S. 978 - A Bill to Amend the Criminal Penalty Provision for Criminal Infringement of a Copyright, and for Other Purposes.

Crime and law enforcement. 112th Congress (2011-2012) View bill details
A bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes. (by CRS) 
The bill has passed through committee and has been put on a legislative calendar. 
There have been no votes on this bill.

A Bill to Amend the Criminal Penalty Provision for Criminal Infringement of a Copyright, and for Other Purposes.

S. 978 — 112th Congress (2011–2012)

A bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes. (by CRS)
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A bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes.
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    Amy Klobuchar
    • Crime and law enforcement
    • Intellectual property
    • Internet and video services
    • Music
    • Sound recording
    • Television and film
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      Referred to Committee
      Bill History

      There have been no votes on this bill.

      5/12/2011Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
      Put on a legislative calendar6/16/2011Committee on the Judiciary. Ordered to be reported without amendment favorably.
      6/20/2011Committee on the Judiciary. Reported by Senator Leahy without amendment. Without written report.
      Put on a legislative calendar6/20/2011Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 77.
      6/22/2011Committee on the Judiciary. Hearings held.
      NumberSponsorDate OfferedStatus
      ContributorInterest groupAmountDatesort iconSenate memberPartyState
      Abrons, HenryDemocratic/Liberal$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Adler, Betsy BAttorneys & law firms$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Arnold, BurleighAttorneys & law firms$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Atkinson, GordonAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Barr, DuganAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baxley, Harold H JrAttorneys & law firms$5809/1/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Bingham Mccutchen LlpAttorneys & law firms$3,0009/1/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Birn, JeremyMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Blackmer, MarionDemocratic/Liberal$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Blair, MarkComputer software$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brotsky, DanielComputer software$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brown, VictoriaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Budd, DorothyAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/1/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Budd, Russell WAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/1/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Budd, Russell WAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/1/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Cameron, RuthRecorded Music & music production$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Caron, GlennTV production & distribution$2,4009/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Chittenden, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dantzler, LoniDemocratic/Liberal$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dardarian, Linda MAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Davis, Brian JDemocratic/Liberal$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Derevan, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Diliberto, Richard JrAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Dinardo, Nancy JDemocratic/Liberal$5009/1/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Dorsey & WhitneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/1/10John HoevenRND
      Doryland, MoniqueAttorneys & law firms$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dubb, HubertDemocratic/Liberal$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ellicott, John LAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Eskin, Sandra CDemocratic/Liberal$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Faris, Lynn RossmanDemocratic/Liberal$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fiedel, BradRecorded Music & music production$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Filippone, JeannetteAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fleming, Jean TarrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Flom, Katherine SAttorneys & law firms$4509/1/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Foose, MarieComputer software$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Forrest, ScottDemocratic/Liberal$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Frommer, ArthurBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Garcia, Domingo aAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/1/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Garcia, Domingo aAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/1/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Gatto, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Geers, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      George, Lavinia BAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gilbert, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gorovitz, EricAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gouge, Donald J JrAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Gruenberg, Joshua DAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Harper, William DAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/1/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Harris, Robert FDemocratic/Liberal$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Helmsen, Eric JTelecommunications$1,0009/1/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Heyman, ArthurDemocratic/Liberal$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hudson, Bruce LAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kahn, AlfredDemocratic/Liberal$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Karshmer, Barbara EAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Katzen, MollieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kunert, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kwatineta, JeffreyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lacy, SuzanneDemocratic/Liberal$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Leimbach, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lewis, Elizabeth BAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Lyon, TedAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/1/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Macfarlane, SethMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Madden, MickeyRecorded Music & music production$2509/1/10Al FrankenDMN
      Manning, KathyAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Marks, NancyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/1/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Mccalley, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Mcdonnell, MaryMotion Picture production & distribution$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mckenzie, KeriAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/1/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mclarty, Mary AliceAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Melnick, LainiAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Meoia, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Morehouse, David JProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,0009/1/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Morris, P KevinAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Myrick, Lynn MAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$3,0009/1/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Newell, Rosario VAttorneys & law firms$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Niewoehner, RachelAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nightingale, StevenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nye, BruceAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Oberty, Charles M IiiAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Painter, Robert BDemocratic/Liberal$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Parsons, Charles CAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pascal, HarryDemocratic/Liberal$2509/1/10Al FrankenDMN
      Pigott, JudyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/1/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Popolo, Joseph V JrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/1/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Quirk, EricAttorneys & law firms$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ramsey, JoeAttorneys & law firms$2009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Reiman, Roy J MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$4009/1/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Roe, Roger R JrAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Rosenbaum, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rosenthal, Brent MAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/1/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Rullman, CharlesDemocratic/Liberal$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Russo, Nancy D MoodyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/1/10Rob PortmanROH
      Sanders, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sands, Ada PAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Saville, Yvonne TakvorianAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Schuster, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Marco RubioRFL
      Sherwin, JuliaAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Simon, David HAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, ThomasProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,0009/1/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Streed, Mark DAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Taylor, Jill JDemocratic/Liberal$8009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Taylor, Susan MDemocratic/Liberal$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Terry, Steven JamesAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Thompson, R EAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Tom UdallDNM
      Timko, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Todzo, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tsujihara, KevinEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4009/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/1/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Watson, Timothy F SrAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10John BoozmanRAR
      Weiss, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Welinsky, Howard SMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0009/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Werner, KenMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Williams, TravisProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,0009/1/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Wittwer, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2109/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Woloshin, MelvynAttorneys & law firms$2509/1/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Woloson, Kenneth aAttorneys & law firms$5009/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wymer, John MrAttorneys & law firms$2009/1/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Zatz, LeslieDemocratic/Liberal$4009/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Allen, Yoko UeharaDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Artfa, Allan JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/2/10Mark R. WarnerDVA
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/2/10Jim DeMintRSC
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$-1,0009/2/10John CornynRTX
      Baumeister, MichelAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/2/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Bergthold, LaraDemocratic/Liberal$3009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Boorstein, JoanEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$3009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Boyd, David C MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/2/10Rand PaulRKY
      Brames, Arnold H MrAttorneys & law firms$4009/2/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Brickhouse, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/2/10Marco RubioRFL
      Brown, JaniceAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bubba, Joseph MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/2/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Bubba, Joseph MrAttorneys & law firms$3179/2/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Carvalho, Matthew aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/2/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cermak, John Frank JrAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Collins, Therese NDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Democrats in Sun City Palm DesertDemocratic/Liberal$2509/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dibble, Clifford TComputer software$2509/2/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Directors Guild of AmericaEntertainment unions$3,0009/2/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Directors Guild of AmericaEntertainment unions$2,0009/2/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Edenfield, James C MrComputer software$5009/2/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Eppsteiner, StuartAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fiddler, JerryComputer software$2,4009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Folse, Parker C IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Forster, Barbara LDemocratic/Liberal$2509/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gale, Daniel aDemocratic/Liberal$4009/2/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gill, Faisal MAttorneys & law firms$3009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Harris, AllenAttorneys & law firms$2509/2/10James M. InhofeROK
      Harwell, Marc HAttorneys & law firms$5809/2/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Helstrom, RoxaneDemocratic/Liberal$2509/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hernandez, Eugenio MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Marco RubioRFL
      Jenner & BlockAttorneys & law firms$3,0009/2/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Jenner & BlockAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/2/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Johnson, Charlene HaughtAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kaufmann, KurtAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Rob PortmanROH
      Kaufmann, Kurt MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Rand PaulRKY
      Kreindler, James PAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/2/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Lankford, SusanPrinting and publishing (printed & online)$2,4009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lubel, Lance HAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/2/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Mays, L LowryCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/2/10Marco RubioRFL
      Mcneese, John B IiiAttorneys & law firms$2409/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$5,0009/2/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$3,0009/2/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$3,0009/2/10Ron WydenDOR
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$2,5009/2/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$2,0009/2/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$2,0009/2/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$1,5009/2/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$1,0009/2/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Mountcastle, Kenneth F JrDemocratic/Liberal$2509/2/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,5009/2/10Roy BluntRMO
      Obringer, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$2509/2/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Odgers, GailAttorneys & law firms$2009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Petersen, F GregoryAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Philips, PeterBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/2/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pickens, J MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10John BoozmanRAR
      Porter, KenAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Pounian, Steven RAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/2/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Prichard, David MAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Marco RubioRFL
      Rebein, JoeAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Reibman, JoanDemocratic/Liberal$2509/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Reid, GaryBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/2/10James M. InhofeROK
      Retman, Frank HAttorneys & law firms$2509/2/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Rosser, Susan EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sackett, Morgan MEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Samuels, Jeffrey BAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/2/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Schulman, John aAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Harry ReidDNV
      Segal, Susan LAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Sheehy, John PatrickAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Shoemaker, James M JrAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Silver, AlanAttorneys & law firms$2509/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Starshak, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/2/10Mark KirkRIL
      Steel, John HAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/2/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Steffen, James RAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Stephan, BobAttorneys & law firms$2509/2/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Streisand, BarbraEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,8009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Thompson, DavidAttorneys & law firms$3009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Vaughan, Robin MrRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/2/10Rand PaulRKY
      Wade, Emily VDemocratic/Liberal$5009/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wildung, WendyAttorneys & law firms$5009/2/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Yen, Sophia MdDemocratic/Liberal$2509/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ajemian, ChrisComputer software$2509/3/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Alston, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5009/3/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Arkell, Mary EAttorneys & law firms$2509/3/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/3/10Mark KirkRIL
      Berendsen, DanielBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Blackburn, Troy aProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5009/3/10Rob PortmanROH
      Boigon, Howard LAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/3/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cookson, KimDemocratic/Liberal$3009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Craig, JoyceAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Culhane, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/3/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Donnell, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/3/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dyke, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Esserman, SanderAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/3/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Esserman, SanderAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/3/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Feldstein, Hydee MsAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/3/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Forman, Paula LBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/3/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Frank, Joel MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/3/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Frankel, GustiAttorneys & law firms$5009/3/10Richard BurrRNC
      Funderburk, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$3009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hablutzel, NancyAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/3/10Mark KirkRIL
      Hannifin, Bonnie DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/3/10Harry ReidDNV
      Helm, Robert WAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/3/10Rob PortmanROH
      Hoffman, SusannaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3009/3/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Holman, Christine MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/3/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Jonah, RebeccaAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kardous, Kal EPrinting and publishing (printed & online)$3009/3/10Richard BurrRNC
      Keadle, ElizabethDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kobor, GeorgeDemocratic/Liberal$5009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kopper, William DAttorneys & law firms$2009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kraus, Lisa VBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/3/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Krayer, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2509/3/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Larson, Steve DAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/3/10Ron WydenDOR
      Lebron-Dykeman, ChristineAttorneys & law firms$4009/3/10Tom HarkinDIA
      Malfeld, DianeAttorneys & law firms$5009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mccluskey, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$2509/3/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Mcerlane, James E MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/3/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Monaco, Sarah MrsEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4009/3/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$2,0009/3/10David VitterRLA
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$2,0009/3/10John HoevenRND
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$2,0009/3/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$2,0009/3/10Mark KirkRIL
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$2,0009/3/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$2,0009/3/10Richard BurrRNC
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$2,0009/3/10Rob PortmanROH
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$2,0009/3/10Roy BluntRMO
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$1,0009/3/10John ThuneRSD
      Newman, Nancy JAttorneys & law firms$2509/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Peterson, Jo AnneAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/3/10Ron WydenDOR
      Phelps, Thomas DAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/3/10Ron WydenDOR
      Rothschild, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2509/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sidley, MikeAttorneys & law firms$3009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Slovin, LauraBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stoffa, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/3/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Stoutimore, John RAttorneys & law firms$2509/3/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Tolles, MarthaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Turin, GeorgeDemocratic/Liberal$2509/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wagner, ValerieAttorneys & law firms$2509/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Webb, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$5009/3/10Harry ReidDNV
      Webb, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5009/3/10Richard BurrRNC
      Wendell, CarolAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Williams, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$2509/3/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Andrews, Lois GAttorneys & law firms$2509/4/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Arnason, Jon YardAttorneys & law firms$9009/4/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Baker, AlisaAttorneys & law firms$2509/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hughes, James MAttorneys & law firms$2509/4/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Shorey, Clyde EDemocratic/Liberal$2509/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cohen, HilaryAttorneys & law firms$5009/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goodell, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$2509/5/10Harry ReidDNV
      Goodell, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$2509/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Goodell, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$2509/5/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Palermo, MarkRecorded Music & music production$2509/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Atsinger, Edward G Mr IiiCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4009/6/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Bonney, Larry J MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/6/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Carey, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5009/6/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Crudo, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/6/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Flaxwan, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Franken, KatherineEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/6/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Franken, NicholasEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/6/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gordon, JasonAttorneys & law firms$5009/6/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Guerke, I BarryAttorneys & law firms$5009/6/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Hardy, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2509/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jones, David AllenCommercial TV & radio stations$5009/6/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Knapp, JosephComputer software$1,0009/6/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Lopez, Jorge L MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/6/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Macdonald, Alex HAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/6/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Mcnall, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5009/6/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Phillips, MarkAttorneys & law firms$5009/6/10Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Plastiras, BasilAttorneys & law firms$2509/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Powers, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5009/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Prevallet, MarthaAttorneys & law firms$5009/6/10John BoozmanRAR
      Rosenfeld, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5009/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rubell, PaulMotion Picture production & distribution$2009/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Scudder, Charles aBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/6/10Ron WydenDOR
      Taft, EllenDemocratic/Liberal$5009/6/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Williams, Charles HAttorneys & law firms$5009/6/10Lindsey GrahamRSC
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$4,0009/7/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/7/10Al FrankenDMN
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/7/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/7/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/7/10John D. Rockefeller, IVDWV
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/7/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/7/10Richard J. DurbinDIL
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/7/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Bennett, Robert SAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bergstrom, HansBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/7/10Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Brannan, Kirk L MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/7/10Rand PaulRKY
      Bush, LauraBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$6009/7/10Roy BluntRMO
      Chatterjee, AnirvanDemocratic/Liberal$5009/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Churchill, KimAttorneys & law firms$2009/7/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cousins, William MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/7/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Davis, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2509/7/10Ron WydenDOR
      Do, WilliamComputer software$2509/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dolan, StephenComputer software$5009/7/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Douglas, Charles G IiiAttorneys & law firms$2509/7/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Drakulich, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$6009/7/10Dean HellerRNV
      Eisberg, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Endres, JamesAttorneys & law firms$6009/7/10Dean HellerRNV
      Epstein, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2509/7/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Erb, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2009/7/10Tom HarkinDIA
      Frankovich, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/7/10Dean HellerRNV
      Groome, MalcolmTV production & distribution$2509/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hackett, Mary JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/7/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Hart, Mark IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/7/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Hollis, LeeAttorneys & law firms$2509/7/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Howell, Lembhard GAttorneys & law firms$5009/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Illig, CliffComputer software$1,0009/7/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Keeney, SarahDemocratic/Liberal$2509/7/10Ron WydenDOR
      Kern, AlisonBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/7/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kern, AlisonBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/7/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kilian, Michael R MrComputer software$2509/7/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Kolish, Richard JAttorneys & law firms$3009/7/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Krug, Stephan J DmdDemocratic/Liberal$3009/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kuckelman, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2509/7/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Lenz, Kelly MrCommercial TV & radio stations$2509/7/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Littman, JonathanEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5009/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Magnusson, Robert MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/7/10Marco RubioRFL
      Magrath, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$6009/7/10Dean HellerRNV
      Manes, StephenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/7/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mcdermott, Mark MDemocratic/Liberal$2509/7/10Patty MurrayDWA
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$2,5009/7/10John McCainRAZ
      O'neil, David GAttorneys & law firms$2509/7/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Paxton, David MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/7/10Rand PaulRKY
      Peterson, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2509/7/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Piedra, CristinaAttorneys & law firms$5009/7/10Marco RubioRFL
      Poitevent, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$2509/7/10David VitterRLA
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/7/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$2,0009/7/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,5009/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,0009/7/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,0009/7/10Roger F. WickerRMS
      Rosenblum, Scott SAttorneys & law firms$5009/7/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Rosenthal, RickMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/7/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Russo, F William MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/7/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Small, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$4009/7/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Snyder, Daniel MProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4009/7/10Rob PortmanROH
      Spix, George aComputer software$2509/7/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      St Onge, BillAttorneys & law firms$5009/7/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Starshak, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2509/7/10Marco RubioRFL
      Tabash, Edward ZAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Van Dyke, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2509/7/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Wilkas, MaureenAttorneys & law firms$2509/7/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Wong, TimothyComputer software$2509/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Alphonse, Rene SComputer software$2509/8/10Kay R. HaganDNC
      Alphonse, Rene SComputer software$2509/8/10Kay R. HaganDNC
      Baskin, Richard JAttorneys & law firms$5009/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Blamey, Jeanne CAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bowers, Q DavidBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/8/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Budd, DorothyAttorneys & law firms$-2,4009/8/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Burris, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Buzbee, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Chatzinoff, HowardAttorneys & law firms$8509/8/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Chatzinoff, HowardAttorneys & law firms$4009/8/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Christman, Laura JAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cohen, Louis RAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cozen & O'connorAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Dadzie, Joseph GComputer software$2009/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Daly, BruceDemocratic/Liberal$2509/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Deininger, NeilAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10John BoozmanRAR
      Donner, KennethAttorneys & law firms$5009/8/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Drakulich, Kathleen MAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Droppert, V MarcAttorneys & law firms$5009/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Drumm, Peter H MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/8/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Dufner, Daniel G JrAttorneys & law firms$1,6609/8/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Elizondo, HectorMotion Picture production & distribution$5009/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fitzgerald, Kathleen TAttorneys & law firms$3009/8/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Francis, Michelle VAttorneys & law firms$1,4009/8/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Glotzer, LizMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Goldstein, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$5009/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gray, Harris & RobinsonAttorneys & law firms$5,0009/8/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hamre, AustinAttorneys & law firms$5009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Harmelin, Stephen MrAttorneys & law firms$8009/8/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Helm, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/8/10Mark BegichDAK
      Kasdan, LawrenceEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kay, DanAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kozlov, Hersh MrAttorneys & law firms$7509/8/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Kramer, Albert HAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Kritzer, StuartAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kurtz-Phelan, James LAttorneys & law firms$1,2009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kwan-Rubinek, VeronikaMotion Picture production & distribution$5009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Labarre, ScottAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Levin, Bradley aAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Levin, Scott LAttorneys & law firms$1,2009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lifton-Zoline, PamelaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lindley, TomAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/8/10Ron WydenDOR
      Little, Darlene DDemocratic/Liberal$2009/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      London, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mclachlan, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Morgan, Joan WheelerBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$6009/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Morisset, Schlosser Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5009/8/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2509/8/10Mark BegichDAK
      Nielsen, Jan CAttorneys & law firms$5009/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$5009/8/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Paradise, Gregory JAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Pelosi, ChristineAttorneys & law firms$4009/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Riehl, Charles TAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10Rob PortmanROH
      Riordan, Robert P MrAttorneys & law firms$3009/8/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Robenberg, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rockefeller, LarryAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rockefeller, LarryAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Rowe, Nicole MarieComputer software$1,5009/8/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Schachman, Stephen MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/8/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Selway, PhilipDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shapiro, LindaAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10Roy BluntRMO
      Skinner, William PAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Smith, Douglas JDemocratic/Liberal$2009/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, Frank MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/8/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Soroko, John J MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/8/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Stockel, Susan RAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Story, Steven L MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/8/10Rand PaulRKY
      Taylor, Phyliss CAttorneys & law firms$3009/8/10Kay R. HaganDNC
      Taylor, Phyliss CAttorneys & law firms$3009/8/10Kay R. HaganDNC
      Thompson Hine LlpAttorneys & law firms$3,0009/8/10Rob PortmanROH
      Tonkon TorpAttorneys & law firms$3,5009/8/10Ron WydenDOR
      Vucicevic, DusanAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10Mark KirkRIL
      Vucicevic, DusanAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10Mark KirkRIL
      Wagner, LindaDemocratic/Liberal$5009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Weak, PatriciaDemocratic/Liberal$5009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Webb, DanAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/8/10Mark KirkRIL
      Wheeler, StephanieAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      White, James F JrAttorneys & law firms$2509/8/10Rob PortmanROH
      Wimmer, William JAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$-1,0009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Aurbach, Leigh aAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bailey, Charles RAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/9/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Becker, JaniceComputer software$5009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Beveridge, Miriam GelberAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Beveridge, Norwood P JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Blackwood, Carolyn MarksMotion Picture production & distribution$1,4009/9/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Blackwood, Carolyn MarksMotion Picture production & distribution$6009/9/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Blecher, Maxwell MAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Branscomb, Lewis BDemocratic/Liberal$5009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brian, BradAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Burg, KathrynAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Carpenito, Stephen MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Carter, ZacharyAttorneys & law firms$1,4009/9/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Cartwright, Robert E JrAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cavalli, StevenAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cerner CorpComputer software$5,0009/9/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Chaffin, Terre CBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/9/10Tom CoburnROK
