S. 978 - A Bill to Amend the Criminal Penalty Provision for Criminal Infringement of a Copyright, and for Other Purposes.

Crime and law enforcement. 112th Congress (2011-2012) View bill details
A bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes. (by CRS) 
The bill has passed through committee and has been put on a legislative calendar. 
There have been no votes on this bill.

A Bill to Amend the Criminal Penalty Provision for Criminal Infringement of a Copyright, and for Other Purposes.

S. 978 — 112th Congress (2011–2012)

A bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes. (by CRS)
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A bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes.
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    Amy Klobuchar
    • Crime and law enforcement
    • Intellectual property
    • Internet and video services
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      Referred to Committee
      Bill History

      There have been no votes on this bill.

      5/12/2011Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
      Put on a legislative calendar6/16/2011Committee on the Judiciary. Ordered to be reported without amendment favorably.
      6/20/2011Committee on the Judiciary. Reported by Senator Leahy without amendment. Without written report.
      Put on a legislative calendar6/20/2011Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 77.
      6/22/2011Committee on the Judiciary. Hearings held.
      NumberSponsorDate OfferedStatus
      ContributorInterest groupAmountDatesort iconSenate memberPartyState
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0005/1/10Scott BrownRMA
      Butterworth, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/1/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Cohen, Leonard SBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/1/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Goldblatt, CraigAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$4,0005/1/10Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/1/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$5005/1/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Kihiczak, Taras PAttorneys & law firms$1,2005/1/10Alan FrankenDMN
      King, Jodie WBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/1/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Mosen, BarbaraDemocratic/Liberal$2,4005/1/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Mosen, CarlDemocratic/Liberal$2,4005/1/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Previs, John MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/1/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Sussler, Philip LAttorneys & law firms$2505/1/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Eisenman, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2505/2/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Englander, HarveyDemocratic/Liberal$2505/2/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Erbsen, DianaAttorneys & law firms$3005/2/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Fishman, AaronTV production & distribution$2505/2/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Glass, DavidProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$-2,3005/2/10John BoozmanRAR
      Glass, RuthProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,3005/2/10John BoozmanRAR
      Kirk, James JAttorneys & law firms$2505/2/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Leban, AbbottAttorneys & law firms$2505/2/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Meyer, RonaldMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0005/2/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Noble, Frances LBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Noble, Frederick WDemocratic/Liberal$2,4005/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Robertson, Douglas MrAttorneys & law firms$9005/2/10Rand PaulRKY
      Shea, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5005/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Townsend, VincentTelecommunications$4005/2/10Richard BurrRNC
      Agron, AdamAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Aronchick, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$5005/3/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Ashe, BarryAttorneys & law firms$5005/3/10David VitterRLA
      Baumgardner, John E JrAttorneys & law firms$5005/3/10Robert PortmanROH
      Bean, Orson MrMotion Picture production & distribution$2005/3/10John McCainRAZ
      Braunel, Bryan Joseph MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Rand PaulRKY
      Brignone, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Bross, John aDemocratic/Liberal$5005/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Callahan, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$4005/3/10Robert PortmanROH
      Cozen & O'connorAttorneys & law firms$-1,0005/3/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Damby, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Daniels, Daniel LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10Robert PortmanROH
      Detrahim, MakanAttorneys & law firms$5005/3/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Dorsey & WhitneyAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/3/10Mark BegichDAK
      Drummey, Charles E MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10John McCainRAZ
      Dudenheler, Frank C JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/3/10Mary LandrieuDLA
      Eaves, John a SrAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Erceg, LukaAttorneys & law firms$7505/3/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Evans, John J EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10Robert PortmanROH
      Fayard, Calvin C JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10Mary LandrieuDLA
      Fayard, Frances GAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10Mary LandrieuDLA
      Frumkin, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10Robert PortmanROH
      Gimpel, Anneliese MrsComputer software$2005/3/10Rand PaulRKY
      Goldberg, Steven DAttorneys & law firms$2005/3/10Thomas CarperDDE
      Goza, ShirleyAttorneys & law firms$5005/3/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Grand, Melody MrsAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/3/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Gunsett, Daniel JAttorneys & law firms$5005/3/10Robert PortmanROH
      Hahn, Christopher MAttorneys & law firms$3005/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Harvey, Robin EAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Robert PortmanROH
      Helm, Robert WAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10Robert PortmanROH
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$2,5005/3/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Jacovini, Joseph HAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10Robert CaseyDPA
      James, BruceAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Jannuzzo, Anne-MarieAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Jannuzzo, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Jardine, KatieAttorneys & law firms$5005/3/10Michael BennetDCO
      Jordan, Vernon E JrAttorneys & law firms$5005/3/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Kamin, MalcolmAttorneys & law firms$7505/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kaufmann, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Kelly, Pamela MrsAttorneys & law firms$7505/3/10John McCainRAZ
      Kinzler, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5005/3/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Larocco, Lawrence PAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Lazarus, Lewis HAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Thomas CarperDDE
      Lehrer, Samuel MAttorneys & law firms$5005/3/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Linville, Ronald GAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Robert PortmanROH
      Loeser, Jessica TAttorneys & law firms$5005/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Lucas, Jeffrey MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/3/10Marco RubioRFL
      Major League Baseball Commissioner's OfcProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5,0005/3/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Major League Baseball Commissioner's OfcProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5,0005/3/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Margol, Rodney SAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Mcandrews, George P MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10John McCainRAZ
      Mick, Alice JAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Miller, AllanMotion Picture production & distribution$2505/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      O'brien, Kevin aAttorneys & law firms$4005/3/10Thomas CarperDDE
      Pechman, LouisAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Pestana, JohnComputer software$2,0005/3/10Mike LeeRUT
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$3,0005/3/10Ron WydenDOR
      Richard, Charles EDemocratic/Liberal$3005/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ridgley, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10Robert PortmanROH
      Sandler, Richard VAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/3/10Michael BennetDCO
      Schenkkan, Peter MAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Schrager, CarolAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Mark UdallDCO
      Schreck, FrankAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Schulhofer, EllenAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Spolyar, Robert J MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/3/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Stone, Merrill BAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/3/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Time WarnerEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,5005/3/10Roy BluntRMO
      Ungerman, FredAttorneys & law firms$3005/3/10Robert PortmanROH
      Weitz, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$1,2005/3/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Weitz, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$1,2005/3/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Yudes, Deborah EAttorneys & law firms$2505/3/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Aquila, Francis JAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10Robert PortmanROH
      Beers, Lorraine HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2005/4/10John ThuneRSD
      Beers, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$7505/4/10Jon TesterDMT
      Bieder, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bieder, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$1,4005/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bloss, William MAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bodensteiner, DominicAttorneys & law firms$2005/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Boyer, LeeAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10David VitterRLA
      Brandt, Kathleen LAttorneys & law firms$2505/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Broughton, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,1505/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Bryne, Julie EAttorneys & law firms$5005/4/10Robert PortmanROH
      Byrne, Matthew RAttorneys & law firms$5005/4/10Robert PortmanROH
      Capshaw, KateMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4005/4/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Corcoran, M EvanAttorneys & law firms$2005/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10Marco RubioRFL
      Cronic, JasonAttorneys & law firms$2005/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Dagostino, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5005/4/10Michael BennetDCO
      Davis, KearnsAttorneys & law firms$5005/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Davis, KearnsAttorneys & law firms$5005/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Elliott, John M MrAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/4/10John McCainRAZ
      Federman, Barbara BAttorneys & law firms$2005/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fernandez, BenjaminAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/4/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Fernandez, BenjaminAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/4/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Freedman, Brian MAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Freeman, Lee a JrAttorneys & law firms$5005/4/10Jon TesterDMT
      Gallagher, SarahAttorneys & law firms$2505/4/10John ThuneRSD
      Grubbs, HowardAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Gumaer, Elliott WAttorneys & law firms$2505/4/10Robert PortmanROH
      Gunter, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Hernandez, LeonardoAttorneys & law firms$2505/4/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hoberman, EllenDemocratic/Liberal$1,7505/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hunterton, C SAttorneys & law firms$5005/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Johnson, NancyAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10Robert PortmanROH
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10Mitch McConnellRKY
      Katzenberg, JeffreyMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4005/4/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Katzenberg, MarilynMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4005/4/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Kirby, TomAttorneys & law firms$2505/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Kluttz, Joseph B CAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Koskoff, Michael PAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lavin, Steven HAttorneys & law firms$5005/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lichtenstein, Joel HAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Liebhafsky, DouoglasAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Nastri, Kathleen LAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10Marco RubioRFL
      Ponvert, Antonio IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Robinson, NorwoodAttorneys & law firms$6505/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Rosen, David NAttorneys & law firms$2505/4/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Saakvitne, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$2505/4/10Robert PortmanROH
      Sanders, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5005/4/10David VitterRLA
      Sheehy, John PAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Silver, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sitarchunk, Eric WAttorneys & law firms$2505/4/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Solow, Alan MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2505/4/10John ThuneRSD
      Spielberg, StevenMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4005/4/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10John HoevenRND
      Teamsters UnionTeamsters union$5,0005/4/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Vaughan, KeithAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Vaughan, KeithAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Wiley Rein, LlpAttorneys & law firms$2505/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Wocl, Nicholas EAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Womble, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,1005/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Zamary, George JAttorneys & law firms$5005/4/10Robert PortmanROH
      Ziotas, Angelo aAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/5/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Alesi, Barbara ShaheenAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Balaban, WitoldAttorneys & law firms$1,6005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Balaban, WitoldAttorneys & law firms$4005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Baldini, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Harry ReidDNV
      Becchi, RosemaryAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Boesch, Doyce aAttorneys & law firms$2505/5/10Roy BluntRMO
      Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Scott BrownRMA
      Brown Rudnick LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Jim WebbDVA
      Brumby, Otis a Mr JrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0005/5/10John IsaksonRGA
      Chesley, Dianna LAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/5/10Harry ReidDNV
      Clements, Frank MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Colligan, David JAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Collins, John FAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Cotton, RichardTV production & distribution$1,0005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Dalton, Bartholomew JAttorneys & law firms$4005/5/10Thomas CarperDDE
      Deleon, RudyDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dopkins, Richard BAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Eggum, SusanAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Ron WydenDOR
      Epstein, Juda JAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Harry ReidDNV
      Friedman, RogerBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/5/10John McCainRAZ
      Gordon, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/5/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Greenwald, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2505/5/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Griffin, Richard FAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Gross, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10Tom UdallDNM
      Gutermann, Paul EAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Halt, LouisAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10John BoozmanRAR
      Hinderaker, EulaAttorneys & law firms$5505/5/10John ThuneRSD
      Hinderaker, Irving aAttorneys & law firms$4505/5/10John ThuneRSD
      Hippeau, EricBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/5/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Huddleston, C LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Robert PortmanROH
      Hunton & WilliamsAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Kavalaris, MargaretAttorneys & law firms$2,6005/5/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Kavalaris, MargaretAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/5/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Keane, GordonComputer software$2505/5/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Keleher, Michael LAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10Tom UdallDNM
      Knight, Laurie LCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0005/5/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lear, Kate BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/5/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Lee, Jeffrey H MrTV production & distribution$2505/5/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Letro, Francis MAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Liggins, AlfredCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0005/5/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lubarsky, NeilAttorneys & law firms$2855/5/10Harry ReidDNV
      Manning, Kenneth aAttorneys & law firms$2505/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Mansbach, B ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Marinello, MitchellAttorneys & law firms$2505/5/10Mark KirkRIL
      Markowitz, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2505/5/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Newberry, StevenCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0005/5/10Harry ReidDNV
      Nixon Peabody LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Paetec HoldingTelecommunications$1,0005/5/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Park, Theresa SBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$7505/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Pucker, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/5/10Mark KirkRIL
      Reed, Russell aAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Rosenthal, StevenAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Sexton, TerryAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Shaw, ThomasBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/5/10Mark KirkRIL
      Snead, William EAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10Tom UdallDNM
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Sutton, Kermit S MrAttorneys & law firms$3,8005/5/10Marco RubioRFL
      Sutton, Kermit S MrAttorneys & law firms$-1,9005/5/10Marco RubioRFL
      Tanzi, LisaComputer software$1,0005/5/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Teitell, Ernest FAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/5/10Harry ReidDNV
      Title, Daena EDemocratic/Liberal$2505/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Vanek, JoeAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Voelker, David RAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/5/10Mary LandrieuDLA
      Willeford, James FAttorneys & law firms$2505/5/10Mary LandrieuDLA
      Wisbaum, Wayne DAttorneys & law firms$5005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Wolkowitz, AnitaMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0005/5/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Zaldivar, Miguel a Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/5/10Marco RubioRFL
      Abrams, Jeffrey JMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4005/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Abrams, Jeffrey JMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4005/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bacon, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Bender, RisaAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Boesch, DoyceAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bregman, Arthur RAttorneys & law firms$3005/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Clanton, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Mark KirkRIL
      Cole, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Cramer, William MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Cunningham, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Dahlstrom, Eric MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/6/10John McCainRAZ
      Daniel, MiriamAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Dechiara, Michael KAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/6/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Friedman, Bruce aAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fulbright & JaworskiAttorneys & law firms$5,0005/6/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Gale, Daniel aDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/6/10Michael BennetDCO
      Glancz, Ronald RAttorneys & law firms$2505/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Goldman, Susan SachsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2505/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Hienton, James R MrAttorneys & law firms$2,3005/6/10John McCainRAZ
      Hoffman, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/6/10Mark KirkRIL
      Howard, Charyl aBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Howard, Charyl aBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Jensen, PeggyAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Keenan, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Kennedy, KathleenMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0005/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Klubes, Benjamin BAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Lenobel, Jeffrey aAttorneys & law firms$6005/6/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Lenobel, Jeffrey aAttorneys & law firms$4005/6/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Lenrow, JayAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/6/10Mark KirkRIL
      Lessenco, Gilbert B EsquireAttorneys & law firms$2005/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Low, Lucinda AnnAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Malet, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Marks, Andrew HAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Marshall, FrankMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0005/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Miller, William C Mr JrChambers of commerce$5005/6/10John McCainRAZ
      Monhait, Norman MAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Nash, Robert SAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/6/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Neigher, Alan EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/6/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Nelson, TomComputer software$2505/6/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Obyrne, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/6/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/6/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Potter, Earl WylieAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Tom UdallDNM
      Powers, Pyles Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/6/10Kay HaganDNC
      Ragucci, Frederic LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/6/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Ridenour, William G MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/6/10John McCainRAZ
      Ruegger, Philip TAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/6/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Sandler, Andrew LAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Schwartz, Phyllis aAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/6/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Sheinberg, LorraineMotion Picture production & distribution$1,2005/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Smith, William RandolphAttorneys & law firms$2505/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Spivey, Carole MsAttorneys & law firms$3005/6/10John McCainRAZ
      Squire, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Strasser, Alan DAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Swanson, LesAttorneys & law firms$2505/6/10Ron WydenDOR
      Tucker, Jonice GrayAttorneys & law firms$5005/6/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Waldenberg, Alan SAttorneys & law firms$6005/6/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Waldenberg, Alan SAttorneys & law firms$4005/6/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Young, Michael RAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/6/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Almerico, Michael MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/7/10Rand PaulRKY
      Ansbacher, Richard IAttorneys & law firms$2505/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Atkinson, PatriciaDemocratic/Liberal$5005/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baldwin, Mark SAttorneys & law firms$2505/7/10Michael BennetDCO
      Berkowitz, Russell JAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/7/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Bochco, Dayna KalinsEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0005/7/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Brannan, Kirk MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/7/10Rand PaulRKY
      Cohen, Douglas aAttorneys & law firms$2505/7/10Michael BennetDCO
      Comptel/AltsTelecommunications$2,0005/7/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Davis Wright Tremaine LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/7/10Mark BegichDAK
      Derosa, Franca LAttorneys & law firms$2505/7/10Michael BennetDCO
      Descherer, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/7/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/7/10John McCainRAZ
      Epstein, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2505/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Fay, Thomas FortuneAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/7/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Fischer, LeahAttorneys & law firms$5005/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fleischer, Arthur JrAttorneys & law firms$5005/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Groark, Eunice SAttorneys & law firms$5005/7/10Michael BennetDCO
      Hamilton, RobertComputer software$2505/7/10Marco RubioRFL
      Johnson, William FAttorneys & law firms$5005/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/7/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Krominga, LynnAttorneys & law firms$2505/7/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Lathouris, Peter VAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/7/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Lawrence, Carmen JAttorneys & law firms$7505/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Lefkowitz, Stephen aAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Leland, Richard GAttorneys & law firms$3005/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Mankiewicz, PaulBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mechanic, Jonathan LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Mermelstein, JoshuaAttorneys & law firms$9005/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Meyers, MelanieAttorneys & law firms$3005/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$3,0005/7/10Richard BurrRNC
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$1,0005/7/10John ThuneRSD
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/7/10Ron WydenDOR
      Norcross, Sandra MsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2505/7/10Rand PaulRKY
      Oracle CorpComputer software$2,5005/7/10Jim WebbDVA
      Oracle CorpComputer software$1,0005/7/10John ThuneRSD
      Pelosi, ChristineAttorneys & law firms$2505/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rassman, Franz RAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Reindel, F WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Reinstein, Paul MAttorneys & law firms$5005/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Ryan, Daniel BAttorneys & law firms$2505/7/10Michael BennetDCO
      Schumann, Robert FDemocratic/Liberal$1,6005/7/10Michael BennetDCO
      Schwartz, Richard MAttorneys & law firms$3005/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Shapiro, IsaacAttorneys & law firms$5005/7/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Sheinberg, SidMotion Picture production & distribution$1,2005/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Silvera, Hillel RAttorneys & law firms$2505/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Simmons, Peter LAttorneys & law firms$2505/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Skolnick, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$3005/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Sorin, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$2505/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Spears, MelvinAttorneys & law firms$2005/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Steinwurtzel, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Stock, Alice BAttorneys & law firms$5005/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Strauss, AudreyAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Sullivan, Joseph W Mr IiiBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2005/7/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Webber, Thomas MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2505/7/10Rand PaulRKY
      Webster, Peter BAttorneys & law firms$5005/7/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Williams, KathleenDemocratic/Liberal$2505/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Witzel, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$2505/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Yamaguchi, Scott MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/7/10Rand PaulRKY
      Calisher, DanielAttorneys & law firms$5005/8/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Carrigan, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$3005/8/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Cross, David M MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/8/10Rand PaulRKY
      Dean, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$2505/8/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Dean, VirginiaMotion Picture production & distribution$2505/8/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Foster, DanielAttorneys & law firms$5005/8/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Foster, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5005/8/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Graham, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5005/8/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Jackson, Susan KAttorneys & law firms$2505/8/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Levin, ScottAttorneys & law firms$2505/8/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Millstein, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5005/8/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Richardson, Jack L MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/8/10Rand PaulRKY
      Sampson, KyleAttorneys & law firms$2505/8/10Mike LeeRUT
      Spix, George MrComputer software$2505/8/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Story, Steven L MrAttorneys & law firms$3005/8/10Rand PaulRKY
      Turpanjian, Nina MsAttorneys & law firms$2055/8/10Rand PaulRKY
      Wagner, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/8/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Bunch, Steven TAttorneys & law firms$5005/9/10Tom UdallDNM
      Davis, RobertComputer software$1,0005/9/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Dolan, MarieAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/9/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Greene, TheodoreAttorneys & law firms$2505/9/10Marco RubioRFL
      Peek, Elizabeth TBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/9/10Robert PortmanROH
      Robe, ScottAttorneys & law firms$5005/9/10Robert PortmanROH
      Roston, Carl DAttorneys & law firms$5005/9/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Settle, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2505/9/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Ternan, Jack G MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/9/10Rand PaulRKY
      Wang, Yuting MrComputer software$2505/9/10Rand PaulRKY
      Aliff-Ortiz, Claudio MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Aponte-Parsi, Ricardo MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Bernstein, BradleyAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Browne, JacksonRecorded Music & music production$2,4005/10/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Browne, JacksonRecorded Music & music production$2,4005/10/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Bruce, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Thomas HarkinDIA
      Brunman, GlenAttorneys & law firms$2505/10/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Cintron-Garcia, Angel M LcdoAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Cipinko, SanfordDemocratic/Liberal$2,4005/10/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Cohen, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cohen, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cooper, TerryDemocratic/Liberal$2505/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dewey & LeboeufAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10John ThuneRSD
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$5005/10/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Ehmcke, Lance DAttorneys & law firms$2505/10/10John ThuneRSD
      Emery, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Employee-Owned S Corporations of AmericaGeneral business associations$1,5005/10/10Ron WydenDOR
      Ferraiuol, Jaime Luis Fonalledas MAttorneys & law firms$5005/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Fischer, Klaus MrAttorneys & law firms$2255/10/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Garofalo, Joseph aAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Richard BurrRNC
      Goad, Maxine SDemocratic/Liberal$2005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Guadagno, Matthew JAttorneys & law firms$5005/10/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Guillermety-Matienzo, Rafael MrAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hills, CarlaAttorneys & law firms$3005/10/10Richard LugarRIN
      Hills, CarlaAttorneys & law firms$2005/10/10Richard LugarRIN
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Holliman, James Allen MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/10/10Rand PaulRKY
      Hopkins, Thomas aDemocratic/Liberal$1,3005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hopkins, Thomas aDemocratic/Liberal$7005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hopkinson, Judith LDemocratic/Liberal$2,5005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Howe, Richard RAttorneys & law firms$5005/10/10Robert PortmanROH
      Hutcheson, RickDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jenner & BlockAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/10/10John McCainRAZ
      Kahn, GaryAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Ron WydenDOR
      Laboy, Zoe M LcdaAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Lans, DeborahAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lasa, Armando MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Lehrer, TomRecorded Music & music production$1,0005/10/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Mahon, Brian TAttorneys & law firms$2505/10/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Miller, Peter W MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Nelson, Allen GAttorneys & law firms$2005/10/10John ThuneRSD
      Ney, Marshall SAttorneys & law firms$5005/10/10John BoozmanRAR
      Nichols, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Obrien, PatriciaComputer software$2005/10/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Park, FrancisAttorneys & law firms$5005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rosenblatt, BarbaraRecorded Music & music production$5005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      San Miguel, Jorge L MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Schell, Maria Del C MrsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Shorney, George HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2505/10/10Richard LugarRIN
      Sinauer, JaneDemocratic/Liberal$5005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stern, DavidProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stern, DavidProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4005/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sun, BrianAttorneys & law firms$2505/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Vernier, ChristineComputer software$5005/10/10Ron WydenDOR
      Vernier, DavidComputer software$5005/10/10Ron WydenDOR
      Wilkins, David H MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/10/10Scott BrownRMA
      Workman, Donald a MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Zoglio, EugeneAttorneys & law firms$2505/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Aidinoff, M BernardAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/11/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/11/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7505/11/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7505/11/10David VitterRLA
      Baker, John W JrAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/11/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bartlett, Beecher a JrAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Berger, MarkRecorded Music & music production$2505/11/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/11/10Harry ReidDNV
      Catron, John SAttorneys & law firms$5005/11/10Tom UdallDNM
      Cheiten, MarvinBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2005/11/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Clayton, CarolAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/11/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cullen, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5005/11/10Roy BluntRMO
      Davis, Marsden SComputer software$5005/11/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Davis, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Roy BluntRMO
      Dold, Paul M MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/11/10Rand PaulRKY
      Dutton, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5005/11/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Farris, J DavidAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Gannett, Robert T MrAttorneys & law firms$2005/11/10John McCainRAZ
      Gannett, Robert T MrAttorneys & law firms$-2005/11/10John McCainRAZ
      Global CrossingTelecommunications$1,0005/11/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Goldman, VictoriaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/11/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Goldman, VictoriaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/11/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Hays, William HDemocratic/Liberal$4005/11/10Michael BennetDCO
      Hindin, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Roy BluntRMO
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Holland & HartAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/11/10Dean HellerRNV
      Johnson, MayeAttorneys & law firms$5005/11/10Jim DeMintRSC
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/11/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/11/10Orrin HatchRUT
      Kirby, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Roy BluntRMO
      Koncilja, Frances aAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/11/10Michael BennetDCO
      Koncilja, James RAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/11/10Michael BennetDCO
      Koncilja, Joseph aAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/11/10Michael BennetDCO
      Kulik, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Roy BluntRMO
      Laham, CarolAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Roy BluntRMO
      Lamarche, MauriceMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0005/11/10Mark KirkRIL
      Maynard, KevinAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Roy BluntRMO
      Mcbride, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Roy BluntRMO
      Mccaleb, ScottAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Roy BluntRMO
      Mcconnell, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2005/11/10Roy BluntRMO
      Mckaige, Douglas MAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/11/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Mckeige, Douglas MAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/11/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Messner, GraceDemocratic/Liberal$5005/11/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Mochkatel, ReneeAttorneys & law firms$5005/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Navin, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2005/11/10Roy BluntRMO
      Nossaman LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/11/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Powers, Pyles Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/11/10Pat RobertsRKS
      Rubenstein, Bruce DAttorneys & law firms$5005/11/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Schroeder, LewisComputer software$2,4005/11/10Roy BluntRMO
      Shulman, JacquelineAttorneys & law firms$5005/11/10David VitterRLA
      Soman, William DAttorneys & law firms$5005/11/10Marco RubioRFL
      Somers, MargieAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Thomas, Peter a MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2005/11/10Marco RubioRFL
      Thornton, Amy DominiDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/11/10Michael BennetDCO
      Walker, Patricia aAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Welinsky, HowardMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0005/11/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      White, KendredAttorneys & law firms$2505/11/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Yulman, E RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Aria, NahidAttorneys & law firms$2505/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/12/10Daniel InouyeDHI
      Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Barlow, CrystalAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/12/10Mike LeeRUT
      Barlow, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/12/10Mike LeeRUT
      Berger, MitchellAttorneys & law firms$5005/12/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Bingham Mccutchen LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/12/10Dean HellerRNV
      Bradley, Barry aAttorneys & law firms$5005/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Brunet, Leon a MrAttorneys & law firms$3,5005/12/10Marco RubioRFL
      Cohen, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cohen, StephenAttorneys & law firms$5005/12/10Michael BennetDCO
      Cozen & O'connorAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/12/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Cozen & O'connorAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/12/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Cruz, Michelle M MrsComputer software$4,8005/12/10Marco RubioRFL
      Cruz, Rafael L MrComputer software$9,6005/12/10Marco RubioRFL
      Cruz, Rafael L MrComputer software$-4,8005/12/10Marco RubioRFL
      Dillon, Susan S MsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/12/10Marco RubioRFL
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$7505/12/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Engelmayer, Paul aAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/12/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Friedell, MorrisDemocratic/Liberal$2505/12/10Bernard SandersIVT
      Goldberg, WendyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/12/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Groom Law GroupAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/12/10Ben NelsonDNE
      Grusin, DavidRecorded Music & music production$5005/12/10Tom UdallDNM
