H.R. 985 - Free Flow of Information Act of 2009

Platts-Van Hollen Amendment, Whistleblower Amendment, Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act - Law. 111th Congress (2009-2010) View bill details
To maintain the free flow of information to the public by providing conditions for the federally compelled disclosure of information by certain persons connected with the news media. (by CRS) 
The bill was voted on in the House on March 31, 2009 
House Vote: On Passage

PASSED by voice vote on March 31, 2009.

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Free Flow of Information Act of 2009

H.R. 985 — 111th Congress (2009–2010)

Platts-Van Hollen Amendment, Whistleblower Amendment, Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act
To maintain the free flow of information to the public by providing conditions for the federally compelled disclosure of information by certain persons connected with the news media. (by CRS)
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To maintain the free flow of information to the public by providing conditions for the federally compelled disclosure of information by certain persons connected with the news media.
Other Titles
  • Free Flow of Information Act of 2009
  • Free Flow of Information Act of 2009
  • Free Flow of Information Act of 2009
Frederick Boucher
  • Law
  • Art, artists, authorship
  • Business records
  • Criminal investigation, prosecution, interrogation
  • Evidence and witnesses
  • First Amendment rights
  • Health information and medical records
  • Internet and video services
  • News media and reporting
  • Right of privacy
  • Terrorism
  • Trade secrets and economic espionage
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    Major Actions
    Referred to Committee
    Passed House3/31/2009
    Bill History
    currently selectedHouseOn motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by voice vote.3/31/2009PASSED by voice vote
    2/11/2009Sponsor introductory remarks on measure. (CR E242-243)
    2/11/2009Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.
    3/25/2009Committee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
    Put on a legislative calendar3/25/2009Ordered to be Reported by Voice Vote.
    3/30/2009Reported by the Committee on Judiciary. H. Rept. 111-61.
    Put on a legislative calendar3/30/2009Placed on the Union Calendar, Calendar No. 26.
    3/31/2009Mr. Conyers moved to suspend the rules and pass the bill.
    3/31/2009Considered under suspension of the rules.
    3/31/2009DEBATE - The House proceeded with forty minutes of debate on H.R. 985.
    currently selectedHouse Vote on Passage3/31/2009On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by voice vote.
    4/01/2009Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
    NumberSponsorDate OfferedStatus

    Total contributions given to House members within 30 days of the vote "On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by voice vote." from interest groups that…

    supported this bill

    Attorneys & law firms
    Trial lawyers & law firms
    Commercial TV & radio stations
    State & local govt employee unions
    Federal employees unions
    Environmental policy
    Women's issues
    Museums, art galleries, libraries, etc.
    Labor Unions
    Human Rights

