S. 3521 - Family and Business Tax Cut Certainty Act of 2012

Taxation. 112th Congress (2011-2012) View bill details
An original bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to extend certain expiring provisions. (by CRS) 
The bill has passed through committee and has been put on a legislative calendar. 
There have been no votes on this bill.

Family and Business Tax Cut Certainty Act of 2012

S. 3521 — 112th Congress (2011–2012)

An original bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to extend certain expiring provisions. (by CRS)
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An original bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to extend certain expiring provisions.
Other Titles
  • Family and Business Tax Cut Certainty Act of 2012
  • Family and Business Tax Cut Certainty Act of 2012
Max Baucus
    • Taxation
    • Agricultural conservation and pollution
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Alternative and renewable resources
    • American Samoa
    • Business investment and capital
    • Capital gains tax
    • Caribbean area
    • Coal
    • Computers and information technology
    • Correctional facilities and imprisonment
    • Economic development
    • Educational facilities and institutions
    • Electric power generation and transmission
    • Elementary and secondary education
    • Employee benefits and pensions
    • Employee hiring
    • Energy efficiency and conservation
    • Financial services and investments
    • First responders and emergency personnel
    • Food assistance and relief
    • Food industry and services
    • Foreign and international corporations
    • Housing finance and home ownership
    • Hybrid, electric, and advanced technology vehicles
    • Income tax credits
    • Income tax deductions
    • Income tax exclusion
    • Income tax rates
    • Indian lands and resources rights
    • Indian social and development programs
    • Interest, dividends, interest rates
    • Land use and conservation
    • Low- and moderate-income housing
    • Military personnel and dependents
    • Mining
    • Minority employment
    • Motor fuels
    • Motor vehicles
    • New York City
    • Outdoor recreation
    • Public transit
    • Public utilities and utility rates
    • Puerto Rico
    • Railroads
    • Real estate business
    • Research and development
    • Residential rehabilitation and home repair
    • Retail and wholesale trades
    • Sales and excise taxes
    • Securities
    • Small business
    • Social work, volunteer service, charitable organizations
    • Sports and recreation facilities
    • State and local taxation
    • Student aid and college costs
    • Tax administration and collection, taxpayers
    • Tax reform and tax simplification
    • Tax-exempt organizations
    • Taxation of foreign income
    • Teaching, teachers, curricula
    • Television and film
    • Transportation costs
    • Virgin Islands
    • Wages and earnings
    • Wildlife conservation and habitat protection
    • Worker safety and health
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      Bill History

      There have been no votes on this bill.

      8/28/2012Committee on Finance. Original measure reported to Senate by Senator Baucus under authority of the order of the Senate of 08/02/2012. With written report No. 112-208. Minority views filed.
      Put on a legislative calendar8/28/2012Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 499.
      9/10/2012Star Print ordered on written report No. 112-208.
      9/12/2012Motion to proceed to consideration of measure made in Senate.
      9/13/2012Motion to proceed to consideration of measure made in Senate.
      9/19/2012Motion to proceed to consideration of measure made in Senate.
      9/19/2012Motion to proceed to consideration of measure withdrawn in Senate.
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      Total contributions given to Senators from Alternate energy production & services, which…

      supported this bill

      Alternate energy production & services$1,313,498

      4 Organizations Supported and 0 Opposed; See Which Ones

      Organizations that took a position on
      Family and Business Tax Cut Certainty Act of 2012

      4 organizations supported this bill

      Algal Biomass Organization
      Lane, Jim (2012, August 7). Algae Biomass Organization tips hat to Senate Finance committee, for algae parity measures. Biofuels Digest. Retrieved August 31, 2012, from http://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2012/08/07/algae-biomass-organization-tips-hat-to-senate-finance-committee-for-algae-parity-measures/.
      National Council of State Housing Agencies
      National Council of State Housing Agencies (2012, August 6). Senate Finance Committee Extends Fixed 9 Percent Housing Credit Rate. Retrieved August 31, 2012, from National Council of State Housing Agencies .
      National Federation of Independent Business
      Chapman, Kevan (2012, August 2). NFIB Statement on Senate Action on Small-Business Tax Extenders. Retrieved August 31, 2012, from National Federation of Independent Business.
      National Treasury Employees Union
      Laing, Keith (2012, August 2). Union Applauds Senate Committee Approval of Commuter Tax Benefit. The Hill. Retrieved August 31, 2012, from http://thehill.com/blogs/transportation-report/public-transit/241961-union-applauds-senate-committee-approval-of-public-transit-tax-benefit.

