S. 3307 - Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010

Agriculture and food. 111th Congress (2009-2010) View bill details
An original bill to reauthorize child nutrition programs, and for other purposes. (by CRS) 
The bill has become law. 
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House Vote: On Passage

PASSED on December 2, 2010.

1/2 required to pass

voted YES: 264 voted NO: 157
13 voted present/not voting

Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010

S. 3307 — 111th Congress (2009–2010)

An original bill to reauthorize child nutrition programs, and for other purposes. (by CRS)
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An original bill to reauthorize child nutrition programs, and for other purposes.
Other Titles
  • Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
  • Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
  • Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
  • Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
Blanche Lincoln
    • Agriculture and food
    • Administrative law and regulatory procedures
    • Adult day care
    • Aging
    • Agricultural conservation and pollution
    • Agricultural marketing and promotion
    • Agricultural practices and innovations
    • Child care and development
    • Child health
    • Department of Agriculture
    • Education of the disadvantaged
    • Elementary and secondary education
    • Food assistance and relief
    • Food industry and services
    • Food supply, safety, and labeling
    • Fraud offenses and financial crimes
    • Fruit and vegetables
    • Government information and archives
    • Government investigations
    • Health promotion and preventive care
    • Licensing and registrations
    • Medicaid
    • Nutrition and diet
    • Performance measurement
    • Physical fitness and lifestyle
    • Poverty and welfare assistance
    • Public contracts and procurement
    • Right of privacy
    • Social work, volunteer service, charitable organizations
    • State and local government operations
    • Water use and supply
    • Women's health
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    Major Actions
    Referred to Committee
    Amendments (1 proposed)
    Passed Senate8/05/2010
    Passed House12/02/2010
    Signed by President12/13/2010
    Bill History
    select this voteSenatePassed Senate with an amendment by Unanimous Consent.8/05/2010PASSED by voice vote
    select this voteSenateAmendment SA 4589 agreed to in Senate by Unanimous Consent.8/05/2010PASSED by voice vote
    select this voteHouseOn Motion to Recommit with Instructions: S 3307 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 201012/02/2010This motion DID NOT PASS the House
    200 voted YES 221 voted NO 12 voted present/not voting
    currently selectedHouseOn Passage - House - S 3307 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 201012/02/2010This bill PASSED the House
    264 voted YES 157 voted NO 13 voted present/not voting
    5/05/2010Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry. Original measure reported to Senate by Senator Lincoln. With written report No. 111-178. Additional and Supplemental views filed.
    Put on a legislative calendar5/05/2010Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 363.
    8/05/2010Measure laid before Senate by unanimous consent.
    select this voteSenate Vote on Passage8/05/2010Passed Senate with an amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    8/05/2010Amendment SA 4589 proposed by Senator Lincoln.
    select this voteVote8/05/2010Amendment SA 4589 agreed to in Senate by Unanimous Consent.
    8/06/2010Message on Senate action sent to the House.
    8/09/2010Received in the House.
    8/09/2010Referred to the Committee on Education and Labor, and in addition to the Committee on the Budget, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.
    8/09/2010Referred to House Education and Labor
    8/09/2010Referred to House Budget
    11/30/2010Rules Committee Resolution H. Res. 1742 Reported to House. Rule provides for consideration of S. 3307 with 1 hour of general debate. Previous question shall be considered as ordered without intervening motions except motion to recommit with or without instructions. Measure will be considered read. Bill is closed to amendments. The resolution waives all points of order against consideration of the bill except those arising under clause 9 of rule XXI.
    12/01/2010Rule H. Res. 1742 passed House.
    12/01/2010Considered under the provisions of rule H. Res. 1742.
    12/01/2010Rule provides for consideration of S. 3307 with 1 hour of general debate. Previous question shall be considered as ordered without intervening motions except motion to recommit with or without instructions. Measure will be considered read. Bill is closed to amendments. The resolution waives all points of order against consideration of the bill except those arising under clause 9 of rule XXI.
    12/01/2010DEBATE - The House proceeded with one hour of debate on S. 3307.
    12/01/2010POSTPONED PROCEEDINGS - At the conclusion of debate on S. 3307, the Chair postponed further proceedings until later in the legislative day.
    12/01/2010Considered as unfinished business.
    12/01/2010Mr. Kline (MN) moved to recommit with instructions to Education and Labor.
    12/01/2010DEBATE - The House proceeded with ten minutes of debate on the Kline motion to recommit with instructions. The instructions contained in the motion seek to require the bill to be reported back to the House with an amendment which requires that specified provisions be met in order for funds to be made available.
    12/01/2010The previous question on the motion to recommit with instructions was ordered without objection.
    12/01/2010POSTPONED PROCEEDINGS - At the conclusion of debate on the motion to recommit with instructions, the Chair announced that further proceedings on S. 3307 would be postponed.
    12/02/2010Considered as unfinished business.
    Presented to President12/02/2010Cleared for White House.
    12/02/2010Motion to reconsider laid on the table Agreed to without objection.
    select this voteVote12/02/2010On Motion to Recommit with Instructions: S 3307 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
    currently selectedHouse Vote on Passage12/02/2010On Passage - House - S 3307 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
    Presented to President12/06/2010Presented to President.
    Signed12/13/2010Signed by President.
    Enacted12/13/2010Became Public Law No: 111-296.
    NumberSponsorDate OfferedStatus
    select this voteS. Amdt. 4589Lincoln, Blanche [D-AR]August 5, 2010Passed by voice vote on August 4, 2010.

    In the nature of a substitute.

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    Average contributions given to House members from Public school teachers, administrators & officials, which…

    opposed this bill

    Public school teachers, administrators & officials [About]
    Average given to House members who voted:
    63% less
    21 Organizations Supported and 3 Opposed; See Which Ones

    Organizations that took a position on
    Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010: On Passage - House - S 3307 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010

    21 organizations supported this bill

    American Association for Health Education
    American Association for Health Education (2010, October 31). Dear Chairman Miller:. Retrieved November 3, 2010, from Democracy Data.
    American Bakers Association
    Undersigned Organizations (2010, November 8). Letter to Chairman Miller and Ranking Member Kline. Retrieved December 6, 2010, from ABA.
    American Beverage Association
    American Beverage Association (2010, October 31). Dear Chairman Miller:. Retrieved November 3, 2010, from Democracy Data.
    American Dental Association
    American Dental Association (2010, October 31). Dear Chairman Miller:. Retrieved November 3, 2010, from Democracy Data.
    American Diabetes Association
    American Diabetes Association (2010, October 31). Dear Chairman Miller:. Retrieved November 3, 2010, from Democracy Data.
    American Federation of Teachers
    American Federation of Teachers (2010, October 31). Dear Chairman Miller:. Retrieved November 3, 2010, from Democracy Data.
    American Feed Industry Association
    Undersigned Organizations (2010, November 8). Letter to Chairman Miller and Ranking Member Kline. Retrieved December 6, 2010, from ABA.
    American Heart Association
    American Heart Association (2010, October 31). Dear Chairman Miller:. Retrieved November 3, 2010, from Democracy Data.
    Apple Processors Association
    Undersigned Organizations (2010, November 8). Letter to Chairman Miller and Ranking Member Kline. Retrieved December 6, 2010, from ABA.
    Feeding America
    Fraser, Ross (2010, December 2). Feeding America Applauds Passage of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act. Retrieved December 3, 2010, from PR Newswire.
    Grocery Manufacturers Association
    Scott Openshaw & Brian Kennedy (2010, December 2). Grocery Manufacturers Association Applauds House for Passage of Child Nutrition Bill. Retrieved September 4, 2014, from GMA.
    International Dairy Foods Association
    Undersigned Organizations (2010, November 8). Letter to Chairman Miller and Ranking Member Kline. Retrieved December 6, 2010, from ABA.
    National Association of County & City Health Officials
    National Association of County and City Health Officials (2010). Help Keep Kids Healthy. Retrieved November 3, 2010, from NACCHO.
    National Corn Growers Association
    Undersigned Organizations (2010, November 8). Letter to Chairman Miller and Ranking Member Kline. Retrieved December 6, 2010, from ABA.
    National Farmers Union
    Undersigned Organizations (2010, November 8). Letter to Chairman Miller and Ranking Member Kline. Retrieved December 6, 2010, from ABA.
    National Meat Association
    Undersigned Organizations (2010, November 8). Letter to Chairman Miller and Ranking Member Kline. Retrieved December 6, 2010, from ABA.
    Bengston, Karen (2010, December 2). Nemours Applauds Passage of Child Nutrition Legislation. Retrieved December 3, 2010, from AP Newswire.
    School Nutrition Association
    School Nutrition Association (2010). Our Kids Cannot Afford to Wait! Pass S. 3307 Now!. Retrieved November 3, 2010, from School Nutrition Association.
    Slow Food USA
    Klemperer, Jerusha (2010, August 5). One step closer to passing the Child Nutrition Act. Retrieved November 3, 2010, from .
    United Egg Producers
    Undersigned Organizations (2010, November 8). Letter to Chairman Miller and Ranking Member Kline. Retrieved December 6, 2010, from ABA.
    Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (2010, October 31). Dear Chairman Miller:. Retrieved November 3, 2010, from Democracy Data.