      Chini, MarcTV production & distribution$3509/9/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/9/10John HoevenRND
      Coleman, John PAttorneys & law firms$2509/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cooper, CareyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Mark KirkRIL
      Corwin, Bruce CMovie Theaters$5009/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dow Lohnes PllcAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Earhart, Anne GDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Elliott, John PAttorneys & law firms$6009/9/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Elliott, John PAttorneys & law firms$4009/9/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Entz, StewartAttorneys & law firms$2509/9/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Fox, HerbAttorneys & law firms$2509/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gage, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gilardi, Dennis aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Gross, Marvin SAttorneys & law firms$2509/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gwilliam, GaryAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Haje, PeterAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Hardy, Dean aAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Harmon, Frank Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$2509/9/10Rand PaulRKY
      Holder, LisaAttorneys & law firms$2509/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Horn, Maria PAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Husch Blackwell LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/9/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Husch Blackwell LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/9/10Tom HarkinDIA
      Judelle, Elise FAttorneys & law firms$2509/9/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kaufmann, KurtAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10Mark KirkRIL
      Lane, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lenfestey, SusanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Liu, Carol JDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Luster, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/9/10David VitterRLA
      Maher, Michael CAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/9/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mccarron, Claudia DAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$2509/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Miller, HaroldBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/9/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Mills, Jason DAttorneys & law firms$2509/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Miyamoto, GervinAttorneys & law firms$2009/9/10Daniel K. InouyeDHI
      Morris, Robert FAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Nalbantlan, Edward JAttorneys & law firms$1,4009/9/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Norene, Luther MrAttorneys & law firms$4009/9/10Rand PaulRKY
      Nossaman LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      O'melveny & MyersAttorneys & law firms$5,0009/9/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Pinker, EricAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10David VitterRLA
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,0009/9/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,0009/9/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,0009/9/10Mark UdallDCO
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,0009/9/10Pat RobertsRKS
      Robbins, Larry EAttorneys & law firms$9909/9/10Richard BurrRNC
      Robinson, Mark P JrAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Roche, John J MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Rossiter, Peter LAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/9/10Mark KirkRIL
      Rothman, Thomas EMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Schwartzer, Lenard EAttorneys & law firms$2509/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sherman, Jonathan HenryAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/9/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Silverberg, MaxelAttorneys & law firms$2509/9/10David VitterRLA
      Skidmore, JoelDemocratic/Liberal$2509/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Streisand, BarbaraEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/9/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Taylor, Shirley RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$6009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Teamsters Local 830Teamsters union$5009/9/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Timmons, SandraDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Topik, StevenDemocratic/Liberal$5009/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Vaughn, Thomas DAttorneys & law firms$2509/9/10Roy BluntRMO
      Vertolli, KimberlyAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10Mark KirkRIL
      Welsh, Diane MAttorneys & law firms$1,6009/9/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Welsh, Diane MAttorneys & law firms$4009/9/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Wright, Bradfield F MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10Rand PaulRKY
      Yoss, HarrisonAttorneys & law firms$5009/9/10David VitterRLA
      Allison, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2509/10/10John BoozmanRAR
      Anzalone, William F SrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Attias, ElaineDemocratic/Liberal$2,1909/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Barkan, Randall IAttorneys & law firms$2509/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bernstein, George K MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Rand PaulRKY
      Bickel, Nancy KDemocratic/Liberal$5009/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bird, AlpineAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Bird, Donald JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Burke, Kathleen MAttorneys & law firms$5009/10/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Burns, J ScottAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/10/10Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Butera, Michael IAttorneys & law firms$5009/10/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Cannon, Ernest HAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Castellino, Joseph FAttorneys & law firms$2509/10/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Cgi-AmsComputer software$2,5009/10/10James M. InhofeROK
      Chamber of Commerce/Pittsburgh AirportChambers of commerce$1,0009/10/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Cheney, Robert P JrAttorneys & law firms$2509/10/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Cheng, CheereiComputer software$5009/10/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cleary, Joseph TAttorneys & law firms$5009/10/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Cloud, Sanford JrAttorneys & law firms$2509/10/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Cottrell, FrederickAttorneys & law firms$5009/10/10Jeff SessionsRAL
      Crowder, FloydAttorneys & law firms$2009/10/10Mark KirkRIL
      Dean, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$2509/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Democratic Women of the DesertDemocratic/Liberal$5009/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Democratic Women of the DesertDemocratic/Liberal$1859/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dunham, David W MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/10/10Rand PaulRKY
      Durham, Mary LAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/10/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Freeman, Lee a JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Jon TesterDMT
      Ganong, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$2009/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Greenfield, LeonAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hills, Carla aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Rob PortmanROH
      Hisert, George a JrAttorneys & law firms$2009/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hoegen, Molly MAttorneys & law firms$5009/10/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Hoopes, John G MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/10/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Jansson, Peter NAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/10/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Jung, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Katz, RaymondDemocratic/Liberal$5009/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Keesal, Samuel a JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Jon TesterDMT
      Kelly, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Jon TesterDMT
      Knox, Brian VBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/10/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Leet, BruceDemocratic/Liberal$2509/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lesho, James T EsqAttorneys & law firms$2509/10/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Lubel, Lance HAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ludman, NeilAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Marcus, Edward LAttorneys & law firms$5009/10/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Mays, L LowryCommercial TV & radio stations$5009/10/10John BoozmanRAR
      Mays, PeggyCommercial TV & radio stations$5009/10/10John BoozmanRAR
      Mcclaskey, VeronicaDemocratic/Liberal$2009/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcdonough, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Mark KirkRIL
      Muckle, Melanie JulianAttorneys & law firms$5009/10/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Nocito, Frank WAttorneys & law firms$5009/10/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Nyhus, Roger FDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/10/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Ortiz, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pesch, Roland HDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Philips, PeterBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$-5009/10/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pine, NormanAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pletcher, TonyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Raby, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5009/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rastello, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rolfe, Ronald SAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/10/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Starshak, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Stidham, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Jon TesterDMT
      Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/10/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Viacom International IncEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,5009/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Viacom International IncEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/10/10Richard BurrRNC
      Viacom International IncEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/10/10Roger F. WickerRMS
      Waltonsmith, AnnDemocratic/Liberal$5009/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Weisbecker, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2009/10/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Bixler, JoshuaComputer software$1,0009/11/10Harry ReidDNV
      Black, Kevin TBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/11/10Rob PortmanROH
      Black, Kevin TBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/11/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Emanuel, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2509/11/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Michakpoulos, PantelisAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/11/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Sheehy, GailBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3219/11/10Ron WydenDOR
      Ashton, StaceyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/12/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Blank, OwenAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/12/10Ron WydenDOR
      Cooper, RobinDemocratic/Liberal$5009/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Faruqi, NadeemAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/12/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Fresco, VictorTV production & distribution$5009/12/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Friese, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/12/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Gaddis, LarryAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Godfrey, Joseph FMotion Picture production & distribution$5009/12/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Goldstein, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/12/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Howell, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$2509/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kief, Garry CEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4009/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Leet, BruceDemocratic/Liberal$2509/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Levy, Susan EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/12/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mcdermott, LaraAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/12/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Neuner, LynnAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/12/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Perroni, Samuel aAttorneys & law firms$5009/12/10John BoozmanRAR
      Supple, J RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/12/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Tripp, Susan EDemocratic/Liberal$5009/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tyshow, JakeAttorneys & law firms$2509/12/10Marco RubioRFL
      Watterson, Paul N JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/12/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Adolfsen, Louis GAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Armstrong, RosemaryAttorneys & law firms$2689/13/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Baker, Matthew J MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Rand PaulRKY
      Balestri, Ray aAttorneys & law firms$2009/13/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Beers, Lorraine HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2009/13/10John ThuneRSD
      Benedek, MelindaMotion Picture production & distribution$3509/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bennett, TerrenceAttorneys & law firms$2509/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Bentley SystemsComputer software$2,5009/13/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Bentley SystemsComputer software$2,0009/13/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Bentley SystemsComputer software$1,0009/13/10Marco RubioRFL
      Birnbaum, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2509/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Blanton, Joseph MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Briggs, RobinComputer software$5009/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Brinton, DeliaDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brodsky, David MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Buechner, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Rob PortmanROH
      Calabrese, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Caplin, CandaceMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Caroselli, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$3009/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Carter, Edward JrAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Chatzinoff, HowardAttorneys & law firms$1,2509/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Connolly, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Cozen & O'connorAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/13/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Cracken, John R WAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Davis, Frank T Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Democratic Women of the DesertDemocratic/Liberal$1009/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Devita, David W MrAttorneys & law firms$2009/13/10Rand PaulRKY
      Dewey & LeboeufAttorneys & law firms$5,0009/13/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Donatelli, Robert EAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Epstein, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2509/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Evans, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Feinberg, KarenDemocratic/Liberal$5009/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ferguson, Michael L MrAttorneys & law firms$2009/13/10Marco RubioRFL
      Gatewood, James C MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      George, Lavinia BAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gerschwer, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$2509/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Gilpin, M Tyson JrAttorneys & law firms$2509/13/10Mark R. WarnerDVA
      Goram, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$1,2509/13/10John CornynRTX
      Gray, J CharlesAttorneys & law firms$1,0689/13/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Gray, Richard MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Gross, John FAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Guerke, IAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Hansen, Craig GAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/13/10Rob PortmanROH
      Harris, RobertaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/13/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Hayes, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2009/13/10Tom HarkinDIA
      Henninger, UrsulaAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Richard BurrRNC
      Hurt, Mark a MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/13/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Kimmel, Morton RAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Larus, JamesComputer software$5009/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Laudon, DavidComputer software$2509/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Leonard, C KevinAttorneys & law firms$2509/13/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Loewenstern, KarenDemocratic/Liberal$2509/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lubel, Lance H MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Maiwurm, James JAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/13/10Rob PortmanROH
      Maloney, Andrew J IiiAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mays, L LowryCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/13/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Mcafee IncComputer software$1,0009/13/10Ron WydenDOR
      Mcnight, Thomas KAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Jim WebbDVA
      Munkelt, Stephen AlanAttorneys & law firms$2009/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Murray, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Myrick, Lynn MAttorneys & law firms$2509/13/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      O'melveny & MyersAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Oliver, Bert R MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/13/10Marco RubioRFL
      Ortner, Charles BAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/13/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Papenfuss, JerryCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4009/13/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Parks, Doug MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/13/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Peterson, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Tom HarkinDIA
      Prichard, David MAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Raitt, BonnieRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ream, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Reiling, Robert C JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Rendell, Edward GAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rodolf, Stephen MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Romanucci, AntonioAttorneys & law firms$2899/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Rosenberg, J DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Rob PortmanROH
      Rosenblum, ScottAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Russ, Michael C MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Saunders, Margaret EDemocratic/Liberal$2,0009/13/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Saunders, Margaret EDemocratic/Liberal$6009/13/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Saunders, Margaret EDemocratic/Liberal$-6009/13/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Sendak, Timothy R MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/13/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Smith, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$5009/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Straus, SandorDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Stroock, Stroock & LavanAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Mike LeeRUT
      Tettlebaum, Harvey M MrAttorneys & law firms$1,8009/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Title, Daena EDemocratic/Liberal$5009/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tucker, Nathaniel MrComputer software$2509/13/10Rand PaulRKY
      Univision CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/13/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Vincent, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/13/10Rob PortmanROH
      Webb, William Gregory GAttorneys & law firms$2509/13/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Weinstein, HarveyMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Weinstein, HarveyMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Weinstein, RobertMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Weinstein, RobertMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Willding, John a IiiAttorneys & law firms$2009/13/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Allie, John H MrAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/14/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Alston & BirdAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Arnold, KurtAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Aurbach, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$7009/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Baker & HostetlerAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baron, Steven TAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/14/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Barrack, LuiseAttorneys & law firms$5009/14/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Beren, Daniel MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/14/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Bergan, Michael FAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Bogatz, I ScottAttorneys & law firms$3509/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Boone, W DanielAttorneys & law firms$5009/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Budd, DorothyAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/14/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Budd, DorothyAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/14/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Clements, MilesAttorneys & law firms$-2,4009/14/10David VitterRLA
      Clements, MilesAttorneys & law firms$-2,4009/14/10David VitterRLA
      Cohen, LaurenceAttorneys & law firms$1,4009/14/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Cohen, LaurenceAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/14/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Contino, VictoriaAttorneys & law firms$6009/14/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Contino, VictoriaAttorneys & law firms$4009/14/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Cordo, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Cordo, AnnAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Curry, Anthony TAttorneys & law firms$5009/14/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Curry, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5009/14/10Richard BurrRNC
      Dailey, CalvinCommercial TV & radio stations$5009/14/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Davis, Steven HAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/14/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Dewey & LeboeufAttorneys & law firms$5009/14/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/14/10Mitch McConnellRKY
      Eychaner, FredBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,9009/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Fabbro, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5009/14/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Falvey, James CTelecommunications$5009/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Farrell, Joseph M JrAttorneys & law firms$4509/14/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Farrell, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$9069/14/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Fields, GeoffreyAttorneys & law firms$2009/14/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Fleishman, SusanMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0009/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gates, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Graham, ElliotMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hinman, William HAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/14/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Hostler, Carl EAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/14/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hostler, Stanley MAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/14/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hughes, Jan DilsAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/14/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Janis, Ronald HAttorneys & law firms$5009/14/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kennedy, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Killian, J KeithAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Knox, MelburnDemocratic/Liberal$2509/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Krieger, MichaelBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Krill, John Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Kummer, Thomas FAttorneys & law firms$5009/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lehrer, ThomasRecorded Music & music production$1,4009/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Levin, Michael EAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/14/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Levin, Michael EAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/14/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Lin, MichaelBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0009/14/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mahon, Brian TAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Marsh, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Rob PortmanROH
      Marshall, Dan aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/14/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Mcgonigal, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$5009/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Melikian, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/14/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mitnick, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/14/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mitnick, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/14/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Morrison, Eric M MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0009/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/14/10Jon TesterDMT
      Neale, William R MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/14/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Norcross, John D MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Rand PaulRKY
      Oman, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$5009/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0009/14/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Paynter, L Scott MrAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/14/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Pringle, KateAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Quinn, Susanna MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$2,0009/14/10Ben NelsonDNE
      Rakalowicz, JosephAttorneys & law firms$5009/14/10Rob PortmanROH
      Rich, Emily PlattAttorneys & law firms$3009/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rieber, JohnTV production & distribution$5009/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rieber, JohnTV production & distribution$5009/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Riegel, DeborahAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Roesch, Paul R JrAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Rutkowski, James MAttorneys & law firms$5009/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Schwartz, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2529/14/10Mike LeeRUT
      Shapiro, David WAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shapiro, KennethAttorneys & law firms$6009/14/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Shapiro, KennethAttorneys & law firms$4009/14/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Shenker, Cynthia DAttorneys & law firms$6009/14/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Shenker, Cynthia DAttorneys & law firms$4009/14/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Smart, Donald CDemocratic/Liberal$2509/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sony Pictures EntertainmentMotion Picture production & distribution$1,5009/14/10Olympia J. SnoweRME
      Stevens, CarolAttorneys & law firms$2009/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stewart, Richard W MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Strickroot, John MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Marco RubioRFL
      Susman, EllenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Swartz, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5009/14/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Thompson, BrendaAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Rob PortmanROH
      Weinstein, ShiraAttorneys & law firms$3009/14/10Rob PortmanROH
      Wexler, NatalieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,0009/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      White, Tamela JAttorneys & law firms$4509/14/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Whitlow, Mark C MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Rand PaulRKY
      Winkel, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2509/14/10Dean HellerRNV
      Woo, Shirley aAttorneys & law firms$5009/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wysocki, David LAttorneys & law firms$2009/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7509/15/10Kay R. HaganDNC
      Alexander, WynneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3009/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Altenhofen, CraigAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Bacon, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Beckler, LaurenceAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Berke, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/15/10John HoevenRND
      Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/15/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Cahen, Helene aDemocratic/Liberal$4,8009/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Carson-Selman, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Cederquist, GaryComputer software$5009/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Chalmers, Walton M IiAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Chames, AdamAttorneys & law firms$1,4009/15/10Richard BurrRNC
      Charmoy, ScottAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Cheerva, Michael MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Citron, Roger DAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cooper, JennaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3009/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cox, StephenComputer software$2509/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Crane, JanetDemocratic/Liberal$2009/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Davis, VicAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Diprima, FrankAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Diprima, Frank PAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dolin, Mitchell FAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dunn, H Stewart JrAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Durham, MaryAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/15/10Mark KirkRIL
      Edwards, Mark MrAttorneys & law firms$3009/15/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Foster, HowardAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/15/10Mark KirkRIL
      Fox, Allan MAttorneys & law firms$-6009/15/10Orrin G. HatchRUT
      Frick, AnnDemocratic/Liberal$1,4009/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Friedler, Joseph PAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Gertz, John MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Goldman, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Mark KirkRIL
      Grix, Henry MAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Groom Law GroupAttorneys & law firms$1,9009/15/10Rob PortmanROH
      Groom Law GroupAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/15/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Hafter, Ruth aDemocratic/Liberal$2509/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Haile, NancyAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Heftman, Ronald NAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Mark KirkRIL
      Henry, KeithAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Hillenburg, KarenMotion Picture production & distribution$5009/15/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Houck, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$2009/15/10John ThuneRSD
      Houser, KristinAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Husch Blackwell LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/15/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Hutchens, Hilton JrAttorneys & law firms$9909/15/10Richard BurrRNC
      Itkin, JasonAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/15/10Mark R. WarnerDVA
      Kadash, DianaAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kennedy, GretchenComputer software$2509/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kirsch, Mimi KEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5009/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lefevre, Edmund a JrTV production & distribution$7509/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Levine, HenryAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Liederman, CarlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/15/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/15/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Lytton, Sheldon HAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mataconis, Douglas MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Rand PaulRKY
      Mccaleb, ScottAttorneys & law firms$3009/15/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Mcconnell, RichardAttorneys & law firms$3009/15/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Mcguire, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Miller, Robert MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10John McCainRAZ
      Millner, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Mark KirkRIL
      Morrin, Robert TAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Muehlberger, James PAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Navin, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$3009/15/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Nichols, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Oakley, Thomas aCommercial TV & radio stations$5009/15/10John D. Rockefeller, IVDWV
      Parks, EricDemocratic/Liberal$2009/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0009/15/10Mark KirkRIL
      Peterson, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/15/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/15/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Protass, HarlanAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Quinn, Timothy RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ramos, Marcos aAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Rogers, Paul VAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ross, Frank J JrAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Rower, Mary CalderRecorded Music & music production$2509/15/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Santen, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/15/10Rob PortmanROH
      Schneider, FritzComputer software$2509/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Seitz, Collins J JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Somers, Eric SAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Struebing, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Stuary, Flora Templeton MsAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Rand PaulRKY
      Tait, JanetBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Thompson, Kimberly MDemocratic/Liberal$3009/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Thompson, TerrenceChambers of commerce$5009/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Troutman SandersAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/15/10Tom CoburnROK
      Troutman SandersAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Troutman SandersAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Tuthill, WalterAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Usher, CharleneAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Viacom International IncEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/15/10Mitch McConnellRKY
      Webber, ThomasBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/15/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Weinstein, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/15/10Rob PortmanROH
      Wetherall, Gregory M MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/15/10Rand PaulRKY
      Wilson, TaylorAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Wisch, Charles JAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Witten, Roger MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wong, BensonAttorneys & law firms$2509/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Woodburn, JeremyAttorneys & law firms$7009/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Yamaguchi, Scott MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/15/10Rand PaulRKY
      Adams & ReeseAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/16/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Areaux, RaymondAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10David VitterRLA
      Baird, Charles JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10Rob PortmanROH
      Baird, Charles J MrAttorneys & law firms$1,2509/16/10Rand PaulRKY
      Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$4469/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Becker, BenAttorneys & law firms$3009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bierley, John CAttorneys & law firms$2689/16/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Blust, LarryAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bolen, Richard JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10Rob PortmanROH
      Braddock, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10James M. InhofeROK
      Brennan, PamAttorneys & law firms$3009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Burgess, Bill W JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/16/10James M. InhofeROK
      Burgess, Brad WAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/16/10James M. InhofeROK
      Burstein, KarenAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Cannon, SandraAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Chase, MarthaAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cherry, Myron MAttorneys & law firms$1,4009/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Citron, Rodger DAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Clayton, Kenneth M MrAttorneys & law firms$2009/16/10Marco RubioRFL
      Connell Foley LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/16/10Robert MenendezDNJ
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$5,0009/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Decarlo, Donald TAttorneys & law firms$2009/16/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Desgrosseilliers, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Diamond, RoyAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10Mark KirkRIL
      Dodge, Donald FComputer software$2009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Donati, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      English, David KDemocratic/Liberal$2009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Frankman, Leland JAttorneys & law firms$3009/16/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Gates, WilliamComputer software$2,0009/16/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gelt, HowardAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Goldman, Jon D MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Griffin, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hall, CamdenAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Haxall, DouglasComputer software$2009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Haynie, Douglas R MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Haythe, Thomas MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Hopkins, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10Ron WydenDOR