      Hoberman, EllenDemocratic/Liberal$6505/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Holton, TracyAttorneys & law firms$5005/12/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Jarecki, Gloria FDemocratic/Liberal$2,4005/12/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Jarecki, Gloria FDemocratic/Liberal$2,4005/12/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Johnson, B GeraldAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/12/10Mark BegichDAK
      Johnson, Cyrus M JrAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kieffer, George DAttorneys & law firms$5005/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kilberg, BarbaraGeneral business associations$1,0005/12/10Mark KirkRIL
      Kilberg, William J PcAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/12/10Robert PortmanROH
      Layton, Robert EsqAttorneys & law firms$5005/12/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Leary, AnnBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/12/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Level 3 CommunicationsTelecommunications$2,5005/12/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Level 3 CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,0005/12/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Level 3 CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,0005/12/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Longley, Christopher FAttorneys & law firms$5005/12/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Marks, StevenRecorded Music & music production$5005/12/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Mayol, Juan J MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/12/10Marco RubioRFL
      Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/12/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Moorefield, Harold D Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$5005/12/10Marco RubioRFL
      Newton, NancyRecorded Music & music production$5005/12/10Tom UdallDNM
      Pearson, ScottDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/12/10Michael BennetDCO
      Pecker, David JBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pettlon, Archee LynnDemocratic/Liberal$2,2005/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,0005/12/10John RockefellerDWV
      Reed Smith LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/12/10Jim WebbDVA
      Roberts, ChristopherRecorded Music & music production$5005/12/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Rodgers, John Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$4155/12/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Rubin, ArnoldAttorneys & law firms$5005/12/10Mark KirkRIL
      Rynning, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$2505/12/10Mark KirkRIL
      Schweizer, Deborah FAttorneys & law firms$1,6805/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Schweizer, Deborah FAttorneys & law firms$3205/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sederstrom, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2505/12/10Mike JohannsRNE
      Shook, Hardy & BaconAttorneys & law firms$5005/12/10John HoevenRND
      Sly, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2505/12/10Ron WydenDOR
      Squire, Richard KDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stamp, ZackAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/12/10Mark KirkRIL
      Stanziale, Charles a JrAttorneys & law firms$5005/12/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Swid, Stephen CEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4005/12/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Swid, Stephen CEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4005/12/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Tisch, BaraAttorneys & law firms$5005/12/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Torrey, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/12/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Villanueva, Evelyn MrsEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5005/12/10Marco RubioRFL
      Zell, Matthew MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/12/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Zook, RandyChambers of commerce$1,0005/12/10John BoozmanRAR
      Alonso, AlfredoAttorneys & law firms$5005/13/10Dean HellerRNV
      Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/13/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Bauer, Erik LAttorneys & law firms$3505/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Beck, James WAttorneys & law firms$3505/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Berger, BruceBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/13/10Tim JohnsonDSD
      Blanton, AmyAttorneys & law firms$5005/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Blanton, Joseph MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Bloomfield, Stephanie LAttorneys & law firms$2505/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Brown, AnneDemocratic/Liberal$2,0005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Carlisle, Dale LAttorneys & law firms$2505/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/13/10Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Dietz, Susan HDemocratic/Liberal$5005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Engelhard, Curtis SDemocratic/Liberal$2,0005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Engelhard, Curtis SDemocratic/Liberal$2,0005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Entertainment Software AssnComputer software$1,0005/13/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Fabry, Robert SDemocratic/Liberal$2,1005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fabry, Robert SDemocratic/Liberal$1,9005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Friedman, J KAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Guadnola, John CAttorneys & law firms$3505/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Johnson, B GeraldAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Johnson, NancyDemocratic/Liberal$2005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Johnson, RonaldComputer software$5005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jones, JulieAttorneys & law firms$2505/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Jung, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2405/13/10Marco RubioRFL
      Katzowitz, DeborahAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Keiner, ChristianAttorneys & law firms$5005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      King, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/13/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Kluger, Alan JAttorneys & law firms$1,2005/13/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Lamkin, JeffreyDemocratic/Liberal$2505/13/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Mack, Robert EAttorneys & law firms$2505/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mackenzie, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$5005/13/10Dean HellerRNV
      Mackenzie, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2505/13/10Dean HellerRNV
      Martin, C DAttorneys & law firms$2505/13/10John ThuneRSD
      Mccandless, SandraAttorneys & law firms$5005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcnair, Robert MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4005/13/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Mungia, SalvadorAttorneys & law firms$5005/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Nayor, Michael EsqAttorneys & law firms$5005/13/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Obbard, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$2505/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Oliveira, NancyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Palnick, LazarAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/13/10Ron WydenDOR
      Pascucci, Jocelyn MsCommercial TV & radio stations$2505/13/10Marco RubioRFL
      Pederson, BrianComputer software$2505/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pelts, Mark MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Petersen, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Polak, VivianAttorneys & law firms$7005/13/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Rumbaugh, Stanley JAttorneys & law firms$3505/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Schellberg, Timothy MAttorneys & law firms$8505/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Silverman, Steve IAttorneys & law firms$1,2005/13/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Stahl, JonnieDemocratic/Liberal$2505/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stone, KennethComputer software$5005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sugarman, Myron GAttorneys & law firms$3005/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Vu, Andrew aComputer software$2505/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Waldo, James CAttorneys & law firms$5005/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Williams, John aAttorneys & law firms$3505/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Yates, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/13/10Tim JohnsonDSD
      Zeller, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2505/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Balfe, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$3005/14/10John BoozmanRAR
      Bergreen, LaurenceBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Black, Jeffrey DAttorneys & law firms$5005/14/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Brennan, D ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/14/10Richard ShelbyRAL
      Brosnan, KeelyMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0005/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Caron, GideonAttorneys & law firms$2005/14/10Ron WydenDOR
      Demaria, Joseph a MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/14/10Marco RubioRFL
      Descherer, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5005/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dunlap, John K MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/14/10John IsaksonRGA
      Dutro, CatherineDemocratic/Liberal$2505/14/10Bernard SandersIVT
      Erskine, Matthew SChambers of commerce$2505/14/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Evangelakos, John MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/14/10Marco RubioRFL
      Farber, JakeAttorneys & law firms$2005/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Folse, ParkerAttorneys & law firms$5005/14/10Michael BennetDCO
      Fuller, Daniel R MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/14/10Rand PaulRKY
      Insel, ThomasComputer software$3505/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/14/10Mary LandrieuDLA
      Katz, MicheleAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lewis, Patranell BAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/14/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Lewis, Patranell BAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/14/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Mandel, HowardDemocratic/Liberal$5005/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mead, LarryBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/14/10Roy BluntRMO
      Miller & ChevalierAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/14/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Nichols, Sara RutherfordDemocratic/Liberal$2505/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Porter, John EdwardAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/14/10Mark KirkRIL
      Pretorius, MurvelAttorneys & law firms$2005/14/10Mark KirkRIL
      Reinglass, Michelle aDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Siegel, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Stokes, EarlDemocratic/Liberal$5005/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Title, Daena EDemocratic/Liberal$8005/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Traub, BarryAttorneys & law firms$1,4005/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Traub, BarryAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Williams, Dennis MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/14/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Williams, Dennis MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/14/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Alpizar, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Boot, SarahAttorneys & law firms$2505/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cacciatore, SammyAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Charpentier, Stephen G EsquireAttorneys & law firms$5005/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Cherry, Myron MAttorneys & law firms$1,4005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cherry, Myron MAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cherry, Patricia MAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cherry, Patricia MAttorneys & law firms$6005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Chesley, Dianna LAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Chesley, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Chesley, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Conlon, KevinAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Del Castillo, Albert aAttorneys & law firms$5005/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Eisenmenger, Greg WAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Joyce, Edward TAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Joyce, Edward TAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lepine, AmyAttorneys & law firms$2505/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Linn, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/15/10Marco RubioRFL
      Logeais, SusanMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0005/15/10Ron WydenDOR
      Lutfi, Rasha GAttorneys & law firms$2505/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Maher, Michael EsquireAttorneys & law firms$1,4005/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Maher, Michael EsquireAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Melcher, Charles HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Mendel, AnneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/15/10Ron WydenDOR
      Mercier, Marc PAttorneys & law firms$5005/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Moore, Kendall TAttorneys & law firms$2505/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Murillo, RudolphDemocratic/Liberal$5005/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nance, James H SrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Parent, Colin PhilipAttorneys & law firms$2505/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Phillips, Robert WAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ringo, SusanMotion Picture production & distribution$5005/15/10Michael BennetDCO
      Schiavoni, JohannaAttorneys & law firms$2505/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Slawson, MicheleBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/15/10Marco RubioRFL
      Smith, RodAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Socol, Donna KAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sonnenfeld, BarryMotion Picture production & distribution$5005/15/10Michael BennetDCO
      Stoody, AmyAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tasker, MollyAttorneys & law firms$2505/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Watts, Mikal CAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Watts, Mikal CAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wieland, GlenAttorneys & law firms$2505/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Wright, Ernest CAttorneys & law firms$2505/15/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Zolna, Jacle CAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Florn, Katherine SAttorneys & law firms$2505/16/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Harris, Robert FDemocratic/Liberal$2005/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Helstrom, RoxaneDemocratic/Liberal$2505/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lakhdhir, David KAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/16/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Roberts, Richard H MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/16/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Sakofsky, JaniceDemocratic/Liberal$5005/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Adams & ReeseAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Roger WickerRMS
      Adams & ReeseAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Roger WickerRMS
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10John ThuneRSD
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1225/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baker, AllisonAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Baker, Sam EAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Mark BegichDAK
      Barbacci, Lisa MAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Bardacke, Paul GAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Tom UdallDNM
      Bebchik, Lisa HAttorneys & law firms$2505/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Beckner, ClintonAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Mike LeeRUT
      Bhat, Shamala JAttorneys & law firms$2505/17/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Boone, Aimee BDemocratic/Liberal$2,4005/17/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Boone, Aimee BDemocratic/Liberal$2,4005/17/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Brennan, PamAttorneys & law firms$4005/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Burke, Michael MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Scott BrownRMA
      Cedillo, Richard GAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cedillo, Richard GAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Celis, PedroComputer software$5005/17/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Coffey, James F MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/17/10Scott BrownRMA
      Cohen, David MAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Cohen, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Mark KirkRIL
      Cooper, Richard HDemocratic/Liberal$6005/17/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cooper, Richard HDemocratic/Liberal$4005/17/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cybul, Bruce SAttorneys & law firms$6005/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Cybul, Bruce SAttorneys & law firms$4005/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Dady, Andrew JAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/17/10Richard BurrRNC
      Eaves, MelAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Tom UdallDNM
      Endick, SamanthaAttorneys & law firms$2505/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Enfield, Lisa MAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Tom UdallDNM
      Ferguson, DillonAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Fernandez, Raul J MrComputer software$1,0005/17/10Marco RubioRFL
      Freedman, Stuart DAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Gale, Daniel aDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/17/10Michael BennetDCO
      Gallegos, J EAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Tom UdallDNM
      Gildenhorn, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Mark KirkRIL
      Gill, SanjeevTelecommunications$5005/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Glaser, KennethAttorneys & law firms$7505/17/10Mark KirkRIL
      Gorodetsky, Sanford HAttorneys & law firms$2505/17/10John ReedDRI
      Grann, PhyllisBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2505/17/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Grumbach, George J JrDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Haralambides, AlecoAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hay, LaniComputer software$2,4005/17/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Hay, LaniComputer software$2,4005/17/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Jim WebbDVA
      Jeandrevin, John TAttorneys & law firms$4005/17/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$2,4275/17/10Mark KirkRIL
      Killeavy, Kathleen M MrsAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/17/10Marco RubioRFL
      Klein, HowardAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Kling, Kathryn MsAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Scott BrownRMA
      Knudson, Anna DAttorneys & law firms$6755/17/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Knudson, Anna DAttorneys & law firms$5755/17/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lalloway, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2505/17/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Lange, CynthiaAttorneys & law firms$2505/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcalpin, Louise Yeiser MsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2505/17/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Mcbride, David CAttorneys & law firms$4005/17/10Thomas CarperDDE
      Mcgonigal, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$5005/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcinerney, Gary JAttorneys & law firms$2505/17/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Scott BrownRMA
      Mueller, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Nemeroff, Richard IAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Nemeroff, Richard IAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pappas, Gary MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/17/10Scott BrownRMA
      Parker, John H Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/17/10John IsaksonRGA
      Perschetz, Martin LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Plunkett, Thomas C SrAttorneys & law firms$2505/17/10John ReedDRI
      Popolo, Joseph V JrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pressman, Gregory PAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Prezant, William aAttorneys & law firms$1,4005/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,5005/17/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Racine, Scott H EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Redihan, Charles N JrAttorneys & law firms$2505/17/10John ReedDRI
      Rogers, BeverlyEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4005/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rogers, James EEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4005/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Schorr, Brian LAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Soltan, Star SAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Spielman, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Mark UdallDCO
      Stein, JayAttorneys & law firms$5005/17/10Tom UdallDNM
      Stewart, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$2505/17/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Swanson, Richard PAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/17/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Talcott, Jonathan MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Scott BrownRMA
      Van Deuren, Richard MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/17/10John McCainRAZ
      Van Middlesworth, Rex DAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/17/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,5005/17/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,5005/17/10Roy BluntRMO
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0005/17/10Richard BurrRNC
      Williams, Ezekiel JAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Mark UdallDCO
      Wise, Julian MAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Adler, Edward IEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$3005/18/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7505/18/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Alston & BirdAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/18/10Michael BennetDCO
      Armknecht, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2505/18/10Mike LeeRUT
      Bender, Harry K MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Brotsky, DanielComputer software$2505/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Caldwell, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2005/18/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cerner CorpComputer software$2,5005/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Coffee, Roy JrAttorneys & law firms$4,8005/18/10Roy BluntRMO
      Coffee, Roy JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/18/10Roy BluntRMO
      Coffee, Roy JrAttorneys & law firms$-2,4005/18/10Roy BluntRMO
      Dewire, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/18/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$3595/18/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1045/18/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Dipego, Gerald FBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2005/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dunaway, Thiele RAttorneys & law firms$2505/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/18/10John ThuneRSD
      Garrett, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5005/18/10Tom UdallDNM
      Glasser, MichelleComputer software$1,0005/18/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hall, Robert TAttorneys & law firms$5005/18/10Jim WebbDVA
      Harper, Sue ErwinAttorneys & law firms$1,3005/18/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Henning, W SAttorneys & law firms$5005/18/10Robert CaseyDPA
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/18/10David VitterRLA
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/18/10John ThuneRSD
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/18/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Kousakis, John PeterTV production & distribution$2505/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lever, Joel SAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/18/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mell, JoanAttorneys & law firms$3505/18/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Moore, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2505/18/10Roy BluntRMO
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Norris, Vickie KAttorneys & law firms$5005/18/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Oxford, Patrick CAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/18/10Roy BluntRMO
      Pesch, Roland HDemocratic/Liberal$4005/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pravda, SusanAttorneys & law firms$2505/18/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Racine, Karl aAttorneys & law firms$7005/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rosenberg, David HAttorneys & law firms$5005/18/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Sap AmericaComputer software$1,0005/18/10Roger WickerRMS
      Schiavo, Pasco LAttorneys & law firms$5005/18/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Siegfried, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/18/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Silverstein, AudreyAttorneys & law firms$5005/18/10John ThuneRSD
      Smullin, PatriciaCommercial TV & radio stations$5005/18/10Ron WydenDOR
      Squire, Richard KDemocratic/Liberal$8005/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Taylor, Steven BruceComputer software$4005/18/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Thompson, TerrenceChambers of commerce$1,4005/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wilkins, Robert LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Williams, PaulRecorded Music & music production$2505/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Young, Gregory E MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/18/10Scott BrownRMA
      Achilles, NancyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$7505/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Agness, Kent EAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Richard LugarRIN
      Bally TechnologiesProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bally TechnologiesProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,0005/19/10Dean HellerRNV
      Bansal, Sanju KComputer software$2505/19/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/19/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Baron, Frederick DAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Beckering, Jane MAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Blouin, Daniel PAttorneys & law firms$3505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Braceras, JenniferBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2505/19/10Scott BrownRMA
      Braceras, RobertoAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Scott BrownRMA
      Braniff, Edward IiiAttorneys & law firms$7505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Broaddus, John MAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Brosnahan, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/19/10David VitterRLA
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/19/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/19/10John McCainRAZ
      Burshtyn, Patti LAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Busch, LisaAttorneys & law firms$2,3005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Chalmers, Walton M IiAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Chandler, David aAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Christiansen, ErikAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Mike LeeRUT
      Cornerford, Thomas MAttorneys & law firms$3005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Darche, Benjamin aAttorneys & law firms$6505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Daub, HalAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Mike JohannsRNE
      Dearie, John CAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dearie, John CAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Eaton, TijannaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2505/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Edminston, PepperBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2505/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Engel, Denis aAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fanelli, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ferguson, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Fox, John WProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,0005/19/10Richard BurrRNC
      Frankman, Leland JAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10John HoevenRND
      Fristrom, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$2505/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gannett, Robert T MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10John McCainRAZ
      Gerster, DavidComputer software$1,0005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gilbert, CeliaDemocratic/Liberal$5005/19/10Bernard SandersIVT
      Gnazzo, MelanieAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goldhirsh, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Grad, Laurie BurrowsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Grad, PeterBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Groarke, Edward JAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Groarke, John SAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Haas, LouAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Hammon, Judy NDemocratic/Liberal$3005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hasley, Richard LAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Hewlett, ClothildeAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/19/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Jacobs, ErikAttorneys & law firms$7505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Jones, James RAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kamens, Matthew H MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10John McCainRAZ
      Klein, Gary RAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Koskoff, Michael P EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Koskoff, Michael P EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Krane, StevenAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10John ThuneRSD
      Krinsk, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Krippner, StanleyDemocratic/Liberal$2505/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kristal, Jerry MAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Leanse, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lerner, MickAttorneys & law firms$2005/19/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Lipton, Richard MAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Robert PortmanROH
      London, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      London, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$6005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Love, L Ross JrEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0005/19/10Robert PortmanROH
      Lucas, ClaireDemocratic/Liberal$5005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Luxenberg, ArthurAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Luxenberg, ArthurAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Macintyre, Matthew TAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Manatt, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Matarazzo, Hadley LAttorneys & law firms$3505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Richard BurrRNC
      Meirowitz, SamuelAttorneys & law firms$3505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Miller & ChevalierAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/19/10Mary LandrieuDLA
      Molloy, RoseAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Murphy, EmilyTelecommunications$2005/19/10John ThuneRSD
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,5005/19/10Charles SchumerDNY
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/19/10Charles SchumerDNY
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      O'hara, Christopher PAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      O'hara, Richard LAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      O'rourke-Pennington, CarolAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Occhigrossi, Marie LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Opperman, VanceDemocratic/Liberal$2,0005/19/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Ortiz, Frank MAttorneys & law firms$2,3005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Paher, StanleyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2505/19/10Dean HellerRNV
      Parker, Jerrold SAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Parker, Jerrold SAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ratliff, Christopher MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Rand PaulRKY
      Rosenband, David LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Saluja, AmitAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Schenk, LynnAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sedgh, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sherwin, JuliaAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sickler, Jonathan LAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10John HoevenRND
      Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/19/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Smith, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10John KerryDMA
      Smith, Phil MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/19/10Tom UdallDNM
      Srolovic, Lemuel MAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Suarez, Stephanie MAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sweeney, James RAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Richard LugarRIN
      Tambini, PeterAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Tibbitts, Brett MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Rand PaulRKY
      Trehan, VeenaComputer software$2505/19/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Van Dyke, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Wall, Robert FAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Robert PortmanROH
      Weingarten, Marc SAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Wheeler, Lisa JAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10John HoevenRND
      Wheeler, Thomas EAttorneys & law firms$2505/19/10Richard LugarRIN
      White, DanielAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wildlang, K CraigAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/19/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Williams, IanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/19/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Williams, Joseph PAttorneys & law firms$7505/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wolf, AaronAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Tom UdallDNM
      Womble, Carlyle Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/19/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Worthington, Ann MDemocratic/Liberal$9005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Yanni, Catherine aAttorneys & law firms$5005/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Zimmer, HansRecorded Music & music production$2,0005/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Aaron, Matthew MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/20/10Rand PaulRKY
      Ames, OliverAttorneys & law firms$5005/20/10Scott BrownRMA
      Arnodeo-Vickery, AndreaAttorneys & law firms$4005/20/10Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$3,5005/20/10Jon TesterDMT
      Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$4495/20/10Jon TesterDMT
      Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$3505/20/10Jon TesterDMT
      Beall, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/20/10Ron WydenDOR
      Beauchamp, Melanie E MsAttorneys & law firms$5005/20/10John McCainRAZ
      Berner, Arthur S MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/20/10John McCainRAZ
      Burns, Kenneth LMotion Picture production & distribution$2505/20/10Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Campion, Charles MAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/20/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Candee, HamiltonAttorneys & law firms$7505/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Chriss, William JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/20/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Cialone, Joseph a Mr IiAttorneys & law firms$5005/20/10John McCainRAZ
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,5005/20/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/20/10Michael CrapoRID
      D'amore, TomAttorneys & law firms$5005/20/10Ron WydenDOR
      Erickson, James CAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/20/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Farber, JakeAttorneys & law firms$5005/20/10Ron WydenDOR
      Gambrell, David H MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/20/10John McCainRAZ
      Goretick, Jamie SAttorneys & law firms$1,4005/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$3,1005/20/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Humphreys, James FAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Humphreys, James FAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Humphries, Lynne B MrsAttorneys & law firms$2505/20/10John McCainRAZ
      Humphries, Rodney Dennis MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2505/20/10John McCainRAZ
      Hyatt, Joel ZTV production & distribution$2,4005/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hyatt, Susan MTV production & distribution$2,4005/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kiebert, IreneAttorneys & law firms$2505/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Larocco, Lawrence PAttorneys & law firms$5005/20/10Jon TesterDMT
      Manfredi, Frank aTeamsters union$2505/20/10John ReedDRI
      Marler, William DAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Marter, William DAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mccaffrey, Thomas J MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/20/10John McCainRAZ
      Mcculloch, Thomas W MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/20/10John McCainRAZ
      Morse, Robert E Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$5005/20/10John McCainRAZ
      Nathan, Arthur MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/20/10John McCainRAZ
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0005/20/10Richard BurrRNC
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/20/10David VitterRLA
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/20/10Richard BurrRNC
      Nunnally, Kevin Knox MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/20/10John McCainRAZ
      Paull, Jonathan J MrAttorneys & law firms$3005/20/10John McCainRAZ
      Pejic, BrankoAttorneys & law firms$3005/20/10John BoozmanRAR
      Pestana, HeidiComputer software$2,4005/20/10Mike LeeRUT
      Pestana, JohnComputer software$2,4005/20/10Mike LeeRUT
      Potts, Derek HAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/20/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Reed Elsevier IncBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/20/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Schlesinger, StuartAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smart, DonaldDemocratic/Liberal$2005/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stachelberg, CynthiaDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Stansel, JimAttorneys & law firms$5005/20/10Mike LeeRUT
      Steggs, Thomas OEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0005/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Thompson, SandraDemocratic/Liberal$4,8005/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Thompson, SandraAttorneys & law firms$5005/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Vinroot, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2475/20/10Richard BurrRNC
      Wallace, Mona LAttorneys & law firms$5005/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Waxman, Seth PAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Whouley, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/20/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Wider, C LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/20/10Michael BennetDCO
      Woods, Ronald G MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/20/10John McCainRAZ
      Abernathy, James WAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/21/10Roger WickerRMS
      Aslin, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2505/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Blywise, BarbaraDemocratic/Liberal$5005/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$3,0005/21/10Daniel InouyeDHI
      Cbs CorpTV production & distribution$5005/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cohen, Steven aAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Coopersmith, Jeffrey BAttorneys & law firms$2505/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Daul, MargaretDemocratic/Liberal$2,4005/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Daul, MargaretDemocratic/Liberal$2,4005/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Delgado, Heather MsAttorneys & law firms$2505/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Dow, Melvin aAttorneys & law firms$2505/21/10Richard BurrRNC
      Edenfield, James C MrComputer software$1,0005/21/10John IsaksonRGA
      Fagan, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5005/21/10Mark UdallDCO
      Fisher, Timothy SAttorneys & law firms$5005/21/10Michael BennetDCO
      Green, Edward SAttorneys & law firms$5005/21/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Herbert, Georgia HAttorneys & law firms$5005/21/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/21/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/21/10Daniel InouyeDHI
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/21/10John IsaksonRGA
      Holland & HartAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/21/10Michael CrapoRID
      Hubbard, Stanley ECommercial TV & radio stations$1,0005/21/10John HoevenRND
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$5005/21/10Tom UdallDNM
      Katz, Mark FAttorneys & law firms$2505/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Keenan, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$1,2335/21/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Kieve, Robert SCommercial TV & radio stations$2505/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kirsch, Tom MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Klein, Herbert CAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/21/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Klein, Herbert CAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/21/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Komyatte, Richard MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Lamont, EdwardTelecommunications$2,4005/21/10Ben NelsonDNE
      Lavin, SteveAttorneys & law firms$5005/21/10Richard BurrRNC
      Matthews, David PAttorneys & law firms$5005/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$3,0005/21/10David VitterRLA
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$2,0005/21/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$1,0005/21/10Ron WydenDOR
      Mintz, James BAttorneys & law firms$5005/21/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Patch, Richard RAttorneys & law firms$5005/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/21/10John HoevenRND
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/21/10John McCainRAZ
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/21/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,2505/21/10Michael CrapoRID
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$2,0005/21/10John ThuneRSD
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$5005/21/10John ThuneRSD
      Raymond, Mark F MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Reed, John MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Seidberg, Kenneth WAttorneys & law firms$5005/21/10Richard BurrRNC
      Sofer, Roger SAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/21/10Richard BurrRNC
