H.R. 1385 - Free Market Sugar Act

Agriculture and food. 112th Congress (2011-2012) View bill details
To repeal the sugar price support program and marketing allotments for sugar, and for other purposes. (by CRS) 
The bill has been introduced. 
There have been no votes on this bill.

Free Market Sugar Act

H.R. 1385 — 112th Congress (2011–2012)

To repeal the sugar price support program and marketing allotments for sugar, and for other purposes. (by CRS)
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To repeal the sugar price support program and marketing allotments for sugar, and for other purposes.
Other Titles
  • Free Market Sugar Act
Joseph Pitts
  • Agriculture and food
  • Agricultural marketing and promotion
  • Agricultural prices, subsidies, credit
  • Agricultural trade
  • Tariffs
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    There have been no votes on this bill.

    4/06/2011Referred to the House Committee on Agriculture.
    5/11/2011Referred to the Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities and Risk Management.
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    Total contributions given to House members from Consumer groups, which…

    supported this bill

    Consumer groups$478

    19 Organizations Supported and 2 Opposed; See Which Ones

    Organizations that took a position on
    Free Market Sugar Act

    19 organizations supported this bill

    American Bakers Association
    undersigned organizations (2011, April 6). Letter to Pitts and Davis. Retrieved July 27, 2012, from National Foreign Trade Council.
    American Enterprise Institute
    Michael Wohlgenant and Vincent H. Smith (2012, February 14). Bitter Sweet: How Big Sugar Robs You. Retrieved February 24, 2012, from The American.
    Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union
    American Crystal Sugar (2012, February 0). American Crystal Statement on Union Lobbying Against Sugar Program. Retrieved February 24, 2012, from .
    Coalition for Sugar Reform
    Brooke Saltzer for the Coalition for Sugar Reform (2011, April 6). The Coalition for Sugar Reform Applauds U.S. Reps. Pitts and Davis for Introduction of Bipartisan Legislation: “The Free Market Sugar Act". Retrieved February 24, 2012, from .
    Competitive Enterprise Institute
    undersigned organizations (2011, April 6). Letter to Pitts and Davis. Retrieved July 27, 2012, from National Foreign Trade Council.
    Emergency Committee for American Trade
    undersigned organizations (2011, April 6). Letter to Pitts and Davis. Retrieved July 27, 2012, from National Foreign Trade Council.
    Everglades Trust
    undersigned organizations (2011, April 6). Letter to Pitts and Davis. Retrieved July 27, 2012, from National Foreign Trade Council.
    Grocery Manufacturers Association
    Pamela G. Bailey - President of GMA (2011, March 31). Letter to Senator Richard Luger. Retrieved February 24, 2012, from .
    Independent Bakers Association
    undersigned organizations (2011, April 6). Letter to Pitts and Davis. Retrieved July 27, 2012, from National Foreign Trade Council.
    International Dairy Foods Association
    undersigned organizations (2011, April 6). Letter to Pitts and Davis. Retrieved July 27, 2012, from National Foreign Trade Council.
    Just Born
    Brooke Saltzer for the Coalition for Sugar Reform (2011, April 6). The Coalition for Sugar Reform Applauds U.S. Reps. Pitts and Davis for Introduction of Bipartisan Legislation: “The Free Market Sugar Act". Retrieved February 24, 2012, from .
    National Association of Manufacturers
    undersigned organizations (2011, April 6). Letter to Pitts and Davis. Retrieved July 27, 2012, from National Foreign Trade Council.
    National Confectioners Association
    Brooke Saltzer for the Coalition for Sugar Reform (2011, April 6). The Coalition for Sugar Reform Applauds U.S. Reps. Pitts and Davis for Introduction of Bipartisan Legislation: “The Free Market Sugar Act". Retrieved February 24, 2012, from .
    National Foreign Trade Council
    undersigned organizations (2011, April 6). Letter to Pitts and Davis. Retrieved July 27, 2012, from National Foreign Trade Council.
    Retail Bakers of America
    undersigned organizations (2011, April 6). Letter to Pitts and Davis. Retrieved July 27, 2012, from National Foreign Trade Council.
    Snack Food Association
    undersigned organizations (2011, April 6). Letter to Pitts and Davis. Retrieved July 27, 2012, from National Foreign Trade Council.
    Sweetener Users Association
    Brooke Saltzer for the Coalition for Sugar Reform (2011, April 6). The Coalition for Sugar Reform Applauds U.S. Reps. Pitts and Davis for Introduction of Bipartisan Legislation: “The Free Market Sugar Act". Retrieved February 24, 2012, from .
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    undersigned organizations (2011, April 6). Letter to Pitts and Davis. Retrieved July 27, 2012, from National Foreign Trade Council.
    Wolfgang Candy Company
    Benjamin McGlaughlin of the Susquehanna Valley Center on Public Policy (2011, December 6). Cost of Sugar is Not Too Sweet for Pennsylvania Consumers. Retrieved February 24, 2012, from .

    2 organizations opposed this bill

    American Crystal Sugar
    American Crystal Sugar (2012, February 0). American Crystal Statement on Union Lobbying Against Sugar Program. Retrieved February 24, 2012, from .
    American Sugar Alliance
    American Sugar Alliance (2011, September 0). Confectioners’ Mixed-Up Message. Retrieved February 24, 2012, from .

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    Includes reported contributions to congressional campaigns of House members in office during the 112th U.S. Congress, from Consumer groups interest groups, January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2012.
    Contributions data source: OpenSecrets.org