      Hosken, JeromeDemocratic/Liberal$2509/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hubbard, Karen HCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/16/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Isaacson, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kleinman, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$2009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kranz, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kwangett, Mei-LinAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lakhdhir, LindaAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Ledes, RichardMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lee, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10Mark KirkRIL
      Livek, RobinComputer software$2,4009/16/10Ron WydenDOR
      Livek, William PComputer software$2,4009/16/10Ron WydenDOR
      Loewenstern, KarenDemocratic/Liberal$2509/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Loewenstern, KarenDemocratic/Liberal$2509/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lyon, JimComputer software$2509/16/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Madden, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcerlean, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$3009/16/10Mark KirkRIL
      Mcfall, Donald BAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10John BoozmanRAR
      Mielke, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Morris, Joseph WAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10James M. InhofeROK
      Mosbacher, DianeMotion Picture production & distribution$4,8009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Moses, Alfred HAttorneys & law firms$2009/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Nuechterlein, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Nutting, Ogden MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/16/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      O'brennan, KevinRecorded Music & music production$2509/16/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Orr, SaraAttorneys & law firms$3009/16/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pellicane, EvelynRecorded Music & music production$2509/16/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Reed Smith LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Russell, C Joseph MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Rust, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/16/10Mark KirkRIL
      Salmons, David MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Santos, Herb J JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sellers, Judy BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Singer, RobertEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2509/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, Julius CAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Smith, Thomas SProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,0009/16/10John BoozmanRAR
      Sony Pictures EntertainmentMotion Picture production & distribution$2,5009/16/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Sony Pictures EntertainmentMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sprayregen, JoelAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/16/10Mark KirkRIL
      Stephson, AmyAttorneys & law firms$2009/16/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10John ThuneRSD
      Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Strauss, RandallAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sublett, Charles MAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10James M. InhofeROK
      Tolan, LeslieTV production & distribution$1,0009/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Torrey, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Warren, BruceAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Weeks, R AlanAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10James M. InhofeROK
      Weinstock, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10David VitterRLA
      Weiss, LeslieAttorneys & law firms$5009/16/10Mark KirkRIL
      Wood, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Zimmerman, Edwin MAttorneys & law firms$2509/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Zolna, Jacie CAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Abrams, RonnieAttorneys & law firms$5009/17/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Adams, Mary EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/17/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Anderson, Jeffrey RAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ashley, Mitchel HAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Bader, SethAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Bagen, Gregory WAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Barth, Steven R MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Beatty, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Bernstein, Arnold IAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Black, James IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Mike LeeRUT
      Blank, HeleneAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Blank, MatthewMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/17/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Bollinger, MauraDemocratic/Liberal$2,0509/17/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Brecker, Jeffrey RAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Brennan, Michael BAttorneys & law firms$5009/17/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Burnett, J HenryEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cbs CorpTV production & distribution$1,0009/17/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Chatrath, SandeepAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Clark, James CChambers of commerce$2509/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Clark, Roger EAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Clayton, WalterAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Mike LeeRUT
      Cohen, Orin JAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Cohodas, NadineBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cullen, BrendanAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Mike LeeRUT
      D'ammora, Victor JAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Danner, BlytheMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Deixler, EllenDemocratic/Liberal$2509/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dem Campaign Council of Ventura CountyDemocratic/Liberal$3509/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Democratic Women of the DesertDemocratic/Liberal$309/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dibona, Peter D EsqAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Dill, J AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$2009/17/10Roy BluntRMO
      Dittenhoefer, Marc MAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Dobrovolny, Frank G MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Rand PaulRKY
      Dowling, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Mike LeeRUT
      Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Rob PortmanROH
      Eidman, Michael KAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Farrar, Frank LAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Farrell, Paul T SrAttorneys & law firms$4509/17/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Fier, Jonathan aAttorneys & law firms$5009/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Flume, Rick MrAttorneys & law firms$2009/17/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Fox, RichardMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0009/17/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Frame, William LAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/17/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Frankel, Stephen HAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Freed, MarionBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Friedman, PhilAttorneys & law firms$5009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gamache, Nicholas W MrComputer software$5009/17/10Rand PaulRKY
      Gardy, Craig EsqAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Gehlbach, Mark HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/17/10Marco RubioRFL
      Giudici, James CAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Goncalves, BrianAttorneys & law firms$3009/17/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Gordon, Steven LAttorneys & law firms$4009/17/10Marco RubioRFL
      Gottfried, Eric EsqAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Greenberg, AlanAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Greenstein, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Grennan, Kevin TAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Habib, DavidComputer software$1,0009/17/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hancock, HerbertRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Harmelin, Stephen JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hecht, Jordan DAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Henderson, John MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Hurley, Erin KAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Janus, Michael EAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Johns, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Johnson, Jerry Alan MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/17/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Kalis, Peter MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Kamen, HarryDemocratic/Liberal$1,5009/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kaufman, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kayser, Thomas CAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kelley, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kilpatrick, Charles MAttorneys & law firms$3009/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Klein, MarciTV production & distribution$2,4009/17/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Koh, SteveAttorneys & law firms$2009/17/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kreinces, Matthew RAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Kresman, David JAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Lafave, CynthiaAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Leichter, AlexandraAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Levine, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Marchelos, SteveAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Marks, AmandaRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      May, C Kent MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/17/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      May, Peter WAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/17/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mccarthy, Michael SAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Meredith CorpBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/17/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Meredith CorpBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/17/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Meredith CorpBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/17/10Richard BurrRNC
      Meredith CorpCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/17/10Roy BluntRMO
      Miller, John B MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Marco RubioRFL
      Mionis, Gary MAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Mironis, PeterAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Monaco, Joseph DAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Monaghan, Brian DAttorneys & law firms$5009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Moran, John T JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Moran, Marilyn aAttorneys & law firms$1,8009/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Moverman, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Napoli, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Nguyen, H Q EsqAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      O'neill, Thomas P IiiAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Paris, Jason LAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Parry, LloydAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Pavlakos, OlgaAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Pentecost, William Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Petersen, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Mark KirkRIL
      Peterson, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$5009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Max BaucusDMT
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Richard J. DurbinDIL
      Popolo, Joseph V JrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/17/10Marco RubioRFL
      Resnick, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Richards, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$7509/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rick, IgorAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Ronemus, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Sandman, Daniel MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Sangary, SvitlanaAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Schultz, BarbaraAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/17/10Mark KirkRIL
      Schwartz, ScottAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Setareh, BenjaminAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Smith, Douglas JDemocratic/Liberal$5009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, Thomas SProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,5009/17/10Marco RubioRFL
      Stein, Joshua NAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Stillman, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Tauscher, BrianAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Taylor, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Vinson & ElkinsAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Max BaucusDMT
      Vinson & ElkinsAttorneys & law firms$8009/17/10John BoozmanRAR
      Vinson & ElkinsAttorneys & law firms$8009/17/10Rand PaulRKY
      Vinson & ElkinsAttorneys & law firms$8009/17/10Rob PortmanROH
      Vinson & ElkinsAttorneys & law firms$8009/17/10Roy BluntRMO
      Volk, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Waterbury, David EAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Weaver, Tyler SAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Webb, William Gregory MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Rand PaulRKY
      White, Geoffrey VAttorneys & law firms$5009/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Whitney, SearleDemocratic/Liberal$2509/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wiles, James MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Rob PortmanROH
      Williams, David L MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Wilten, Caroline BTelecommunications$2009/17/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wilten, Thomas JTelecommunications$2009/17/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wolinetz, Scott aAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Yusaf, a AliAttorneys & law firms$2509/17/10Ron WydenDOR
      Zirinis, Basil IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/17/10Mike LeeRUT
      Anderson, Lawrence aAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/18/10Jon TesterDMT
      Colbo, KimberleeAttorneys & law firms$2509/18/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Dow Lohnes PllcAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fay, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/18/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Fiamma, Stephen EAttorneys & law firms$2509/18/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Gentges, Daniel WAttorneys & law firms$5009/18/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Humphreys, James NAttorneys & law firms$2509/18/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Humphreys, James N L MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/18/10Rand PaulRKY
      Leung, Robert W MrAttorneys & law firms$-2,4009/18/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Lewis, Caryn M MrChambers of commerce$2509/18/10Rand PaulRKY
      Lynch, JohnMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0009/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Monkman, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/18/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Norris, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2509/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rothman, Jay OAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/18/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Soukup, Martha CBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stern, David JProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4009/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Stern, Dianne BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Swindlehurst, Joseph TAttorneys & law firms$5009/18/10Jon TesterDMT
      Trautner, KevinAttorneys & law firms$2509/18/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Wehle, BrendaMotion Picture production & distribution$5009/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Williams, David M MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/18/10Rand PaulRKY
      Wood, Susannah CBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Wyss, Craig RComputer software$5009/18/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Alexander, AltheaDemocratic/Liberal$3459/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Andreas, Russell DComputer software$2509/19/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Bash, Alec SDemocratic/Liberal$2509/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bell, HarryAttorneys & law firms$5009/19/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Brown, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Burnett, NancyDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Caplan, SarahEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2509/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Davis, KathleenDemocratic/Liberal$5009/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Farber, Jake JAttorneys & law firms$5009/19/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Fisher, Scott aAttorneys & law firms$2509/19/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Fogel, MarcComputer software$2509/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Friedman, PhilAttorneys & law firms$5009/19/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Gaudet, Monique MAttorneys & law firms$5009/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Gerstein, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/19/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Gould, HowardBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Graham, Mary BAttorneys & law firms$3009/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Greenberg, DianeAttorneys & law firms$2509/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jackier, Lawrence SAttorneys & law firms$5009/19/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Jonah, Rebecca EAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/19/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Kelly, Peter DAttorneys & law firms$5009/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kleiman, GaryAttorneys & law firms$1,2009/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Luth, GregoryDemocratic/Liberal$2509/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mulka, LindaDemocratic/Liberal$2509/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Persons, Oscar N MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/19/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Rice, Edward HAttorneys & law firms$5009/19/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Royal, CarlAttorneys & law firms$2509/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Schneider, ZoeTelecommunications$3009/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Solomon, AndrewBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Sousa, EmileeAttorneys & law firms$5009/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Sousa, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$1,9009/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Sousa, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$5009/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Spix, GeorgeComputer software$2509/19/10Marco RubioRFL
      Spix, GeorgeComputer software$2509/19/10Roy BluntRMO
      Spix, George aComputer software$2509/19/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Steven, VictoriaDemocratic/Liberal$2509/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Trevino, MarcAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Wanderer, John PAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Weisbrod, Carl MAttorneys & law firms$5009/19/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Weiser, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Welinsky, Howard SMotion Picture production & distribution$5009/19/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Wetherall, Gregory MAttorneys & law firms$2509/19/10Mike LeeRUT
      Williams, ChristineAttorneys & law firms$3509/19/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Yhann, StephanComputer software$2509/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Abney, Lee M MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Alter, Linda LeeDemocratic/Liberal$2509/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Anderson, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Anderson, Pamela JAttorneys & law firms$3509/20/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Andry, AllainAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10David VitterRLA
      Angelos, ChristinaAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Mark KirkRIL
      AscapRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/20/10Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Atkeson, Helen ClarkAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Barnett, William T JrAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Richard BurrRNC
      Barresi, James JAttorneys & law firms$1,4009/20/10Rob PortmanROH
      Barton, KennethAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/20/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Baskin, Stuart JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Baumann, Julian H JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Belinfante, Josh MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Benenson, BillEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4009/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Benenson, LaurieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Berning, BruceAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Ron WydenDOR
      Bickel, NancyDemocratic/Liberal$2509/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Blume, Eugenia MDemocratic/Liberal$3009/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Browne, Caroline CDemocratic/Liberal$5009/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Bucholtz, Harold RAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bucholtz, Harold RAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Buck, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Burton, Brandon JAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cain, Monty LAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Callahan, H Patrick MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Carey, Robert LAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Ron WydenDOR
      Chase, Andrew GoldbergRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Chase, ChevyMotion Picture production & distribution$1,4009/20/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Chase, Jeffrey AllenAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Deluca, Aaron JAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Democratic Women of the DesertDemocratic/Liberal$3,0009/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Democratic Women of the DesertDemocratic/Liberal$3539/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Democratic Women of the DesertDemocratic/Liberal$1509/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Democratic Women of the DesertDemocratic/Liberal$1509/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Democratic Women of the DesertDemocratic/Liberal$669/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Democrats of Greater RiversideDemocratic/Liberal$1009/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Desert Foundation for DemocracyDemocratic/Liberal$5009/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dibble, CliffordComputer software$2509/20/10Mark KirkRIL
      Donovan, DanAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Durand-Goldberg, DominiqueRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Dutton-Sinrich, Jeanne MAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Fabbro, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Mark KirkRIL
      Foley, Stephen P MrAttorneys & law firms$9009/20/10Rand PaulRKY
      Foster, Chad MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/20/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Galen, Morris JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Ron WydenDOR
      Gimpel, Anneliese MrsComputer software$3009/20/10Rand PaulRKY
      Goedert, PaulaAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Mark KirkRIL
      Goldberg, AlexanderComputer software$5009/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Greenberg, Gary L MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Rand PaulRKY
      Greeson, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Griggs, ShawnAttorneys & law firms$4009/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hammert, John KAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hastings, ToniAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Haugen, GaryAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hays, William HDemocratic/Liberal$5009/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hershey, Loren WAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/20/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Holland & HartAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/20/10Mike CrapoRID
      Howard, NeilAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Iani, L JohnAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Jones, James RAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Jones, KarenAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Karp, Alexander CComputer software$2,4009/20/10Rob PortmanROH
      Kaufman, William HAttorneys & law firms$2009/20/10Rob PortmanROH
      Kundtz, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Laguna Woods Democratic ClubDemocratic/Liberal$4009/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lee, David M MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Rand PaulRKY
      Lese, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Leung, Robert WAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/20/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Lycett, Barbara aDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Maclean, LeslieAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Manatt, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Manchester, Robert a IvAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mansbach, B ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Marinis, Thomas P Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$8009/20/10Rand PaulRKY
      Mendelsohn, Allan IAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Miller, Bruce aAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Morse, SaulAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Mark KirkRIL
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nelson, SharonAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Nossaman LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/20/10Tim JohnsonDSD
      Nossaman LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,9009/20/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Nossaman LlpAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Nutting, G OgdenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/20/10Roy BluntRMO
      Packhurst, JudyChambers of commerce$2009/20/10Roy BluntRMO
      Patman, Carrin FAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Peterson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/20/10Mark KirkRIL
      Plummer, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10David VitterRLA
      Quehm, MarkhamAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Reasoner, Harry MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ruttum, KurtAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/20/10Ron WydenDOR
      Saulenas, MartyDemocratic/Liberal$3009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Schneier, Betsy D RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Scott, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Mike LeeRUT
      Seeder, Myron MAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Shaw, GregoryComputer software$5009/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shickich, BarbaraAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Shickich, JosephAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Shore, RobertComputer software$5009/20/10Mark KirkRIL
      Shuman, Stephen KAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/20/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Silverstein, Audrey MrsAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Skerritt, Daniel HAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Ron WydenDOR
      Smith, SuzelleAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Soros, JeffreyMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/20/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Spix, GeorgeComputer software$2509/20/10Mark KirkRIL
      Spix, GeorgeComputer software$2509/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Sprung, Jeffrey TAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Statman, AlanAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Roy BluntRMO
      Steefel, Joelle SBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stephenson, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Mark KirkRIL
      Stern, David JProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Stern, David JProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4009/20/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Stern, Dianne BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sugarman, BurtEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,0009/20/10John ThuneRSD
      Teich, HowardAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Trimpa, Ted JAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Van Dyke, Jeff PComputer software$2,0009/20/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Van Dyke, Jeff P MrComputer software$2,0009/20/10Rand PaulRKY
      Vassar, William a IiiAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Ron WydenDOR
      Vertolli, KimberlyAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Mark KirkRIL
      Wallace, Barron FAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/20/10Mike LeeRUT
      Warnock, JohnComputer software$2,4009/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Webb, William GregoryAttorneys & law firms$2509/20/10Mike LeeRUT
      Wheeler, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Saxby ChamblissRGA
      White, EdAttorneys & law firms$3009/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wilson, KristineAttorneys & law firms$5009/20/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/20/10Rand PaulRKY
      Yaffe, Brooke aAttorneys & law firms$1,7509/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Yaffe, D EliotAttorneys & law firms$1,7509/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Yaffe, S AlexAttorneys & law firms$1,7509/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Abraham, William J Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/21/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Alper, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Amato, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/21/10David VitterRLA
      Baker Botts LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10John ThuneRSD
      Barber, RobAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Baugher, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bennett, StuartAttorneys & law firms$2,2509/21/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Black, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Boberschmidt, Philip F MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Brady, Jennifer GimlerAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Brown, PrestonAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Brown, Timothy T MrCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Brownstein, SunnyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Burge, David J MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Burke, Kathleen MAttorneys & law firms$1,9009/21/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Buttenwieser, Sarah WBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cahen, Helene aDemocratic/Liberal$-2,4009/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cannon, BedfordAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Richard BurrRNC
      Cartwright, Matthew aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Cerner CorpComputer software$5,0009/21/10Roy BluntRMO
      Chase, Andrew M GoldbergRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Clark, Susan NoraMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cohen, Nancy LAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cohen, Stephen aComputer software$2,4009/21/10Rob PortmanROH
      Cooper, Ethna EsqAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Rob PortmanROH
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Croyle, J MarciaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/21/10Robert MenendezDNJ
      Croyle, J MarciaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/21/10Robert MenendezDNJ
      Danneman, George JAttorneys & law firms$7509/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Downes, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Durand-Goldberg, DominiqueRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Ebert, Sutton LChambers of commerce$4959/21/10Richard BurrRNC
      Eisbrouch, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2009/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Evangelakos, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Feldman, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/21/10Richard BurrRNC
      Fredman, Steven MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Fury, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,1509/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Fury, StevenAttorneys & law firms$4009/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gannett, Robert T MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Gettings, Nathan DComputer software$2,4009/21/10Rob PortmanROH
      Giuffra, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Goldberg, Jon HAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Grossman, JeromeAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Handzlik, Anthony JAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Harrington, William HDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Harris, MitchellAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Hubbard, Stanley SCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/21/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$1,0009/21/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$1,0009/21/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Jacobson, EliAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      James, BruceAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      James, Bruce a MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Johnston, R Harvey Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Rand PaulRKY
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Kamela, William CComputer software$5009/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kerrick, Thomas N MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Rand PaulRKY
      Klein, Daniel LAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Korb, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Kriss, David S MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Kubin, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lathrop & GageAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/21/10Roy BluntRMO
      Latner, Betty S RhodesDemocratic/Liberal$2009/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lee, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Leebern, Donald M JrAttorneys & law firms$2189/21/10Mike CrapoRID
      Leinsdorf, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lessner, MartinAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Luger, Andrew MAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Magazine Publishers of AmericaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/21/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Mason, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Maxtone-Graham, IanMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0009/21/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mccurry, BruceAttorneys & law firms$2009/21/10Roy BluntRMO
      Mcginley, Paul aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Monroe, Richard EAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Moon, MarjorieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$7509/21/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Morgan, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Murphy, Emily WTelecommunications$2009/21/10John ThuneRSD
      Murphy, FrancisAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Murphy, John GChambers of commerce$2509/21/10Rob PortmanROH
      Nash, ShirleyDemocratic/Liberal$2509/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0009/21/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/21/10Richard BurrRNC
      Nevin, Hugh Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Nickerson, Sheila BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$9009/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Niebler, John HAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Novack, BarryAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Nutting, OgdenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/21/10Mark KirkRIL
      O'hara, Richard LAttorneys & law firms$3009/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Robert MenendezDNJ
      Odom, BenjaminAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Olivera, EduardoAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Olson, RobertAttorneys & law firms$3309/21/10Rob PortmanROH
      Paris, AdamAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Pestana, JohnComputer software$2,4009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Pettus, Drew DAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Powers, William B MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Prokop, LoriAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Recording Industry Assn of AmericaRecorded Music & music production$2,5009/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Recording Industry Assn of AmericaRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Reilly, Eileen aAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Rein, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Riley, Carol C MsAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Roberts, Donald PAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Romines, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/21/10Roy BluntRMO
      Rose, RobertBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ross, Frank JrAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/21/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Schrier, Evan JComputer software$2509/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Solomon, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Solomon, KennethCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Sony Pictures EntertainmentMotion Picture production & distribution$1,5009/21/10Orrin G. HatchRUT
      St Onge, Diane Murray MsAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Rand PaulRKY
      Tamaki, BlaineAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Teegarden, Theodore PatrickAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Time WarnerEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5,0009/21/10Roy BluntRMO
      Van Dyke, JeffComputer software$2,0009/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Vullo, Joseph LAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Warner Music GroupRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Weber, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Wheeler, StephanieAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Wolf, Jamie G RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/21/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Wright, Ruth MAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Young, Stuart BAttorneys & law firms$2009/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Zarky, AlanAttorneys & law firms$2509/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Zell, MatthewBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/21/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Zuckerman, JuliaAttorneys & law firms$5009/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Alfred, KevinAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Allen, Julie MAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Allison, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2009/22/10John BoozmanRAR
      Alston & BirdAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/22/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Richard BurrRNC
      Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Barroway, Andrew LAttorneys & law firms$2,3209/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bennett, Bryce H MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Beshar, SarahAttorneys & law firms$4009/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Bibb, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$2009/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Bochanis, George TAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Boos, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Boyle, HughDemocratic/Liberal$2009/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brecher, Elliot MrTV production & distribution$1,0009/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Brodsky, CarlDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Burdick, Brian L MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Caldwell, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cauthen, Florence MAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/22/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Cbs CorpTV production & distribution$1,0009/22/10Richard BurrRNC
      Chalken, Frank DAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Rob PortmanROH
      Chanin, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Chanin, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Chao, CedricAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Chase, Andrew M GoldbergRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cheng, ClaudineAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Chervin, TheodoreEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$9009/22/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Chilester, Robert MrCommercial TV & radio stations$2009/22/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0009/22/10Olympia J. SnoweRME
      Cloud, IanAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cloud, IanAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cloud, IanAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cloud, IanAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cohen, BarbaraBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Cohen, David MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Cooney, John P JrAttorneys & law firms$4009/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Costello, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/22/10Roy BluntRMO
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Directors Guild of AmericaEntertainment unions$5,0009/22/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Donaldson, Bruce D MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Downey, Wallace EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/22/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Dugan, James CAttorneys & law firms$8009/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Durand-Goldberg, DominiqueRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Edelstone, GaryAttorneys & law firms$4009/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Eichler, KellyAttorneys & law firms$2009/22/10John BoozmanRAR
      Eiseman, Byron MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10John BoozmanRAR
      Everett, David FAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Eyer, JosephAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Ganz, HowardAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Garry, Timothy a MrAttorneys & law firms$2009/22/10John McCainRAZ
      Gemunder, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/22/10Rob PortmanROH
      Gilbert, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goldstein, Gordon MAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Grier, Elizabeth MsTV production & distribution$1,0009/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Hall, Richard J MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Harkins, RyanComputer software$2509/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Harrington, Ronald GAttorneys & law firms$2009/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Harrington, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hayes, Pamela DAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Herman, Russ MAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Daniel K. InouyeDHI
      Hopper, Jeffrey a MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Hormel, JayDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Huffman, William H IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hui, HelenAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Italian American Dem Leadership CouncilDemocratic/Liberal$5009/22/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Jackson, Lee WAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Kearney, JudeAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Keller, Jason MrTV production & distribution$1,0009/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/22/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Kelly, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kelly, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kendrick, Michael GAttorneys & law firms$3339/22/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Klinger, Alan MAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Klingler, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Mike LeeRUT
      La Canada Flintridge Democratic Club Democratic/Liberal$5009/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Larsen, KristiComputer software$2509/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lau, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Lauer, EliotAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10John BoozmanRAR
      Leonard, Thomas a MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Levin, Adam KAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Lindemann, Barbara TrentAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lynton, MichaelMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lyon, BretComputer software$2509/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Magnum, DaveCommercial TV & radio stations$2509/22/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Marchena, Marcos R MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Marco RubioRFL
      Marro, FredericAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Marco RubioRFL
      Marshall, MarkBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$6009/22/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Mason, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Mark KirkRIL
      Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/22/10Mitch McConnellRKY
      Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Roy BluntRMO
      Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/22/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Mcneice, CarolynAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Michaels, MelissaDemocratic/Liberal$5009/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Michaelson, Alvin S EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$2,5009/22/10John ThuneRSD
      Miller, MichaelCommercial TV & radio stations$5009/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mitchell, Donald CAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mitnick, Howard MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2,5009/22/10Jim DeMintRSC
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0009/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0009/22/10John ThuneRSD
      Natl Assn of Shareholder/Consumer AttysAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      New, Paul MrAttorneys & law firms$2009/22/10John McCainRAZ
      O'keefe, Jo AnnaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2689/22/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,0009/22/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Pepper Hamilton LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Pillsbury, Winthrop Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Pressler, H Paul IiiAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Pullum, J Stephen MrAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/22/10Marco RubioRFL
      Rawle, RichardComputer software$2,0009/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Reynolds, Charles WAttorneys & law firms$2009/22/10John BoozmanRAR
      Robertson, JeannetteAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10John BoozmanRAR
      Rogers, Romney CAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Sampson, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Silbermann, Christopher GreggEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4009/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Simpson, B Alan MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Rand PaulRKY
      Stewart, Thomas LAttorneys & law firms$3339/22/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Sullivan, BryanAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Tharp, Kevin N MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Tomback, Andrew EAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Tufte, EdwardBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Uhrig, HaroldAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Marco RubioRFL
      Uhrig, JanetAttorneys & law firms$5009/22/10Marco RubioRFL
      Us Chamber of CommerceChambers of commerce$5,0009/22/10Mark KirkRIL
      Viacom International IncEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,0009/22/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Viacom International IncEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/22/10David VitterRLA
      Wagner, LindaDemocratic/Liberal$5009/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Waldrep, Charlie DAttorneys & law firms$3339/22/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Wiegratz, Wyon FAttorneys & law firms$2509/22/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Yerman, FredricAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/23/10Dean HellerRNV
      Aleman, Alyson RAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ansell, Denise PAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ayeroff, JeffreyDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Balestri, RayAttorneys & law firms$2009/23/10Roy BluntRMO
      Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Baumann, Frederick JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Beck, John WinslowAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Beck, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Beezley, Allan CAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Benge, MalcolmAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Bergsma, StephanieCommercial TV & radio stations$5009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bernard, Christopher DAttorneys & law firms$2,3829/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Bickel, NancyDemocratic/Liberal$2509/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Bieder, Richard a EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,3139/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Black, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Marco RubioRFL
      Bloss, William MAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Blut, JeromeAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Dean HellerRNV
      Bogin, BonnieEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,2509/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Rob PortmanROH
      Bracken, JComputer software$2509/23/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10John HoevenRND
      Bucholtz, Harold RAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Campbell, Jennifer MdDemocratic/Liberal$2509/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Casper, Stewart M EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Cohen, BobAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cohen, Bruce FAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Cohen, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Connolly, Dennis FAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Coplan, Dave JAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/23/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Corwin, Bruce CMovie Theaters$2009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$5,0009/23/10Rob PortmanROH
      Currier, Sue aComputer software$2009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Daschle, Nathan TDemocratic/Liberal$2,0009/23/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Davis-Aleman, JamieAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      De Toledo, VictoriaAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Dinardo, Nancy JDemocratic/Liberal$5009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Dwoskin, DorothyComputer software$9009/23/10Rob PortmanROH
      Elk, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Eyer, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Fellman, KennethAttorneys & law firms$2009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Fernicola, PabloComputer software$5009/23/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Finegan, P ColeAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Fleiss, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Fraser, Nancy EAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Fricklas, MichaelEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Friedman, Bruce aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fristrom, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$5009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gauron, Paul R MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/23/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Golden, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gregg, James JAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Gross, David MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,0009/23/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Grossbard, AlanEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Grossbard, Pamela FTV production & distribution$1,0009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Heller, DonnaAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Hellmuth, William FDemocratic/Liberal$2009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Helmholz, ScottAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Mark KirkRIL
      Helstrom, RoxaneDemocratic/Liberal$5009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Heyman, ArthurDemocratic/Liberal$2509/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Horwitz, James D EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,3299/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Houghteling, SignaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hunegs, CraigMotion Picture production & distribution$5009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hutchison, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Dean HellerRNV
      Intl Alliance Theatrical Stage EmployeesEntertainment unions$2,6009/23/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Intl Alliance Theatrical Stage EmployeesEntertainment unions$2,5009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jarin, Ken MAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/23/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Johansen, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Jolin, MicheleDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kadzik, Peter JAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Kanan, GregAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kara, Henry MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Kaufman, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kaufman, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kerr, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/23/10Richard BurrRNC
      Kreloff, LoriAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Laney, LeroyComputer software$5009/23/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lawless, Barbara aAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lee, BillAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lee, Charles TAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Lee, David MAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Leoni, DianeAttorneys & law firms$1,4009/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Leoni, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Lichtenstein, Joel HAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Linkletter, Karen ERecorded Music & music production$5009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Macfarland, Lanning JrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2009/23/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Magazine Publishers of AmericaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/23/10Roger F. WickerRMS
      Mahlowitz, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Maverick, EmilyDemocratic/Liberal$5009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mays, L LowryCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/23/10Roy BluntRMO
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$2509/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Meisenkothen, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Meister, Stephen B JrAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/23/10Marco RubioRFL
      Meyer, BarryMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Morgan, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Ron WydenDOR
      Nastri, Kathleen LAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Nelson, PeterMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Newberger, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,5009/23/10Roy BluntRMO
      Nicholas, Jeffrey CAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      O'toole, Nell DAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Oracle CorpComputer software$2,5009/23/10Ron WydenDOR
      Orton, John RAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Pastore, Joseph M IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Paul, Gregory MMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Perry, Duane JAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Perry, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Pessner, Kirk AlanAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pittenger, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Ponvert, Antonio IiiAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Prichard, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Roy BluntRMO
      Ransford, Doris M MsChambers of commerce$2509/23/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Ray, Michael DDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Re, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Richards, MichaelComputer software$5009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Roberts, William Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2009/23/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Rogovin, John aMotion Picture production & distribution$2,0009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Schenkman, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Schmidt, EdmundAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Schur, JordanRecorded Music & music production$2509/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Schwartz, AmitaiAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sheehy, WilliamEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2509/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shelsby, GilbertAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Shelsby, Laurie AnnAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Sherman, Cary HRecorded Music & music production$5009/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Singer, David MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Stephens, NancyMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Stockel, EricAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Swartz, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Tabit, Louis RAttorneys & law firms$5009/23/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Tolmach, MatthewMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Tolmach, PaigeMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Tracy, D RAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Mark KirkRIL
      Traub, MarjorieDemocratic/Liberal$2,0509/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tsujihara, KevinMotion Picture production & distribution$2,0009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Valenti, CourtenayMotion Picture production & distribution$5009/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Voboril, Joseph SAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Ron WydenDOR
      Vrandenburg, PatriciaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Waller, Peter WEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$3509/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Walsh, DorothyTelecommunications$2509/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Weiner, Gerald TAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Whitman, SaraBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/23/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Wilding, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2009/23/10Roy BluntRMO
      Williams, John GarrettDemocratic/Liberal$3009/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Yanes, RaulAttorneys & law firms$2509/23/10Rob PortmanROH
      Zerkle, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/23/10Mark KirkRIL
      Allchin, Catherine MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/24/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Allchin, JimRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/24/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Angelo, JackMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/24/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Bacon, DorothyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Daniel K. InouyeDHI
      Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Belin, Carl a Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Berger, Max WAttorneys & law firms$3589/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Berner, Robert LAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Boehly, ToddAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Borkowski, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Boudart, Mary CAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Boykin, Richard RAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bozzi, John PAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Brown Rudnick LlpAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Budd, Russell WAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Cannon, Ernest HAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/24/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Cannon, Ernest HAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/24/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Cappellanti, Ellen SAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Carbone, Mark WAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Carrie, Gunther MrAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/24/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Chase, Andrew M GoldbergRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cohen, LaurenceAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Collier, Darren CAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Collier, Darren CAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Conlon, Kevin JAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Corwin, BruceMovie Theaters$2509/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Delaura, Scott CAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Dempsey, Timothy MAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Denton-Davis, BronwenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/24/10Al FrankenDMN
      Denton-Davis, BronwenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Deutsch, AlvinAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Dreyfuss, Martin JDemocratic/Liberal$2009/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Durand-Goldberg, DominiqueRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dystrup, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2009/24/10Mark KirkRIL
      Edwards, ChrisTelecommunications$2,0009/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Endriss, Marilyn JAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Etzweiler, Earl MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Fatum, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Faulkner, SarahDemocratic/Liberal$5009/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Fersti, Thomas MAttorneys & law firms$4009/24/10John BoozmanRAR
      Franklin, Jimmy B MrAttorneys & law firms$3009/24/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Gagliano, Theodore EMotion Picture production & distribution$9009/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gaston, James OAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Godfrey, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Gonos, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$3759/24/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Graziano, Salvatora JAttorneys & law firms$3409/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hughes, Richard M IiiAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Hughes, Vester T JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Humphries, Frederick S JrComputer software$5009/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$2,5009/24/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$2,0009/24/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Irvine, Perry aAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jacobs, Lawrence aEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Johnson, Christopher CAttorneys & law firms$3409/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kaplan, DanielAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Kaplan, Lawrence E MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Kass, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kaufman, StephenAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kazandzieva, AntoanelaAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kellington, WendleAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kerr, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,3009/24/10Richard BurrRNC
      King, Diane SAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      King, Douglas WAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/24/10Roy BluntRMO
      Kramer, Daniel JAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kranz, Thomas FAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Levin, FredrickAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Lipton, RichardAttorneys & law firms$9509/24/10Mark KirkRIL
      Loftus, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$5009/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Loftus, James J MdDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lyon, TedAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Macfarland, LanningBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/24/10Marco RubioRFL
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$2509/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$3,5009/24/10Richard J. DurbinDIL
      Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/24/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Morgan, TedComputer software$1,0009/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Morrill, Robert BAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Much, MorrieAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Mark KirkRIL
      Mulka, LindaDemocratic/Liberal$2509/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Nicholas, Blair aAttorneys & law firms$3409/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Palumbo, Ronald LAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Paoli, David RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Jon TesterDMT
      Pardue, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rath, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Rob PortmanROH
      Renick, RandyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Ringo, SusanMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rossbach, William aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Jon TesterDMT
      Rossbach, William aAttorneys & law firms$3509/24/10Jon TesterDMT
      Rossbach, William aAttorneys & law firms$-3509/24/10Jon TesterDMT
      Russell, AubreyAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Sacks, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/24/10Ron WydenDOR
      Sallinger, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/24/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Schorr, Brian LAttorneys & law firms$5009/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Silk, Gerald HAttorneys & law firms$3409/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sinauer, AndyDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Singer, Steven BAttorneys & law firms$3409/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Smith, Joan PirkleEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$7009/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Jeff SessionsRAL
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$-2,5009/24/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Sony Pictures EntertainmentMotion Picture production & distribution$1,5009/24/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Spencer, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sterns, Gretchen MrsAttorneys & law firms$2009/24/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Stewart, David EAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Stickney, DavidAttorneys & law firms$3409/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Stoops, ReedAttorneys & law firms$2509/24/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Stratton, RexAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/24/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Vanderwoude, Philip GTelecommunications$2,4009/24/10Richard BurrRNC
      Weinreb, Daniel LComputer software$5009/24/10Al FrankenDMN
      Weinstock, Elizabeth BDemocratic/Liberal$2009/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Belichick, JoeAttorneys & law firms$2509/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brady, KatherineDemocratic/Liberal$5009/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brown, Mark RComputer software$2,4009/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Brown, ReginaldAttorneys & law firms$2509/25/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Burch, SandraAttorneys & law firms$2509/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Campbell, KeithDemocratic/Liberal$6009/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Canzoneri, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$2509/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Charles, SharonAttorneys & law firms$2509/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cohen, Roger CAttorneys & law firms$5009/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cotton, RichardTV production & distribution$2,4009/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Delhey, Duncan C MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/25/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Durand-Goldberg, DominiqueRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Durand-Goldberg, DominiqueRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Ellis, MauriceAttorneys & law firms$5009/25/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Ezzo, EliseAttorneys & law firms$2509/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Giles, RitaAttorneys & law firms$2509/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goldberg, AndrewRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gordon, ThomasTelecommunications$2,4009/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Grajewski, Wayne SAttorneys & law firms$5009/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Grant, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Green, MarshallAttorneys & law firms$5009/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Heavey, Sandra LAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hoffman, Judith SAttorneys & law firms$2509/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Holmes, HalleAttorneys & law firms$3009/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mantell, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nixon, Debbie AllenMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Parry, StanleyDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pector, Jeffrey SComputer software$2509/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Porfido, MegAttorneys & law firms$5009/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Schleimer, JosephAttorneys & law firms$5009/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Seltzer, Marc MAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Stern, David JProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4009/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Stern, Dianne BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Tadolini, AntoinetteAttorneys & law firms$5009/25/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Thomas, RoderickAttorneys & law firms$4009/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Topol, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5009/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Willard, MartinAttorneys & law firms$5009/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wyss, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5009/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Baldwin, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5009/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Bankston, KeithComputer software$5009/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Boies, Jodie AnnAttorneys & law firms$9009/26/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Brodsky, Dale LAttorneys & law firms$3009/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brown, David BAttorneys & law firms$2509/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Brownstein, SunnyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Carrigan, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$2509/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cockrell, J BDemocratic/Liberal$2509/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Corbett, VictorAttorneys & law firms$2509/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cron, SteveAttorneys & law firms$2509/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Damsky, CarolineDemocratic/Liberal$5009/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Foster, DonaldRecorded Music & music production$5009/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goodman, Charles DDemocratic/Liberal$5009/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gould, Bryan KAttorneys & law firms$2509/26/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Greenberg, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2509/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kappus, MikeDemocratic/Liberal$2509/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Katz, JosephDemocratic/Liberal$2,0009/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ledes, RichardMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Maguire, GregoryBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Mcdermott, Mark MDemocratic/Liberal$2509/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mcnamare, JamesTV production & distribution$5009/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Moreau, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Nix-Hines, CrystalAttorneys & law firms$2509/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Pribyl, James CTelecommunications$2509/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Reibman, JoanDemocratic/Liberal$2509/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sanders, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Smith, Rex aBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2009/26/10John ThuneRSD
      Trachewsky, JasonDemocratic/Liberal$5009/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Victor, Steven IAttorneys & law firms$3339/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ward, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2509/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Weinstein, LisaMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Woodfill, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$2509/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Abascal, Manuel aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Abrams, Jeffrey JTV production & distribution$2,4009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Adler, Pamela MrsAttorneys & law firms$3009/27/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Adwani, GurmukhEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4009/27/10Tom HarkinDIA
      Adwani, GurmukhEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4009/27/10Tom HarkinDIA
      Adwani, LavinaEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,4009/27/10Tom HarkinDIA
      Albstein, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Anderson, Mark EAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Bagley, Elizabeth FrawleyAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bahar, SarvenazAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Baker, Darrell JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Barr, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/27/10Roy BluntRMO
      Barr, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$-2009/27/10Roy BluntRMO
      Barrow, Nigle B JrAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Baskin, HowardAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Rob PortmanROH
      Bates, G HunterAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Roy BluntRMO
      Bennett, Barbara HeryetAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Biegel, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Biskupic, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$6009/27/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Blank, Arthur M MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5009/27/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Blessey, Robert LAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/27/10Ron WydenDOR
      Block, Joseph DAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brodhead, James EEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brown, LindaDemocratic/Liberal$3009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Budd, RussellAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Cabaniss, Thomas EAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Capelouto, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/27/10Ben NelsonDNE
      Cecchi, James EAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ciraolo, CarolineAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Clark, Bruce EAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Rob PortmanROH
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0009/27/10Mike LeeRUT
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,5009/27/10Mark KirkRIL
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/27/10James E. RischRID
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/27/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/27/10Roy BluntRMO
      Cozen & O'connorAttorneys & law firms$4,0009/27/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Cozen & O'connorAttorneys & law firms$4,0009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Csendes, NicholasComputer software$2,4009/27/10Marco RubioRFL
      Cullen, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Dahlstrom, Patrick VAttorneys & law firms$3259/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dalmanieras, EuripidesAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Damon, Doneene Keemer KeemerAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Daugherty, Donald aAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Davis, Joseph GAttorneys & law firms$3009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dinnen, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$3,0009/27/10Rand PaulRKY
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/27/10John ThuneRSD
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/27/10Rob PortmanROH
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/27/10Marco RubioRFL
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Roger F. WickerRMS
      Dolan, James JComputer software$5009/27/10John BoozmanRAR
      Dybwad, PeterDemocratic/Liberal$5009/27/10Al FrankenDMN
      Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Elzufon, LenaAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Entertainment Software AssnComputer software$2,0009/27/10Richard J. DurbinDIL
      Entertainment Software AssnComputer software$1,0009/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Eppsteiner, StuartAttorneys & law firms$1,2509/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Eskin, MarlaAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Evans, KimmarieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/27/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Fordis, JeanAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Foster, RandolphAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/27/10Ron WydenDOR
      Freedman, AlanAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Freedman, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Tom UdallDNM
      Frye, LeslieAttorneys & law firms$2009/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Gallo, JoanAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Garai, GaborAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/27/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Gelfand, Marshall MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gentry, William CAttorneys & law firms$1,0689/27/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Gladstone, EdithBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goddard, WendellAttorneys & law firms$3009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goldstein, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Gore, Nathaniel SAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Gross, Marc IAttorneys & law firms$1,1009/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gross, Marc IAttorneys & law firms$3259/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Growald, Eileen RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Growald, PaulMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Guggenheim, MarcEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Hall, Willie EarlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Hammer, Douglas LAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hanrahan, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,9009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Hanrahan, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Harvey, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hazelwood, Keith WAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Roy BluntRMO