      Steinberg, Brian MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Symington, James WAttorneys & law firms$2005/21/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Tolles, MarthaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wickland, David MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Beattie, Richard IAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brian, BradAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cecil, J RAttorneys & law firms$2505/22/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Diamond, Evy JAttorneys & law firms$5005/22/10Tom UdallDNM
      Diamond, JeffAttorneys & law firms$5005/22/10Tom UdallDNM
      Fishbein, Alan LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/22/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Fisher, EdComputer software$2505/22/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Flom, JasonRecorded Music & music production$1,2005/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Srivastava, SanjayComputer software$5005/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Thomas, Francis MDemocratic/Liberal$2105/22/10Michael BennetDCO
      Thompson, SandraDemocratic/Liberal$-4,8005/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cottrell, James Ray MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/23/10Rand PaulRKY
      Davidow, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/23/10Michael BennetDCO
      Ketterling, KeithAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/23/10Ron WydenDOR
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Allmayer, DanielAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/24/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Allmayer, DanielAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Allmayer, DanielAttorneys & law firms$-5005/24/10Jerry MoranRKS
      American Intellectual Property Law AssnAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/24/10Orrin HatchRUT
      Ayer, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Barberousse, BobAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Tom UdallDNM
      Blackwell, Robert David MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4005/24/10Rand PaulRKY
      Bond, William BDemocratic/Liberal$2505/24/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Browne, John ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/24/10John McCainRAZ
      Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,2505/24/10Richard BurrRNC
      Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/24/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Byrne, Michael PAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Campion, Charles MAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      David, Dona C MrsAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Marco RubioRFL
      Delange, Timothy aAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Downey, Wallace E MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/24/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Duffy, Dennis DAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/24/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Edmisten, Rufus LAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fitts, RobertBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/24/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Folds, BenjaminRecorded Music & music production$1,0005/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Freeman, Franklin JrAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Friedler, Jeffrey aAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Friedler, Joseph PAttorneys & law firms$1,8255/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Glaser, Robert DComputer software$2,4005/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gocyk-Farber, BeataAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Gordon, GarrettAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Dean HellerRNV
      Gordon, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Gottlieb, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Richard BurrRNC
      Grant, Patrick JosephAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Haberman, IanAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Harris, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/24/10Marco RubioRFL
      Haskett, Michael MrComputer software$3,0005/24/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hoffinger, JackAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Hunt, James B JrAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Jacobs, Willa HAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      James, BruceAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Michael CrapoRID
      Josephson, BenjaminAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Kerr, James Y IiAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kutak Rock LlcAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/24/10Mark PryorDAR
      Latner, Betty S RhodesDemocratic/Liberal$2005/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Leahey, George BAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Litowitz, Donna MaeDemocratic/Liberal$1,2005/24/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/24/10Ron WydenDOR
      Mayer, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mcdonald, John KAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Mcenery, GerardAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Morrin, Robert TAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0005/24/10Ben NelsonDNE
      Nelson, KathleenTV production & distribution$1,0005/24/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Oberholtzer, John CAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Patterson, Henry N JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pinuel, EjAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Reed Smith LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/24/10David VitterRLA
      Robertson, AnnAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Roe, Rebecca JaneAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Ross, HannahAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Roy, Howard PAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rozich, Kenneth MAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Shumaker, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Stickney, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Sullivan, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sullivan, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,4005/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Taylor, Dian CRecorded Music & music production$2005/24/10Thomas CarperDDE
      Thorpe, Mara TAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Trachten, MurrayAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Turlington, EdAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wales, David LAttorneys & law firms$2505/24/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Williamson, David James MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/24/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Backes, JonAttorneys & law firms$2505/25/10John HoevenRND
      Baldwin, LynneComputer software$2505/25/10Mike JohannsRNE
      Barroll, Leeds IvAttorneys & law firms$5005/25/10Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Bobbs, Elspeth GDemocratic/Liberal$2505/25/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Boyles, SusanAttorneys & law firms$2505/25/10Richard BurrRNC
      Braverman, Alan NEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0005/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Casey, Susan aAttorneys & law firms$3005/25/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Chanin, James BAttorneys & law firms$2005/25/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Chemnick, Paul WAttorneys & law firms$2505/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Crockett, C Webb MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/25/10John McCainRAZ
      Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/25/10Orrin HatchRUT
      Fleischer, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Glover, Karen EAttorneys & law firms$5005/25/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Goldwasser, DanAttorneys & law firms$5005/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Groom Law GroupAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/25/10John IsaksonRGA
      Guenther, DarlaMotion Picture production & distribution$5005/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gund, AgnesDemocratic/Liberal$2505/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Howell, LembhardAttorneys & law firms$5005/25/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Johnson, BarryAttorneys & law firms$5005/25/10Mike LeeRUT
      Jorgensen, Randall DAttorneys & law firms$2505/25/10Michael BennetDCO
      Kreissman, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5005/25/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Lacy, Andre MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,4005/25/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Lamboley, Paul HAttorneys & law firms$2505/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lans, Alan BDemocratic/Liberal$5005/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Magaldi, Deborah JDemocratic/Liberal$5005/25/10Michael BennetDCO
      Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/25/10David VitterRLA
      Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/25/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Morey, K M MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Oldfield, John SAttorneys & law firms$3005/25/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Olson, Kevin L MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/25/10John McCainRAZ
      Pigott, JudyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/25/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Ponikvar, DaleAttorneys & law firms$1,9005/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rawle, JanaleeComputer software$2,4005/25/10Mike LeeRUT
      Rawle, RichardComputer software$2,4005/25/10Mike LeeRUT
      Rawle, ToddComputer software$2,4005/25/10Mike LeeRUT
      Rawle, ToshComputer software$2,4005/25/10Mike LeeRUT
      Rawle, TracyComputer software$2,4005/25/10Mike LeeRUT
      Redman, Anne MAttorneys & law firms$1,2505/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Reed Smith LlpAttorneys & law firms$5005/25/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Sandler, Richard VAttorneys & law firms$6005/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sandler, Richard VAttorneys & law firms$4005/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Shirk, LayneAttorneys & law firms$2005/25/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Souther, Michael MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/25/10John IsaksonRGA
      Squire, Sanders & DempseyAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/25/10David VitterRLA
      Tatum, Mark T Mr SrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$4,8005/25/10John McCainRAZ
      Wallin, Troy a MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/25/10John McCainRAZ
      Ward, David MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Wilkins, David HAttorneys & law firms$5005/25/10Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Arent Fox LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/26/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Babbott, MeredithDemocratic/Liberal$2505/26/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Barden, SarahAttorneys & law firms$5005/26/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bash, Alec SDemocratic/Liberal$5005/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Berman, AdamDemocratic/Liberal$5005/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Boesch, DoyceAttorneys & law firms$5005/26/10Mark KirkRIL
      Boesch, DoyceAttorneys & law firms$2505/26/10Mark KirkRIL
      Burke, T RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/26/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Butler, HillaryDemocratic/Liberal$2505/26/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Calicott, W HAttorneys & law firms$2505/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cheiten, MarvinBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2005/26/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Collins, Jeannine ShaoBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/26/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/26/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Cross, PeterDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dolan, James PatrickBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/26/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Engelhard, Curtis SDemocratic/Liberal$-4,0005/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Feaster, Jay H MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/26/10Marco RubioRFL
      Green, BeverlyAttorneys & law firms$5005/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hall, Derrick M MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4005/26/10John McCainRAZ
      Hall, Derrick M MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4005/26/10John McCainRAZ
      Henkens, KathrynDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hershman, JordanAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hurlock, James B IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/26/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Hurlock, James B IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/26/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Husch Blackwell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/26/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Johns, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$5005/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Jones, CaryCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0005/26/10Ron WydenDOR
      Jovel, Mario JrAttorneys & law firms$2505/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/26/10Roger WickerRMS
      Kissinger, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2505/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Klintberg, PatriciaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2505/26/10Mike JohannsRNE
      Kroeber, EliseDemocratic/Liberal$1,0005/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lundquist, BarbaraComputer software$5005/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Macdougall, InnaDemocratic/Liberal$2505/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Martin, MargaretDemocratic/Liberal$2505/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Millstein, Ira MAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Moen, Eugene MAttorneys & law firms$9005/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Morrison, BobbieComputer software$2505/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Munger, LeslieAttorneys & law firms$2505/26/10Mark KirkRIL
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0005/26/10Dean HellerRNV
      Nichols, Sherri DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Oracle CorpComputer software$1,0005/26/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Oracle CorpComputer software$1,0005/26/10Kay HaganDNC
      Oracle CorpComputer software$1,0005/26/10Scott BrownRMA
      Ottinger, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$9005/26/10David VitterRLA
      Ottinger, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$6005/26/10David VitterRLA
      Peters, AlexandraDemocratic/Liberal$2505/26/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Robertson, BrettAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/26/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Sanger, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/26/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Schaefer, Jay LBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5005/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sims, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sims, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,6005/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sokol, Barbara KDemocratic/Liberal$5005/26/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Swindell, Gary WAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Templeton, YvonneComputer software$5005/26/10John McCainRAZ
      Welch, John EAttorneys & law firms$5005/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Zybala, David aAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Adams, Wayne OAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Richard LugarRIN
      Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Richard ShelbyRAL
      Bathgate, Lawrence E Mr IiAttorneys & law firms$1,5005/27/10Marco RubioRFL
      Bledsoe, Louis a IiiAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Bonovitz, SheldonAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Mark KirkRIL
      Canning, Sandra EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2005/27/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Cherry, JackAttorneys & law firms$2505/27/10John BoozmanRAR
      Cohen, Brent RAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Michael BennetDCO
      Cohen, Martin MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Constantine, Katherine AnneAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Cummins, James RAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dean, Henry MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/27/10Marco RubioRFL
      Erisman, JaneAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/27/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Fabry, Sara AnneAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Ferrara, Joseph JAttorneys & law firms$1,7005/27/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Flora, DonovanAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gabrych, EugeneDemocratic/Liberal$2005/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gelfond, RichardMovie Theaters$1,0005/27/10Mark KirkRIL
      Gianni, LauraAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Haines, TerryAttorneys & law firms$1,2005/27/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Hammond, John RAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Richard LugarRIN
      Hargrove, WadeAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Henson, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Hertog, SusanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/27/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Heuck, Robert IiAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hogue, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10John HoevenRND
      Ingle, R EComputer software$1,0005/27/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Juneau, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$7005/27/10David VitterRLA
      Leonetti, Kenneth SAttorneys & law firms$2505/27/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Liederman, CarlAttorneys & law firms$7505/27/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Lyman, JoanneDemocratic/Liberal$2005/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lyons, Tom WallaceDemocratic/Liberal$2505/27/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Macnow, Russell MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Marco RubioRFL
      Markell, CarlaDemocratic/Liberal$6005/27/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Markovits, BillAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mbaxi, LeonardAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Mark KirkRIL
      Mcclellan, James Michael MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/27/10Rand PaulRKY
      Mcconnell, JaneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,2005/27/10Michael BennetDCO
      Mcconnell, JaneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2005/27/10Michael BennetDCO
      Mclachtan, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Michael BennetDCO
      Melikian, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0505/27/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Milken, Lori aBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0005/27/10Michael BennetDCO
      Moore, JohnEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2505/27/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Munoz, Robert F MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Marco RubioRFL
      Myers, KarenComputer software$5005/27/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0005/27/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Neerman, Johnathan DAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Robert PortmanROH
      Nunnenkamp, Kenneth MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      O'neill, Thomas P IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Palmer, PatsyAttorneys & law firms$2505/27/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Piper, Michael Ross MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/27/10Rand PaulRKY
      Reed Smith LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Reiner, RobertMotion Picture production & distribution$1,5005/27/10Michael BennetDCO
      Robertson, Allen KAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Rotenberg, KyleAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/27/10Ron WydenDOR
      Rozen, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Mark KirkRIL
      Schifferman, ReedAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Shapiro, Edward aAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Silverstein, Audrey MsAttorneys & law firms$2505/27/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Steinberg, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Stock, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Underwood, Norman L MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/27/10John IsaksonRGA
      Wechsler, BradleyMovie Theaters$1,0005/27/10Mark KirkRIL
      Weingarten, MarcAttorneys & law firms$5005/27/10Mark KirkRIL
      Wering, StarAttorneys & law firms$3005/27/10Michael BennetDCO
      Wildstein, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/27/10Mark KirkRIL
      Abascal, Manuel aAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Adams & ReeseAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/10Mary LandrieuDLA
      Bansal, GaurabAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/10Michael BennetDCO
      Bingham Mccutchen LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/10Harry ReidDNV
      Blitt, Fred NAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/10Jon KylRAZ
      Boulware, R DanAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/10Roy BluntRMO
      Bradley, Richard MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Brzezinski, Mark FAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Call, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Campbell, James KimoDemocratic/Liberal$2505/28/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cherry, KevinAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/28/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Coleman, DavidComputer software$5005/28/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Cripe, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/10Roy BluntRMO
      Davenport, Ronald SrCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0005/28/10Ron WydenDOR
      De La Rocha, RaquelleAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Del Guidice, Michael J MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/10Scott BrownRMA
      Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0005/28/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/10Mark KirkRIL
      Dunne, DennisAttorneys & law firms$2,0005/28/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Ehrlich, Kenneth F MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/10Scott BrownRMA
      Elh, JordanAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Ginsberg, GaryEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0005/28/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Greenberg, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Griffin, Mary VAttorneys & law firms$2005/28/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gurstel, ToddAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/10Jon KylRAZ
      Hauck, Darren CAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/10Harry ReidDNV
      Healy, Kathleen M MsAttorneys & law firms$4,8005/28/10Scott BrownRMA
      Hirschfield, Martha SAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Hohenstein, TomAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/10Roy BluntRMO
      Holleman, Paul FrederickAttorneys & law firms$1,4005/28/10Michael BennetDCO
      Kara, Henry MrAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/10Scott BrownRMA
      Leary, J K MrAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/10Scott BrownRMA
      Lee, Stephen W MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Leonard, JustinProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5005/28/10Thomas CoburnROK
      London, AldysAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Lyons, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/10Michael BennetDCO
      Meyer, PaulCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0005/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$1,0005/28/10Dean HellerRNV
      Moore, LeonAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/10Jon KylRAZ
      Norcross, Sandra MsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3005/28/10Rand PaulRKY
      Porter, CraigAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/10Roy BluntRMO
      Proctor, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Pucker, GigiMovie Theaters$1,9005/28/10Mark KirkRIL
      Pucker, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$4005/28/10Mark KirkRIL
      Radzik, Danuta GAttorneys & law firms$3005/28/10Scott BrownRMA
      Regan, MichaelEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0005/28/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Robblee, Richard HAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Seghers, FrancesMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4005/28/10Harry ReidDNV
      Seghers, FrancesMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4005/28/10Harry ReidDNV
      Seidberg, Kenneth WAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/28/10Jon KylRAZ
      Silverstein, AudreyAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/10Roy BluntRMO
      Small, EdAttorneys & law firms$5005/28/10John CornynRTX
      Stern, EvelynDemocratic/Liberal$2505/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Straus, Faye MDemocratic/Liberal$2505/28/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Swartz, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Tate, RichardBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/28/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Tate, RyanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/28/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Zimolong, Wally S Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$2505/28/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Ballenger, David LComputer software$5005/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Brundige, ChelseaMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0005/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Davis, James MartinAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/10Ben NelsonDNE
      Gellatfy, Robert NAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Jaffe, Jon aComputer software$2505/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Laroche, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Palagi, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/10Ben NelsonDNE
      Rutnik, Polly N EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0005/29/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Wood, BarbaraAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Burstein, KarenAttorneys & law firms$2505/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Burstein, KarenAttorneys & law firms$2505/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Arriola, Christopher JAttorneys & law firms$2505/31/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Boone, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$2505/31/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brackman, JessicaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/31/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Brackman, JessicaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/31/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Campbell, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/31/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Campbell, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$2,4005/31/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Chapman, KarenAttorneys & law firms$5005/31/10Michael BennetDCO
      Conrad, Pamela JBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0005/31/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Djerassi, DaleMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0005/31/10Michael BennetDCO
      Engelhard, Curtis SDemocratic/Liberal$4005/31/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$2,5005/31/10Harry ReidDNV
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$2415/31/10Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Katz, RaymondDemocratic/Liberal$2505/31/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Leimbach, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$2505/31/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Melcher, Charles HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/31/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Melcher, Charles HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4005/31/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Mostov, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$5005/31/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Mowry, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2505/31/10Roy BluntRMO
      Rantz, PaulaDemocratic/Liberal$2,4005/31/10Michael BennetDCO
      Rosmarin, HeatherAttorneys & law firms$4505/31/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Aleman, Alejandro CEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/1/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Aleman, Alejandro CEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/1/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Aleman, Victor HCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4006/1/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Aleman, Victor HCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4006/1/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Anderman, DavidMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Betras, David John EsqAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Betras, David John EsqAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Beus, LeoAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/1/10Mike LeeRUT
      Bitner, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Blank, Arthur M MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,9006/1/10John IsaksonRGA
      Blank, Arthur M MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$6006/1/10John IsaksonRGA
      Blank, Stephanie MrsProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4006/1/10John IsaksonRGA
      Bogart, SusanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/1/10Robert PortmanROH
      Brand, Rachel MsAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Brown Rudnick LlpAttorneys & law firms$2986/1/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Carter, Marla JAttorneys & law firms$2006/1/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Coffey, DanAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Dennis, Margaret EDemocratic/Liberal$1,4006/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dutton, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Featherly, WalterAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Field, Carol HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fjeistad, EricAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Frey, HeidiBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fuller, Leonor RAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Garcia, Jose aCommercial TV & radio stations$5006/1/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Gordon, HowardMotion Picture production & distribution$5006/1/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Grahame, HeatherAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Harshman, Michael S EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/1/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Hayden, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/1/10Robert PortmanROH
      Hoefle, Daniel CAttorneys & law firms$2506/1/10Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Huisings, Wesley BAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Ingram, Orrin HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/1/10Robert PortmanROH
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$2,5006/1/10Mitch McConnellRKY
      Jannol, MartinAttorneys & law firms$2506/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Karas, BarryMotion Picture production & distribution$2506/1/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Kiehl, KristinaEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/1/10Michael BennetDCO
      Lani, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Lans, Alan BobDemocratic/Liberal$1,4006/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lederman, Sarah HenryBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/1/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Litty, ErnestAttorneys & law firms$2506/1/10Marco RubioRFL
      Mackintosh, TripAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Michael BennetDCO
      Matsinger, John HDemocratic/Liberal$3756/1/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Maughan, Jane MrsAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Mclaughlin, Richard PAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Mcnally, John aAttorneys & law firms$2506/1/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Nosek, FrancisAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Perlman, DanaAttorneys & law firms$2506/1/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Pina, Lucas aEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/1/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Pina, Lucas aEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/1/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Powell, Joseph aAttorneys & law firms$2506/1/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Preston, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2506/1/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Raymond, Peter DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/1/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Reiber, RachelAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/1/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Rutgars, AlmaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/1/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Schowe, AnneDemocratic/Liberal$2,4006/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Serdahely, DouglasAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Shaw, Andrew HAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10Robert PortmanROH
      Shelley, Gerald MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/1/10John McCainRAZ
      Shoup, Sarai BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$6006/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Stein, JeffAttorneys & law firms$2506/1/10Scott BrownRMA
      Travostine, JoanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Vega, PolitoCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4006/1/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Vega, PolitoCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4006/1/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Williams, JuddDemocratic/Liberal$2506/1/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Alston & BirdAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Richard BurrRNC
      Arkell, Mary EAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Azar, BettyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/2/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Baer, RichardTelecommunications$1,0006/2/10Michael CrapoRID
      Bash, Alec SDemocratic/Liberal$5006/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Boice, William HAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Boos, StevenAttorneys & law firms$3006/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Broad, BarryAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brockelman, Michael D MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Scott BrownRMA
      Burdock, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Buskirk, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Cable, Stuart MAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/2/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Cammack, Kerry N MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10John CornynRTX
      Carrigan, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Carter, Peter WAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Castellon, Ruben a EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Corrigan, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Delaney, Edward OAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Dickenson, David BAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Marco RubioRFL
      Dorsey & WhitneyAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Dowd, John M MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/2/10John McCainRAZ
      Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/2/10Scott BrownRMA
      Dumond, Mary AnnBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/2/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Elkind, Linda VDemocratic/Liberal$5006/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Entertainment Software AssnComputer software$1,0006/2/10Mitch McConnellRKY
      Fishman, Lois REntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2506/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Flexner, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Fogg, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Gerstein, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Gluckoman, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Golanski, AlaniAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/2/10Harry ReidDNV
      Golanski, AlaniAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gollhardt, KurtComputer software$2506/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goodman, Barry JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Grussing, Bruce DouglassAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Habib, K CtrusAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Halm, WillAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Tom UdallDNM
      Hamm, Steven WAttorneys & law firms$2006/2/10Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Hannum, HunterDemocratic/Liberal$2006/2/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Hanrahan, MarcAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Heins, Samuel DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Henikoff, Kristin WheelerAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Hiruman, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Holappa, SusanAttorneys & law firms$3006/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Johnson, Scott MsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/2/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Johnson, W Tim JrAttorneys & law firms$2006/2/10Lindsey GrahamRSC
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kaempler, ChrisAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Kahn, RalphComputer software$2506/2/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Kaplan, Elliot SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Kayser, LeoAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Kellogg, Marion KDemocratic/Liberal$2006/2/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Killian, J KeithAttorneys & law firms$3006/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Klein, AlanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Lavin, SteveAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Lifton-Zoline, PamelaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Litt, Paula KDemocratic/Liberal$5006/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Loschen, Matt GComputer software$1,0006/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Lyons, TomBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/2/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Mathews, Warren EDemocratic/Liberal$3006/2/10Harry ReidDNV
      Meredith CorpBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Michaels, JaneAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Miller, Steven SAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Moir, KatharineAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Munger, Denise KennedyAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Nadeau, Marilyn LAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Nadeau, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Nee, Owen D Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10John McCainRAZ
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/2/10Richard BurrRNC
      Palmer, Charles FAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Patrikis, Ernest T MrAttorneys & law firms$2006/2/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Penalosa, Joe MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10John McCainRAZ
      Phillips, Paul DAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Reeves, Frank MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10John McCainRAZ
      Rigby, Alton Lee JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10John CornynRTX
      Short, Marianne DAttorneys & law firms$3006/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Slater, Scott SAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Harry ReidDNV
      Smith, AlisonDemocratic/Liberal$2506/2/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Smith, JackAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Starritt, Sam DAttorneys & law firms$3006/2/10Michael BennetDCO
      Stoller, Corky HRecorded Music & music production$6006/2/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Stoller, Corky HRecorded Music & music production$4006/2/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Stone, BenAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10Roger WickerRMS
      Susskind, JudithAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Thomas, Richard BAttorneys & law firms$3006/2/10John HoevenRND
      Tobisman, Stuart PAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10Harry ReidDNV
      Valdespino, JessicaComputer software$2,4006/2/10Harry ReidDNV
      Valdespino, JessicaComputer software$2,4006/2/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wallace, RangeleyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,2506/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Warsh, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Weckkin, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10Patty MurrayDWA
      White, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      White, Stephen MrAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/2/10John IsaksonRGA
      Winstead, PeterAttorneys & law firms$2506/2/10John CornynRTX
      Wiseman, BradyComputer software$2506/2/10Jon TesterDMT
      Wurtele, Margaret V BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$4006/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Zimmer, Kimberly M EsqAttorneys & law firms$5006/2/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Abell, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/10David VitterRLA
      Abrahamson, Harold MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Achtman, CarolDemocratic/Liberal$2506/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Anton, John MAttorneys & law firms$7226/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Arnold, Burt SAttorneys & law firms$4786/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bain, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Scott BrownRMA
      Baskin, SusanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brunner, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Bucher, KathrynAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Bulleit, Kristy NAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Burgett, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Carlson, Martin aAttorneys & law firms$6006/3/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Carlson, Martin aAttorneys & law firms$4006/3/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Cbs CorpTV production & distribution$1,5006/3/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Chapman, FloydAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Charles, Leslie DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Clark, Susan NoraMotion Picture production & distribution$2506/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cobb, Rodney a MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/10John IsaksonRGA
      Colen, LouisDemocratic/Liberal$2006/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Corbett, Robert PComputer software$2,7006/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cutter, BrooksAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Delany, B CortAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Dowling, RobertEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/3/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ehrenkranz, Joel SAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Ehrenkranz, Joel SAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Ehrenkranz, Sanford BAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Ehrenkranz, Sanford BAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Eisbrouch, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/3/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Faegre & BensonAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Feng, WendyAttorneys & law firms$2006/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fisher, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Flanagan, Judy CBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Flanagan, Judy CBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,6006/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Foerster, ArthurAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Mark KirkRIL
