1,000$0Yes

    Interest Groups that supported this bill

    $ Donated
    Other physician specialists$10,919,931
    Medical supplies manufacturing & sales$2,472,221
    Biotech products & research$1,106,745
    Nuclear energy$372,327

    Interest Groups that opposed this bill

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