      Hemmerdinger, DamonAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Henken, Matthew JAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/27/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Henley, DonRecorded Music & music production$2,4009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hill, Sanford M DrAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10John BarrassoRWY
      Holfecker, Carol EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Holmes, Mildred WebberCommercial TV & radio stations$2,4009/27/10Roy BluntRMO
      Holzman, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Hoscheit, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Mark KirkRIL
      Hubbard, Stanley SCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/27/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Hufford, D BrianAttorneys & law firms$3259/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Huffstetler, Noah H IiiAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Johnson, Gary CAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Johnson, Gary CAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/27/10John HoevenRND
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Mitch McConnellRKY
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Thad CochranRMS
      Kaufmann, KurtAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Kaufmann, KurtAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Kelly, DanielAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Kennedy, Christian MAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Kluger, RichardBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Krasny, MikeAttorneys & law firms$5689/27/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Kreegan, MichaelDemocratic/Liberal$2509/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kreindler, James PAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kudler, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Laney, LeroyComputer software$-4509/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lanier, JoeAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Leibel, Steven MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Lemer, Cindy LAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Levy, Sanford RAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Linn, Paul F MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Lonsdale, JosephComputer software$2,4009/27/10Rob PortmanROH
      Lopez-Vera, AnaDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Low, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lyon, TedAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Major League Baseball Commissioner's OfcProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$5,0009/27/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Mankiewicz, PaulBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mariano, PaulDemocratic/Liberal$5009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Marventano, JessicaCommercial TV & radio stations$5009/27/10Roy BluntRMO
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$2509/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mccormack, WinBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcgarrah, DouglasAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mendelson, Alan CAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mitchell, Stephen JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Rob PortmanROH
      Monhait, Norman MAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Moss, DanielAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Murphy, James TAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10John BoozmanRAR
      Murphy, Maureen DAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10John BoozmanRAR
      Nagy, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$3,0009/27/10David VitterRLA
      National Music Publishers AssnRecorded Music & music production$1,0009/27/10Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Newberg, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Nixon Peabody LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Nonneman, Elaine MDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Norris-Weeks, Burnadette DAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Omeara, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Parker, DjenabaAttorneys & law firms$2509/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Payne, Gardner MAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Peltz, JayAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Petry, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pitler, Sanford EAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Poitevent, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10David VitterRLA
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Roy BluntRMO
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Thad CochranRMS
      Potter, Marshall O Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2009/27/10John McCainRAZ
      Reece, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/27/10Marco RubioRFL
      Roach, Edgar M JrAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Robertson, Laura DAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/27/10John HoevenRND
      Rose, Andrew SAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/27/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Ross, David EAttorneys & law firms$2009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Rullman, CharlesDemocratic/Liberal$5009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rushd, ShaheenAttorneys & law firms$3259/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Savage, John PAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Schaupp, Arlene BDemocratic/Liberal$4009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Schwartz, BryanAttorneys & law firms$3009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Scranton, Michael CAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Selber-Silverstein, LaurieAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Sellers, JaneAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Richard BurrRNC
      Shartsis, Arthur JAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shartsis, Mary JoAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sheiner, MichaelDemocratic/Liberal$2009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shuler, Margaret aDemocratic/Liberal$2009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Simonds, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Sinton, RonaldDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Slater, JillAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, N Kent MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Spitaleri, VitoAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Marco RubioRFL
      Squire, Richard KDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sullivan, William DAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Tabash, Edward ZAttorneys & law firms$1,4009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Time WarnerEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/27/10David VitterRLA
      Tracy, D RAttorneys & law firms$1,4009/27/10Mark KirkRIL
      Tracy, D RAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Mark KirkRIL
      Train, Magda M JimenezAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/27/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Vandevelde, John DAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Vaslola, SallyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/27/10Roy BluntRMO
      Wirfel, Kenneth LAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Zachos, Kimon SAttorneys & law firms$5009/27/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Abrams, RonnieAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Adelman, Roger MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/28/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Thad CochranRMS
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$7509/28/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Allen, Julie MAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$5,0009/28/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Attwood, DorothyEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Ausley, DuboseAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Babbitt, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baer, William JAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/28/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Ballan, HarryAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Ballmer, ConnieComputer software$2,4009/28/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Baskin, SheldonDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/28/10Harry ReidDNV
      Battista, RichardEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Bauer, PaulaAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bhattacharji, Sandip CAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Bloomberg, JudithAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Booth, BrianAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Ron WydenDOR
      Branson, Debbie DAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Claire McCaskillDMO
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10David VitterRLA
      Bulzomi, Stephen LAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Campbell, KeithDemocratic/Liberal$3009/28/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cantley, Beckett G MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Cantor, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$7509/28/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Cayne, Howard NAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Cbs CorpTV production & distribution$1,0009/28/10Ron WydenDOR
      Check, DarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,2009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Cogdill, W MitchellAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/28/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cohn, BarbaraDemocratic/Liberal$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Corbett, Leo JBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/28/10Mark R. WarnerDVA
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cron, SteveAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Curran, Sean QAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dahlstrom, Patrick VAttorneys & law firms$6009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Dandrea, Richard MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      De Toledo, VictoriaAttorneys & law firms$9009/28/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Dean, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Decker, LisaAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Deforest, Walter MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Democratic Women of Santa Barbara CountyDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Democratic Women of the DesertDemocratic/Liberal$489/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Denison, Spencer TAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/28/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Dion, GeneDemocratic/Liberal$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Directors Guild of AmericaEntertainment unions$1,5009/28/10Orrin G. HatchRUT
      Directors Guild of AmericaEntertainment unions$1,0009/28/10Orrin G. HatchRUT
      Doomink, RonComputer software$1,0009/28/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Eastman, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/28/10Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Edison, LewisAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/28/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Ellerman, WhitneyAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Evans, Frank M Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Roy BluntRMO
      Fine, AdeleComputer software$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Friesen, Daniel EAttorneys & law firms$3009/28/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Galloway, L ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/28/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Garrison, Lloyd MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3009/28/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      George, Lavinia BAttorneys & law firms$4009/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gianni, LauraAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Grant, Patrick JAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Greenfield, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gross, Marc IAttorneys & law firms$6009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Grunfeld, Gay CAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hallinan, ConnDemocratic/Liberal$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hand, Lloyd NAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hanthorn, Larry MrComputer software$2509/28/10Marco RubioRFL
      Harris, IrvingAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Rob PortmanROH
      Hawke, John D JrAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Herson, Arlene MsCommercial TV & radio stations$5009/28/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Hippeau, EricBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/28/10Rob PortmanROH
      Hitley, Scott WAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/28/10Harry ReidDNV
      Holleman, Paul FrederickAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hufford, D BrianAttorneys & law firms$6009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Hutchins, ElaineAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Rob PortmanROH
      Ingle, R Edward MrComputer software$5009/28/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Irwin-Donovan, LorettaAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/28/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Jacobsen, Kenneth aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Jenner & BlockAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/28/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Johnson, Gary CAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Kerwin, Thomas M J MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Rand PaulRKY
      Kilger, JackBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Kissinger, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Lamont, Edward MEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4009/28/10Mark R. WarnerDVA
      Landau, JulieMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Levy, RichardEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Ligon, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$2509/28/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lorusso, VincenzoRecorded Music & music production$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Macy, James R MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Marcus, H GwenMotion Picture production & distribution$5009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Marton, PascolComputer software$5009/28/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mays, CharlitaAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mcdermott, William PAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Harry ReidDNV
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$5,0009/28/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$5,0009/28/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$5,0009/28/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$5,0009/28/10Mike LeeRUT
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$5,0009/28/10Rob PortmanROH
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$5,0009/28/10Roy BluntRMO
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$4,0009/28/10John HoevenRND
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$2,5009/28/10Tom CoburnROK
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$2,0009/28/10Richard J. DurbinDIL
      Miller, Stephen VAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mizner, John MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Monhait, Norman MAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Muldowney, Michael MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/28/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Murphy, James JAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Murphy, James T Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2009/28/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Myerson, Toby SAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Mark R. WarnerDVA
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,5009/28/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/28/10John F. KerryDMA
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/28/10Richard J. DurbinDIL
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/28/10Ron WydenDOR
      National Football LeagueProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,5009/28/10David VitterRLA
      National Football LeagueProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,5009/28/10John McCainRAZ
      National Football LeagueProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,5009/28/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Nevens, T MichaelDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nossaman LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Nossaman LlpAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Jack ReedDRI
      O'keefe, Joseph aAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Oates, MarylouiseBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/28/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Obrien, KevinAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Oxford, Patrick CAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Palermo, Christopher CAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Paprin, SethAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Paroff, SeanAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Phillips, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Poe, AlexandraAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Preate, Ernest MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$3,0009/28/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,0009/28/10Mike JohannsRNE
      Raymond, BruceAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Redd, Don MrAttorneys & law firms$2009/28/10Marco RubioRFL
      Richards, Roger MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Richardson, KevinAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Roy BluntRMO
      Robinson, DanielComputer software$5009/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ross, Elizabeth BDemocratic/Liberal$5009/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Roston, Carl DAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Roush, GilianAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Rushd, ShaheenAttorneys & law firms$6009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Sager, Kelli LAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Salem, George R MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Sandler, EllenAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Sap AmericaComputer software$1,5009/28/10Mike CrapoRID
      Sap AmericaComputer software$1,0009/28/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Searles, David aAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Selby, Earl NicholasAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shaheen, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Sinoff, Barry SAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Small, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Snyder, Joshua DAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Spears, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Squire, Sanders & DempseyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Marco RubioRFL
      Sterin, Mark MrComputer software$5009/28/10Rand PaulRKY
      Stern, David JProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4009/28/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Stevens, Michael LAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Tatum, Mark TProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$-2,4009/28/10John McCainRAZ
      Tomczyk, Deborah CAttorneys & law firms$2009/28/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Viacom International IncEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,5009/28/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Walker, HelgiAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Weidenfeld, Edward L MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/28/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Weingarten, Marc SAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Whitley, LauraAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/28/10Harry ReidDNV
      Zeidman, Philip FAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Zimmerman, MitchellAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/28/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Zuzik, Denis MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/28/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Abbot, John F MrTV production & distribution$1,0009/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Abrams, JeffreyMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Adalian, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Adler, PamelaAttorneys & law firms$3009/29/10Marco RubioRFL
      Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$5,0009/29/10Marco RubioRFL
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Richard BurrRNC
      Baird, Charles J MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Rand PaulRKY
      Baird, William J Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$4009/29/10Rand PaulRKY
      Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Balick, SidAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Barokas, JoanAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Berkowitz, Russell JAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Berne, CraigAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Ron WydenDOR
      Berner, Georgia aTV production & distribution$2,4009/29/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Beydoun, FayChambers of commerce$1,0009/29/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Bogaard, Claire W JDemocratic/Liberal$2509/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Boggs, Thomas Hale JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Bonin, AdamAttorneys & law firms$2009/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/29/10Richard BurrRNC
      Brissenden, PatriciaDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bushueff, Elizabeth CDemocratic/Liberal$2509/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Caserly, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Cohen, Rhonda RAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Colley, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Condrey, LisaAttorneys & law firms$3339/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cooke, Bridget LDemocratic/Liberal$2009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cottrell, James Ray MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Rand PaulRKY
      Cramer, EricAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Cronin, Thomas EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/29/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Crumbaugh, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Mark KirkRIL
      Cruz, Carol PitzelAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Curry, Anthony TAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Davis, AnnBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$4259/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dax, John WAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      De Vaan, JonComputer software$2,4009/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Dellinger, Dowel MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Dettmer, DaleAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Marco RubioRFL
      Diamond, Myra JDemocratic/Liberal$-1009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dinkelspiel, Pamela RoseRecorded Music & music production$2009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Directors Guild of AmericaEntertainment unions$2,0009/29/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Directors Guild of AmericaEntertainment unions$1,0009/29/10Mark BegichDAK
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$5,0009/29/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Doyen, DeniseBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Doyle, a PatrickAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Duffy, Pamela SAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Durham, JoanAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Eichner, RichardAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Rob PortmanROH
      Elbaum, George JDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Feldman, Larry R JrAttorneys & law firms$3339/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Fields, AndrewTelecommunications$5009/29/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Foley, Thomas aAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Freibott, FsAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Garr, SallyAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Gelderman, G Anthony IiiAttorneys & law firms$3339/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gibbs, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Goodwine, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10David VitterRLA
      Gordon, Gerald MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Groom Law GroupAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Richard BurrRNC
      Grover, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gulotta, James C JrAttorneys & law firms$3339/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hammes, NormaAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ho, Allyson NAttorneys & law firms$3429/29/10John BoozmanRAR
      Ho, Allyson NAttorneys & law firms$3429/29/10Marco RubioRFL
      Ho, Allyson NAttorneys & law firms$3429/29/10Rob PortmanROH
      Hochberg, William DAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hoffman, Donald aAttorneys & law firms$3339/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Houghtaling, John IiAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Huvelle, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Jarin, Kenneth MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Jones, J RandallAttorneys & law firms$2,3009/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Jordan, Virginia WBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,1509/29/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Josel, Stephen CAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Jurgens, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10John BoozmanRAR
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Richard BurrRNC
      Karmel, Philip EAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Kaufmann, Kurt MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Rand PaulRKY
      Kemnitzer, BryanAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Keyes, JudithAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kozak, MarekComputer software$2509/29/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Laniado, SamAttorneys & law firms$7509/29/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Leger, Walter J JrAttorneys & law firms$3339/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Levinson, SandraDemocratic/Liberal$5009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lutz, Christopher HaydenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/29/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Major League Baseball Commissioner's OfcProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,5009/29/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mcbride, David CAttorneys & law firms$2009/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Mccarthy, SiobhainAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$2509/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$2509/29/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mcgrath, Kathleen aEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,4009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Meisburg, Ronald Edward MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Rand PaulRKY
      Meister, Stephen B JrAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/29/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Merriam, Dwight HAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/29/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Metcalf, CraigAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Mike LeeRUT
      Morris, James TProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,4009/29/10Richard G. LugarRIN
      Morris, James TProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$6009/29/10Richard G. LugarRIN
      Murphy, James T MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Murphy, Maureen D MsAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Naito, Steven LAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/29/10Ron WydenDOR
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0009/29/10Roger F. WickerRMS
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$5,0009/29/10Marco RubioRFL
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,5009/29/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Norton, Richard DDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      O'brien, JanetDemocratic/Liberal$5009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      O'brien, JanetDemocratic/Liberal$2509/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Obrien, PatriciaComputer software$4009/29/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Oleary, Bradley SCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0009/29/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Pailn, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pasquin, JohnMotion Picture production & distribution$1,0009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Potischman, Neal aAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Reiber, RachelAttorneys & law firms$1,1009/29/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Rice, William a MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Rand PaulRKY
      Richards, LeeAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Rivkin, David B JrAttorneys & law firms$6859/29/10John BoozmanRAR
      Rivkin, David JrAttorneys & law firms$6859/29/10Rob PortmanROH
      Rogers, Thomas MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rosenberg, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Rosenthal, Paul CAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Ross, DanielAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Sarad, Nicolai JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Schneller, Richard FDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Schoenbeck, AlbertAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Roy BluntRMO
      Schonbrunn, DavidBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sharkow, PeterAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Sherman, SanfordAttorneys & law firms$2009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shook, Hardy & BaconAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Shumway, Dale RexAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Mike LeeRUT
      Silbergeld, Arthur FAttorneys & law firms$2009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sinauer, AndrewDemocratic/Liberal$8009/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/29/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Stillings, RobertAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Roy BluntRMO
      Swartz, Adrien MrRecorded Music & music production$2509/29/10Rand PaulRKY
      Tabacco, Joseph J JrAttorneys & law firms$5009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tierney, MarthaAttorneys & law firms$2509/29/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Valdespino, JessicaComputer software$1,0009/29/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Valukas, AntonAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Mark KirkRIL
      Vance, R PatrickAttorneys & law firms$3339/29/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5,0009/29/10Marco RubioRFL
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,0009/29/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/29/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/29/10David VitterRLA
      Waxman, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Ron WydenDOR
      Wiley, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/29/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      York, RachelDemocratic/Liberal$5009/29/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Abrams, FloydAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Abrams, Jeffrey JMotion Picture production & distribution$1,5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Adams, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Agney, MichaelDemocratic/Liberal$5009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Albstein, Andrew WAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Alerding, Michael P MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Alerding, Michael P MrAttorneys & law firms$3009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Alexander, Althea MrsDemocratic/Liberal$-3709/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Alfieri, VincentAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Aliff, Robby JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Alpert, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Alston & BirdAttorneys & law firms$5,0009/30/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Altman, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Altschuler, AlanMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Aquila, Albert BAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Tim JohnsonDSD
      Aronoff, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Balaban, WitoldAttorneys & law firms$8009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Baltcher, Jeff CTelecommunications$5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Barratt-Brown, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Barrie, John PAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Barsamian, Bonnie aAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Bash, Alec SDemocratic/Liberal$5009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baskin, Stuart JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Bayard, Lynn BAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Bazelon, Richard LAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Beebe, TodAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Beller, DanielAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Benjamin, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$1,7009/30/10David VitterRLA
      Bennet, JohnAttorneys & law firms$4009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Berger, Amy FAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Berger, Mitchell WDemocratic/Liberal$5009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Berglund, Brian WAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Berner, Georgia aTV production & distribution$2,4009/30/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Berwick, JeanneAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Binder, BarryAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bines, HarveyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Blake, Walter RAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Block, Michael NAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bogart, SusanAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Boni, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Boykin, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bradlee, DavidComputer software$5009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Brandon, Carolyn WAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Brandon, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Brandt, James EAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Brandt, Perry MrAttorneys & law firms$7109/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Brandt, Perry MrAttorneys & law firms$2909/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Braunstein, Richard LAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Brinton, DeliaDemocratic/Liberal$-1009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brittenham, Skip MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Brooks, David M MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Brownstein, SunnyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Mike LeeRUT
      Brunner, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$4009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Buckholz, Robert E JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Buckley, JodyDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Buckley, JodyDemocratic/Liberal$5009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bullington, Gayle EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$3709/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Burnett, NancyDemocratic/Liberal$-2,4009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Callagy, John MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Candee, HamiltonAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Canfield, Peter CAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Cannavo, Vito aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Carboy, Andrew JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Carnahan, John M Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Casden, MaryAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Castellino, Joseph F MrAttorneys & law firms$-2509/30/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Celeste, EleanorDemocratic/Liberal$5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cesare, ChristineAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Cgi-AmsComputer software$1,0009/30/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Chavkin, Jeffrey SAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Christian, John RAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Mike LeeRUT
      Chulos, Nicholas J MrAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Clark, J WendellAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Cobb, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Coffey, SeanAttorneys & law firms$6009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Coffman, Peter DAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Cohan, Lawrence RAttorneys & law firms$4009/30/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Colbert, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10David VitterRLA
      Cole, Doug RAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Colfinas, EleniAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Colley, Mark DAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Collins, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Commons, Gerry BDemocratic/Liberal$-2,4359/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Connor, James M MrAttorneys & law firms$-1009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Coolbroth, FrederickAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Cooper, PaulaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Cotton, RichardTV production & distribution$1,2009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cove, John F JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Cozen, Stephen aAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Crass, KevinAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Cregan, James RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/30/10Tom CoburnROK
      Cruz, JasonAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cuneo, Jonathan WAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Current, SaraAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Dahlstrom, Patrick VAttorneys & law firms$6009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Dattani, SheelaAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Daub, Hal MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Davis, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Davis, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Davis, LauraComputer software$2009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Davis, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Ron WydenDOR
      Dean, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Decosta, VirginiaAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Deford, B FrankBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Degel, James aAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Delzell, Lynn MsAttorneys & law firms$2009/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Densborn, Donald K MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Desimone, Beth SAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Deutsch, L Peter PeterRecorded Music & music production$3009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dodig, Lorrie MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Doroshow, Eric MAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Dow Lohnes PllcAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Dow Lohnes PllcAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10John McCainRAZ