      Freeman, Lauren EAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/3/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Geidhof, JoeAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Mark BegichDAK
      Geiger, Brit LAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Gerson, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0946/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gerson, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$4006/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Glass, DavidProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4006/3/10John BoozmanRAR
      Haire, Dirk Densford MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Marco RubioRFL
      Harrigan, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5506/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Haspel, AhronAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Havelock, John EAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Mark BegichDAK
      Helfman, Stephen J MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hopson, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/10Mike LeeRUT
      Hudson, BrockettAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Michael BennetDCO
      Huggins, Harold MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$4006/3/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Husch Blackwell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Jannol, Martin BAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Mark BegichDAK
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/10Richard BurrRNC
      Lee, GaryAttorneys & law firms$4196/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lifflander, Matthew LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Lippman, AlfredAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/3/10David VitterRLA
      Mann, Ralph WAttorneys & law firms$4196/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mardak, Keith MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/3/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Mardak, Keith MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/3/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Mcdonough, M BrigidAttorneys & law firms$8006/3/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Mcdonough, M BrigidAttorneys & law firms$2006/3/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Mcgrath, KathleenEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/3/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Miller, DarrellAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/10Harry ReidDNV
      O'donnell, JeriBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3006/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      O'dowd, NiallBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0006/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Oracle CorpComputer software$2,0006/3/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Powers, Pyles Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/10Thomas HarkinDIA
      Price, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Quinn, Kevin CAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Recht, Daniel NAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/10Michael BennetDCO
      Roberts, Marjorie RawlsAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/3/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Roberts, Marjorie RawlsAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/3/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Siegel, Herbert J MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0006/3/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Steyer, Hume RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$1006/3/10Roy BluntRMO
      Strickland, Frank B MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/10John IsaksonRGA
      Supple, Rozene REntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5006/3/10Marco RubioRFL
      Sussler, Philip L MrAttorneys & law firms$-2506/3/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Tindall, John HAttorneys & law firms$2506/3/10Mark BegichDAK
      Torgerson, James E EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/10Mark BegichDAK
      Townsend, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2006/3/10Mark KirkRIL
      Wanger, William R MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/3/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Ward, Yvonne KAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/3/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$4,5006/3/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Wladis, Mark NAttorneys & law firms$5006/3/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Young, Julius OAttorneys & law firms$7446/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Adelman, SusanComputer software$1,0006/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Adler, CarolDemocratic/Liberal$3506/4/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Albstein, Andrew WAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Allen, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/10Richard ShelbyRAL
      Barger, BrianAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Barry, Henry VAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Bell, Gail GMotion Picture production & distribution$5006/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Borman, Thomas HAttorneys & law firms$6506/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Borman, Thomas HAttorneys & law firms$3506/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Bradley, Michael RAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Breunig, Preston T MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Bynoe, Peter C BAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Carney, James WAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Casey, DanielDemocratic/Liberal$2506/4/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Chamberlin, Alice BAttorneys & law firms$2006/4/10Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Cohen, LaurenceAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Cohen, Sharleen Cooper MrsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/4/10John McCainRAZ
      Considine, Kevin M EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/10Jon TesterDMT
      Cotchett, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/4/10Ron WydenDOR
      Crumbaugh, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/10Mark KirkRIL
      Davidson, GordonAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Dittus, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Evnen, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Mike JohannsRNE
      Fisch, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Fosler, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Fox, David EAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/10Kay HaganDNC
      Fulbright & JaworskiAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/4/10John McCainRAZ
      Glaser, Richard SAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/4/10Richard BurrRNC
      Gruska, Denise HMotion Picture production & distribution$5006/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gwynn, Mary LBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$7506/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Halunan, Clayton DeanAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Hanna, George V IiiAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/10Kay HaganDNC
      Hockett, Christopher BAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Howard, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/10Mark KirkRIL
      Hughes, ShaunaAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Intl Alliance Theatrical Stage EmployeesEntertainment unions$5,0006/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Julien, SidneyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kayser, Thomas CAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Kelley, MikeAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/10Mike JohannsRNE
      Keltner, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Keyes, Judith DrozAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Klingman, LynzeeMotion Picture production & distribution$5006/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lamberti, Jeffrey MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Lancaster, Peter MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Leehr, Jeanette MicheleTV production & distribution$1,0006/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Lyttle, LawrenceTV production & distribution$1,0006/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Malfeld, Diane DAttorneys & law firms$7506/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Malfeld, Diane DAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Mcdonough, Andrew JAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/4/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Mendelson, AlanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/10Ron WydenDOR
      Merritt, John DAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mester, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Mark KirkRIL
      Mills, DonnaMotion Picture production & distribution$2506/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Morley, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/4/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Nakagawa, SusanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/4/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/10Kay HaganDNC
      Parfrey, JonathanEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5006/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Perlman, CaryAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Mark KirkRIL
      Ravich, Paul HarryAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Rosenman, Judie GreggEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2506/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ruediger, David L MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/10Scott BrownRMA
      Schleussner, Cathy EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shafer, MartinMotion Picture production & distribution$1,4006/4/10Michael BennetDCO
      Sinatra, NancyEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Singarella, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/10Mark KirkRIL
      Smart, Cynthia RAttorneys & law firms$2006/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Spiegel, LisaAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stephens, NancyMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/4/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Sweeney, James MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/4/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Toohey, John JEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/4/10Jon TesterDMT
      Tulin, Stephen WiseAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Undlin, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5006/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Valdespino, JessicaComputer software$1,0006/4/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Viacom International IncEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/4/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Wildlang, K CraigAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Wilson, Rodney AustinAttorneys & law firms$3006/4/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Young, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2506/4/10Robert PortmanROH
      Allen, Thomas HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/5/10Jon TesterDMT
      Bachman, Charles L Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/5/10John IsaksonRGA
      Brodsky, CarlDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Davis, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2006/5/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Eubanks, Gary F MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/5/10John IsaksonRGA
      Fields, CathieAttorneys & law firms$2506/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gregory, Scott MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/5/10John IsaksonRGA
      Gutterman, Sheila JdAttorneys & law firms$7506/5/10Michael BennetDCO
      Mackie, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2006/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mathis, Benton J Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/10John IsaksonRGA
      Miller, TolileDemocratic/Liberal$5006/5/10Michael BennetDCO
      Noyes, Brian E MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/5/10John IsaksonRGA
      Peter, GrantAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/5/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Ross, LisaAttorneys & law firms$5006/5/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Spix, GeorgeComputer software$2506/5/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Stoever, Kristen CBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$4006/5/10Michael BennetDCO
      Thomas, Francis MDemocratic/Liberal$2006/5/10Michael BennetDCO
      Wittwer, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2106/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Christofferson, CarlaAttorneys & law firms$2506/6/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Dutton-Sinrich, Jeanne MAttorneys & law firms$5006/6/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Fiddler, JerryComputer software$2,4006/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Glover, Karen EAttorneys & law firms$6256/6/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Greenberg, Deborah LAttorneys & law firms$5006/6/10Mark BegichDAK
      Weaver, Christopher MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/6/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,2006/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Allen, RandAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Avant, ClarenceRecorded Music & music production$2,4006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Avant, JacquelineRecorded Music & music production$2,4006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Baran, JanAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Barnes, AttisonAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Barry, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bayes, JimAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bibb, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$2006/7/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Bodensteiner, DominicAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bodorff, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Borin, Francis JAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$3,0006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Buckhantz, DianaDemocratic/Liberal$2506/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Burchette, Robert LAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Richard BurrRNC
      Business Software AllianceComputer software$1,5006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Business Software AllianceComputer software$1,0006/7/10John IsaksonRGA
      Business Software AllianceComputer software$1,0006/7/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Business Software AllianceComputer software$1,0006/7/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Chapelle, Joseph MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Clarke, BenjaminAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Corcoran, EvanAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Covington, CourtneyAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Decamp, Paul MrAttorneys & law firms$4,8006/7/10John McCainRAZ
      Decotiis, Alfred CAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Decotiis, Michael RAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Decotiis, Tracy KAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Delaney, Ernest IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/7/10Richard BurrRNC
      Dexter, RuthDemocratic/Liberal$5006/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Doctorow, EricMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Eisner, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Flora, DonovanAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Fortson, Robert L MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10John IsaksonRGA
      Frino, George GAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Gallo, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/7/10Ron WydenDOR
      Gallo, Michael a JrAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Gerstein, Mark DAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gilbert, Warren JrAttorneys & law firms$2006/7/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Godwin, JeremyAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Richard BurrRNC
      Gordon, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gradinger, GaryAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/7/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Green, Christine aAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Grossman, FrancesAttorneys & law firms$4006/7/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Hall, DeidreMotion Picture production & distribution$5006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Harla, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Hoecker, Thomas R MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10John McCainRAZ
      Horn, Alan FMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Horn, Cindy HMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Jackson, Hannah-BethAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jenkins, John DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Keegan, Robert J MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Scott BrownRMA
      Kimball, Cheryl M MsAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Scott BrownRMA
      Kramer, Jeffrey GAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Kurtzman, Richard$5006/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Labue, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Landis, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Leone, Eugene JAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Robert PortmanROH
      Loyd, Ward EsqAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Luchkiw, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Lundsten, William RAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Marshall, Andy a MrTeamsters union$2506/7/10John McCainRAZ
      Mccrory, PatAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/7/10Richard BurrRNC
      Mcnulty, Michael RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Michaux, Roy H JrAttorneys & law firms$2006/7/10Richard BurrRNC
      Miller, Lee IAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/7/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Moore, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/7/10Richard BurrRNC
      Morris, Paulina MrsAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10John McCainRAZ
      Motion Picture Assn of AmericaMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/7/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Mower, Nancy aBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2006/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nossaman LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      O'leary, Michael PMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Park, Catherine MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Posnik, Jonathan aAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Rainone, Louis NAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Rivera, Sandra DAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/7/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Robertson, CurtisAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Jon KylRAZ
      Robertson, Douglas SAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/7/10John BoozmanRAR
      Sargent, AlvinDemocratic/Liberal$9006/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Saydlowski, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Richard BurrRNC
      Schwartz, Theodore aAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Shillito, Beverly FAttorneys & law firms$1,2006/7/10Robert PortmanROH
      Siebel, JenniferMotion Picture production & distribution$2506/7/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Smith, Jeffrey DAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Stefanki, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Swartz, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Syfert, ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/7/10Richard BurrRNC
      Tannenhauser, Carol EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0006/7/10Mary LandrieuDLA
      Timmons, Anna MDemocratic/Liberal$5006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Triplett, John R MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/7/10John McCainRAZ
      Verrone, JudyAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/7/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$3,0006/7/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Weiss, JanetAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wood, RebeccaAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Mike LeeRUT
      Wortley, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$2506/7/10Mark BegichDAK
      Zerbe, AnthonyMotion Picture production & distribution$5006/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ziffren, KennethAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Abramowitz, ElkanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Daniel InouyeDHI
      Alligood, Randal MAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Allman, Alison LehanAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Alvarez, Federico CAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Androvandi, Paola aAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bass, Jonathan RAttorneys & law firms$4006/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Baughan, Scott MasonAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Behn, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Berger, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Berntein, Jeffry aAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$4,7016/8/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$2986/8/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Brown, Rodney LAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/8/10Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Buckles, Jack E MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Buckley, Barbara EAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Burns, AllanMotion Picture production & distribution$2506/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Care, Terry JAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cecci, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,2006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cecci, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,2006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cgi-AmsComputer software$1,0006/8/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Chatfield, Peter WAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Chermak, Bonnie JAttorneys & law firms$2006/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Chesley, Stanley MAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Clark, John EAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,5006/8/10Kay HaganDNC
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,5006/8/10Richard BurrRNC
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0006/8/10Mike JohannsRNE
      Coates, William aAttorneys & law firms$8006/8/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Dillon, BradleyAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Doner, AdamAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Dowd, LillianAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Dowd, LillianAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Duffy, Pamela SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Dwyer, Thomas E Jr EsqAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Egan, Linda GAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Escobosa, PaulAttorneys & law firms$3006/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Evans, E BradAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Richard BurrRNC
      Fanning, Paul aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Richard BurrRNC
      Ferguson, Howell LAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Fields, Frederick SAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Fitzsimmons, Laura WAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fitzsimmons, Laura WAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fortin, JohnpaulAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fortin, JohnpaulAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fox, Jeffrey CAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fulbright & JaworskiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Gennis, AlanAttorneys & law firms$3006/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Gentile, Dominic PAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gertz, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gilfix, MikeAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Giraudo, Louis JAttorneys & law firms$4006/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Goolsby, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Richard BurrRNC
      Gordon, Gerald MAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Grosboll, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Guggenhime, Richard JAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Guggenhime, Richard JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hanly, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,2006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hanly, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,2006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Harrison, ClaudiaAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Harrison, Justine aAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hart, Clifford HAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Hawkins, Jack W MrAttorneys & law firms$2006/8/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Heam, Frances JBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/8/10John CornynRTX
      Hunterton, C StanleyAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Iger, Robert aEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Iger, Robert aEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Jones, J RandallAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kamras, JeremyAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kaneda, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kaneda, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kelly, Kevin MAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kelly, Kevin MAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kemp, WillAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kemp, WillAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Koenigsberg, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Kuhn, David JAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Richard BurrRNC
      Lavelle, Eleissa CAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Louis, LauraBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2006/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Magazine Publishers of AmericaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3,0006/8/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Mallah, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Mandel, BarbaraEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mandel, BarbaraEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mandel, Howard CDemocratic/Liberal$2,0006/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Mandel, Howard CDemocratic/Liberal$4006/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Mattes, MartinAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Miller, Marshall B JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10John CornynRTX
      Miller, Marshall B JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10John CornynRTX
      Mundy, James FAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Murdock, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Murphy, Emily WTelecommunications$2006/8/10John ThuneRSD
      Murrah, Kenneth FAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Nixon Peabody LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Nonna, John MAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Norcross, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2006/8/10Mark KirkRIL
      O'brien, Harry CAttorneys & law firms$3006/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Odgers, GailAttorneys & law firms$2006/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Oracle CorpComputer software$2,0006/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Osborne, Christopher JAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Patch, Richard RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Pitzer, Mary BComputer software$2506/8/10John HoevenRND
      Powell, Christopher T JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Powell, James JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Powell, Mark JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Prichard, David MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10John CornynRTX
      Rogers, Thomas MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      Rymsha, Edward JAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Michael BennetDCO
      San Miguel, EduardoAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Scheller, FritzAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Schoennauer, Gary JDemocratic/Liberal$2006/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Segerblom, RichardAttorneys & law firms$6006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Segerblom, RichardAttorneys & law firms$4006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sherman, KennethAttorneys & law firms$8006/8/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Sidley, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Silverman, BennettDemocratic/Liberal$2006/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, Brian JAttorneys & law firms$3006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      St Martin, Andree MAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Stivers, Barbara BarbaraBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tomlin, LilyMotion Picture production & distribution$1,2006/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ungerleider, ArielAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wagner, JaneMotion Picture production & distribution$1,2006/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Watts, DaronAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Welt, Gerald MAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wendell, HarlanAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Weninger, Joseph JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      White, WoodyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Richard BurrRNC
      Wilson, William BAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Winner, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wolfe, SheldonAttorneys & law firms$2506/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wooten, Council JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Wright, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Zero, Bruce SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/8/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Zuckerman, Richard MAttorneys & law firms$5006/8/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Abeska, Timothy J MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/9/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7506/9/10Mary LandrieuDLA
      Allen, ClayAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/9/10David VitterRLA
      Allison, James WAttorneys & law firms$2476/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Andry, Allain C IvAttorneys & law firms$9906/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Antoine, Mary PowersAttorneys & law firms$2506/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Arent Fox LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/10Mark KirkRIL
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0006/9/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Bach, KyleAttorneys & law firms$2506/9/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Baker, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2476/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Bally TechnologiesProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,0006/9/10Orrin HatchRUT
      Bell, FrankAttorneys & law firms$5006/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Bell, KennethAttorneys & law firms$1,7326/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Book, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$2,4006/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bousquet, LaurenceAttorneys & law firms$5006/9/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Braddon, Cynthia HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/9/10Richard ShelbyRAL
      Brandt, James EAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Brown, VictoriaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/9/10John IsaksonRGA
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/9/10John ThuneRSD
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/9/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/10John McCainRAZ
      Caldwell, Stokley GAttorneys & law firms$4956/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Camahan, John M Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/10Roy BluntRMO
      Cassada, GarlandAttorneys & law firms$1,5846/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Cederquist, GaryComputer software$2506/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Conroy, John D MrAttorneys & law firms$2006/9/10John McCainRAZ
      Cornell, JasonAttorneys & law firms$3756/9/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Crane, DavidComputer software$1,0006/9/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Davis, William RAttorneys & law firms$2506/9/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Degeorge, Richard SAttorneys & law firms$9906/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/10Mark KirkRIL
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$5006/9/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Dold, Paul Mark MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/9/10Rand PaulRKY
      Dunaway, KelliAttorneys & law firms$2506/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fennebresque, John CAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Fertig, DavidRecorded Music & music production$2506/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fisher, WalterAttorneys & law firms$4956/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Fleming, Terrence JAttorneys & law firms$9006/9/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Freund, Hugh JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Glantz, Robert GBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2046/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Glick, MartyAttorneys & law firms$2506/9/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Goodman, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2506/9/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Griffin, RobertAttorneys & law firms$4956/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Hannifin, Bonnie DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hanson, LinscottAttorneys & law firms$5006/9/10Mark KirkRIL
      Hay, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$9906/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Hovis, JamesAttorneys & law firms$9906/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Johnston, R Harvey Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/10Rand PaulRKY
      Katz, Bruce RDemocratic/Liberal$5006/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kauffman, Ronald MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/9/10Marco RubioRFL
      Langton, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5006/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lea, HaynesAttorneys & law firms$4956/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Levitsky, NealAttorneys & law firms$3756/9/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Linde, DavidMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Link, Nina BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/9/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Long, Thomas DAttorneys & law firms$2506/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mandel, JoelEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/9/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Mann, SusanComputer software$2506/9/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Maxfield, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/9/10Michael BennetDCO
      Mcclaskey, VeronicaDemocratic/Liberal$2506/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Melchior, Kurt WAttorneys & law firms$5006/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$5,0006/9/10Mitch McConnellRKY
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$3,0006/9/10John McCainRAZ
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$3,0006/9/10Pat RobertsRKS
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$2,5006/9/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$2,5006/9/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$2,0006/9/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$1,5006/9/10John ThuneRSD
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$1,0006/9/10John ThuneRSD
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$1,0006/9/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$1,0006/9/10Max BaucusDMT
      Miller, John R SrAttorneys & law firms$4956/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Moore, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$3966/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Najarian, CarolannDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      O'connell, Ann HAttorneys & law firms$2506/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Patrick, BaileyAttorneys & law firms$9906/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/9/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/10Mark KirkRIL
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$2,0006/9/10Mike JohannsRNE
      Ralston, HenryAttorneys & law firms$9906/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Reigel, ErnestAttorneys & law firms$9906/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Reigel, ErnestAttorneys & law firms$4956/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Rothstein, PollyDemocratic/Liberal$2506/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rushforth, BrentAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sabilia, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$3506/9/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Silver, MaryDemocratic/Liberal$3506/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Singer, LaneDemocratic/Liberal$2006/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, Ryan MAttorneys & law firms$4956/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Spoltore, LeslieAttorneys & law firms$3756/9/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Swafford, Harold aAttorneys & law firms$3006/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Todd, GordonAttorneys & law firms$5006/9/10Mike LeeRUT
      Universal Music GroupRecorded Music & music production$1,0006/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Us Chamber of CommerceChambers of commerce$5,0006/9/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Us Chamber of CommerceChambers of commerce$5,0006/9/10John HoevenRND
      Us Chamber of CommerceChambers of commerce$5,0006/9/10John McCainRAZ
      Us Chamber of CommerceChambers of commerce$2,5006/9/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/10John RockefellerDWV
      Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/10Mark BegichDAK
      Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/9/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Viola, Richard WAttorneys & law firms$9906/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Vogel, Jonathan aAttorneys & law firms$4956/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Wade, John E Mr IiBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,5006/9/10John McCainRAZ
      Williams, Gregory BAttorneys & law firms$3756/9/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Williams, JuddDemocratic/Liberal$2506/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wilson, Michael LAttorneys & law firms$4956/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Wright, David CAttorneys & law firms$4956/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Wright, JulianAttorneys & law firms$4956/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Yarema, Geoffrey SAttorneys & law firms$5006/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Aloni, Dan$5006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Baker Botts LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/10John IsaksonRGA
      Barnett, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Bender, RonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Bernstein, Samuel JAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Billings, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Billings, DavidAttorneys & law firms$6506/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Birsh, PhilipBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/10/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bruksch, Terri L MsAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/10/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Carr, Kathryn a MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Cohen, BruceEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Curtis, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Dow Lohnes PllcAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/10/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Entertainment Software AssnComputer software$1,0006/10/10Mitch McConnellRKY
      Eskin, StanleyDemocratic/Liberal$5006/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Eskin, Stanley GDemocratic/Liberal$5006/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Farber, JakeAttorneys & law firms$5006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Gilbert, CeliaDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/10/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Greenstone, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hallett, Darrell DAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hart, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Hines, Charles D MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/10Mark KirkRIL
      Hubbard, Rodney RDemocratic/Liberal$2,4006/10/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Hunter, Grant WAttorneys & law firms$2006/10/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Indep Tel & Telecom AllianceTelecommunications$1,0006/10/10Mike JohannsRNE
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$1,5006/10/10Richard BurrRNC
      Jaffe, MarcAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Jobs, Laurene PowellDemocratic/Liberal$2,4006/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/10James InhofeROK
      Lance, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$5006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Lord, HenryDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Magazine Publishers of AmericaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0006/10/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Major League Baseball Commissioner's OfcProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5,0006/10/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Malik, Stephen NComputer software$5006/10/10Richard BurrRNC
      Mark, DougAttorneys & law firms$5006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Marston, ErinAttorneys & law firms$5006/10/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      May, Peter WAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/10/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Mccune, Sara MillerBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,5006/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Melville, Gregory WhitleyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/10/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Mendelsohn, LeahDemocratic/Liberal$2506/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,0006/10/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Reed Elsevier IncBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,5006/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rochlin, MordecaiAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Schoenstadt, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5006/10/10Mike LeeRUT
      Sharp, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2506/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Silbermann, Christopher GreggEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Solomon, AmyAttorneys & law firms$3006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Sony Pictures EntertainmentMotion Picture production & distribution$2,5006/10/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Sony Pictures EntertainmentMotion Picture production & distribution$2,0006/10/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Sony Pictures EntertainmentMotion Picture production & distribution$5006/10/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Spitaleri, Vito J MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Tettlebaum, Harvey M MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/10Roy BluntRMO
      Tettlebaum, Harvey M MrAttorneys & law firms$6006/10/10Roy BluntRMO
      Tettlebaum, Harvey M MrAttorneys & law firms$-6006/10/10Roy BluntRMO