    Contributions by Legislator

    Namesort iconPartyState$ From Interest Groups
    That Supported
    $ From Interest Groups
    That Opposed
    Gary AckermanDNY-5$0$0
    Sandy AdamsRFL-24$0$0
    Robert AderholtRAL-4$0$0
    W. Todd AkinRMO-2$0$0
    Rodney AlexanderRLA-5$0$0
    Jason AltmireDPA-4$0$0
    Justin AmashRMI-3$0$0
    Rob AndrewsDNJ-1$0$0
    Steve AustriaROH-7$0$0
    Joe BacaDCA-43$0$0
    Michele BachmannRMN-6$0$0
    Spencer BachusRAL-6$0$0
    Tammy BaldwinDWI-2$0$0
    Lou BarlettaRPA-11$0$0
    John BarrowDGA-12$0$0
    Roscoe BartlettRMD-6$0$0
    Joe BartonRTX-6$0$0
    Charlie BassRNH-2$0$0
    Karen BassDCA-33$0$0
    Xavier BecerraDCA-31$0$0
    Dan BenishekRMI-1$0$0
    Rick BergRND$0$0
    Rochelle "Shelley" BerkleyDNV-1$0$0
    Howard BermanDCA-28$0$0
    Judy BiggertRIL-13$0$0
    Brian BilbrayRCA-50$0$0
    Gus BilirakisRFL-9$0$0
    Rob BishopRUT-1$0$0
    Sanford BishopDGA-2$0$0
    Tim BishopDNY-1$0$0
    Diane BlackRTN-6$0$0
    Marsha BlackburnRTN-7$0$0
    Earl BlumenauerDOR-3$0$0
    John A. BoehnerROH-8$0$0
    Jo BonnerRAL-1$0$0
    Mary Bono MackRCA-45$0$0
    Madeleine BordalloDGU$0$0
    Dan BorenDOK-2$0$0
    Leonard BoswellDIA-3$0$0
    Charles BoustanyRLA-7$0$0
    Kevin BradyRTX-8$0$0
    Bob BradyDPA-1$0$0
    Bruce BraleyDIA-1$0$0
    Mo BrooksRAL-5$0$0
    Paul BrounRGA-10$0$0
    Corrine BrownDFL-3$0$0
    Vern BuchananRFL-13$0$0
    Larry BucshonRIN-8$0$0
    Ann Marie BuerkleRNY-25$0$0
    Michael BurgessRTX-26$0$0
    Dan BurtonRIN-5$0$0
    George "G.K." ButterfieldDNC-1$0$0
    Ken CalvertRCA-44$0$0
    Dave CampRMI-4$0$0
    John CampbellRCA-48$0$0
    Francisco CansecoRTX-23$0$0
    Eric CantorRVA-7$0$0
    Shelley CapitoRWV-2$0$0
    Lois CappsDCA-23$0$0
    Mike CapuanoDMA-8$0$0
    Dennis CardozaDCA-18$0$0
    John "Russ" CarnahanDMO-3$0$0
    John CarneyDDE$0$0
    André CarsonDIN-7$0$0
    John CarterRTX-31$0$0
    Bill CassidyRLA-6$0$0
    Kathy CastorDFL-11$0$0
    Steve ChabotROH-1$0$0
    Jason ChaffetzRUT-3$0$0
    Albert "Ben" ChandlerDKY-6$0$0
    Donna Christian-ChristensenDVI$0$0
    Judy ChuDCA-32$0$0
    David CicillineDRI-1$0$0
    Hansen ClarkeDMI-13$0$0
    Yvette ClarkeDNY-11$0$0
    William Lacy ClayDMO-1$0$0
    Emanuel CleaverDMO-5$0$0
    Jim ClyburnDSC-6$0$0
    John Howard CobleRNC-6$0$0
    Mike CoffmanRCO-6$0$0
    Steve CohenDTN-9$0$0
    Tom ColeROK-4$0$0
    K. "Mike" ConawayRTX-11$0$0
    Gerry ConnollyDVA-11$0$0
    John ConyersDMI-14$0$0
    Jim CooperDTN-5$0$0
    Jim CostaDCA-20$0$0
    Jerry CostelloDIL-12$0$0
    Joe CourtneyDCT-2$0$0
    Chip CravaackRMN-8$0$0
    Eric CrawfordRAR-1$0$0
    Ander CrenshawRFL-4$0$0
    Mark CritzDPA-12$0$0
    Joe CrowleyDNY-7$0$0
    Henry CuellarDTX-28$0$0
    John CulbersonRTX-7$0$0
    Elijah CummingsDMD-7$0$0
    Danny DavisDIL-7$0$0
    Geoff DavisRKY-4$0$0
    Susan DavisDCA-53$0$0
    Peter DeFazioDOR-4$0$0
    Diana DeGetteDCO-1$0$0
    Rosa DeLauroDCT-3$0$0
    Jeff DenhamRCA-19$0$0
    Charlie DentRPA-15$0$0
    Scott DesJarlaisRTN-4$0$0
    Theodore DeutchDFL-19$0$0
    Mario Diaz-BalartRFL-21$0$0
    Norm DicksDWA-6$0$0
    John DingellDMI-15$0$0
    Lloyd DoggettDTX-25$0$0
    Bob DoldRIL-10$0$0
    Joe DonnellyDIN-2$0$0
    Mike DoyleDPA-14$0$0
    David DreierRCA-26$0$0
    Sean DuffyRWI-7$0$0
    Jeff DuncanRSC-3$0$0
    John "Jimmy" DuncanRTN-2$0$0
    Donna EdwardsDMD-4$0$0
    Keith EllisonDMN-5$0$0
    Renee EllmersRNC-2$0$0
    Jo Ann EmersonRMO-8$0$0
    Eliot EngelDNY-17$0$0
    Anna EshooDCA-14$0$0
    Eni FaleomavaegaDAS$0$0
    Blake FarentholdRTX-27$0$0
    Sam FarrDCA-17$0$0
    Chaka FattahDPA-2$0$0
    Bob FilnerDCA-51$0$0
    Stephen FincherRTN-8$0$0
    Mike FitzpatrickRPA-8$0$0
    Jeff FlakeRAZ-6$0$0
    Charles FleischmannRTN-3$0$0
    John FlemingRLA-4$0$0
    Bill FloresRTX-17$0$0
    J. "Randy" ForbesRVA-4$0$0
    Jeff FortenberryRNE-1$0$0
    Virginia FoxxRNC-5$0$0
    Barney FrankDMA-4$0$0
    Trent FranksRAZ-2$0$0
    Rodney FrelinghuysenRNJ-11$0$0
    Marcia FudgeDOH-11$0$0
    Elton GalleglyRCA-24$0$0
    John GaramendiDCA-10$0$0
    Cory GardnerRCO-4$0$0