      Drake, DanielDemocratic/Liberal$5009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dugan, Patrick JAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Dunietz, JerryComputer software$1,4009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Dunn, Mark E MrAttorneys & law firms$2009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Duprey, Susan VAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Eagan, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Elsner, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Emanuel, Ronald BAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Embry, Stephen CAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Engleman, AndreaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/30/10Dean HellerRNV
      Engleman, AndreaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/30/10Dean HellerRNV
      Eppler-Epstein, Steven DAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Fabiani, John VAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Fagen, Leslie GordonAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Fainberg, JackAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Faircloth, Duncan MAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10John HoevenRND
      Fairstein, Linda aBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Farris, JuliAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Fein, AlanAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Feinberg, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Felton, Jay aAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Fertitta, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Field, MarieDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fischbach, JohnRecorded Music & music production$2009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Fiske, Robert J JrAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Fleischmann, Dennis CAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Flores, Maria LuisaAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Floriani, Frank VAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Forman, Johanna MendelsonAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Forshaw, LizaAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Fox, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$5009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Francis, James aAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Fredericksen, BurtonDemocratic/Liberal$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fremer, Ross$2,4009/30/10Ben NelsonDNE
      Fritts, Linda aAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Froehlich, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Gaier, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2,2569/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gannaway, Leland LAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Garmer, Benjamin F IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/30/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Gee, Samme LAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      George, Lavinia BAttorneys & law firms$-1,1009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gibbs, DanielleAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Gifford, Martha EsqAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Gilberg, Judith CohnAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gillam, CarolAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gillane, Patricia SAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Girard-Dicarlo, David F MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Glazier, MitchRecorded Music & music production$5009/30/10Mike LeeRUT
      Goldberg, WendyAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Goldstein, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Golub, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Golub, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gordon, Andrew GAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Gordon, CamiTV production & distribution$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Gordon, HowardTV production & distribution$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Gordon, Stuart aAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Gordon, Terre TDemocratic/Liberal$-9009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gorra, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Goteiner, NeilAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gouge, Donald J JrAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Gradison, WillisAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Gray, Richard MAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Grayer, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Graziano, SalvatoreAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Green, KaronDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Green, SandorAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Greenberg, Gary LAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Mike LeeRUT
      Greenberg, William SAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Greenman, Frederick F JrAttorneys & law firms$4009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Greenman, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Ron WydenDOR
      Griffin, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Groark, Eunice SAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gross, Marc IAttorneys & law firms$6009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Haakonsen, Kate W MsAttorneys & law firms$-1009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Habich, John GBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Haffner, Katherine aAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Hagerty, George aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Haining, AliceMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Hamilton, MaryDemocratic/Liberal$5009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hantman, ArnoldAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Harden, Timothy M MrAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Hart, Gary WAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hayden, Debbie JAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Hayden, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Healy, KevinAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Hearne, FrankAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Heckler, AlexanderAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Helmer, GregAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Helstrom, RoxaneDemocratic/Liberal$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Henderson, Kenneth LAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Henningsgaard, WilliamComputer software$2509/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hensler, CarlDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Herman, Sidney NAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Herrmann, Stephen EAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Hild, GuyAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Hillman, KendraMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Hilson, DwightBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ho, Allyson N MsAttorneys & law firms$3429/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Hockett, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Hodges, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$5009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hoffman, FrankAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$3,5009/30/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/30/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$2,5009/30/10Mitch McConnellRKY
      Holleman, AndyTelecommunications$2509/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Holton, James WAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hoot, HenryCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hopp, Deborah IBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/30/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Hosteny, JosephAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Hranitzky, Dennis HAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Hrdlick, Thomas RAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Hufford, D BrianAttorneys & law firms$6009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hunter, Jerry MAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/30/10John BoozmanRAR
      Hurney, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hurst, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10David VitterRLA
      Hutton, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Huvelle, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Huvelle, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Ingram, John R MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Ingram, John R MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Intagliata, ShawnComputer software$1,0009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Isley, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Richard BurrRNC
      Jacobs, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Jakes, Peter HAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Jakobson, JoanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Jay, AdrianTV production & distribution$2,4009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Jay, AdrianTV production & distribution$2,4009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Jenkins, David MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,4009/30/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      John, Thomas a MrAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Johnson, EricAttorneys & law firms$5699/30/10David VitterRLA
      Johnson, EricAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10David VitterRLA
      Johnson, VirginiaAttorneys & law firms$3009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Johnston, John CAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Johnston, John C MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Jones VargasAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Dean HellerRNV
      Jossen, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Juban, Joseph EAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Jung, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Jurvetson, Karla TDemocratic/Liberal$-309/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kalikow, Marc MAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kaplan, CraigAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kaplan, RobertaAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Katz, Mark FAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Kaufman, AliciaAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Kaufmann, KurtAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Kavalaris, MargaretAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kiebert, IreneAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Killeavy, Kathleen M MrsAttorneys & law firms$2959/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Kingsley, KarinAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Kingsley, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Kinion, SteveAttorneys & law firms$6989/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Kinion, SteveAttorneys & law firms$3019/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Kirk, SarahAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Kirkpatrick, C KrisAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Kleeman, KarlDemocratic/Liberal$2009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Klein, RogerAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Klekamp, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Knight, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kobe, Kenneth V MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Kornblau, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Kramarsky, StephenAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Kramer, Kenneth MerinAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Kreindler, James PAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Krupin, Jay PAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kunert, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lacey, LaurenceAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Laduca, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$3009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lamberton, Charles aAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Larkin, John FAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Larocco, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Lavelle, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Lawson, KennethAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Leblanc, LorraineMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Leimbach, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lemkemeier, NedAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Lenzner, Terry FAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Lerner, Gregg SAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lerner, Johnathan CAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Levin, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lewis, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$1,1509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Leyton, Peter SAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lichtenstein, DorthyDemocratic/Liberal$5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Livingston, Judith aAttorneys & law firms$1,7289/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Macdonald, Alex HAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Macwood, Nancy JAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Magnetti, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Mandel, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Mandt, Richard D MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Mark, Douglas SAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mays, MarkCommercial TV & radio stations$1,0009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Mccarthy, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Mcclaskey, VeronicaDemocratic/Liberal$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcclaskey, VeronicaDemocratic/Liberal$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$2509/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$2509/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$2509/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mccormack, Winthrop LBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Mccune, Sara MillerBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$-1,0009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcdevitt, SheilaAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Mcfalls, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Mcfalls, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Mcgeever, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Mcinerney, KellyAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/30/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Mckinnon, Michael GAttorneys & law firms$7509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Meister, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Meister, Stephen B JrAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Merriam, Dwight H MrAttorneys & law firms$-2,4009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Messina, John LAttorneys & law firms$9009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Meyer, Barry MMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/30/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Meyer, Kelly ChapmanMotion Picture production & distribution$5009/30/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Middleton, JackAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Miller, MikeAttorneys & law firms$3009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Miller, Sylvia JAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Miller, TomComputer software$1,4009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Min, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$2509/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mollenauer, SandraDemocratic/Liberal$2009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Moore, Thomas aAttorneys & law firms$9849/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Morisset, Schlosser Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Morris, John E Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$2009/30/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Mosbacher, DianeMotion Picture production & distribution$-3,9009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mossasser, FrancoisAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Mostov, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Muething, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Mullin, Patrick a EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Murphy, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Murphy, JamesAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Murphy, MaureenAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Murphy, MaureenAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Muzzi, Vincent aAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Mysliwiec, Stephen RAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Nash, John FAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2,0009/30/10Daniel K. InouyeDHI
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$5,0009/30/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$3,0009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$3,0009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$1,5009/30/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$1,5009/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$1,0009/30/10Jerry MoranRKS
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$1,0009/30/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Nealon, KevinEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Neigher, Alan EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Neil, RobertCommercial TV & radio stations$2509/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Neuhardt, Amy LAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Ng, MarieAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Nichols, Robin TawneyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/30/10Jon TesterDMT
      Nichols, Sara RutherfordDemocratic/Liberal$-2009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nielsen, Mark MrAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Nonna, John MAttorneys & law firms$1,3009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Norris, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Nossaman LlpAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Kay R. HaganDNC
      O'neil, John JAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      O'neill, Thomas P IiiAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Odoner, EllenAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Olive, DavidComputer software$2509/30/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Oppenheimer, JeanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Orr, TrentAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Palladino, Amy ShermanMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/30/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Papain, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$4009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Papain, NickAttorneys & law firms$8009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Paradee, John WAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Parker, Mary EstherAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Patterson, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Patterson, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$3,5009/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Tom CoburnROK
      Pazer, PerryAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pazer, PerryAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Peloubet, DrewComputer software$2,4009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Penn, SeanMotion Picture production & distribution$2,4009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Peretz, JesseMotion Picture production & distribution$2509/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Peterson, Matthew MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Petrie, Bruce JrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Petry, Karen EDemocratic/Liberal$2,4009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Pettit, RobertAttorneys & law firms$7009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Pierce, BradComputer software$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pinski, Gregory GAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Jon TesterDMT
      Pitler, Sanford EAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Planer, MarcyAttorneys & law firms$2009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Polan, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Pollack, AbigailAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Portilla, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Powell, WesleyAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Mark R. WarnerDVA
      Principe, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$1,2269/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pritzker, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pupkin, Barry aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,0009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rath, Thomas DAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Reardon, Mark LAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Reisner, CarlAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Resor, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,1009/30/10David VitterRLA
      Reuben, CatherineAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Ricciardi, Walter GAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Richards, Ira NAttorneys & law firms$2009/30/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Richardson, Randolph EDemocratic/Liberal$2509/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rinaldi, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Rintels, DavidBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/30/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Rivkin, David B MrAttorneys & law firms$6859/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Roberts, MarjorieAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Robertson, Diane EAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Richard BurrRNC
      Roosevelt, Christopher DAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Rosen, Michael NAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Rower, Mary CalderRecorded Music & music production$2509/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Rubenstein, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Rubino, Carmino aAttorneys & law firms$2,2569/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rushd, ShaheenAttorneys & law firms$6009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Ryan, Deborah C MrsAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Sabella, James JAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Salinger, FrankAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Salkini, JayTelecommunications$1,0009/30/10John F. KerryDMA
      Sample, William JComputer software$1,0009/30/10Max BaucusDMT
      Sandler, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Saxl, Richard HAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Schaller, StephenAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10John ThuneRSD
      Schmitt, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Schmitt, John PAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Schnurr, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Schori, JanAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Schrager, SamuelAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Seeman, KristinAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Seider, Mitchell aAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Serbagi, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Severson, KevinAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Shafner, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Shamos, SusanDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Shea, PeterBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Shear, DavidAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Shepard, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sherman, JayneEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$8009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Shoot, Felice KAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Silberman, James HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Silver, Robert BAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Silverman, MosesAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Silverstein, ErronComputer software$5009/30/10Marco RubioRFL
      Simmons, RussellEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Singer, StuartAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Singerman, PaulAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Skupa, Sharron RAttorneys & law firms$1,5009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Smith, BrendanDemocratic/Liberal$5009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, James WAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, John Curtis MrAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Snyder, GuyAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Snyder, Howard aAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sosland, MortonBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/30/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Spix, GeorgeComputer software$2509/30/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Spix, GeorgeComputer software$2509/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Sprung, Susan PAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Stein, Eric D MrComputer software$1,2889/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Steiner, John aDemocratic/Liberal$9009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Stimell, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Straus, SandorDemocratic/Liberal$1,0009/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Strickland, Frank B MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Stumpf, MarkComputer software$5009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Sullivan, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Synnott, AldanAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Szilagyi, Frank JAttorneys & law firms$3509/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Tanenblatt, Eric J MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Tanttila, Patricia RAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tarr, Pamela DawnAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Tazewell, PaulEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2509/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Thomas, William TAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Thoyer, Judith RAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Tietjen, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$2009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Timberman, SarahEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,0009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Topol, David HillelAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Triplett, Bonnie MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Triplett, John R MrAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Rand PaulRKY
      Troyer, Robert$1,0009/30/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Turk, Hugh MAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Van Dantzich, MaartenComputer software$5009/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Van Dantzich, MaartenComputer software$5009/30/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Van Der Zande, IreneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$5009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Van Loan, Eugene M IiiAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Veasey, E NormanAttorneys & law firms$1,2009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Vickery, HowardAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Vickery, Howard L IiAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Virtel, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Vradenburg, TrishBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Warner, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$5009/30/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Warr, Alastair J MrAttorneys & law firms$2,0009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Weigel, W BreckAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Rob PortmanROH
      Werner, HaraldAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10David VitterRLA
      Werner, L RobAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Werner, L RobAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      White, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$3009/30/10Roy BluntRMO
      Williams, ElisaAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Williams, IanMotion Picture production & distribution$3,5059/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Williams, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Willian, ClydeAttorneys & law firms$1,0009/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Wittenwyler, Mike BAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wolff, GaryAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Wolitzer, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Mark R. WarnerDVA
      Wotring, Earnest WAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Wright, Ruth MAttorneys & law firms$2509/30/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wyss, JohnAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Yarmon, BettyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,0009/30/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Yee, AllenAttorneys & law firms$2809/30/10Mark KirkRIL
      Yoseloff, Nanar NBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,4009/30/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Ziglar, James W MrAttorneys & law firms$2,4009/30/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Zimmerman, Leroy MrAttorneys & law firms$5009/30/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Abrams, Stuart EAttorneys & law firms$50010/1/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Abrams, Stuart EAttorneys & law firms$50010/1/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Abramson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$50010/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Adams, James P MrComputer software$25010/1/10Rand PaulRKY
      Backer, AnnDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bates, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Baum, Michael CAttorneys & law firms$1,80010/1/10Mike LeeRUT
      Bickel, NancyDemocratic/Liberal$25010/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Brodlie, MatthewMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/1/10Al FrankenDMN
      Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/1/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Carey, Marcus S MrAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/1/10Rand PaulRKY
      Chantelois, Allen ECommercial TV & radio stations$50010/1/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Cohn, Theodore JDemocratic/Liberal$30010/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Crumpler, Dan MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/1/10Marco RubioRFL
      Denoon, DawnTV production & distribution$50010/1/10Al FrankenDMN
      Donohue, Mary SueAttorneys & law firms$30010/1/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Employee-Owned S Corporations of AmericaGeneral business associations$1,00010/1/10Kent ConradDND
      Fannin, Paul RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/1/10Mike LeeRUT
      Farrell, Joseph M JrAttorneys & law firms$25010/1/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Farrell, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/1/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Farrell, Paul T SrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/1/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Fennell, LauraComputer software$50010/1/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Freudenheim, EllenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Freudenheim, EllenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Freudenheim, EllenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/1/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Freudenheim, EllenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/1/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Fulbright & JaworskiAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/1/10Daniel K. InouyeDHI
      Gebhardt, Lawrence MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/1/10Rand PaulRKY
      Gittler, GreggAttorneys & law firms$25010/1/10Mike LeeRUT
      Gund, AgnesDemocratic/Liberal$2,15010/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Guso, JordiAttorneys & law firms$25010/1/10Harry ReidDNV
      Holtzman, Steven CAttorneys & law firms$50010/1/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Hurwich, RudolphDemocratic/Liberal$50010/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$32610/1/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Lainoff, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25010/1/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Larson, E RichardAttorneys & law firms$50010/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Leo, Karl WAttorneys & law firms$2,35010/1/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Leo, Karl WAttorneys & law firms$2,35010/1/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Lew, SusanAttorneys & law firms$30010/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Litvack, Shelley CurtisEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00010/1/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mcevoy, NionBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/1/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mcmillan, Jane SAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/1/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Mino, John M JrAttorneys & law firms$79610/1/10Rob PortmanROH
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$1,50010/1/10Roy BluntRMO
      Picou, Jon MrAttorneys & law firms$20010/1/10John McCainRAZ
      Pillsbury, Winthrop Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/1/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Pinal, RichardAttorneys & law firms$50010/1/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Popp, KarenAttorneys & law firms$-50010/1/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Pospisil, BlytheAttorneys & law firms$50010/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,00010/1/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,00010/1/10John BarrassoRWY
      Remes, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$75010/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Richardson, Jack L Mr IvAttorneys & law firms$50010/1/10Rand PaulRKY
      Sales, Walter MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/1/10Rand PaulRKY
      Shanahan, ChristinaAttorneys & law firms$25010/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Steptoe & JohnsonAttorneys & law firms$2,50010/1/10Mike CrapoRID
      Sturgulewski, CarolBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$30010/1/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Swan, Alice BDemocratic/Liberal$20010/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/1/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Warner, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$50010/1/10Al FrankenDMN
      White, Tamela JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/1/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Williams, David L SenAttorneys & law firms$50010/1/10Rand PaulRKY
      Williams, John R EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/1/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Young, StephenAttorneys & law firms$50010/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Zieff, SteveAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/1/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Zuckerman, ConnieAttorneys & law firms$25010/1/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Bays, CarterMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bennett, David FAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/2/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Brundage, Cindy W MrsAttorneys & law firms$25010/2/10Rand PaulRKY
      Bymes, Andrew CarlAttorneys & law firms$25010/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Danzansky, Stephen MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/2/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Flanagan, VictorAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/2/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Forbes, W JesseAttorneys & law firms$50010/2/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Geldzahler, AnnAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/2/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gilbert, Anthony CAttorneys & law firms$25010/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goodman, Charles DDemocratic/Liberal$50010/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Harrington, BryceComputer software$50010/2/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Harrington, BryceComputer software$30010/2/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Kelton, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Margulis, LisaMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Roberts, MarjorieAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/2/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Silverman, KarenAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/2/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Sims, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/2/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Story, Steven L MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/2/10Rand PaulRKY
      Velo, KcAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/2/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Viklund, GrantMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/2/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Waxman, AllenAttorneys & law firms$50010/2/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Bell, JosephAttorneys & law firms$50010/3/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Brown, Corey IanAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cleary, M BlakeAttorneys & law firms$50010/3/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      De Luca, RonaldDemocratic/Liberal$20010/3/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Dolgenos, TomAttorneys & law firms$25010/3/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Drell, Linda SueAttorneys & law firms$25010/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Eisenberg, SavitaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Emmons, Steven LAttorneys & law firms$50010/3/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Emmons, Steven LAttorneys & law firms$50010/3/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Goldman, AmyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/3/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kastner, EricAttorneys & law firms$25010/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kroeber, EliseDemocratic/Liberal$25010/3/10Harry ReidDNV
      Law, Brian HAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/3/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Mcclaskey, VeronicaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nixon, CynthiaMotion Picture production & distribution$2,50010/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Real, DorineBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sangary, SvitlanaAttorneys & law firms$20010/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Waxman, JulieEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50010/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Weissman, RichardAttorneys & law firms$50010/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wells, JulianAttorneys & law firms$25010/3/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Widmann, KenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wyman, MathewAttorneys & law firms$25010/3/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/4/10Daniel K. InouyeDHI
      Andersen, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Andersen, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Bentley SystemsComputer software$2,50010/4/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Bentley SystemsComputer software$2,00010/4/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Bentley SystemsComputer software$2,00010/4/10Rob PortmanROH
      Bentley SystemsComputer software$2,00010/4/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Bentley SystemsComputer software$1,00010/4/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Cohen, Joseph H MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/4/10Rand PaulRKY
      Cooper, JosephAttorneys & law firms$30010/4/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Cotton, NancyTV production & distribution$50010/4/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Cotton, NancyTV production & distribution$50010/4/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Crotty, W GarrettProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,00010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Curran, JoelleAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Curran, JoelleAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Damsky, CarolineDemocratic/Liberal$50010/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Defranceschi, Daniel MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/4/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Fannin, P RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/4/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Fisher, Thomas MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      France, BrianProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,40010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Funderburk, William WAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/4/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Gart, Brian KAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gilfix, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50010/4/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Gordon, BillAttorneys & law firms$20010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hablutzel, NancyAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/4/10Mark KirkRIL