    opposed this bill

    Date Range of Contributions
    Within days of the vote "On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by voice vote."
    ContributorInterest groupAmountDatesort iconHouse memberPartyStateVote
    Aboushi, DianeAttorneys & law firms$5003/1/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Arnold, LeoAttorneys & law firms$2503/1/09John DuncanRTN-2Yes
    Cain, CecilAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/1/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    Chaudry, Ghazali Anwar MdPhysicians$2503/1/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$-1,0003/1/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Davies, Virginia LAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/1/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Dugan, DaveAttorneys & law firms$5003/1/09John ShimkusRIL-19Yes
    Forster, Paul SAttorneys & law firms$2503/1/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Karpinski, GeneEnvironmental policy$2503/1/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    Marangos, DeniseAttorneys & law firms$2503/1/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    May Jr, Edwin HAttorneys & law firms$2503/1/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Nisar, Mohammed MPhysicians$3003/1/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Paindiris, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$2503/1/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Paindiris, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$2503/1/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Peele, AgnesEnvironmental policy$2503/1/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Reif, David aAttorneys & law firms$2503/1/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Shaheen, Zafar a MdPhysicians$2503/1/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Wagner, ClaudiaAttorneys & law firms$2503/1/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Zaman, AamirPhysicians$5003/1/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/2/09Howard BermanDCA-28Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Albritton, Eric MAttorneys & law firms$5003/2/09Henry CuellarDTX-28Yes
    Allaer, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/2/09Jean SchmidtROH-2Yes
    Arekapudi, BapuPhysicians$5013/2/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Arent Fox LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Ballard Spahr Andrews and IngersolAttorneys & law firms$7163/2/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Brewton, WilburAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Broad, Alan HAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Busch, Kenneth GPhysicians$2,4003/2/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Crowe, SamuelAttorneys & law firms$5003/2/09Joe BacaDCA-43Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/2/09Nick RahallDWV-3Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Paul KanjorskiDPA-11Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$5173/2/09Nick RahallDWV-3Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$5173/2/09Nick RahallDWV-3Yes
    Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$5003/2/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Ellis, David S DrPhysicians$1,0003/2/09Joe BartonRTX-6Yes
    Fischer, AdamAttorneys & law firms$5003/2/09Ike SkeltonDMO-4Yes
    Frey, Patrick R DrPhysicians$1,0003/2/09Joe BartonRTX-6Yes
    Goodman, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5003/2/09Steve KingRIA-5Yes
    Gross, Barry LAttorneys & law firms$5003/2/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Grover, Frederick L SrPhysicians$2503/2/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Harris, Mary BethAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/2/09Peter RoskamRIL-6Yes
    Harris, Timothy JAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/2/09Peter RoskamRIL-6Yes
    Hart, Kenneth RAttorneys & law firms$2503/2/09Corrine BrownDFL-3Yes
    Hein, JulieAttorneys & law firms$2503/2/09Todd TiahrtRKS-4Yes
    Hemphill, Jean CAttorneys & law firms$5003/2/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Hess, SusanPhysicians$2503/2/09Michael BurgessRTX-26Yes
    Holland & HartAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Doc HastingsRWA-4Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Michael MichaudDME-2Yes
    Hyman, David Lewis EsqAttorneys & law firms$2503/2/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Jaderlund, John DrPhysicians$5003/2/09Joe BartonRTX-6Yes
    Jenner & BlockAttorneys & law firms$5,0003/2/09Bobby RushDIL-1Yes
    Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5003/2/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/2/09Grace NapolitanoDCA-38Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Paul KanjorskiDPA-11Yes
    Kaplan, James IAttorneys & law firms$5003/2/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Kienberger - Jaudes, Paula MdPhysicians$2503/2/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Kilkenny, Kim JAttorneys & law firms$5003/2/09Bob FilnerDCA-51Yes
    Kim, SukhanAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Michael HondaDCA-15Yes
    Klein, Justin PAttorneys & law firms$7163/2/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Klein, Justin PAttorneys & law firms$2503/2/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Krendl, Cathy StricklinAttorneys & law firms$5003/2/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Kreucher, JohnLabor Unions$1,0003/2/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Lanier, Robert Simmons Jr EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Mike RossDAR-4Yes
    Lowry, Wade L DrPhysicians$2503/2/09Joe BartonRTX-6Yes
    Maki, PeterPhysicians$1,0003/2/09John ShadeggRAZ-3Yes
    Odell, Ryan DAttorneys & law firms$2003/2/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Olsen, John OPhysicians$5003/2/09Jean SchmidtROH-2Yes
    Pollock, Stephen G EsqAttorneys & law firms$2503/2/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Rensimer, EdwardPhysicians$2,3003/2/09John CulbersonRTX-7Yes
    Reynolds, LizabethPhysicians$2503/2/09Michael BurgessRTX-26Yes
    Rooney, Kathryn KAttorneys & law firms$2503/2/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Rubin, Howard JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5003/2/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Saines, Richard MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5003/2/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Shillito, BeverlyAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/2/09Steve AustriaROH-7Yes
    Sinclair, J WalterAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/2/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Snyder, WilliamPhysicians$2503/2/09Michael BurgessRTX-26Yes
    Squire, Sanders & DempseyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Don YoungRAKYes
    Stanziale Jr, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2503/2/09Donald PayneDNJ-10Yes
    Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$3,0003/2/09Doris MatsuiDCA-5Yes
    Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Steward, James CMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$5003/2/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Strate, Susan MPhysicians$2503/2/09Michael BurgessRTX-26Yes
    Strober, Frederick D EsqAttorneys & law firms$7503/2/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Thomas, Roger MrPhysicians$2503/2/09Todd TiahrtRKS-4Yes
    Thompson, James HAttorneys & law firms$2503/2/09Corrine BrownDFL-3Yes
    Whyte, Hirschboeck Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Ike SkeltonDMO-4Yes
    Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/2/09John ShimkusRIL-19Yes
    Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Don YoungRAKYes
    Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/2/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Abramovsky, Dov DAttorneys & law firms$2503/3/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$1,0003/3/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$2,0003/3/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Aponte, Mari CarmenAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Xavier BecerraDCA-31Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/3/09Peter DeFazioDOR-4Yes
    Boyd, Jeff DTrial lawyers & law firms$2503/3/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Cabot, Howard RAttorneys & law firms$2503/3/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/3/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Dewey & LeboeufAttorneys & law firms$3,0003/3/09Edward RoyceRCA-40Yes
    Dodgin, DustinAttorneys & law firms$2503/3/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Dollard, Esq, James JAttorneys & law firms$2503/3/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Dunnion, DonovanAttorneys & law firms$3003/3/09Duncan HunterRCA-52Yes
    Evans, TimAttorneys & law firms$5003/3/09Kay GrangerRTX-12Yes
    Fahey, Mary JAttorneys & law firms$2503/3/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Federal Aviation Admin Managers AssnFederal employees unions$1,0003/3/09Kenny MarchantRTX-24Yes
    Fox, AlissaPhysicians$5003/3/09Leonard LanceRNJ-7Yes
    Fox, JamesPhysicians$5003/3/09Leonard LanceRNJ-7Yes
    Greene, TerryPhysicians$6003/3/09Paul BrounRGA-10Yes
    Grey, Brad AlanAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/3/09David DreierRCA-26Yes
    Hansen, Keith aPhysicians$2503/3/09Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSDYes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Grace NapolitanoDCA-38Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Gregory MeeksDNY-6Yes
    Hoveman, Virginia aAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/3/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/3/09Richard NealDMA-2Yes
    Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Tim RyanDOH-17Yes
    Kelsay, BrendanCommercial TV & radio stations$2503/3/09Ben LujánDNM-3Yes
    Kronenberg, PaulPhysicians$2503/3/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Lewand, F Thomas FAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Lewin, Rebecca ShorePhysicians$1,0003/3/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Linowitz, Marc N MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/3/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Mcauliffe, Kevin RAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Miller & ChevalierAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Miller & ChevalierAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Millman, ClaudeAttorneys & law firms$2503/3/09Alan GraysonDFL-8Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2,5003/3/09Bart StupakDMI-1Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,5003/3/09Heath ShulerDNC-11Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/3/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/3/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/3/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/3/09Mario Diaz-BalartRFL-25Yes
    National Weather Service Employees OrgFederal employees unions$1,0003/3/09Daniel LipinskiDIL-3Yes
    Nguyen, Lan QuocAttorneys & law firms$2503/3/09Anh CaoRLA-2Yes
    Nix, Robert R Mr IiAttorneys & law firms$2503/3/09Thaddeus McCotterRMI-11Yes
    O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Peter DeFazioDOR-4Yes
    Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Piel, Andrew B MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/3/09Joe BartonRTX-6Yes
    Steel, ShawnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Anh CaoRLA-2Yes
    Stetson, Catherine BakerAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Ben LujánDNM-3Yes
    Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$5003/3/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Terrana, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    Trienens, HowardAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/3/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Dave CampRMI-4Yes
    Walther, Henry MdPhysicians$2003/3/09Tom McClintockRCA-4Yes
    Williams, Paul LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Bobby RushDIL-1Yes
    Williams, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/3/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/3/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    Adams & ReeseAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Adams & ReeseAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Adams & ReeseAttorneys & law firms$2503/4/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/4/09Eliot EngelDNY-17Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/4/09John TannerDTN-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/4/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/4/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$5,0003/4/09Mike ThompsonDCA-1Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$5,0003/4/09Sam GravesRMO-6Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/4/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/4/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/4/09Mike RogersRMI-8Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/4/09Thaddeus McCotterRMI-11Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/4/09Charles DentRPA-15Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/4/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    American Intellectual Property Law AssnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09Howard BermanDCA-28Yes
    American Intellectual Property Law AssnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09Lamar SmithRTX-21Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$2,5003/4/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/4/09John TannerDTN-8Yes
    Chaudhuri, Jonodev OsceolaAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Clarke, Kimberly aAttorneys & law firms$2503/4/09Vernon EhlersRMI-3Yes
    Cuneo, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2503/4/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$2,5003/4/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09Earl BlumenauerDOR-3Yes
    Fahey, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5003/4/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Fay, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09Eliot EngelDNY-17Yes
    Federal Aviation Admin Managers AssnFederal employees unions$1,0003/4/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Fusilier, GregoryPhysicians$5003/4/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Goodman, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5003/4/09Steve KingRIA-5Yes
    Grippo, EileenAttorneys & law firms$5003/4/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Heard, John RAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Herson, Arlene MsCommercial TV & radio stations$5003/4/09Joe WilsonRSC-2Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09John TannerDTN-8Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$5003/4/09Daniel LipinskiDIL-3Yes
    Karlinsky, Martin EAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/4/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    Karlinsky, Martin EAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/4/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    Kim, SukhanAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09Howard BermanDCA-28Yes
    Kirkland, Ronald HPhysicians$2503/4/09Marsha BlackburnRTN-7Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/4/09Lois CappsDCA-23Yes
    Leboy, Phoebe SWomen's issues$5003/4/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Light, Henry DAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/4/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Martson, DeborahAttorneys & law firms$5003/4/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    Minikes, Stephan MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/4/09John MurthaDPA-12Yes
    National Weather Service Employees OrgFederal employees unions$5003/4/09David WuDOR-1Yes
    Patterson, Henry N JrAttorneys & law firms$2003/4/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Picou, MargueritePhysicians$5003/4/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Rapawy, Esq, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2503/4/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Rozas, Earl JPhysicians$2503/4/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    Shaddock, William E JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/4/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0003/4/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09Anna EshooDCA-14Yes
    Stamp, Zack MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/4/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/4/09Collin PetersonDMN-7Yes
    Vinson & ElkinsAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/4/09Lloyd DoggettDTX-25Yes
    Vinson & ElkinsAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Walter, Riley CAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/4/09George RadanovichRCA-19Yes
    Williams, Constance HWomen's issues$2,3003/4/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/4/09Collin PetersonDMN-7Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$5,0003/5/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/5/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/5/09Maurice HincheyDNY-22Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/5/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/5/09Richard NealDMA-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/5/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$-1,0003/5/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$1,0003/5/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    Anson, GoeselPhysicians$1,0003/5/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/5/09W. AkinRMO-2Yes
    Bernstein, Edward MAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/5/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Carll, LloydAttorneys & law firms$8003/5/09Kevin BradyRTX-8Yes
    Cerone, Jr, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$3003/5/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Diana, Leo VAttorneys & law firms$2503/5/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Federal Aviation Admin Managers AssnFederal employees unions$1,0003/5/09Kay GrangerRTX-12Yes
    Forbes, Karyn PAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/5/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Gehlhausen, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/5/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Herson, ArleneCommercial TV & radio stations$5003/5/09John BoehnerROH-8Yes
    Liu, Diana C EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/5/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Mcniel, DaleAttorneys & law firms$5003/5/09Collin PetersonDMN-7Yes
    Moskowitz, MarianAttorneys & law firms$5003/5/09Jim GerlachRPA-6Yes
    Moskowitz, MarianAttorneys & law firms$5003/5/09Jim GerlachRPA-6Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,5003/5/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/5/09Lamar SmithRTX-21Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/5/09Loretta SanchezDCA-47Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/5/09Michele BachmannRMN-6Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/5/09Patrick TiberiROH-12Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/5/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/5/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/5/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/5/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Plunkett, StevenPhysicians$5003/5/09Sue MyrickRNC-9Yes
    Rabb, Lloyd L IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/5/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Rand, Anthony EAttorneys & law firms$5003/5/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Stamp, ZackAttorneys & law firms$5003/5/09John ShimkusRIL-19Yes
    Stone, William SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/5/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,5003/6/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/6/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/6/09Michael MichaudDME-2Yes
    Arceneaux, M Thomas MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/6/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Beard, John LAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Benner, Brian JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Bianco, William aAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/6/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09Erik PaulsenRMN-3Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09Jack KingstonRGA-1Yes
    Bucher, KathrynAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Burgett, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Chapman, FloydAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Chimicles, Nicholas EAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Cullen, AgnesAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/6/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Cullen, AgnesAttorneys & law firms$1,1003/6/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    D'agostino, Esq, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Desilva, EricAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Dorkey, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$5003/6/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Eakeley, Douglas SAttorneys & law firms$5003/6/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Fenchel, Saul RAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Goldman, Steven IAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Gross, John HAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Hickey, John K DrPhysicians$2503/6/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Hochman, Stephen aAttorneys & law firms$5003/6/09Nita LoweyDNY-18Yes
    Hoffman, AlbertAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Jaramillo, David JAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/6/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Jaspovice, MartinTrial lawyers & law firms$1,2003/6/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Joint Council of Allergy & ImmunologyPhysicians$2,5003/6/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Jones, Walker, Waechter, PoiteventAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09Jim GerlachRPA-6Yes
    Kaplan, Harold LAttorneys & law firms$5003/6/09Melissa BeanDIL-8Yes
    Kelsay, BrendanCommercial TV & radio stations$5003/6/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Kent, Fred MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Kirschner, Ronald LPhysicians$2503/6/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Kirschner, TrudiePhysicians$2503/6/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Kremer, Arthur JAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Kultgen, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/6/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Kultgen, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/6/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/6/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/6/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/6/09Earl BlumenauerDOR-3Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/6/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/6/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/6/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/6/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Liccione, Maureen TAttorneys & law firms$5003/6/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09John DingellDMI-15Yes
    Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Meyer, Kenneth ECommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/6/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Oliver, Donald DAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Piedrahita, Randolph aAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/6/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Pillsbury, Winthrop Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5003/6/09Kay GrangerRTX-12Yes
    Powell, David Daniel JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Riley, Charles NAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Rocovich, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Sabatini, FrankAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Sadd, James NAttorneys & law firms$2503/6/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Schwartz, a RAttorneys & law firms$6003/6/09Gene GreenDTX-29Yes
    Sheller, Stephen a EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/6/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Simons, Richard JTrial lawyers & law firms$1,2003/6/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Stowell, MaryTrial lawyers & law firms$5003/6/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Ulrich, RobertMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2,4003/6/09John KlineRMN-2Yes
    Ulrich, RobertMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2,4003/6/09John KlineRMN-2Yes
    Whittington, Chris LAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/6/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Whyland, Christopher MarkAttorneys & law firms$5003/6/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Xm Satellite RadioCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/6/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Zucker, Jeffrey CAttorneys & law firms$3003/6/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Falk, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/7/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Hansen, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2503/7/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Hollender, Esq, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2503/7/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Mirabal, Jeannetee MrsAttorneys & law firms$2503/7/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Nuell, Stephen SAttorneys & law firms$5003/7/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Nunez, Miguel a Dr JrPhysicians$5003/7/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Paindiris, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$2503/7/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Van Geertruyden, YanAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/7/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Zieman, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2503/7/09Jo BonnerRAL-1Yes
    Asatrian, HaroutyunAttorneys & law firms$4003/8/09Donald PayneDNJ-10Yes
    Burns, William MAttorneys & law firms$2503/8/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    Cohen, VincentAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/8/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Gutman, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2503/8/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Ireland, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$5003/8/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Khan, NoorPhysicians$2,4003/8/09Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4Yes
    Khan, NoorPhysicians$1,8003/8/09Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4Yes
    Latham, Weldon HAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/8/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Mahr, ToddPhysicians$5003/8/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Rushing, GlennAttorneys & law firms$2503/8/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Sak,esq, James EAttorneys & law firms$2503/8/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Wills, Kenneth BAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/8/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Wilson, Katherine EAttorneys & law firms$5003/8/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Abbott, Denny Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Alcee HastingsDFL-23Yes
    Abromowitz, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Abromowitz, David MAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$2,5003/9/09Robert WexlerDFL-19Yes
    Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/9/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7503/9/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$2,5003/9/09Nathan DealRGA-9Yes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$3,0003/9/09Bobby BrightDAL-2Yes
    Bazzani, ScottAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Albio SiresDNJ-13Yes
    Becker, James MWomen's issues$2503/9/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Bingham Mccutchen LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/9/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Brennan, John aAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Brennan, John aAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Brodie, Stephen DAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Burke, Kevin HAttorneys & law firms$3003/9/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Cipriano, AnthonyPhysicians$3003/9/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Collins, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Corrigan, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Corrigan, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Emison, KentAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Ike SkeltonDMO-4Yes
    Farbes, Hubert a JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/9/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Feder, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/9/09Nita LoweyDNY-18Yes
    Finegan, Cole P EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/9/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Fullam, Nancy H EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/9/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Getschman, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Getschman, Gregory JAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Gewurz, ZevAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Gewurz, ZevAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Greitzer, MartinAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/9/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Groen, Marcel LAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Groher, Andrew SAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Groom Law GroupAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/9/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    Hawks-Ladds, Joshua aAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Horwitz, DeborahAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Horwitz, Deborah SAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Husid, DougAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Husid, DougAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Jaffe, BernardAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/9/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Jaffe, BernardAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/9/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Jensen, JulieAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/9/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Jones, Walter JrAttorneys & law firms$3003/9/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/9/09Daniel LipinskiDIL-3Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/9/09Frank LoBiondoRNJ-2Yes
    Kiefer, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Kiefer, Matthew JAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Kochansky, Peter NAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Kochansky, Peter NAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Krasnow, JordanAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Krasnow, JordanAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Kulewicz, John JAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Litwin, FrankAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Litwin, Frank EAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Lonardo, JosephWomen's issues$1,0003/9/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Margolius, Marcia WAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Mendiola, Carmen EAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/9/09Albio SiresDNJ-13Yes
    Merritt, Gordon a DrPhysicians$4003/9/09Alcee HastingsDFL-23Yes
    Morris, Virginia FAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Morris, William a Dr IiiPhysicians$2503/9/09Alcee HastingsDFL-23Yes
    Moynihan, Partick JAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Mulligan, James MAttorneys & law firms$6003/9/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Mulligan, James MAttorneys & law firms$4003/9/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Murray, E ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/9/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Doris MatsuiDCA-5Yes
    Ratino, RichardPhysicians$2503/9/09Steve KingRIA-5Yes
    Saltzman, Bettylu KPhysicians$1,0003/9/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Sawitsky, KittAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Sawitsky, KittAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Schmitt, Barbara EAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Schmitt, Barbara EAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Shapiro, Jay DrPhysicians$2,4003/9/09John CarterRTX-31Yes
    Shlachter, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    Shulman, Donald LAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Shulman, Donald LAttorneys & law firms$2503/9/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Shuster, Robert LAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/9/09Harold RogersRKY-5Yes
    Taylor, Allan BAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/9/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Taylor, Nicholas CAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/9/09Jeb HensarlingRTX-5Yes
    Vanderver, Timothy aAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/9/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Vanderver, Timothy aAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/9/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Walson, Thomas RAttorneys & law firms$5003/9/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Wilkinson, MaryPhysicians$5003/9/09Todd TiahrtRKS-4Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/10/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/10/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/10/09Leonard BoswellDIA-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/10/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/10/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/10/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,5003/10/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/10/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/10/09James LangevinDRI-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/10/09Joe BacaDCA-43Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/10/09Tim HoldenDPA-17Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$5,0003/10/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Arent Fox LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/10/09Howard McKeonRCA-25Yes
    Baker & HostetlerAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Patrick TiberiROH-12Yes
    Baker & HostetlerAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Paul KanjorskiDPA-11Yes
    Baker Botts LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09John CarterRTX-31Yes
    Bartolini, James DAttorneys & law firms$2503/10/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Blum, Howard aAttorneys & law firms$5003/10/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Catinis, GeorgePhysicians$5003/10/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Cavenagh, Teresa NAttorneys & law firms$5003/10/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Conlin, Roxanne BartonTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/10/09David LoebsackDIA-2Yes
    Conoyer, Dr J MichaelPhysicians$1,0003/10/09Blaine LuetkemeyerRMO-9Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$7503/10/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Donelson, Andrew JAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/10/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Eckstein, Paul FAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/10/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Fu, Freddie HPhysicians$5003/10/09Jason AltmireDPA-4Yes
    Gale, John QAttorneys & law firms$2503/10/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Gilbert, CeliaWomen's issues$2503/10/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Herrmann, SusanAttorneys & law firms$5003/10/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Mike ThompsonDCA-1Yes
    Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Tim RyanDOH-17Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$4,2003/10/09Henry WaxmanDCA-30Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/10/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Joe BacaDCA-43Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$5003/10/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$2003/10/09Henry WaxmanDCA-30Yes
    Husch Blackwell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Phil HareDIL-17Yes
    Johnson, Lawrence WPhysicians$3003/10/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Earl BlumenauerDOR-3Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Kennedy, Thomas MAttorneys & law firms$5003/10/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/10/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Long, Carolyn BAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Lybeck, LoryAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09David ReichertRWA-8Yes
    Mcguire, John FAttorneys & law firms$5003/10/09Bob FilnerDCA-51Yes
    Miller & ChevalierAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09John YarmuthDKY-3Yes
    Miller, RichardAttorneys & law firms$6003/10/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Murphy, Janemarie WAttorneys & law firms$2503/10/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/10/09Bill ShusterRPA-9Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/10/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Nelson, William DAttorneys & law firms$5003/10/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    O'melveny & MyersAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/10/09Greg WaldenROR-2Yes
    O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Richard NealDMA-2Yes
    Oubre, Ben MPhysicians$5003/10/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Paindiris, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$2503/10/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Pringle, Kenneth EAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/10/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Rimmer, Douglas E JrPhysicians$5003/10/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Ross, Lyn MWomen's issues$1,0003/10/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Sipes, Christopher NAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/10/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Smiarowski, John SPhysicians$2503/10/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Steiner, Robert G MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/10/09Brian BilbrayRCA-50Yes
    Stratton, MichaelTrial lawyers & law firms$5003/10/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Stroock, Stroock & LavanAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/10/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Wade, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2503/10/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Adams, Effie RPhysicians$2,4003/11/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Adams, Effie RPhysicians$2,4003/11/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Allen, Floyd EAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$5,0003/11/09Steny HoyerDMD-5Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$5,0003/11/09Xavier BecerraDCA-31Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/11/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/11/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/11/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/11/09Nathan DealRGA-9Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/11/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$2,0003/11/09Lloyd DoggettDTX-25Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/11/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/11/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/11/09John ShimkusRIL-19Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/11/09John SullivanROK-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/11/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/11/09Earl BlumenauerDOR-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/11/09Lynn WoolseyDCA-6Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/11/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/11/09Alan GraysonDFL-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/11/09David LoebsackDIA-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/11/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/11/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/11/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,0003/11/09Jim GerlachRPA-6Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/11/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/11/09John SullivanROK-1Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/11/09Leonard LanceRNJ-7Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/11/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/11/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/11/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$2,0003/11/09Lloyd DoggettDTX-25Yes
    Ariyan, Joseph MAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Balian, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Beckett, TedAttorneys & law firms$5003/11/09Ike SkeltonDMO-4Yes
    Bell, JanetAttorneys & law firms$2503/11/09Nita LoweyDNY-18Yes
    Bennett, LeonardTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/11/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Birch, Horton Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5003/11/09Don YoungRAKYes
    Broussard, David MPhysicians$1,0003/11/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Buckholz, Robert E JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Burbank, Julia HAttorneys & law firms$2503/11/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Burnstein, Harriet KAttorneys & law firms$5003/11/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Conway, Kevin JTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/11/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Cooperative of American PhysiciansPhysicians$1,2003/11/09Edward RoyceRCA-40Yes
    Dardarian, Linda MAttorneys & law firms$2503/11/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Davies, Virginia LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09Mike RogersRMI-8Yes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$4,0003/11/09Todd TiahrtRKS-4Yes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/11/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$7503/11/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Elwood, ClarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Faltischek, Michael LAttorneys & law firms$2503/11/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Federal Aviation Admin Managers AssnFederal employees unions$1,0003/11/09Charles DentRPA-15Yes
    Flaherty, ShawnAttorneys & law firms$5003/11/09Jason AltmireDPA-4Yes
    Giblin, Paul JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/11/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Godfrey, Lois MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09Edward RoyceRCA-40Yes
    Hashmi-Basha, MaleehaPhysicians$2503/11/09Judy BiggertRIL-13Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09John SullivanROK-1Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$6003/11/09Henry WaxmanDCA-30Yes
    Horn Rizek, Anita HornAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/11/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Huss, R BradfordAttorneys & law firms$2503/11/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Krongold, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$5003/11/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Laboon, R BruceAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/11/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Meadows, William HEnvironmental policy$5003/11/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Mid-Atlantic Laborers' Political LeagueLabor Unions$2,5003/11/09Bob EtheridgeDNC-2Yes
    Nelson, FrancesWomen's issues$2,3003/11/09Judy BiggertRIL-13Yes
    Nolt, KevinAttorneys & law firms$2503/11/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Ortner, Charles BAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Pajcic, Seth aTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/11/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Powell, Mary EAttorneys & law firms$2503/11/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Richman, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2503/11/09Judy BiggertRIL-13Yes
    Shepard, JulianAttorneys & law firms$5003/11/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Sikora, BarbaraMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$3003/11/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Solowsky, JayAttorneys & law firms$2503/11/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Spirtos, Nick MPhysicians$5003/11/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Storke, Charles aAttorneys & law firms$2503/11/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Taylor, BurtPhysicians$2503/11/09Jo BonnerRAL-1Yes
    Triche, Ronald JAttorneys & law firms$2503/11/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/11/09Duncan HunterRCA-52Yes
    Weitz, Frederick WEnvironmental policy$1,0003/11/09Leonard BoswellDIA-3Yes
    Wu, Ju-Sung DrPhysicians$5653/11/09Elton GalleglyRCA-24Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0003/12/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0003/12/09Sanford BishopDGA-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,5003/12/09Debbie Wasserman SchultzDFL-20Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,5003/12/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/12/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/12/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$5,0003/12/09Jim MathesonDUT-2Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$5,0003/12/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/12/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/12/09Anna EshooDCA-14Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/12/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/12/09Geoff DavisRKY-4Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/12/09Lloyd DoggettDTX-25Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/12/09Nathan DealRGA-9Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/12/09Pete SessionsRTX-32Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/12/09Xavier BecerraDCA-31Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$1,5003/12/09John SullivanROK-1Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$1,5003/12/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$1,0003/12/09John ShimkusRIL-19Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$1,0003/12/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$2,0003/12/09John ShimkusRIL-19Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$5,0003/12/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Beran, Harvey MAttorneys & law firms$5003/12/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Brodsky, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Brown, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2503/12/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Bruinooge, Thomas H Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$5003/12/09Scott GarrettRNJ-5Yes
    Cohen-Fenster, LaurieAttorneys & law firms$5003/12/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Columbo, James RAttorneys & law firms$2503/12/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Congdon, Noel RWomen's issues$5003/12/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Culpepper, Bobby L MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/12/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Dhaliwal, Amarjit SPhysicians$1,0003/12/09Dennis CardozaDCA-18Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Drought, James L LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Ekker, Angela LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Ewing, William H EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/12/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Feiler, Mike BAttorneys & law firms$5003/12/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Harris, MelodyAttorneys & law firms$2503/12/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Hernden, AlAttorneys & law firms$5003/12/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$5,0003/12/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Gregory MeeksDNY-6Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Howard McKeonRCA-25Yes
    Hui, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    Johnson, Philip EdwardAttorneys & law firms$5003/12/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Johnson, TravisAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Kaplan, Stephen HAttorneys & law firms$2503/12/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Kelley, Esq, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2503/12/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Kelly Jr, Dee JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Kay GrangerRTX-12Yes
    Klein, Alan MAttorneys & law firms$5003/12/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Kovnor, SarahWomen's issues$5003/12/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    Leone, StephanAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/12/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Lidsky, Carlos MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/12/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Mayer Esq, Douglas K MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/12/09Scott GarrettRNJ-5Yes
    Mayer Esq, Douglas K MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/12/09Scott GarrettRNJ-5Yes
    Miteff, MetoAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/12/09Kay GrangerRTX-12Yes
    Natl Active & Retired Fed Employees AssnFederal employees unions$1,0003/12/09Stephen LynchDMA-9Yes
    Ocean ChampionsEnvironmental policy$5003/12/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Ortega, ManuelAttorneys & law firms$2503/12/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Ott, Christopher J MdPhysicians$2503/12/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Pajcic, Kathleen MTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/12/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$-3,0003/12/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    Plumlee, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/12/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$9003/12/09Steny HoyerDMD-5Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1003/12/09Steny HoyerDMD-5Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$-1,0003/12/09Steny HoyerDMD-5Yes
    Porzio, RalphAttorneys & law firms$2503/12/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Putnam, KathrynWomen's issues$1,0003/12/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Ross, LisaAttorneys & law firms$7503/12/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    Ryan, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2503/12/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Sachs, KatherineMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$1,0003/12/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Sanders, PhyllisAttorneys & law firms$2003/12/09Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4Yes
    Sanders, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/12/09Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4Yes
    Sanders, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/12/09Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4Yes
    Sapp, JudithAttorneys & law firms$5003/12/09Alan GraysonDFL-8Yes
    Schoettler, Gail SWomen's issues$1,0003/12/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Schreiber, Martin JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Smalls, DawnAttorneys & law firms$2503/12/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    Smith, Gambrell & RussellAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Smyler, Denise JoyAttorneys & law firms$5003/12/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/12/09John CarterRTX-31Yes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/12/09Xavier BecerraDCA-31Yes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Dennis RehbergRMTYes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09José SerranoDNY-16Yes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Linda SánchezDCA-39Yes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Thomas RooneyRFL-16Yes
    Spero, MariaAttorneys & law firms$2503/12/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Spray, SelwynPhysicians$2503/12/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Stolar PartnershipAttorneys & law firms$5003/12/09Russ CarnahanDMO-3Yes
    Tein, Laurie MsAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/12/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Tein, Michael MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/12/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Theis, Michael CAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Wagner, JudithWomen's issues$1,0003/12/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Watts, MikalAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/12/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Windholz, Robert SAttorneys & law firms$2503/12/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Abate, Joseph FAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Allen, W George MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09Alcee HastingsDFL-23Yes
    Aponte Parsi, RicardoAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Don YoungRAKYes
    Arntsen, Allen aAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09Tammy BaldwinDWI-2Yes
    Backman, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$3003/13/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Baig, FaridaPhysicians$1,2003/13/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Barnhart, F GregoryAttorneys & law firms$4803/13/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Bell, Charles HAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Daniel LungrenRCA-3Yes
    Bellamy, PenelopeAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Blaylock, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/13/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Blaylock, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/13/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Blumberg, Barry OAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Bogenschutz, David MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09Alcee HastingsDFL-23Yes
    Briggs, EleanorWomen's issues$4003/13/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    Brown, PaulPhysicians$1,0003/13/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Bulat, PaulPhysicians$1,0003/13/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Burg, Harvey MAttorneys & law firms$5003/13/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Burkett, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Chapman, JackPhysicians$2503/13/09Paul BrounRGA-10Yes
    Chris SearcyAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/13/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Cullenberg, David PAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Denney, EarlAttorneys & law firms$4803/13/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Dewey & LeboeufAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Dewey & LeboeufAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Diffenderfer, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Doyle, Philip JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Drossner, Barry Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09Alcee HastingsDFL-23Yes
    Duxin, JayPhysicians$2503/13/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Eisner, OrenAttorneys & law firms$5003/13/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Emergency Dept Practice Management AssnPhysicians$1,0003/13/09Mike RossDAR-4Yes
    Feinberg, Daniel MAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Freeman, SusanWomen's issues$5003/13/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Fuentes, JoseAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/13/09Don YoungRAKYes
    Gatzambide, MarioAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Don YoungRAKYes
    Gehlhausen, John DAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Ghafoor, NasrullahPhysicians$1,0003/13/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Givon, Amiram JAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Glassman, MichaelPhysicians$1,0003/13/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Hall, JeffreyTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/13/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Harris, ArnoldAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/13/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Hilborn, Craig EAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/13/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Igoe, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5003/13/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09John YarmuthDKY-3Yes
    Kaplan, CraigAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    Karp, BrianAttorneys & law firms$3003/13/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Kasell, Daniel MAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Kawwaff, Omar MdPhysicians$5003/13/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Kent, William MalloryAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Kim, Paul TAttorneys & law firms$5003/13/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Lesser, TomAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Leving, Jeffery MAttorneys & law firms$7503/13/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Levinson, ArnoldAttorneys & law firms$5003/13/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Lewis, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Lewis, RodneyAttorneys & law firms$5003/13/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Margol, Rodney SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Matienzo, RafaelAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/13/09Don YoungRAKYes
    Mcdermott, Shaw WmAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Mills, RobertCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/13/09John BoehnerROH-8Yes
    Mosena, DavidMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$5003/13/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Ney, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5003/13/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Nistar, BenazirPhysicians$5003/13/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Nuland, Christopher LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Olivia, Christopher T DrPhysicians$5003/13/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Padwa, Jeffrey MAttorneys & law firms$4823/13/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    Pajcic, CurtTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/13/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Pajcic, JoannaTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/13/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Peters, DarrelAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Pooley, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5003/13/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Quandahl, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Jeff FortenberryRNE-1Yes
    Renaker, Teresa SAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Richman, Gerald F EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Rivera, Sal JAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Romanucci, Antonio MAttorneys & law firms$8203/13/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Rutenberg, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Scarola, JackAttorneys & law firms$4803/13/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Scherr, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/13/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Searcy, ChristianAttorneys & law firms$4803/13/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Shipley, John IiiAttorneys & law firms$4803/13/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Simmons, Dwelvin LPhysicians$1,0003/13/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Simonson, MaryellenWomen's issues$2503/13/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Stafford, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/13/09Gene GreenDTX-29Yes
    Starke, PatAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Ike SkeltonDMO-4Yes
    Struhar, StevenAttorneys & law firms$5003/13/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Taplin, JayAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/13/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Tensen, Arend RAttorneys & law firms$5003/13/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Thatch, Gregory DAttorneys & law firms$9893/13/09Daniel LungrenRCA-3Yes
    Thompson, BarbaraAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09Todd TiahrtRKS-4Yes
    Turner, Richard L JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/13/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Tyree, George aAttorneys & law firms$2503/13/09Ike SkeltonDMO-4Yes
    Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$5003/13/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Walker, Dorothy MsPhysicians$2503/13/09Alcee HastingsDFL-23Yes
    Weber, BramAttorneys & law firms$5003/13/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Weigert, Jean MiriamPhysicians$2503/13/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Williamson, M ToddPhysicians$2503/13/09Paul BrounRGA-10Yes
    Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$3,0003/13/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    York, MyrthWomen's issues$2503/13/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$-2,5003/14/09Bill PoseyRFL-15Yes
    Coppersmith, Sam GAttorneys & law firms$5003/14/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Crockett, James JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/14/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Demain, Jeffrey GPhysicians$2503/14/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Fitzsimmons, Laura WAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/14/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Fortinsky, Jerome SAttorneys & law firms$5003/14/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Girodat, FrederickAttorneys & law firms$2503/14/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Hardy, Dean aAttorneys & law firms$3003/14/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Marcek, Cliff WAttorneys & law firms$2503/14/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Marienfeld, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$2503/14/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Mason, GerryAttorneys & law firms$5003/14/09Candice MillerRMI-10Yes
    Ochs, BettyAttorneys & law firms$5003/14/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Tingey, Don CAttorneys & law firms$5003/14/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Vick, Margaret JAttorneys & law firms$2503/14/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/15/09Jim McDermottDWA-7Yes
    Atkinson, Linda MAttorneys & law firms$1,2003/15/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Blemur, Pierre RenaudPhysicians$1,0003/15/09Eliot EngelDNY-17Yes
    Frew, William J JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/15/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Goldenberg, Ra MdPhysicians$5003/15/09Michael TurnerROH-3Yes
    Harvey, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5003/15/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Humphries, LynneAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/15/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Humphries, LynneAttorneys & law firms$-1,0003/15/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Humphries, RodAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/15/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Humphries, RodAttorneys & law firms$-1,0003/15/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Kandel, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2503/15/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    Kaplan, MartinAttorneys & law firms$5003/15/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    Kruger, LewisAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/15/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    Paster, DarrellAttorneys & law firms$5003/15/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    Ruthizer, TheodoreAttorneys & law firms$2503/15/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    Schulz, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2503/15/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    Warren, Charles SAttorneys & law firms$2503/15/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    Abromowitz, David MAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Acosta, JorgePhysicians$2503/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Ahmed, MuzammilPhysicians$5003/16/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5,0003/16/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/16/09John ConyersDMI-14Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/16/09John McHughRNY-23Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$8753/16/09Mike ThompsonDCA-1Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7503/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Allen, Coleman JrTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0003/16/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Allen, Edie WWomen's issues$3503/16/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Allen, RandAttorneys & law firms$2003/16/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Alvarez, DionicioPhysicians$2,3003/16/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/16/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/16/09Russ CarnahanDMO-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/16/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/16/09Tim RyanDOH-17Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$6003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$2,5003/16/09Nita LoweyDNY-18Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/16/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/16/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/16/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/16/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/16/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/16/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/16/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/16/09Michael ArcuriDNY-24Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/16/09Michael ArcuriDNY-24Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/16/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/16/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$-1,0003/16/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$-1,0003/16/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$-1,0003/16/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$-1,0003/16/09Michael ArcuriDNY-24Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$-1,0003/16/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    American Intellectual Property Law AssnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Bob GoodlatteRVA-6Yes
    Anchondo, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Andritsos, George PaulAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Ashton, LaurieAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Lois CappsDCA-23Yes
    Badri, Maher MPhysicians$3003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Ballard, Frederic LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Baran, JanAttorneys & law firms$2003/16/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Barnes, AttisonAttorneys & law firms$2003/16/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Baron, Bette MsAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Barry, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2003/16/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Bayes, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2003/16/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Becker, AlanAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Bellavia, ThomasPhysicians$3003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Bickel, RogerAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Bicknell, Amy MrsPhysicians$5003/16/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Bieker, Dennis LAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Lynn JenkinsRKS-2Yes
    Black, Erin PAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/16/09Joe DonnellyDIN-2Yes
    Black, Erin PAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/16/09Joe DonnellyDIN-2Yes
    Black, Mary BridgetAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/16/09Joe DonnellyDIN-2Yes
    Black, Mary BridgetAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/16/09Joe DonnellyDIN-2Yes
    Black, RyanAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/16/09Joe DonnellyDIN-2Yes
    Black, RyanAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/16/09Joe DonnellyDIN-2Yes
    Black, Thomas E JrAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/16/09Joe DonnellyDIN-2Yes
    Black, Thomas E JrAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/16/09Joe DonnellyDIN-2Yes
    Bodensteiner, DominicAttorneys & law firms$2003/16/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Bodorff, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2003/16/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Bowsher, Robert TAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Brawer, StevenAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Brown, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Buermann, Eric MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Buglione, AlbertAttorneys & law firms$3753/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Burns, JamesAttorneys & law firms$4003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Cantor, Jerald MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Casey, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Castellino, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Chew, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$2003/16/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Cranwell, C RichardAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Crawford, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Jo BonnerRAL-1Yes
    Crowell & MoringAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Clifford StearnsRFL-6Yes
    Davis Wright Tremaine LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Desmery, Martin PAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Dickason, John MPhysicians$2003/16/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Dominguez, Francisco XAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Doyle, William MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Dunagan, DeasonPhysicians$2,0003/16/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    Eisenstein, SteveAttorneys & law firms$1,1003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Ellison, Leonard JrPhysicians$5003/16/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Farmer, Gary M JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Flamm, Matthew aAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Melissa BeanDIL-8Yes
    Fleischman, MarthaWomen's issues$2503/16/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    Flippin, LauraAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Frank, Frederick NAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Jason AltmireDPA-4Yes
    Freeman, SusanWomen's issues$5003/16/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Galluccio, AdolphAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Genova, AngeloAttorneys & law firms$6003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Green, Thomas RAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Ike SkeltonDMO-4Yes
    Guarini, Frank JAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/16/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    Guarini, Frank JAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/16/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    Halabi, SafwanPhysicians$2503/16/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Halebian, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Hall, Robert TAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Hamzavi, IltefatPhysicians$5003/16/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Hantman, Michael E MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Hebeisen, KeithTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/16/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Heissenbuttel, FrederickAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Hill, Michael E MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Hilton, David Dr MdPhysicians$3003/16/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$2,5003/16/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Imperato, GabrielAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Jarvis, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Jenne, Kenneth C Mr IiAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Alcee HastingsDFL-23Yes
    Johnson, Arthur LAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Johnston, NeilAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Jo BonnerRAL-1Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Michael HondaDCA-15Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Kearney, Dennis JAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Klein, HerbertAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Knight, Christopher E MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Kochansky, PeterAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Kohlenberg, JamesPhysicians$2,4003/16/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Kohlenberg, LindaPhysicians$2,4003/16/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Legate, Sam JAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Lerner, Cindy LAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Lewis, David BAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Lindenbaum, Samuel HAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0003/16/09Henry WaxmanDCA-30Yes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Mack, Olga LWomen's issues$2503/16/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Mackenson, Bernard MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Alcee HastingsDFL-23Yes
    Malik, Asif M MdPhysicians$2503/16/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Mas, Rafael DrPhysicians$5003/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Mccarthy, Vincent PAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Mccaslin, MarkPhysicians$5003/16/09Jo BonnerRAL-1Yes
    Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Jim MathesonDUT-2Yes
    Mcpherson, Kenneth DAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Mctiernan, CandaceAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Jason AltmireDPA-4Yes
    Mctiernan, John W EsqAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Jason AltmireDPA-4Yes
    Mellon, Thomas E JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Milledge, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Moore, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Moreno, EnriqueAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/16/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/16/09Dennis RehbergRMTYes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/16/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/16/09Greg WaldenROR-2Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/16/09John BoozmanRAR-3Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/16/09K. ConawayRTX-11Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/16/09Virginia FoxxRNC-5Yes
    Nicolay, John D MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Nunez, Miguel a Dr JrPhysicians$5003/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Orr, Dorothy DrPhysicians$5003/16/09Alcee HastingsDFL-23Yes
    Ortega, EvelinaAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Osman, MohamedPhysicians$5003/16/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Pallin, AristidesPhysicians$2503/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Pereira, MaritzaPhysicians$2503/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Perez, MarcosPhysicians$2503/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Peskoe, Howard EAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Pickford, Patricia RWomen's issues$2503/16/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Plattner, Richard SAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Pogorelec, JohnAttorneys & law firms$3003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$-1,0003/16/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Rasheed, FouadPhysicians$1,0003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Rodriguez, IdidaAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Rosenberg, Robert GAttorneys & law firms$3003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Rosenthal, Alan S MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Rossi, ArthurAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Henry CuellarDTX-28Yes
    Rouse, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Jo BonnerRAL-1Yes
    Rowen, Andrew SAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/16/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Ruffner, GaryLabor Unions$5003/16/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Sanders, Roger DAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Sangal, R BartPhysicians$2,4003/16/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Scherer, BillAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Schneidman, LeonardAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Sciro, Jr, FrankAttorneys & law firms$3003/16/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Seikaly, William RAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/16/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Shaffer, Lemuel J MdPhysicians$2503/16/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Suffredin, Lawrence J JrAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/16/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Taber, David OPhysicians$2003/16/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Thompson, H LeeAttorneys & law firms$3503/16/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Thompson, James R Gov JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Torres, MiguelAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Troutman SandersAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Troutman SandersAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Jack KingstonRGA-1Yes
    Valukas, Anton MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Varela, JeannetteAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/16/09John DingellDMI-15Yes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/16/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Wallwork, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Webb, Robert B IiiAttorneys & law firms$2503/16/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Weisenthal, Robert WilliamPhysicians$2,4003/16/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Wells, Theodore V JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/16/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    Wen, B-Chen DrPhysicians$2503/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Williams, Paul L AttyAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/16/09Danny DavisDIL-7Yes
    Windle, WayneAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Wise, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$5003/16/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Wobbrock, LawrenceTrial lawyers & law firms$2503/16/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Young, Ming-Lon DrPhysicians$5003/16/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Alterwitz, Daryl SAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Altman, Jennifer GAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$3,0003/17/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/17/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/17/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,5003/17/09Brad EllsworthDIN-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/17/09Corrine BrownDFL-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/17/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/17/09Michael HondaDCA-15Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/17/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/17/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$2,5003/17/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    Atkinson, FrankAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/17/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Thomas PetriRWI-6Yes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Robert AderholtRAL-4Yes
    Berry, CarolyneWomen's issues$5003/17/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Boman, Keith GPhysicians$5003/17/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Bonilla, RosieAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Solomon OrtizDTX-27Yes
    Bonilla, RubenAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Solomon OrtizDTX-27Yes
    Brady, Francis JAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Breitstone, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$2,1003/17/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Breitstone, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$4003/17/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Brookhyser, Joan DWomen's issues$5003/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Capote, SusanAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Carey, Peter B MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Castellino, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Chadwick, Scott RAttorneys & law firms$1,2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Christie, Lee FAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/17/09Kay GrangerRTX-12Yes
    Cohen, Burton BAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Cohen, Frank RAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Cooper, Kenneth DrPhysicians$2503/17/09Pete SessionsRTX-32Yes
    Costa, Thomas LAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Crawford, TracyAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Crisco, Jason KAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Crowell, Sheila CWomen's issues$2503/17/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Dave, Nailesh DPhysicians$5003/17/09Bob EtheridgeDNC-2Yes
    Decrescenzo, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Devine, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Engel, TerryAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Epstein, ElissaPhysicians$2503/17/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Etra, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$7503/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Farbes, Hubert a JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Ford, Paul WAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Friese, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Fuller, Allen DAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Fuller, Allen DAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Funk, Kenneth WAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Gavin, Steven MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Gerlt, Wayne CAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Giunta, Jr, Robert VAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Glendenning, Don MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Pete SessionsRTX-32Yes
    Goldsmith, IvanPhysicians$2503/17/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Gordon, GeraldAttorneys & law firms$3603/17/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Grimm, Terry M MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Groom Law GroupAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Gutierrez, LuisAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Helfgot, Alvin JAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Hess, Lawrence EEnvironmental policy$1,2003/17/09Bob FilnerDCA-51Yes
    Hess, M SuzanneEnvironmental policy$1,2003/17/09Bob FilnerDCA-51Yes
    Hickey, Brandon JAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Hirsch, Md, Paul JPhysicians$1,0003/17/09Rodney FrelinghuysenRNJ-11Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/17/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Virginia Brown-WaiteRFL-5Yes
    Hom, HowardAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Bob FilnerDCA-51Yes
    Hurst, BrianAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/17/09Melissa BeanDIL-8Yes
    Intl Fedn of Prof & Technical EngineersLabor Unions$1,0003/17/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Isa, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Jacobs, TheodorePhysicians$5403/17/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Jaffer, MohsinPhysicians$1,0003/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Joo, Sun YoungCommercial TV & radio stations$1,9003/17/09Rodney FrelinghuysenRNJ-11Yes
    Joo, Sun YoungCommercial TV & radio stations$5003/17/09Rodney FrelinghuysenRNJ-11Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Chaka FattahDPA-2Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09David WuDOR-1Yes
    Kirschner, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Tammy BaldwinDWI-2Yes
    Kornspan, ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Lane, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Laufer, Marsha Zlatin PhdWomen's issues$2503/17/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/17/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/17/09Leonard LanceRNJ-7Yes
    Lee, CatherineAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Michael MichaudDME-2Yes
    Lindemann, FryadaAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Lindemann, FryadaAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Lipman, David MAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Malone, Omar TAttorneys & law firms$3003/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Markowitz, Alon MAttorneys & law firms$3603/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Martone, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Mayall, Jaspreet S EsqAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Mazzorana, VickiPhysicians$1,0003/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Mccarter, John JrMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$5003/17/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Mccarthy, Colleen CAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    Mccary, Paul RAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Mcquade, David JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Menon, Appen P EsqAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Merck, Josephine aEnvironmental policy$2,0003/17/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Meyers, Kathryn aAttorneys & law firms$7503/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Murphy, Janemarie WAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/17/09Artur DavisDAL-7Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/17/09Brad EllsworthDIN-8Yes
    O'brien, James KAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Olson, Jody BAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Ortega, Randolph JAttorneys & law firms$2003/17/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Paulekas, Walter EAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Peoples, Gera RAttorneys & law firms$3003/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Pinney, Jr, Willard FAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Pomerantz, Leslie FayWomen's issues$3503/17/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Potter, David BAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/17/09Timothy WalzDMN-1Yes
    Prescott, Emmy LouMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2503/17/09Kay GrangerRTX-12Yes
    Qureshi, Zahid HPhysicians$2503/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Raymond, Mark FAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Reynoso, CruzAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Rudman, Jerry IanAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Salih, Ibrahim ImPhysicians$2503/17/09Lincoln DavisDTN-4Yes
    Saltzman, Bettylu KPhysicians$5003/17/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Saltzman, Bettylu KPhysicians$2503/17/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Sharp, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Sperling, Robert Y MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Spirtos, Nick MPhysicians$1,0003/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Stein, Joel aAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Stewart, Mack D DrPhysicians$2503/17/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Stone, Christopher RAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Svenson, Alice Christine MsAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Terenzi, Ronald MAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Tomblin, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Toth, Bruce a MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Turc, William SrAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Unger, Douglas aAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/17/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Vignati Jr, Francis CAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Vinson, Sam MrAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/17/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Vitullo, LouisAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Walker, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Wall, Robert MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Webb, Dan K MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/17/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Weber, Bram D EsqAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Weber, Marcia DWomen's issues$5003/17/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Zemenides, Endy DAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Howard BermanDCA-28Yes
    Zisook, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$2503/17/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/18/09Bob EtheridgeDNC-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/18/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/18/09Linda SánchezDCA-39Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/18/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0003/18/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0003/18/09Harry TeagueDNM-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0003/18/09Jackie SpeierDCA-12Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/18/09Betty McCollumDMN-4Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/18/09Charles GonzalezDTX-20Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/18/09Charles WilsonDOH-6Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/18/09Daniel LipinskiDIL-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/18/09David WuDOR-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/18/09Doris MatsuiDCA-5Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/18/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/18/09Gwen MooreDWI-4Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/18/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/18/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/18/09Ron KindDWI-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/18/09Timothy BishopDNY-1Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$3,0003/18/09Brett GuthrieRKY-2Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/18/09Bill PoseyRFL-15Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/18/09David WuDOR-1Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/18/09Dean HellerRNV-2Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/18/09John YarmuthDKY-3Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/18/09Timothy BishopDNY-1Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,5003/18/09Michael BurgessRTX-26Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/18/09C. RuppersbergerDMD-2Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/18/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/18/09Tim RyanDOH-17Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$5,0003/18/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Amiri, NooshenAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/18/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Annis, JosephPhysicians$2503/18/09Michael BurgessRTX-26Yes
    Armbruster, R LeeAttorneys & law firms$2003/18/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    Bennett, Leonard aTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/18/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Berghoef, Susan OAttorneys & law firms$5003/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Booker, Daniel IAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/18/09Jason AltmireDPA-4Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/18/09Danny DavisDIL-7Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/18/09Phil GingreyRGA-11Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Clifford StearnsRFL-6Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Gus BilirakisRFL-9Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Charleston, RjAttorneys & law firms$5003/18/09Heath ShulerDNC-11Yes
    Chizewer, David JAttorneys & law firms$2503/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Cohen, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Davis, MonteAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/18/09Tom McClintockRCA-4Yes
    Desai, KiritPhysicians$5003/18/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$5,0003/18/09Daniel LungrenRCA-3Yes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$5,0003/18/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Howard BermanDCA-28Yes
    Ewing, Anne CAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Ferguson, MarkTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/18/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Fleisher, Bruce MAttorneys & law firms$3003/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Daniel LungrenRCA-3Yes
    Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Ron KindDWI-3Yes
    Frankman, LelandAttorneys & law firms$2503/18/09John KlineRMN-2Yes
    Frickey, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2503/18/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Gabel, E MarianneAttorneys & law firms$1,2003/18/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Gabel, E MarianneWomen's issues$1,2003/18/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Gearen, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Guerra, JerryAttorneys & law firms$5003/18/09Solomon OrtizDTX-27Yes
    Herman, Sidney NTrial lawyers & law firms$5003/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Doris MatsuiDCA-5Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09John KlineRMN-2Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/18/09Mike ThompsonDCA-1Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Susan DavisDCA-53Yes
    Kahn, Emily MasonWomen's issues$5003/18/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Michael ArcuriDNY-24Yes
    Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Kosmas, Michael SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Larson, SusanAttorneys & law firms$4003/18/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Lawton, William BAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/18/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    Levine, Clifford B EsquireAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Jason AltmireDPA-4Yes
    Lewis, Guy aAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/18/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Lewis, Guy aAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/18/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Lowrance, Dan EPhysicians$2503/18/09Michael BurgessRTX-26Yes
    Maloney, Pat JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Markey, KathleenWomen's issues$5003/18/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Mulchrone, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$5003/18/09Daniel LipinskiDIL-3Yes
    Nazarian, LevonPhysicians$1,0003/18/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Novak, Theodore JAttorneys & law firms$2503/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Parks, Daryl DAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Xavier BecerraDCA-31Yes
    Pill, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5003/18/09John OlverDMA-1Yes
    Pomerantz, Harold BAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Power, Joseph a JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Rainey, Myrtle DPhysicians$1,2003/18/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    Riewer, MichoneAttorneys & law firms$4003/18/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/18/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09John DingellDMI-15Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Tim RyanDOH-17Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$5003/18/09Brad ShermanDCA-27Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$5003/18/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$5003/18/09Michael HondaDCA-15Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$5003/18/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Rosenberg, Ezra DAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Sanchez, ManuelAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Seaton, DouglasAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09John KlineRMN-2Yes
    Shall, DavidAttorneys & law firms$4003/18/09Anh CaoRLA-2Yes
    Smith, Todd aAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Squire, Sanders & DempseyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Dave CampRMI-4Yes
    Stafstrom, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5003/18/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Stein, Sanford MAttorneys & law firms$5003/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Stern, SlateAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Ben LujánDNM-3Yes
    Stulberg, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2503/18/09Lois CappsDCA-23Yes
    Sucharow, Lawrence aTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/18/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Taylor, Nicholas C MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/18/09K. ConawayRTX-11Yes
    Terry, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$2503/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Vanecko, Robert MPhysicians$2503/18/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/18/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Walsh, John F IiiAttorneys & law firms$2503/18/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Waters, WilliamPhysicians$5003/18/09Michael BurgessRTX-26Yes
    Webb, DanAttorneys & law firms$1,4003/18/09Judy BiggertRIL-13Yes
    Weinstock, Perry JPhysicians$1,0003/18/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Yeasted, G Alan DrPhysicians$3003/18/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Allen, VickiAttorneys & law firms$2253/19/09Lois CappsDCA-23Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,5003/19/09Mike ThompsonDCA-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,5003/19/09Rick LarsenDWA-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/19/09Artur DavisDAL-7Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/19/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/19/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/19/09Heath ShulerDNC-11Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/19/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/19/09John DuncanRTN-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/19/09John SalazarDCO-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/19/09Nita LoweyDNY-18Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/19/09Travis ChildersDMS-1Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$2,0003/19/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$3,0003/19/09Alan MollohanDWV-1Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$3,0003/19/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,5003/19/09Alan GraysonDFL-8Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/19/09Ben LujánDNM-3Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/19/09Harry TeagueDNM-2Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$5,0003/19/09Phil HareDIL-17Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$2,5003/19/09Debbie Wasserman SchultzDFL-20Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$2,5003/19/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$2,5003/19/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$2,5003/19/09Steny HoyerDMD-5Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$2,0003/19/09Joe DonnellyDIN-2Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Adam SmithDWA-9Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Alcee HastingsDFL-23Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Bart StupakDMI-1Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Ben LujánDNM-3Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Bob FilnerDCA-51Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09C. RuppersbergerDMD-2Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Carolyn KilpatrickDMI-13Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Chaka FattahDPA-2Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09David LoebsackDIA-2Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09David ScottDGA-13Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Ellen TauscherDCA-10Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Gary AckermanDNY-5Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Henry JohnsonDGA-4Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09James McGovernDMA-3Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Jason AltmireDPA-4Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Jim MathesonDUT-2Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Joe BacaDCA-43Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09John SprattDSC-5Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09John YarmuthDKY-3Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09José SerranoDNY-16Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Leonard BoswellDIA-3Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Lincoln DavisDTN-4Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Lloyd DoggettDTX-25Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Loretta SanchezDCA-47Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Marcia FudgeDOH-11Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Michael ArcuriDNY-24Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Michael MichaudDME-2Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Paul TonkoDNY-21Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Sheila Jackson LeeDTX-18Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Stephen LynchDMA-9Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Tim HoldenDPA-17Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Xavier BecerraDCA-31Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Yvette ClarkeDNY-11Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/19/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Anthony, AmyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09John OlverDMA-1Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Bisignano, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Blandin, Stephan DAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/19/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Bowman, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Phil HareDIL-17Yes
    Cahill, Miles PAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Peter RoskamRIL-6Yes
    Cambray, JoanAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Carter, Eric MrAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/19/09Gene GreenDTX-29Yes
    Cohen, Steven J DrPhysicians$1,0003/19/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Cole, Jonathan E PaAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Connolly, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Corboy, Philip Harnett JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Cosgrove, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,1003/19/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    Cozen & O'connorAttorneys & law firms$5,0003/19/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Crutchfield, J Stewart DrPhysicians$5003/19/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Cullinan, Stephen a DrPhysicians$2,4003/19/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Cullinan, Stephen a DrPhysicians$2,4003/19/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Desantis, Michael PAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Michael ArcuriDNY-24Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09John ConyersDMI-14Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$4373/19/09Nick RahallDWV-3Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$4373/19/09Nick RahallDWV-3Yes
    Duffey, Mary SAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Tim RyanDOH-17Yes
    Eisbrouch, David LAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Feil, Paul MdPhysicians$1,0003/19/09Harry TeagueDNM-2Yes
    Ferrara, Michael a JrAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/19/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Field, Patricia aAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Fink, Michael GAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/19/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Florian, MarkPhysicians$2503/19/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Frenz Argust, Marcia LEnvironmental policy$2503/19/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Fulbright & JaworskiAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Jeb HensarlingRTX-5Yes
    Geist, EricPhysicians$5003/19/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Geller, Stephen RAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Gifford, GeoffreyAttorneys & law firms$2503/19/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Gittleman, Richard MAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/19/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Gomez Serra, RuthAttorneys & law firms$6003/19/09Solomon OrtizDTX-27Yes
    Goodman, SaulAttorneys & law firms$2503/19/09John ConyersDMI-14Yes
    Heyman, ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Himelman, David BryanAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09John ShadeggRAZ-3Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Corrine BrownDFL-3Yes
    Hughes, Vester T JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Johnson, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Duncan HunterRCA-52Yes
    Kasserman, Shawn SAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Kelsay, Brendan CCommercial TV & radio stations$5003/19/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Kipperman, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$2503/19/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Knight, LaurieCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0093/19/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Lake, David aAttorneys & law firms$2503/19/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Leise, Christopher PAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Levin, Jack PAttorneys & law firms$2503/19/09John ConyersDMI-14Yes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0003/19/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Long, Robert a JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/19/09John ConyersDMI-14Yes
    Lynch, Mark HAttorneys & law firms$2503/19/09John ConyersDMI-14Yes
    Mentel, Sean aAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Tim RyanDOH-17Yes
    Michael, Guy SAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Minton, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2503/19/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Mirabelli, Enrico JAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Mulvihill, RogerAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Nita LoweyDNY-18Yes
    Norris, Trenton HAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Paulson, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/19/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    Peters Jr, R DelacyAttorneys & law firms$3503/19/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/19/09John DingellDMI-15Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Power, Joseph a JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Rivas, Jr, Jorge LAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Roberts, Earl JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/19/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Robinson, Timothy CAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Tim RyanDOH-17Yes
    Romanucci, Antonio MAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/19/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Romanucci, Antonio MAttorneys & law firms$8203/19/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Romanucci, Antonio MAttorneys & law firms$-8203/19/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Ryan, CynthiaWomen's issues$2503/19/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    Saltzman, Paul WPhysicians$5003/19/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Sciacca, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Shillito, Beverly FAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09Tim RyanDOH-17Yes
    Sinclair, Scott MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Smith, Todd MAttorneys & law firms$2503/19/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Vitullo, LouisAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Vreeland, Albert L IiAttorneys & law firms$2003/19/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Webb, Lewis W IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/19/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Webb, Lewis W IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/19/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Wertheim, Lawrence HAttorneys & law firms$5003/19/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Winstead PcAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/19/09Jeb HensarlingRTX-5Yes
    Aghishian, AraAttorneys & law firms$2503/20/09Adam SchiffDCA-29Yes
    Allen, John GregTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/20/09Bobby BrightDAL-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/20/09C. RuppersbergerDMD-2Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$2,0003/20/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,5003/20/09Jim CooperDTN-5Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/20/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/20/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Archbold, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/20/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Archbold, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2,2003/20/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Babaian, AraAttorneys & law firms$2503/20/09Adam SchiffDCA-29Yes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/20/09Travis ChildersDMS-1Yes
    Barger, JohnCommercial TV & radio stations$5003/20/09Ralph HallRTX-4Yes
    Baron, Lisa aAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/20/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Brunson, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5003/20/09Bobby BrightDAL-2Yes
    Buckles, Geraldine CAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/20/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Buckles, Michael HAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/20/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Busch, Kenneth G DrPhysicians$5003/20/09Danny DavisDIL-7Yes
    Carbone, JohnAttorneys & law firms$3003/20/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Chapman, JackPhysicians$2503/20/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0003/20/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,5003/20/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/20/09Bart StupakDMI-1Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/20/09Bobby RushDIL-1Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/20/09Chaka FattahDPA-2Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/20/09Charles GonzalezDTX-20Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/20/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/20/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/20/09Harry TeagueDNM-2Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/20/09Henry CuellarDTX-28Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/20/09J. ForbesRVA-4Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/20/09Kathy CastorDFL-11Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/20/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/20/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/20/09Mike RossDAR-4Yes
    Clements, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/20/09Jeff FortenberryRNE-1Yes
    Columbus, R TimothyAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/20/09Doris MatsuiDCA-5Yes
    Daglian, Gary KAttorneys & law firms$5003/20/09Adam SchiffDCA-29Yes
    Davis Wright Tremaine LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/20/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/20/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Foley, Robert GAttorneys & law firms$2503/20/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Fragomen, Del Rey Et AlAttorneys & law firms$653/20/09Jeff FlakeRAZ-6Yes
    Goodman, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/20/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Green Worlds Coalition FundEnvironmental policy$3,5003/20/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Green Worlds Coalition FundEnvironmental policy$1,5003/20/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Green, Edwin a IiAttorneys & law firms$5003/20/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Holloway, Mary FWomen's issues$2503/20/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Hudson, KevinAttorneys & law firms$2503/20/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Hutchison, Fred DAttorneys & law firms$2503/20/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Johnson, Leslie E DrPhysicians$2503/20/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/20/09Jerry LewisRCA-41Yes
    Korge, Christopher GAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/20/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Kraus, PeterTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/20/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Lane, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2503/20/09John SalazarDCO-3Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/20/09Alan GraysonDFL-8Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/20/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/20/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/20/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/20/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/20/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/20/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/20/09Thomas PerrielloDVA-5Yes
    Levi, John GAttorneys & law firms$1,4533/20/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Levi, John GAttorneys & law firms$9463/20/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Levitt, Anne MarieWomen's issues$4003/20/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Lyons, James MAttorneys & law firms$5003/20/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Majarian, SahagAttorneys & law firms$5003/20/09Adam SchiffDCA-29Yes
    Marcus, Demetra aCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4003/20/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Marcus, Demetra aCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4003/20/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Mcandrew, Paul JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/20/09David LoebsackDIA-2Yes
    Minard, SallyWomen's issues$5003/20/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Moody, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2503/20/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Mooradian, ZorikAttorneys & law firms$5003/20/09Adam SchiffDCA-29Yes
    Murphy, William H IiiAttorneys & law firms$5003/20/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Naquin, C John JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/20/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/20/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/20/09Fortney StarkDCA-13Yes
    National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/20/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/20/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Parikh, SudarshanaAttorneys & law firms$1,1673/20/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Pepper Hamilton LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/20/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Roberts, Carey SAttorneys & law firms$2503/20/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Russell, DavidPhysicians$5003/20/09Frank LucasROK-3Yes
    Shapiro, KennethAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/20/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Sherman, IsaacAttorneys & law firms$2503/20/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Siegel, Charles STrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/20/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Stewart, Richard WAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/20/09Todd PlattsRPA-19Yes
    Strauss, Robert aWomen's issues$2,0003/20/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Van Meter, Dr ThomasPhysicians$5003/20/09Lois CappsDCA-23Yes
    Yassky, Harriet RAttorneys & law firms$2503/20/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Zouras, Peter JAttorneys & law firms$3003/20/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Ahlgren, John L EsquireAttorneys & law firms$3003/21/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Ambati, BalamuraliPhysicians$2513/21/09Jim MathesonDUT-2Yes
    Callsen, Julie aAttorneys & law firms$2503/21/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Fernald, Mark DAttorneys & law firms$2503/21/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Gordon, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/21/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Gross, Martin LAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/21/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Hansen, RogerPhysicians$2493/21/09Jim MathesonDUT-2Yes
    Hoover, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$5003/21/09Lincoln DavisDTN-4Yes
    Kramer, Albert HWomen's issues$2503/21/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Learner, Howard aEnvironmental policy$1,0003/21/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Lewis, Martin HAttorneys & law firms$2503/21/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Maimbourg, RitaAttorneys & law firms$2503/21/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Mcgarry, Joseph EAttorneys & law firms$5003/21/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Murgatroyd, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$2503/21/09Leonard LanceRNJ-7Yes
    Novogrod, John CAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/21/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Pellecchia, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/21/09Leonard LanceRNJ-7Yes
    Penett, Esq, Thomas K Esq,Attorneys & law firms$2503/21/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Smith, Mary BarbaraPhysicians$1,0003/21/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Tomei, Esq, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2503/21/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Vanhartesveldt, PeterAttorneys & law firms$5003/21/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Wilson, Lanny FPhysicians$2503/21/09Judy BiggertRIL-13Yes
    Wohlstetter, Alan F EsqAttorneys & law firms$5003/21/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    York, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$2503/21/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Allen, Gary G EsqAttorneys & law firms$2503/22/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$5003/22/09Lois CappsDCA-23Yes
    Bieder, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/22/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Bloss, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/22/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Cassidy, Md, J BrennanPhysicians$1,0003/22/09Dana RohrabacherRCA-46Yes
    Cunningham, FredTrial lawyers & law firms$5003/22/09Robert WexlerDFL-19Yes
    Dasent, Andre CAttorneys & law firms$2503/22/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Farber, StephaniePhysicians$5003/22/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Federal Aviation Admin Managers AssnFederal employees unions$5003/22/09Robert WexlerDFL-19Yes
    Grysen, Bernard EAttorneys & law firms$5003/22/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Horowitz, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/22/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Kerr, John J JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/22/09Rush HoltDNJ-12Yes
    Kilroy, John PAttorneys & law firms$2503/22/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Knight, LaurieCommercial TV & radio stations$5003/22/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Lawson, John EsqAttorneys & law firms$2503/22/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Magee, Susan BWomen's issues$1,0003/22/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Weiner, GeraldAttorneys & law firms$5003/22/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Willig, Deborah R EsqWomen's issues$1,0003/22/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Wong, Margaret WAttorneys & law firms$2003/22/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Jay InsleeDWA-1Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Jeb HensarlingRTX-5Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Jim CostaDCA-20Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7503/23/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7503/23/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7503/23/09Henry JohnsonDGA-4Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7503/23/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7503/23/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7503/23/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2023/23/09John ConyersDMI-14Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1983/23/09Howard BermanDCA-28Yes
    Ali Khan, Nadira MdPhysicians$2503/23/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Alissi, John JAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/23/09John YarmuthDKY-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0003/23/09Robert BerryDAR-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,5003/23/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/23/09Brian HigginsDNY-27Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$2,5003/23/09Bob FilnerDCA-51Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$2,5003/23/09Solomon OrtizDTX-27Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/23/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/23/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/23/09Doris MatsuiDCA-5Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/23/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/23/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/23/09Xavier BecerraDCA-31Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/23/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Arber, AnatolyPhysicians$2,4003/23/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Arent Fox LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Robert BerryDAR-1Yes