    Ernest Scott GarrettRNJ-5$0$0
    Jim GerlachRPA-6$0$0
    Bob GibbsROH-18$0$0
    Christopher GibsonRNY-20$0$0
    Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8$0$0
    John "Phil" GingreyRGA-11$0$0
    Louie GohmertRTX-1$0$0
    Charlie GonzalezDTX-20$0$0
    Bob GoodlatteRVA-6$0$0
    Paul GosarRAZ-1$0$0
    Trey GowdyRSC-4$0$0
    Kay GrangerRTX-12$0$0
    Sam GravesRMO-6$0$0
    John "Tom" GravesRGA-9$0$0
    Al GreenDTX-9$0$0
    Raymond "Gene" GreenDTX-29$0$0
    Tim GriffinRAR-2$0$0
    H. GriffithRVA-9$0$0
    Raúl GrijalvaDAZ-7$0$0
    Michael GrimmRNY-13$0$0
    Frank GuintaRNH-1$0$0
    Steven Brett GuthrieRKY-2$0$0
    Luis GutiérrezDIL-4$0$0
    Ralph HallRTX-4$0$0
    Colleen HanabusaDHI-1$0$0
    Richard HannaRNY-24$0$0
    Gregg HarperRMS-3$0$0
    Andy HarrisRMD-1$0$0
    Vicky HartzlerRMO-4$0$0
    Alcee HastingsDFL-23$0$0
    Richard "Doc" HastingsRWA-4$0$0
    Nan HayworthRNY-19$0$0
    Joseph HeckRNV-3$0$0
    Martin HeinrichDNM-1$0$0
    Dean HellerRNV-2$0$0
    Jeb HensarlingRTX-5$0$0
    Wally HergerRCA-2$0$0
    Jaime Herrera BeutlerRWA-3$0$0
    Brian HigginsDNY-27$0$0
    Jim HimesDCT-4$0$0
    Maurice HincheyDNY-22$0$0
    Rubén HinojosaDTX-15$0$0
    Mazie HironoDHI-2$0$0
    Thomas "Tim" HoldenDPA-17$0$0
    Rush HoltDNJ-12$0$0
    Mike HondaDCA-15$0$0
    Steny H. HoyerDMD-5$0$0
    Tim HuelskampRKS-1$0$0
    Bill HuizengaRMI-2$0$0
    Randy HultgrenRIL-14$0$0
    Duncan HunterRCA-52$0$0
    Robert HurtRVA-5$0$0
    Jay InsleeDWA-1$0$0
    Steve IsraelDNY-2$0$0
    Darrell IssaRCA-49$0$0
    Sheila Jackson LeeDTX-18$0$0
    Jesse JacksonDIL-2$0$0
    Lynn JenkinsRKS-2$0$0
    Bill JohnsonROH-6$0$0
    Eddie Bernice JohnsonDTX-30$0$0
    Henry "Hank" JohnsonDGA-4$0$0
    Sam JohnsonRTX-3$0$0
    Tim JohnsonRIL-15$0$0
    Walter JonesRNC-3$0$0
    Jim JordanROH-4$0$0
    Marcy KapturDOH-9$0$0
    William KeatingDMA-10$0$0
    Mike KellyRPA-3$0$0
    Dale KildeeDMI-5$0$0
    Ron KindDWI-3$0$0
    Pete KingRNY-3$0$0
    Steve KingRIA-5$0$0
    Jack KingstonRGA-1$0$0
    Adam KinzingerRIL-11$0$0
    Larry KissellDNC-8$0$0
    John KlineRMN-2$0$0
    Dennis KucinichDOH-10$0$0
    Steve LaTouretteROH-14$0$0
    Raúl LabradorRID-1$0$0
    Doug LambornRCO-5$0$0
    Leonard LanceRNJ-7$0$0
    Jeff LandryRLA-3$0$0
    Jim LangevinDRI-2$0$0
    James LankfordROK-5$0$0
    Rick LarsenDWA-2$0$0
    John LarsonDCT-1$0$0
    Tom LathamRIA-4$0$0
    Bob LattaROH-5$0$0
    Barbara LeeDCA-9$0$0
    Sandy LevinDMI-12$0$0
    Charles "Jerry" LewisRCA-41$0$0
    John LewisDGA-5$0$0
    Dan LipinskiDIL-3$0$0
    Frank LoBiondoRNJ-2$0$0
    Dave LoebsackDIA-2$0$0
    Zoe LofgrenDCA-16$0$0
    Billy LongRMO-7$0$0
    Nita LoweyDNY-18$0$0
    Frank LucasROK-3$0$0
    Blaine LuetkemeyerRMO-9$0$0
    Ben Ray LujánDNM-3$0$0
    Cynthia LummisRWY$0$0
    Dan LungrenRCA-3$0$0
    Stephen LynchDMA-9$0$0
    Connie MackRFL-14$0$0
    Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14$0$0
    Don ManzulloRIL-16$0$0
    Kenny MarchantRTX-24$0$0
    Tom MarinoRPA-10$0$0
    Ed MarkeyDMA-7$0$0
    Jim MathesonDUT-2$0$0
    Doris MatsuiDCA-5$0$0
    Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4$0$0
    Kevin McCarthyRCA-22$0$0
    Michael McCaulRTX-10$0$0
    Tom McClintockRCA-4$0$0
    Betty McCollumDMN-4$0$0
    Thaddeus McCotterRMI-11$0$0
    Jim McDermottDWA-7$0$0
    Jim McGovernDMA-3$0$0
    Patrick McHenryRNC-10$0$0
    Douglas "Mike" McIntyreDNC-7$0$0
    Howard P. "Buck" McKeonRCA-25$0$0
    David McKinleyRWV-1$0$0
    Cathy McMorris RodgersRWA-5$0$0
    Jerry McNerneyDCA-11$0$0
    Patrick MeehanRPA-7$0$0
    Gregory MeeksDNY-6$0$0
    John MicaRFL-7$0$0
    Mike MichaudDME-2$478$0
    Candice MillerRMI-10$0$0
    Gary MillerRCA-42$0$0
    George MillerDCA-7$0$0
    Jeff MillerRFL-1$0$0
    R. "Brad" MillerDNC-13$0$0
    Gwen MooreDWI-4$0$0
    Jim MoranDVA-8$0$0
    Mick MulvaneyRSC-5$0$0
    Chris MurphyDCT-5$0$0
    Tim MurphyRPA-18$0$0
    Sue MyrickRNC-9$0$0
    Jerry NadlerDNY-8$0$0
    Grace NapolitanoDCA-38$0$0
    Richard NealDMA-2$0$0
    Robert "Randy" NeugebauerRTX-19$0$0