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,0006/10/10Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Watters, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Weiner, BerylAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Welinsky, HowardMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Whouley, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/10/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Alper, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5006/11/10Michael BennetDCO
      Aune, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2506/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bahike, ConradAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/11/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/11/10Marco RubioRFL
      Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/11/10Mary LandrieuDLA
      Carey, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/11/10Richard BurrRNC
      Dickerson, KennethAttorneys & law firms$5006/11/10John HoevenRND
      Dinets, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5006/11/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$4,0006/11/10John HoevenRND
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/11/10Mark KirkRIL
      Faddis, Leo EDemocratic/Liberal$2006/11/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Fortman, BrianAttorneys & law firms$5006/11/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Hesse, J MarcAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/11/10John HoevenRND
      Humbert, Daniel MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/11/10Marco RubioRFL
      Jordan, VernonAttorneys & law firms$5006/11/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Lord, HenryDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/11/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lutter, Barbara SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/11/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Martina, Alyssa RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3006/11/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/11/10Rand PaulRKY
      Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/11/10Harry ReidDNV
      Price, Floyd MrAttorneys & law firms$2006/11/10Marco RubioRFL
      Rosenbaum, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$9556/11/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Sommerhauser, Peter M MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/11/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Tyurin, VyacheslavEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Vittor, KennethBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/11/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Walsh, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2506/11/10Harry ReidDNV
      Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/12/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Dino, RobynAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/12/10Michael BennetDCO
      Merly, Lawrence JAttorneys & law firms$2506/12/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Modisett, Jeffrey aAttorneys & law firms$2506/12/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Polak, VivianAttorneys & law firms$7006/12/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Stark, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2506/12/10Michael BennetDCO
      Wolf, Jamie RosenthalDemocratic/Liberal$5006/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      American Business MediaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/13/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Baumann, Frederick JAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/10Michael BennetDCO
      Melton, HowellAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Pernick, Norman LAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Robbins, BrianAttorneys & law firms$2506/13/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Sharp, Joel H JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/13/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Ward, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2506/13/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Barnett, Martha WAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Barton, Betty aAttorneys & law firms$2006/14/10Michael BennetDCO
      Becht, Edward W MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10Marco RubioRFL
      Belsheim, HaroldAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10Mark KirkRIL
      Berkowitz, CarlaEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Birn, JeremyMotion Picture production & distribution$2506/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brandeis, Clifford aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Branson, Debbie DAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Branson, Frank LAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Brodhead, James EEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5006/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10John McCainRAZ
      Budd, John H MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Scott BrownRMA
      Campbell, Debra MrsTelecommunications$6006/14/10John McCainRAZ
      Campbell, James P MrTelecommunications$1,0006/14/10John McCainRAZ
      Campbell, James P MrTelecommunications$-6006/14/10John McCainRAZ
      Chizewer, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Crockett, C Webb MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10John McCainRAZ
      Cusick, Mike DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Cusick, Susanne HAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Deutsch, L PeterRecorded Music & music production$2506/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Durrell, SuzanneAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Ebby, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2156/14/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Epstein, Juda JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Joseph LiebermanICT
      Fano, Dennis G Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Marco RubioRFL
      Fawer, Mark MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10Scott BrownRMA
      Fredman, SteveAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Mike LeeRUT
      Fristrom, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$5006/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gaebe, Greg MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Marco RubioRFL
      Gilbert, CeliaDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goldstein, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Greden, Leigh RAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Grimes, Michele B MsAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hancock, Kathy M MsAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10John McCainRAZ
      Hennigan, Robert J Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Scott BrownRMA
      Hirst, MargaDemocratic/Liberal$5006/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Holodak, Edward MrAttorneys & law firms$2206/14/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hughes, Vester T JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hurt, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Jagoda, Andrew MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10John McCainRAZ
      James, Norman D MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10John McCainRAZ
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Richard LugarRIN
      Kaplan, JoelAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Kilberg, Barbara G MrsGeneral business associations$1,0006/14/10Scott BrownRMA
      Kimmel, Morton RAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/14/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Kimmelfield, NeilAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Ron WydenDOR
      Leichter, AlexandraAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lewis, Elizabeth BAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Lezell, Mark MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Macdougall, InnaDemocratic/Liberal$2256/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Marcus, Edward LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Marcus, Shelley aAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Mariano, PaulDemocratic/Liberal$5006/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Martin, Jay R MrComputer software$5006/14/10Scott BrownRMA
      Mccarthy, Michael SAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10Michael BennetDCO
      Miller & ChevalierAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Orrin HatchRUT
      Miller, AnnComputer software$2506/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Nossaman LlpAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Mary LandrieuDLA
      O'reilly, TerryAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Phillips, Anne PappasAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Prieto, Peter MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10John McCainRAZ
      Raspanti, Marc SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Robinson, William SDemocratic/Liberal$2006/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ross, LauraAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/14/10Michael BennetDCO
      Roth, Richard C MrAttorneys & law firms$4,8006/14/10Scott BrownRMA
      Roth, Richard C MrAttorneys & law firms$-2,4006/14/10Scott BrownRMA
      Rumer, Rebecca W MrsAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10John IsaksonRGA
      Schwartz, Bart M MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10John McCainRAZ
      Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/14/10Orrin HatchRUT
      Simpson, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Ron WydenDOR
      Staebler, Michael BAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Richard LugarRIN
      Supple, Rozene R MrsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0006/14/10John McCainRAZ
      Telfer, JillAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Thomas, Francis MDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/14/10Michael BennetDCO
      Todd, Erica WAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Trotta, JosephAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Tucker, Donald LAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Tucker, Shawn PAttorneys & law firms$2156/14/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Univision CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$3,0006/14/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Verkamp, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$5006/14/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Villanueva, Evelyn MrsEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5006/14/10Marco RubioRFL
      Walker, Karen DAttorneys & law firms$2506/14/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Wesley, John C MrAttorneys & law firms$2006/14/10John McCainRAZ
      Witten, Roger MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Michael BennetDCO
      Zukerman, Jeffrey DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/14/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Acker, GeraldAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/15/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Anderson, Pamela JAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Aslin, John FAttorneys & law firms$5006/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Bandman, CeliaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/15/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Bartolini, James DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Bartz, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Bean, Orson MrMotion Picture production & distribution$5006/15/10John McCainRAZ
      Behm, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/15/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Burnham, Darryle MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/15/10John McCainRAZ
      Cgi-AmsComputer software$2,0006/15/10Jim WebbDVA
      Cgi-AmsComputer software$5006/15/10Jim WebbDVA
      Crane, Paul NAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Crawshaw, Stacey HAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cruz, Michelle M MrsComputer software$2,4006/15/10Marco RubioRFL
      Cruz, Michelle M MrsComputer software$-2,4006/15/10Marco RubioRFL
      Cruz, Rafael L MrComputer software$2,4006/15/10Marco RubioRFL
      Cruz, Rafael L MrComputer software$-2,4006/15/10Marco RubioRFL
      Davidson, James MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$4,8006/15/10John McCainRAZ
      Davidson, Taciana MrsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$4,8006/15/10John McCainRAZ
      Dehoog, Aaron MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$9,6006/15/10John McCainRAZ
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/15/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Fernandez, Raul J MrComputer software$7006/15/10Marco RubioRFL
      Fernandez, Raul J MrComputer software$-7006/15/10Marco RubioRFL
      Fiamma, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/15/10Mark KirkRIL
      Gates, BarryAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/15/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Glover, Karen EAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Golub, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gonzalez, ElvaAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Graybeal, Lynne EAttorneys & law firms$5006/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Graybeal, Lynne EAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Greenberg, Deborah LAttorneys & law firms$5006/15/10Mark BegichDAK
      Haskett, Michael MrComputer software$2,1006/15/10Marco RubioRFL
      Haskett, Michael MrComputer software$-2,1006/15/10Marco RubioRFL
      Herring, Charles PEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5006/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Herring, Charles PEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5006/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Jacobs, Don LAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kentris, George LAttorneys & law firms$7506/15/10Robert PortmanROH
      Kiernan, Vincent MAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Kilpatrick, Charles MAttorneys & law firms$3006/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kirshner, IsabelleAttorneys & law firms$5006/15/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Kousakis, John PeterTV production & distribution$2506/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kreindler, Mitchell RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/15/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Lamon, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Long, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Margolin, Steven GAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mclaughlin, George EAttorneys & law firms$4006/15/10Michael BennetDCO
      Morey, K MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Murphy, Emily WTelecommunications$2006/15/10John ThuneRSD
      Myers, Karen MComputer software$5006/15/10Max BaucusDMT
      Natl Assn of Shareholder/Consumer AttysAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/15/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Paul, Matthew EAttorneys & law firms$5006/15/10Michael BennetDCO
      Petersen, AnnAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Mark KirkRIL
      Pfeiffer, Steven BAttorneys & law firms$5006/15/10Michael BennetDCO
      Reich, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/15/10David VitterRLA
      Riccio, Frank JAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Savino, Robert L MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/15/10John McCainRAZ
      Saxon, Sean GAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Michael BennetDCO
      Silbermann, Christopher GreggEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/15/10Michael BennetDCO
      Sowder, James JAttorneys & law firms$5006/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Spielman, Andrew LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/15/10Michael BennetDCO
      Stallmer, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$3006/15/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Stephens, NancyMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sutton, Kermit S MrAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/15/10Marco RubioRFL
      Sutton, Kermit S MrAttorneys & law firms$-1,2506/15/10Marco RubioRFL
      Thomas, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Thomas, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$2006/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Walton, Linda DAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Weiaroth, LoisAttorneys & law firms$5006/15/10Daniel InouyeDHI
      Wells, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Zarghami, CymaEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,4006/15/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Zeigler, J RAttorneys & law firms$2506/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Adelson, Thomas aDemocratic/Liberal$2,4006/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Barron, Francis PatrickAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/16/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Berger, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/16/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Berger, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Bieder, Richard a EsqAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Brown, ReginaldAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/10Scott BrownRMA
      Bruce, Stephen RAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/16/10Bernard SandersIVT
      Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Callahan, Mary aDemocratic/Liberal$2006/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$-2,5006/16/10John BarrassoRWY
      Dinkelspiel, Pamela RoseRecorded Music & music production$5006/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Eckert, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/10Scott BrownRMA
      Frasier, James EAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      George, Lavinia BAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hoffman, Judith SAttorneys & law firms$2506/16/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/10John ThuneRSD
      Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/10Michael CrapoRID
      Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/10Robert PortmanROH
      Keesal, Elizabeth LAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/16/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Klein, KathyDemocratic/Liberal$5006/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Magazine Publishers of AmericaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/16/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Minuti, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2506/16/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Monaghan, Brian DAttorneys & law firms$2506/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Morgan, Frederick MAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Murphy, MichaelMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/16/10John McCainRAZ
      Nastri, Kathleen LAttorneys & law firms$2506/16/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Neil, Robert MrCommercial TV & radio stations$2506/16/10Marco RubioRFL
      Neitzel, Charlotte LAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/10Michael BennetDCO
      Nichols, CarlAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/10Scott BrownRMA
      O'neill, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/10Thomas HarkinDIA
      Parker, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/16/10John HoevenRND
      Perlstein, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/10Scott BrownRMA
      Prendergast, Marlene HAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Roosevelt, Christopher DAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Sap AmericaComputer software$1,0006/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sap AmericaComputer software$1,0006/16/10Mike JohannsRNE
      Shampaine, MartinMotion Picture production & distribution$5006/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shklov, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/10Daniel InouyeDHI
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/16/10Richard ShelbyRAL
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/16/10Richard ShelbyRAL
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$-2,5006/16/10Richard ShelbyRAL
      Stefanini, John aAttorneys & law firms$2506/16/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Tucker, Shawn PAttorneys & law firms$6846/16/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Tucker, Shawn PAttorneys & law firms$3156/16/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Urquhart, RebeccaAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/10Michael BennetDCO
      Vetter, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/10Roy BluntRMO
      Viacom International IncEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/16/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Whitten, Reggie NAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Yuan, GraceAttorneys & law firms$2256/16/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Zubler, ToddAttorneys & law firms$5006/16/10Scott BrownRMA
      Akin, Zafer aAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/17/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Arent Fox LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Arent Fox LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/10John HoevenRND
      Brands, HenkAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/10Michael BennetDCO
      Carper, W KentAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Coffey, Colin JAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Coleman, Stuart HAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/10Daniel InouyeDHI
      Deere, BobbiAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/10Mike LeeRUT
      Delaney, RoystonAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/10Roger WickerRMS
      Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Eubanks, Silas RAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Foley, Thomas aAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Gilbert, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goldman, Douglas EComputer software$1,2006/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Goldman, Lisa MComputer software$1,2006/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Greenberg, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/10Daniel InouyeDHI
      Greenwald, LaurenceAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/10Daniel InouyeDHI
      Gunderson, Brian FChambers of commerce$1,0006/17/10Robert PortmanROH
      Henderson, DeirdreAttorneys & law firms$3006/17/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Heritage Palms DemocratsDemocratic/Liberal$1006/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Husch Blackwell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/10Mike JohannsRNE
      Jacobs, Louis MDemocratic/Liberal$2,4006/17/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Klinger, Alan MAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/10Daniel InouyeDHI
      Manatt, Charles TAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/17/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Mcnulty, Michael RAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/17/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Monhait, Norman MAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Mullikin, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/10Richard BurrRNC
      Ochs, JustinAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/10Scott BrownRMA
      Olsan, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/10Robert PortmanROH
      Paetec HoldingTelecommunications$5,0006/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$2,0006/17/10Tom UdallDNM
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$5006/17/10Mark BegichDAK
      Richardson, Randolph EDemocratic/Liberal$2006/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rivera, SandraAttorneys & law firms$3006/17/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Rossi, Margaret MAttorneys & law firms$3006/17/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Salberg, MelvinAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/10Daniel InouyeDHI
      Sebaly, Jon MAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0006/17/10Richard BurrRNC
      Silverstein, Audrey JAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/10Robert PortmanROH
      Ullman, MarcAttorneys & law firms$5006/17/10Orrin HatchRUT
      Walters, Greg JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Ward, David JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/17/10Richard BurrRNC
      Warner Music GroupRecorded Music & music production$1,0006/17/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Werther, Ellen RAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/17/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Worth, Susan EAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/17/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Achterberg, ConstanceAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Asher, Andrew MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Babich, Joseph JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ballmer, Steven aComputer software$2,4006/18/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Ballmer, Steven aComputer software$1,0006/18/10Orrin HatchRUT
      Barker, Thomas R MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Beauchamp, Robert E MrComputer software$2,4006/18/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Beliew, SeanAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Berger, Bruce NBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0006/18/10Jon TesterDMT
      Berry, Phillip SAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Black, Cathleen PBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/18/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Blan, KennithAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Bohrofen, EldonAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Brady, Robert SAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Brooks, Brian P MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/18/10John McCainRAZ
      Brown-Edwards, Theresa VAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Buccola, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Campora, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Carsey, MarciaTV production & distribution$2,4006/18/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Carson, LucyDemocratic/Liberal$2506/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Chow, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Cleary, BlakeAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Daluz, Tobey MAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Damon, Doneene KeemerAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Danforth, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/10Mark KirkRIL
      Davids, Stephen FAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dircks, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Director, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Donaldson, Bruce D MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Dreyer, Roger aAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Egerman, JoanneComputer software$1,0006/18/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Esleeck, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Richard BurrRNC
      Fleshman, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Frankman, Harry MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Gannett, Robert T MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10John McCainRAZ
      Gannett, Robert T MrAttorneys & law firms$-2506/18/10John McCainRAZ
      Gouge, Donald J JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Greenblatt, HankAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hagen, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Hayes, Jonathan RobertAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hinderaker, John H MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Holley, GradyAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Hubbard, Stanley S MrCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0006/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Huntley, EdAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Johnson, BarryAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/10Mike LeeRUT
      Johnson, BarryAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Mike LeeRUT
      Kanter, AnnAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kelleher, Robin MsAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Kemmerer, John L IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/18/10Robert PortmanROH
      Kolcun, Curtis Richard MrComputer software$2,4006/18/10John McCainRAZ
      Kushner, SherrillAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Laboon, R BruceAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/18/10John CornynRTX
      Laboon, R BruceAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/18/10John CornynRTX
      Lestikow, James MAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/18/10Richard ShelbyRAL
      Mcbride, SallyAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Mccarthy, Robert WAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Mccarthy, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/10Mark KirkRIL
      Meyer, Ronald MMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4006/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Morell, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Morse, Richard HAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/18/10Mary LandrieuDLA
      Ninan, Emilie RAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Otson, Steven RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Pandell, Jerome CAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Papenfuss, Jerry MrCommercial TV & radio stations$2506/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Parker, Andrew MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Pisa, ReginaAttorneys & law firms$4166/18/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Ramsey, JoeAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Reiner, Eliot MAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Roberts, Stacey LAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Saraiva, Catia GAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Seidberg, Kenneth W MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/10John McCainRAZ
      Sheffer, Craig CAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Silver, MaryDemocratic/Liberal$2506/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sinshelmer, Warren J MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Sofer, Roger S MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10John McCainRAZ
      Stark, Rodney MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Stefanki, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Steiner, Martin BAttorneys & law firms$5006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stetson, JaneDemocratic/Liberal$5006/18/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Stitzer, AshleyAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Surewest CommunicationsTelecommunications$2,4006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Swanson, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Thomas, TinaAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wasserman, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Michael BennetDCO
      Weiss, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Wieckowski, BobAttorneys & law firms$2506/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wood, Christopher WAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wood, Christopher WAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Boss, Andrew MAttorneys & law firms$5006/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Burscher, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      D'amico, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ferguson, Richard aCommercial TV & radio stations$5006/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ferrante, Francesco aAttorneys & law firms$2506/19/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Hirschfeld, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2506/19/10Robert PortmanROH
      Intergraph CorpComputer software$2,0006/19/10John IsaksonRGA
      Leibold, William JAttorneys & law firms$5006/19/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Mayland, Donald K JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Neuhardt, Sharen Swartz EsqAttorneys & law firms$5006/19/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Pettus, Ashley SBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Schwartz, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bates, Scott DavidDemocratic/Liberal$3506/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Berger, Max WAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Cohen, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2506/20/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Desgrosseilliers, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2506/20/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Desgrosseilliers, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2506/20/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Fredericks, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2506/20/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Leban, AbbottAttorneys & law firms$2506/20/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Lebovitch, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2506/20/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      May, DarrylAttorneys & law firms$2506/20/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Nicholas, BlairAttorneys & law firms$5006/20/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Pannell, HenryAttorneys & law firms$3506/20/10Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Polito, Humbert J JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Quirk, MarionAttorneys & law firms$2506/20/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Reck, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$2506/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Silk, GeraldAttorneys & law firms$5006/20/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Singer, Steven BAttorneys & law firms$5006/20/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Stickles, JanetAttorneys & law firms$2506/20/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Torgerson, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/20/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Ackerman, AlanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/21/10Roy BluntRMO
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/21/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/21/10Mark BegichDAK
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7506/21/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Alter, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/21/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Anderson, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ballmer, Steven aComputer software$2,0006/21/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Beller, Gary aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/21/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Callais, TheresaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/21/10David VitterRLA
      Carroll, Priscilla KAttorneys & law firms$2506/21/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Carsey, MarciaTV production & distribution$2,4006/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Chen, TimothyProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5006/21/10Mark KirkRIL
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,5006/21/10Jon TesterDMT
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0006/21/10Susan CollinsRME
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$5006/21/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Coleman, William T Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/21/10John McCainRAZ
      Conybeare, Bruce CAttorneys & law firms$2506/21/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Covey, StevenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Covey, StevenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Cuatrecasas, PedroDemocratic/Liberal$2006/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dacey-Seib, Joan MrsAttorneys & law firms$5006/21/10John McCainRAZ
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$5,0006/21/10Roy BluntRMO
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/21/10Richard BurrRNC
      Dwyer, Thomas E JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Egerman, Joanne HComputer software$1,0006/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Farber, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2506/21/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Field, Marie HCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0006/21/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Friedman, Phil MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/21/10John McCainRAZ
      Ganz, John SAttorneys & law firms$6006/21/10Mark KirkRIL
      Gates, WilliamComputer software$1,0006/21/10Thomas HarkinDIA
      Gund, AgnesDemocratic/Liberal$2506/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Johnson, Robert Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/21/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Jurgens, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/21/10David VitterRLA
      Kaufman, William HAttorneys & law firms$5006/21/10Robert PortmanROH
      Korn, Elizabeth MsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/21/10John McCainRAZ
      Kraft, RalphAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/21/10David VitterRLA
      Krantz, Byron SAttorneys & law firms$6256/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Lee, HarryAttorneys & law firms$5006/21/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Magazine Publishers of AmericaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,5006/21/10Ron WydenDOR
      Mcclaskey, VeronicaDemocratic/Liberal$2506/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mclean, MarianneEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2506/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Meredith CorpBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5,0006/21/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$4,0006/21/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$2,0006/21/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$2,0006/21/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Morgan, Pauline KAttorneys & law firms$2506/21/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Motion Picture Assn of AmericaMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/21/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      O'donnell, Catherine RAttorneys & law firms$5006/21/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Pascucci, Jocelyn MsCommercial TV & radio stations$3006/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Patton, James L JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/21/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Peterson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/21/10Mark KirkRIL
      Pisa, Regina MAttorneys & law firms$4166/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pritikin, Amy FAttorneys & law firms$3506/21/10Mark KirkRIL
      Rawson, Robert H JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Recording Industry Assn of AmericaRecorded Music & music production$1,0006/21/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Recording Industry Assn of AmericaRecorded Music & music production$1,0006/21/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Rose, MarianDemocratic/Liberal$2006/21/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Ross, LesterAttorneys & law firms$5006/21/10Mark KirkRIL
      Satlen, Kenneth EAttorneys & law firms$2006/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sawyer, Raymond TAttorneys & law firms$2506/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Shulman, Jay aAttorneys & law firms$2506/21/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Snyder, Jeffrey MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/21/10John McCainRAZ
      Stetson, Jane WDemocratic/Liberal$5006/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Svete, Joseph TAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/21/10Robert PortmanROH
      Time WarnerEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$3,0006/21/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Time WarnerEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,0006/21/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Weiss, Gregory aAttorneys & law firms$2506/21/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Wiener, Richard NAttorneys & law firms$6506/21/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Wiener, Richard NAttorneys & law firms$5006/21/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Wiener, Richard NAttorneys & law firms$3506/21/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10John BoozmanRAR
      Barbour, John a MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/22/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Beesley, Sue aAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Berry, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Thomas HarkinDIA
      Brett, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$5006/22/10Michael BennetDCO
      Broas, Timothy MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10John KerryDMA
      Broas, Timothy MAttorneys & law firms$5006/22/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Brown, RuthDemocratic/Liberal$5006/22/10Michael BennetDCO
      Calabrese, J PhilipAttorneys & law firms$2006/22/10Robert PortmanROH
      Caplan, BarryAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Ron WydenDOR
      Conlon, Kevin JAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Connors, Terrence MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Conway, Michael MAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Dandrea, Richard MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Dewey & LeboeufAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Kent ConradDND
      Dow Lohnes PllcAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Dubb, HubertDemocratic/Liberal$5006/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dunn, Robert RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Robert PortmanROH
      Evans, Parthenia BAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Fay, Thomas FortunaAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/22/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Flowers, Peter JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Fremer, Ross M$2,4006/22/10John RockefellerDWV
      Fremer, Ross M$1,6006/22/10John RockefellerDWV
      Freyvogel, Rebecca MsChambers of commerce$1,0006/22/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Gearheart, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Giotto, Thomas MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Hartigan, Neil FAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Heckenbach, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5006/22/10Michael BennetDCO
      Holewinski, Kevin PAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Hurwitz, JoelAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/22/10Mark KirkRIL
      Husch Blackwell LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/22/10Ben NelsonDNE
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$1,0006/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$1,0006/22/10David VitterRLA
      Kasserman, Shawn SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Krantz, Byron SAttorneys & law firms$6256/22/10Michael BennetDCO
      Kress, Edward Mr IiAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Lane, PatrickEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/22/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Latherow, Jerry aAttorneys & law firms$4006/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Leland, Jared MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Lindquist, Kurt E IiAttorneys & law firms$9906/22/10Richard BurrRNC
      Lord, HenryDemocratic/Liberal$5006/22/10Michael BennetDCO
      Madonsky, Seth RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Maynard, Cooper & GaleAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Morgan, JaniceAttorneys & law firms$5006/22/10Ron WydenDOR
      Murphy, James T Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$3,0006/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$3,0006/22/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$5006/22/10John HoevenRND
      Pawk, Michael MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/22/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Perret, CharlotteDemocratic/Liberal$5006/22/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Phillips, Stephen DAttorneys & law firms$5006/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Poitevent, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10David VitterRLA
      Pollock, LarryDemocratic/Liberal$1,6666/22/10Michael BennetDCO
      Power, Susan VAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$2,0006/22/10John RockefellerDWV
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,0006/22/10David VitterRLA
      Rawson, Robert H JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/22/10Michael BennetDCO
      Robison, William DAttorneys & law firms$5006/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Romanucci, Antonio MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Salvi, Patrick a IiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Sawyer, Raymond TAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Michael BennetDCO
      Schill, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$5006/22/10Ron WydenDOR