    Armentor, Glenn JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Baugher, PeterAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/23/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Bijev, HristoAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/23/09George RadanovichRCA-19Yes
    Bloch, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Boykin, Richard RAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/23/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Brady, J Christopher MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09John MicaRFL-7Yes
    Brown, W DouglasAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Charles DentRPA-15Yes
    Carter, NolanAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Carter, NolanAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Champagne, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Yvette ClarkeDNY-11Yes
    Chaudhary, MohammedPhysicians$2503/23/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0003/23/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Cohenour, Linda MrsPhysicians$5003/23/09Elton GalleglyRCA-24Yes
    Cohenour, Robert MrPhysicians$5003/23/09Elton GalleglyRCA-24Yes
    Connor, James MAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Cullen, AgnesAttorneys & law firms$1,3003/23/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Curtis, JackAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Degravelles, John WAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Dewitt, Charles EAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Dewitt, Charles EAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/23/09Robert BerryDAR-1Yes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Sam GravesRMO-6Yes
    Eggers, William DAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    Eskander, Essam SPhysicians$2503/23/09Mike McIntyreDNC-7Yes
    Fajer-Smith, DeboraAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Field, Marie HCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4003/23/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Field, Marie HCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4003/23/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Finn, Thomas MAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Fleckenstein, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Flippen, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$3003/23/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Franklin, JerryCommercial TV & radio stations$2503/23/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Fruge, Scott HAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Gray, George ClydeAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    Green, BarryAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Green, Barry DAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Griffith, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/23/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Grubbs, Julius W JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Gugliotti, Thomas aAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Harfst, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Hays, SusanAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Heckler, AlexAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Robert WexlerDFL-19Yes
    Hester, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Holthaus, C FrankAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Hubbell, Paul J IiiPhysicians$5003/23/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Imbroscio, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Jarashow, Ronald HAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Jean, AlainAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Yvette ClarkeDNY-11Yes
    John, Richard MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Mike RogersRAL-3Yes
    Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$393/23/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Jursinski, DarleneAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/23/09John DingellDMI-15Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09George ButterfieldDNC-1Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Linda SánchezDCA-39Yes
    Keenan, WalterAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/23/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Kelly, Susan RAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Kestenbaum, NancyAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Konecky, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4Yes
    Koppel, StevenPhysicians$5003/23/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Brad ShermanDCA-27Yes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Manke, Hugh IAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Martino, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Mcnamara, John B IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/23/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Moore, John EAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Bill PoseyRFL-15Yes
    Morrill, Sue REnvironmental policy$2,4003/23/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Morrill, William FEnvironmental policy$2,4003/23/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Nagy, Nafees MPhysicians$2,4003/23/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Olender, Jack HTrial lawyers & law firms$5003/23/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Palmintier, Michael CAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Pasquesi, FrankAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Patwardhan, Ravish DrPhysicians$5003/23/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Picou, Marguerite DrPhysicians$5003/23/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Powers, Hannah JAttorneys & law firms$3503/23/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Pratt, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Ray Hauser, Sraga Hauser LlcAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Reed Smith LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Jerry LewisRCA-41Yes
    Reynolds, Kevin NAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Richey, Hobart KPhysicians$5003/23/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Rifkind, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Risi, Joseph JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Robbins, DarrenTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/23/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Robbins, DarrenTrial lawyers & law firms$2,2003/23/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Saldanha, FrancisPhysicians$5003/23/09Shelley CapitoRWV-2Yes
    Schlueter, David RAttorneys & law firms$3003/23/09Peter RoskamRIL-6Yes
    Schulman, Myron aAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Schwarz, Rosemarie a VerdoneAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Seeley, Janet K MdPhysicians$5003/23/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Seifel Jr, Donald RAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Seiler, Jerry RAttorneys & law firms$6003/23/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Sofer, RogerAttorneys & law firms$3503/23/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Squire, Sanders & DempseyAttorneys & law firms$2,5003/23/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Squire, Sanders & DempseyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    Squire, Sanders & DempseyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/23/09Steven LaTouretteROH-14Yes
    Sturgess, David EAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Tansey, Brian BrianAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Trenk, AlvinAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Ullrich, Helen GAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Victor, Steven IAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Wade, TerryAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Timothy WalzDMN-1Yes
    Walters, AnnePhysicians$5003/23/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Weinraub, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2503/23/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Williamson, Carlton FAttorneys & law firms$5003/23/09Mike McIntyreDNC-7Yes
    Zurick, JamesAttorneys & law firms$7503/23/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    Abrams, DeniseTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/24/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Alexander, James LAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$5,0003/24/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/24/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/24/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/24/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/24/09Paul KanjorskiDPA-11Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0003/24/09George ButterfieldDNC-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0003/24/09Lois CappsDCA-23Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0003/24/09Robert WexlerDFL-19Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/24/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/24/09Diane WatsonDCA-33Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/24/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/24/09Emanuel CleaverDMO-5Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/24/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/24/09John DingellDMI-15Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/24/09Melissa BeanDIL-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/24/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/24/09Solomon OrtizDTX-27Yes
    Arent Fox LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/24/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Bailey, James HAttorneys & law firms$3003/24/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Barger, John WCommercial TV & radio stations$5003/24/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Barr, David HPhysicians$2503/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Bartley, AnneWomen's issues$1,0003/24/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    Bellinson, James LeeAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Benson, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$2503/24/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Berkson, JanineMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2,4003/24/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Bollinger, Donald TEnvironmental policy$1,3003/24/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Bousquet, Laurence G EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/24/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Bowman, John aAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Boyle, Christopher WAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$2,5003/24/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Breetz, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Calabrese, TonyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Cantu, David OAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Gus BilirakisRFL-9Yes
    Clark Hill PlcAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09John DingellDMI-15Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,5003/24/09Clifford StearnsRFL-6Yes
    Collier, DarrenAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Congel, Robert JEnvironmental policy$1,4003/24/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Cooperative of American PhysiciansPhysicians$5003/24/09Lucille Roybal-AllardDCA-34Yes
    Coplan, Dale JAttorneys & law firms$2503/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Creath, Robert G DrPhysicians$5003/24/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    D'alessandri, RobertPhysicians$1,0003/24/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    Dasent, AndreAttorneys & law firms$2503/24/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    Del Galdo, Michael TAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Desonier, KeithPhysicians$5003/24/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,5003/24/09John DingellDMI-15Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09John BoozmanRAR-3Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Robert WexlerDFL-19Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Thomas RooneyRFL-16Yes
    Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09James McGovernDMA-3Yes
    Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Egwele, RichardPhysicians$1,0003/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Ewing, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Fagelson, Bernard MAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Flowers, JaymeAttorneys & law firms$7473/24/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Flowers, Peter JAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/24/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Foerster, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Foote, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/24/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Fowler, White Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Robert WexlerDFL-19Yes
    Gablehouse, Timothy RAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/24/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Gage, G DavidAttorneys & law firms$2503/24/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Greco, DomAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/24/09Glenn ThompsonRPA-5Yes
    Hall, James aAttorneys & law firms$2503/24/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Handley, Richard D DrPhysicians$1,0003/24/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Holton, Tracy BishopAttorneys & law firms$2503/24/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Horwatt, Michael SAttorneys & law firms$6003/24/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Huddle, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Jacobson, Andrew aAttorneys & law firms$2503/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Jasons, Catherine NAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/24/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Johnson, Karl LAttorneys & law firms$2003/24/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Johnson, Stephen HunterAttorneys & law firms$2503/24/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Linda SánchezDCA-39Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Trent FranksRAZ-2Yes
    Katcher, Bruce SAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Kavanagh, David EAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Kenan, Bruce aEnvironmental policy$2,4003/24/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Khalaf, Vivian RAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Khankari, Kishore BPhysicians$2503/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Ladipo, Tunji MdPhysicians$1,0003/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Lake, CelindaWomen's issues$5003/24/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    Law, Diana MAttorneys & law firms$2503/24/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$5003/24/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Harry TeagueDNM-2Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Larry KissellDNC-8Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Michael ArcuriDNY-24Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Steny HoyerDMD-5Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2503/24/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    Lourie, AlexanderAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Mamangakis, StevenPhysicians$5003/24/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    Mandel, Michael SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Marotta, MarcAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Mcdermott, FrankAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/24/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Mcglinch, Brian Patrick MdPhysicians$2503/24/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Mcglinch, Brian Patrick MdPhysicians$2503/24/09Timothy WalzDMN-1Yes
    Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09George ButterfieldDNC-1Yes
    Mclaughlin, RogerAttorneys & law firms$4003/24/09Christopher SmithRNJ-4Yes
    Mcwhorter, Val SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Meyers, Ted AugustAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/24/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Mielke, CraigAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Moore, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2503/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Moriarty, James FAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    Murphy, Morgan F JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Myerson, TobyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Nita LoweyDNY-18Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/24/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$2,0003/24/09Stephen LynchDMA-9Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$1,0003/24/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$1,0003/24/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$1,0003/24/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$1,0003/24/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$5003/24/09Bob FilnerDCA-51Yes
    Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09John MicaRFL-7Yes
    Nordan, Richard PAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    Ostojic, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Park, W Anthony Anthony EsqAttorneys & law firms$2403/24/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Parrella, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2503/24/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Petros, RaymondAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Pierce, WilliamPhysicians$2,4003/24/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    Posner, Mary E HAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Presbrey, Kim EAttorneys & law firms$1,2003/24/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Pulaski, Charles a JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Roman, Marissa JanAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Ross, William L JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/24/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Roussos, Robert VAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Roy, James ParkersonAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Schwartz, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Timothy JohnsonRIL-15Yes
    Seavey, Robert WAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/24/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    Smith, LynnAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Spencer, Anna LAttorneys & law firms$3503/24/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    St Germain, Andrew JPhysicians$1,0003/24/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Stovall, James K EsqAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Talbert, Timothy DrPhysicians$5003/24/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Taylor, Willard BAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Taylor, Willard BAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Tibolt, RobertPhysicians$2503/24/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    Tynes, John WPhysicians$2503/24/09Mike ThompsonDCA-1Yes
    Wall, Joseph EAttorneys & law firms$2503/24/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Weiser, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Williams, Louis DPhysicians$1,0003/24/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/24/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Zeelander, JeffAttorneys & law firms$5003/24/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Adair, Evan EAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/25/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    Adams, J AllenAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Alberstadt, John W JrAttorneys & law firms$2003/25/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/25/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/25/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/25/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/25/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/25/09Henry JohnsonDGA-4Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Ben ChandlerDKY-6Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Bill PoseyRFL-15Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Carolyn KilpatrickDMI-13Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Chellie PingreeDME-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Eddie JohnsonDTX-30Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Howard BermanDCA-28Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09James McGovernDMA-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Jane HarmanDCA-36Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Jay InsleeDWA-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Lee TerryRNE-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Rubén HinojosaDTX-15Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/25/09Timothy WalzDMN-1Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/25/09Adam SchiffDCA-29Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/25/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/25/09Charles DentRPA-15Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/25/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/25/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/25/09John ShadeggRAZ-3Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/25/09Marsha BlackburnRTN-7Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/25/09Michael CastleRDEYes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5003/25/09Michele BachmannRMN-6Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,0003/25/09John ShimkusRIL-19Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,5003/25/09David ScottDGA-13Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/25/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/25/09Geoff DavisRKY-4Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/25/09John CulbersonRTX-7Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/25/09Lynn JenkinsRKS-2Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/25/09Yvette ClarkeDNY-11Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/25/09Christopher SmithRNJ-4Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0003/25/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    Anderson, Harriet VAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Arent Fox LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$4653/25/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$4053/25/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$813/25/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Baghdassarian, Kathy aPhysicians$2503/25/09Adam SchiffDCA-29Yes
    Baghdassarian, SahagPhysicians$2503/25/09Adam SchiffDCA-29Yes
    Baptiste, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Barclay, Steven CAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Joe DonnellyDIN-2Yes
    Bass, L ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Belzer, Nathan CAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Bieder, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Boesch, William SAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Bollinger, DonaldEnvironmental policy$2,3003/25/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Bollinger, Donald T MrEnvironmental policy$2,3003/25/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,9313/25/09Wm. ClayDMO-1Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Brian BilbrayRCA-50Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Erik PaulsenRMN-3Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Nathan DealRGA-9Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Peter RoskamRIL-6Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Buntrock, RosemarieWomen's issues$2,0003/25/09Judy BiggertRIL-13Yes
    Cabrera, Orlando JAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09Mario Diaz-BalartRFL-25Yes
    Catalfo, Alfred T IiiAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Cooperative of American PhysiciansPhysicians$-4003/25/09Dana RohrabacherRCA-46Yes
    Crowell & MoringAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$7503/25/09Fred UptonRMI-6Yes
    Dow Lohnes PllcAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    Emergency Dept Practice Management AssnPhysicians$1,0003/25/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Fabry, AnneAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Federal Managers AssnFederal employees unions$1,0003/25/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Federal Managers AssnFederal employees unions$1,0003/25/09Rick LarsenDWA-2Yes
    Federal Managers AssnFederal employees unions$1,0003/25/09Stephen LynchDMA-9Yes
    Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Candice MillerRMI-10Yes
    Fowler, White Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09Adam PutnamRFL-12Yes
    Garcia, Alfred RPhysicians$3003/25/09Adam SchiffDCA-29Yes
    Haas, AlbertPhysicians$2503/25/09Jo BonnerRAL-1Yes
    Hastie, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Donald PayneDNJ-10Yes
    Hershenbaum, EstherPhysicians$1,0003/25/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Herzig, EdwardPhysicians$1,0003/25/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$2,5003/25/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Kathy CastorDFL-11Yes
    Hul, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Israel, GaryAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Jimenez, Marcos DAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09Mario Diaz-BalartRFL-25Yes
    Johnson, M ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Joslin, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$4003/25/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Clifford StearnsRFL-6Yes
    Katz, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Kearney, Dennis JAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Keating, JustinAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Ike SkeltonDMO-4Yes
    Korge, Christopher GAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/25/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Korge, Christopher GAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/25/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Krah, John G MrPhysicians$5003/25/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Lipsky, MarvinPhysicians$5003/25/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Lydecker, Richard JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Maher, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/25/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Mcmanimon, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Donald PayneDNJ-10Yes
    Mielke, ElaineAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Mixer, Madeline HWomen's issues$2503/25/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/25/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/25/09Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSDYes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$5003/25/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$1,0003/25/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    National Weather Service Employees OrgFederal employees unions$1,0003/25/09Alan MollohanDWV-1Yes
    Nelson, Frances BWomen's issues$2,3003/25/09Lynn JenkinsRKS-2Yes
    Nguyen, Phu DAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Loretta SanchezDCA-47Yes
    Nol, Edward aPhysicians$5003/25/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Oppliger, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Pillsbury, Winthrop Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/25/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Presta, Lisa SmithAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    Preyer, Jane BEnvironmental policy$1,0003/25/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Reed, TeresaPhysicians$2,3003/25/09Silvestre ReyesDTX-16Yes
    Regenbogen, LaurieAttorneys & law firms$3003/25/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Rice, BarbaraWomen's issues$5003/25/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Richman, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/25/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Rippon, MichelleAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Virginia FoxxRNC-5Yes
    Rizzi, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$3003/25/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Ruskin, Melvyn EsqAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Samson, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Schulz, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$3,0003/25/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Smith, NealAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Leonard BoswellDIA-3Yes
    Smoger, Gerson HAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Spater, Alexander MorrisAttorneys & law firms$1,8003/25/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Spriggs, KentAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Stark, Seth TAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Steinberger, AbrahamPhysicians$5003/25/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Streng, Frank WAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Swain, Stephen CAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Symington, James WAttorneys & law firms$2503/25/09Russ CarnahanDMO-3Yes
    Talarico, Thomas SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    Terrill, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5003/25/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Thomas, Mack aPhysicians$2503/25/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    Thomas, Roger MrPhysicians$3003/25/09Todd TiahrtRKS-4Yes
    Trenkle, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Univision CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/25/09Ben LujánDNM-3Yes
    Univision CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/25/09John SalazarDCO-3Yes
    Yoakum, Alice B EsqAttorneys & law firms$7003/25/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Ziffra, Allan LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/25/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Alexander, MarcellusCommercial TV & radio stations$2503/26/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$5,0003/26/09Alcee HastingsDFL-23Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$5,0003/26/09Alcee HastingsDFL-23Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$5,0003/26/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$4,0003/26/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/26/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0003/26/09Timothy JohnsonRIL-15Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/26/09Adam SchiffDCA-29Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/26/09Alan MollohanDWV-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/26/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/26/09Betty SuttonDOH-13Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/26/09Brad ShermanDCA-27Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/26/09Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/26/09David LoebsackDIA-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/26/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/26/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/26/09José SerranoDNY-16Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/26/09Sam FarrDCA-17Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$5,0003/26/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$5,0003/26/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/26/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/26/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/26/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/26/09John YarmuthDKY-3Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/26/09Steny HoyerDMD-5Yes
    American College of CardiologyPhysicians$2,5003/26/09Steny HoyerDMD-5Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$2,0003/26/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$1,0003/26/09Earl BlumenauerDOR-3Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$1,0003/26/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$1,0003/26/09Sue MyrickRNC-9Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$5,0003/26/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    American Intellectual Property Law AssnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Sheila Jackson LeeDTX-18Yes
    American Intellectual Property Law AssnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Amin, NadiaPhysicians$2503/26/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Angelo, TomAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/26/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Ausley, DuboseAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Ba-Yunus, Asad MAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Bacos, Lorraine FPhysicians$2503/26/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Barger, John MrCommercial TV & radio stations$5003/26/09Gene GreenDTX-29Yes
    Barnes, LaurenAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Behairy, Mohamed SPhysicians$1,0003/26/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Bennett, LeonardTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/26/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Carruthers, Scott HTrial lawyers & law firms$2503/26/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Carter, LeeAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/26/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Dalley, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Denton, Harold LeeAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09David LoebsackDIA-2Yes
    Dickson, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/26/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Clifford StearnsRFL-6Yes
    Doherty, GerardAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09John OlverDMA-1Yes
    Drazin, Dennis a EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Emmert, L StevenAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Farber, JosephAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Fielder, HenryAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Foley, KevinAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    Gerrard, Barbara SAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Goldberger, AriAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/26/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Graham, Carolyn MAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/26/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Graham, James FAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/26/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Hartzell, J JeromeAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Hoffa, David JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Adam SchiffDCA-29Yes
    Iddings, GreggAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Ikram, Khawaja NimrPhysicians$5003/26/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Joffe, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/26/09Nita LoweyDNY-18Yes
    Johnson, GwenPhysicians$2503/26/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Juday, Sally aWomen's issues$1,0003/26/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Kizer, AaronAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Kraus, Bruce RAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/26/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Leal, Francisco HAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Joe BacaDCA-43Yes
    Leblanc, BurtonAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Lee, BarbaraWomen's issues$1,0003/26/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Levenson, LloydAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09Frank LoBiondoRNJ-2Yes
    Lindo, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Robert AderholtRAL-4Yes
    Lyles, Joseph SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Timothy BishopDNY-1Yes
    Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$-5003/26/09Timothy BishopDNY-1Yes
    Mann, CalvinAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09John CulbersonRTX-7Yes
    Mascolo, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Mayer, DebbyAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Mcginn, RandiAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09Harry TeagueDNM-2Yes
    Morf, Darrel ArleAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09David LoebsackDIA-2Yes
    Murad, GaryAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/26/09Henry WaxmanDCA-30Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/26/09Joe BartonRTX-6Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$1,0003/26/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$5003/26/09Christopher SmithRNJ-4Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$2503/26/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Petersen, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Danny DavisDIL-7Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Ike SkeltonDMO-4Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09J. ForbesRVA-4Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Peter ViscloskyDIN-1Yes
    Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSDYes
    Potestivo, BrianAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Powell, Mary JaneWomen's issues$2,4003/26/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Rab, Cyrus MobeenAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Reisberg, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Rieders, CliffordAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$3,0003/26/09Steven LaTouretteROH-14Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Betty SuttonDOH-13Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Steve AustriaROH-7Yes
    Rogers, Paul VAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    Rothfuss, Richard MAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Rupp, John PAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    Schottenstein, Zox & DunnAttorneys & law firms$2,5003/26/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Sparks, SethAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Spiegel, AudreyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Stein, MaryAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    Stone, Roger WadeAttorneys & law firms$2503/26/09David LoebsackDIA-2Yes
    Stubbs, Sidney a JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Turetsky, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Verderame, FrankAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Vigil, LisaAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/26/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Vorys, Sater Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/26/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Wahid, KhurrumAttorneys & law firms$5003/26/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Wilson, Rowan DAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/26/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Zirkin, NancyHuman Rights$1,0003/26/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7503/27/09Howard CobleRNC-6Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7503/27/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Albright, RachelWomen's issues$3003/27/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Allmayer, DanielAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Alper, SusanAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$4,0003/27/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/27/09Lincoln Diaz-BalartRFL-21Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$5,0003/27/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$2,5003/27/09Collin PetersonDMN-7Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$2,5003/27/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Alan GraysonDFL-8Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Brian HigginsDNY-27Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Doris MatsuiDCA-5Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Grace NapolitanoDCA-38Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Harry TeagueDNM-2Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Larry KissellDNC-8Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Laura RichardsonDCA-37Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/27/09Thomas PerrielloDVA-5Yes
    Argust, Marcia FrenzEnvironmental policy$5003/27/09Michael SimpsonRID-2Yes
    Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Heath ShulerDNC-11Yes
    Bass, ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Baumann, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Beard, PatAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Beard, PatAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Bennett, Elizabeth MMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$1,0003/27/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Bieker, Dennis LAttorneys & law firms$1,7823/27/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Bisignano, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Blackett-Bonnett, TerryPhysicians$2253/27/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Blue, LisaAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Bohm, James GAttorneys & law firms$6003/27/09Loretta SanchezDCA-47Yes
    Bonee, Philip MAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Bonin, Adam CraigAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Bowman, John SAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Bobby BrightDAL-2Yes
    Bowman, John SAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Bobby BrightDAL-2Yes
    Brown, Manley FAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/27/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Carey, Bernard J JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Carey, BrianAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Case, Charles DAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Cassidy, David RAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Chen, Jong L MdPhysicians$4933/27/09Daniel LungrenRCA-3Yes
    Clark, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Clark, Martha FullerWomen's issues$2,3003/27/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    Coffey, Anne ChurchillAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Coffey, John PAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Coscia, Anthony RAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Dasent, Andre CAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Decrescenzo, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Deutsch, Stephen BAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Dichter, Mark SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Dino, MikeAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Daniel LipinskiDIL-3Yes
    Droney Jr, John FAttorneys & law firms$4003/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Edmonds, John LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Elmore, Michael MdPhysicians$5003/27/09Mike PenceRIN-6Yes
    Epstein, Howard BAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Feldman, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Fisher, Charles MAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Frails, RandolphAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Gagliano, Tina aAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Gammon, George DavisPhysicians$2,4003/27/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Gilbert, Mitchell aAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Gilligan, John PAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Gilstrap, RodneyAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Lloyd DoggettDTX-25Yes
    Gilstrap, RodneyAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Graham, Beth aAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Graham, Bryan HAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Graham, Clay PAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Gregory, Carolyn BAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Halloran, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Harris, Richard JAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Hatten, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Henry, E LAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Hess, Philip MAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Russ CarnahanDMO-3Yes
    Hockfield, Steven aAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Larry KissellDNC-8Yes
    Hyman, NormanAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Ionoale, Ronald JAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Jaffe, Raitt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1803/27/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Jawitz, JackPhysicians$5003/27/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Jones, Gary DAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Judice, Marc WAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    Junck, Kenneth DAttorneys & law firms$6003/27/09Gene GreenDTX-29Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Kahn, AndreaAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Kaplan, CraigAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Kapp, M KeithAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Karavan, Marcus HAttorneys & law firms$2003/27/09Frank LoBiondoRNJ-2Yes
    Karll, Jo AnnAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Russ CarnahanDMO-3Yes
    Kelly, Peter GAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    King, John CAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Kleinman, Daniel EAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Knapp, CraigAttorneys & law firms$3003/27/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Kostin, Dane RAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Kugler, Robert RAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Labovitz, Steven JAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Landzberg, Alan JAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$5003/27/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Leavitt-Gruber, EdwinAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Levy, Coleman BAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Liebling, Charles BAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    London, LeslieAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Luddy, Rovert JAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Mangrum, BoydAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Marino, James JAttorneys & law firms$1,2503/27/09Rush HoltDNJ-12Yes
    Mcgarrah, DouglasAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Mcnamara, Kevin TAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Mcneive, LyndaAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    Mcnulty, LindaAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/27/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Mcnulty, Michael FAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/27/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Mcshane, Thomas PAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Morse, M HowardAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Morton, Catherene JAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Mr Thomas CampbellAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Russ CarnahanDMO-3Yes
    Napier, John LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Henry BrownRSC-1Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/27/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$2,5003/27/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$1,0003/27/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$1,0003/27/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$5003/27/09Timothy BishopDNY-1Yes
    Nestico, John JAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Larry KissellDNC-8Yes
    Nijenhuis, ErikaAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Nordgren, Elizabeth EWomen's issues$2,0003/27/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    Nowoslawski, Lee Barber MdPhysicians$1,0003/27/09Jim GerlachRPA-6Yes
    Orcutt, John TAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Orwoll, Chris DMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2503/27/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Oxholm, Kimberly CWomen's issues$1,0003/27/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Plackter, JackAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Frank LoBiondoRNJ-2Yes
    Pond, FrankAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Pond, FrankAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Powell, David Daniel JrAttorneys & law firms$2003/27/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Pressman, Norman WAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Russ CarnahanDMO-3Yes
    Pullman & ComleyAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/27/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Racine, ScottAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Reidy, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Reidy, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Reidy, Joseph MAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Rheaume, Gordon PPhysicians$4003/27/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    Rhodes, Peter MAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Rogalski, Dr MiroslawPhysicians$2003/27/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Rominski, KathrynCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/27/09Michele BachmannRMN-6Yes
    Roth, David MAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Roth, Linda HAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Rummler, RosemaryAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Rush, Robert RoyAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09David LoebsackDIA-2Yes
    Sampson, BillAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Sanders, Roger DAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Sheridan, David MAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Shivers, Nancy TAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Sifton, R Prescott JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Russ CarnahanDMO-3Yes
    Sipkins, James MdPhysicians$2503/27/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Smart, Kate MrsPhysicians$5003/27/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Smith, James aAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Smith, Maury DAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Bobby BrightDAL-2Yes
    Smith, Maury DAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Bobby BrightDAL-2Yes
    Smith, Paul DAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Michael McCaulRTX-10Yes
    Spater, Alexander MorrisAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Spillman, Fairley CAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Stafstrom, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/27/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Summerside, Paul R MdPhysicians$5003/27/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Thompson, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Tormey Iii, Esq, John JAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Troutman SandersAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Phil GingreyRGA-11Yes
    Vadlamudi, BabuPhysicians$5003/27/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Van Dam, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5003/27/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/27/09Howard CobleRNC-6Yes
    Welsh, Ann RowlandWomen's issues$1,0003/27/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    Williams, Constance HWomen's issues$1,0003/27/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Williams, Constance HWomen's issues$-9003/27/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Williams, Sankey V MdWomen's issues$9003/27/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Wright, WayneAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Zaccardelli, RobertoAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Zidel, Mitchell JAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Zwillman, Blair RAttorneys & law firms$2503/27/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$2,5003/28/09Steny HoyerDMD-5Yes
    Arabitg, GinaPhysicians$1,0003/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Barber, Phillip DeanAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Belzley, SethAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Bernard, Christopher DAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/28/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Bewley, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$5003/28/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Bieder, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/28/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Bloss, William MAttorneys & law firms$5003/28/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Bright, AdamPhysicians$1,0003/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Carlo, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5003/28/09Brian HigginsDNY-27Yes
    Casper, Stewart MAttorneys & law firms$1,4003/28/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Casper, Stewart Michael EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/28/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Casper, Stewart Michael EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/28/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Cervantes, Leonard PAttorneys & law firms$5003/28/09Russ CarnahanDMO-3Yes
    Chapman, KarenPhysicians$5003/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Chattman, Gerald MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09Steven LaTouretteROH-14Yes
    Cohen, Nancy LAttorneys & law firms$2003/28/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Edwards, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Fahey, MarkPhysicians$2503/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Farber, Steven WAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/28/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Flynn, Patricia aWomen's issues$2503/28/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Fong, JonathanPhysicians$5003/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Glahn, Wilbur a IiiAttorneys & law firms$5003/28/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Glover, JeffPhysicians$2503/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Gonzalez, JulioPhysicians$1,0003/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Gowda, AmarnathAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Haleem, AbdulPhysicians$5003/28/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Hammond, Mary SPhysicians$5003/28/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Hebeisen, Keith aTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/28/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Heffner, John DAttorneys & law firms$5003/28/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    Hill, JesseAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09Lois CappsDCA-23Yes
    Hill, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/28/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Holcomb, DavidPhysicians$5003/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Horwitz, James DAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/28/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Humphrey, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Jaquith, Michael HPhysicians$1,0003/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Johanson, KarinAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Kaiser, Isaac HAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Kehoe, Stephen HAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/28/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Kelley, Frank EAttorneys & law firms$3003/28/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Krackow, Kenneth aPhysicians$1,0003/28/09Brian HigginsDNY-27Yes
    Lavelle, John P JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/28/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Letro, Francis MAttorneys & law firms$5003/28/09Brian HigginsDNY-27Yes
    Letson, WilliamPhysicians$1,0003/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Levi, John GAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/28/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Lichtenstein, Joel HAttorneys & law firms$5003/28/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Lucente, RoccoAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09Brian HigginsDNY-27Yes
    Marion, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5003/28/09Brian HigginsDNY-27Yes
    Miley, StephenPhysicians$5003/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Muslim, Arif MPhysicians$5003/28/09Maurice HincheyDNY-22Yes
    Noah, JosephPhysicians$5003/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Patete, Michael LPhysicians$1,0003/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Pogue, Richard W MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09Steven LaTouretteROH-14Yes
    Rodriguez, Jose MAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/28/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Rowsey, J JamesPhysicians$5003/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Selva, SergioPhysicians$5003/28/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Shoub, Grant DAttorneys & law firms$5003/28/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Sigmon, C Miller JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Simpson, Charles EAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Wallitsch, NancyAttorneys & law firms$2503/28/09Charles DentRPA-15Yes
    Weiner, Peter HAttorneys & law firms$5003/28/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Weinmann, PeterAttorneys & law firms$5003/28/09Brian HigginsDNY-27Yes
    Witte, GilbertPhysicians$2503/28/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    Alexis-Calixte, NancyPhysicians$2503/29/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Allen, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2503/29/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Allwin, ChristopherMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2,0003/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Allwin, KatrinaMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2,0003/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Allwin, MariaMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2,0003/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Allwin, MichaelMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2,0003/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/29/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Arekapudi, BapuPhysicians$5013/29/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Bohannon, John P JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Branton, James LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/29/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Chandna, HarishPhysicians$5003/29/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Charny, Richard BAttorneys & law firms$6003/29/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Cleary, Frank BAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Coffey, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/29/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    Conlon, Kevin JAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Crosley, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2503/29/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Feeney, MattAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Fleischer, RobertMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2503/29/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Foote, Barbara JWomen's issues$5003/29/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Foster, Mary JaneAttorneys & law firms$2503/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Gaalla, AjayPhysicians$2503/29/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Glassman, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$7503/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Hennessey, William JAttorneys & law firms$2503/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Hernandez, Alex VAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Herring, Wade W IiAttorneys & law firms$3003/29/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Hyams, HaroldAttorneys & law firms$2503/29/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Jay, David E EsqAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    Jimenez, EricPhysicians$1,0003/29/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Kozyak, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2503/29/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Kramer, Andrea CWomen's issues$2503/29/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Lander, AlfredAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/29/09Glenn ThompsonRPA-5Yes
    Laske, Arthur C IiiAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Lockwood, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$2503/29/09Bobby BrightDAL-2Yes
    Lorsch, Patricia MWomen's issues$2503/29/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Maloney, TimAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/29/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Massad, Timothy GAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Mcknight, Albert WAttorneys & law firms$4503/29/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Mendoza, Eva GAttorneys & law firms$3003/29/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Mermell, JesseWomen's issues$2503/29/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Mertes, James WAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Morris, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Moukawsher, Thomas GAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Nicholson, William GordonAttorneys & law firms$2503/29/09David LoebsackDIA-2Yes