    Kristi NoemRSD$0$0
    Eleanor Holmes NortonDDC$0$0
    Richard NugentRFL-5$0$0
    Devin NunesRCA-21$0$0
    Alan NunneleeRMS-1$0$0
    Pete OlsonRTX-22$0$0
    John OlverDMA-1$0$0
    Bill OwensDNY-23$0$0
    Steven PalazzoRMS-4$0$0
    Frank PalloneDNJ-6$0$0
    Bill PascrellDNJ-8$0$0
    Ed PastorDAZ-4$0$0
    Ron PaulRTX-14$0$0
    Erik PaulsenRMN-3$0$0
    Donald PayneDNJ-10$0$0
    Steve PearceRNM-2$0$0
    Nancy PelosiDCA-8$0$0
    Mike PenceRIN-6$0$0
    Ed PerlmutterDCO-7$0$0
    Gary PetersDMI-9$0$0
    Collin PetersonDMN-7$0$0
    Tom PetriRWI-6$0$0
    Pedro PierluisiDPR$0$0
    Rochelle "Chellie" PingreeDME-1$0$0
    Joe PittsRPA-16$0$0
    Todd PlattsRPA-19$0$0
    Lloyd "Ted" PoeRTX-2$0$0
    Jared PolisDCO-2$0$0
    Mike PompeoRKS-4$0$0
    Bill PoseyRFL-15$0$0
    David PriceDNC-4$0$0
    Tom PriceRGA-6$0$0
    Ben QuayleRAZ-3$0$0
    Mike QuigleyDIL-5$0$0
    Nick RahallDWV-3$0$0
    Charlie RangelDNY-15$0$0
    Tom ReedRNY-29$0$0
    Denny RehbergRMT$0$0
    David ReichertRWA-8$0$0
    James RenacciROH-16$0$0
    Silvestre ReyesDTX-16$0$0
    Reid RibbleRWI-8$0$0
    Laura RichardsonDCA-37$0$0
    Cedric RichmondDLA-2$0$0
    E. RigellRVA-2$0$0
    David RiveraRFL-25$0$0
    Martha RobyRAL-2$0$0
    David "Phil" RoeRTN-1$0$0
    Harold "Hal" RogersRKY-5$0$0
    Mike D. RogersRAL-3$0$0
    Mike RogersRMI-8$0$0
    Dana RohrabacherRCA-46$0$0
    Todd RokitaRIN-4$0$0
    Tom RooneyRFL-16$0$0
    Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18$0$0
    Peter RoskamRIL-6$0$0
    Dennis RossRFL-12$0$0
    Mike RossDAR-4$0$0
    Steve RothmanDNJ-9$0$0
    Lucille Roybal-AllardDCA-34$0$0
    Ed RoyceRCA-40$0$0
    Jon RunyanRNJ-3$0$0
    C.A. "Dutch" RuppersbergerDMD-2$0$0
    Bobby RushDIL-1$0$0
    Paul RyanRWI-1$0$0
    Tim RyanDOH-17$0$0
    Gregorio "Kilili" SablanDMP$0$0
    Loretta SanchezDCA-47$0$0
    John SarbanesDMD-3$0$0
    Steve ScaliseRLA-1$0$0
    Jan SchakowskyDIL-9$0$0
    Adam SchiffDCA-29$0$0
    Robert SchillingRIL-17$0$0
    Jeannette "Jean" SchmidtROH-2$0$0
    Aaron SchockRIL-18$0$0
    Kurt SchraderDOR-5$0$0
    Allyson SchwartzDPA-13$0$0
    David SchweikertRAZ-5$0$0
    Austin ScottRGA-8$0$0
    David ScottDGA-13$0$0
    Bobby ScottDVA-3$0$0
    Tim ScottRSC-1$0$0
    F. "Jim" SensenbrennerRWI-5$0$0
    José SerranoDNY-16$0$0
    Pete SessionsRTX-32$0$0
    Terri SewellDAL-7$0$0
    Brad ShermanDCA-27$0$0
    John ShimkusRIL-19$0$0
    Joseph Heath ShulerDNC-11$0$0
    Bill ShusterRPA-9$0$0
    Mike SimpsonRID-2$0$0
    Albio SiresDNJ-13$0$0
    Louise SlaughterDNY-28$0$0
    David Adam SmithDWA-9$0$0
    Adrian SmithRNE-3$0$0
    Chris SmithRNJ-4$0$0
    Lamar SmithRTX-21$0$0
    Steve SoutherlandRFL-2$0$0
    Karen "Jackie" SpeierDCA-12$0$0
    Fortney "Pete" StarkDCA-13$0$0
    Cliff StearnsRFL-6$0$0
    Steve StiversROH-15$0$0
    Marlin StutzmanRIN-3$0$0
    John SullivanROK-1$0$0
    Betty SuttonDOH-13$0$0
    Linda SánchezDCA-39$0$0
    Lee TerryRNE-2$0$0
    Bennie ThompsonDMS-2$0$0
    Glenn ThompsonRPA-5$0$0
    C. Mike ThompsonDCA-1$0$0
    William "Mac" ThornberryRTX-13$0$0
    Pat TiberiROH-12$0$0
    John TierneyDMA-6$0$0
    Scott TiptonRCO-3$0$0
    Paul TonkoDNY-21$0$0
    Ed TownsDNY-10$0$0
    Niki TsongasDMA-5$0$0
    Mike TurnerROH-3$0$0
    Fred UptonRMI-6$0$0
    Chris Van HollenDMD-8$0$0
    Nydia VelázquezDNY-12$0$0
    Pete ViscloskyDIN-1$0$0
    Tim WalbergRMI-7$0$0
    Greg WaldenROR-2$0$0
    Joe WalshRIL-8$0$0
    Tim WalzDMN-1$0$0
    Debbie Wasserman SchultzDFL-20$0$0
    Maxine WatersDCA-35$0$0
    Mel WattDNC-12$0$0
    Henry WaxmanDCA-30$0$0
    Daniel WebsterRFL-8$0$0
    Anthony WeinerDNY-9$0$0
    Peter WelchDVT$0$0
    Allen WestRFL-22$0$0
    Lynn WestmorelandRGA-3$0$0
    Ed WhitfieldRKY-1$0$0
    Frederica WilsonDFL-17$0$0
    Addison "Joe" WilsonRSC-2$0$0
    Robert WittmanRVA-1$0$0
    Frank WolfRVA-10$0$0
    Steve WomackRAR-3$0$0
    Rob WoodallRGA-7$0$0
    Lynn WoolseyDCA-6$0$0
    David WuDOR-1$0$0
    John YarmuthDKY-3$0$0
    Kevin YoderRKS-3$0$0
    C. W. "Bill" YoungRFL-10$0$0
    Don YoungRAK$0$0
    Todd YoungRIN-9$0$0