      Shafner, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Sisk, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Michael BennetDCO
      Sliddiqui, TabassumBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/22/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Smith, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Stockdale, Ian EComputer software$3006/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sybert, Richard MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Marco RubioRFL
      Tavss, John EAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/22/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Teamsters UnionTeamsters union$5,0006/22/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Tollefson, G VaAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Universal Music GroupRecorded Music & music production$1,0006/22/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Universal Music GroupRecorded Music & music production$1,0006/22/10Ron WydenDOR
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,5006/22/10John McCainRAZ
      Weinberger, Peter HAttorneys & law firms$3336/22/10Michael BennetDCO
      Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/22/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Younghans, SandraAttorneys & law firms$2506/22/10Michael BennetDCO
      Zukerman, Jeffrey DAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/22/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Zukerman, Jeffrey DAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/22/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Zuydhoek, Paul BAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/22/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Allen, Thomas HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$3,2806/23/10Ron WydenDOR
      Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$2206/23/10Ron WydenDOR
      Braddon, Cynthia HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Breuer, Carol V MrsComputer software$5006/23/10Scott BrownRMA
      Brody, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Bunn, Benjamin CAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cgi-AmsComputer software$5,0006/23/10Richard ShelbyRAL
      Coalition of Franchisee AssnsGeneral business associations$2,4006/23/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Coleman, Dennis MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Crane, David CharlesComputer software$1,0006/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cullen, Thomas F JrAttorneys & law firms$1,3196/23/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Dietz, Richard DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Richard BurrRNC
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10David VitterRLA
      Domnick, Sean CAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Fenton, Richard LAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Field, JulieAttorneys & law firms$3006/23/10Michael BennetDCO
      Finlayson, RalphAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Mike LeeRUT
      Flanagan, William PAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Fox, KeithBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Foxall, RoyAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Marco RubioRFL
      Friedman, EllenAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Gale, Catherine CAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Michael BennetDCO
      Gordon, Jeffrey EAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Grable, Kirk E MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Gray, VeronicaAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hallinan, Matthew BDemocratic/Liberal$2506/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hammond, John MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Heinzelman, KrisAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Heumann, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hill, Luther L JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Horn, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Humphrey, DudleyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Richard BurrRNC
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$5,0006/23/10Marco RubioRFL
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$2,0006/23/10Roy BluntRMO
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10David VitterRLA
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10John BarrassoRWY
      Kanner, AllanAttorneys & law firms$5166/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Katz, GloriaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0006/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Kenney, BrianAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Kent, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$5006/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kingsley, Charles CAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Kleiman, GaryAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Michael BennetDCO
      Kleinpeter, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2976/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lennard, Jeffrey PAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Lennard, Jeffrey PAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Levy, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Lowe, L Robert MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Mcclamroch, W Tobin MrAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/23/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Mckoon, Joshua R MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10John IsaksonRGA
      Mcneely, J Lee MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Melsheimer, Thomas MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Muldowney, Michael PBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Nace, BarryAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Nelson, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Norcross, Carole aAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Norcross, Carole aAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Norcross, Philip aAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Norcross, Philip aAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      O'brien, FernAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Mitch McConnellRKY
      O'hara, David MComputer software$1,0006/23/10John ThuneRSD
      Oleary, BlancaAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Michael BennetDCO
      Oracle CorpComputer software$2,0006/23/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Papovizas, Constantine GAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Parcher, Laura TAttorneys & law firms$3006/23/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Pepper Hamilton LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0006/23/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Powell, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$5006/23/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Rabinowitz, AnnaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Rabinowitz, AnnaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Rand, Rebecca RDemocratic/Liberal$2506/23/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Reiman, Roy J MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/23/10John McCainRAZ
      Robertson, Douglas MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Rand PaulRKY
      Rockwell, ThomasBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$5,0006/23/10Robert PortmanROH
      Rosenbaum, Joseph IAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Rosenberg, HenryAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Rosenblatt, Peter RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Joseph LiebermanICT
      Roxland, Ira IAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Sargent, John TBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,7506/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Schenk, Lynn aAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Seeger, Christopher aAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Seeger, Christopher aAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Servaas, CoryBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/23/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Shapiro, RichardAttorneys & law firms$4456/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sherman, IraAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Smith, James FAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Smith, Rosemary KBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$-5006/23/10Benjamin CardinDMD
      Smyth, D Edward IBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/23/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/23/10Ron WydenDOR
      Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Tambussi, William MAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Tambussi, William MAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/23/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Trimpa, Ted JAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Michael BennetDCO
      Vinson & ElkinsAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/23/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,5006/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/23/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/23/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Wells, Galen WAttorneys & law firms$2506/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Williams, Joseph CDemocratic/Liberal$2006/23/10Michael BennetDCO
      Writers Guild of America WestEntertainment unions$2,6006/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Writers Guild of America WestEntertainment unions$2,4006/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Alello, GregProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2506/24/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Arkin, J GordonAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Arnelle, JesseAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ausley, Charles DuboseAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Berga, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Blanck, Robert WAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Browne, Joseph TProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,0006/24/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Cohen, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/24/10Joseph LiebermanICT
      Cohen, JoanneAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/24/10Joseph LiebermanICT
      Cohen, JoanneAttorneys & law firms$4006/24/10Joseph LiebermanICT
      Commander, Virginia MrsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0006/24/10John McCainRAZ
      Connelly, Thomas a MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/10John McCainRAZ
      Corboy, Philip Harrett JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/24/10John McCainRAZ
      Cowles, Julia KAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/24/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Danforth, John C the HonAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/24/10John McCainRAZ
      Davis, Alan SDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Democratic Womens Forum of San FranciscoDemocratic/Liberal$5006/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/10Marco RubioRFL
      Employee-Owned S Corporations of AmericaGeneral business associations$1,0006/24/10Olympia SnoweRME
      Esposito, John JAttorneys & law firms$3006/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Fistos, Mark SAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/10Kent ConradDND
      Fox, Jeffrey CAttorneys & law firms$-1,0006/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Friedman, JoshuaAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/24/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Gates, William H IiiComputer software$1,5006/24/10Richard BurrRNC
      Genovese, John HAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Gillespie, BobDemocratic/Liberal$1,5006/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gillum, AndrewDemocratic/Liberal$2506/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Goodell, Roger S MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,0006/24/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Grubman, Eric PProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,0006/24/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Guberman, Karen R MrsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/24/10John McCainRAZ
      Gurr, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Michael BennetDCO
      Harrell, AdamAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Hartley, NedeniaMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/24/10Mark KirkRIL
      Hines, Melanie AnnAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Hjardemaal, HarryAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Holbrook, Janet S MsAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Rand PaulRKY
      Huffman, Robert KAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Mark WarnerDVA
      King, Kimberly LAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Kirk, Paul G JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/10Jon TesterDMT
      Klahn, SarahAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Michael BennetDCO
      Kosove, Andrew a MrEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/24/10John McCainRAZ
      Lichtenstein, DorothyDemocratic/Liberal$5006/24/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Llopiz, OnierAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Lord, HenryDemocratic/Liberal$5006/24/10Michael BennetDCO
      Lydecker, Richard JAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Lydecker, Richard JAttorneys & law firms$1,6006/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Macdonald, AlexAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/10Ron WydenDOR
      Major League Baseball Commissioner's OfcProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5,0006/24/10John McCainRAZ
      Mannheimer, Douglas LAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Mcdonald, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Mendenhall, Greggory BAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Meyer, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Mitchell, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Myers, Karen MageeComputer software$5006/24/10Mark WarnerDVA
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/24/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/24/10Joseph LiebermanICT
      Norlander, RebeccaComputer software$2506/24/10Patty MurrayDWA
      O'callaghan, Edward MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/24/10John McCainRAZ
      O'donnell, Catherine RAttorneys & law firms$1,9006/24/10Robert CaseyDPA
      O'donnell, Catherine RAttorneys & law firms$6006/24/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Pash, Lyle J MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,0006/24/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Paul, Matthew EAttorneys & law firms$-5006/24/10Michael BennetDCO
      Perry, Mark TAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Pesner, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/24/10Ron WydenDOR
      Picchietti, PhilAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/24/10Mark KirkRIL
      Sachs, HediAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Schaperkotter, John D MrAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/24/10John McCainRAZ
      Sinatra, NancyEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5006/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Steinhardt, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/24/10Ron WydenDOR
      Steinhardt, SusanAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/24/10Ron WydenDOR
      Sudell, William H JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Sullivan, James FAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Symonds, Anne CDemocratic/Liberal$2506/24/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Theis, Michael CAttorneys & law firms$5006/24/10Michael BennetDCO
      Uhlfelder, Steven J EsquireAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Wallace, Nancy MAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Weber, Victoria LAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Weed-Johnson, CynthiaAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Weinraub, David N EsqAttorneys & law firms$6006/24/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Weinraub, David N EsqAttorneys & law firms$4006/24/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Withey, Mike EAttorneys & law firms$2506/24/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Yerrid, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,7506/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Yerrid, StevenAttorneys & law firms$6506/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Youn, E Barry MrCommercial TV & radio stations$2,5006/24/10John McCainRAZ
      Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Anderson, John LAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bainwol, Mitchell BRecorded Music & music production$1,0006/25/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Barry, KyleAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Berke, Bruce aAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Berry, Phillip SAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Black, CathleenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/25/10Ron WydenDOR
      Blume, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$2006/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Brown, David BAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Brown, RuthDemocratic/Liberal$3506/25/10Michael BennetDCO
      Bryant, Barbara M MsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3336/25/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Butter, RadahAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Coffee, Roy C JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10John HoevenRND
      Cole, CatherineAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/10John HoevenRND
      Coopersmith, Jeffrey BAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cunningham, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Ron WydenDOR
      De Saint Phalle, AlexandraAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Delgado, HeatherAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/10Mark KirkRIL
      Demetri, AdamAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Dewitt, Bill OProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,0006/25/10Robert PortmanROH
      Drobny, KimMotion Picture production & distribution$5006/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Flora, DonovanAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Flynn, Neil FAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Foxley, Douglas SAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/25/10Mike LeeRUT
      Foxley, Douglas SAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/25/10Mike LeeRUT
      Foxley, Douglas SAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/25/10Mike LeeRUT
      Frydrych, JackAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10John HoevenRND
      Gann, RamonaComputer software$2506/25/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Gann, ThomasComputer software$2506/25/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Gann, ThomasComputer software$-2506/25/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Gates, William HComputer software$2,4006/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Glazer, DennisAttorneys & law firms$1,2086/25/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Grandison, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Ron WydenDOR
      Hodge, KathyAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Horbaczewski, Henry Z MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/25/10Scott BrownRMA
      Jackier, Lawrence SAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Robert PortmanROH
      Kasten, Carl EAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Kaufman, JoelAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Ron WydenDOR
      Kerr, Gary EAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Kilberg, Barbara G MrsGeneral business associations$2,4006/25/10Scott BrownRMA
      Kilberg, Barbara G MrsGeneral business associations$-1,0006/25/10Scott BrownRMA
      Kipel, AliceAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Ron WydenDOR
      Kirby, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$3006/25/10Robert PortmanROH
      Kulik, DavidAttorneys & law firms$3006/25/10Robert PortmanROH
      Lavin, Steven HAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Robert PortmanROH
      Leggett, James FAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Link, NinaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/25/10Ron WydenDOR
      Liss, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Londrigan, Thomas F JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Lord, HenryDemocratic/Liberal$1,3006/25/10Michael BennetDCO
      Lord, HenryDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lord, HenryDemocratic/Liberal$5006/25/10Michael BennetDCO
      Lorwin, Steven DAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/25/10John HoevenRND
      May, BarbaraAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Mcray, Gary JAttorneys & law firms$1,6506/25/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Mcray, Gary JAttorneys & law firms$3506/25/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Mendelsohn, LynnAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Minaldi, ThadAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10David VitterRLA
      Mittleman, David SAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Morphew, JimAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Morris, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Neuman, Kenneth FAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Robert PortmanROH
      Nightingale, StevenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/25/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Norwick, KennethAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/10Ron WydenDOR
      Ocanas, GilbertoAttorneys & law firms$1,9006/25/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Papain, NickAttorneys & law firms$1,6006/25/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Papain, NickAttorneys & law firms$4006/25/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Paulsen, Arthur RAttorneys & law firms$1,7506/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Paulsen, Arthur RAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pisano, Carolyn JMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4006/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pisano, a RobertMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4006/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pollack, HarryAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Potter, CathleenAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Reid, David RAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Rein, BertAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Roberts, WilliamsAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Robertson, JanetBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/25/10Michael BennetDCO
      Rogers, CinnamonEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5006/25/10John RockefellerDWV
      Ross, BennettAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Sawyer, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Schanzle-Haskins, TomAttorneys & law firms$5006/25/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Scharf, StephanieAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Schneier, Betsy D RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Senkowski, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Serota, KennethBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/25/10Mark KirkRIL
      Sgro, GregAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Shelley, HerbertAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Ron WydenDOR
      Sherman, Cary HRecorded Music & music production$5006/25/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Sloan, SoniaDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/25/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/25/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10John ThuneRSD
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Kay HaganDNC
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Michael BennetDCO
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Orrin HatchRUT
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Suh, TongAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Taub, LindaAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/25/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Vanetten, Arnold JAttorneys & law firms$2506/25/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Victory, NancyAttorneys & law firms$2006/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Watson, Raymond J JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/25/10Richard DurbinDIL
      Weiss, AmyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/25/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      White, Charles BAttorneys & law firms$9006/25/10Michael BennetDCO
      Agron, Adam JayAttorneys & law firms$1,4206/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Bergamo, Mark L EsqAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Bishop, L RandallAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/26/10Jon TesterDMT
      Burg, KathrynAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Cappello, George MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Chandra, SubodhAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Chittenden, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$2506/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Denison, Spencer TAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Freeman, Roger LAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Grand, Melody MrsAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/26/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Grassbaugh, Stephen PaulAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Hackett, James WAttorneys & law firms$6006/26/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Hackett, James WAttorneys & law firms$4006/26/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Hawkins, Eliot DAttorneys & law firms$2006/26/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Holland, Brian KAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Johnson, Michael RayAttorneys & law firms$5006/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Knapp, VanceAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Laguna Beach Democratic ClubDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcmanus, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Michalek, Steven aAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Neuberger, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/10Ron WydenDOR
      O'malley, MichaelEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$3006/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Petros, Raymond L JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Plotkin, BruceAttorneys & law firms$1,1016/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Reed, Walter GAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Schuchat, Frank JAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Thomas, Michael MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Vaught, John MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Williams, Michael TimothyAttorneys & law firms$2506/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Winocur, Fredric MAttorneys & law firms$2006/26/10Michael BennetDCO
      Aerenson, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Bush, AmandaAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/10Robert PortmanROH
      Cohen, Robert a MrAttorneys & law firms$4006/27/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Daines, Steven D MrComputer software$1,6666/27/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Gibbs, DanielleAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Guess, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Haule, AnneAttorneys & law firms$5006/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hein, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hoberg, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/10Robert PortmanROH
      Klatchko, Kira LeeAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Myers, Mindy EDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/27/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Pincus, KathrynAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/27/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Roman, George MrComputer software$3006/27/10Rand PaulRKY
      Sand, L JBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3506/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Scali, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2496/27/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Sheehan, Shaun MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/27/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Silbergeld, Arthur FAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, Alice SchafferAttorneys & law firms$2506/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10David VitterRLA
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10Dean HellerRNV
      Allinson, Scott MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Andrews & KurthAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Barnum, Eric L MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Baxter, Graham MrMotion Picture production & distribution$5006/28/10Rand PaulRKY
      Bello, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Bentley SystemsComputer software$2,0006/28/10Richard ShelbyRAL
      Bernstein, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Bifferato, Ian ConnorAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/28/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Bifferato, Ian ConnorAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/28/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Bifferato, Karen CAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/28/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Bifferato, Karen CAttorneys & law firms$2,2006/28/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Bruckman, Michael David MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Rand PaulRKY
      Bruer, GalenAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Carroll, Michael P MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Carsey, MarciaTV production & distribution$2,4006/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Carter, MaryDemocratic/Liberal$6006/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Carvalho, Matthew aAttorneys & law firms$3006/28/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Christensen, MarenTV production & distribution$1,5006/28/10Orrin HatchRUT
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$3,5006/28/10Ben NelsonDNE
      Cocklereece, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Richard BurrRNC
      Collier, Darren CAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Cozen, Stephen aAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/28/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Davidson, James MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/28/10John McCainRAZ
      Decker, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Scott BrownRMA
      Delzell, Lynn MrsAttorneys & law firms$2006/28/10Rand PaulRKY
      Diemer, CarolynAttorneys & law firms$1,6006/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Diemer, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dwoskin, DorothyComputer software$1,0006/28/10Robert PortmanROH
      Dwyer, Thomas E JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Fader, Henry CAttorneys & law firms$3006/28/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Fedewa, Tonya aAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Fox, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$1,3506/28/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Fox, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$1,1506/28/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Frank, Richard IDemocratic/Liberal$3006/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Franson, PaulBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fugitt, Roy MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Rand PaulRKY
      Fulkerson, BethBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Gannon, Brian MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Garinther, Geoffrey RAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Geismer, Alan S JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Goodman, Charles DDemocratic/Liberal$5006/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goodwin, ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Greene, BruceAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Mark UdallDCO
      Gund, AgnesDemocratic/Liberal$2506/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Haffner, Katherine aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Haron, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Harrison, Kirk RAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Orrin HatchRUT
      Heneson, Howard MAttorneys & law firms$3756/28/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Hertel, Karl BAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10Robert PortmanROH
      Holmes, Patricia B HonAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Home, Lewis C Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$3,0006/28/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Kagan, FayeAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10Michael BennetDCO
      Kavanaugh, Matthew MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/28/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Kavanaugh, Ryan MrEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/28/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Kelly, Timothy DAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10John ThuneRSD
      Kluger, Allan MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Krauland, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Ron WydenDOR
      Lipton, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Macy, Jim MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Marsh, PatrickComputer software$1,0006/28/10Scott BrownRMA
      Masliah, NoemiAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Mayer, Frank a IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Mcconnell, JaneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/28/10Mark UdallDCO
      Mcconnell, Richard MrAttorneys & law firms$2006/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Mcelroy, Scott BAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Mark UdallDCO
      Miller, Don BAttorneys & law firms$3006/28/10Mark UdallDCO
      Mitchell, Gerard EAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Mohrman, William FAttorneys & law firms$3006/28/10John ThuneRSD
      Moran, M aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Ron WydenDOR
      Myers, Noreen KAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Navin, Thomas MrAttorneys & law firms$2006/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Pak, Byung J MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Pettit, Robert MrAttorneys & law firms$2006/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Phillips, ThomasBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/28/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Pisa, Regina MAttorneys & law firms$4166/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Pitt, Mark S MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Rand PaulRKY
      Portnoy, Elliott IAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Prak, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Richard BurrRNC
      Prosser, AudreyDemocratic/Liberal$3006/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Quinn, Thomas B MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Rabe, Mary PDemocratic/Liberal$3006/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Reed, Michael HAttorneys & law firms$6006/28/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Reed, Michael HAttorneys & law firms$4006/28/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Rein, Bert MrAttorneys & law firms$2006/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Roderick, Pamela HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2006/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Ross, Bennett MrAttorneys & law firms$2006/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Rountree, George IiiAttorneys & law firms$9006/28/10John ThuneRSD
      Schiffrin, Richard SAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Schiffrin, Richard SAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Schwartz, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$2006/28/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Sears, Leah W HonAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Seeder, MarshallAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Severson, KevinAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10David VitterRLA
      Sheehan, ShaunBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/28/10Richard BurrRNC
      Shepherd, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Michael BennetDCO
      Silverstein, Nathan MAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Sony Pictures EntertainmentMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/28/10Michael BennetDCO
      Spaanstra, James RAttorneys & law firms$2006/28/10Michael BennetDCO
      Stebbins, Henry BAttorneys & law firms$1,8006/28/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Stephens, Betty JDemocratic/Liberal$5,0006/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stetson, Jane WatsonDemocratic/Liberal$5006/28/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Pat RobertsRKS
      Sullivan, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Swanson, Dennis DEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/28/10Joseph LiebermanICT
      Twardy, Stanley a Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Velander, David MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Rand PaulRKY
      Wagner, Robyn MsAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Rand PaulRKY
      Warburton, Phillip LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Robert PortmanROH
      Weir, AlisonAttorneys & law firms$2506/28/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Williams, David H MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10John IsaksonRGA
      Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10David VitterRLA
      Wirkus, Gerald aAttorneys & law firms$5006/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wright, Joseph T JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/28/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Young, AllenAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/28/10Mike LeeRUT
      Adelson, Thomas aDemocratic/Liberal$8006/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Alston & BirdAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Ben NelsonDNE
      Arroyo, DavidComputer software$1,0006/29/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Atsinger, Edward G IiiCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4006/29/10David VitterRLA
      Baker, DarrellAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Baugher, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/29/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bergin, Robert T JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Beveridge, Norwood P JrAttorneys & law firms$4006/29/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Bieker, DennisAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Pat RobertsRKS
      Bieker, Dennis LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Bieker, Dennis LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Bieker, Dennis LAttorneys & law firms$-1,0006/29/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Bines, Harvey E MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Scott BrownRMA
      Book, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$4006/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Book, Robert LDemocratic/Liberal$2506/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Boyce, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$2506/29/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Broughton, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Richard BurrRNC
      Bruno, Joseph MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bukinik, SuzanneCommercial TV & radio stations$2006/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Carey, BrianAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Carter, Edward B JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Chames, AdamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Richard BurrRNC
      Chase, ChevyMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/29/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Chase, JaynneMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/29/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Christaldi, Ronald aAttorneys & law firms$1,2006/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Christensen, JonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Cohen, H RodginAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/29/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Cohen, Philip JAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Cohen, Phillip JAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/29/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Collins, Jean EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/29/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Conner, Michael R MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Connolly, Arthur G JrAttorneys & law firms$2006/29/10Thomas CarperDDE
      Dalton, Bartholomew JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Daniels, Deborah J MsAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Davidson, James MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$-2,4006/29/10John McCainRAZ
      Davidson, Taciana MrsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/29/10John McCainRAZ
      Davidson, Taciana MrsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$-2,4006/29/10John McCainRAZ
      De La Parte, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Dudensing, EdAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Edel, NathanComputer software$2506/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ellis, Jonathan JAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Erisman, JaneAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Farbes, Hubert a JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Forbes, PeterAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Forman, WayneAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Friedman, Steven L MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Fury, SteveAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gallo, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Giardina, MatthewBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0006/29/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Giardina, MichaelBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0006/29/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Gideon, C J JrAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/29/10John ThuneRSD
      Gilkison, Frank E MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Goodwin, Sally a MdDemocratic/Liberal$5006/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gosch, Philip aAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Gottlieb, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Richard BurrRNC
      Gover, AlanAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Graper, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2006/29/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Hackett, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Hamilton, Kevin JAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hart, Jim VBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/29/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Henley, DonRecorded Music & music production$2,4006/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Henley, SharonRecorded Music & music production$2,4006/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Holleyman, Robert W IiComputer software$2506/29/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Hubbard, Stanley S MrCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0006/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Huebner, FredrickAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hunt, Paul B MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Ingram, John RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/29/10Robert PortmanROH