    3 organizations opposed this bill

    American Association of School Administrators
    Ellerson, Noelle (2010, November 2). Letter to the United States House of Representatives. Retrieved December 6, 2010, from AASA.
    Association of Educational Service Agencies
    AESA (2010, September 21). Child Nutrition. Retrieved December 6, 2010, from AESA.
    Traditional Values Coalition
    Lafferty, Anrea (2010). Put Your Hands Up And Step Away From The French Fries. Retrieved December 6, 2010, from Traditional Values.

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    View citations of support and opposition

    Includes reported contributions to congressional campaigns of House members in office on day of vote, from Public school teachers, administrators & officials interest groups, January 1, 2009 – December 31, 2010.
    Contributions data source: OpenSecrets.org

    Contributions by Legislator

    Namesort iconPartyState$ From Interest Groups
    That Supported
    $ From Interest Groups
    That Opposed
    Gary L. AckermanDNY-5$0$0Yes
    Robert B. AderholtRAL-4$0$0No
    John AdlerDNJ-3$0$3,000Yes
    W. Todd AkinRMO-2$0$0No
    Rodney AlexanderRLA-5$0$0No
    Jason AltmireDPA-4$0$6,300Yes
    Rob AndrewsDNJ-1$0$1,000Yes
    Mike ArcuriDNY-24$0$5,650Yes
    Steve AustriaROH-7$0$1,500No
    Joe BacaDCA-43$0$1,000Yes
    Michele BachmannRMN-6$0$7,400Not Voting
    Spencer BachusRAL-6$0$0Yes
    Brian BairdDWA-3$0$0Yes
    Tammy BaldwinDWI-2$0$3,100Yes
    James Gresham BarrettRSC-3$0$0Not Voting
    John BarrowDGA-12$0$2,700Yes
    Roscoe G. BartlettRMD-6$0$0No
    Joe BartonRTX-6$0$250No
    Melissa BeanDIL-8$0$2,650Yes
    Xavier BecerraDCA-31$0$0Yes
    Rochelle "Shelley" BerkleyDNV-1$0$250Yes
    Howard L. BermanDCA-28$0$0Yes
    Robert Marion BerryDAR-1$0$0Not Voting
    Judy BiggertRIL-13$0$0No
    Brian P. BilbrayRCA-50$0$0No
    Gus M. BilirakisRFL-9$0$250No
    Rob BishopRUT-1$0$0No
    Sanford D. Bishop Jr.DGA-2$0$0Yes
    Tim BishopDNY-1$0$1,200Yes
    Marsha BlackburnRTN-7$0$850No
    Earl BlumenauerDOR-3$0$0Yes
    Roy BluntRMO-7$0$10,100No
    John BoccieriDOH-16$0$500Yes
    John A. BoehnerROH-8$0$2,650No
    Jo BonnerRAL-1$0$0No
    Mary Bono MackRCA-45$0$0No
    John BoozmanRAR-3$0$4,500No
    Dan BorenDOK-2$0$2,650Yes
    Leonard L. BoswellDIA-3$0$250Yes
    Rick BoucherDVA-9$0$250Yes
    Charles W. Boustany Jr.RLA-7$0$0No
    Fred Allen BoydDFL-2$0$3,790No
    Kevin BradyRTX-8$0$0No
    Bob BradyDPA-1$0$0Yes
    Bruce L. BraleyDIA-1$0$250Yes
    Bobby BrightDAL-2$0$0Yes
    Paul C. BrounRGA-10$0$250No
    Corrine BrownDFL-3$0$7,450Yes
    Henry BrownRSC-1$0$0No
    Ginny Brown-WaiteRFL-5$0$0Not Voting
    Vern BuchananRFL-13$0$5,300No
    Michael C. BurgessRTX-26$0$0No
    Dan BurtonRIN-5$0$750No
    George "G.K." ButterfieldDNC-1$0$1,050Yes
    Steve BuyerRIN-4$0$0Not Voting
    Ken CalvertRCA-44$0$1,162No
    Dave CampRMI-4$0$0No
    John CampbellRCA-48$0$0No
    Eric CantorRVA-7$0$1,750No
    Anh "Joseph" CaoRLA-2$0$0Yes
    Shelley Moore CapitoRWV-2$0$7,950Yes
    Lois CappsDCA-23$0$304Yes
    Mike CapuanoDMA-8$0$1,250Yes
    Dennis CardozaDCA-18$0$2,750Yes
    John "Russ" CarnahanDMO-3$0$1,250Yes
    Chris CarneyDPA-10$0$250Yes
    André CarsonDIN-7$0$250Yes
    John R. CarterRTX-31$0$0No
    Bill CassidyRLA-6$0$0No
    Mike CastleRDE$0$2,950Yes
    Kathy CastorDFL-11$0$750Yes
    Jason ChaffetzRUT-3$0$500No
    Albert "Ben" ChandlerDKY-6$0$5,150Yes
    Travis ChildersDMS-1$0$1,800Yes
    Judy ChuDCA-32$0$4,950Yes
    Yvette D. ClarkeDNY-11$0$1,450Yes
    William Lacy ClayDMO-1$0$0Yes
    Emanuel CleaverDMO-5$0$750Yes
    Jim ClyburnDSC-6$0$2,650Yes
    John Howard CobleRNC-6$0$0No
    Mike CoffmanRCO-6$0$0No
    Steve CohenDTN-9$0$0Yes
    Tom ColeROK-4$0$0No
    K. "Mike" ConawayRTX-11$0$1,200No
    Gerry ConnollyDVA-11$0$3,350Yes
    John Conyers Jr.DMI-14$0$400Yes
    Jim CooperDTN-5$0$2,000Yes
    Jim CostaDCA-20$0$10,000Yes
    Jerry F. CostelloDIL-12$0$1,300Yes
    Joe CourtneyDCT-2$0$2,500Yes
    Ander CrenshawRFL-4$0$0No
    Mark S. CritzDPA-12$0$3,000Yes
    Joe CrowleyDNY-7$0$1,000Yes
    Henry CuellarDTX-28$0$2,500Yes
    John Abney CulbersonRTX-7$0$0No
    Elijah E. CummingsDMD-7$0$500Yes
    Kathy DahlkemperDPA-3$0$9,800Yes
    Artur DavisDAL-7$0$0Yes
    Danny K. DavisDIL-7$0$0Yes
    Geoff DavisRKY-4$0$0No
    Lincoln DavisDTN-4$0$250Yes
    Susan A. DavisDCA-53$0$0Yes
    Peter A. DeFazioDOR-4$0$250Not Voting
    Diana DeGetteDCO-1$0$0Yes
    Rosa L. DeLauroDCT-3$0$1,600Yes
    Bill DelahuntDMA-10$0$0Not Voting
    Charlie DentRPA-15$0$1,250Yes
    Theodore E. DeutchDFL-19$0$2,650Yes
    Lincoln Diaz-BalartRFL-21$0$1,000Not Voting
    Mario Diaz-BalartRFL-25$0$0No
    Norm DicksDWA-6$0$0Yes
    John D. DingellDMI-15$0$1,500Yes
    Charles DjouRHI-1$0$4,860Yes
    Lloyd DoggettDTX-25$0$250Yes
    Joe DonnellyDIN-2$0$200Yes
    Mike DoyleDPA-14$0$0Yes
    David DreierRCA-26$0$1,100No
    Steve DriehausDOH-1$0$4,500Yes
    John "Jimmy" DuncanRTN-2$0$0No
    Donna F. EdwardsDMD-4$0$250Yes
    Thomas "Chet" EdwardsDTX-17$0$3,950Yes
    Vern EhlersRMI-3$0$0Yes
    Keith EllisonDMN-5$0$500Yes
    John "Brad" EllsworthDIN-8$0$3,219Yes