      0 organizations opposed this bill

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      Includes reported contributions to congressional campaigns of Senators in office during the 112th U.S. Congress, from Alternate energy production & services interest groups, January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2012.
      Contributions data source: OpenSecrets.org

      Contributions by Legislator

      NamePartyState$ From Interest Groups
      That Supportedsort icon
      $ From Interest Groups
      That Opposed
      Harry ReidDNV$101,992$0
      Max BaucusDMT$92,100$0
      Maria CantwellDWA$69,302$0
      John ThuneRSD$56,750$0
      Chuck GrassleyRIA$49,000$0
      Barbara BoxerDCA$48,099$0
      Mark UdallDCO$42,175$0
      Debbie StabenowDMI$37,850$0
      Dick DurbinDIL$34,475$0
      Sherrod BrownDOH$33,000$0
      Ron WydenDOR$30,827$0
      Claire McCaskillDMO$28,500$0
      Dianne FeinsteinDCA$28,500$0
      Amy KlobucharDMN$28,250$0
      Tim JohnsonDSD$25,530$0
      Jon TesterDMT$24,950$0
      Earl "Ben" NelsonDNE$23,900$0
      Orrin G. HatchRUT$22,168$0
      Michael F. BennetDCO$21,700$0
      Rob PortmanROH$21,300$0
      Dean HellerRNV$21,000$0
      Dick LugarRIN$21,000$0
      Addison "Mitch" McConnellRKY$20,600$0
      Clarence "Bill" NelsonDFL$20,300$0
      Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY$20,300$0
      Bob CaseyDPA$18,150$0
      Bob MenéndezDNJ$18,000$0
      Patty MurrayDWA$17,900$0
      Roy BluntRMO$15,650$0
      Joe Manchin, IIIDWV$15,500$0
      Lisa MurkowskiRAK$15,468$0
      Mike JohannsRNE$15,050$0
      Tom HarkinDIA$14,900$0
      Jerry MoranRKS$13,900$0
      Tom UdallDNM$13,689$0
      Al FrankenDMN$13,033$0
      Jeanne ShaheenDNH$12,300$0
      Ben CardinDMD$11,500$0
      Olympia SnoweRME$11,000$0
      Bernie SandersIVT$10,650$0
      Jeff MerkleyDOR$10,650$0
      Scott BrownRMA$9,950$0
      Chuck SchumerDNY$9,800$0
      Daniel CoatsRIN$7,900$0
      Frank R. LautenbergDNJ$7,750$0
      John BoozmanRAR$7,400$0
      Patrick J. LeahyDVT$7,300$0
      Marco RubioRFL$7,200$0
      Patrick J. ToomeyRPA$6,300$0
      Susan M. CollinsRME$6,250$0
      John HoevenRND$6,000$0
      Mark KirkRIL$5,500$0
      John F. KerryDMA$5,400$0
      Carl LevinDMI$5,150$0
      Clarence Saxby ChamblissRGA$5,000$0
      Kelly AyotteRNH$4,800$0
      Tom CoburnROK$4,800$0
      Bob CorkerRTN$4,000$0
      Gaylord Kent ConradDND$4,000$0
      Jesse "Jeff" BingamanDNM$4,000$0
      Mark BegichDAK$3,500$0
      Mark L. PryorDAR$3,500$0
      Charles "Pat" RobertsRKS$3,000$0
      Mary L. LandrieuDLA$3,000$0
      Tom CarperDDE$3,000$0
      Christopher A. CoonsDDE$2,500$0
      Lindsey GrahamRSC$2,500$0
      Richard BurrRNC$2,490$0
      Dan InouyeDHI$2,400$0
      Jim DeMintRSC$2,400$0
      John "Jay" RockefellerDWV$2,300$0
      Kay R. HaganDNC$2,250$0
      Sheldon WhitehouseDRI$2,000$0
      Jim RischRID$1,500$0
      John BarrassoRWY$1,500$0
      Johnny IsaksonRGA$1,500$0
      Mark R. WarnerDVA$1,250$0
      Jim WebbDVA$1,000$0
      John CornynRTX$1,000$0
      Mike CrapoRID$1,000$0
      Richard BlumenthalDCT$500$0
      Andrew Lamar AlexanderRTN$0$0
      Barbara A. MikulskiDMD$0$0
      Daniel K. AkakaDHI$0$0
      David VitterRLA$0$0
      Herb KohlDWI$0$0
      Jeff SessionsRAL$0$0
      Jim InhofeROK$0$0
      Joe LiebermanICT$0$0
      John "Jack" ReedDRI$0$0
      John McCainRAZ$0$0
      Jon KylRAZ$0$0
      Kay Bailey HutchisonRTX$0$0
      Mike EnziRWY$0$0
      Mike LeeRUT$0$0
      Rand PaulRKY$0$0
      Richard C. ShelbyRAL$0$0
      Roger F. WickerRMS$0$0
      Ron JohnsonRWI$0$0
      William Thad CochranRMS$0$0