    Niehoff, LeonardAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Noonan, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/29/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Parikh, DaksheshkumarPhysicians$1,1663/29/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Parikh, DaksheshkumarPhysicians$5003/29/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Parikh, NamritaPhysicians$1,1673/29/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Parikh, SudarshanaAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Peddy, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$3003/29/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Pignatelli, Louis FAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Pozza, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/29/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Pratt, Peter WPhysicians$2,4003/29/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Putziger, MyrnaAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Query, Bryan LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/29/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Roberts, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Rodriguez Jr, FidelAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/29/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Rosenfeld, Lisa aPhysicians$2,4003/29/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Schiffrin, Barbara ZWomen's issues$2,4003/29/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Shearin, James TAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Spriggs, KentAttorneys & law firms$2503/29/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    Sueppel, Patricia AnnAttorneys & law firms$2503/29/09David LoebsackDIA-2Yes
    Swanker, Esther MMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$5003/29/09Paul TonkoDNY-21Yes
    Talley, Audrey C EsqAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Walsh, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$5003/29/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Abramowitz, ElkanAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/30/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Acciani, Henry DAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Adler, RussellAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Robert WexlerDFL-19Yes
    Aitken, Bruce EAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Frank LoBiondoRNJ-2Yes
    Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Bill PoseyRFL-15Yes
    Alberstadt, John W JrAttorneys & law firms$3003/30/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/30/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/30/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/30/09Michael DoyleDPA-14Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/30/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/30/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/30/09Russ CarnahanDMO-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/30/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$5003/30/09Michael CastleRDEYes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$2,5003/30/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$2,0003/30/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    American Intellectual Property Law AssnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Howard CobleRNC-6Yes
    Anderson, EugeneAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    Anderson, EugeneAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    Anderson, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Antone, N PeterAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Arent Fox LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$2,5003/30/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Avallone, Anthony VAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Baloney, Geri BroussardAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Barber, Robert CWomen's issues$5003/30/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    Barbour, John a MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Judy BiggertRIL-13Yes
    Barr, Stanley G JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Batcheller, David S MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Beasley, George GCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/30/09Bob EtheridgeDNC-2Yes
    Bell, ChrisAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Eddie JohnsonDTX-30Yes
    Bendalin, Sherman RAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Berger, Cynthia CAttorneys & law firms$3003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Berguer, RamonPhysicians$3603/30/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Bernstein, SteveAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/30/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Binder, Charles EAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Bizzozero, O Joseph Jr M DPhysicians$2503/30/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Black, Steve LAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Boigan, Howard LAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Bollinger, Donald TEnvironmental policy$2,3003/30/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Boniske, Nina LAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Borbi, John DAttorneys & law firms$1,2003/30/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Bowman, John aAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Phil GingreyRGA-11Yes
    Brandenstein, Richard JAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Breimer, Stephen FAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Broadus, Georgia WAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Burt, C Oliver IiiAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Robert WexlerDFL-19Yes
    Bush, Thomas EAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Butcher, Richard OPhysicians$1,0003/30/09Diane WatsonDCA-33Yes
    Caballero, CarlosPhysicians$2,4003/30/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Caballero, CarlosPhysicians$2,4003/30/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Caballero, EvePhysicians$2,4003/30/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Caballero, EvePhysicians$2,4003/30/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Calemmo, KennethAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Frank LoBiondoRNJ-2Yes
    Carpenter, AllegraAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Carter, John B DrPhysicians$1,0003/30/09Joe WilsonRSC-2Yes
    Cartwright, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$4003/30/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    Casden, Mary HopkinsAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Casden, Richard StephenPhysicians$5003/30/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Casper, E JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Castellano, AndrewEnvironmental policy$1,0003/30/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Chandler, Fay MWomen's issues$1,0003/30/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Chang, John S EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Adam SchiffDCA-29Yes
    Chapman, JeromeAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Chen, Jong L MdPhysicians$1,9063/30/09Daniel LungrenRCA-3Yes
    Christman, Laura JeanAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Comunale, RodPhysicians$1,0003/30/09Diane WatsonDCA-33Yes
    Conlon, KevinAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Connolly, Coyle SPhysicians$1,0003/30/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Coravos, PamelaAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Covert, AmyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Cox, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Crowell & MoringAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Cuddigan, Timothy JAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Culverhouse, Hugh JrAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/30/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Davis, Scott EAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    De Leon, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Debofsky, Mark DAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Debruin, David LAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Declement, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Frank LoBiondoRNJ-2Yes
    Dennis, Gary CPhysicians$2503/30/09Diane WatsonDCA-33Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/30/09Mike PenceRIN-6Yes
    Dobrinsky, ManuelAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Robert WexlerDFL-19Yes
    Doyle, Craig D EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/30/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    Doyle, Patrick J JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Dreyer, PeterAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Drost, George TAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Dunlevey, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Michael TurnerROH-3Yes
    Dveirin, Keith RobertPhysicians$2503/30/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Eagen, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Echols, JimAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Edsall, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2493/30/09Elton GalleglyRCA-24Yes
    Esposito, Carmine EAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Eutsler, Brenda LeeAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Everett, Cynthia aAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Faircloth, DmAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Jeb HensarlingRTX-5Yes
    Faircloth, DmAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Jeb HensarlingRTX-5Yes
    Feinberg, GreggAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Charles DentRPA-15Yes
    Feinstein, Wendy W MsAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Felser, Jeffery aAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Fender, Harris DrPhysicians$2503/30/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Fink, Jesse MEnvironmental policy$2,3003/30/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Flager, Randall C EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Flint, RobertEnvironmental policy$1,0003/30/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Fowler, David MAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Lynn JenkinsRKS-2Yes
    Friedman, AlanAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Friedman, KentAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Eddie JohnsonDTX-30Yes
    Friedman, TeddAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Gartenstein, VictorAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Anthony WeinerDNY-9Yes
    Garver, Frederick HAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    Gehlhausen, JohnAttorneys & law firms$9003/30/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Giuliano, RachelPhysicians$2,3003/30/09Robert AndrewsDNJ-1Yes
    Giuliano, RachelPhysicians$1,9003/30/09Robert AndrewsDNJ-1Yes
    Gleason, Don OAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Travis ChildersDMS-1Yes
    Glenn, Gary FAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Goldstein, Amy CAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Goodman, Barry JAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Googasian, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Googasian, PhyllisAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Graves, Lee MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Greenberg, GaryAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Greene, Beth K EsqTrial lawyers & law firms$5003/30/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    Greer, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Eddie JohnsonDTX-30Yes
    Greer, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Travis ChildersDMS-1Yes
    Gross, Gary NeilPhysicians$1,0003/30/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Hacker, Michael S MrAttorneys & law firms$3003/30/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Hall, Charles TAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Hall, John E MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Hanks, Steven D MdPhysicians$5003/30/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Hanszen, Jerry TCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/30/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Harla, William KAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Harrison, CatherinePhysicians$1,4003/30/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Harrison, Craig E DrPhysicians$9003/30/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Harvey, WayneAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/30/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Heard, John RAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Hogan, John VAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Hogan, WayneTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/30/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Hohn, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Hood, Rodney GPhysicians$1,0003/30/09Diane WatsonDCA-33Yes
    Hsieh, Tung MPhysicians$2003/30/09Daniel LungrenRCA-3Yes
    Hunt, Patrick EAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Michael MichaudDME-2Yes
    Jeter, JohnPhysicians$5003/30/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Johnson, Leonard HAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Johnson, Leonard HAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Johnson, Ven RAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Jones, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2803/30/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Yvette ClarkeDNY-11Yes
    Kahaner, Eileen LauraAttorneys & law firms$3503/30/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Kaplan, BrucePhysicians$1,0003/30/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Keenan, WalterAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Kelley, Frank JAttorneys & law firms$2003/30/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Kopin, JeffreyPhysicians$5003/30/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Kopin, JeffreyPhysicians$5003/30/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Krug, George JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Daniel LipinskiDIL-3Yes
    Kuznicki, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Lamanna, Vincent JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Frank LoBiondoRNJ-2Yes
    Lancaster, James R JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Langan, GerardAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    Langer, HowardAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Lanier, Robert Simmons Jr EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,6003/30/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Lanier, Robert Simmons Jr EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,4003/30/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Lapp, Timothy CAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Lavan, Kenneth LAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Lazar, Rande HPhysicians$2,4003/30/09Anthony WeinerDNY-9Yes
    Lazar, Rande HPhysicians$6003/30/09Anthony WeinerDNY-9Yes
    Leddy, Michael J Dr IiiPhysicians$5003/30/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Leventhal, JessAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Levin, Fred JAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Levy, BarryAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Lewis, Guy a MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Lewis, Loyda MrsAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Lieberman, Lyle DAttorneys & law firms$4003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Lienhart, RossEnvironmental policy$5523/30/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Liggio, Jeffrey MAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Littlejohn, R Orin DrPhysicians$5003/30/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Logan, StuartAttorneys & law firms$3603/30/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Lubin-Johnson, NivaPhysicians$5003/30/09Diane WatsonDCA-33Yes
    Lykins, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Maley, Martin K SrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Malito, Stephen aAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Maloof, AlbertAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Martin, Charles LAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Maschka, Gerald LAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Timothy WalzDMN-1Yes
    Mellor, Brad MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Mick, BryanAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Lee TerryRNE-2Yes
    Mid-Atlantic Laborers' Political LeagueLabor Unions$2,5003/30/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    Mid-Atlantic Laborers' Political LeagueLabor Unions$2,5003/30/09Larry KissellDNC-8Yes
    Mid-Atlantic Laborers' Political LeagueLabor Unions$2,5003/30/09Tim HoldenDPA-17Yes
    Mitchell, Richard CAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Montague, Caryn EAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Morganroth, MayerAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Morris, Richard PAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Mostyn, AmberTrial lawyers & law firms$2,3003/30/09Eddie JohnsonDTX-30Yes
    Mostyn, SteveTrial lawyers & law firms$2,3003/30/09Eddie JohnsonDTX-30Yes
    Murray, LarryAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Nachman, LeonardAttorneys & law firms$1,4003/30/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0003/30/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/30/09John BoehnerROH-8Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/30/09Ted PoeRTX-2Yes
    New, Thomas LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    New, Thomas LAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    Newton, DavidPhysicians$5003/30/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Newton, Grace AllenAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/30/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Nonna, John MAttorneys & law firms$2163/30/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Occhionero, Michael MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Steven LaTouretteROH-14Yes
    Opalinski, Christopher R MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Orr, Richard FAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Paine, Susan WMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2503/30/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Pardo, Mary Ann MrsPhysicians$2503/30/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Parks, C James MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Parrish, James N Jr MdPhysicians$5003/30/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Parsons, Philip SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Parvin, Gary RAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Howard CobleRNC-6Yes
    Patty, Bernard EPhysicians$5003/30/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Pepper, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Perego, Kenneth L Ii, MdPhysicians$5003/30/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Perez, Jose G MrPhysicians$2503/30/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Petersen, John DAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Lynn JenkinsRKS-2Yes
    Pickard, RachelAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Pierce, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Pierre, Eddy PAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Pitt, Michael LAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Pope, David DrPhysicians$5003/30/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Popok, Michael SAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Porter, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$1,2003/30/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Potter, Earl WAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Powell, SidneyAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Pete SessionsRTX-32Yes
    Radogno, NunzioAttorneys & law firms$3003/30/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Ratzel, John Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Lincoln Diaz-BalartRFL-21Yes
    Rea, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Robert WexlerDFL-19Yes
    Rey-Bear, DanAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Richey, Wesley J DrPhysicians$5003/30/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Rinzel, DanielAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09F. SensenbrennerRWI-5Yes
    Robfogel, Nathan JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Robins, Kaplan Et AlAttorneys & law firms$3,0003/30/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Rodriguez, FidelAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Henry CuellarDTX-28Yes
    Rohlfing, Lawrence DAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Rosasco, Troy GAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Ross, JohnAttorneys & law firms$3003/30/09Christopher SmithRNJ-4Yes
    Russo, Karren L DrPhysicians$5003/30/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Ryan, Timothy P MrAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/30/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Sachs, Robert JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Salartash, Khashayar DrPhysicians$2503/30/09Frank LoBiondoRNJ-2Yes
    Sayfie, Justin JAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Mario Diaz-BalartRFL-25Yes
    Schmidt, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/30/09Harry TeagueDNM-2Yes
    Schoenburg, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Schostok, Michael PAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/30/09Melissa BeanDIL-8Yes
    Scott, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Joe DonnellyDIN-2Yes
    Sensenbrenner, Joseph F JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Tammy BaldwinDWI-2Yes
    Shallal, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,2003/30/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Sheller, Stephen aAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Shelton, Jason LeeAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Travis ChildersDMS-1Yes
    Shetty, GitaPhysicians$1,0003/30/09Robert WexlerDFL-19Yes
    Shoenfelt, Oscar L IiiAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Silvia, Clarence JPhysicians$5003/30/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Simon, Basil TAttorneys & law firms$2003/30/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Sokol, Leon JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Solow, Michael BarryAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Spruill, Benny R MdPhysicians$5003/30/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Squire, Sanders & DempseyAttorneys & law firms$4,0003/30/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Squire, Sanders & DempseyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    St John, J WarrenAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Kay GrangerRTX-12Yes
    Steffen, Joseph J JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$5,0003/30/09Steny HoyerDMD-5Yes
    Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Storino, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Daniel LipinskiDIL-3Yes
    Sutton, Thomas DAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Tatreau, RobertPhysicians$3003/30/09Michele BachmannRMN-6Yes
    Tauberg, Beth E DrPhysicians$1,0003/30/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Taylor, Richard EAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Tebelius, DianeAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09David ReichertRWA-8Yes
    Teich, HowardAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Templton, Lance E DrPhysicians$5003/30/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Tenreiro, Edgardo JPhysicians$2503/30/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Texada, Charles T DrPhysicians$5003/30/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Tobin, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$3003/30/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Tordella, Joseph DrPhysicians$2503/30/09Frank LoBiondoRNJ-2Yes
    Trienens, HowardAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Trienens, PaulaAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Trienens, PaulaAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/30/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Troutman, Steve aAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Tsamoutales, Frank MAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/30/09Bill PoseyRFL-15Yes
    Tsamoutales, Kimberly HAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/30/09Bill PoseyRFL-15Yes
    Vaughn, Troy M MdPhysicians$5003/30/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Verrill, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2503/30/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Vesselka, LarryAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Eddie JohnsonDTX-30Yes
    Vorys, Sater Et AlAttorneys & law firms$423/30/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Webb, Renick MdPhysicians$5003/30/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Westmark, KayPhysicians$2,4003/30/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Westmark, RichardPhysicians$4,8003/30/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Westmark, RichardPhysicians$-2,4003/30/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    White, Charles BAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    White, Valerie MAttorneys & law firms$5003/30/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Wiley, Joseph CPhysicians$1,4003/30/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Williams, Hampton D DrPhysicians$5003/30/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Wittenberg, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Yang, Chun YihPhysicians$2003/30/09Daniel LungrenRCA-3Yes
    Yosha, Louis B EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Baron HillDIN-9Yes
    Zoberman, WendyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Robert WexlerDFL-19Yes
    Zuckerman, Richard M EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/30/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Abrams, Douglas BAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Bob EtheridgeDNC-2Yes
    Abrams, FloydAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Abrams, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Adams & ReeseAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Allen, RandAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Altman, GardnerAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Larry KissellDNC-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$3,0003/31/09Larry KissellDNC-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/31/09Bobby RushDIL-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/31/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/31/09James MoranDVA-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/31/09Louise SlaughterDNY-28Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/31/09Mazie HironoDHI-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5003/31/09Sheila Jackson LeeDTX-18Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/31/09Albio SiresDNJ-13Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/31/09Ben LujánDNM-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/31/09Howard CobleRNC-6Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/31/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/31/09Lincoln Diaz-BalartRFL-21Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/31/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/31/09Mike RossDAR-4Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/31/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/31/09Shelley CapitoRWV-2Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0003/31/09Steve AustriaROH-7Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0003/31/09James LangevinDRI-2Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$-1,0003/31/09Brian HigginsDNY-27Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$-1,0003/31/09James LangevinDRI-2Yes
    Archibald, CatherineAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Ashby, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$9003/31/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Astrella, LanceAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09John SalazarDCO-3Yes
    Axinn, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Bahrenburg, John ClaudeAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Timothy BishopDNY-1Yes
    Baig, FaridaPhysicians$5003/31/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Ball, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/31/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Bangiola, Paul MAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Baran, JanAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Barbatano, SalvatoreAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Barden, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Erik PaulsenRMN-3Yes
    Barger, JohnCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/31/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Barger, John WCommercial TV & radio stations$5003/31/09Charles GonzalezDTX-20Yes
    Barnes, AttisonAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Barry, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Barry, Patrick HAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Barton, Bernard aAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Baruch, Ann REnvironmental policy$2,4003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Bates, H ScottAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Bayes, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Beachler, EdwinAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    Beck, BruceAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Beeuwkes, NancyWomen's issues$2,0003/31/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Beeuwkes, ReinierEnvironmental policy$2,4003/31/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Beeuwkes, ReinierEnvironmental policy$2,4003/31/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Beeuwkes, ReinierEnvironmental policy$2,4003/31/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Beeuwkes, ReinierEnvironmental policy$2,4003/31/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Beeuwkes, ReinierEnvironmental policy$2,4003/31/09Rush HoltDNJ-12Yes
    Beeuwkes, ReinierEnvironmental policy$2,4003/31/09Rush HoltDNJ-12Yes
    Bennett, Bruce CAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Jim JordanROH-4Yes
    Berger, DanielAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Berger, DanielAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Berlon, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Bernstein, Andrew NAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Bernstein, Eric Martin EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Betras, David J EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    Bivens, DonAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Bivens, DonAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Bivens, DonAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Blancaflor, Jonathan DAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Blank, Stacy DAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Bodensteiner, DominicAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Bodorff, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Bonham, James J MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Richard NealDMA-2Yes
    Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$2,5003/31/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Henry CuellarDTX-28Yes
    Braun, DanaAttorneys & law firms$6003/31/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Breit, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Bresler, MartinAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    Brinton, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Tom LathamRIA-4Yes
    Broas, Timothy MAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Brown, Duane EAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Broyles, EricAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Brunckhorst, FrankWomen's issues$1,0003/31/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Buckler, Donald WAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Burns, JamesAttorneys & law firms$4003/31/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Burns, James MAttorneys & law firms$4003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Butler, Timothy FAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Buttenwieser, Lawrence BAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Buttenwieser, Lawrence BAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Buzbee, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Callahan, Glenn PAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Callas, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Phil HareDIL-17Yes
    Callsen, JulieAttorneys & law firms$4803/31/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    Callsen, JulieAttorneys & law firms$4803/31/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    Cameron, KeriPhysicians$2,4003/31/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Cameron, Kevin MPhysicians$2,4003/31/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Campbell, Bradley MAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Canada, W Ralph JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Canfield, Ken SAttorneys & law firms$1,2003/31/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Carden, Kevin JAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Carnahan, John M IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Caroselli, William RAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    Carr, DianeAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Carroll, MichaelEnvironmental policy$2503/31/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Carter, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Cella, Jeanne MarieAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Cetrulo, FrancesAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Charles, Leroy MrPhysicians$2503/31/09Richard NealDMA-2Yes
    Charny, Richard BAttorneys & law firms$4003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Chu, BettyPhysicians$5003/31/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Clark, J WendellAttorneys & law firms$6003/31/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Cohen, H RodginAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Cohen, Marvin SAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Cohen, StevenAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Conan, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Connolly, Coyle SPhysicians$1,0003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Cooke Rand, EzraelAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Corcoran, EvanAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Cox, James L JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Cozen, Stephen aAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Cozen, Stephen a EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Cronic, JasonAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Crowe, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$3003/31/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Crowell, Robert LAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Cunningham, Fred aTrial lawyers & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    D'assaro, Vincent MAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Danowitz, Jane PetrieEnvironmental policy$1,0003/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Davey, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Davis, Maclin P JrTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/31/09Marsha BlackburnRTN-7Yes
    Davis, Michael WAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Davis, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Dean, Mark WAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/31/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Dean, Richard a EsqAttorneys & law firms$4803/31/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    Dean, Richard a EsqAttorneys & law firms$4803/31/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    Decotiis, AlfredAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Del Duca, DamienAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Demarco, Paul MAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Denham, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Deskins, Larry LAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Deutsch, Albert L EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Devore, Thomas EsqAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Devos, LloydAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Dewitt, ThomasEnvironmental policy$2503/31/09Shelley CapitoRWV-2Yes
    Diana, Leo VAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,5003/31/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    Dill, John WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Domzalski, Kenneth SAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Doyle, James D EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    Doyle, James D EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    Drakulich, Kathleen MAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Draper, Jonathan LAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/31/09Bobby BrightDAL-2Yes
    Draper, Jonathan LAttorneys & law firms$8003/31/09Bobby BrightDAL-2Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Howard CobleRNC-6Yes
    Drubel, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Duffy, Thomas J EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Dumas Associates Law Firm LlcAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Dumas, WalterAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Ebert, ChazAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Elliott, John MAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Emerzian, GaroPhysicians$1,0003/31/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Emmett, KathrynAttorneys & law firms$7503/31/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Emmett, KathrynAttorneys & law firms$7503/31/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Emmett, KathyAttorneys & law firms$7503/31/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Epstein, Mark JAttorneys & law firms$6003/31/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Fairbourn, William GAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Farah, VictorAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Feazell, VicAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Fensterman, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/31/09Anthony WeinerDNY-9Yes
    Fessler, Carol AndersonPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Fessler, RichardPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Ficks, Jr, Carl RAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Field, David JCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Field, Jaimie SCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Field, Joseph MCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Field, Joseph MCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Fifer, Carson Lee , JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Fineman, S DavidAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Fiorentino, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Fitzgibbons, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Fitzgibbons, DenisAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Fox, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Fragomen, Del Rey Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Francese, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Francis, Gregorio a EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Frappier, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/31/09Ted PoeRTX-2Yes
    Gaddy, PhilAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Garrison, Susan KAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Garrison, Susan K`Attorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Genova, AngeloAttorneys & law firms$6003/31/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Genova, Angelo JAttorneys & law firms$6003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Gerson, Alan JayAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Gerstein, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Geyser, Meryl JoyceAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Givens, John KeithAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/31/09Bobby BrightDAL-2Yes
    Gledhill, Brian EdwardAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Goertz, Roland MdPhysicians$5003/31/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Goldberg, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,2003/31/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Goldman, PeterEnvironmental policy$1,0003/31/09Jay InsleeDWA-1Yes
    Goldsmith, Jessica GalliganAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Golub, David SAttorneys & law firms$7503/31/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Golub, David SAttorneys & law firms$7503/31/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Golub, David SAttorneys & law firms$7503/31/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Gooch, Warren LAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Lincoln DavisDTN-4Yes
    Gordon, Nancy BregsteinAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Gordon, Thomas, NapierAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Lincoln DavisDTN-4Yes
    Gorelick, Kenneth JPhysicians$2503/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Gottovi, DanielPhysicians$2503/31/09Larry KissellDNC-8Yes
    Gottovi, DanielPhysicians$2503/31/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Grammig, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$3003/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Greenberg, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Griffin, John WAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Grill, Steven EAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Grimes, Joshua LAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Grissom, Pam LWomen's issues$2,3003/31/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Grix, Henry MAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Grogan, John JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Gronauer, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Guarini, FrankAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Gutermann, Paul EAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Hall, Arthur LeePhysicians$3503/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Hall, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Halprin, Lee SWomen's issues$5003/31/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    Hargrove, Robert H MdPhysicians$2253/31/09Daniel LungrenRCA-3Yes
    Hartigan, Cecile BAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Hartnett, Paul J JrAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/31/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Haugeberg, CathrynAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09David WuDOR-1Yes
    Hausfeld, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Hausmann, Peter OEnvironmental policy$2503/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Hayes, James PatrickAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09David LoebsackDIA-2Yes
    Hays, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Ted PoeRTX-2Yes
    Hazelton, JeanAttorneys & law firms$1,2003/31/09Timothy BishopDNY-1Yes
    Heil, RobertEnvironmental policy$1,0003/31/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Heineman, Kenneth RAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Herman, Paul RAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Herman, Russ MTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/31/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Herson, ArleneCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0003/31/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Highsmith, J DanielCommercial TV & radio stations$5003/31/09Mike McIntyreDNC-7Yes
    Hilgers, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Jeff FortenberryRNE-1Yes
    Hills, RoderickAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09David DreierRCA-26Yes
    Hilton, John CAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Hinderks, MarkAttorneys & law firms$4003/31/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Christopher LeeRNY-26Yes
    Holmes, Mildred WCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4003/31/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Houseal, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$3,4403/31/09Michael CastleRDEYes
    Howard, BarryAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Hubbard, KarenCommercial TV & radio stations$4,8003/31/09Michele BachmannRMN-6Yes
    Hubbard, KarenCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4003/31/09Michele BachmannRMN-6Yes
    Hubbard, KarenCommercial TV & radio stations$-2,4003/31/09Michele BachmannRMN-6Yes
    Hubbard, Karen HCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4003/31/09Erik PaulsenRMN-3Yes
    Hubbard, Karen HCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4003/31/09Erik PaulsenRMN-3Yes
    Huffman, Robert KAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09James MoranDVA-8Yes
    Human, David RAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/31/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Hurley, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Hwang, Charles CAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Hymerling, Lee MAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Irwin, NeilAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Irwin, Robert NeilAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Jacobson, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Loretta SanchezDCA-47Yes
    Joerger, Albert GEnvironmental policy$2,2003/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Joerger, Pauline WEnvironmental policy$2,2003/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Johnston, Douglas S JrAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/31/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Jones, Morgan RAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Jones, Patrick TTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/31/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Jones, Suzanne REnvironmental policy$3003/31/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Juban, Joseph EAttorneys & law firms$6003/31/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Justin, AnnPhysicians$2753/31/09Dennis RehbergRMTYes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Steven LaTouretteROH-14Yes
    Kaempfer, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Kahn, Benita aAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Kallins, James GPhysicians$3003/31/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Kamerlink, Lydia GrossAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Kantor, Hal HAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Kanzer, Stephen RAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Kaplan, CraigAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Kaplan, HaroldAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Karl, Lucy JAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    Katz, Norman DAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Kaufman, MelvynAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Kaufman, MelvynAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Kayden, Gabrielle ReemPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Chellie PingreeDME-1Yes
    Kayden, Herbert JPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Chellie PingreeDME-1Yes
    Kearney, John BAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Kelleher, James JAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Kelley, James Michael IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Kelly, Peter GAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Kelner, Robert KAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Jim JordanROH-4Yes
    Kerr, AlexanderAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Kerr, Ted M MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09K. ConawayRTX-11Yes
    Kessler, Michael PAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/31/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Kimbro, Bradford DAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    King, John CAttorneys & law firms$3003/31/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Kirkpatrick, C KrisAttorneys & law firms$6003/31/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Klein, Israel SAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Klouda, Michael DrPhysicians$1,0003/31/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Koch, KarlAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Koches, Paul aAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Kopple, Kenneth DWomen's issues$2503/31/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Koren, Edward FAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Kornreich, Edward SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    Koskoff, Michael PAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Krendl, CathyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    Kristal, Jerry MAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Kummer, Thomas FAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Kursman, Benjamin FAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Lacorte, William St John DrPhysicians$2,3003/31/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Lake, KimberlyAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Lamb, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Lampert, Benjamin a DrPhysicians$1,0003/31/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Lane, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Lang, Robert ToddAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Nita LoweyDNY-18Yes
    Lazovich, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Leddy, Michael J IiiPhysicians$5003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Lee, Gregory DAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Leeds, SteveAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Lenoff, StevenAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Leon, Benjamin Mr JrPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Lincoln Diaz-BalartRFL-21Yes
    Leon, Benjamin Mr JrPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Lincoln Diaz-BalartRFL-21Yes
    Leon, LourdesPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Leon, LourdesPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Leval, GerardAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Lewis, Martin H EsqAttorneys & law firms$4803/31/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    Lewis, Martin H EsqAttorneys & law firms$4803/31/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    Lichtenstein, John EAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Lichtman, Jeffrey aAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Anthony WeinerDNY-9Yes
    Litten, Elizabeth GAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Liu, John KPhysicians$1,0003/31/09Maxine WatersDCA-35Yes
    Lochmann, MikeAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Yvette ClarkeDNY-11Yes
    Maimbourg, Rita aAttorneys & law firms$4803/31/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    Maimbourg, Rita aAttorneys & law firms$4803/31/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    Malinda, Paul FPhysicians$2503/31/09Virginia FoxxRNC-5Yes
    Mallery, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Mallery, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,4003/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Mallery, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Malloy, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Tom LathamRIA-4Yes
    Mann, CalvinAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Ted PoeRTX-2Yes
    Marini, P Vergne DrPhysicians$1,0003/31/09Pete SessionsRTX-32Yes
    Marotta, Marc JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Martin, George ETrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Martin, George ETrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Marvasti, JamshidPhysicians$2503/31/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Massey, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$6003/31/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Maury, Albert RPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Maury, Albert RPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Maury, SilviaPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Maury, SilviaPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Mcclain, Brian KAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Mcconnico, SteveAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Mcgihon, Anne LAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Mcgrath Jr, William JAttorneys & law firms$2,3003/31/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Mckenzie, DexterPhysicians$5003/31/09Yvette ClarkeDNY-11Yes
    Mclaughlin, George EAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Mcmahon, PaigeAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Mczier, RubyAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Mendez, Julio EnriquePhysicians$1,0003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Menting, Mark JAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Merck, JosephineEnvironmental policy$5003/31/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    Messick, Michelle SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Messick, Robert EAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Metier, Kathy DAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Miller, GirardAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Erik PaulsenRMN-3Yes
    Miller, Leslie AnneAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Milstein, Herbert ETrial lawyers & law firms$1,2003/31/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Moffett, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Montagna, GarnettAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Montgomery, Thomas JPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    Montoya, EliciaAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/31/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Moore, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Moreau, D William JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Morgan, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Corrine BrownDFL-3Yes
    Morgan, John BAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Morgan, Ron CAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Morse-White, ValerieAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Muller, James LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Myerson, Toby SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Nabinger, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Nacht, David aAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Nacopoulos, Christina SAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    Nadeau, JustinAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Nadeau, Justin PAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    Nagle, KarenAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$1,5003/31/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$5003/31/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Nelson, FrancesWomen's issues$2,4003/31/09Shelley CapitoRWV-2Yes
    Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/31/09Jim CooperDTN-5Yes
    Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Mazie HironoDHI-2Yes
    Neuheisel, Richard GAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Northam, DrinaPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Northam, DrinaPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Nunez, CarlosPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Nunez, CarlosPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Nunez, MariaPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Nunez, MariaPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Nusbaum, Jack HAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    O'donnell, Thomas PAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Obryan, StephenAttorneys & law firms$3003/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Oller, John RAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Ortega, OmarAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Palnick, Lazar M EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Jason AltmireDPA-4Yes
    Panagakis, Nicholas PAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Parkinson, FrankAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Parrish, James N JrPhysicians$5003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Patel, PragatiPhysicians$2,4003/31/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Patterson, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$6003/31/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Patty, Bernard EPhysicians$5003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Perego, Kenneth L IiPhysicians$5003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Periconi, James J EsqAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Perkins, Lanny MrAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Pete SessionsRTX-32Yes
    Persons, OscarAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Pesner, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Phillips, JoePhysicians$1,0003/31/09Phil GingreyRGA-11Yes
    Phillips, RobertPhysicians$2503/31/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Pittleman, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    Platt, StuartAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Ponikvar, DaleAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Pope, DavidPhysicians$5003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Portnoy, Jay MPhysicians$5003/31/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Potter, Earl WAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Harry TeagueDNM-2Yes
    Pratt, John SAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Quel, JorgePhysicians$2503/31/09Steve KagenDWI-8Yes
    Ralph, Margaret WaltonEnvironmental policy$2,4003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Ralston, James GPhysicians$5003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Rana, Mubasher E MdPhysicians$2,0003/31/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Rappleye, William GAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Ratner, Michael EAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/31/09Anthony WeinerDNY-9Yes
    Rauf, SterlingAttorneys & law firms$3003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Reardon, Robert I JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Reese, Michael TAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Regan, Thomas JohnAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Regenstein, FredericPhysicians$5003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Reiger, Robert L JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Reische, Joan LAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    Richey, James WPhysicians$5003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Ridge, David GAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    Riley, Steven (Tim) E JrAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    Rivera, Sal JAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Rivitz, Richard SAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Rivitz, Richard SAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Robfogel, Nathan JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    Rodriguez, Jose MAttorneys & law firms$1,2503/31/09John SalazarDCO-3Yes
    Rom, Barbara JAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Rosenberg, Ezra DAttorneys & law firms$1,4003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Rosenblatt, Joseph BAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Rothweiler, Kenneth MTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4003/31/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Rowe, Russell MAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Rugemer, W Max Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Robert WittmanRVA-1Yes
    Russo, Karren LPhysicians$5003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Sammons, TerryAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Shelley CapitoRWV-2Yes
    Schiffrin, Barbara ZAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Schiffrin, Richard SAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Schimmelpfennig, RandyAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Schreiber, Martin JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Schwartz, Theodore aAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Sclar, AlanAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Anthony WeinerDNY-9Yes
    Scroggin, JohnAttorneys & law firms$3003/31/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Seidberg, Carol SAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Seliger, ShawnAttorneys & law firms$1,2003/31/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Shaughnessy, Joseph HAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Shaw, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Sheppard, Daniel W SrAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Shkolnik, HunterAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Shlansky, David MrAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Richard NealDMA-2Yes
    Shollenberger, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    Silver, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09James HimesDCT-4Yes
    Silverman, Peter RAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Anthony WeinerDNY-9Yes
    Silverman, William MAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Simon, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Simpson, Charles EAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Smart, AngeliaAttorneys & law firms$2603/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Smith, Eric JAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Smith, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Sneed, William WAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Todd TiahrtRKS-4Yes