    Jo Ann EmersonRMO-8$0$3,600Yes
    Eliot L. EngelDNY-17$0$1,000Yes
    Anna G. EshooDCA-14$0$750Yes
    Bob EtheridgeDNC-2$0$750Yes
    Mary FallinROK-5$0$0Not Voting
    Sam FarrDCA-17$0$0Yes
    Chaka FattahDPA-2$0$0Yes
    Bob FilnerDCA-51$0$2,000Yes
    Jeff FlakeRAZ-6$0$250No
    John FlemingRLA-4$0$0No
    J. "Randy" ForbesRVA-4$0$12,050No
    Jeff FortenberryRNE-1$0$250Yes
    George "Bill" FosterDIL-14$0$1,231Yes
    Virginia FoxxRNC-5$0$0No
    Barney FrankDMA-4$0$250Yes
    Trent FranksRAZ-2$0$0No
    Rodney P. FrelinghuysenRNJ-11$0$0No
    Marcia L. FudgeDOH-11$0$1,000Yes
    Elton GalleglyRCA-24$0$0No
    John GaramendiDCA-10$0$2,000Yes
    Ernest Scott GarrettRNJ-5$0$0No
    Jim GerlachRPA-6$0$0Yes
    Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8$0$9,600Yes
    John "Phil" GingreyRGA-11$0$0No
    Louie GohmertRTX-1$0$3,900No
    Charlie GonzalezDTX-20$0$0Yes
    Bob GoodlatteRVA-6$0$1,000No
    Bart GordonDTN-6$0$0Yes
    Kay GrangerRTX-12$0$0No
    Sam GravesRMO-6$0$0No
    John "Tom" GravesRGA-9$0$0No
    Alan GraysonDFL-8$0$2,900Yes
    Al GreenDTX-9$0$2,500Yes
    Raymond "Gene" GreenDTX-29$0$4,750Yes
    Parker GriffithRAL-5$0$0No
    Raúl M. GrijalvaDAZ-7$0$450Yes
    Steven Brett GuthrieRKY-2$0$1,000No
    Luis V. GutiérrezDIL-4$0$0Yes
    John HallDNY-19$0$3,685Yes
    Ralph M. HallRTX-4$0$500No
    Debbie HalvorsonDIL-11$0$1,165Yes
    Phil HareDIL-17$0$3,200Yes
    Jane HarmanDCA-36$0$0Yes
    Gregg HarperRMS-3$0$0No
    Alcee L. HastingsDFL-23$0$2,550Not Voting
    Richard "Doc" HastingsRWA-4$0$0No
    Martin HeinrichDNM-1$0$4,150Yes
    Dean HellerRNV-2$0$0No
    Jeb HensarlingRTX-5$0$250No
    Wally HergerRCA-2$0$0No
    Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSD$0$5,900Yes
    Brian HigginsDNY-27$0$500Yes
    Baron HillDIN-9$0$1,169Yes
    Jim HimesDCT-4$0$2,500Yes
    Maurice D. HincheyDNY-22$0$0Yes
    Rubén HinojosaDTX-15$0$0Yes
    Mazie K. HironoDHI-2$0$500Yes
    Paul HodesDNH-2$0$8,250Yes
    Pete HoekstraRMI-2$0$0No
    Thomas "Tim" HoldenDPA-17$0$250Yes
    Rush HoltDNJ-12$0$8,575Yes
    Mike HondaDCA-15$0$300Yes
    Steny H. HoyerDMD-5$0$8,700Yes
    Duncan HunterRCA-52$0$0No
    Bob InglisRSC-4$0$0No
    Jay InsleeDWA-1$0$800Yes
    Steve IsraelDNY-2$0$5,800Yes
    Darrell E. IssaRCA-49$0$0No
    Sheila Jackson LeeDTX-18$0$7,450Yes
    Jesse L. Jackson Jr.DIL-2$0$750Yes
    Lynn JenkinsRKS-2$0$250No
    Eddie Bernice JohnsonDTX-30$0$0Yes
    Henry "Hank" JohnsonDGA-4$0$250Yes
    Sam JohnsonRTX-3$0$0No
    Tim JohnsonRIL-15$0$0No
    Walter B. JonesRNC-3$0$0Yes
    Jim JordanROH-4$0$0No
    Steve KagenDWI-8$0$250Yes
    Paul KanjorskiDPA-11$0$0Yes
    Marcy KapturDOH-9$0$250Yes
    Patrick KennedyDRI-1$0$0Yes
    Dale E. KildeeDMI-5$0$1,000Yes
    Carolyn KilpatrickDMI-13$0$250Yes
    Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15$0$7,250Yes
    Ron KindDWI-3$0$0Yes
    Pete KingRNY-3$0$0No
    Steve KingRIA-5$0$0No
    Jack KingstonRGA-1$0$1,250No
    Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1$0$0Yes
    Larry KissellDNC-8$0$1,100Yes
    Ron KleinDFL-22$0$1,250Yes
    John KlineRMN-2$0$0No
    Suzanne KosmasDFL-24$0$7,650Yes
    Frank KratovilDMD-1$0$1,400Yes
    Dennis J. KucinichDOH-10$0$750Yes
    Steve LaTouretteROH-14$0$0Yes
    Doug LambornRCO-5$0$0No
    Leonard LanceRNJ-7$0$0No
    Jim LangevinDRI-2$0$300Yes
    Rick LarsenDWA-2$0$1,225Yes
    John B. LarsonDCT-1$0$500Yes
    Tom LathamRIA-4$0$750Yes
    Bob LattaROH-5$0$0No
    Barbara LeeDCA-9$0$500Yes
    Chris LeeRNY-26$0$0No
    Sandy LevinDMI-12$0$200Yes
    Charles "Jerry" LewisRCA-41$0$0No
    John LewisDGA-5$0$0Yes
    John LinderRGA-7$0$0No
    Dan LipinskiDIL-3$0$0Yes
    Frank A. LoBiondoRNJ-2$0$0No
    Dave LoebsackDIA-2$0$750Yes
    Zoe LofgrenDCA-16$0$2,000Yes
    Nita M. LoweyDNY-18$0$8,050Yes
    Frank D. LucasROK-3$0$0No
    Blaine LuetkemeyerRMO-9$0$0No
    Ben Ray LujánDNM-3$0$1,583Yes
    Cynthia M. LummisRWY$0$250No
    Dan LungrenRCA-3$0$250No
    Stephen F. LynchDMA-9$0$1,500Yes
    Connie MackRFL-14$0$0No
    Dan MaffeiDNY-25$0$10,700Yes
    Carolyn B. MaloneyDNY-14$0$250Yes
    Don ManzulloRIL-16$0$400No
    Kenny MarchantRTX-24$0$0Not Voting
    Betsy MarkeyDCO-4$0$7,150Yes
    Ed MarkeyDMA-7$0$750Yes
    Jim MarshallDGA-8$0$550Yes
    Jim MathesonDUT-2$0$2,000Yes
    Doris O. MatsuiDCA-5$0$0Yes
    Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4$0$200Yes
    Kevin McCarthyRCA-22$0$250No
    Michael T. McCaulRTX-10$0$0No
    Tom McClintockRCA-4$0$0No
    Betty McCollumDMN-4$0$250Yes
    Thaddeus McCotterRMI-11$0$0No
    Jim McDermottDWA-7$0$0Yes
    Jim McGovernDMA-3$0$4,220Yes
    Patrick T. McHenryRNC-10$0$750No
    Douglas "Mike" McIntyreDNC-7$0$2,750Yes
    Howard P. "Buck" McKeonRCA-25$0$7,100No
    Mike McMahonDNY-13$0$1,900Yes
    Cathy McMorris RodgersRWA-5$0$1,000Not Voting
    Jerry McNerneyDCA-11$0$2,159Yes
    Kendrick MeekDFL-17$0$24,402Yes
    Gregory W. MeeksDNY-6$0$0Yes
    Charlie MelanconDLA-3$0$9,550Yes
    John L. MicaRFL-7$0$250No
    Mike MichaudDME-2$0$250Yes
    Candice S. MillerRMI-10$0$0No
    Gary G. MillerRCA-42$0$7,200No
    George MillerDCA-7$0$250Yes
    Jeff MillerRFL-1$0$0No