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$1,0006/29/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Jacobsen, Jim PAttorneys & law firms$8506/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Jacobsen, Jim PAttorneys & law firms$4006/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Jenkins, VirginiaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0006/29/10Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Johnston, Broderick DAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Jones, Laura DavisAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Jones, Laura DavisAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Jones, Leslie aDemocratic/Liberal$2506/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Kahn, Benjamin aAttorneys & law firms$2006/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Kamensky, JerroldAttorneys & law firms$1,2506/29/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Keen, W HamptonAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Keillor, GarrisonDemocratic/Liberal$2506/29/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Kirk, Alan MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Knetsch, Jeffrey MAttorneys & law firms$2006/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Korneffel, Peter JAttorneys & law firms$3006/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      La Vista, NancyAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Levine, Richard EAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lewis, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lifflander, Matthew LAttorneys & law firms$9016/29/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Liman, LewisAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Littky-Rubin, Julie HopeAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Loewenstern, KarenDemocratic/Liberal$2506/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Lubarsky, NeilAttorneys & law firms$2156/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lytal, Lake JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Madison, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Malone, Patrick aAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Marcus, Barbara aBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$6006/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mariano, PaulDemocratic/Liberal$5006/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mariano, PaulDemocratic/Liberal$5006/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Martin, Cynthia PrimoDemocratic/Liberal$5006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      May, Craig RAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Mcconnell, JaneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,2006/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Roy BluntRMO
      Mclaughlin, Joseph MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/29/10Rand PaulRKY
      Miller & ChevalierAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Montana, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/29/10Mark KirkRIL
      Morris, Karen LAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Morris, Karen LAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Moses, AlfredAttorneys & law firms$2,2006/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Motion Picture Assn of AmericaMotion Picture production & distribution$4,0006/29/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Myers, KarenComputer software$2506/29/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Myers, Karen MComputer software$5006/29/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0006/29/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      National Football LeagueProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5,0006/29/10Charles SchumerDNY
      National Football LeagueProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5,0006/29/10Charles SchumerDNY
      National Football LeagueProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5,0006/29/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      National Football LeagueProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5,0006/29/10John McCainRAZ
      National Football LeagueProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5,0006/29/10Robert CaseyDPA
      National Football LeagueProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,5006/29/10John McCainRAZ
      Nelson, Allen GAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10John ThuneRSD
      Niakan, Cyrus SAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Norris, Jonathan P MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/29/10Scott BrownRMA
      O'connor, a L BethAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Oberly, Charles M IiiAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Oberly, Charles M IiiAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Oracle CorpComputer software$5006/29/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Overbeck, Michael JosephAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0006/29/10Mike LeeRUT
      Plancher, Jill SAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/29/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Powell, David D JrAttorneys & law firms$2006/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Prather, David C EsquireAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Richman, Gerald FAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Robbins, RandallAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Rodriguez, JoseAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Roth, MarthaDemocratic/Liberal$2506/29/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Rubin, Donald SBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/29/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Salem CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$5,0006/29/10David VitterRLA
      Salem CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0006/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Schoell, Joseph CAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Schreck, Frank aAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Searcy, Christian DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Shapiro, HowardAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Shelley, Linda LAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Siegel, Herbert J MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$4006/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Singerman, Paul JAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/29/10Robert PortmanROH
      Skoronski, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Smith, Paul EAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Soler, Roger SAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10John HoevenRND
      Stern, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Straus, Lynn GDemocratic/Liberal$2,4006/29/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Straus, Lynn GDemocratic/Liberal$2,4006/29/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Targ, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Taub, TheodoreAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Teamsters UnionTeamsters union$1,0006/29/10Jon TesterDMT
      Thompson, James HaroldAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Tiano, Joseph R JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Tibbitts, BrettAttorneys & law firms$2506/29/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Tuthill, WalterAttorneys & law firms$5006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Viacom International IncEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0006/29/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Weik, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Weiner, Elizabeth LizDemocratic/Liberal$2506/29/10Michael BennetDCO
      Wielga, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Williams, JamesAttorneys & law firms$3006/29/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Winterer, EdwardBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Yerkes, Kenneth JAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Yerkes, Wendy VAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Allison, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Altschuler, Richard PAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Anderson, Martine FDemocratic/Liberal$5006/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Arnold, LauraAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Arnold, LauraAttorneys & law firms$6006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0006/30/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Axelrod, Charles MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Backer, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Backer, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Backer, Michael a MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Backer, Michael a MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Bahash, Robert JBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Baker, JamesAttorneys & law firms$4,8006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Baker, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Baker, JamesAttorneys & law firms$-2,4006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Baldwin, DavidAttorneys & law firms$6006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Baldwin, DavidAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Ballmer, StevenComputer software$1,0006/30/10Max BaucusDMT
      Baltmer, StevenComputer software$1,0006/30/10Max BaucusDMT
      Bamer, SharonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Bamerd, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Bankston, John KComputer software$2506/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Baron, Steven TAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Barth, Steven R MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Beals, John PAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Beattie, Richard IAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Benedek, PeterMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Berenson, PhyllisAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bhumitra, ArunTelecommunications$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Blatt, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Blecher, Maxwell MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Blum, Gary BAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Bonovitz, Sheldon MAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Bonovitz, Sheldon MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Bortnick, Jeffrey SAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Bortnick, Jeffrey SAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Bortnick, Jeffrey S MrAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Bortnick, Jeffrey S MrAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Boswell, Thomas GDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Botica, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bourdeau, James OAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Bove, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Boyens, BruceAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Boyer, Lori N MsAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Braga, Stephen LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Brecke, Allen D EsqAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Bressman, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Brickman, James Blake MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Brown, Alvin HAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Brown, NickDemocratic/Liberal$2,4006/30/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Brownstein, EileenDemocratic/Liberal$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brunet, Leon a MrAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Brunet, Leon a MrAttorneys & law firms$-1,1006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Bryant, BarbaraBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3336/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Bucher, KathrynAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Burgett, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Burns, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Burnstein, Harriet K MsAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Burrill, GeorgeDemocratic/Liberal$2,4006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Burrill, GeorgeDemocratic/Liberal$1,4006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Carroll, Michael PAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Cermak, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Chapman, FloydAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Charleston, RondiRecorded Music & music production$2,4006/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Chase, Peter R MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Scott BrownRMA
      Chiarelli, MarieAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Chonoles, Andrew MAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Clancy, DenyseAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Clark, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Clark, William H IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,2006/30/10John HoevenRND
      Clarke, John J JrAttorneys & law firms$6006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Clarks, John J JrAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Coblentz, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Cochran, Jean GDemocratic/Liberal$2006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cogen, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Cohen, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Cohen, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Cohen, Steven HAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Collier, DarrenAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Collins, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Collins, Therese NDemocratic/Liberal$2,4006/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Conroy, John D MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Conway, JillBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Conybeare, Barry RAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Cooper, Christopher RAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Corbitt, CraigAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cotton, RichardTV production & distribution$6006/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Cotton, RichardTV production & distribution$4006/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Crass, KevinAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Cronic, JasonAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Crowe, James QTelecommunications$2,4006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Crowe, PamelaTelecommunications$2,4006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Cruz, Carlos M MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Currie, Christine MAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Currie, Christine MAttorneys & law firms$6006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Curtis, Douglas FAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Daines, StevenComputer software$1,6666/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Dallas, BruceAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Danforth, John CAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Danforth, John CAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Danforth, SallyAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Danforth, SallyAttorneys & law firms$9006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Davidson, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Davis, Christopher PAttorneys & law firms$6006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Davis, Christopher PAttorneys & law firms$6006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Davis, Christopher P MrAttorneys & law firms$1,8006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Davis, Christopher P MrAttorneys & law firms$6006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Davis, GeoffreyAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Davis, Kathryn MAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Davis, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Day, Karin SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Decamp, Paul MrAttorneys & law firms$-2,4006/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Dehoog, Aaron MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Dehoog, Aaron MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$-2,4006/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Dehoog, Aaron MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$-4,8006/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Dehoog, Deborah MrsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$4,8006/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Dehoog, Deborah MrsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Dehoog, Deborah MrsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$-2,4006/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Deloach, ChristineAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10David VitterRLA
      Denney, Earl L JrAttorneys & law firms$7506/30/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Desilva, EricAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Detore, JohnAttorneys & law firms$-4,8006/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1376/30/10John HoevenRND
      Doryland, MoniqueAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Drake, DanielDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Drake, PhilComputer software$2,4006/30/10Richard BurrRNC
      Drake, SharonComputer software$2,4006/30/10Richard BurrRNC
      Durbin, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Eachus, LauraComputer software$2006/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Easton, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Eccleston, Lynn EAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Eccleston, Lynn EAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Elliston, Gary MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Emery, Richard DAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Emmett, KathrynAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ettelman, GaryAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Evans, Frank M Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Evans, Frank M Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Everett, David FAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Eyerman, LindaAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Ron WydenDOR
      Faris, Lynn RossmanDemocratic/Liberal$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Farkas, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fay, Thomas FAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Fazlibegu, DinoAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Fink, Charles DEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,2006/30/10Alan FrankenDMN
      Franceski, Larry GAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Frederick, David CAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Frey, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Frisby, RussellAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Ron WydenDOR
      Frost, Robert RAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Robert PortmanROH
      Funderburk, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10John McCainRAZ
      G, ThomasMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Gail, Leonard aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Garver, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Gates, William H IiiComputer software$1,0006/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gaylord, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Ron WydenDOR
      Geers, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$2006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gelfan, GregoryMotion Picture production & distribution$1,5006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gess, Nicholas MAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Gibbs, TravisAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Gibson, FrankAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Richard BurrRNC
      Gillane, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Goldbaum, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$3576/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Goldbaum, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$3576/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Goldbaum, Robert D MrAttorneys & law firms$3576/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Goldbaum, Robert D MrAttorneys & law firms$3576/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Goldblatt, CraigAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Goldman, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Goodman, Charles DDemocratic/Liberal$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goodwin, LeeAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Graber, Rick MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Griesemer, StephenAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Gross, Philip S MrAttorneys & law firms$9016/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Guenther, PaulDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Haining, AliceMotion Picture production & distribution$2506/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Hal, DaubAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Hall, JuliaMotion Picture production & distribution$-1,0006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Harlow, BryceTV production & distribution$2506/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Harper, David H MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Harrigan, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Harris, Elizabeth LAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Healy, Kathleen M MsAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Scott BrownRMA
      Healy, Kathleen M MsAttorneys & law firms$-2,4006/30/10Scott BrownRMA
      Hendel, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Heyman, Scott JAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Robert PortmanROH
      Hindin, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Hinds, MelissaAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Hirst, MargaDemocratic/Liberal$5006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hoffman, Robert D JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10David VitterRLA
      Hopkinson, Judith LDemocratic/Liberal$-2006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Horowitz, ZacharyRecorded Music & music production$1,9566/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Hui, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Hui, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Hui, Lawrence MrAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Hui, Lawrence MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Husain, NomaanAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Ron WydenDOR
      Hutts, Melissa KAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ingram, John RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$2,5006/30/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Ioppolo, Frank Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Iredale, Eugene GAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Irwin, Steven DAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Isham, Robert T JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Jackler, Lawrence S MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Jackson, Paul aEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$8506/30/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Jackson, Paul aEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$6506/30/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Jackson, Paul aEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2506/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Jacobs, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Johnson, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Johnson, Randel K MrChambers of commerce$2506/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Jones, James RAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Mark UdallDCO
      Jordan, Robert WAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Robert PortmanROH
      Jordan, VernonAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Joye, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$-5006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kamela, William CComputer software$1,0006/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kandel, CharlotteBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kane, ScottAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Robert PortmanROH
      Kaplan, CraigAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Kaplan, MyronAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Kaplan, MyronAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Kaplan, Myron MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Kaplan, Myron MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Kaufman, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Kavanagh, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Kavanaugh, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Kavanaugh, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Kavanaugh, Matthew MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Kavanaugh, RyanEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Kavanaugh, RyanEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Kavanaugh, Ryan MrEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Kavner, RobertCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0006/30/10Ron WydenDOR
      Khinda, Philip SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      King, SueDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kingsley, Paul RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Kirby, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Knutson, Mark LAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kopp, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Kradjian, VikenDemocratic/Liberal$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kraus, Lisa VBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kravitz, Jeffrey SAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Krayer, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Krinsk, Marcy CAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kulik, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Lafuria, David aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Lake, Kimberly JAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Lane, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Laney, FrederickAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Larocco, Lawrence PAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Lauer, James H JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lavin, DawnAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Lavin, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Leblanc, BurtonAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lechner, IraAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lee, CarolynTelecommunications$5006/30/10Olympia SnoweRME
      Lee, Yoon-YoungAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Leebern, Donald M JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Leebern, Donald M JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Thomas CoburnROK
      Leighton, BetsyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Leistensnider, RuthAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Lennon, William MAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Lesk, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Letizia, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Level 3 CommunicationsTelecommunications$2,0006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Levithan, Allen BAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Lintilhac, CreaDemocratic/Liberal$9006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Long, AnniMotion Picture production & distribution$2006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lord, HenryDemocratic/Liberal$5006/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lord, HenryDemocratic/Liberal$-5006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Lord, Richard C MrGeneral business associations$1,0006/30/10Scott BrownRMA
      Lovell, DrewAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Low, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Lundberg, Rolf T MrChambers of commerce$1,0006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Lyons, Tom W WallaceDemocratic/Liberal$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mahoney, JosephChambers of commerce$2,4006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Major League Baseball Commissioner's OfcProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5,0006/30/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Major League Baseball Commissioner's OfcProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,5006/30/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Manatt, Charles TAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Manley, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/30/10Jon TesterDMT
      Manot, Richard D MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Marquardt, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Martay, PeterAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Martin, MeredithAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Mason, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Massimino, Elisa CAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Mathias, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Matthews, Lamar JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Mccarthy, Colleen CAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Robert CaseyDPA
      Mccarthy, Dennis MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Mccarthy, SharonAttorneys & law firms$1,2006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Mccarthy, Thomas MrAttorneys & law firms$1,2006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Mccreary, JeanAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Mcdougal, CaryAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcgraw, Harold W IiiBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Mcgraw, Harold W IiiBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,4006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Mclaughlin, Thomas GAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcmahon, Arthur F JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Mcnamara, MaryAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Melton, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Merrick, JeffAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Ron WydenDOR
      Meshulam, DeborahAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Metcalf, Charlotte SDemocratic/Liberal$2,1006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Metcalf, Charlotte SDemocratic/Liberal$4006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Michaelopoulos, PantelisAttorneys & law firms$8006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Michaelopoulos, PantelisAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Miller & ChevalierAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Miller, HaroldBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Miller, LaurieAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Miller, Lee LAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Miller, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Ron WydenDOR
      Milliman, James E MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Milliman, James E MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Moderate Democrats PacDemocratic/Liberal$5,0006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Moderate Democrats PacDemocratic/Liberal$2,1506/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Montana, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10David VitterRLA
      Mooney, Peter MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Moorad, Jeffrey SProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4006/30/10Kent ConradDND
      Moorad, Jeffrey SProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4006/30/10Kent ConradDND
      Moore, MinyonAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Morrison, Francis H IiiAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Morse, GailAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Mosbacher, DianeMotion Picture production & distribution$5006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mosca, Edward CAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Mosen, BarbaraDemocratic/Liberal$-7206/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Moskowitz, KeithAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Murgovan, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$1,0006/30/10Scott BrownRMA
      Nelson, Frederic CAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Neuman, Kenneth F MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Newkirk, MarthaDemocratic/Liberal$-2,4006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Newman, Jonathan SComputer software$2,4006/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Nichols, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nolan, Gary MrAttorneys & law firms$2,5006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Nossaman LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Robert CaseyDPA
      O'brien, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      O'hara, Christopher PAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      O'hara, Christopher PAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      O'hara, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      O'leary, G Michael MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10John McCainRAZ
      O'naghten, Juan T MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      O'shaughnessy, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Obrien, PatriciaComputer software$2006/30/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Obrien, Samuel GAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Charles GrassleyRIA
      Odom, BenjaminAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Olive, DavidComputer software$2506/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Olson, RitaAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Organ, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Ornitz, Richard MAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Ovadia, Daniel N MdDemocratic/Liberal$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Paquette, EricMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Parker, DavidAttorneys & law firms$8006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Parker, David MrAttorneys & law firms$8006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Parker, David MrAttorneys & law firms$8006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Parsons, Charles CAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Paul, Hastings Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5,0006/30/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Pearson, LouiseRecorded Music & music production$5006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Pernick, Norman LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Petty, Ross MAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Pfeiffer, Steven BAttorneys & law firms$1,1006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Pfeiffer, Steven BAttorneys & law firms$9006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Pincus, KathrynAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Pioli, JanetAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Pitchford, DeanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Plakon, D Scott MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Plevin, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Pool, LanceAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pratt, John S MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Price, FrankMotion Picture production & distribution$-2,4006/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Puri, Sanjay KComputer software$2,4006/30/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Quinn, SusannaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Ramos, MarcosAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Rasner, David SAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Reese, J Gilbert MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Reese, L H MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Regan, AmyDemocratic/Liberal$5006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Reiter, Joseph JAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/30/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Rhee, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Rhoades, Joseph JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Richardson, J L Mr IvAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Richman, ChadAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Richmond, AliceAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Roark, R ChrisDemocratic/Liberal$2006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Roberts, MarjorieAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Roberts, William Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Robinowitz, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Ron WydenDOR
      Robinson, Jill S ScharyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Robinson, William LAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Rohn, Lee JAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rosner, ArthurAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Rust, GaryBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$7,1756/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Rust, GaryBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,2756/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Rust, GaryBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$-2,2756/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Rust, GaryBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$-4,8006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Rutnik, Polly N EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Sachs, Robert L JrAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Safron, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Sankin, Kenneth LAttorneys & law firms$7506/30/10Charles SchumerDNY
      Sargant, ToddComputer software$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sasso, BillAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Savino, Robert LAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Savino, Robert L MrAttorneys & law firms$4006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Scanlon, Elsie a MrsAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Schlesinger, Robert LRecorded Music & music production$2,4006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Schlesinger, Robert LRecorded Music & music production$6006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Schon, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Schopf, William GAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Schottenstein, Zox & DunnAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Robert PortmanROH
      Schoville, DennisAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Schrey, SteveAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Schroeder, Michael J MrAttorneys & law firms$2406/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Schuler, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Schultz, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$7006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Schultz, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$7006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Schultz, Stephen M MrAttorneys & law firms$7006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Schultz, Stephen M MrAttorneys & law firms$7006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Schwartz, GaryAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Seymon, Pamela SAttorneys & law firms$7146/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Seymon, Pamela SAttorneys & law firms$7146/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Seymon, Pamela S MsAttorneys & law firms$7146/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Seymon, Pamela S MsAttorneys & law firms$7146/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Shannon, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Shea, SuzanneDemocratic/Liberal$2006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sheehan, Shaun M MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2506/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Sherman, JayneEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$6006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Sherman, JayneEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$4006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Shockley, Laurie MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Shockley, Rodney MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Sider, Martin DAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Simmons, John DAttorneys & law firms$2,0006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Simperman, Roy F MrComputer software$5006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Skiar, Martin D MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Sklar, Martin DAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Sklar, Martin D MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Slossberg, David aAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Smith, DianeAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Jon TesterDMT
      Smith, Kevin CAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Smith, Rodger DAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Smith, Victoria MaximoAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Chris CoonsDDE
      Smith, Virginia DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Daniel InouyeDHI
      Solovy, Jerold SAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Steckler, BruceAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stein, Gary MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Steinbach, Sheldon Elloit MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Steiner, R JamesAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Steinmetz, Christian GAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Michael CrapoRID
      Stetson, Eugene William IiiDemocratic/Liberal$1,0006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stevens, HerbertAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Strauss, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Stubbs, SidneyAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Sugarman, Carole MsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,5006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Sullivan, DanaAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Ron WydenDOR
      Summy, LennaAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sussman, MonicaAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Syington, S JohnAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Tannon, Jay MAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Taub, Philip BAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Taylor, Steven Bruce MrComputer software$2,4006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Terpak, Paul BAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Mark WarnerDVA
      Tipton, Jeffery R MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Tipton, Wesley R MrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Tolan, LeslieTV production & distribution$1,0006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tomao, SharonAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Tomao, SharonAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Tomao, Sharon MsAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Tomao, Sharon MsAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Trager, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Turner, ScottAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Turner, ScottAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Victor, Steven I MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Vu, LamAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wagner, Eric SAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Wagner, Eric SAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Wagner, Eric S MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Wagner, Eric S MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Wald, Johanna HAttorneys & law firms$2006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Walmsley, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10David VitterRLA
      Walsh, Dorothy aTelecommunications$5006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Walsh, Peter JAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Walsh, Thomas MAttorneys & law firms$2,4006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,5006/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Waxman, Seth PAttorneys & law firms$7006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Waxman, Seth PAttorneys & law firms$3006/30/10Michael BennetDCO
      Weaver, Wayne MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Weinberg, DavidRecorded Music & music production$5006/30/10Patrick LeahyDVT
      Welch, StevenMotion Picture production & distribution$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Weniz, MartinAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Westberry, Robert Kent MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Whelan, Stephen TAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Whelan, Stephen T MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Whittington, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Widger, Stanley W JrAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Wilcox, JustineAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Wilkins, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,4006/30/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Williams, David L MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Winters, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wittwer, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2106/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wixson, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wolff, Norris D MrAttorneys & law firms$2856/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      Wood, Richard J MrAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Worthington, Roger GAttorneys & law firms$1,5006/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Yeo, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$5006/30/10Ron WydenDOR
      Zachos, Kimon SAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Zack, Andrew M MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Zall, Richard JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2506/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Zochowski, Robert TAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Zochowski, Robert TAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Zochowski, Robert T MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Zochowski, Robert T MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0006/30/10Patrick ToomeyRPA
      48 Organizations Supported and 3 Opposed; See Which Ones