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    NamePartyState$ From Interest Groups
    That Supported
    $ From Interest Groups
    That Opposed
    Gary AckermanDNY-5$2,500$200
    Sandy AdamsRFL-24$2,500$4,900
    Robert AderholtRAL-4$3,000$13,000
    W. Todd AkinRMO-2$21,199$10,000
    Rodney AlexanderRLA-5$7,400$18,000
    Jason AltmireDPA-4$5,000$6,500
    Justin AmashRMI-3$750$0
    Rob AndrewsDNJ-1$8,250$2,500
    Steve AustriaROH-7$250$0
    Joe BacaDCA-43$28,000$10,500
    Michele BachmannRMN-6$5,051$10,500
    Spencer BachusRAL-6$5,500$3,000
    Tammy BaldwinDWI-2$176,016$0
    Lou BarlettaRPA-11$8,900$0
    John BarrowDGA-12$28,500$19,000
    Roscoe BartlettRMD-6$2,500$500
    Joe BartonRTX-6$6,500$7,500
    Charlie BassRNH-2$46,753$0
    Karen BassDCA-33$8,000$5,000
    Xavier BecerraDCA-31$13,000$19,000
    Dan BenishekRMI-1$11,500$5,000
    Rick BergRND$56,062$24,300
    Rochelle "Shelley" BerkleyDNV-1$87,958$20,000
    Howard BermanDCA-28$8,500$5,000
    Judy BiggertRIL-13$24,500$0
    Brian BilbrayRCA-50$11,000$500
    Gus BilirakisRFL-9$0$2,000
    Rob BishopRUT-1$1,300$0
    Sanford BishopDGA-2$23,250$19,000
    Tim BishopDNY-1$37,603$15,000
    Diane BlackRTN-6$17,500$0
    Marsha BlackburnRTN-7$16,500$0
    Earl BlumenauerDOR-3$18,200$0
    John A. BoehnerROH-8$151,401$47,000
    Jo BonnerRAL-1$2,800$14,000
    Mary Bono MackRCA-45$19,500$0
    Madeleine BordalloDGU$2,000$0
    Dan BorenDOK-2$0$0
    Leonard BoswellDIA-3$28,750$19,000
    Charles BoustanyRLA-7$31,000$33,250
    Kevin BradyRTX-8$4,750$16,500
    Bob BradyDPA-1$5,250$0
    Bruce BraleyDIA-1$47,082$15,000
    Mo BrooksRAL-5$500$2,000
    Paul BrounRGA-10$5,000$0
    Corrine BrownDFL-3$1,000$2,000
    Vern BuchananRFL-13$19,500$27,500
    Larry BucshonRIN-8$22,000$0
    Ann Marie BuerkleRNY-25$2,000$3,000
    Michael BurgessRTX-26$500$1,500
    Dan BurtonRIN-5$0$0
    George "G.K." ButterfieldDNC-1$8,500$13,500
    Ken CalvertRCA-44$14,500$16,000
    Dave CampRMI-4$47,514$31,000
    John CampbellRCA-48$2,500$0
    Francisco CansecoRTX-23$10,500$16,000
    Eric CantorRVA-7$43,500$1,500
    Shelley CapitoRWV-2$5,500$0
    Lois CappsDCA-23$69,356$0
    Mike CapuanoDMA-8$7,750$11,000
    Dennis CardozaDCA-18$23,400$1,000
    John "Russ" CarnahanDMO-3$0$5,000
    John CarneyDDE$7,250$0
    André CarsonDIN-7$12,750$11,000
    John CarterRTX-31$9,000$3,000
    Bill CassidyRLA-6$15,600$11,000
    Kathy CastorDFL-11$8,320$2,500
    Steve ChabotROH-1$11,000$0
    Jason ChaffetzRUT-3$0$4,000
    Albert "Ben" ChandlerDKY-6$15,500$9,000
    Donna Christian-ChristensenDVI$1,000$0
    Judy ChuDCA-32$10,750$0
    David CicillineDRI-1$19,000$13,000
    Hansen ClarkeDMI-13$0$5,000
    Yvette ClarkeDNY-11$4,750$1,000
    William Lacy ClayDMO-1$5,000$0
    Emanuel CleaverDMO-5$34,500$2,000
    Jim ClyburnDSC-6$27,750$20,500
    John Howard CobleRNC-6$3,500$9,000
    Mike CoffmanRCO-6$24,980$11,000
    Steve CohenDTN-9$9,500$15,000
    Tom ColeROK-4$12,500$0
    K. "Mike" ConawayRTX-11$18,000$30,250
    Gerry ConnollyDVA-11$22,186$15,500
    John ConyersDMI-14$11,950$13,000
    Jim CooperDTN-5$5,750$0
    Jim CostaDCA-20$57,799$17,500
    Jerry CostelloDIL-12$1,300$0
    Joe CourtneyDCT-2$21,000$21,000
    Chip CravaackRMN-8$9,250$4,500
    Eric CrawfordRAR-1$12,000$18,000
    Ander CrenshawRFL-4$8,000$2,000
    Mark CritzDPA-12$28,750$25,000
    Joe CrowleyDNY-7$11,500$6,250
    Henry CuellarDTX-28$20,500$18,000
    John CulbersonRTX-7$0$0
    Elijah CummingsDMD-7$6,500$1,000
    Danny DavisDIL-7$8,000$0
    Geoff DavisRKY-4$2,000$10,000
    Susan DavisDCA-53$13,000$0
    Peter DeFazioDOR-4$7,868$7,000
    Diana DeGetteDCO-1$16,000$1,500
    Rosa DeLauroDCT-3$18,701$18,000
    Jeff DenhamRCA-19$95,166$9,000
    Charlie DentRPA-15$8,250$0
    Scott DesJarlaisRTN-4$18,000$15,500
    Theodore DeutchDFL-19$0$14,750
    Mario Diaz-BalartRFL-21$9,000$17,000
    Norm DicksDWA-6$6,000$0
    John DingellDMI-15$22,800$21,500
    Lloyd DoggettDTX-25$16,587$0