    R. "Brad" MillerDNC-13$0$550Yes
    Walt MinnickDID-1$0$750Yes
    Harry MitchellDAZ-5$0$2,200Yes
    Alan MollohanDWV-1$0$2,650Yes
    Dennis MooreDKS-3$0$500Yes
    Gwen MooreDWI-4$0$1,250Yes
    Jim MoranDVA-8$0$750Yes
    Jerry MoranRKS-1$0$3,500No
    Chris MurphyDCT-5$0$6,375Yes
    Patrick MurphyDPA-8$0$7,500Yes
    Matthew Scott MurphyDNY-20$0$5,750Yes
    Tim MurphyRPA-18$0$0Yes
    Sue Wilkins MyrickRNC-9$0$0No
    Jerry NadlerDNY-8$0$5,800Yes
    Grace F. NapolitanoDCA-38$0$250Yes
    Richard E. NealDMA-2$0$250Yes
    Robert "Randy" NeugebauerRTX-19$0$750No
    Devin NunesRCA-21$0$0No
    Glenn NyeDVA-2$0$250Yes
    Jim OberstarDMN-8$0$0Yes
    Dave ObeyDWI-7$0$700Yes
    Pete OlsonRTX-22$0$2,650No
    John W. OlverDMA-1$0$1,250Yes
    Solomon OrtizDTX-27$0$1,000Yes
    Bill OwensDNY-23$0$7,650Yes
    Frank Pallone Jr.DNJ-6$0$0Yes
    Bill PascrellDNJ-8$0$2,500Yes
    Ed PastorDAZ-4$0$1,450Yes
    Ron PaulRTX-14$0$250No
    Erik PaulsenRMN-3$0$1,200No
    Donald PayneDNJ-10$0$2,275Yes
    Nancy PelosiDCA-8$0$1,000Yes
    Mike PenceRIN-6$0$0No
    Ed PerlmutterDCO-7$0$3,150Yes
    Tom PerrielloDVA-5$0$4,691Yes
    Gary PetersDMI-9$0$4,950Yes
    Collin C. PetersonDMN-7$0$0Yes
    Tom PetriRWI-6$0$0No
    Rochelle "Chellie" PingreeDME-1$0$1,550Yes
    Joe PittsRPA-16$0$1,000No
    Todd Russell PlattsRPA-19$0$300Yes
    Lloyd "Ted" PoeRTX-2$0$500No
    Jared PolisDCO-2$0$0Yes
    Earl PomeroyDND$0$2,000Yes
    Bill PoseyRFL-15$0$0No
    David E. PriceDNC-4$0$500Yes
    Tom PriceRGA-6$0$50No
    Adam PutnamRFL-12$0$0Not Voting
    Mike QuigleyDIL-5$0$400Yes
    George RadanovichRCA-19$0$250No
    Nick J. Rahall IIDWV-3$0$500Yes
    Charlie RangelDNY-15$0$0Yes
    Tom ReedRNY-29$0$200No
    Denny RehbergRMT$0$1,000No
    David G. ReichertRWA-8$0$250Yes
    Silvestre ReyesDTX-16$0$1,150Yes
    Laura RichardsonDCA-37$0$0Yes
    Ciro RodriguezDTX-23$0$500Yes
    David "Phil" RoeRTN-1$0$1,450No
    Harold "Hal" RogersRKY-5$0$0No
    Mike D. RogersRAL-3$0$0No
    Mike RogersRMI-8$0$0No
    Dana RohrabacherRCA-46$0$0No
    Tom RooneyRFL-16$0$0No
    Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18$0$3,180No
    Peter J. RoskamRIL-6$0$0No
    Mike RossDAR-4$0$1,800Yes
    Steve RothmanDNJ-9$0$1,000Yes
    Lucille Roybal-AllardDCA-34$0$0Yes
    Ed RoyceRCA-40$0$400No
    C.A. "Dutch" RuppersbergerDMD-2$0$0Yes
    Bobby L. RushDIL-1$0$0Yes
    Paul RyanRWI-1$0$400No
    Tim RyanDOH-17$0$0Yes
    John SalazarDCO-3$0$2,400Yes
    Loretta SanchezDCA-47$0$5,200Yes
    John P. SarbanesDMD-3$0$3,000Yes
    Steve ScaliseRLA-1$0$0No
    Jan SchakowskyDIL-9$0$1,100Yes
    Mark SchauerDMI-7$0$4,048Yes
    Adam B. SchiffDCA-29$0$1,200Yes
    Jeannette "Jean" SchmidtROH-2$0$0No
    Aaron SchockRIL-18$0$3,400No
    Kurt SchraderDOR-5$0$0Yes
    Allyson Y. SchwartzDPA-13$0$8,150Yes
    David ScottDGA-13$0$0Yes
    Bobby ScottDVA-3$0$0Yes
    F. "Jim" SensenbrennerRWI-5$0$0No
    José E. SerranoDNY-16$0$0Yes
    Pete SessionsRTX-32$0$1,300No
    Joe SestakDPA-7$0$19,421Yes
    John ShadeggRAZ-3$0$500No
    Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1$0$4,600Yes
    Brad ShermanDCA-27$0$6,050Yes
    John ShimkusRIL-19$0$0No
    Joseph Heath ShulerDNC-11$0$250Yes
    Bill ShusterRPA-9$0$250No
    Mike SimpsonRID-2$0$0No
    Albio SiresDNJ-13$0$9,700Yes
    Isaac "Ike" SkeltonDMO-4$0$2,050Yes
    Louise McIntosh SlaughterDNY-28$0$0Yes
    David Adam SmithDWA-9$0$0Yes
    Adrian SmithRNE-3$0$0No
    Chris SmithRNJ-4$0$0No
    Lamar SmithRTX-21$0$0No
    Vic SnyderDAR-2$0$0Yes
    Zack SpaceDOH-18$0$750Yes
    Karen "Jackie" SpeierDCA-12$0$450Yes
    John SprattDSC-5$0$800Yes
    Fortney "Pete" StarkDCA-13$0$0Yes
    Cliff StearnsRFL-6$0$0No
    Bart StupakDMI-1$0$0No
    Marlin A. StutzmanRIN-3$0$950No
    John SullivanROK-1$0$0No
    Betty SuttonDOH-13$0$1,210Yes
    Linda T. SánchezDCA-39$0$0Yes
    John TannerDTN-8$0$0No
    Gary "Gene" TaylorDMS-4$0$0Yes
    Harry TeagueDNM-2$0$6,200Yes
    Lee TerryRNE-2$0$500No
    Bennie G. ThompsonDMS-2$0$0Yes
    Glenn ThompsonRPA-5$0$1,000No
    C. Mike ThompsonDCA-1$0$1,510Yes
    William "Mac" ThornberryRTX-13$0$0No
    Todd TiahrtRKS-4$0$1,600No
    Pat TiberiROH-12$0$600No
    John F. TierneyDMA-6$0$0Yes
    Alice "Dina" TitusDNV-3$0$550Yes
    Paul TonkoDNY-21$0$250Yes
    Ed TownsDNY-10$0$4,215Yes
    Niki TsongasDMA-5$0$2,050Yes
    Mike TurnerROH-3$0$0No
    Fred UptonRMI-6$0$3,000No
    Chris Van HollenDMD-8$0$500Yes
    Nydia M. VelázquezDNY-12$0$0Yes
    Pete ViscloskyDIN-1$0$0Yes
    Greg WaldenROR-2$0$5,250No
    Tim WalzDMN-1$0$4,700Yes
    Zach WampRTN-3$0$0No
    Debbie Wasserman SchultzDFL-20$0$2,400Yes
    Maxine WatersDCA-35$0$5,000Yes
    Diane WatsonDCA-33$0$0Yes
    Mel WattDNC-12$0$500Yes
    Henry A. WaxmanDCA-30$0$0Yes
    Anthony WeinerDNY-9$0$4,800Yes
    Peter WelchDVT$0$500No
    Lynn A. WestmorelandRGA-3$0$0No
    Ed WhitfieldRKY-1$0$250No
    Charlie WilsonDOH-6$0$1,000Yes
    Addison "Joe" WilsonRSC-2$0$1,650No
    Robert J. WittmanRVA-1$0$3,150No
    Frank R. WolfRVA-10$0$660No
    Lynn C. WoolseyDCA-6$0$200Yes
    David WuDOR-1$0$250Yes
    John A. YarmuthDKY-3$0$2,250Yes
    C. W. "Bill" YoungRFL-10$0$1,500No
    Don YoungRAK$0$0Yes