      Organizations that took a position on
      A Bill to Amend the Criminal Penalty Provision for Criminal Infringement of a Copyright, and for Other Purposes.

      48 organizations supported this bill

      American Federation of Musicians
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
      undersigned organizations (2011, May 17). AFTRA DGA IATSE and SAG Support S.978. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Artists Under the Dome.
      American Intellectual Property Law Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      American Photographic Artists
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Association of American Publishers
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Association of Independent Music Publishers
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      BSA - The Software Alliance
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      CBS Corporation
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Church Music Publishers Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Directors Guild of America
      undersigned organizations (2011, May 17). AFTRA DGA IATSE and SAG Support S.978. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Artists Under the Dome.
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Entertainment Merchants Association
      EMA (2011, June 15). ENTERTAINMENT MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION ENDORSES ENHANCED PENALTY FOR INFRINGEMENT BY STREAMING. Retrieved June 24, 2011, from Entertainment Merchants Association.
      Entertainment Software Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Global Intellectual Property Center
      GIPC (2011, June 16). Chamber Applauds Senate Action To Move Forward with Illegal Web Streaming Bill. Retrieved June 24, 2011, from Global Intellectual Property Center.
      Graphic Artists Guild
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Independent Film & Television Alliance
      IFTA (2011, May 12). IFTA & Creative Industry Coalition Lauds Bill to Make Illegal Streaming of Movies and TV a Felony. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Independent Film & Television Alliance.
      International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
      undersigned organizations (2011, May 17). AFTRA DGA IATSE and SAG Support S.978. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Artists Under the Dome.
      International Brotherhood of Teamsters
      undersigned organizations (2011, May 26). Joint Statement from AFM, AFTRA, DGA, IATSE, IBT and SAG Commending Senate Judiciary Committee Passage of the PROTECT IP Act. Retrieved June 24, 2011, from IATSE.
      Magazine Publishers of America
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Motion Picture Association of America
      Anderson, Nate (2011, May 16). New bill upgrades unauthorized Internet streaming to a felony. Ars Technica. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2011/05/new-bill-upgrades-unauthorized-internet-streaming-to-a-felony.ars.
      National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      National Association of Broadcasters
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      National Association of Theatre Owners
      IFTA (2011, May 12). IFTA & Creative Industry Coalition Lauds Bill to Make Illegal Streaming of Movies and TV a Felony. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Independent Film & Television Alliance.
      National Basketball Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      National Collegiate Athletic Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      National Music Publishers' Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      News Corporation
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Newspaper Association of America
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Picture Archive Council Of America
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Ppl & Vpl
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Professional Photographers Of America
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Professional School Photographers Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Recording Industry Association of America
      RIAA (2011, May 13). Senate Bill Calls For Tougher Penalties for Unlawful Streaming of Content. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from RIAA News Room.
      Reed Elsevier
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Screen Actors Guild
      undersigned organizations (2011, May 17). AFTRA DGA IATSE and SAG Support S.978. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Artists Under the Dome.
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Software & Information Industry Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Sony Pictures Entertainment
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Time Warner
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      U.S. Chamber of Commerce
      MPAA (n.d.). S. 978: The Commercial Felony Streaming Act. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Motion Picture Association of America.
      Ultimate Fighting Championship
      MPAA (n.d.). S. 978: The Commercial Felony Streaming Act. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Motion Picture Association of America.
      Universal Music Group
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Writers Guild of America, West
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.

      3 organizations opposed this bill

      Demand Progress
      Demand Progress (2011). URGENT: Congress Wants To Make Streaming A Felony. Retrieved June 17, 2011, from Demand Progress.
      Electronic Frontier Foundation
      Engleman, Eric (2011, June 16). Illegal Video Streaming Elevated to Felony Under Senate Bill. Bloomberg News. Retrieved June 24, 2011, from http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-06-16/illegal-video-streaming-elevated-to-felony-under-senate-measure.html.
      Hill, Brian D. (2011, June 6). Whitehouse to want Streaming Media of any copyrighted materials to be a felony. Retrieved June 17, 2011, from USWGO.

      Need proof?

      View citations of support and opposition

      Includes reported contributions to congressional campaigns of Senators in office during the 112th U.S. Congress, from interest groups invested in the vote according to MapLight, May 1, 2010 – June 30, 2010.
      Contributions data source: OpenSecrets.org

      Contributions by Legislator

      Namesort iconPartyState$ From Interest Groups
      That Supported
      $ From Interest Groups
      That Opposed
      Daniel K. AkakaDHI$0$0
      Andrew Lamar AlexanderRTN$2,500$0
      Kelly AyotteRNH$22,050$0
      John BarrassoRWY$-1,500$0
      Max BaucusDMT$3,500$0
      Mark BegichDAK$11,250$0
      Michael BennetDCO$134,329$23,026
      Jesse "Jeff" BingamanDNM$0$0
      Richard BlumenthalDCT$111,750$1,600
      Roy BluntRMO$61,625$0
      John BoozmanRAR$28,621$0
      Barbara BoxerDCA$241,922$78,830
      Scott BrownRMA$38,950$0
      Sherrod BrownDOH$10,100$1,000
      Richard BurrRNC$93,658$0
      Maria CantwellDWA$8,000$0
      Ben CardinDMD$13,850$0
      Tom CarperDDE$2,050$0
      Bob CaseyDPA$46,169$0
      Clarence Saxby ChamblissRGA$350$0
      Daniel CoatsRIN$100,121$0
      Tom CoburnROK$29,800$0
      William Thad CochranRMS$0$0
      Susan CollinsRME$2,000$0
      Gaylord Kent ConradDND$6,800$0
      Chris CoonsDDE$91,203$7,600
      Bob CorkerRTN$7,700$0
      John CornynRTX$12,350$0
      Mike CrapoRID$6,750$0
      Jim DeMintRSC$14,900$0
      Dick DurbinDIL$10,500$0
      Mike EnziRWY$0$0
      Dianne FeinsteinDCA$38,550$0
      Alan FrankenDMN$16,100$10,200
      Kirsten GillibrandDNY$195,974$12,400
      Lindsey GrahamRSC$4,400$0
      Chuck GrassleyRIA$65,750$0
      Kay HaganDNC$7,000$0
      Tom HarkinDIA$4,250$0
      Orrin HatchRUT$12,000$0
      Dean HellerRNV$7,500$0
      John HoevenRND$26,387$0
      Kay Bailey HutchisonRTX$0$0
      Jim InhofeROK$1,000$0
      Dan InouyeDHI$12,750$0
      Johnny IsaksonRGA$31,400$0
      Mike JohannsRNE$7,750$0
      Ron JohnsonRWI$10,000$0
      Tim JohnsonDSD$3,400$0
      John KerryDMA$1,500$0
      Mark KirkRIL$69,827$0
      Amy KlobucharDMN$60,868$0
      Herb KohlDWI$0$0
      Jon KylRAZ$3,500$0
      Mary LandrieuDLA$15,300$0
      Frank LautenbergDNJ$2,500$0
      Patrick LeahyDVT$30,006$13,175
      Mike LeeRUT$50,100$0
      Carl LevinDMI$0$0
      Joe LiebermanICT$10,200$0
      Dick LugarRIN$5,000$0
      Joe ManchinDWV$0$0
      John McCainRAZ$131,000$0
      Claire McCaskillDMO$10,800$2,400
      Addison "Mitch" McConnellRKY$11,500$0
      Bob MenéndezDNJ$82,950$0
      Jeff MerkleyDOR$13,198$0
      Barbara MikulskiDMD$31,891$500
      Jerry MoranRKS$12,533$0
      Lisa MurkowskiRAK$22,150$0
      Patty MurrayDWA$64,891$5,725
      Earl "Ben" NelsonDNE$13,400$0
      Clarence "Bill" NelsonDFL$61,150$250
      Rand PaulRKY$36,705$0
      Rob PortmanROH$55,050$0
      Mark PryorDAR$2,500$0
      John "Jack" ReedDRI$1,000$0
      Harry ReidDNV$380,258$15,850
      Jim RischRID$0$0
      Charles "Pat" RobertsRKS$5,250$0
      John "Jay" RockefellerDWV$8,500$0
      Marco RubioRFL$113,070$0
      Bernie SandersIVT$2,400$1,000
      Chuck SchumerDNY$183,100$8,200
      Jeff SessionsRAL$0$0
      Jeanne ShaheenDNH$5,591$0
      Richard ShelbyRAL$14,000$0
      Olympia SnoweRME$1,500$0
      Debbie StabenowDMI$30,100$0
      Jon TesterDMT$20,199$0
      John ThuneRSD$22,850$0
      Patrick ToomeyRPA$76,696$0
      Mark UdallDCO$4,550$0
      Tom UdallDNM$12,500$0
      David VitterRLA$42,900$0
      Mark WarnerDVA$33,050$4,800
      Jim WebbDVA$8,500$0
      Sheldon WhitehouseDRI$15,000$0
      Roger WickerRMS$5,250$0
      Ron WydenDOR$68,200$0

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      NamePartyState$ From Interest Groups
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      $ From Interest Groups
      That Opposed
      Daniel K. AkakaDHI$0$0
      Andrew Lamar AlexanderRTN$2,500$0
      Kelly AyotteRNH$22,050$0
      John BarrassoRWY$-1,500$0
      Max BaucusDMT$3,500$0
      Mark BegichDAK$11,250$0
      Michael BennetDCO$134,329$23,026
      Jesse "Jeff" BingamanDNM$0$0
      Richard BlumenthalDCT$111,750$1,600
      Roy BluntRMO$61,625$0
      John BoozmanRAR$28,621$0
      Barbara BoxerDCA$241,922$78,830
      Scott BrownRMA$38,950$0
      Sherrod BrownDOH$10,100$1,000
      Richard BurrRNC$93,658$0
      Maria CantwellDWA$8,000$0
      Ben CardinDMD$13,850$0
      Tom CarperDDE$2,050$0
      Bob CaseyDPA$46,169$0
      Clarence Saxby ChamblissRGA$350$0
      Daniel CoatsRIN$100,121$0
      Tom CoburnROK$29,800$0
      William Thad CochranRMS$0$0
      Susan CollinsRME$2,000$0
      Gaylord Kent ConradDND$6,800$0
      Chris CoonsDDE$91,203$7,600
      Bob CorkerRTN$7,700$0
      John CornynRTX$12,350$0
      Mike CrapoRID$6,750$0
      Jim DeMintRSC$14,900$0
      Dick DurbinDIL$10,500$0
      Mike EnziRWY$0$0
      Dianne FeinsteinDCA$38,550$0
      Alan FrankenDMN$16,100$10,200
      Kirsten GillibrandDNY$195,974$12,400
      Lindsey GrahamRSC$4,400$0
      Chuck GrassleyRIA$65,750$0
      Kay HaganDNC$7,000$0
      Tom HarkinDIA$4,250$0
      Orrin HatchRUT$12,000$0
      Dean HellerRNV$7,500$0
      John HoevenRND$26,387$0
      Kay Bailey HutchisonRTX$0$0
      Jim InhofeROK$1,000$0
      Dan InouyeDHI$12,750$0
      Johnny IsaksonRGA$31,400$0
      Mike JohannsRNE$7,750$0
      Ron JohnsonRWI$10,000$0
      Tim JohnsonDSD$3,400$0
      John KerryDMA$1,500$0
      Mark KirkRIL$69,827$0
      Amy KlobucharDMN$60,868$0
      Herb KohlDWI$0$0
      Jon KylRAZ$3,500$0
      Mary LandrieuDLA$15,300$0
      Frank LautenbergDNJ$2,500$0
      Patrick LeahyDVT$30,006$13,175
      Mike LeeRUT$50,100$0
      Carl LevinDMI$0$0
      Joe LiebermanICT$10,200$0
      Dick LugarRIN$5,000$0
      Joe ManchinDWV$0$0
      John McCainRAZ$131,000$0
      Claire McCaskillDMO$10,800$2,400
      Addison "Mitch" McConnellRKY$11,500$0
      Bob MenéndezDNJ$82,950$0
      Jeff MerkleyDOR$13,198$0
      Barbara MikulskiDMD$31,891$500
      Jerry MoranRKS$12,533$0
      Lisa MurkowskiRAK$22,150$0
      Patty MurrayDWA$64,891$5,725
      Earl "Ben" NelsonDNE$13,400$0
      Clarence "Bill" NelsonDFL$61,150$250
      Rand PaulRKY$36,705$0
      Rob PortmanROH$55,050$0
      Mark PryorDAR$2,500$0
      John "Jack" ReedDRI$1,000$0
      Harry ReidDNV$380,258$15,850
      Jim RischRID$0$0
      Charles "Pat" RobertsRKS$5,250$0
      John "Jay" RockefellerDWV$8,500$0
      Marco RubioRFL$113,070$0
      Bernie SandersIVT$2,400$1,000
      Chuck SchumerDNY$183,100$8,200
      Jeff SessionsRAL$0$0
      Jeanne ShaheenDNH$5,591$0
      Richard ShelbyRAL$14,000$0
      Olympia SnoweRME$1,500$0
      Debbie StabenowDMI$30,100$0
      Jon TesterDMT$20,199$0
      John ThuneRSD$22,850$0
      Patrick ToomeyRPA$76,696$0
      Mark UdallDCO$4,550$0
      Tom UdallDNM$12,500$0
      David VitterRLA$42,900$0
      Mark WarnerDVA$33,050$4,800
      Jim WebbDVA$8,500$0
      Sheldon WhitehouseDRI$15,000$0
      Roger WickerRMS$5,250$0
      Ron WydenDOR$68,200$0

      Interest Groups that supported this bill

      $ Donated
      Attorneys & law firms$2,404,809
      Book, newspaper & periodical publishing$238,295
      Computer software$204,882
      Entertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$110,450
      Professional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$103,350
      Motion Picture production & distribution$85,950
      Commercial TV & radio stations$63,000
      Recorded Music & music production$43,656
      General business associations$32,300
      Chambers of commerce$26,300
      TV production & distribution$22,750
      Teamsters union$11,500
      Entertainment unions$10,000
      Movie Theaters$3,900
      Printing and publishing (printed & online)$0

      Interest Groups that opposed this bill

      $ Donated
      Consumer groups$0
      Militias & Anti-Government Groups$0
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