    Bob DoldRIL-10$40,450$0
    Joe DonnellyDIN-2$45,491$28,500
    Mike DoyleDPA-14$28,559$7,000
    David DreierRCA-26$5,000$0
    Sean DuffyRWI-7$54,550$0
    Jeff DuncanRSC-3$4,500$7,500
    John "Jimmy" DuncanRTN-2$3,000$0
    Donna EdwardsDMD-4$29,650$0
    Keith EllisonDMN-5$29,000$17,000
    Renee EllmersRNC-2$13,500$20,500
    Jo Ann EmersonRMO-8$39,200$22,500
    Eliot EngelDNY-17$3,500$16,500
    Anna EshooDCA-14$8,250$0
    Eni FaleomavaegaDAS$0$0
    Blake FarentholdRTX-27$1,000$16,500
    Sam FarrDCA-17$32,450$27,000
    Chaka FattahDPA-2$13,750$1,000
    Bob FilnerDCA-51$5,000$5,000
    Stephen FincherRTN-8$17,584$20,500
    Mike FitzpatrickRPA-8$18,750$0
    Jeff FlakeRAZ-6$72,400$0
    Charles FleischmannRTN-3$26,750$0
    John FlemingRLA-4$23,400$8,000
    Bill FloresRTX-17$13,250$12,500
    J. "Randy" ForbesRVA-4$6,000$5,000
    Jeff FortenberryRNE-1$4,000$9,500
    Virginia FoxxRNC-5$6,500$6,500
    Barney FrankDMA-4$1,000$0
    Trent FranksRAZ-2$2,000$0
    Rodney FrelinghuysenRNJ-11$3,500$0
    Marcia FudgeDOH-11$43,000$11,000
    Elton GalleglyRCA-24$0$0
    John GaramendiDCA-10$46,035$0
    Cory GardnerRCO-4$36,500$12,500
    Ernest Scott GarrettRNJ-5$5,000$0
    Jim GerlachRPA-6$23,000$0
    Bob GibbsROH-18$34,800$18,500
    Christopher GibsonRNY-20$35,294$22,000
    Gabrielle GiffordsDAZ-8$4,050$6,000
    John "Phil" GingreyRGA-11$9,500$0
    Louie GohmertRTX-1$2,750$0
    Charlie GonzalezDTX-20$2,000$500
    Bob GoodlatteRVA-6$66,000$3,000
    Paul GosarRAZ-1$5,000$0
    Trey GowdyRSC-4$0$0
    Kay GrangerRTX-12$6,100$6,500
    Sam GravesRMO-6$31,000$14,000
    John "Tom" GravesRGA-9$6,250$5,500
    Al GreenDTX-9$0$1,500
    Raymond "Gene" GreenDTX-29$5,500$2,500
    Tim GriffinRAR-2$2,550$5,500
    H. GriffithRVA-9$3,500$16,000
    Raúl GrijalvaDAZ-7$26,849$2,000
    Michael GrimmRNY-13$6,500$8,000
    Frank GuintaRNH-1$3,750$0
    Steven Brett GuthrieRKY-2$8,500$12,000
    Luis GutiérrezDIL-4$2,500$0
    Ralph HallRTX-4$2,500$500
    Colleen HanabusaDHI-1$750$11,500
    Richard HannaRNY-24$9,600$0
    Gregg HarperRMS-3$1,500$8,500
    Andy HarrisRMD-1$15,900$0
    Vicky HartzlerRMO-4$31,842$21,000
    Alcee HastingsDFL-23$0$36,750
    Richard "Doc" HastingsRWA-4$23,500$11,500
    Nan HayworthRNY-19$18,750$3,500
    Joseph HeckRNV-3$4,000$0
    Martin HeinrichDNM-1$263,002$15,500
    Dean HellerRNV-2$49,750$1,000
    Jeb HensarlingRTX-5$20,000$0
    Wally HergerRCA-2$1,000$0
    Jaime Herrera BeutlerRWA-3$14,750$3,000
    Brian HigginsDNY-27$17,250$0
    Jim HimesDCT-4$5,750$0
    Maurice HincheyDNY-22$1,000$5,000
    Rubén HinojosaDTX-15$3,500$17,000
    Mazie HironoDHI-2$41,426$11,000
    Thomas "Tim" HoldenDPA-17$28,950$27,000
    Rush HoltDNJ-12$43,100$1,000
    Mike HondaDCA-15$9,050$6,500
    Steny H. HoyerDMD-5$57,750$12,000
    Tim HuelskampRKS-1$27,212$20,000
    Bill HuizengaRMI-2$16,150$4,000
    Randy HultgrenRIL-14$34,500$20,000
    Duncan HunterRCA-52$1,250$12,500
    Robert HurtRVA-5$7,350$12,500
    Jay InsleeDWA-1$6,037$0
    Steve IsraelDNY-2$20,000$0
    Darrell IssaRCA-49$4,500$0
    Sheila Jackson LeeDTX-18$0$1,000
    Jesse JacksonDIL-2$6,250$0
    Lynn JenkinsRKS-2$32,550$3,850
    Bill JohnsonROH-6$5,700$3,500
    Eddie Bernice JohnsonDTX-30$16,000$1,000
    Henry "Hank" JohnsonDGA-4$11,000$2,000
    Sam JohnsonRTX-3$3,000$1,000
    Tim JohnsonRIL-15$5,500$12,920
    Walter JonesRNC-3$2,325$9,500
    Jim JordanROH-4$21,300$0
    Marcy KapturDOH-9$16,250$22,000
    William KeatingDMA-10$11,000$12,000
    Mike KellyRPA-3$8,250$1,000
    Dale KildeeDMI-5$1,000$6,000
    Ron KindDWI-3$43,659$0
    Pete KingRNY-3$4,750$0
    Steve KingRIA-5$30,428$13,500
    Jack KingstonRGA-1$42,750$2,500
    Adam KinzingerRIL-11$25,000$10,000
    Larry KissellDNC-8$17,000$21,000
    John KlineRMN-2$60,500$19,000
    Dennis KucinichDOH-10$8,200$0
    Steve LaTouretteROH-14$8,250$0
    Raúl LabradorRID-1$12,200$17,500
    Doug LambornRCO-5$2,750$12,000
    Leonard LanceRNJ-7$3,300$0
    Jeff LandryRLA-3$24,500$23,750