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    NamePartyState$ From Interest Groups
    That Supported
    $ From Interest Groups
    That Opposed
    Gary L. AckermanDNY-5$11,300$5,100Yes
    Robert B. AderholtRAL-4$19,745$2,745No
    John AdlerDNJ-3$106,980$5,000Yes
    W. Todd AkinRMO-2$15,600$10,550No
    Rodney AlexanderRLA-5$28,200$4,150No
    Jason AltmireDPA-4$51,300$9,550Yes
    Rob AndrewsDNJ-1$43,750$5,700Yes
    Mike ArcuriDNY-24$57,950$13,350Yes
    Steve AustriaROH-7$29,700$17,160No
    Joe BacaDCA-43$30,000$2,297Yes
    Michele BachmannRMN-6$78,995$433,169Not Voting
    Spencer BachusRAL-6$29,250$0Yes
    Brian BairdDWA-3$0$0Yes
    Tammy BaldwinDWI-2$26,550$6,850Yes
    James Gresham BarrettRSC-3$6,000$0Not Voting
    John BarrowDGA-12$68,235$7,750Yes
    Roscoe G. BartlettRMD-6$8,550$16,000No
    Joe BartonRTX-6$59,135$3,000No
    Melissa BeanDIL-8$37,529$5,150Yes
    Xavier BecerraDCA-31$62,300$250Yes
    Rochelle "Shelley" BerkleyDNV-1$50,150$2,800Yes
    Howard L. BermanDCA-28$51,750$3,400Yes
    Robert Marion BerryDAR-1$45,387$750Not Voting
    Judy BiggertRIL-13$20,787$48,769No
    Brian P. BilbrayRCA-50$15,250$22,014No
    Gus M. BilirakisRFL-9$17,100$3,250No
    Rob BishopRUT-1$3,000$0No
    Sanford D. Bishop Jr.DGA-2$84,625$5,800Yes
    Tim BishopDNY-1$48,750$20,001Yes
    Marsha BlackburnRTN-7$55,657$6,300No
    Earl BlumenauerDOR-3$27,000$2,400Yes
    Roy BluntRMO-7$416,363$168,516No
    John BoccieriDOH-16$55,450$4,650Yes
    John A. BoehnerROH-8$197,450$198,445No
    Jo BonnerRAL-1$22,150$3,550No
    Mary Bono MackRCA-45$65,089$60,974No
    John BoozmanRAR-3$164,976$68,345No
    Dan BorenDOK-2$42,000$16,950Yes
    Leonard L. BoswellDIA-3$109,000$8,950Yes
    Rick BoucherDVA-9$45,585$8,300Yes
    Charles W. Boustany Jr.RLA-7$37,550$750No
    Fred Allen BoydDFL-2$179,165$14,940No
    Kevin BradyRTX-8$29,500$500No
    Bob BradyDPA-1$29,300$1,500Yes
    Bruce L. BraleyDIA-1$36,650$5,500Yes
    Bobby BrightDAL-2$70,032$4,586Yes
    Paul C. BrounRGA-10$34,570$123,727No
    Corrine BrownDFL-3$5,500$10,700Yes
    Henry BrownRSC-1$4,000$0No
    Ginny Brown-WaiteRFL-5$18,555$15,800Not Voting
    Vern BuchananRFL-13$51,900$13,650No
    Michael C. BurgessRTX-26$44,750$500No
    Dan BurtonRIN-5$23,750$44,393No
    George "G.K." ButterfieldDNC-1$49,850$4,075Yes
    Steve BuyerRIN-4$12,250$0Not Voting
    Ken CalvertRCA-44$36,912$54,238No
    Dave CampRMI-4$113,458$15,300No
    John CampbellRCA-48$11,000$34,050No
    Eric CantorRVA-7$170,500$41,442No
    Anh "Joseph" CaoRLA-2$22,050$82,674Yes
    Shelley Moore CapitoRWV-2$30,464$36,550Yes
    Lois CappsDCA-23$25,750$2,404Yes
    Mike CapuanoDMA-8$73,900$32,900Yes
    Dennis CardozaDCA-18$151,650$7,475Yes
    John "Russ" CarnahanDMO-3$46,700$13,800Yes
    Chris CarneyDPA-10$50,950$3,550Yes
    André CarsonDIN-7$27,500$20,737Yes
    John R. CarterRTX-31$15,300$7,000No
    Bill CassidyRLA-6$34,800$15,350No
    Mike CastleRDE$104,850$53,356Yes
    Kathy CastorDFL-11$27,900$3,750Yes
    Jason ChaffetzRUT-3$1,250$5,950No
    Albert "Ben" ChandlerDKY-6$31,000$35,714Yes
    Travis ChildersDMS-1$60,000$16,450Yes
    Judy ChuDCA-32$59,058$31,500Yes
    Yvette D. ClarkeDNY-11$30,650$9,728Yes
    William Lacy ClayDMO-1$18,000$750Yes
    Emanuel CleaverDMO-5$22,100$1,950Yes
    Jim ClyburnDSC-6$103,050$15,300Yes
    John Howard CobleRNC-6$8,000$500No
    Mike CoffmanRCO-6$13,733$20,450No
    Steve CohenDTN-9$20,750$3,500Yes
    Tom ColeROK-4$7,000$250No
    K. "Mike" ConawayRTX-11$44,700$3,700No
    Gerry ConnollyDVA-11$37,950$37,498Yes
    John Conyers Jr.DMI-14$27,900$1,400Yes
    Jim CooperDTN-5$20,000$9,250Yes
    Jim CostaDCA-20$187,359$15,900Yes
    Jerry F. CostelloDIL-12$38,899$8,850Yes
    Joe CourtneyDCT-2$55,850$11,850Yes
    Ander CrenshawRFL-4$8,750$0No
    Mark S. CritzDPA-12$36,750$9,850Yes
    Joe CrowleyDNY-7$45,135$4,200Yes
    Henry CuellarDTX-28$80,050$6,250Yes
    John Abney CulbersonRTX-7$13,150$4,150No
    Elijah E. CummingsDMD-7$23,550$5,500Yes
    Kathy DahlkemperDPA-3$92,485$14,700Yes
    Artur DavisDAL-7$13,400$0Yes
    Danny K. DavisDIL-7$38,250$750Yes
    Geoff DavisRKY-4$30,150$750No
    Lincoln DavisDTN-4$50,750$8,445Yes
    Susan A. DavisDCA-53$22,877$1,000Yes
    Peter A. DeFazioDOR-4$9,750$6,151Not Voting
    Diana DeGetteDCO-1$41,900$2,500Yes
    Rosa L. DeLauroDCT-3$110,150$6,625Yes
    Bill DelahuntDMA-10$4,500$0Not Voting
    Charlie DentRPA-15$47,250$51,600Yes
    Theodore E. DeutchDFL-19$35,000$13,200Yes
    Lincoln Diaz-BalartRFL-21$7,900$1,000Not Voting
    Mario Diaz-BalartRFL-25$15,000$1,000No
    Norm DicksDWA-6$37,850$6,300Yes