      Heller, DonnaAttorneys & law firms$50010/4/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hinman StraubAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hoffman, a KimberlyAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Hollenbeck, Fred DAttorneys & law firms$50010/4/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Hollenbeck, Fred DAttorneys & law firms$50010/4/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Houser, Daniel WProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$50010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hubbard, John Douglas MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/4/10Rand PaulRKY
      Husch Blackwell LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Jadotte, Marcus DProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$50010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kearney, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/4/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Kearney, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/4/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Kirk, Sarah LAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/4/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Knuts, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Knuts, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kobdish, GAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Lee, BelindaAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/4/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Leschper, LeeBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/4/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Lippa, Rodger DAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mauriello, David J MrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/4/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$25010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mcgrath, KatieEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00010/4/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Mogg, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pazer, PerryAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pollak, Abigail EAttorneys & law firms$2,30010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Prokop, KatherineAttorneys & law firms$50010/4/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Quinn, Yvonne SAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/4/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Rein, Bert MrAttorneys & law firms$40010/4/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Renaker, TeresaAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Roberts, William MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/4/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Rogers, James RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/4/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Rosenthal, Rick L JrMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/4/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Ross, Bennett MrAttorneys & law firms$45010/4/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Roth, Neal aAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Saunders, John RProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$50010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Senkowski, Michael MrAttorneys & law firms$40010/4/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Troupis, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/4/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Troupis, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/4/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Universal Music GroupRecorded Music & music production$1,00010/4/10John ThuneRSD
      Wagenfeld, Sandra GBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/4/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Werner, RobAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Mark KirkRIL
      Westchester Democratic ClubDemocratic/Liberal$20010/4/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Winegardner, DeanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/4/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Winegardner, DeanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/4/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Zalaoras, Mark LAttorneys & law firms$25010/4/10Harry ReidDNV
      Zappa, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$50010/4/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      A, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Alexander, a G IiiAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10David VitterRLA
      Argyris, George TAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baird, John H MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Rand PaulRKY
      Barr, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/5/10Marco RubioRFL
      Batterman, MarkTV production & distribution$50010/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Marco RubioRFL
      Currier, Philip RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Cutler, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Rob PortmanROH
      Directors Guild of AmericaEntertainment unions$4,00010/5/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Dow Lohnes PllcAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Dow Lohnes PllcAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Englander, DianeDemocratic/Liberal$25010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Faxon, Joel TAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/5/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Fine, David RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Fine, David RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Forstall, Molly BAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Foster, DonaldRecorded Music & music production$50010/5/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Fristrom, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$25010/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fritz, James LAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Fritz, James LAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Gabrieli, ChristopherDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Galvin, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gilson, Elizabeth PAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Helburn, Suzanne WDemocratic/Liberal$20010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Henn, EmilyAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hinman, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Horn, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25010/5/10Mark KirkRIL
      Horn, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25010/5/10Mark KirkRIL
      Howell, LembhardAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Maria CantwellDWA
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$2,50010/5/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Jarman, Michael GAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Jarman, Michael GAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Kaeuper, SteveDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kelley, Drye & WarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Kelly, Michael PAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/5/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Klahn, SarahAttorneys & law firms$25010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Korzenik, EmilyDemocratic/Liberal$30010/5/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Latner, Betty SDemocratic/Liberal$60010/5/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Ledes, RichardMotion Picture production & distribution$50010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Leffell, DanielAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Macon, DeborahAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Mike LeeRUT
      Macon, Deborah SAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Macon, Deborah SAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Mallon, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Margle, Stanley J MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/5/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Mccall, RaymondAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$25010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$25010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Morrison, Gerald KAttorneys & law firms$20010/5/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Morrison, Gerald KAttorneys & law firms$20010/5/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Newton, JerryAttorneys & law firms$25010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Nossaman LlpAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Owren, TuridAttorneys & law firms$25010/5/10Ron WydenDOR
      Paddock, William aAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Palmisano, JosephAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Mark KirkRIL
      Parsons, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$25010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Peninsula Democratic CoalitionDemocratic/Liberal$35510/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Peterson, KristinAttorneys & law firms$25010/5/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Podesta, John DDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/5/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pope, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$25010/5/10Harry ReidDNV
      Potter, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$25010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Schnabel, EricAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Sidhu, DawinderAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Smith, BrendanDemocratic/Liberal$50010/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stickler, Daniel LAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/5/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Straus, SandorDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tobias, AndrewBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/5/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Traylor, Robert SAttorneys & law firms$20010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Van Wagenen, LolaDemocratic/Liberal$50010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Warner, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$50010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wellford, HillAttorneys & law firms$25010/5/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Wellford, Hill BAttorneys & law firms$25010/5/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Werner, L Bob MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/5/10Rand PaulRKY
      Williamson, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$25010/5/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wong, BrianAttorneys & law firms$50010/5/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Woodberry, Sarah aBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/5/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Adler, AndrewComputer software$25010/6/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      American Federation of MusiciansEntertainment unions$1,00010/6/10Richard J. DurbinDIL
      Bailey, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$30010/6/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Bates, HunterAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/6/10Richard BurrRNC
      Becker, TheodoreAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Becker, TheodoreAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Becker, TheodoreAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Brissenden, PatriciaDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Browder, JoeDemocratic/Liberal$50010/6/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Browder, Robert H MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Marco RubioRFL
      Burkholder, PaulAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Burkholder, PaulAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Buttenwieser, Lawrence BAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/6/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Cain, James MAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/6/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Chase, ChevyMotion Picture production & distribution$2,00010/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cheek, Teresa aAttorneys & law firms$50010/6/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Cheiten, MarvinBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20010/6/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Cogut, Charles IAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/6/10Mark R. WarnerDVA
      Coleman, Ronald LAttorneys & law firms$20010/6/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Curran, JoelleAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Curran, JoelleAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Daub, HalAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Dawson, Cari K MsAttorneys & law firms$50010/6/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Donelson, LewisAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Dostart, Paul JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/6/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Dwyer, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/6/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Entertainment Software AssnComputer software$2,00010/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Faulkner, SarahDemocratic/Liberal$50010/6/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gannaway, Leland LAttorneys & law firms$50010/6/10Roy BluntRMO
      Garrison, Lloyd MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$30010/6/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Gaudreau, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/6/10Orrin G. HatchRUT
      Gibson, H Martin MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Rand PaulRKY
      Gideon, C J MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/6/10Rand PaulRKY
      Gideon, Cecila a MrsAttorneys & law firms$50010/6/10Rand PaulRKY
      Glassman, Todd JAttorneys & law firms$50010/6/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Grillo, EugeneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Herron, DanielComputer software$1,00010/6/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hill, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$2,50010/6/10Marco RubioRFL
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/6/10Richard BurrRNC
      Hurley, Christopher TAttorneys & law firms$30010/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Jackson, ToddAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jacobs, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$50010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/6/10Mark R. WarnerDVA
      Kazen, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/6/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kelly, Barbara VessaAttorneys & law firms$50010/6/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Kelly, Kevin MAttorneys & law firms$1,30010/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lane, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Leeson, Joseph MrAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/6/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Leventhal, James MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/6/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Levy, David MAttorneys & law firms$50010/6/10Tom CoburnROK
      Lippman, Peter IAttorneys & law firms$50010/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lohmann, WalterAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Lohmann, WalterAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mannweiler, Paul S HonAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/6/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Maury, DeborahAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$50010/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mckinnon, Michael GAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00010/6/10John BarrassoRWY
      Nixon Peabody LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,00010/6/10John BoozmanRAR
      O'donnell, Catherine RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/6/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      O'donnell, Catherine RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/6/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Olf, JeraldAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Orange County Victory FundDemocratic/Liberal$9010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Orange County Victory FundDemocratic/Liberal$5910/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Phelan, Marion CAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/6/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Schaaf, Douglas aAttorneys & law firms$50010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Simpson, CarolynAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Simpson, William JAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Soloff, Michael EAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Spix, George aComputer software$25010/6/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Spix, George aComputer software$25010/6/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Spix, George a MrComputer software$25010/6/10Rand PaulRKY
      Stanley, JaneAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/6/10John CornynRTX
      Stone, Rena CDemocratic/Liberal$25010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Szykowny, Thomas EAttorneys & law firms$35010/6/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Time WarnerEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$5,00010/6/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Univision CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Whitney, SearleDemocratic/Liberal$25010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wiener, Louis JDemocratic/Liberal$25010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wolf, Jamie RosenthalDemocratic/Liberal$1,05010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wong, BrianAttorneys & law firms$50010/6/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wong, BrianAttorneys & law firms$50010/6/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Yankwich, Richard IngramAttorneys & law firms$25010/6/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Allen, DanielAttorneys & law firms$20010/7/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Aussprung, H Leon IiAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Bachmann, Fred J MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Baiakumar, TabithaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Barry, JosephAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Beecher, Stacey MsAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Beylar, Clifford a MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Botica, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Brady, Robert SAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Browser, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Burnett, EileenAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Burnett, EileenAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Campbell, PhilAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10John BoozmanRAR
      Capshaw, KateMotion Picture production & distribution$1,40010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Cassman, TedAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Cassman, TedAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cassman, TedAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Chase, Jeffrey AllenAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Tom HarkinDIA
      Daggett, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$25010/7/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Delgiudice, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Diprinzio, Eugene aAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Dorsey, John TAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Dugan, MaryAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Dyke, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Easley, PaulaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20010/7/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Eccles, MaryBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Edmiston, Robert Gray GAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Rob PortmanROH
      Edwards, Janine MrsAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Ekarius, CarolBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/7/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      English, David KDemocratic/Liberal$20010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ezring, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Finney, KarenDemocratic/Liberal$25010/7/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Flynn, Anthony GAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Freyvogel, Rebecca DChambers of commerce$50010/7/10John BoozmanRAR
      Garcia, Domingo aAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Goodman, LisaAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Gozdecki, EugeneAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Hawkins, Michael WAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Rob PortmanROH
      Heath, Robert T MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Hereford, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$25010/7/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hoffman, E Leslie IiiAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Holt, ScottAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Hunt, William P IiiAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Johnson, Clifton E MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Johnson, DanielAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Johnston, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Julian, Anthony JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Katzenberg, JeffreyMotion Picture production & distribution$1,40010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Katzenberg, JeffreyMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Katzenberg, MarilynMotion Picture production & distribution$1,40010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Katzenberg, MarilynMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Klein, AlanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/7/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Kottmeier, Stephen JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lamuniere, Noelle DEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25010/7/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Lavelle, Patrick MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Lawson, Timothy C MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Levine, Jeffrey a MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Levine, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Levy, Marvin$50010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Levy, Marvin$25010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Ligon, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$25010/7/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Loewenstern, KarenDemocratic/Liberal$25010/7/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lord, HenryDemocratic/Liberal$-25010/7/10Al FrankenDMN
      Lord, HenryDemocratic/Liberal$-80010/7/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lyman, JoanneDemocratic/Liberal$50010/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lyman, JoanneDemocratic/Liberal$25010/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Macy, James R MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Macy, James R MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Mannweiler, Leah SAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Marcus, Barbara aBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Marshall, PaulComputer software$25010/7/10Bernard SandersIVT
      Masterman, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mathews, Warren EDemocratic/Liberal$30010/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Maury, DeborahAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcgeath, Timothy a MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Mcnair, Robert CProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,00010/7/10John BoozmanRAR
      Menges, John Kenneth JrAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Morgan, Pauline KAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Murphy, James T JrAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10John BoozmanRAR
      National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$3,00010/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/7/10Patty MurrayDWA
      National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Richard J. DurbinDIL
      National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Ron WydenDOR
      Nestor, Michael RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Nichols, Therese aAttorneys & law firms$60010/7/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Nichols, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/7/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Nichols, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/7/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Nicholson, JosephAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Ochs, SandyComputer software$20010/7/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Ohliger, Jason MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Olwell, CarolDemocratic/Liberal$50010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Peek, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Plattner, GlennAttorneys & law firms$32610/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Porter, Richard H MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Pratt, Steven H MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Prestley, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,00010/7/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,00010/7/10Tom HarkinDIA
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,00010/7/10Tom HarkinDIA
      Raucci, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Render, John C Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Rubenstein, SusanAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rudy, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rutgers, AlmaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,20010/7/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ryan, John P MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Rydzewski, Joseph Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Sandler, Sheldon NAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Schaupp, Arlene BDemocratic/Liberal$20010/7/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Schild-Levy, CarolBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Schillace, Gregory HAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Schleussner, Cathy EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Short, Jeffrey W MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Smith, Angela M MsAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Sokolove, James GAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Harry ReidDNV
      Spielberg, StevenMotion Picture production & distribution$1,40010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Spielberg, StevenMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Starshak, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Steuber, David E MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Steuber, David E MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Streyle, Billie Jo JoAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Sullivan, DaveAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Summers, TimBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/7/10John BoozmanRAR
      Szekely, DeborahDemocratic/Liberal$50010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tanselle, John W MrAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Thompson, GayleComputer software$25010/7/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Thompson, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Thompson, William H MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Tiano, William MAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Tracey, JohnAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Tucker, Ron LAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Tully, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Ullom, Jerimi J MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Visher, ChandlerAttorneys & law firms$50010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wallace, Stratford CAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/7/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Wallander, Gregg M MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Williams, Michael E MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Willoughby, Barry MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Winegardner, DeanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/7/10Mark KirkRIL
      Wright, ChristianAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Yaffe, David PAttorneys & law firms$25010/7/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Young, Julius OAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/7/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Affleck, BenMotion Picture production & distribution$1,50010/8/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Affleck, BenMotion Picture production & distribution$1,50010/8/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Alcheck, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Mike LeeRUT
      Alexander, Frederick HAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/8/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Antonellis, Anthony JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Barnett, JamesAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Barnett, SteveMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baxt, LeonardAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Mark KirkRIL
      Baxt, Leonard J MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Rand PaulRKY
      Blumenfeld, JackAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/8/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Brobst, Donald MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Brody, Gerald DAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Business Software AllianceComputer software$1,00010/8/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Business Software AllianceComputer software$1,00010/8/10John CornynRTX
      Business Software AllianceComputer software$1,00010/8/10John McCainRAZ
      Carter, LauraComputer software$25010/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cole, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$25010/8/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Copley, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Copley, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Culver, DonnaAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      D'amante, RayAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Daly, Ellen TyneMotion Picture production & distribution$2,40010/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dawson, MimiAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/8/10Roy BluntRMO
      Dehney, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Demarino, Shelly L MAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/8/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Dierberg, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/8/10Roy BluntRMO
      Eisenstadt, JeanneDemocratic/Liberal$20010/8/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Feather, William LAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Mark KirkRIL
      Fleischauer, Barbara Jo EvansAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Flory, ErinAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Frankman, Harry aAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Garner, JenniferMotion Picture production & distribution$1,50010/8/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Garnsey, WalterAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Glover, KarenAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Green, David BAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gross, MarcAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Haglund, MelissaAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/8/10Ron WydenDOR
      Haglund, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/8/10Ron WydenDOR
      Hamilton, David LeyAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Harwood, Maria PAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hering, Louis GAttorneys & law firms$30010/8/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Hochschild, AdamBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hochschild, AdamBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hoffman, PatriciaDemocratic/Liberal$20010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Horowitz, Zachary IRecorded Music & music production$2,00010/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Houghton, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Hoyer, Ralph WAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/8/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hunsucker, J ThomasAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hyatt, Susan MTV production & distribution$2,40010/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jacobs-Louden, KarenAttorneys & law firms$75010/8/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Johnson, Philip EdwardAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Jones, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Mike CrapoRID
      Kelly, Timothy DAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Knox, Randall SBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/8/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Knox, Randall SBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/8/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Koch, Bernard aChambers of commerce$25010/8/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Korzenik, Emily FaustDemocratic/Liberal$20010/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kroeber, EliseDemocratic/Liberal$50010/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Laepple, KeithComputer software$25010/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lake, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Landau, JonDemocratic/Liberal$2,00010/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Leone, Eugene JAttorneys & law firms$75010/8/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Litowitz, Donna MaeDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/8/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Luftig, HalEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25010/8/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Marquardt, PaulAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mccabe, John LAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mclachlan, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$30010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Michie, James RAttorneys & law firms$20010/8/10Marco RubioRFL
      Mosca, Edward CAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Murphy, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Marco RubioRFL
      Nelson, Omar LAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Oberly, Charles M IiiAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Oberly, Charles M IiiAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Olsson, Philip CAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Palminteri, GiannaEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,50010/8/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Petru, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$30010/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Polito, Humbert J JrAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Pulsifer, Thomas RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Putnam, Alfred JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Radosevich, MicheleAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Rasche, DavidMotion Picture production & distribution$50010/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rehbock, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Roberts, MarjorieAttorneys & law firms$80010/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rockefeller, Sharon PercyEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,40010/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Roman, George L MrComputer software$25010/8/10Rand PaulRKY
      Rosenthal, RichardAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rothenberg, Elizabeth MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,92210/8/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Rothenberg, Howard MrAttorneys & law firms$1,92210/8/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Russo, F William MrAttorneys & law firms$1,02510/8/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Russo, F William MrAttorneys & law firms$1,02510/8/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Ryan, William FComputer software$50010/8/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Sangary, SvitlanaAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Schutz, Janet JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Shadowen, Steve DAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/8/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Shadowen, Steve DAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/8/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Shadowen, Steve DAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/8/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Shadowen, Steve DAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/8/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Simon, RichardAttorneys & law firms$22010/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Smith, William RAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Smukler, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/8/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Smukler, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/8/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Stracks, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Mark KirkRIL
      Thompson, Tommy GAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10John HoevenRND
      Tuthill, WalterAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Umentum, Theresa BAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Umentum, Theresa BAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Voetsch, Gregory CComputer software$50010/8/10Mike CrapoRID
      Volkmann, WendyDemocratic/Liberal$65010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Walsh, Peter JrAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Wells, JohnMotion Picture production & distribution$2,40010/8/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Wides, BurtonAttorneys & law firms$25010/8/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Wood, JeffAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Richard BurrRNC
      Wright, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Harry ReidDNV
      Yackulic, Corrie JAttorneys & law firms$50010/8/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Zahourek, JonBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,50010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Zelcs, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/8/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Abramson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$50010/9/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Achtenberg, RobertaChambers of commerce$50010/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Alt, Mary VonDemocratic/Liberal$50010/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Barlevi, StevenDemocratic/Liberal$50010/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Barlevi, StevenDemocratic/Liberal$25010/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Borunda, JorgeAttorneys & law firms$50010/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Brian, Brad DAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/9/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cribbs, KennethDemocratic/Liberal$35010/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fazio, Judy KAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/9/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Hammer, James TAttorneys & law firms$25010/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Heyman, ArthurDemocratic/Liberal$50010/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hom, Alan FMotion Picture production & distribution$50010/9/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Horn, Alan FMotion Picture production & distribution$50010/9/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kassing, Robert MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/9/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Loewenstern, KarenDemocratic/Liberal$20010/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcclaskey, VeronicaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$25010/9/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$25010/9/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Millman, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$20010/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Modisett, Jeffrey aAttorneys & law firms$30010/9/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Oleary, BlancaAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/9/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Pace, CecileBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/9/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Sarko, Lynn LAttorneys & law firms$50010/9/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Stebner, Kathryn aAttorneys & law firms$50010/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stern, BrianAttorneys & law firms$30010/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Thatcher, JimDemocratic/Liberal$20010/9/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Tow, Lois MDemocratic/Liberal$20010/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ward, Julie MAttorneys & law firms$25010/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wilson, William RAttorneys & law firms$25010/9/10Rob PortmanROH