    Jim LangevinDRI-2$10,550$0
    James LankfordROK-5$6,500$500
    Rick LarsenDWA-2$9,800$6,500
    John LarsonDCT-1$19,700$6,500
    Tom LathamRIA-4$70,287$25,000
    Bob LattaROH-5$6,434$0
    Barbara LeeDCA-9$9,500$0
    Sandy LevinDMI-12$22,150$19,500
    Charles "Jerry" LewisRCA-41$500$0
    John LewisDGA-5$17,250$16,500
    Dan LipinskiDIL-3$2,000$0
    Frank LoBiondoRNJ-2$13,100$0
    Dave LoebsackDIA-2$36,000$7,000
    Zoe LofgrenDCA-16$4,000$9,000
    Billy LongRMO-7$20,700$11,000
    Nita LoweyDNY-18$250$0
    Frank LucasROK-3$112,250$56,000
    Blaine LuetkemeyerRMO-9$15,250$11,000
    Ben Ray LujánDNM-3$9,166$7,000
    Cynthia LummisRWY$0$18,000
    Dan LungrenRCA-3$27,150$6,000
    Stephen LynchDMA-9$5,000$0
    Connie MackRFL-14$49,850$31,500
    Carolyn MaloneyDNY-14$5,950$16,000
    Don ManzulloRIL-16$3,700$0
    Kenny MarchantRTX-24$0$1,000
    Tom MarinoRPA-10$2,700$0
    Ed MarkeyDMA-7$14,000$0
    Jim MathesonDUT-2$15,500$13,000
    Doris MatsuiDCA-5$7,000$12,000
    Carolyn McCarthyDNY-4$6,500$0
    Kevin McCarthyRCA-22$101,300$14,500
    Michael McCaulRTX-10$15,000$16,000
    Tom McClintockRCA-4$2,250$7,000
    Betty McCollumDMN-4$14,200$9,000
    Thaddeus McCotterRMI-11$0$0
    Jim McDermottDWA-7$12,050$8,250
    Jim McGovernDMA-3$29,250$2,000
    Patrick McHenryRNC-10$5,700$2,000
    Douglas "Mike" McIntyreDNC-7$13,500$30,500
    Howard P. "Buck" McKeonRCA-25$4,750$0
    David McKinleyRWV-1$10,000$2,000
    Cathy McMorris RodgersRWA-5$6,250$6,000
    Jerry McNerneyDCA-11$73,150$11,000
    Patrick MeehanRPA-7$32,600$0
    Gregory MeeksDNY-6$1,000$0
    John MicaRFL-7$4,000$15,500
    Mike MichaudDME-2$31,228$21,000
    Candice MillerRMI-10$2,750$26,000
    Gary MillerRCA-42$2,500$2,000
    George MillerDCA-7$17,300$0
    Jeff MillerRFL-1$4,000$17,000
    R. "Brad" MillerDNC-13$-4,000$1,000
    Gwen MooreDWI-4$2,750$0
    Jim MoranDVA-8$7,000$0
    Mick MulvaneyRSC-5$11,000$0
    Chris MurphyDCT-5$127,499$2,000
    Tim MurphyRPA-18$17,500$5,000
    Sue MyrickRNC-9$500$0
    Jerry NadlerDNY-8$1,500$1,000
    Grace NapolitanoDCA-38$0$12,500
    Richard NealDMA-2$16,500$0
    Robert "Randy" NeugebauerRTX-19$24,000$8,000
    Kristi NoemRSD$54,500$27,500
    Eleanor Holmes NortonDDC$0$0
    Richard NugentRFL-5$1,750$10,000
    Devin NunesRCA-21$92,750$11,500
    Alan NunneleeRMS-1$3,000$16,000
    Pete OlsonRTX-22$5,000$1,500
    John OlverDMA-1$4,000$5,000
    Bill OwensDNY-23$34,350$18,000
    Steven PalazzoRMS-4$-1,000$10,500
    Frank PalloneDNJ-6$11,500$0
    Bill PascrellDNJ-8$14,500$0
    Ed PastorDAZ-4$8,500$7,000
    Ron PaulRTX-14$0$0
    Erik PaulsenRMN-3$49,000$24,000
    Donald PayneDNJ-10$3,500$0
    Steve PearceRNM-2$26,900$12,000
    Nancy PelosiDCA-8$48,166$5,000
    Mike PenceRIN-6$3,250$0
    Ed PerlmutterDCO-7$26,733$23,500
    Gary PetersDMI-9$17,000$13,000
    Collin PetersonDMN-7$68,250$44,632
    Tom PetriRWI-6$12,550$0
    Pedro PierluisiDPR$1,000$0
    Rochelle "Chellie" PingreeDME-1$25,000$0
    Joe PittsRPA-16$21,650$1,000
    Todd PlattsRPA-19$0$0
    Lloyd "Ted" PoeRTX-2$250$19,000
    Jared PolisDCO-2$17,750$0
    Mike PompeoRKS-4$12,500$9,000
    Bill PoseyRFL-15$1,000$11,000
    David PriceDNC-4$4,500$9,000
    Tom PriceRGA-6$10,500$0
    Ben QuayleRAZ-3$1,000$0
    Mike QuigleyDIL-5$2,100$0
    Nick RahallDWV-3$14,600$12,000
    Charlie RangelDNY-15$1,000$1,000
    Tom ReedRNY-29$14,584$1,000
    Denny RehbergRMT$73,112$5,250
    David ReichertRWA-8$22,003$0
    James RenacciROH-16$31,650$8,000
    Silvestre ReyesDTX-16$10,000$7,500
    Reid RibbleRWI-8$103,852$17,000
    Laura RichardsonDCA-37$5,000$0
    Cedric RichmondDLA-2$5,750$19,000
    E. RigellRVA-2$275$1,000
    David RiveraRFL-25$1,500$7,500
    Martha RobyRAL-2$5,250$17,000
    David "Phil" RoeRTN-1$4,646$0
    Harold "Hal" RogersRKY-5$12,250$19,000
    Mike D. RogersRAL-3$3,750$24,000
    Mike RogersRMI-8$3,000$14,500
    Dana RohrabacherRCA-46$2,000$0
    Todd RokitaRIN-4$15,500$0
    Tom RooneyRFL-16$32,988$38,000