    John D. DingellDMI-15$79,700$8,850Yes
    Charles DjouRHI-1$47,354$88,731Yes
    Lloyd DoggettDTX-25$35,850$4,386Yes
    Joe DonnellyDIN-2$45,000$7,900Yes
    Mike DoyleDPA-14$24,400$0Yes
    David DreierRCA-26$25,400$8,900No
    Steve DriehausDOH-1$43,500$10,520Yes
    John "Jimmy" DuncanRTN-2$0$1,250No
    Donna F. EdwardsDMD-4$16,650$7,095Yes
    Thomas "Chet" EdwardsDTX-17$91,900$19,550Yes
    Vern EhlersRMI-3$2,700$11,700Yes
    Keith EllisonDMN-5$49,200$8,050Yes
    John "Brad" EllsworthDIN-8$67,577$21,677Yes
    Jo Ann EmersonRMO-8$100,450$42,900Yes
    Eliot L. EngelDNY-17$19,950$6,000Yes
    Anna G. EshooDCA-14$12,000$3,100Yes
    Bob EtheridgeDNC-2$86,200$6,450Yes
    Mary FallinROK-5$0$0Not Voting
    Sam FarrDCA-17$73,450$2,900Yes
    Chaka FattahDPA-2$21,250$0Yes
    Bob FilnerDCA-51$34,400$7,750Yes
    Jeff FlakeRAZ-6$14,800$18,560No
    John FlemingRLA-4$24,650$10,550No
    J. "Randy" ForbesRVA-4$8,450$20,301No
    Jeff FortenberryRNE-1$25,500$13,500Yes
    George "Bill" FosterDIL-14$41,505$133,133Yes
    Virginia FoxxRNC-5$28,950$960No
    Barney FrankDMA-4$25,900$27,500Yes
    Trent FranksRAZ-2$9,150$54,538No
    Rodney P. FrelinghuysenRNJ-11$1,500$23,950No
    Marcia L. FudgeDOH-11$36,836$1,550Yes
    Elton GalleglyRCA-24$8,550$5,165No
    John GaramendiDCA-10$56,210$8,750Yes
    Ernest Scott GarrettRNJ-5$7,300$12,600No
    Jim GerlachRPA-6$47,450$36,200Yes
    Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8$31,537$21,870Yes
    John "Phil" GingreyRGA-11$58,649$1,250No
    Louie GohmertRTX-1$22,850$10,600No
    Charlie GonzalezDTX-20$40,500$1,000Yes
    Bob GoodlatteRVA-6$78,485$2,950No
    Bart GordonDTN-6$17,500$0Yes
    Kay GrangerRTX-12$20,500$6,350No
    Sam GravesRMO-6$61,750$5,500No
    John "Tom" GravesRGA-9$32,000$155,350No
    Alan GraysonDFL-8$29,700$13,991Yes
    Al GreenDTX-9$7,300$3,000Yes
    Raymond "Gene" GreenDTX-29$27,750$7,250Yes
    Parker GriffithRAL-5$41,150$6,018No
    Raúl M. GrijalvaDAZ-7$27,050$15,260Yes
    Steven Brett GuthrieRKY-2$17,750$11,025No
    Luis V. GutiérrezDIL-4$4,000$11,450Yes
    John HallDNY-19$36,150$18,360Yes
    Ralph M. HallRTX-4$31,750$7,000No
    Debbie HalvorsonDIL-11$73,486$22,815Yes
    Phil HareDIL-17$40,800$14,452Yes
    Jane HarmanDCA-36$17,750$9,400Yes
    Gregg HarperRMS-3$26,000$6,700No
    Alcee L. HastingsDFL-23$19,800$6,750Not Voting
    Richard "Doc" HastingsRWA-4$63,737$0No
    Martin HeinrichDNM-1$45,300$29,150Yes
    Dean HellerRNV-2$25,000$1,000No
    Jeb HensarlingRTX-5$21,200$-3,500No
    Wally HergerRCA-2$44,550$4,450No
    Stephanie Herseth SandlinDSD$141,509$16,550Yes
    Brian HigginsDNY-27$42,335$8,150Yes
    Baron HillDIN-9$73,450$12,544Yes
    Jim HimesDCT-4$33,100$17,200Yes
    Maurice D. HincheyDNY-22$40,700$4,205Yes
    Rubén HinojosaDTX-15$35,300$1,750Yes
    Mazie K. HironoDHI-2$30,100$6,950Yes
    Paul HodesDNH-2$52,366$53,100Yes
    Pete HoekstraRMI-2$0$0No
    Thomas "Tim" HoldenDPA-17$115,200$4,900Yes
    Rush HoltDNJ-12$26,200$40,425Yes
    Mike HondaDCA-15$13,750$5,200Yes
    Steny H. HoyerDMD-5$129,260$19,600Yes
    Duncan HunterRCA-52$9,475$17,840No
    Bob InglisRSC-4$30,660$1,000No
    Jay InsleeDWA-1$24,300$4,050Yes
    Steve IsraelDNY-2$44,700$15,701Yes
    Darrell E. IssaRCA-49$18,600$24,700No
    Sheila Jackson LeeDTX-18$18,300$7,700Yes
    Jesse L. Jackson Jr.DIL-2$35,200$8,600Yes
    Lynn JenkinsRKS-2$51,050$36,950No
    Eddie Bernice JohnsonDTX-30$9,750$2,500Yes
    Henry "Hank" JohnsonDGA-4$13,500$1,250Yes
    Sam JohnsonRTX-3$21,850$10,500No
    Tim JohnsonRIL-15$16,002$11,650No
    Walter B. JonesRNC-3$44,675$1,500Yes
    Jim JordanROH-4$46,200$700No
    Steve KagenDWI-8$67,450$2,401Yes
    Paul KanjorskiDPA-11$23,500$0Yes
    Marcy KapturDOH-9$22,700$1,500Yes
    Patrick KennedyDRI-1$9,800$-2,400Yes
    Dale E. KildeeDMI-5$34,250$2,600Yes
    Carolyn KilpatrickDMI-13$12,250$2,000Yes
    Mary Jo KilroyDOH-15$38,450$23,080Yes
    Ron KindDWI-3$97,990$250Yes
    Pete KingRNY-3$12,750$26,651No
    Steve KingRIA-5$68,310$14,000No
    Jack KingstonRGA-1$106,150$2,250No
    Ann KirkpatrickDAZ-1$43,066$7,750Yes
    Larry KissellDNC-8$65,754$2,350Yes
    Ron KleinDFL-22$56,560$17,200Yes
    John KlineRMN-2$73,850$23,010No
    Suzanne KosmasDFL-24$35,950$16,950Yes
    Frank KratovilDMD-1$93,241$27,135Yes
    Dennis J. KucinichDOH-10$16,300$6,250Yes
    Steve LaTouretteROH-14$25,238$28,050Yes
    Doug LambornRCO-5$5,250$250No
    Leonard LanceRNJ-7$17,250$34,400No
    Jim LangevinDRI-2$23,600$1,700Yes
    Rick LarsenDWA-2$97,950$11,675Yes
    John B. LarsonDCT-1$68,050$8,142Yes