    Sonnenfeld, Marc JAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Sonnenfeld, Marc JAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Sonnett, Neal RAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Sorosky Md, Joel IPhysicians$2503/31/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Sours, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Phil GingreyRGA-11Yes
    Spanbock, MauriceAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    Spiros, James DAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Stander, Paul EPhysicians$2503/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Stefanis, Maria S SAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    Stein, LeeAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Stephens, Thomas RTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Stephens, Thomas RTrial lawyers & law firms$5003/31/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$2303/31/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Stevens, Craig RAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Stone, Merrill BAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Stornelli, DavidPhysicians$5003/31/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    Stowell, MaryTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0003/31/09Melissa BeanDIL-8Yes
    Strauss, Robert SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Strinden, SarahPhysicians$1,0003/31/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Suthers, John EAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Sutton, Michael FAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Taft, Anne DWomen's issues$5003/31/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Tally, MaryAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Larry KissellDNC-8Yes
    Taylor, Allan BAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Christopher MurphyDCT-5Yes
    Taylor, Allan BAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Taylor, William W IiiAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Larry KissellDNC-8Yes
    Thomas, JuliannePhysicians$1,0003/31/09Leonard BoswellDIA-3Yes
    Trepel, MindyAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Truman, Craig LAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    Tyre, Scott PAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Upfal, NathanAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Valenti, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Daniel MaffeiDNY-25Yes
    Van Dorn, Edward M JrAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Varrsos, GeorgePhysicians$5003/31/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Victor, Steven IAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Villarreal, Jose HAttorneys & law firms$1,5003/31/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Vinson, Sam MrAttorneys & law firms$1,6003/31/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Vinson, Sam MrAttorneys & law firms$9003/31/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Wallace, Jay SAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Walsh, Thomas MAttorneys & law firms$2,4003/31/09Blaine LuetkemeyerRMO-9Yes
    Warner, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Phil HareDIL-17Yes
    Warram, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$2003/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Watts, DaronAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Webb, Renick PPhysicians$5003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Weiner, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,0003/31/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Weinman, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Weinstock, Debbie KPhysicians$1,0003/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Weisbrod, CarlAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Weiss, JerryAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Paul TonkoDNY-21Yes
    Wender, Nancy LWomen's issues$2,4003/31/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    White, Adam DAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Earl BlumenauerDOR-3Yes
    Whitley, Scott MAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Wiener, Richard NAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Wiley Rein LlpAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Wiley Rein LlpAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Leonard LanceRNJ-7Yes
    Wiley Rein LlpAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Pete OlsonRTX-22Yes
    Williams, Lacy HPhysicians$1,0003/31/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Williams, Paul LAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Mike RossDAR-4Yes
    Williams, Paul L MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09Robert WittmanRVA-1Yes
    Wing, ThomasPhysicians$1,0003/31/09David DreierRCA-26Yes
    Wittcoff, Roma BWomen's issues$1,0003/31/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Wojciechowski, JosephPhysicians$5003/31/09Eric MassaDNY-29Yes
    Wood, DougAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Woods, Gerald WAttorneys & law firms$1,0003/31/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Wright, Douglas aAttorneys & law firms$3503/31/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    York, Nicholas C EsqAttorneys & law firms$4803/31/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    York, Nicholas C EsqAttorneys & law firms$4803/31/09John BoccieriDOH-16Yes
    Younger, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Zauzig, Charles JAttorneys & law firms$5003/31/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Zavarello, William aWomen's issues$1,0003/31/09Betty SuttonDOH-13Yes
    Zohlman, John a IiiAttorneys & law firms$2503/31/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    Zuckerman, Richard M EsqAttorneys & law firms$4003/31/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5004/1/09Chaka FattahDPA-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0004/1/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/1/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/1/09Tim HoldenDPA-17Yes
    Bates, H ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/1/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Billings, John DrPhysicians$2504/1/09Cynthia LummisRWYYes
    Bolden, a ScottAttorneys & law firms$5004/1/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Castellanos, AlexanderPhysicians$2504/1/09Lois CappsDCA-23Yes
    Ciletti, Larry MrAttorneys & law firms$5004/1/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    Dewey & LeboeufAttorneys & law firms$2,5004/1/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Dewey & LeboeufAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/1/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Dewey & LeboeufAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/1/09Paul KanjorskiDPA-11Yes
    Dewitt, Charles JrAttorneys & law firms$5004/1/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/1/09Greg WaldenROR-2Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/1/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Duffy, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/1/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Fee, Norman MrPhysicians$2504/1/09Jeff FlakeRAZ-6Yes
    Freed, Curt RPhysicians$2004/1/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Gerson, David aAttorneys & law firms$5004/1/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Giberson, AlanPhysicians$5004/1/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Groom, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5404/1/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    Henkin, Russell EsqAttorneys & law firms$2504/1/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/1/09Bob GoodlatteRVA-6Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/1/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/1/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/1/09Phil GingreyRGA-11Yes
    Husch Blackwell LlpAttorneys & law firms$5004/1/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    Hyman, David MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/1/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    Jenkins, Walter Ingram IiiAttorneys & law firms$4504/1/09Larry KissellDNC-8Yes
    Kaplan, Arthur MAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/1/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Kleiman, Mark AllenAttorneys & law firms$5004/1/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Lancione, John a SrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/1/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Mcreynolds, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2504/1/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Merriam, Dwight HAttorneys & law firms$2504/1/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Mid-Atlantic Laborers' Political LeagueLabor Unions$5,0004/1/09Joe SestakDPA-7Yes
    Miller, Donald PCommercial TV & radio stations$5004/1/09Jim JordanROH-4Yes
    Murad, GaryAttorneys & law firms$2504/1/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Orr, Allen JrAttorneys & law firms$2504/1/09John ConyersDMI-14Yes
    Powers, Pyles Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/1/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Schaerf, Md, Frederick WPhysicians$2504/1/09Connie MackRFL-14Yes
    Slawson, Michele RPhysicians$2,4004/1/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Slawson, Stephen H DrPhysicians$2,4004/1/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Smalley, Bernard Mr SrAttorneys & law firms$5004/1/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    White, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2504/1/09Jim CooperDTN-5Yes
    Alkasimi, MishalPhysicians$3004/2/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5004/2/09Gerald ConnollyDVA-11Yes
    Arent Fox LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/2/09Tim HoldenDPA-17Yes
    Baker Botts LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/2/09Peter DeFazioDOR-4Yes
    Berger, Daniel EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,3004/2/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Corben, Michael DrPhysicians$2504/2/09Howard McKeonRCA-25Yes
    Faircloth, DmAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/2/09Howard CobleRNC-6Yes
    Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/2/09Henry JohnsonDGA-4Yes
    Friedman, GaryAttorneys & law firms$3754/2/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/2/09Henry JohnsonDGA-4Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/2/09Howard BermanDCA-28Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/2/09Jean SchmidtROH-2Yes
    Jackson, John HAttorneys & law firms$5004/2/09Mike McIntyreDNC-7Yes
    Joslin, Mary CokerAttorneys & law firms$5004/2/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Kolb, Nancy DMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$5004/2/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/2/09Jeff MillerRFL-1Yes
    O'hara, James TAttorneys & law firms$5004/2/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Regan, AmyWomen's issues$2,4004/2/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Sorensen, HarveyAttorneys & law firms$5004/2/09Todd TiahrtRKS-4Yes
    Stern, SlateAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/2/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Vorys, Sater Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2944/2/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Wallis, MarkPhysicians$2504/2/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0004/3/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Davis Wright Tremaine LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/3/09Jay InsleeDWA-1Yes
    Felser, Jeffery aAttorneys & law firms$-5004/3/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Fulbright & JaworskiAttorneys & law firms$5,0004/3/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Fulbright & JaworskiAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/3/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Halliday, William JrAttorneys & law firms$2504/3/09Vernon EhlersRMI-3Yes
    Hopkins, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/3/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Janoski, FrankAttorneys & law firms$5004/3/09John ShimkusRIL-19Yes
    Jones, Brian SAttorneys & law firms$5004/3/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Liss, Susan MWomen's issues$5004/3/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Mills, MarthaAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/3/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Newhall, ClarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/3/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Patty, BernardPhysicians$2504/3/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Perego, KennethPhysicians$2504/3/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Pettinari, Ernest PAttorneys & law firms$2504/3/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Ralston, JamesPhysicians$2504/3/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Richey, WesPhysicians$2504/3/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Scannell, FrancisAttorneys & law firms$2504/3/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Tannan, RituPhysicians$2004/3/09Thomas PetriRWI-6Yes
    Vaughn, TroyPhysicians$2504/3/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Vlahadamis, GusAttorneys & law firms$2004/3/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Wolpert, PaulPhysicians$2504/3/09Steve KingRIA-5Yes
    Brown, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5004/4/09Wm. ClayDMO-1Yes
    Lyons, James MAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/4/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Matsunaka, Stanley TAttorneys & law firms$2504/4/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Melton, William DAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/4/09Bobby BrightDAL-2Yes
    Shields, Dennis aAttorneys & law firms$2,3004/4/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Shields, Dennis aAttorneys & law firms$2,3004/4/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Weihl, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/4/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Bonifield, JerryAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/5/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Grove, Jeffrey SPhysicians$5004/5/09Gus BilirakisRFL-9Yes
    Hornberger, William H MrAttorneys & law firms$5004/5/09Sam JohnsonRTX-3Yes
    James, Gregory JPhysicians$2504/5/09Gus BilirakisRFL-9Yes
    Kallins, George JamesPhysicians$2504/5/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Mcgowan, GeraldPhysicians$2504/5/09Steve KingRIA-5Yes
    Morris, Carol aAttorneys & law firms$2504/5/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Pikos, Michael aPhysicians$5004/5/09Gus BilirakisRFL-9Yes
    Rose, Joel BPhysicians$2504/5/09Gus BilirakisRFL-9Yes
    Abrams, Douglas BAttorneys & law firms$5004/6/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Beeuwkes, NancyWomen's issues$2,4004/6/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Behrman, C ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2504/6/09Al GreenDTX-9Yes
    Brown, William E DrPhysicians$2504/6/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/6/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Cassell, Joseph HAttorneys & law firms$5004/6/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Catalano, Kim MAttorneys & law firms$2504/6/09Kay GrangerRTX-12Yes
    Cozen, Stephen a EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/6/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Doyle, JonAttorneys & law firms$2504/6/09Michael MichaudDME-2Yes
    Elder, JanPhysicians$2504/6/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Finder, Lawrence DAttorneys & law firms$2504/6/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Friedman, GaryAttorneys & law firms$2504/6/09Jim CooperDTN-5Yes
    Goodman, AllanPhysicians$5004/6/09Duncan HunterRCA-52Yes
    Gordon, Charles a DrPhysicians$2,3004/6/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Heim, PatAttorneys & law firms$5004/6/09Ron KindDWI-3Yes
    Hirschfeld, Harvey RAttorneys & law firms$2,3004/6/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Hirschfeld, Harvey RAttorneys & law firms$2,3004/6/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Howard, RobertAttorneys & law firms$6004/6/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Kalb, Paul EAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/6/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Keeling, Keith DrPhysicians$5004/6/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Kelly, Dee JAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/6/09Kay GrangerRTX-12Yes
    Kitchens, Craig SPhysicians$5004/6/09Clifford StearnsRFL-6Yes
    Krinsk, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/6/09Bob FilnerDCA-51Yes
    Kyriakides, ChristopherPhysicians$1,0004/6/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Lapin, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,3004/6/09Al GreenDTX-9Yes
    Lucia, GregAttorneys & law firms$2504/6/09Al GreenDTX-9Yes
    Manning, William HAttorneys & law firms$5004/6/09Timothy WalzDMN-1Yes
    Masters, John MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/6/09Cynthia LummisRWYYes
    Miller, PaulPhysicians$1,0004/6/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Newby, BrianAttorneys & law firms$2504/6/09Kay GrangerRTX-12Yes
    Overmann, LynnAttorneys & law firms$5004/6/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Ozmon, LairdAttorneys & law firms$5004/6/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Palma, Richard DAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/6/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Perrow, Edgar James Turne JrAttorneys & law firms$2504/6/09Bob GoodlatteRVA-6Yes
    Peterson, DanielPhysicians$4004/6/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Phillips, VincentPhysicians$2,4004/6/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Phillips, VincentPhysicians$2,4004/6/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Scott, RussellAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/6/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Stone, Christopher RAttorneys & law firms$2504/6/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Strain, Christine SWomen's issues$2504/6/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Tunila, John GAttorneys & law firms$2504/6/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Vrana, KarlAttorneys & law firms$2504/6/09Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1Yes
    Walsh, Stephen aAttorneys & law firms$5004/6/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Watson, KevinAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/6/09Gregg HarperRMS-3Yes
    Wilkinson, Melody MAttorneys & law firms$2504/6/09Kay GrangerRTX-12Yes
    Adinolfi, Robert JosephAttorneys & law firms$5004/7/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    American Intellectual Property Law AssnAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/7/09Steny HoyerDMD-5Yes
    Anderson, StephenAttorneys & law firms$5004/7/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Augur, NewellAttorneys & law firms$2504/7/09Michael MichaudDME-2Yes
    Barzee, William RAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/7/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Blitt, Fred NAttorneys & law firms$5004/7/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Blue-Zeig, SusanPhysicians$2504/7/09Kay GrangerRTX-12Yes
    Carner, Ronald SAttorneys & law firms$5004/7/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Davis, Virginia EAttorneys & law firms$5004/7/09Michael MichaudDME-2Yes
    Dewey & LeboeufAttorneys & law firms$-1,0004/7/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Dewey & LeboeufAttorneys & law firms$-1,0004/7/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Dewey & LeboeufAttorneys & law firms$-2,5004/7/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Donziger, Steven RAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/7/09James McGovernDMA-3Yes
    Ellahie, Javed TAttorneys & law firms$2504/7/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Gabow, PatriciaPhysicians$5004/7/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    Gerrity, Bruce CAttorneys & law firms$2504/7/09Michael MichaudDME-2Yes
    Gibbens, WayneAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/7/09James McGovernDMA-3Yes
    Golan, Jeffrey WAttorneys & law firms$2504/7/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Graves, Marie ZWomen's issues$2504/7/09Chellie PingreeDME-1Yes
    Groom Law GroupAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/7/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Huffman, Robert KAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/7/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Ionescu, MihaelaPhysicians$2504/7/09Clifford StearnsRFL-6Yes
    Jordan, Gregory B MrAttorneys & law firms$5004/7/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Kimerer, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$3004/7/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Kohn, Joseph CAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/7/09James McGovernDMA-3Yes
    Kohn, Lisa PalfyAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/7/09James McGovernDMA-3Yes
    Long, TomAttorneys & law firms$5004/7/09John ShimkusRIL-19Yes
    Marchesiello, Phillip RAttorneys & law firms$3504/7/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Marler, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,3004/7/09Jay InsleeDWA-1Yes
    Morisset, Schlosser Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5004/7/09Norman DicksDWA-6Yes
    Perenchio, a Jerrold MrCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4004/7/09David DreierRCA-26Yes
    Roberts, AlisaAttorneys & law firms$2504/7/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Rowan, BarbaraAttorneys & law firms$5004/7/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    Shahinian, ArmenAttorneys & law firms$5004/7/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Shwachman, BenAttorneys & law firms$5004/7/09Gary MillerRCA-42Yes
    Soltan, Charles EsqAttorneys & law firms$2504/7/09Michael MichaudDME-2Yes
    Whyte, Hirschboeck Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5004/7/09Ron KindDWI-3Yes
    Zinkin, DewayneAttorneys & law firms$2504/7/09George RadanovichRCA-19Yes
    Adams, DorothyAttorneys & law firms$5004/8/09Paul BrounRGA-10Yes
    Alexander, AnitaAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/8/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0004/8/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$-1,0004/8/09Kurt SchraderDOR-5Yes
    Barnard, Mary AnnAttorneys & law firms$2504/8/09Mazie HironoDHI-2Yes
    Barry, Ryan PAttorneys & law firms$5004/8/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Boyle, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5004/8/09John MurthaDPA-12Yes
    Branton, James LAttorneys & law firms$8084/8/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Diaz, Reynaldo LAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/8/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Eckstein, Paul FAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/8/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Feinstein, Andrew aAttorneys & law firms$2504/8/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Flores, LuluAttorneys & law firms$9194/8/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Grimes, Michele BAttorneys & law firms$2504/8/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Hendler, ScottAttorneys & law firms$9194/8/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    La Hood, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2504/8/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    La Hood, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$2504/8/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Larsen, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2504/8/09Peter RoskamRIL-6Yes
    Lonergan, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$2504/8/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Mcaleese, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/8/09Gene TaylorDMS-4Yes
    Mcdonough, Thomas CAttorneys & law firms$2504/8/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Minadeo, Mmichael aPhysicians$1,0004/8/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Moor, KristaPhysicians$1,0004/8/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Norris, BlaineAttorneys & law firms$6004/8/09Paul BrounRGA-10Yes
    Paindiris, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$2504/8/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Perenchio, Jerry MrCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/8/09Howard McKeonRCA-25Yes
    Rafferty, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2504/8/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Rhodes, J TomAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/8/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Rokacz, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2504/8/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Russo, DonAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/8/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Satterfield, StanleyPhysicians$1,2004/8/09Paul BrounRGA-10Yes
    Serna, CesarAttorneys & law firms$5004/8/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Shadowitz, MitchellAttorneys & law firms$2504/8/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Sheridan, David MAttorneys & law firms$5004/8/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Singh, Chandra BPhysicians$2504/8/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Sondheim, JohnMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2004/8/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Sullivan, Patrick WAttorneys & law firms$2,3004/8/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Ukropina, James R MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/8/09David DreierRCA-26Yes
    Vela, FilemonAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/8/09Ciro RodriguezDTX-23Yes
    Voyles, Elizabeth HelmAttorneys & law firms$5004/8/09John YarmuthDKY-3Yes
    Walsh, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$5004/8/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Williams, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2,3004/8/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    Winstead PcAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/8/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Woodard, D LincolnAttorneys & law firms$5004/8/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5004/9/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$2,0004/9/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0004/9/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    American Academy of Family PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0004/9/09Steven LaTouretteROH-14Yes
    Anderson, James LAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/9/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Blair, David HMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$1,0004/9/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Bokhari, Paulita PikeAttorneys & law firms$3004/9/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Chandler, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5004/9/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Cooperative of American PhysiciansPhysicians$1,5004/9/09Ken CalvertRCA-44Yes
    Corbett, Jack JAttorneys & law firms$5004/9/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    Dixon, Jerre William MrAttorneys & law firms$5004/9/09Mike CoffmanRCO-6Yes
    Gasiunasen, ArunasMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$1,0004/9/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Hannon, James JAttorneys & law firms$2504/9/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Hejl, TedAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/9/09John CarterRTX-31Yes
    Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/9/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Kirschner, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2504/9/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Lerman, CaryAttorneys & law firms$5004/9/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Merkin, Richard N MdPhysicians$2,4004/9/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Merkin, Richard N MdPhysicians$2,4004/9/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Montgomery, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5004/9/09Frank LucasROK-3Yes
    Morgan, John BAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/9/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/9/09Elijah CummingsDMD-7Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/9/09Fred UptonRMI-6Yes
    Newcomb, DanAttorneys & law firms$5004/9/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Scarinci, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$5004/9/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Wander, KarenAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/9/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Adams, James K DrPhysicians$2,3004/10/09Aaron SchockRIL-18Yes
    Aubuchon, JeanneAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/10/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Cabraser, ElizabethTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/10/09Mike ThompsonDCA-1Yes
    Cadle, Jerry NAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Cadle, Jerry NAttorneys & law firms$2004/10/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Chalasani, S RaoPhysicians$1,4004/10/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Conner, Andrew JAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    Del Ponte, DennisAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Deland, M MaitlandPhysicians$1,0004/10/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0004/10/09Chaka FattahDPA-2Yes
    Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0004/10/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/10/09Bill ShusterRPA-9Yes
    Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/10/09Dan BurtonRIN-5Yes
    Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/10/09James OberstarDMN-8Yes
    Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$-1,0004/10/09Carolyn KilpatrickDMI-13Yes
    Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$-1,0004/10/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Gamwell, JohnPhysicians$2504/10/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Gibbs, CraigAttorneys & law firms$5004/10/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Gould, KingdonAttorneys & law firms$2,3004/10/09Roscoe BartlettRMD-6Yes
    Halpern, Gerald PAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Hardwick, TravisAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    Hare, J RyanAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/10/09David ScottDGA-13Yes
    Karbank, Neil D EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/10/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Kirkpatrick, Thomas KAttorneys & law firms$2004/10/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Lallowey, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09John CampbellRCA-48Yes
    Lanier, Robert Simmons Jr EsqAttorneys & law firms$8004/10/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Levine, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5004/10/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Lin, Dawn MsAttorneys & law firms$2,3004/10/09Al GreenDTX-9Yes
    Lin, Dawn MsAttorneys & law firms$8004/10/09Al GreenDTX-9Yes
    Mandel, EricPhysicians$5004/10/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Michener, Roger EAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Morring, Carl MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    Ney, CarolAttorneys & law firms$5004/10/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Nusbaum, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09Robert ScottDVA-3Yes
    Peters, Stanley EPhysicians$5004/10/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Phiambolis, Margaret SAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$3,0004/10/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Shanahan, Ward aAttorneys & law firms$5004/10/09Dennis RehbergRMTYes
    Sierra ClubEnvironmental policy$5004/10/09Raúl GrijalvaDAZ-7Yes
    Smith, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Smith, James EAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Sours, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5004/10/09Phil GingreyRGA-11Yes
    Strelitz, BobAttorneys & law firms$2504/10/09Michael CapuanoDMA-8Yes
    Tenner, ScottPhysicians$1,0004/10/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Webb, Renick PPhysicians$1,0004/10/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Withers, Thomas aAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/10/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Zenty, ThomasPhysicians$1,0004/10/09Steven LaTouretteROH-14Yes
    Malik, AsimPhysicians$2,0004/11/09Edolphus TownsDNY-10Yes
    Porter, Susan D MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/11/09Edward RoyceRCA-40Yes
    Durbin, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$7504/12/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Schermer, BethAttorneys & law firms$2504/12/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,0004/13/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$-2,0004/13/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$-2,0004/13/09Lynn JenkinsRKS-2Yes
    Asfoor, WayneAttorneys & law firms$2004/13/09Ron KindDWI-3Yes
    Chae, WonPhysicians$5004/13/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Climaco, Lefkowitz Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/13/09David ObeyDWI-7Yes
    Cochran, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2504/13/09Mike ThompsonDCA-1Yes
    Dean, DanaAttorneys & law firms$3354/13/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Dingess, John M MrAttorneys & law firms$5004/13/09Mike CoffmanRCO-6Yes
    Dorsey, James EAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/13/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Dupree, HyltonAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/13/09Phil GingreyRGA-11Yes
    Fellerman, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$2504/13/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    Gresser, Jr, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$5004/13/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Husch Blackwell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/13/09Emanuel CleaverDMO-5Yes
    Jameson, HowardAttorneys & law firms$2704/13/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Johnson, GwenPhysicians$2504/13/09Paul BrounRGA-10Yes
    Jones, Will C IvAttorneys & law firms$2504/13/09Lamar SmithRTX-21Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$2,5004/13/09Dave CampRMI-4Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/13/09John ConyersDMI-14Yes
    Kaplan, Samuel LAttorneys & law firms$5004/13/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Kaplan, Sylvia CAttorneys & law firms$5004/13/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Leon, Benjamin Mr IiiPhysicians$2,0004/13/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Leon, Benjamin Mr JrPhysicians$2,0004/13/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Leon, Lisa MrsPhysicians$2,0004/13/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Leon, Silvia MrsPhysicians$2,0004/13/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Maxson, RAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/13/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$2,5004/13/09John MurthaDPA-12Yes
    Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$2,5004/13/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/13/09Duncan HunterRCA-52Yes
    Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/13/09Sander LevinDMI-12Yes
    Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$4804/13/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Mershon, Creighton EAttorneys & law firms$3004/13/09John YarmuthDKY-3Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$1,0004/13/09Alan GraysonDFL-8Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$1,0004/13/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Nolan, Patricia EAttorneys & law firms$2504/13/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,5004/13/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Pepper Hamilton LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/13/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Robbins, Richard KAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/13/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Russell, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/13/09J. ForbesRVA-4Yes
    Schaefer, Lorene F EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/13/09Kathleen DahlkemperDPA-3Yes
    Serra, LouisWomen's issues$1,0004/13/09Shelley CapitoRWV-2Yes
    Stream, Kenneth BAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/13/09Ken CalvertRCA-44Yes
    Stream, Kenneth BAttorneys & law firms$1,4004/13/09Ken CalvertRCA-44Yes
    Univision CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/13/09Joe BacaDCA-43Yes
    Univision CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/13/09Lincoln Diaz-BalartRFL-21Yes
    Univision CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/13/09Lucille Roybal-AllardDCA-34Yes
    Univision CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/13/09Mario Diaz-BalartRFL-25Yes
    Univision CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/13/09Nydia VelázquezDNY-12Yes
    Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$5004/13/09Don YoungRAKYes
    Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$5004/13/09Rick LarsenDWA-2Yes
    Vana, KentAttorneys & law firms$5004/13/09Vernon EhlersRMI-3Yes
    Vane, Mark JAttorneys & law firms$2504/13/09Jeb HensarlingRTX-5Yes
    Wenger, Brian DAttorneys & law firms$5004/13/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$5004/14/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$5004/14/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Alonso, Alfredo T JrAttorneys & law firms$5004/14/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0004/14/09Larry KissellDNC-8Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0004/14/09Lynn WoolseyDCA-6Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$5,0004/14/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/14/09Bobby RushDIL-1Yes
    Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/14/09Danny DavisDIL-7Yes
    Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/14/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Barnett, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$5004/14/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Berry, Robert StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/14/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Boykin, Richard Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/14/09Danny DavisDIL-7Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/14/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/14/09John TannerDTN-8Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/14/09Ralph HallRTX-4Yes
    Chandler, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5004/14/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Cooperative of American PhysiciansPhysicians$2,0004/14/09Gary MillerRCA-42Yes
    Downing, Lawrence DAttorneys & law firms$2504/14/09Timothy WalzDMN-1Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/14/09Howard McKeonRCA-25Yes
    Dupre, BenAttorneys & law firms$2504/14/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Eason, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2504/14/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Enlow, BillAttorneys & law firms$5004/14/09John ShimkusRIL-19Yes
    Garrett, Jan H DrPhysicians$5004/14/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Gerger, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2504/14/09Al GreenDTX-9Yes
    Grahm, Margarita Dela Garza DrPhysicians$1,5004/14/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Hagans, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5004/14/09Al GreenDTX-9Yes
    Hanna, RandyAttorneys & law firms$2504/14/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Hinkle, Donald MTrial lawyers & law firms$5004/14/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Holdman, TravisAttorneys & law firms$5004/14/09Mike PenceRIN-6Yes
    Humphreys, James F EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/14/09Alan MollohanDWV-1Yes
    Johnson, B GeraldAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/14/09Norman DicksDWA-6Yes
    Kerns, Aronda SAttorneys & law firms$2504/14/09Todd TiahrtRKS-4Yes
    Khan, AzimaPhysicians$2504/14/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Lee, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/14/09Daniel LungrenRCA-3Yes
    Mccomb, William EPhysicians$5004/14/09Vern BuchananRFL-13Yes
    Moquin, Clay DrPhysicians$2504/14/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    Musson, Charles SAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/14/09John YarmuthDKY-3Yes
    Nabors, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5004/14/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Nazarieh, FatemehMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2504/14/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    Payne, CharlesPhysicians$2504/14/09David RoeRTN-1Yes
    Rosenthal, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/14/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Smyth, TimothyPhysicians$2,3004/14/09David RoeRTN-1Yes
    Tjoa, Hong I DrPhysicians$2504/14/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Tracy, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$5004/14/09John ShimkusRIL-19Yes
    Trimpa, TedAttorneys & law firms$2504/14/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    Williams, TurneyPhysicians$2,3004/14/09David RoeRTN-1Yes
    Agron, Adam JAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Agron, Gary aAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$5,0004/15/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5004/15/09Anna EshooDCA-14Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5004/15/09Bob FilnerDCA-51Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5004/15/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,5004/15/09Michael BurgessRTX-26Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,5004/15/09James LangevinDRI-2Yes
    Asarch, ElaineAttorneys & law firms$5004/15/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Bacon, C ShannonAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Benton-Powers, SusanAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/15/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Bernardino, Rafael H JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/15/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Bernardino, Rafael H JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/15/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Boyd, John BAttorneys & law firms$-3004/15/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Buchanan, StuartAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Campbell, David SAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Capaldi, Michael D MrAttorneys & law firms$5004/15/09Edward RoyceRCA-40Yes
    Carpenter, William HAttorneys & law firms$5004/15/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Carr, Richard JPhysicians$2504/15/09Betty McCollumDMN-4Yes
    Casey, Donna DrPhysicians$4004/15/09Pete SessionsRTX-32Yes
    Curry, Katie aAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Daily, James D MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Edward RoyceRCA-40Yes
    Dansky, David JAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Davis Wright Tremaine LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/15/09Norman DicksDWA-6Yes
    Earl, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/15/09Henry CuellarDTX-28Yes
    Epstein, Ethan MAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Gibson, Kathy OAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/15/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Gosfield, Alice GAttorneys & law firms$5004/15/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Groner, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09John HallDNY-19Yes
    Guttikonda, GopalPhysicians$1,0004/15/09John CarterRTX-31Yes
    Hennessy, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/15/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Hewitt, Henry HAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Greg WaldenROR-2Yes
    Hoeflich, DeniseTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4004/15/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Hubbard, KarenCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4004/15/09John KlineRMN-2Yes
    Hubbard, KarenCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4004/15/09John KlineRMN-2Yes
    Hunt, Priscilla SWomen's issues$5004/15/09Niki TsongasDMA-5Yes
    Hust, RobertPhysicians$2504/15/09Ted PoeRTX-2Yes
    Isaacs, Dr KennethPhysicians$1,0004/15/09Cathy McMorris RodgersRWA-5Yes
    Joley, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/15/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Kant, AndrewPhysicians$5004/15/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Keefe, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5004/15/09Jay InsleeDWA-1Yes
    Keefe, Thomas JrAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/15/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Keesal, Elizabeth LAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/15/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Keesal, Samuel a JrAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/15/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Kent, Fred Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/15/09Ander CrenshawRFL-4Yes
    Khalsa, Soram SinghPhysicians$2504/15/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    King, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/15/09Thomas EdwardsDTX-17Yes
    Latta, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Tammy BaldwinDWI-2Yes
    Love, Kathleen JAttorneys & law firms$1,4004/15/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Love, Kathleen JAttorneys & law firms$2004/15/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Lynch, Gregory JAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Tammy BaldwinDWI-2Yes
    Lyons, Pipes & CookAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/15/09Jo BonnerRAL-1Yes
    Makovsky, EvanAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Mcglinch, BrianPhysicians$2504/15/09Betty McCollumDMN-4Yes
    Meister, Joe MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Pete SessionsRTX-32Yes
    Moini, Jasmine Md, PhdPhysicians$2,4004/15/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Monti, Henry S EsquireAttorneys & law firms$1,9004/15/09James LangevinDRI-2Yes
    Nair, SaritaAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Popovic, WilliamPhysicians$1,0004/15/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Prestigiacomo, AntoninaAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Tammy BaldwinDWI-2Yes
    Rosenblum, Jay DAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Rosenlieb, Jay LAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/15/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Rosenlieb, Jay LAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/15/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Sheldon, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Shevlin, Gregory MrAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/15/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Skambis, Christopher CAttorneys & law firms$3004/15/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Spinney, Carmen DrPhysicians$5004/15/09Glenn ThompsonRPA-5Yes
    Stelzner, LuisAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/15/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Stout, David JAttorneys & law firms$5004/15/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Swann, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/15/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Taylor, Andrew MAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Lamar SmithRTX-21Yes
    Terzian, Charles GPhysicians$2504/15/09Betty McCollumDMN-4Yes
    Umphrey, SheilaTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4004/15/09Ted PoeRTX-2Yes
    Umphrey, SheilaTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4004/15/09Ted PoeRTX-2Yes
    Umphrey, WalterTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4004/15/09Ted PoeRTX-2Yes
    Umphrey, WalterTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4004/15/09Ted PoeRTX-2Yes
    Van Valkenburg, WallyAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Greg WaldenROR-2Yes
    Wallace, Michael RAttorneys & law firms$5004/15/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Ward Cole, ConstanceAttorneys & law firms$5004/15/09Jesse JacksonDIL-2Yes
    Watkins, Ashton RAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/15/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Welch, TeresaAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Tammy BaldwinDWI-2Yes
    White, Bill FAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Tammy BaldwinDWI-2Yes
    Yates, Tad aAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Young, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2504/15/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Zeman, ChristineAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/15/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5004/16/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    Anders, Daniel MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    August, Andrew aAttorneys & law firms$4804/16/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Baker, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Dennis RehbergRMTYes
    Baldwin, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Bayer, Theodore FAttorneys & law firms$4804/16/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Bayt, Phillip LAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Beltrami, VinceLabor Unions$3004/16/09Don YoungRAKYes
    Berkman, Judy FAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Bevilacqua, Gabriel MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    Bond, FrancesPhysicians$2004/16/09Paul BrounRGA-10Yes
    Bosshard, SabinaAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Ron KindDWI-3Yes
    Brindisi, Louis T EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09Michael ArcuriDNY-24Yes
    Brownell, Gary FAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Canty, Frank MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    Casey, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSDYes
    Cawley, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Frank LucasROK-3Yes
    Charles, ZoraWomen's issues$2,3004/16/09Lois CappsDCA-23Yes
    Cooley, Linda JoyAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Corbitt, David EAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Cozen, Stephen MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/16/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    Cronin, James EsqAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Crowe, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09John OlverDMA-1Yes
    Curry, Terry RAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    D'amato, Katuria EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/16/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Dasent, Andre Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    Davis, Angela DAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Diaz, Reynaldo L JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09Henry CuellarDTX-28Yes
    Downes, W PatrickAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Edwards, David MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Richard NealDMA-2Yes
    Eisman, Steven EsqAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Elias, Nathan DPhysicians$5004/16/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Elovich, Larry EsqAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Fechheimer, FredAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Fitzgerald, John LAttorneys & law firms$4804/16/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Flack, AmyAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Foster, LauraMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2504/16/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Foster, MonicaAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Gammage, Grady JrAttorneys & law firms$1,2004/16/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Gammons, Robert MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    Gentry, Kristen LAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Gilliam, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Hahn, Gregory FAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Hardin, Allain FAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Heard, John RAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09Henry CuellarDTX-28Yes
    Hindman, DerekPhysicians$2504/16/09John BoehnerROH-8Yes
    Hunt, Gordon EAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Innelli, John Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/16/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    Jose, David EAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Kalishman, NortonPhysicians$1,0004/16/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Katz, Jeremy WAttorneys & law firms$4804/16/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Kennedy, Melina MAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Lawless, Therese MAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Lee, Paul WAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Leesfield, Ira H MrTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4004/16/09Lincoln Diaz-BalartRFL-21Yes
    Lovelace, Barney MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    Mcgroder, Patrick JAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Meyer, Thomas MAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Miller, Leslie Anne MsAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    Mills, Alan KAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Moukawsher, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Murphy, Jerome EsqAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Murphy, Lisa MrsAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Murray, Kevin CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Myers, Zachary AugustusAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    New, Thomas LAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Pelberg, Arthur L MdPhysicians$1,0004/16/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Pence, Linda LAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Poulakidas, Kostas aAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Quatela, Joseph EsqAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Raleigh, Richard Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    Seidberg, KennethAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Serna, BaltazarAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Henry CuellarDTX-28Yes
    Serna, Cesar RAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Henry CuellarDTX-28Yes
    Shah, Darshan DrPhysicians$5004/16/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Shier, Matthew JAttorneys & law firms$4804/16/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Smith, James EAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09John OlverDMA-1Yes
    Smith, Sharon JAttorneys & law firms$2004/16/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Stamp, ZackAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09John ShimkusRIL-19Yes
    Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09Emanuel CleaverDMO-5Yes
    Tew, Kipper VAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Thames, ShelbyPhysicians$1,0004/16/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    Villarreal, JoseAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09Henry CuellarDTX-28Yes
    Weinberg, Martin MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/16/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    Wenzel, Mark RAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09André CarsonDIN-7Yes
    Wiedner, Frank JAttorneys & law firms$5004/16/09Peter RoskamRIL-6Yes
    Wilcox, MaryAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/16/09Earl BlumenauerDOR-3Yes
    Wolfe, R WayneAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    Womble, Carlyle Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,5004/16/09Bob EtheridgeDNC-2Yes
    Womble, Carlyle Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/16/09Howard CobleRNC-6Yes
    Womble, Carlyle Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/16/09Sue MyrickRNC-9Yes
    Yund, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$2504/16/09John BoehnerROH-8Yes
    Akbar, TanveerPhysicians$1,0004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Ali, RubinaPhysicians$5004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Allison, Thomas GAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Norman DicksDWA-6Yes
    Alonso, Michael GAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0004/17/09Norman DicksDWA-6Yes
    Armentor, Glenn JAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Artrip, Eric JAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Lincoln DavisDTN-4Yes
    Ashleman, RennyAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Baker Botts LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,5004/17/09Ralph HallRTX-4Yes
    Barone, LauriePhysicians$1,0004/17/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Barrows, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Bartholomew, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Becker, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/17/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Bennett, RexAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Mike PenceRIN-6Yes
    Bilbray, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Blache, Cecil JAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Buchholtz, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Carbon-Gaul, Cristy JAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Cole, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Cole, P MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Lincoln DavisDTN-4Yes
    Cooper, JeffreyTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0004/17/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Davis, DonaldPhysicians$1,0004/17/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Delahanty, John DAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Michael MichaudDME-2Yes
    Demby, Steven CAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Shelley BerkleyDNV-1Yes
    Deratany, JayAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Devore, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Donahoo, John W Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Ander CrenshawRFL-4Yes
    Egerer, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Fiorentino, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Fletman, Abbe F EsqAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Freedman, LouisAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Gallegos, JeAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Harry TeagueDNM-2Yes
    Galligan, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Lincoln DavisDTN-4Yes
    Gelpi, C JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Goldenberg, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/17/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Goldfarb, HaroldPhysicians$2004/17/09Charles DentRPA-15Yes
    Hamid, ShaziaPhysicians$5004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Hernandez, David JAttorneys & law firms$3004/17/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Hines, BrucePhysicians$5004/17/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Hoffman, Judith aPhysicians$3004/17/09Timothy WalzDMN-1Yes
    Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Melissa BeanDIL-8Yes
    Jacobs, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Doris MatsuiDCA-5Yes
    Jacobson, KirkPhysicians$5004/17/09Ron KindDWI-3Yes
    Jarmuth, Frank aAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Jobin - Leeds, MariaWomen's issues$2,3004/17/09Donna EdwardsDMD-4Yes
    Jones, Gregory LAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/17/09Mike McIntyreDNC-7Yes
    Kaempfer, Christopher LAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Kahn, IkramPhysicians$5004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Kaplan, AlanPhysicians$1,0004/17/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    King, Douglas WAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/17/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Leibsker, IraAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Lever, Chauncey W Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Ander CrenshawRFL-4Yes
    Martin, KeithAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Mcneil, ChristianPhysicians$2504/17/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Meer, Cary JAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Milgrim, RogerAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Charles DentRPA-15Yes
    Miller, Nancy CAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/17/09Doris MatsuiDCA-5Yes
    Morse, M HowardAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Moses, Alfred HAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/17/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Moss, Randolph DAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/17/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Mounteer, TomAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Naugler, JimAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Ron KindDWI-3Yes
    Newcomb, DanAttorneys & law firms$-5004/17/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Newman, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/17/09John OlverDMA-1Yes
    Okeefe, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Charles DentRPA-15Yes