    Ileana Ros-LehtinenRFL-18$4,090$6,000
    Peter RoskamRIL-6$39,200$0
    Dennis RossRFL-12$4,500$14,500
    Mike RossDAR-4$1,000$0
    Steve RothmanDNJ-9$4,000$13,000
    Lucille Roybal-AllardDCA-34$11,500$2,500
    Ed RoyceRCA-40$7,250$0
    Jon RunyanRNJ-3$22,500$9,000
    C.A. "Dutch" RuppersbergerDMD-2$10,500$9,000
    Bobby RushDIL-1$4,000$0
    Paul RyanRWI-1$13,700$0
    Tim RyanDOH-17$7,000$14,500
    Gregorio "Kilili" SablanDMP$0$0
    Loretta SanchezDCA-47$13,000$14,000
    John SarbanesDMD-3$7,500$0
    Steve ScaliseRLA-1$6,500$15,500
    Jan SchakowskyDIL-9$11,000$0
    Adam SchiffDCA-29$20,000$0
    Robert SchillingRIL-17$19,000$25,000
    Jeannette "Jean" SchmidtROH-2$22,750$0
    Aaron SchockRIL-18$17,625$12,500
    Kurt SchraderDOR-5$16,250$19,000
    Allyson SchwartzDPA-13$20,000$0
    David SchweikertRAZ-5$1,250$0
    Austin ScottRGA-8$12,250$18,000
    David ScottDGA-13$38,500$0
    Bobby ScottDVA-3$8,016$1,000
    Tim ScottRSC-1$5,000$3,500
    F. "Jim" SensenbrennerRWI-5$1,250$0
    José SerranoDNY-16$500$9,000
    Pete SessionsRTX-32$25,000$0
    Terri SewellDAL-7$5,000$18,500
    Brad ShermanDCA-27$5,550$25,250
    John ShimkusRIL-19$12,000$22,500
    Joseph Heath ShulerDNC-11$1,500$1,000
    Bill ShusterRPA-9$9,650$0
    Mike SimpsonRID-2$53,050$29,000
    Albio SiresDNJ-13$1,000$7,000
    Louise SlaughterDNY-28$21,950$13,500
    David Adam SmithDWA-9$1,850$0
    Adrian SmithRNE-3$22,750$19,500
    Chris SmithRNJ-4$4,700$0
    Lamar SmithRTX-21$9,800$0
    Steve SoutherlandRFL-2$17,250$22,500
    Karen "Jackie" SpeierDCA-12$6,450$0
    Fortney "Pete" StarkDCA-13$3,000$0
    Cliff StearnsRFL-6$1,000$0
    Steve StiversROH-15$16,500$0
    Marlin StutzmanRIN-3$24,200$13,500
    John SullivanROK-1$3,500$0
    Betty SuttonDOH-13$32,819$11,500
    Linda SánchezDCA-39$10,600$12,000
    Lee TerryRNE-2$31,000$18,500
    Bennie ThompsonDMS-2$12,250$17,000
    Glenn ThompsonRPA-5$21,900$6,500
    C. Mike ThompsonDCA-1$8,245$12,500
    William "Mac" ThornberryRTX-13$9,700$15,000
    Pat TiberiROH-12$30,400$0
    John TierneyDMA-6$21,643$20,500
    Scott TiptonRCO-3$37,500$20,500
    Paul TonkoDNY-21$8,200$22,500
    Ed TownsDNY-10$0$6,000
    Niki TsongasDMA-5$21,050$0
    Mike TurnerROH-3$7,775$1,000
    Fred UptonRMI-6$37,250$4,000
    Chris Van HollenDMD-8$18,050$4,500
    Nydia VelázquezDNY-12$3,500$16,500
    Pete ViscloskyDIN-1$2,250$6,000
    Tim WalbergRMI-7$22,300$0
    Greg WaldenROR-2$35,750$12,000
    Joe WalshRIL-8$7,000$0
    Tim WalzDMN-1$46,650$30,000
    Debbie Wasserman SchultzDFL-20$17,900$25,000
    Maxine WatersDCA-35$5,500$0
    Mel WattDNC-12$4,000$6,000
    Henry WaxmanDCA-30$22,000$0
    Daniel WebsterRFL-8$8,000$17,000
    Anthony WeinerDNY-9$0$0
    Peter WelchDVT$25,600$18,000
    Allen WestRFL-22$25,050$3,000
    Lynn WestmorelandRGA-3$4,750$0
    Ed WhitfieldRKY-1$4,500$10,000
    Frederica WilsonDFL-17$2,500$20,500
    Addison "Joe" WilsonRSC-2$4,000$0
    Robert WittmanRVA-1$5,000$500
    Frank WolfRVA-10$3,500$0
    Steve WomackRAR-3$16,000$5,000
    Rob WoodallRGA-7$6,000$3,500
    Lynn WoolseyDCA-6$500$5,000
    David WuDOR-1$1,000$500
    John YarmuthDKY-3$9,750$5,000
    Kevin YoderRKS-3$19,100$0
    C. W. "Bill" YoungRFL-10$5,000$0
    Don YoungRAK$6,000$2,000
    Todd YoungRIN-9$27,950$0

    Interest Groups that supported this bill

    $ Donated
    Milk & dairy producers$2,023,936
    Environmental policy$1,597,047
    Food and kindred products manufacturing$1,530,830
    Food service & related unions$955,150
    General business associations$696,189
    Chambers of commerce$186,329
    Confectionery processors & manufacturers$185,427
    Pro-business associations$55,500
    Artificial sweeteners and food additives$51,200
    International trade associations$8,500
    Fiscal & tax policy$6,750
    Consumer groups$478

    Interest Groups that opposed this bill

    $ Donated
    Sugar cane & sugar beets$3,412,052
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