    Tom LathamRIA-4$123,535$11,300Yes
    Bob LattaROH-5$24,952$0No
    Barbara LeeDCA-9$29,350$11,150Yes
    Chris LeeRNY-26$52,500$37,611No
    Sandy LevinDMI-12$49,750$8,450Yes
    Charles "Jerry" LewisRCA-41$10,000$3,350No
    John LewisDGA-5$40,650$1,500Yes
    John LinderRGA-7$7,700$0No
    Dan LipinskiDIL-3$6,500$14,650Yes
    Frank A. LoBiondoRNJ-2$24,151$22,800No
    Dave LoebsackDIA-2$42,300$8,050Yes
    Zoe LofgrenDCA-16$12,500$4,290Yes
    Nita M. LoweyDNY-18$41,500$17,850Yes
    Frank D. LucasROK-3$142,150$2,500No
    Blaine LuetkemeyerRMO-9$85,350$16,105No
    Ben Ray LujánDNM-3$33,000$19,233Yes
    Cynthia M. LummisRWY$26,750$12,110No
    Dan LungrenRCA-3$53,804$41,615No
    Stephen F. LynchDMA-9$7,750$13,700Yes
    Connie MackRFL-14$10,000$5,260No
    Dan MaffeiDNY-25$63,250$22,600Yes
    Carolyn B. MaloneyDNY-14$27,630$8,180Yes
    Don ManzulloRIL-16$32,696$750No
    Kenny MarchantRTX-24$7,000$1,000Not Voting
    Betsy MarkeyDCO-4$63,487$40,370Yes
    Ed MarkeyDMA-7$20,250$2,500Yes
    Jim MarshallDGA-8$46,900$4,200Yes
    Jim MathesonDUT-2$69,999$3,250Yes
    Doris O. MatsuiDCA-5$30,950$2,700Yes
    Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4$42,150$6,500Yes
    Kevin McCarthyRCA-22$89,154$3,900No
    Michael T. McCaulRTX-10$16,400$1,750No
    Tom McClintockRCA-4$19,200$74,837No
    Betty McCollumDMN-4$37,700$1,250Yes
    Thaddeus McCotterRMI-11$29,500$30,150No
    Jim McDermottDWA-7$19,400$3,500Yes
    Jim McGovernDMA-3$40,250$16,826Yes
    Patrick T. McHenryRNC-10$21,450$3,600No
    Douglas "Mike" McIntyreDNC-7$62,739$10,475Yes
    Howard P. "Buck" McKeonRCA-25$9,750$12,000No
    Mike McMahonDNY-13$36,650$11,075Yes
    Cathy McMorris RodgersRWA-5$46,250$27,600Not Voting
    Jerry McNerneyDCA-11$46,450$19,009Yes
    Kendrick MeekDFL-17$112,850$98,055Yes
    Gregory W. MeeksDNY-6$20,700$0Yes
    Charlie MelanconDLA-3$49,585$24,000Yes
    John L. MicaRFL-7$11,500$3,250No
    Mike MichaudDME-2$45,500$1,750Yes
    Candice S. MillerRMI-10$13,450$22,750No
    Gary G. MillerRCA-42$10,000$7,450No
    George MillerDCA-7$30,975$3,675Yes
    Jeff MillerRFL-1$4,500$0No
    R. "Brad" MillerDNC-13$19,750$9,150Yes
    Walt MinnickDID-1$88,628$5,100Yes
    Harry MitchellDAZ-5$36,700$12,350Yes
    Alan MollohanDWV-1$13,750$8,100Yes
    Dennis MooreDKS-3$4,750$2,750Yes
    Gwen MooreDWI-4$19,750$5,304Yes
    Jim MoranDVA-8$3,100$4,600Yes
    Jerry MoranRKS-1$237,365$27,850No
    Chris MurphyDCT-5$37,950$11,075Yes
    Patrick MurphyDPA-8$38,610$25,150Yes
    Matthew Scott MurphyDNY-20$98,596$32,750Yes
    Tim MurphyRPA-18$39,400$21,950Yes
    Sue Wilkins MyrickRNC-9$30,650$5,325No
    Jerry NadlerDNY-8$26,550$12,300Yes
    Grace F. NapolitanoDCA-38$8,500$550Yes
    Richard E. NealDMA-2$56,650$3,500Yes
    Robert "Randy" NeugebauerRTX-19$56,986$1,500No
    Devin NunesRCA-21$152,500$1,250No
    Glenn NyeDVA-2$29,000$20,183Yes
    Jim OberstarDMN-8$28,500$3,000Yes
    Dave ObeyDWI-7$57,102$6,300Yes
    Pete OlsonRTX-22$15,400$9,150No
    John W. OlverDMA-1$27,750$6,000Yes
    Solomon OrtizDTX-27$47,750$2,000Yes
    Bill OwensDNY-23$60,100$15,751Yes
    Frank Pallone Jr.DNJ-6$85,450$1,750Yes
    Bill PascrellDNJ-8$44,600$13,900Yes
    Ed PastorDAZ-4$24,300$4,450Yes
    Ron PaulRTX-14$1,960$750No
    Erik PaulsenRMN-3$89,100$54,510No
    Donald PayneDNJ-10$29,500$8,005Yes
    Nancy PelosiDCA-8$57,150$9,400Yes
    Mike PenceRIN-6$83,850$112,355No
    Ed PerlmutterDCO-7$67,651$14,050Yes
    Tom PerrielloDVA-5$32,500$47,800Yes
    Gary PetersDMI-9$55,660$18,975Yes
    Collin C. PetersonDMN-7$221,566$0Yes
    Tom PetriRWI-6$17,300$18,200No
    Rochelle "Chellie" PingreeDME-1$23,350$6,200Yes
    Joe PittsRPA-16$37,900$10,750No
    Todd Russell PlattsRPA-19$5,250$550Yes
    Lloyd "Ted" PoeRTX-2$25,900$5,583No
    Jared PolisDCO-2$2,400$0Yes
    Earl PomeroyDND$142,850$7,850Yes
    Bill PoseyRFL-15$20,850$10,250No
    David E. PriceDNC-4$29,650$8,300Yes
    Tom PriceRGA-6$40,649$21,248No
    Adam PutnamRFL-12$750$500Not Voting
    Mike QuigleyDIL-5$35,350$15,385Yes
    George RadanovichRCA-19$56,564$900No
    Nick J. Rahall IIDWV-3$21,500$3,300Yes
    Charlie RangelDNY-15$50,950$18,450Yes
    Tom ReedRNY-29$15,250$30,600No
    Denny RehbergRMT$16,000$5,450No
    David G. ReichertRWA-8$57,800$39,975Yes
    Silvestre ReyesDTX-16$22,750$4,950Yes
    Laura RichardsonDCA-37$19,000$900Yes
    Ciro RodriguezDTX-23$57,400$6,500Yes
    David "Phil" RoeRTN-1$2,950$9,395No
    Harold "Hal" RogersRKY-5$6,000$3,600No
    Mike D. RogersRAL-3$38,250$2,000No
    Mike RogersRMI-8$32,150$11,350No
    Dana RohrabacherRCA-46$1,000$23,150No