    Papa, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Pare, RichardPhysicians$4004/17/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Paster, Janice DAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Qureshi, AmirPhysicians$2504/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Reagan, Gary DonAttorneys & law firms$2004/17/09Harry TeagueDNM-2Yes
    Ritch, Joe HAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/17/09Lincoln DavisDTN-4Yes
    Ross, George aAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Rowe, Russell MAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Sabir, Muhammad SPhysicians$5004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Sachs, PeterAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Thomas RooneyRFL-16Yes
    Schnoor, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Seidberg, Carol SAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Shafi, Mohammed aPhysicians$5004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Spatola, MarkPhysicians$3004/17/09Clifford StearnsRFL-6Yes
    Storella, Janet MariePhysicians$2,4004/17/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Sullivan, FrancisPhysicians$5004/17/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Trost, Randall JAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Bob GoodlatteRVA-6Yes
    Tufail, NasirPhysicians$5004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Twedt, MargaretAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Vorys, Sater Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5004/17/09Steven LaTouretteROH-14Yes
    Wadhams, JimAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/17/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    West, ThomasPhysicians$1,0004/17/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Wilkins, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2504/17/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Doti, AnthonyPhysicians$2,0004/18/09Eddie JohnsonDTX-30Yes
    Lazenby, Jerry G MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/18/09Rodney AlexanderRLA-5Yes
    Litow, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$5004/18/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Mayne, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/18/09Steve KingRIA-5Yes
    Meyer, StevenPhysicians$1,0004/18/09Steve KingRIA-5Yes
    Perez, ArmindaPhysicians$2,0004/18/09Eddie JohnsonDTX-30Yes
    Schwartz, HaroldPhysicians$2504/18/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Uhl, KeithAttorneys & law firms$2504/18/09Steve KingRIA-5Yes
    Walker, William MAttorneys & law firms$2504/18/09Don YoungRAKYes
    Wilson, KennethAttorneys & law firms$5004/18/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Zamora, BertoPhysicians$5004/18/09Eddie JohnsonDTX-30Yes
    Alexander, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/19/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Battel, Nancy MAttorneys & law firms$3004/19/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Clayton, FayAttorneys & law firms$3004/19/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Conover, Julia AnnAttorneys & law firms$2504/19/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Delateur, E AlexandraAttorneys & law firms$2504/19/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Drummond, Ilana JAttorneys & law firms$2504/19/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Ellahie, Javed IAttorneys & law firms$2504/19/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Hammes, Norma LAttorneys & law firms$5004/19/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Kieve, Robert SCommercial TV & radio stations$2504/19/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Kline, NormanMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2504/19/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Leiden, Warren RAttorneys & law firms$5004/19/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Parker, TonyaAttorneys & law firms$2754/19/09Eddie JohnsonDTX-30Yes
    Rao, David BAttorneys & law firms$2004/19/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Schleifer, AndreaAttorneys & law firms$4504/19/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Sheets, PaulannAttorneys & law firms$2504/19/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Shulman, James S KAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/19/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Trebisacci, Raymond TAttorneys & law firms$2504/19/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Weinberg, JillMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2254/19/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    White, GaryAttorneys & law firms$2504/19/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Abraham, LeeAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Travis ChildersDMS-1Yes
    Adams & ReeseAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/20/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Adams & ReeseAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    Adams & ReeseAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$5004/20/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7504/20/09F. SensenbrennerRWI-5Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7504/20/09Virginia Brown-WaiteRFL-5Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$5,0004/20/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$2,5004/20/09John SarbanesDMD-3Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,5004/20/09José SerranoDNY-16Yes
    Ashley, Raymond E MrMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$2504/20/09Brian BilbrayRCA-50Yes
    Beetlestone, WendyAttorneys & law firms$5004/20/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Collins, LionelAttorneys & law firms$2504/20/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Condit, Donald DrPhysicians$5004/20/09Vernon EhlersRMI-3Yes
    Creveling, CurtisAttorneys & law firms$2504/20/09Charles DentRPA-15Yes
    Davis Wright Tremaine LlpAttorneys & law firms$5004/20/09Peter DeFazioDOR-4Yes
    Dixon, Harry D JrAttorneys & law firms$2504/20/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Duvernoy, EugeneEnvironmental policy$5004/20/09Norman DicksDWA-6Yes
    Dworetzky, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2504/20/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Eberwein, RobertPhysicians$2504/20/09Charles DentRPA-15Yes
    Fensterman, HowardAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/20/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Fensterman, HowardAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/20/09Steve IsraelDNY-2Yes
    Fiss, RhondaAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Fleming, MichaelPhysicians$5004/20/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Gross, Barry L EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    Gupta, VinodPhysicians$5004/20/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Heckler, Alexander PAttorneys & law firms$5004/20/09Xavier BecerraDCA-31Yes
    Horstman, Patrice MAttorneys & law firms$2504/20/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Scott GarrettRNJ-5Yes
    Kinser, Holly KAttorneys & law firms$5004/20/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Kirkley, Dorothy YAttorneys & law firms$2504/20/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Kleman, RodneyAttorneys & law firms$2504/20/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Krause, CherylAttorneys & law firms$5004/20/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Lauredo, LuisAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Xavier BecerraDCA-31Yes
    Leiden, Terrance PAttorneys & law firms$3004/20/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Levinson, NatePhysicians$5004/20/09Charles DentRPA-15Yes
    Lyles, Thomas W DrPhysicians$2,4004/20/09Louie GohmertRTX-1Yes
    Mcglinch, Brian Patrick MdPhysicians$2504/20/09Timothy WalzDMN-1Yes
    Mcglinchey, Stafford Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5004/20/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Meyer, Kenneth ECommercial TV & radio stations$2,4004/20/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Meyer, Kenneth ECommercial TV & radio stations$4004/20/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Miller & ChevalierAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Lynn JenkinsRKS-2Yes
    Natl Assn of Farm Svc Agency County EmplFederal employees unions$1,5004/20/09David ScottDGA-13Yes
    Nelson, LesterAttorneys & law firms$5004/20/09Nita LoweyDNY-18Yes
    O'melveny & MyersAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    Pak, Sean SAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09John ConyersDMI-14Yes
    Pirtle, AlanAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Powers, Pyles Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Glenn ThompsonRPA-5Yes
    Regan, Patrick MAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/20/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Regan, Patrick MAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/20/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Rose, JonAttorneys & law firms$2504/20/09Jim CooperDTN-5Yes
    Rossi, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$5004/20/09Zoe LofgrenDCA-16Yes
    Ryan, James P JrAttorneys & law firms$2504/20/09Timothy WalzDMN-1Yes
    Saad, James aAttorneys & law firms$2504/20/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Sadin, ArtAttorneys & law firms$2504/20/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Sanchez-Medina, RolandoAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Joe BacaDCA-43Yes
    Seaton, Douglas P MrAttorneys & law firms$1,4004/20/09Erik PaulsenRMN-3Yes
    Seaton, Douglas P MrAttorneys & law firms$6004/20/09Erik PaulsenRMN-3Yes
    Singer, Toby GAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Steketee, Nancy L LangenAttorneys & law firms$2504/20/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Stenger, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$5004/20/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Stern, Janet RiesWomen's issues$1,0004/20/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Stoney, L ScottPhysicians$2504/20/09Loretta SanchezDCA-47Yes
    Tanoury, John LAttorneys & law firms$2004/20/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Taylor, Willard BAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    Trotter, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Paul BrounRGA-10Yes
    White, Bill FAttorneys & law firms$2004/20/09Tammy BaldwinDWI-2Yes
    Wildish, Daniel RAttorneys & law firms$5004/20/09Gary MillerRCA-42Yes
    Ysursa, BernardAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Ysursa, BernardAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/20/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Zeiger, John WAttorneys & law firms$2504/20/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Agrapidis, EvanAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Albio SiresDNJ-13Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5004/21/09Tammy BaldwinDWI-2Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0004/21/09Susan DavisDCA-53Yes
    Anton, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Arent Fox LlpAttorneys & law firms$-1,0004/21/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Thomas PetriRWI-6Yes
    Bazzani, ScottAttorneys & law firms$2504/21/09Albio SiresDNJ-13Yes
    Beard, RussellAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/21/09Randy NeugebauerRTX-19Yes
    Beard, RussellAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/21/09Randy NeugebauerRTX-19Yes
    Berger, Paul SAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Blandin, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Bobbitt, Julian D JrAttorneys & law firms$2504/21/09Bob EtheridgeDNC-2Yes
    Borod, Ronald S MrAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Scott GarrettRNJ-5Yes
    Boykin, Richard RAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/21/09Bobby RushDIL-1Yes
    Campen, George GAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Albio SiresDNJ-13Yes
    Cannon, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Randy NeugebauerRTX-19Yes
    Cherry, MyronAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Clifford, RobertTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4004/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Clyne, Reginald JAttorneys & law firms$2504/21/09Joe BacaDCA-43Yes
    Clyne, Reginald JAttorneys & law firms$2004/21/09Joe BacaDCA-43Yes
    Conway, KevinTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4004/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Crawford, JanetAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Crawford, ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Crowell, Robert LAttorneys & law firms$2504/21/09Dina TitusDNV-3Yes
    Crowley, MargaretAttorneys & law firms$2504/21/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Crump, Ben IAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/21/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Defina, PhilipPhysicians$2,0004/21/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Dhalla, Vir PrabhuPhysicians$1,5004/21/09Ken CalvertRCA-44Yes
    Diffenderfer, MichelleAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/21/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Dozier, Norman JPhysicians$2504/21/09Randy NeugebauerRTX-19Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Tammy BaldwinDWI-2Yes
    Elmore, D WayneCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4004/21/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Fabert, Kenneth RPhysicians$5004/21/09Jay InsleeDWA-1Yes
    Farber, Zulima V EsqAttorneys & law firms$3004/21/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Fields, Robert Ernest IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Bob EtheridgeDNC-2Yes
    Fletman, Abbe F EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Dana RohrabacherRCA-46Yes
    Gabis, Julia E EsqAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Green, Dennis J MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/21/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Greitzer, MartinAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Ron KleinDFL-22Yes
    Gurian, Larry DrPhysicians$2,4004/21/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Hatch, Mary AnnAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Hebeisen, KeithTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4004/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Hille, Robert BAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09F. SensenbrennerRWI-5Yes
    Horne, B Davis JrAttorneys & law firms$2504/21/09Bob EtheridgeDNC-2Yes
    Husch Blackwell LlpAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Lee TerryRNE-2Yes
    Isaacson, Eric aTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/21/09Bob FilnerDCA-51Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Russ CarnahanDMO-3Yes
    Kelleher, Robin NAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09John KlineRMN-2Yes
    Krivit, Daniel HAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Albio SiresDNJ-13Yes
    Laing, Katherine KEnvironmental policy$2254/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Lakshmanan, LakshmiAttorneys & law firms$2254/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Lancaster, H MartinAttorneys & law firms$2504/21/09Bob EtheridgeDNC-2Yes
    Lehman, Bruce aAttorneys & law firms$2504/21/09Tammy BaldwinDWI-2Yes
    Leon, Benjamin IiiPhysicians$2,4004/21/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Leon, Benjamin IiiPhysicians$2,4004/21/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Matthews, Daniel PAttorneys & law firms$2004/21/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Mccullough, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Mcglinchey Stafford PllcAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Mcgrath, BonnieAttorneys & law firms$3004/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Miller, Russell HAttorneys & law firms$2704/21/09George MillerDCA-7Yes
    Misk, JosephAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Montgomery, H RonnieAttorneys & law firms$2504/21/09Bob GoodlatteRVA-6Yes
    Nassauer, CharlesPhysicians$5004/21/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/21/09Blaine LuetkemeyerRMO-9Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/21/09Gene GreenDTX-29Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/21/09Joe WilsonRSC-2Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/21/09Patrick McHenryRNC-10Yes
    O'dwyer, BrianAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Orlanski, LeibAttorneys & law firms$2504/21/09Ken CalvertRCA-44Yes
    Overton, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/21/09J. ForbesRVA-4Yes
    Parks, Daryl DAttorneys & law firms$1,6004/21/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Parks, Daryl DAttorneys & law firms$1,4004/21/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Patterson, Carl N JrAttorneys & law firms$3004/21/09Bob EtheridgeDNC-2Yes
    Pence, Stephen BAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Brett GuthrieRKY-2Yes
    Perenchio, JerroldCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/21/09Ken CalvertRCA-44Yes
    Power, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Power, SusanAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Power, SusanAttorneys & law firms$4004/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Prindable, ThomasTrial lawyers & law firms$2,4004/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Rajkumar, TajPhysicians$2,4004/21/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$-1,0004/21/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Rogers, LarryAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Romanucci, Antonio MAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Roque, Felix EPhysicians$2,3004/21/09Albio SiresDNJ-13Yes
    Scruggs, FrankAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Shea, Leslie BAttorneys & law firms$2504/21/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Shenkman, MartinAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Silverberg, Kaylen MPhysicians$2,4004/21/09Lamar SmithRTX-21Yes
    Sturdevant, James CAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/21/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Taylor, Suzanne MAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Daniel LungrenRCA-3Yes
    Thomas, JerryPhysicians$5004/21/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/21/09Dennis CardozaDCA-18Yes
    Wagner, ClaudiaAttorneys & law firms$2504/21/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Werner, Mary JoAttorneys & law firms$5004/21/09Ron KindDWI-3Yes
    Zevallos, Dr Alfred GPhysicians$1,0004/21/09Eddie JohnsonDTX-30Yes
    Adan, JohnPhysicians$2504/22/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,5004/22/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/22/09Anh CaoRLA-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/22/09Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/22/09Elijah CummingsDMD-7Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/22/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/22/09Lucille Roybal-AllardDCA-34Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$2,5004/22/09Ike SkeltonDMO-4Yes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/22/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Ike SkeltonDMO-4Yes
    Borman, Thomas HAttorneys & law firms$2504/22/09Patrick KennedyDRI-1Yes
    Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$2,5004/22/09Gene GreenDTX-29Yes
    Brooks, Iv, EugeneAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Busch, AugustAttorneys & law firms$4,8004/22/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Busch, AugustAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/22/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Busch, AugustAttorneys & law firms$-2,4004/22/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Busch, Virginia LAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/22/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Chesley, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/22/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Chesley, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/22/09Steve DriehausDOH-1Yes
    Cooper, William P IiiAttorneys & law firms$2004/22/09Jim CooperDTN-5Yes
    Counts, BraxtonAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    Davis Wright Tremaine LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Barton GordonDTN-6Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Joe WilsonRSC-2Yes
    Eldred, CynthiaAttorneys & law firms$2504/22/09Bob FilnerDCA-51Yes
    Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Tammy BaldwinDWI-2Yes
    Gallagher, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Giacchetti, CynthiaAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/22/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Gilbert, Walter R Dr JrPhysicians$1,0004/22/09Ander CrenshawRFL-4Yes
    Ginsberg, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2504/22/09Timothy WalzDMN-1Yes
    Gottlieb, StaceyAttorneys & law firms$2504/22/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Hadden, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Hays, GaryAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Heintz, John EAttorneys & law firms$1,2004/22/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Hertz, EricAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Dean HellerRNV-2Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Melissa BeanDIL-8Yes
    Jones, LinleyAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09John MicaRFL-7Yes
    Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Mark SouderRIN-3Yes
    Kellum, Norman B MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Walter JonesRNC-3Yes
    Latherow, JerryAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Lee, Jun YAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Xavier BecerraDCA-31Yes
    Legg, MikeAttorneys & law firms$2504/22/09Gene TaylorDMS-4Yes
    Lippitz, RhitaAttorneys & law firms$3004/22/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Lombardo, Richard FAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/22/09George ButterfieldDNC-1Yes
    Natl Assn of Farm Svc Agency County EmplFederal employees unions$1,0004/22/09Lincoln DavisDTN-4Yes
    Needleman, JoannAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/22/09Michael CastleRDEYes
    Norment, James W MrAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Walter JonesRNC-3Yes
    O'donnell, Thomas PatrickAttorneys & law firms$2504/22/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Ocean ChampionsEnvironmental policy$1,5004/22/09Lois CappsDCA-23Yes
    Ortner, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Ozcomert, StephenAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Penn, DarrenAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Peterson, BonniePhysicians$5004/22/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    Peterson, Thomas MPhysicians$5004/22/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    Reichert, AlexanderAttorneys & law firms$3004/22/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Rogers, BrianAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Rudin, MitchellAttorneys & law firms$2504/22/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Samson, Mark D DvmAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Schneider, JasperAttorneys & law firms$2504/22/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    Shaffer, J MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Shander, AryehPhysicians$5004/22/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Shurin, LelandAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Simmons, Evett LAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Smith, J Troy Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Walter JonesRNC-3Yes
    Stein, SandraAttorneys & law firms$2504/22/09Ken CalvertRCA-44Yes
    Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Gene GreenDTX-29Yes
    Tettlebaum, Harvey M MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Roy BluntRMO-7Yes
    Thompson, DavidAttorneys & law firms$3004/22/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    Thompson, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$3004/22/09Earl PomeroyDNDYes
    Troutman SandersAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09James MarshallDGA-8Yes
    Ward, David L Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/22/09Walter JonesRNC-3Yes
    Weinberg, JayAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/22/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Weinberg, JayAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/22/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Wolf, Greg TAttorneys & law firms$5004/22/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    Abdelkarim, Basim Z MdPhysicians$1,0004/23/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5004/23/09Diana DeGetteDCO-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,5004/23/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/23/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/23/09Bob EtheridgeDNC-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/23/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$4,0004/23/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$2,5004/23/09Peter DeFazioDOR-4Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$1,0004/23/09Mike ThompsonDCA-1Yes
    American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unions$-1,0004/23/09Ellen TauscherDCA-10Yes
    Azzawi, ZaherPhysicians$1,0004/23/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/23/09Gene TaylorDMS-4Yes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/23/09Mike RogersRAL-3Yes
    Birnbaum, Steven EsqAttorneys & law firms$5004/23/09Lynn WoolseyDCA-6Yes
    Bowman, GeraldAttorneys & law firms$5004/23/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Canter, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$5004/23/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Capelli, Gregory JPhysicians$2004/23/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Deleon, Neil aAttorneys & law firms$2504/23/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$5004/23/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/23/09Bob GoodlatteRVA-6Yes
    Elmore, D WayneCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/23/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Erbsen, Diana LAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/23/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    Fennebresque, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/23/09Sue MyrickRNC-9Yes
    Fox, HarveyAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/23/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Gaffin, DudleyAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/23/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    Gerstein, VictorAttorneys & law firms$5004/23/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    Gordon, Howard WAttorneys & law firms$5004/23/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    Greenwood, Truman aAttorneys & law firms$7504/23/09John BoehnerROH-8Yes
    Hayes, James PAttorneys & law firms$5004/23/09Leonard BoswellDIA-3Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/23/09Norman DicksDWA-6Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/23/09Norman DicksDWA-6Yes
    Hunt, LeeAttorneys & law firms$5004/23/09Lynn WoolseyDCA-6Yes
    Lewis, DarrylAttorneys & law firms$5004/23/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Lydecker, Richard JAttorneys & law firms$5004/23/09Xavier BecerraDCA-31Yes
    Mandell, Peter JPhysicians$2,4004/23/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Mandell, Peter JPhysicians$2,4004/23/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Mcandrew, Paul JrAttorneys & law firms$5004/23/09Leonard BoswellDIA-3Yes
    Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/23/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Metzger, Scott EPhysicians$2,0004/23/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Montgomery, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5004/23/09Frank LucasROK-3Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$-1,0004/23/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Powell, TracyAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/23/09Jim CooperDTN-5Yes
    Pratt, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$2504/23/09John BoehnerROH-8Yes
    Rizvi, Sadyia aPhysicians$1,0004/23/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Rizvi, Syed ArifPhysicians$1,5004/23/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Roberts, JustineMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$3004/23/09Lynn WoolseyDCA-6Yes
    Siddiqui, Omar aAttorneys & law firms$8004/23/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Syed, AleemPhysicians$5004/23/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Tierney, Sheila MAttorneys & law firms$2504/23/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Vela, FilemonAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/23/09Gene GreenDTX-29Yes
    Wan, Richard T DrPhysicians$5004/23/09Ed WhitfieldRKY-1Yes
    Ward, AshleyAttorneys & law firms$6004/23/09John BoehnerROH-8Yes
    Ward, AshleyAttorneys & law firms$4004/23/09John BoehnerROH-8Yes
    Wilson, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2504/23/09Leonard BoswellDIA-3Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/24/09Joe BartonRTX-6Yes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7504/24/09Dan BurtonRIN-5Yes
    Allen, Thomas BAttorneys & law firms$2504/24/09John BoehnerROH-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/24/09Carolyn KilpatrickDMI-13Yes
    Aponte, Mari CarmenAttorneys & law firms$5004/24/09Nydia VelázquezDNY-12Yes
    Bacine, Daniel EAttorneys & law firms$5004/24/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Backman, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2004/24/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Borababy, George MAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/24/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Brenner, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$2504/24/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Brindisi, Louis T EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,4004/24/09Michael ArcuriDNY-24Yes
    Buckles, Geraldine CAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/24/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Buckles, Michael HAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/24/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Caballero, Dr GerardoPhysicians$5004/24/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Carver, BradAttorneys & law firms$7504/24/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Clemmons, Gary Hamilton MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/24/09Walter JonesRNC-3Yes
    Cohen, Sheldon SAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/24/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Davis, MonteAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/24/09Dennis RehbergRMTYes
    Field, DavidCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4004/24/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Field, DavidCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4004/24/09Walter MinnickDID-1Yes
    Gray, DeborahAttorneys & law firms$5004/24/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Grindstaff, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$5004/24/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Halaby, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2504/24/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Halaby, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2504/24/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Hinde Md, James DPhysicians$2504/24/09Dennis RehbergRMTYes
    Johnson, Karl LAttorneys & law firms$2004/24/09Martin HeinrichDNM-1Yes
    Kaplan, MattAttorneys & law firms$5004/24/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Kingery, GregoryCommercial TV & radio stations$2504/24/09John BoehnerROH-8Yes
    Korotkin, Michael PaulAttorneys & law firms$2504/24/09Anthony WeinerDNY-9Yes
    Lee, Gregory DAttorneys & law firms$2504/24/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/24/09Peter DeFazioDOR-4Yes
    Mandell, Md, PeterPhysicians$1,4004/24/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Mandell, Md, PeterPhysicians$1,0004/24/09Tom PriceRGA-6Yes
    Mcgovern, Joseph DAttorneys & law firms$3004/24/09John BarrowDGA-12Yes
    Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/24/09Steven LaTouretteROH-14Yes
    Miller, BruceAttorneys & law firms$5004/24/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    Moore, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2504/24/09Steve AustriaROH-7Yes
    Muehlberger, James PAttorneys & law firms$2504/24/09Jerry MoranRKS-1Yes
    Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/24/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5004/24/09Tim HoldenDPA-17Yes
    Penry, J AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/24/09R. MillerDNC-13Yes
    Riddle, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/24/09Dennis CardozaDCA-18Yes
    Salem CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0004/24/09David DreierRCA-26Yes
    Schmitt, CharlesPhysicians$2004/24/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Stoel, Rives Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5004/24/09Earl BlumenauerDOR-3Yes
    Stone-Belic, Ellen RuthWomen's issues$2504/24/09Deborah HalvorsonDIL-11Yes
    Sweetser, DanAttorneys & law firms$2504/24/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Swope, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$7504/24/09John BoehnerROH-8Yes
    Tuck, KennethPhysicians$2504/24/09Jim CooperDTN-5Yes
    Ullman, MarcAttorneys & law firms$7504/24/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Vorys, Sater Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/24/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Walker, CurtisAttorneys & law firms$2504/24/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Williams, LarryAttorneys & law firms$5004/24/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Wright, Kenneth WAttorneys & law firms$5004/24/09Suzanne KosmasDFL-24Yes
    Wynn, JasonAttorneys & law firms$5004/24/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Awad, JoeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,0004/25/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Cousar, Charles D DrPhysicians$1,0004/25/09Ander CrenshawRFL-4Yes
    Ganim, RandallAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/25/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Human, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/25/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Jordan, Darrell MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/25/09Pete SessionsRTX-32Yes
    Kuehn, JustinAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/25/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Kurowski, ConstanceAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/25/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Kurowski, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/25/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Mcgowan, John Patrick JrAttorneys & law firms$5004/25/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Mctiernan, John W EsqAttorneys & law firms$7004/25/09Jason AltmireDPA-4Yes
    Oleary, TerrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/25/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Pichardo, JulieAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/25/09Joseph CrowleyDNY-7Yes
    Snowdon, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$5004/25/09Greg WaldenROR-2Yes
    Wigginton, SteveAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/25/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Badgley, BradAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/26/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Joud, MohammadPhysicians$5004/26/09Keith EllisonDMN-5Yes
    Listrom, Margaret BPhysicians$5004/26/09Michael McCaulRTX-10Yes
    Martinez, Jose AgustinPhysicians$1,0004/26/09Michael McCaulRTX-10Yes
    Nester, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/26/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Scholl, Catherine LPhysicians$3004/26/09Michael McCaulRTX-10Yes
    Wayne, CandaceAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/26/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Aarons, HerbEnvironmental policy$3004/27/09Sam FarrDCA-17Yes
    American Intellectual Property Law AssnAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Debbie Wasserman SchultzDFL-20Yes
    Aronchick, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Frank WolfRVA-10Yes
    Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Harold RogersRKY-5Yes
    Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09John DuncanRTN-2Yes
    Bakhit, CyrusPhysicians$2504/27/09Bob GoodlatteRVA-6Yes
    Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/27/09David PriceDNC-4Yes
    Bartolomei, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$6004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Blair, David HMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$1,0004/27/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Branch, JoshAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Brewer, Robert G JrAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Broyles, EricAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Christopher CarneyDPA-10Yes
    Butler, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSDYes
    Carter, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Chenault, Alanston T IvAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Clark, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Clark, William TAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Cook, Bobby LeeAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Dellacona, TraceyAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Dougherty, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSDYes
    Douglass, ShermetaAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Farr A, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Mike McIntyreDNC-7Yes
    Feinstein, MarcAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSDYes
    Fineberg, KennethAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Fink, Jesse MEnvironmental policy$1,0004/27/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Finley,jr, E W W JrCommercial TV & radio stations$5004/27/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Finnell, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Fryer, KeithAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Gammage, MilesAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Gertmenian, RussAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Gibbs, J MitchellAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Gregerson, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSDYes
    Hagen, Bruce aAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Hamberger, Martin GAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Charles BoustanyRLA-7Yes
    Hamilton, HubertAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Herman, Russ MTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/27/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Herman, Stephen JTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/27/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Joe WilsonRSC-2Yes
    Kaufman, C JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$2,5004/27/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/27/09Michael DoyleDPA-14Yes
    Killian, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Landes, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Tom McClintockRCA-4Yes
    Lange, Roberto aAttorneys & law firms$3004/27/09Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSDYes
    Lasky, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Leblanc, Sam a IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/27/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Lebreton, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Leclair, LewisAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Eddie JohnsonDTX-30Yes
    Levine, Aaron MAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Lewis, Daniel MAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Lilly, BAttorneys & law firms$3004/27/09Tom McClintockRCA-4Yes
    Litt, Robert SAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/27/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Litt, Robert SAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/27/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Loving, AubreyCommercial TV & radio stations$5004/27/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Lupin, E Ralph RalphPhysicians$5004/27/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Lyons, Jonathan SPhysicians$1,0004/27/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Lyons, ThomasPhysicians$2,4004/27/09Phil GingreyRGA-11Yes
    Lyons, ThomasPhysicians$2,4004/27/09Phil GingreyRGA-11Yes
    Marcello, David aAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Markoff, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Robert AndrewsDNJ-1Yes
    Mitchell, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Murphy, James F MrAttorneys & law firms$7504/27/09Tim MurphyRPA-18Yes
    Murray, Stephen B JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/27/09Bobby BrightDAL-2Yes
    Newcomb, DanforthAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Paul HodesDNH-2Yes
    Newton, StevenAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    O'donnell, Neil T EsqAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    O'donnell, Thomas PatrickAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Peter DeFazioDOR-4Yes
    Olcese, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Olshan, AdamAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Orlando, RogerAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Orr, Ii, W FredAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Pennick, AurieMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$3004/27/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Piersol, Catherine VAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSDYes
    Prieto, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Rainwater, David NAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Santelli, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Sargent, ClintAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSDYes
    Schulte, Eric CAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSDYes
    Seltzer, Norman TAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Bob FilnerDCA-51Yes
    Shafir, Lois DAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Rush HoltDNJ-12Yes
    Slamowitz, MitchellAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Smith, WilsonAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Steel, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Strom, Terry Barton MdPhysicians$5004/27/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Tyrone, NelsonAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Vanison, Denise aAttorneys & law firms$2504/27/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Wainwright, Cynthia CWomen's issues$2,4004/27/09Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15Yes
    Warshaw, LesleyPhysicians$2504/27/09John FlemingRLA-4Yes
    Weber, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Weisman, AnaleeAttorneys & law firms$5004/27/09Harry MitchellDAZ-5Yes
    Wiley Rein LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Clifford StearnsRFL-6Yes
    Wooten, JoelTrial lawyers & law firms$5004/27/09Bruce BraleyDIA-1Yes
    Worsley, James R JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/27/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Zeitlin, Kim aAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/27/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Agnew, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Don YoungRAKYes
    Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/28/09Henry WaxmanDCA-30Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5004/28/09Jerrold NadlerDNY-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,5004/28/09Melissa BeanDIL-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/28/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/28/09George ButterfieldDNC-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/28/09Mark SchauerDMI-7Yes
    American College of Physicians ServicesPhysicians$4,0004/28/09Nancy PelosiDCA-8Yes
    Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/28/09Brett GuthrieRKY-2Yes
    Astor, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2504/28/09Clifford StearnsRFL-6Yes
    Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/28/09Donald ManzulloRIL-16Yes
    Barton, Courtney KPhysicians$1,0004/28/09Michael BurgessRTX-26Yes
    Bindner, Stephen RPhysicians$5004/28/09Michael BurgessRTX-26Yes
    Braddock, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Dan BorenDOK-2Yes
    Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/28/09Dave CampRMI-4Yes
    Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/28/09Michael DoyleDPA-14Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,5004/28/09Henry WaxmanDCA-30Yes
    Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/28/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Cohen, BrentAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Colton, RobertPhysicians$5004/28/09Clifford StearnsRFL-6Yes
    Cooperative of American PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0004/28/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    D'souza, SelmaAttorneys & law firms$3004/28/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Dagne, TheodoreMuseums, art galleries, libraries, etc.$1,0004/28/09Donald PayneDNJ-10Yes
    Davis Wright Tremaine LlpAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Cathy McMorris RodgersRWA-5Yes
    Dieck, AidaPhysicians$5004/28/09Michael McCaulRTX-10Yes
    Dieck, JohnPhysicians$5004/28/09Michael McCaulRTX-10Yes
    Downe, Edward R JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/28/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Fox, ElaineAttorneys & law firms$3004/28/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Gleason, Lynne BAttorneys & law firms$2504/28/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Goldstick, Bruce JPhysicians$5004/28/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Griffith, Lloyd T Dr MdPhysicians$2504/28/09Robert WittmanRVA-1Yes
    Gum, GregoryPhysicians$2504/28/09Robert AderholtRAL-4Yes
    Herrera, Raul RAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Xavier BecerraDCA-31Yes
    Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/28/09Barton GordonDTN-6Yes
    Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/28/09Dave CampRMI-4Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$5,0004/28/09Peter ViscloskyDIN-1Yes
    Iani, L JohnAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Don YoungRAKYes
    Jernigan, DonaldPhysicians$5004/28/09Alan GraysonDFL-8Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/28/09Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8Yes
    Kaplan, Arthur MAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/28/09Barney FrankDMA-4Yes
    Kluger, AlanAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Clifford StearnsRFL-6Yes
    Krislov, ClintAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/28/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$-2504/28/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Leskera, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2504/28/09John ShimkusRIL-19Yes
    Leverett, JoePhysicians$5004/28/09Dan BorenDOK-2Yes
    Levitt, AnnemarieWomen's issues$5004/28/09Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14Yes
    Mccarthy, WilliamPhysicians$2504/28/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Mccord, David DrPhysicians$1,0004/28/09Marsha BlackburnRTN-7Yes
    Mid-Atlantic Laborers' Political LeagueLabor Unions$-3,0004/28/09Jim GerlachRPA-6Yes
    Mid-Atlantic Laborers' Political LeagueLabor Unions$-3,0004/28/09Robert BradyDPA-1Yes
    Miller, Mike CAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/28/09Lloyd DoggettDTX-25Yes
    Millner, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Moody, Christine RTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/28/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Myerson, TobyAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Lois CappsDCA-23Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2,5004/28/09Frederick BoucherDVA-9Yes
    Noelke, William MrAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09K. ConawayRTX-11Yes
    Odonoghue, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,1004/28/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Parke, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Ron KindDWI-3Yes
    Peck, KerryAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/28/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Pinson, HarleyAttorneys & law firms$2504/28/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Pitman, William SAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Lucille Roybal-AllardDCA-34Yes
    Price, Allen MrAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09K. ConawayRTX-11Yes
    Raines, C Ted Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2504/28/09Sam JohnsonRTX-3Yes
    Rasner, David SAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Ray, Robert GAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Mike McIntyreDNC-7Yes
    Reeves, BeverlyAttorneys & law firms$2504/28/09Lloyd DoggettDTX-25Yes
    Rosenbaum, CherylPhysicians$2504/28/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Rudensky, RachelAttorneys & law firms$2504/28/09Clifford StearnsRFL-6Yes
    Ryan, JayAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/28/09Christopher LeeRNY-26Yes
    Saunders, MarshallEnvironmental policy$2,0004/28/09John LewisDGA-5Yes
    Schlosser, JohnnaPhysicians$2,4004/28/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Schlosser, JohnnaPhysicians$2,4004/28/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Schwartz, MarcAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/28/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Sheller, Stephen a EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/28/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Siegel, Liza MyersAttorneys & law firms$2504/28/09Ed PerlmutterDCO-7Yes
    Silva, ErnestoAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/28/09Solomon OrtizDTX-27Yes
    Sims, G ReynoldsAttorneys & law firms$7504/28/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Sims, Jason RAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Sohn, HerbertPhysicians$1,0004/28/09Mark KirkRIL-10Yes
    Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/28/09Geoff DavisRKY-4Yes
    Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/28/09John DuncanRTN-2Yes
    Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$9624/28/09George ButterfieldDNC-1Yes
    Stone, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,2504/28/09Wm. ClayDMO-1Yes
    Storey, Bayard T PhdWomen's issues$2,4004/28/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Tew Cardenas LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/28/09Debbie Wasserman SchultzDFL-20Yes
    Tew Cardenas LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,6004/28/09Debbie Wasserman SchultzDFL-20Yes
    Van Sumeren, MarkAttorneys & law firms$4004/28/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/28/09John DuncanRTN-2Yes
    Walsh, Heather GPhysicians$2504/28/09Michael BurgessRTX-26Yes
    Warshaw, Lesley MPhysicians$5004/28/09Bill CassidyRLA-6Yes
    Williams, Ethel Isaacs IsaacsAttorneys & law firms$5004/28/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$2,5004/29/09Dean HellerRNV-2Yes
    Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/29/09Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5004/29/09Bart StupakDMI-1Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5004/29/09Donald PayneDNJ-10Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/29/09Danny DavisDIL-7Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/29/09James MarshallDGA-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/29/09Joe DonnellyDIN-2Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/29/09Paul TonkoDNY-21Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/29/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$2,5004/29/09John AdlerDNJ-3Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,5004/29/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0004/29/09John ShadeggRAZ-3Yes
    American College of Emergency PhysiciansPhysicians$1,0004/29/09Lynn WoolseyDCA-6Yes
    Anduri, Carl EAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Jerry McNerneyDCA-11Yes
    Atsinger, EdwardCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/29/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Atsinger, Edward G MrCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/29/09David DreierRCA-26Yes
    Axselle, RalphAttorneys & law firms$4004/29/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Beato, Virgilio I DrPhysicians$5004/29/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Benton, Margaret aAttorneys & law firms$2504/29/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Berman, Eric MAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Blakeman, Bruce EsqAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/29/09Sam JohnsonRTX-3Yes
    Brown, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Cole, James OAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Conlon, Kevin JAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/29/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Cornachio, Anthony EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/29/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Diepenbrock, Karen LAttorneys & law firms$2504/29/09Daniel LungrenRCA-3Yes
    Dillon, William P MrAttorneys & law firms$2004/29/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Dolin, Mitchell MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/29/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Dr Steven, PetersenPhysicians$2504/29/09Paul RyanRWI-1Yes
    Federal Aviation Admin Managers AssnFederal employees unions$1,0004/29/09Michael McMahonDNY-13Yes
    Feibel, JohnPhysicians$2254/29/09John BoehnerROH-8Yes
    Fulbright & JaworskiAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/29/09Randy NeugebauerRTX-19Yes
    Hart, CelestePhysicians$1,0004/29/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Holderman, PaulaAttorneys & law firms$7504/29/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/29/09Harold RogersRKY-5Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$2,5004/29/09Cathy McMorris RodgersRWA-5Yes
    K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/29/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/29/09Greg WaldenROR-2Yes
    Krigel, ErleneAttorneys & law firms$2504/29/09Dennis MooreDKS-3Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2504/29/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    League of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policy$2504/29/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Leshner, Steve ITrial lawyers & law firms$5004/29/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Lewis, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Lium, John EsqAttorneys & law firms$2504/29/09Peter KingRNY-3Yes
    Lucy, WilliamState & local govt employee unions$5004/29/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    Mays, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2504/29/09Elijah CummingsDMD-7Yes
    Mcconnico, SteveAttorneys & law firms$2504/29/09Lloyd DoggettDTX-25Yes
    Mcguiness, KevinAttorneys & law firms$2504/29/09Debbie Wasserman SchultzDFL-20Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2504/29/09Bart StupakDMI-1Yes
    Nowicki, JuliaAttorneys & law firms$7504/29/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Primavera, Carl S EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/29/09Allyson SchwartzDPA-13Yes
    Racine, KarlAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    Ross, H ScottAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    Ross, H ScottAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    Rupp, John MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/29/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Sher, JoelAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Elijah CummingsDMD-7Yes
    Sokol, LeonAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Soto, Rafael a Dr MdPhysicians$2004/29/09Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18Yes
    Stephenson, DinahAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Kendrick MeekDFL-17Yes
    Turetsky, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/29/09Frank LucasROK-3Yes
    Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Zachary SpaceDOH-18Yes
    Veta, Jean D MsAttorneys & law firms$2504/29/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Ward, EuniceAttorneys & law firms$4504/29/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Warner, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Wilson, Bruce MrAttorneys & law firms$2504/29/09Rosa DeLauroDCT-3Yes
    Wohlstetter, Alan F EsqAttorneys & law firms$5004/29/09Patrick MurphyDPA-8Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$2,5004/30/09Charles RangelDNY-15Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/30/09Betsy MarkeyDCO-4Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/30/09Parker GriffithRAL-5Yes
    American Assn for JusticeTrial lawyers & law firms$1,0004/30/09Susan DavisDCA-53Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0004/30/09Glenn NyeDVA-2Yes
    American Federation of Govt EmployeesFederal employees unions$1,0004/30/09Steven RothmanDNJ-9Yes
    Anderson, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$5004/30/09Joe CourtneyDCT-2Yes
    Bouma, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5004/30/09Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/30/09Bill PascrellDNJ-8Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/30/09Barbara LeeDCA-9Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/30/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/30/09Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4Yes
    Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/30/09George ButterfieldDNC-1Yes
    Carey, JackAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/30/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Cates, JudyAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/30/09Jerry CostelloDIL-12Yes
    Cohen, Jonathan VAttorneys & law firms$5004/30/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    Cooperative of American PhysiciansPhysicians$5004/30/09Eric CantorRVA-7Yes
    Craig, AmyAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/30/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Craig, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,5004/30/09Steve ScaliseRLA-1Yes
    Cuneo, Jonathan WAttorneys & law firms$5004/30/09Henry WaxmanDCA-30Yes
    Deblasio, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5004/30/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Deitch, I WalterAttorneys & law firms$5004/30/09Bill FosterDIL-14Yes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$-1,5004/30/09John LarsonDCT-1Yes
    Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$-2,5004/30/09Paul KanjorskiDPA-11Yes
    Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$5004/30/09Frank KratovilDMD-1Yes
    Federal Aviation Admin Managers AssnFederal employees unions$2,5004/30/09Jerry LewisRCA-41Yes
    Fellig, Thomas J Hon EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/30/09Scott GarrettRNJ-5Yes
    Friedman, LindaTrial lawyers & law firms$1,5004/30/09Janice SchakowskyDIL-9Yes
    Goldstein, Linda CAttorneys & law firms$2504/30/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Goodman, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$5004/30/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Harfst, David LAttorneys & law firms$2504/30/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/30/09Charles MelanconDLA-3Yes
    Hunt, James BAttorneys & law firms$5004/30/09Larry KissellDNC-8Yes
    Jackson, Stephen Bernard SrAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/30/09David LoebsackDIA-2Yes
    Laboon, R BruceAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/30/09Randy NeugebauerRTX-19Yes
    Laduca, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$3004/30/09Henry WaxmanDCA-30Yes
    Levy, Gregg HAttorneys & law firms$2504/30/09Edward MarkeyDMA-7Yes
    Loughmiller, Brian SAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/30/09Ralph HallRTX-4Yes
    Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/30/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/30/09Barton GordonDTN-6Yes
    Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/30/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    Martin, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/30/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Martin, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$2,4004/30/09Kevin McCarthyRCA-22Yes
    Miller & ChevalierAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/30/09David PriceDNC-4Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,5004/30/09Sue MyrickRNC-9Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/30/09Barton GordonDTN-6Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/30/09James ClyburnDSC-6Yes
    National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0004/30/09Mike RogersRMI-8Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$1,5004/30/09Chris Van HollenDMD-8Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$1,0004/30/09Bennie ThompsonDMS-2Yes
    National Treasury Employees UnionFederal employees unions$5004/30/09Frank PalloneDNJ-6Yes
    Pearlman, Ralph DPhysicians$2,4004/30/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Pona, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$5004/30/09Gary PetersDMI-9Yes
    Routman, AlanPhysicians$5004/30/09Allen BoydDFL-2Yes
    Salem CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$5004/30/09Daniel LungrenRCA-3Yes
    Schellberg, Timothy MAttorneys & law firms$1,0004/30/09Adam SmithDWA-9Yes
    Tonkon TorpAttorneys & law firms$2,0004/30/09Greg WaldenROR-2Yes
    40 Organizations Supported and 0 Opposed; See Which Ones