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      NamePartyState$ From Interest Groups
      That Supported
      $ From Interest Groups
      That Opposed
      Daniel K. AkakaDHI$2,000$0
      Andrew Lamar AlexanderRTN$2,000$0
      Kelly AyotteRNH$15,050$0
      John BarrassoRWY$27,000$0
      Max BaucusDMT$109,100$0
      Mark BegichDAK$17,500$0
      Michael F. BennetDCO$47,700$0
      Jesse "Jeff" BingamanDNM$4,000$0
      Richard BlumenthalDCT$25,500$0
      Roy BluntRMO$38,550$0
      John BoozmanRAR$14,900$0
      Barbara BoxerDCA$78,749$0
      Scott BrownRMA$28,950$0
      Sherrod BrownDOH$67,000$0
      Richard BurrRNC$12,990$0
      Maria CantwellDWA$69,302$0
      Ben CardinDMD$41,500$0
      Tom CarperDDE$15,500$0
      Bob CaseyDPA$40,650$0
      Clarence Saxby ChamblissRGA$21,251$0
      Daniel CoatsRIN$16,400$0
      Tom CoburnROK$5,800$0
      William Thad CochranRMS$3,000$0
      Susan M. CollinsRME$37,250$0
      Gaylord Kent ConradDND$4,000$0
      Christopher A. CoonsDDE$12,500$0
      Bob CorkerRTN$12,000$0
      John CornynRTX$14,800$0
      Mike CrapoRID$6,000$0
      Jim DeMintRSC$11,400$0
      Dick DurbinDIL$47,375$0
      Mike EnziRWY$6,000$0
      Dianne FeinsteinDCA$42,750$0
      Al FrankenDMN$29,733$0
      Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY$46,050$0
      Lindsey GrahamRSC$10,500$0
      Chuck GrassleyRIA$60,500$0
      Kay R. HaganDNC$15,250$0
      Tom HarkinDIA$22,430$0
      Orrin G. HatchRUT$30,668$0
      Dean HellerRNV$50,500$0
      John HoevenRND$11,000$0
      Kay Bailey HutchisonRTX$5,000$0
      Jim InhofeROK$500$0
      Dan InouyeDHI$11,900$0
      Johnny IsaksonRGA$12,500$0
      Mike JohannsRNE$22,050$0
      Ron JohnsonRWI$6,000$0
      Tim JohnsonDSD$41,030$0
      John F. KerryDMA$29,650$0
      Mark KirkRIL$27,000$0
      Amy KlobucharDMN$46,750$0
      Herb KohlDWI$0$0
      Jon KylRAZ$0$0
      Mary L. LandrieuDLA$41,650$0
      Frank R. LautenbergDNJ$12,000$0
      Patrick J. LeahyDVT$26,300$0
      Mike LeeRUT$1,000$0
      Carl LevinDMI$27,650$0
      Joe LiebermanICT$-2,500$0
      Dick LugarRIN$30,000$0
      Joe Manchin, IIIDWV$58,000$0
      John McCainRAZ$0$0
      Claire McCaskillDMO$58,400$0
      Addison "Mitch" McConnellRKY$38,850$0
      Bob MenéndezDNJ$26,000$0
      Jeff MerkleyDOR$22,400$0
      Barbara A. MikulskiDMD$37,250$0
      Jerry MoranRKS$23,400$0
      Lisa MurkowskiRAK$20,968$0
      Patty MurrayDWA$50,900$0
      Earl "Ben" NelsonDNE$29,900$0
      Clarence "Bill" NelsonDFL$52,800$0
      Rand PaulRKY$6,500$0
      Rob PortmanROH$39,500$0
      Mark L. PryorDAR$17,500$0
      John "Jack" ReedDRI$9,100$0
      Harry ReidDNV$137,492$0
      Jim RischRID$6,500$0
      Charles "Pat" RobertsRKS$7,000$0
      John "Jay" RockefellerDWV$31,300$0
      Marco RubioRFL$22,450$0
      Bernie SandersIVT$28,250$0
      Chuck SchumerDNY$24,300$0
      Jeff SessionsRAL$8,000$0
      Jeanne ShaheenDNH$25,050$0
      Richard C. ShelbyRAL$3,000$0
      Olympia SnoweRME$26,200$0
      Debbie StabenowDMI$59,900$0
      Jon TesterDMT$56,950$0
      John ThuneRSD$75,850$0
      Patrick J. ToomeyRPA$16,799$0
      Mark UdallDCO$78,025$0
      Tom UdallDNM$40,689$0
      David VitterRLA$12,500$0
      Mark R. WarnerDVA$35,750$0
      Jim WebbDVA$5,250$0
      Sheldon WhitehouseDRI$12,500$0
      Roger F. WickerRMS$8,500$0
      Ron WydenDOR$37,827$0

      Interest Groups that supported this bill

      $ Donated
      Alternate energy production & services$1,313,498
      Federal employees unions$1,032,780
      Small business associations$398,449
      Public official (elected or appointed)$20,401

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