    Tom RooneyRFL-16$50,536$27,000No
    Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18$30,700$13,480No
    Peter J. RoskamRIL-6$32,098$18,950No
    Mike RossDAR-4$95,550$15,950Yes
    Steve RothmanDNJ-9$23,300$3,000Yes
    Lucille Roybal-AllardDCA-34$18,100$500Yes
    Ed RoyceRCA-40$20,200$57,500No
    C.A. "Dutch" RuppersbergerDMD-2$19,000$1,250Yes
    Bobby L. RushDIL-1$13,000$0Yes
    Paul RyanRWI-1$85,800$3,450No
    Tim RyanDOH-17$29,450$1,450Yes
    John SalazarDCO-3$110,950$13,050Yes
    Loretta SanchezDCA-47$35,750$5,749Yes
    John P. SarbanesDMD-3$43,500$9,550Yes
    Steve ScaliseRLA-1$14,750$2,500No
    Jan SchakowskyDIL-9$20,400$15,950Yes
    Mark SchauerDMI-7$97,282$49,823Yes
    Adam B. SchiffDCA-29$13,050$6,950Yes
    Jeannette "Jean" SchmidtROH-2$51,000$3,887No
    Aaron SchockRIL-18$69,717$36,640No
    Kurt SchraderDOR-5$62,973$9,000Yes
    Allyson Y. SchwartzDPA-13$63,250$10,250Yes
    David ScottDGA-13$100,750$500Yes
    Bobby ScottDVA-3$30,300$1,750Yes
    F. "Jim" SensenbrennerRWI-5$4,500$3,750No
    José E. SerranoDNY-16$14,750$0Yes
    Pete SessionsRTX-32$59,850$2,800No
    Joe SestakDPA-7$64,950$78,984Yes
    John ShadeggRAZ-3$2,250$5,462No
    Carol Shea-PorterDNH-1$29,400$22,250Yes
    Brad ShermanDCA-27$36,150$6,550Yes
    John ShimkusRIL-19$60,517$6,700No
    Joseph Heath ShulerDNC-11$37,750$4,750Yes
    Bill ShusterRPA-9$24,500$6,500No
    Mike SimpsonRID-2$93,350$3,900No
    Albio SiresDNJ-13$12,000$10,950Yes
    Isaac "Ike" SkeltonDMO-4$59,550$15,200Yes
    Louise McIntosh SlaughterDNY-28$34,650$2,500Yes
    David Adam SmithDWA-9$40,000$1,250Yes
    Adrian SmithRNE-3$78,500$500No
    Chris SmithRNJ-4$6,900$12,530No
    Lamar SmithRTX-21$22,500$3,300No
    Vic SnyderDAR-2$0$0Yes
    Zack SpaceDOH-18$77,585$16,250Yes
    Karen "Jackie" SpeierDCA-12$21,015$4,200Yes
    John SprattDSC-5$55,800$7,800Yes
    Fortney "Pete" StarkDCA-13$10,000$0Yes
    Cliff StearnsRFL-6$1,250$300No
    Bart StupakDMI-1$14,000$1,330No
    Marlin A. StutzmanRIN-3$49,464$21,300No
    John SullivanROK-1$19,500$0No
    Betty SuttonDOH-13$22,700$9,710Yes
    Linda T. SánchezDCA-39$19,500$1,200Yes
    John TannerDTN-8$16,500$0No
    Gary "Gene" TaylorDMS-4$15,300$0Yes
    Harry TeagueDNM-2$67,750$35,850Yes
    Lee TerryRNE-2$66,850$13,625No
    Bennie G. ThompsonDMS-2$34,500$8,500Yes
    Glenn ThompsonRPA-5$39,200$22,000No
    C. Mike ThompsonDCA-1$54,250$9,234Yes
    William "Mac" ThornberryRTX-13$11,800$0No
    Todd TiahrtRKS-4$13,050$36,413No
    Pat TiberiROH-12$64,600$27,450No
    John F. TierneyDMA-6$32,750$6,250Yes
    Alice "Dina" TitusDNV-3$29,700$13,500Yes
    Paul TonkoDNY-21$26,600$14,710Yes
    Ed TownsDNY-10$49,150$16,220Yes
    Niki TsongasDMA-5$42,100$25,675Yes
    Mike TurnerROH-3$26,175$9,100No
    Fred UptonRMI-6$57,300$28,600No
    Chris Van HollenDMD-8$51,650$25,450Yes
    Nydia M. VelázquezDNY-12$36,250$1,260Yes
    Pete ViscloskyDIN-1$21,000$2,250Yes
    Greg WaldenROR-2$60,550$28,050No
    Tim WalzDMN-1$81,300$16,000Yes
    Zach WampRTN-3$-500$0No
    Debbie Wasserman SchultzDFL-20$28,750$6,368Yes
    Maxine WatersDCA-35$15,000$6,300Yes
    Diane WatsonDCA-33$9,300$250Yes
    Mel WattDNC-12$11,000$500Yes
    Henry A. WaxmanDCA-30$66,200$0Yes
    Anthony WeinerDNY-9$11,000$6,500Yes
    Peter WelchDVT$32,350$2,350No
    Lynn A. WestmorelandRGA-3$19,099$10,820No
    Ed WhitfieldRKY-1$47,850$23,250No
    Charlie WilsonDOH-6$27,900$6,150Yes
    Addison "Joe" WilsonRSC-2$26,250$86,909No
    Robert J. WittmanRVA-1$24,550$13,650No
    Frank R. WolfRVA-10$26,350$26,760No
    Lynn C. WoolseyDCA-6$30,417$1,200Yes
    David WuDOR-1$28,450$14,450Yes
    John A. YarmuthDKY-3$28,350$12,612Yes
    C. W. "Bill" YoungRFL-10$10,250$2,000No
    Don YoungRAK$3,500$6,900Yes

    Interest Groups that supported this bill

    $ Donated
    Teachers unions$3,554,900
    Department, variety & convenience stores$2,204,647
    Milk & dairy producers$1,956,142
    Food and kindred products manufacturing$1,332,914
    Health, Education & Human Resources$879,290
    Vegetables, fruits and tree nut$818,834
    Health care institutions$749,941
    Beverages (non-alcoholic)$696,727
    Meat processing & products$692,921
    Poultry & eggs$681,548
    Farm organizations & cooperatives$622,551
    Wheat, corn, soybeans and cash grain$410,085
    Animal feed & health products$330,053
    Health & welfare policy$194,141

    Interest Groups that opposed this bill

    $ Donated
    Civil servant/public employee$2,836,397
    Public school teachers, administrators & officials$647,784
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