    Organizations that took a position on
    Free Flow of Information Act of 2009: On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill Agreed to by voice vote.

    40 organizations supported this bill

    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    American Association for Justice
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    American Association of Law Libraries
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    American Association of Small Property Owners
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    American Civil Liberties Union
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    American Federation of Government Employees
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    American Library Association
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Association of College and Research Libraries
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Bill of Rights Defense Committee
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Center for American Progress
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Center for Corporate Policy
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Center for Inquiry
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Citizen Outreach
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Citizens for Health
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Defenders of Wildlife
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Federally Employed Women
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Federation of American Scientists
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Friends Committee on National Legislation
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Global Green USA
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Government Accountability Project
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Green Party of the United States
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    National Association of Broadcasters
    Ann Marie Cumming (2009, March 25). NAB Applauds House Judiciary on Federal Shield Law Passage. Retrieved September 16, 2014, from NAB.
    National Coalition Against Censorship
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    National Consumers League
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    National Employment Lawyers Association
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    National Organization for Women
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    National Taxpayers Union
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    National Treasury Employees Union
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    National Whistleblower Center
    (2009, January 28). Whistleblower Amendment Passes: Federal Workers Now Protected In House Stimulus Bill. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    National Women's Health Network
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    OMB Watch
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Physicians for Social Responsibility
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Progressive Democrats of America
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Public Citizen
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Sierra Club
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .
    Union of Concerned Scientists
    (2009, January 27). Coalition letter. Retrieved February 16, 2009, from .

    0 organizations opposed this bill

    Need proof?

    View citations of support and opposition

    Includes reported contributions to congressional campaigns of House members in office on day of vote, from interest groups invested in the vote according to MapLight, March 1, 2009 – April 30, 2009.
    Contributions data source: OpenSecrets.org

    Contributions by Legislator

    Namesort iconPartyState$ From Interest Groups
    That Supported
    $ From Interest Groups
    That Opposed
    Neil AbercrombieDHI-1$0$0Yes
    Gary AckermanDNY-5$1,000$0Yes
    Robert AderholtRAL-4$2,250$0Yes
    John AdlerDNJ-3$73,100$0Yes
    W. Todd AkinRMO-2$1,000$0Yes
    Rodney AlexanderRLA-5$14,600$0Yes
    Jason AltmireDPA-4$8,500$0Yes
    Rob AndrewsDNJ-1$5,200$0Yes
    Mike ArcuriDNY-24$6,650$0Yes
    Steve AustriaROH-7$4,150$0Yes
    Joe BacaDCA-43$6,450$0Yes
    Michele BachmannRMN-6$9,600$0Yes
    Spencer BachusRAL-6$0$0Yes
    Brian BairdDWA-3$0$0Yes
    Tammy BaldwinDWI-2$7,200$0Yes
    James Gresham BarrettRSC-3$0$0Yes
    John BarrowDGA-12$22,980$0Yes
    Roscoe BartlettRMD-6$2,300$0Yes
    Joe BartonRTX-6$6,000$0Yes
    Melissa BeanDIL-8$10,900$0Yes
    Xavier BecerraDCA-31$16,500$0Yes
    Rochelle "Shelley" BerkleyDNV-1$16,300$0Yes
    Howard BermanDCA-28$7,448$0Yes
    Robert Marion BerryDAR-1$4,500$0Yes
    Judy BiggertRIL-13$7,450$0Yes
    Brian BilbrayRCA-50$3,650$0Yes
    Gus BilirakisRFL-9$3,000$0Yes
    Rob BishopRUT-1$0$0Yes
    Sanford BishopDGA-2$2,000$0Yes
    Tim BishopDNY-1$5,700$0Yes
    Marsha BlackburnRTN-7$4,750$0Yes
    Earl BlumenauerDOR-3$7,500$0Yes
    Roy BluntRMO-7$34,550$0Yes
    John BoccieriDOH-16$9,550$0Yes
    John A. BoehnerROH-8$6,475$0Yes
    Jo BonnerRAL-1$4,500$0Yes
    Mary Bono MackRCA-45$0$0Yes
    John BoozmanRAR-3$2,000$0Yes
    Dan BorenDOK-2$1,000$0Yes
    Leonard BoswellDIA-3$7,750$0Yes
    Rick BoucherDVA-9$17,000$0Yes
    Charles BoustanyRLA-7$17,350$0Yes
    Fred Allen BoydDFL-2$9,050$0Yes
    Kevin BradyRTX-8$800$0Yes
    Bob BradyDPA-1$20,450$0Yes
    Bruce BraleyDIA-1$40,650$0Yes
    Bobby BrightDAL-2$15,050$0Yes
    Paul BrounRGA-10$4,850$0Yes
    Corrine BrownDFL-3$3,000$0Yes
    Henry BrownRSC-1$1,000$0Yes
    Ginny Brown-WaiteRFL-5$1,750$0Yes
    Vern BuchananRFL-13$50,750$0Yes
    Michael BurgessRTX-26$6,750$0Yes
    Dan BurtonRIN-5$1,750$0Yes
    George "G.K." ButterfieldDNC-1$7,962$0Yes
    Steve BuyerRIN-4$0$0Yes
    Ken CalvertRCA-44$8,300$0Yes
    Dave CampRMI-4$6,500$0Yes
    John CampbellRCA-48$250$0Yes
    Eric CantorRVA-7$28,000$0Yes
    Anh "Joseph" CaoRLA-2$2,650$0Yes
    Shelley CapitoRWV-2$6,150$0Yes
    Lois CappsDCA-23$9,525$0Yes
    Mike CapuanoDMA-8$14,250$0Yes
    Dennis CardozaDCA-18$3,500$0Yes
    John "Russ" CarnahanDMO-3$5,750$0Yes
    Chris CarneyDPA-10$12,150$0Yes
    André CarsonDIN-7$14,800$0Yes
    John CarterRTX-31$7,400$0Yes
    Bill CassidyRLA-6$32,119$0Yes
    Mike CastleRDE$8,440$0Yes
    Kathy CastorDFL-11$2,000$0Yes
    Jason ChaffetzRUT-3$0$0Yes
    Albert "Ben" ChandlerDKY-6$1,000$0Yes
    Travis ChildersDMS-1$5,000$0Yes
    Yvette ClarkeDNY-11$5,500$0Yes
    William Lacy ClayDMO-1$3,681$0Yes
    Emanuel CleaverDMO-5$3,000$0Yes
    Jim ClyburnDSC-6$19,500$0Yes
    John Howard CobleRNC-6$8,000$0Yes
    Mike CoffmanRCO-6$1,000$0Yes
    Steve CohenDTN-9$0$0Yes
    Tom ColeROK-4$0$0Yes
    K. "Mike" ConawayRTX-11$4,650$0Yes
    Gerry ConnollyDVA-11$30,350$0Yes
    John ConyersDMI-14$5,952$0Yes
    Jim CooperDTN-5$5,200$0Yes
    Jim CostaDCA-20$1,000$0Yes
    Jerry CostelloDIL-12$43,500$0Yes
    Joe CourtneyDCT-2$14,950$0Yes
    Ander CrenshawRFL-4$5,000$0Yes
    Joe CrowleyDNY-7$28,650$0Yes
    Henry CuellarDTX-28$10,650$0Yes
    John CulbersonRTX-7$3,550$0Yes
    Elijah CummingsDMD-7$2,750$0Yes
    Kathy DahlkemperDPA-3$16,900$0Yes
    Artur DavisDAL-7$2,000$0Yes
    Danny DavisDIL-7$9,900$0Yes
    Geoff DavisRKY-4$5,000$0Yes
    Lincoln DavisDTN-4$7,250$0Yes
    Susan DavisDCA-53$3,000$0Yes
    Peter DeFazioDOR-4$9,000$0Yes
    Diana DeGetteDCO-1$15,900$0Yes
    Rosa DeLauroDCT-3$13,500$0Yes
    John Nathan DealRGA-9$8,500$0Yes
    Bill DelahuntDMA-10$0$0Yes
    Charlie DentRPA-15$8,700$0Yes
    Lincoln Diaz-BalartRFL-21$11,950$0Yes
    Mario Diaz-BalartRFL-25$3,500$0Yes
    Norm DicksDWA-6$8,250$0Yes
    John DingellDMI-15$12,300$0Yes
    Lloyd DoggettDTX-25$12,650$0Yes
    Joe DonnellyDIN-2$23,400$0Yes
    Mike DoyleDPA-14$5,000$0Yes
    David DreierRCA-26$9,900$0Yes
    Steve DriehausDOH-1$14,550$0Yes
    John "Jimmy" DuncanRTN-2$4,250$0Yes
    Donna EdwardsDMD-4$9,050$0Yes
    Thomas "Chet" EdwardsDTX-17$38,350$0Yes
    Vern EhlersRMI-3$1,500$0Yes
    Keith EllisonDMN-5$12,800$0Yes
    John "Brad" EllsworthDIN-8$2,500$0Yes
    Jo Ann EmersonRMO-8$0$0Yes
    Eliot EngelDNY-17$3,000$0Yes
    Anna EshooDCA-14$6,000$0Yes
    Bob EtheridgeDNC-2$12,550$0Yes
    Mary FallinROK-5$0$0Yes
    Sam FarrDCA-17$1,300$0Yes
    Chaka FattahDPA-2$10,500$0Yes
    Bob FilnerDCA-51$12,900$0Yes
    Jeff FlakeRAZ-6$315$0Yes
    John FlemingRLA-4$14,100$0Yes
    J. "Randy" ForbesRVA-4$5,400$0Yes
    Jeff FortenberryRNE-1$2,500$0Yes
    George "Bill" FosterDIL-14$38,549$0Yes
    Virginia FoxxRNC-5$1,500$0Yes
    Barney FrankDMA-4$16,700$0Yes
    Trent FranksRAZ-2$1,000$0Yes
    Rodney FrelinghuysenRNJ-11$3,400$0Yes
    Marcia FudgeDOH-11$1,000$0Yes
    Elton GalleglyRCA-24$1,814$0Yes
    Ernest Scott GarrettRNJ-5$7,800$0Yes
    Jim GerlachRPA-6$2,000$0Yes
    Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8$17,050$0Yes
    John "Phil" GingreyRGA-11$12,300$0Yes
    Louie GohmertRTX-1$20,500$0Yes
    Charlie GonzalezDTX-20$2,500$0Yes
    Bob GoodlatteRVA-6$4,250$0Yes
    Bart GordonDTN-6$4,000$0Yes
    Kay GrangerRTX-12$11,300$0Yes
    Sam GravesRMO-6$6,000$0Yes
    Alan GraysonDFL-8$6,000$0Yes
    Al GreenDTX-9$6,650$0Yes
    Raymond "Gene" GreenDTX-29$10,200$0Yes
    Parker GriffithRAL-5$8,250$0Yes
    Raúl GrijalvaDAZ-7$500$0Yes
    Steven Brett GuthrieRKY-2$5,000$0Yes
    Luis GutiérrezDIL-4$0$0Yes
    John HallDNY-19$10,966$0Yes
    Ralph HallRTX-4$5,000$0Yes
    Debbie HalvorsonDIL-11$29,020$0Yes
    Phil HareDIL-17$8,500$0Yes
    Jane HarmanDCA-36$1,000$0Yes
    Gregg HarperRMS-3$1,000$0Yes
    Alcee HastingsDFL-23$13,900$0Yes
    Richard "Doc" HastingsRWA-4$1,000$0Yes
    Martin HeinrichDNM-1$34,250$0Yes
    Dean HellerRNV-2$6,000$0Yes
    Jeb HensarlingRTX-5$5,250$0Yes
    Wally HergerRCA-2$0$0Yes
    Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSD$5,300$0Yes
    Brian HigginsDNY-27$4,250$0Yes
    Baron HillDIN-9$13,500$0Yes
    Jim HimesDCT-4$46,950$0Yes
    Maurice HincheyDNY-22$1,500$0Yes
    Rubén HinojosaDTX-15$1,000$0Yes
    Mazie HironoDHI-2$3,250$0Yes
    Paul HodesDNH-2$50,400$0Yes
    Pete HoekstraRMI-2$0$0Yes
    Thomas "Tim" HoldenDPA-17$7,000$0Yes
    Rush HoltDNJ-12$7,550$0Yes
    Mike HondaDCA-15$3,500$0Yes
    Steny H. HoyerDMD-5$21,750$0Yes
    Duncan HunterRCA-52$3,300$0Yes
    Bob InglisRSC-4$0$0Yes
    Jay InsleeDWA-1$7,300$0Yes
    Steve IsraelDNY-2$23,650$0Yes
    Darrell IssaRCA-49$0$0Yes
    Sheila Jackson LeeDTX-18$4,500$0Yes
    Jesse JacksonDIL-2$28,150$0Yes
    Lynn JenkinsRKS-2$4,050$0Yes
    Eddie Bernice JohnsonDTX-30$13,125$0Yes
    Henry "Hank" JohnsonDGA-4$6,250$0Yes
    Sam JohnsonRTX-3$1,750$0Yes
    Tim JohnsonRIL-15$3,000$0Yes
    Walter JonesRNC-3$3,250$0Yes
    Jim JordanROH-4$1,000$0Yes
    Steve KagenDWI-8$21,750$0Yes
    Paul KanjorskiDPA-11$4,000$0Yes
    Marcy KapturDOH-9$0$0Yes
    Patrick KennedyDRI-1$18,700$0Yes
    Dale KildeeDMI-5$0$0Yes
    Carolyn KilpatrickDMI-13$2,000$0Yes
    Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15$24,436$0Yes
    Ron KindDWI-3$6,200$0Yes
    Pete KingRNY-3$9,400$0Yes
    Steve KingRIA-5$4,000$0Yes
    Jack KingstonRGA-1$2,000$0Yes
    Mark KirkRIL-10$44,400$0Yes
    Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1$31,300$0Yes
    Larry KissellDNC-8$11,450$0Yes
    Ron KleinDFL-22$31,930$0Yes
    John KlineRMN-2$12,350$0Yes
    Suzanne KosmasDFL-24$22,600$0Yes
    Frank KratovilDMD-1$10,600$0Yes
    Dennis KucinichDOH-10$0$0Yes
    Steve LaTouretteROH-14$9,250$0Yes
    Doug LambornRCO-5$0$0Yes
    Leonard LanceRNJ-7$4,000$0Yes
    Jim LangevinDRI-2$4,400$0Yes
    Rick LarsenDWA-2$3,000$0Yes
    John LarsonDCT-1$43,750$0Yes
    Tom LathamRIA-4$750$0Yes
    Bob LattaROH-5$0$0Yes
    Barbara LeeDCA-9$16,100$0Yes
    Chris LeeRNY-26$3,400$0Yes
    Sandy LevinDMI-12$20,450$0Yes
    Charles "Jerry" LewisRCA-41$4,500$0Yes
    John LewisDGA-5$22,750$0Yes
    John LinderRGA-7$0$0Yes
    Dan LipinskiDIL-3$5,750$0Yes
    Frank LoBiondoRNJ-2$3,450$0Yes
    Dave LoebsackDIA-2$8,500$0Yes
    Zoe LofgrenDCA-16$13,500$0Yes
    Nita LoweyDNY-18$10,650$0Yes
    Frank LucasROK-3$3,000$0Yes
    Blaine LuetkemeyerRMO-9$4,400$0Yes
    Ben Ray LujánDNM-3$6,250$0Yes
    Cynthia LummisRWY$500$0Yes
    Dan LungrenRCA-3$13,763$0Yes
    Stephen LynchDMA-9$5,000$0Yes
    Connie MackRFL-14$7,100$0Yes
    Dan MaffeiDNY-25$40,100$0Yes
    Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14$16,950$0Yes
    Don ManzulloRIL-16$1,000$0Yes
    Kenny MarchantRTX-24$1,000$0Yes
    Betsy MarkeyDCO-4$34,000$0Yes
    Ed MarkeyDMA-7$13,150$0Yes
    Jim MarshallDGA-8$2,000$0Yes
    Eric MassaDNY-29$14,300$0Yes
    Jim MathesonDUT-2$7,500$0Yes
    Doris MatsuiDCA-5$13,300$0Yes
    Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4$13,450$0Yes
    Kevin McCarthyRCA-22$30,750$0Yes
    Michael McCaulRTX-10$3,800$0Yes
    Tom McClintockRCA-4$2,750$0Yes
    Betty McCollumDMN-4$1,750$0Yes
    Thaddeus McCotterRMI-11$2,750$0Yes
    Jim McDermottDWA-7$2,500$0Yes
    Jim McGovernDMA-3$10,400$0Yes
    Patrick McHenryRNC-10$1,000$0Yes
    John McHughRNY-23$1,500$0Yes
    Douglas "Mike" McIntyreDNC-7$5,250$0Yes
    Howard P. "Buck" McKeonRCA-25$5,250$0Yes
    Mike McMahonDNY-13$14,100$0Yes
    Cathy McMorris RodgersRWA-5$4,000$0Yes
    Jerry McNerneyDCA-11$23,900$0Yes
    Kendrick MeekDFL-17$148,679$0Yes
    Gregory MeeksDNY-6$2,000$0Yes
    Charlie MelanconDLA-3$38,350$0Yes
    John MicaRFL-7$2,250$0Yes
    Mike MichaudDME-2$5,750$0Yes
    Candice MillerRMI-10$1,500$0Yes
    Gary MillerRCA-42$3,000$0Yes
    George MillerDCA-7$7,625$0Yes
    Jeff MillerRFL-1$1,000$0Yes
    R. "Brad" MillerDNC-13$14,800$0Yes
    Walt MinnickDID-1$19,693$0Yes
    Harry MitchellDAZ-5$19,850$0Yes
    Alan MollohanDWV-1$7,400$0Yes
    Dennis MooreDKS-3$11,500$0Yes
    Gwen MooreDWI-4$1,000$0Yes
    Jim MoranDVA-8$3,500$0Yes
    Jerry MoranRKS-1$9,932$0Yes
    Chris MurphyDCT-5$29,250$0Yes
    Patrick MurphyDPA-8$55,599$0Yes
    Tim MurphyRPA-18$15,550$0Yes
    John MurthaDPA-12$3,500$0Yes
    Sue MyrickRNC-9$5,500$0Yes
    Jerry NadlerDNY-8$18,700$0Yes
    Grace NapolitanoDCA-38$3,500$0Yes
    Richard NealDMA-2$5,250$0Yes
    Robert "Randy" NeugebauerRTX-19$7,550$0Yes
    Devin NunesRCA-21$0$0Yes
    Glenn NyeDVA-2$57,700$0Yes
    Jim OberstarDMN-8$13,500$0Yes
    Dave ObeyDWI-7$25,800$0Yes
    Pete OlsonRTX-22$11,550$0Yes
    John OlverDMA-1$6,500$0Yes
    Solomon OrtizDTX-27$8,000$0Yes
    Frank PalloneDNJ-6$31,150$0Yes
    Bill PascrellDNJ-8$25,125$0Yes
    Ed PastorDAZ-4$0$0Yes
    Ron PaulRTX-14$0$0Yes
    Erik PaulsenRMN-3$10,300$0Yes
    Donald PayneDNJ-10$4,650$0Yes
    Nancy PelosiDCA-8$54,150$0Yes
    Mike PenceRIN-6$3,500$0Yes
    Ed PerlmutterDCO-7$14,850$0Yes
    Tom PerrielloDVA-5$1,250$0Yes
    Gary PetersDMI-9$79,000$0Yes
    Collin PetersonDMN-7$6,000$0Yes
    Tom PetriRWI-6$2,200$0Yes
    Rochelle "Chellie" PingreeDME-1$6,050$0Yes
    Joe PittsRPA-16$0$0Yes
    Todd PlattsRPA-19$1,000$0Yes
    Lloyd "Ted" PoeRTX-2$13,650$0Yes
    Jared PolisDCO-2$0$0Yes
    Earl PomeroyDND$14,940$0Yes
    Bill PoseyRFL-15$6,850$0Yes
    David PriceDNC-4$3,000$0Yes
    Tom PriceRGA-6$17,850$0Yes
    Adam PutnamRFL-12$500$0Yes
    George RadanovichRCA-19$3,650$0Yes
    Nick RahallDWV-3$4,208$0Yes
    Charlie RangelDNY-15$29,400$0Yes
    Denny RehbergRMT$4,525$0Yes
    David ReichertRWA-8$1,500$0Yes
    Silvestre ReyesDTX-16$16,650$0Yes
    Laura RichardsonDCA-37$1,000$0Yes
    Ciro RodriguezDTX-23$36,796$0Yes
    David "Phil" RoeRTN-1$4,850$0Yes
    Harold "Hal" RogersRKY-5$4,500$0Yes
    Mike D. RogersRAL-3$1,500$0Yes
    Mike RogersRMI-8$4,500$0Yes
    Dana RohrabacherRCA-46$1,600$0Yes
    Tom RooneyRFL-16$2,500$0Yes
    Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18$29,300$0Yes
    Peter RoskamRIL-6$7,850$0Yes
    Mike RossDAR-4$5,000$0Yes
    Steve RothmanDNJ-9$12,200$0Yes
    Lucille Roybal-AllardDCA-34$3,000$0Yes
    Ed RoyceRCA-40$6,950$0Yes
    C.A. "Dutch" RuppersbergerDMD-2$3,000$0Yes
    Bobby RushDIL-1$13,400$0Yes
    Paul RyanRWI-1$7,600$0Yes
    Tim RyanDOH-17$7,500$0Yes
    John SalazarDCO-3$4,500$0Yes
    Loretta SanchezDCA-47$4,100$0Yes
    John SarbanesDMD-3$2,500$0Yes
    Steve ScaliseRLA-1$15,700$0Yes
    Jan SchakowskyDIL-9$59,725$0Yes
    Mark SchauerDMI-7$17,800$0Yes
    Adam SchiffDCA-29$8,300$0Yes
    Jeannette "Jean" SchmidtROH-2$3,900$0Yes
    Aaron SchockRIL-18$24,600$0Yes
    Kurt SchraderDOR-5$14,550$0Yes
    Allyson SchwartzDPA-13$67,957$0Yes
    David ScottDGA-13$6,000$0Yes
    Bobby ScottDVA-3$250$0Yes
    F. "Jim" SensenbrennerRWI-5$2,000$0Yes
    José SerranoDNY-16$4,500$0Yes
    Pete SessionsRTX-32$6,400$0Yes
    Joe SestakDPA-7$64,250$0Yes
    John ShadeggRAZ-3$5,500$0Yes
    Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1$11,682$0Yes
    Brad ShermanDCA-27$2,500$0Yes
    John ShimkusRIL-19$11,750$0Yes
    Joseph Heath ShulerDNC-11$3,500$0Yes
    Bill ShusterRPA-9$2,000$0Yes
    Mike SimpsonRID-2$500$0Yes
    Albio SiresDNJ-13$6,800$0Yes
    Isaac "Ike" SkeltonDMO-4$9,750$0Yes
    Louise SlaughterDNY-28$2,500$0Yes
    David Adam SmithDWA-9$2,000$0Yes
    Adrian SmithRNE-3$0$0Yes
    Chris SmithRNJ-4$2,200$0Yes
    Lamar SmithRTX-21$4,900$0Yes
    Vic SnyderDAR-2$0$0Yes
    Mark SouderRIN-3$1,000$0Yes
    Zack SpaceDOH-18$38,150$0Yes
    Karen "Jackie" SpeierDCA-12$2,000$0Yes
    John SprattDSC-5$1,000$0Yes
    Fortney "Pete" StarkDCA-13$1,000$0Yes
    Cliff StearnsRFL-6$9,050$0Yes
    Bart StupakDMI-1$7,250$0Yes
    John SullivanROK-1$4,500$0Yes
    Betty SuttonDOH-13$3,000$0Yes
    Linda SánchezDCA-39$5,000$0Yes
    John TannerDTN-8$4,500$0Yes
    Ellen TauscherDCA-10$0$0Yes
    Gary "Gene" Taylor