      Wofsy, JudithDemocratic/Liberal$25010/9/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bingley, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bird, AlpineAttorneys & law firms$50010/10/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Burrill, GeorgeDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/10/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Christensen, ErikAttorneys & law firms$25010/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Christensen, ErikAttorneys & law firms$25010/10/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Christensen, ErikAttorneys & law firms$25010/10/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Christensen, ErikAttorneys & law firms$25010/10/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Clement, CarlynDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Conwell, WilliamComputer software$50010/10/10Ron WydenDOR
      Covalt, WendellDemocratic/Liberal$25010/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Elber, DennisAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gallagher, SheilaAttorneys & law firms$25010/10/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Goldwasser, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$50010/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Jordan, JamesBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Krigsten, LisaAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/10/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Newholm, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$25010/10/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Newholm, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$25010/10/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Park, Catherine MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$10010/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rastello, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$50010/10/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Roe, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50010/10/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ross, Janice CAttorneys & law firms$50010/10/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Ross, Janice CAttorneys & law firms$50010/10/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Sabina, MercedesAttorneys & law firms$25010/10/10Marco RubioRFL
      Spencer, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$50010/10/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Towbin, StevenAttorneys & law firms$50010/10/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Towbin, StevenAttorneys & law firms$50010/10/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Turig, SandraMovie Theaters$20010/10/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Adalian, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Angelos, LouisAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/11/10Harry ReidDNV
      Barbaro, Frank PAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Bash, Alec SDemocratic/Liberal$50010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baumann, Frederick JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/11/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Bird, Donald JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/11/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Briggs, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Brown, David BAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Bruell, DebbieDemocratic/Liberal$30010/11/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cain, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/11/10Richard BurrRNC
      Cameron, RuthRecorded Music & music production$25010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Campbell, BillAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/11/10Ron WydenDOR
      Chase, KenAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Chase, KenAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Cohen, KeithAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Ron WydenDOR
      Connelly, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/11/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Davis, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$22510/11/10John BoozmanRAR
      Davis, Thomas aAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Douglas, MattAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Durante, Charles JAttorneys & law firms$30010/11/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      El-Gammal, MohammedComputer software$50010/11/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Faris, Lynn RossmanDemocratic/Liberal$25010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fisher, Jerome MAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Fonstein, CliffAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fox, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Ron WydenDOR
      Fredman, Steve MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/11/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Freyvogel, Rebecca MsChambers of commerce$20010/11/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Fristrom, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$20010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fulton, DaleEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50010/11/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Goodwine, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/11/10David VitterRLA
      Goren, ManuelaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/11/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Henderson, John H MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/11/10Rand PaulRKY
      Heyman, ArthurDemocratic/Liberal$25010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Johnson, E PerryAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Johnson, StevenAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Joseph, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Katz, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Kinsel, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kirkham, TracyAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Levey, Marc MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/11/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Lough, JamesAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mansell, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Marier, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,39810/11/10Harry ReidDNV
      Markind, DanielAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Ron WydenDOR
      Marquardt, PaulAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Masters, Janet RAttorneys & law firms$2,30010/11/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Masters, Marvin WAttorneys & law firms$2,30010/11/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Mcclaskey, VeronicaDemocratic/Liberal$50010/11/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$25010/11/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$25010/11/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$25010/11/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcclaskey, Veronica a MsDemocratic/Liberal$-1,40010/11/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mcmains, Michael B MrAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/11/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Meyer-Hoff, George HAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Michaely, YoavDemocratic/Liberal$25010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mills, RobertAttorneys & law firms$20010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Morisset, Schlosser Et AlAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Murphy, James T Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$20010/11/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Nasatir, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Ron WydenDOR
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00010/11/10Tom CoburnROK
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$2,00010/11/10John BoozmanRAR
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$1,00010/11/10Jim DeMintRSC
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$1,00010/11/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Oetter, BruceAttorneys & law firms$20010/11/10Roy BluntRMO
      Otoshi, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Harry ReidDNV
      Parsons, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Pounian, StevenAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pressman, GlennAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/11/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Reines, Bruce JRecorded Music & music production$30010/11/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Reines, Bruce JRecorded Music & music production$30010/11/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Riley, James W JrAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Rosen, Daniel MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Schleicher, DouglasAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Ron WydenDOR
      Shanahan, KieranAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/11/10Richard BurrRNC
      Shorey, Clyde EDemocratic/Liberal$25010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Thomason, David H MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/11/10Rand PaulRKY
      Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/11/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Voorhies, PollyAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wall, JamesAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Richard BurrRNC
      Wyss, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25010/11/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Zeidman, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/11/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Zimbler, Jay MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/11/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Abramson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Adler, Douglas OAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Anderson, John LAttorneys & law firms$40010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Angelo, Christopher EAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Angelo, PatriceAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baach, MartinAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Bagwell, W a MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/12/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Beck, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Rob PortmanROH
      Benchley, WendyDemocratic/Liberal$25010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Boigon, Howard LAttorneys & law firms$40010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Boigon, Howard LAttorneys & law firms$20010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Bolgon, Howard LAttorneys & law firms$60010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Bott, Timothy JAttorneys & law firms$35010/12/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Bove, Beverly LAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/12/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Boyd, BrianAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Bressel, Stephen G Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Brown, David BAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/12/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Bullington, Gayle EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20010/12/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Burman, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Christofferson, CarlaAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/12/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Cohen, Charles MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Cohen, MarciaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Coleman, M GrahamAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Coleman, M GrahamAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Conger, GrayAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Corsiglia, BradleyAttorneys & law firms$33310/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Democrats of Orange County PacDemocratic/Liberal$2,50010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dennis, Jeffrey LeslieAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Derevan, RichardAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Farr, CarolAttorneys & law firms$20010/12/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Felton, Dan H IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/12/10John BoozmanRAR
      Fink, David HAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Flood, Brian MAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Franks, Martin DTV production & distribution$2,40010/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Friedrichsen, TimAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gallt, Nancy JDemocratic/Liberal$25010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Garrett, Alden MAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Goodheart, Jodi RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gordon, KenAttorneys & law firms$40010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gunther, AndrewDemocratic/Liberal$2,60010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Harrison, LouisAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Mark KirkRIL
      Helstrom, RoxaneDemocratic/Liberal$20010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Holleman, Paul FrederickAttorneys & law firms$1,40010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hughes, EliseMotion Picture production & distribution$30010/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hyatt, Joel ZTV production & distribution$2,40010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jordan, Vernon E JrAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/12/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Kerr, NancyAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/12/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Landes, StephenAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Mark KirkRIL
      Lesser, DanielleAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Lyman, JoanneDemocratic/Liberal$20010/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Maclean, MerrileeAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Main, Marjorie DDemocratic/Liberal$50010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Massie, Wade MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Mccall, RaymondAttorneys & law firms$1,90010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mccall, RaymondAttorneys & law firms$1,60010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mclarty, Mary AliceAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Mcmanus, Laurie PAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Miller, HaroldBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/12/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Mills, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,80010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mills, Stephanie LynnAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/12/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$1,00010/12/10Mike LeeRUT
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$-2,00010/12/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Nietzel, CatherineAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/12/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      O'connell, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/12/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      O'connell, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/12/10Rob PortmanROH
      O'connell, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Oelsner, LeslieDemocratic/Liberal$25010/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Papenfuss, JerryCommercial TV & radio stations$50010/12/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Peterman, James MAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Peterman, James MAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Pounian, StevenAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Printz, NancyAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Reed Elsevier IncBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/12/10James M. InhofeROK
      Reed Elsevier IncBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/12/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Reed Elsevier IncBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/12/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Reilly, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$75010/12/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Resnik, Robert aDemocratic/Liberal$25010/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Richard, Charles EDemocratic/Liberal$30010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ringo, SusanMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Robinson, Judith R MrsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/12/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Rodriguez, Jose MannieAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rozier, Franklin David Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Sagan, CassandraBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,50010/12/10Ron WydenDOR
      Seymour, Philip aAttorneys & law firms$30010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shreves, Helen CAttorneys & law firms$30010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Sinauer, AndrewDemocratic/Liberal$60010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Skoble, Jenny EAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, NancyAttorneys & law firms$60010/12/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Sonnenfeld, BarryMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/12/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Stephens, NancyMotion Picture production & distribution$1,40010/12/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Stinson, Morrison & HeckerAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/12/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Stoloff, PeterAttorneys & law firms$30010/12/10Ron WydenDOR
      Sykes, Charlie JEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50010/12/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Sykes, Charlie JEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50010/12/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Thonet, KathiDemocratic/Liberal$25010/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Tracy, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/12/10Mark KirkRIL
      Unger, PeterAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/12/10Rob PortmanROH
      Us Chamber of CommerceChambers of commerce$1,00010/12/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Weinstock, Elizabeth BDemocratic/Liberal$20010/12/10Patty MurrayDWA
      White, JasonEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25010/12/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Williams, Walter LAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Wilson, JasonAttorneys & law firms$50010/12/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Wilson, JasonAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wyly, AndrewMotion Picture production & distribution$30010/12/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Yang, Dorothy JDemocratic/Liberal$30010/12/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Zachos, Kimon S MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/12/10John McCainRAZ
      Abramson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Alonso, AlfredoAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Dean HellerRNV
      Alston & BirdAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Altan, StanDemocratic/Liberal$30010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Alvarez, SallymDemocratic/Liberal$30010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Amason, Jon YardAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Amason, Jon YardAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Arquit, KevinAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Asager, MariaAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Attlas, ElaineDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Awad, ShereenAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Awner, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Marco RubioRFL
      Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$3,00010/13/10Thad CochranRMS
      Barthell, Edward NComputer software$50010/13/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Barthell, Edward N DrComputer software$50010/13/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Barton, Betty aAttorneys & law firms$20010/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Baum, AlvinDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Becker, AlDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bellon, PeterAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Benenson, LaurieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Berger, Max WAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/13/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Bienenstock, MartinAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bloom, Carole aAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Bloom, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$50010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Brown, VictoriaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brunswick, MarcMotion Picture production & distribution$20010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Buckles, GeraldineAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Butler, Martin CAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Rob PortmanROH
      Carlile, D ScottDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Carneal, JeffreyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Chambers, Carolyn STelecommunications$25010/13/10Marco RubioRFL
      Check, DarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/13/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Christopher, GeraldRecorded Music & music production$25010/13/10David VitterRLA
      Clark, Susan FAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Cotton, NancyTV production & distribution$2,00010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cox, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Daniel K. InouyeDHI
      Dahlstrom, Patrick VAttorneys & law firms$60010/13/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Daniels, James SAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Daniels, James SAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Daniels, James SAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Daniels, James SAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      De Fontenay, ChristineDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Democrats for Israel CmteDemocratic/Liberal$20010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dow Lohnes PllcAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Mike LeeRUT
      Dusang, ScottAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10David VitterRLA
      Entertainment Software AssnComputer software$1,00010/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Entertainment Software AssnComputer software$1,00010/13/10John HoevenRND
      Entertainment Software AssnComputer software$1,00010/13/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Entertainment Software AssnComputer software$1,00010/13/10Mike LeeRUT
      Epel, JoshuaAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Evrard, JohnBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Eychaner, FredBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fenwick, Carrie GAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Fiamma, StephenAttorneys & law firms$29910/13/10Rand PaulRKY
      Fisher, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Fisher, RandallBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fitzgerald, LeeDemocratic/Liberal$50010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ford, Richard EAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Frankhouser, Robert M MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Freyvogel, RebeccaChambers of commerce$50010/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Garcia, AdolfoAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Marco RubioRFL
      Garton, Deborah KAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Giblett, LeslieComputer software$80010/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gilbert, WalterDemocratic/Liberal$50010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gilman, BlaineAttorneys & law firms$22210/13/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Goldenhersh, Louise EAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goodwin, Thomas RAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/13/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Graves, Todd P MrAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Graziano, Salvatore JAttorneys & law firms$60010/13/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Gross, Marc IAttorneys & law firms$60010/13/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Hale, ByronDemocratic/Liberal$30010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hanbury, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Harper, MiltAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Harris, LeighComputer software$2,40010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Harrison, Henry FDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Horky, Charles J IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hufford, D BrianAttorneys & law firms$60010/13/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Humphrey, GordonCommercial TV & radio stations$2,40010/13/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Intl Alliance Theatrical Stage EmployeesEntertainment unions$1,00010/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Jacobs, DianaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jacobs, SusanAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Jacobsen, JamesAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Johns, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Johns, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Johns, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Johns, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Johnson, Christopher DAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Rob PortmanROH
      Johnson, Clifton E MrAttorneys & law firms$20010/13/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Johnson, Gary CAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Johnson, Linda SAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Johnson, NancyAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Mark KirkRIL
      Jolish, Barak DAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jones, TerrellDemocratic/Liberal$50010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Karalekas, SteveAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Daniel K. InouyeDHI
      Keane, GordonComputer software$25010/13/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Keane, KatherineComputer software$25010/13/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Kelly, CynthiaDemocratic/Liberal$50010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kim, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kirshenbaum, Steven LAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Kleisner, T JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Knox, MelburnDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Koncilja, Frances aAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Korns, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Kramer, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Kronland, ScottAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Leavitt, Christopher JAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Leavitt, Christopher JAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Lee, GaryAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Leighton, BetsyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Leinwand, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Lemer, DavidAttorneys & law firms$20010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Levy, Lawrence I MrAttorneys & law firms$35010/13/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Ligon, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Loeffler, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lyman, JoanneDemocratic/Liberal$20010/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lyon, BruceAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Mark KirkRIL
      Mai, PeteAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Mai, PeteAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Mai, PeteAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Mai, PeteAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Main, Marjorie DDemocratic/Liberal$30010/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mankiewicz, PaulBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Markowitz, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Martin, Joshua W IiiAttorneys & law firms$40010/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Martin, KevinDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Massie, Wade WAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Matson, BrianDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcbride, David CAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Mccartney, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mcclaskey, VeronicaDemocratic/Liberal$50010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcclaskey, VeronicaDemocratic/Liberal$30010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$50010/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mclarty, Mary AliceAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mclarty, Mary AliceAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mclarty, Mary AliceAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mclaughin, JosephAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Meadow, RichardAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Meltzer, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/13/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Miller, CalvinDemocratic/Liberal$20010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Miller, KennethAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Montague, H Laddie JrAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Montgomery, Claude DAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Moveon.orgDemocratic/Liberal$2,03810/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Moveon.orgDemocratic/Liberal$1,95510/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Muklvihill, ShirleyAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mura, Renee EAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Mura, Renee EAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Murphy, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Murray, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Muto, FrederickAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nadeau, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$1,00010/13/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Nelkin, MarkDemocratic/Liberal$50010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Newell, MarthaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Newman, Nancy JAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,50010/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Nguyen-Vo, Kimloan TAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Nguyen-Vo, Kimloan TAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Nielsen, JamesAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Mark KirkRIL
      Noren, DouglasAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Mark KirkRIL
      O'hanlan, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      O'reilly, John FAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      O'rourke, Sean EAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      O'rourke, Sean EAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      O'rourke, Sean EAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      O'rourke, Sean EAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Obrinsky, DianaDemocratic/Liberal$30010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Oppenheimer, JeanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Orourke, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$80010/13/10Mark KirkRIL
      Parker, Pauline WDemocratic/Liberal$30010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Parry, Stanley WAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Parsons, Charles aAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Powers, TonyAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pryde, JamesAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Roy BluntRMO
      Riccitiello, RobinaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Richardson, Joel W JrAttorneys & law firms$1,10010/13/10Bob CorkerRTN
      Ricketts, ToddProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,40010/13/10Richard BurrRNC
      Rockett, CourtneyAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rosenthal, HaroldAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rothenberg, Elizabeth MrsAttorneys & law firms$47710/13/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Rothenberg, Howard MrAttorneys & law firms$47710/13/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Roush, Gilian RobinAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Roy, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10John HoevenRND
      Rush, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rusthoven, Peter J MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Rutnik, Douglas SrAttorneys & law firms$-40010/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Rutnik, Polly N EsqAttorneys & law firms$-32510/13/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Sachs, HeidiAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Sargent, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Scherl, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Scholle, StephenDemocratic/Liberal$30010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Scudder, EarlDemocratic/Liberal$50010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Seaton, Douglas P MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10John McCainRAZ
      Semich, J WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Shragg, TomDemocratic/Liberal$35010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Siegel, MariAttorneys & law firms$30010/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Silk, Gerald HAttorneys & law firms$60010/13/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Simon, ImeldaAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Simon, ImeldaAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Simon, Nicholas GAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Simon, Nicholas GAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Smith, JoanneDemocratic/Liberal$50010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Solomon, HerbertAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sondheim, StephenRecorded Music & music production$50010/13/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Sorensen, David FAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Spahn, AndyMotion Picture production & distribution$2,40010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Spielman, Andrew LAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Spiva, BruceAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Spiva, BruceAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Springer, KatDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Stone, MargaretDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Strange, Brian RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stupasky, TinaAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Ron WydenDOR
      Sugarman, Carole MsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/13/10Marco RubioRFL
      Sundeen, RubenAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tashman, SheldonAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Taylor, CristinaDemocratic/Liberal$40010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Title, Gail MAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Traub, BarryAttorneys & law firms$1,40010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Trimble, Ann W MrsAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Trinkle, BarrieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wachowski, AndrewDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Walker, Helgi C MsAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/13/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Wallstein, JanetDemocratic/Liberal$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ward, Joseph MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Warner, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Weissglass, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wender, NancyDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wexler, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      White, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Harry ReidDNV
      White, Steven FAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/13/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Witherow, JamesAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Zelman, DanielBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/13/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Zimbler, Jay HAttorneys & law firms$50010/13/10Mike LeeRUT
      Zimmerman, Leroy MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/13/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Zivian, BruceAttorneys & law firms$25010/13/10Mark KirkRIL
      Adler, PatriciaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Atkin, LucilleDemocratic/Liberal$25010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Avery, RussellDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Babiarz, TimAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Baldini, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Baldini, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Barlow, Peter M MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Berzon, Stephen PAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bolosky, William JComputer software$20010/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Brands, HenkAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Brandt, Hubert JAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Brickell, EdieRecorded Music & music production$2,40010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Brickell, EdieRecorded Music & music production$2,40010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Brinkman, Scott W MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Rand PaulRKY
      Brutocao, Mary LAttorneys & law firms$20010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bruton, RhondaAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Burnett, NancyDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Carothers, LeslieAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Carr, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/14/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Carr, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/14/10Mary L. LandrieuDLA
      Catz, SafraComputer software$2,40010/14/10Ron WydenDOR
      Cohen, Lawrence WAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Orrin G. HatchRUT
      Cole, TeddiMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cottrell, Frederick L MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Dahlstrom, EricAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Diamond, CherylTV production & distribution$50010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dorsey & WhitneyAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Doryland, MoniqueAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dubose, BenAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Rob PortmanROH
      Ebby, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Eisenstadt, Jeanne WDemocratic/Liberal$25010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ellis, LukeAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Faddis, LeoDemocratic/Liberal$20010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Feigenbaum, PaulAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Feldman, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ferraro, Kristi SAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Fox, CharlesRecorded Music & music production$1,00010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Geisler, Byrum L MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Gilbert, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gladstone, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$25010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Goodman, a JAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Green, MarshallAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hanauer, PeterDemocratic/Liberal$25010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Helburn, SuzanneDemocratic/Liberal$25010/14/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Heneghan, Kevin S MrComputer software$25010/14/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Hertzig, ReginaAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hewitt, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hewitt, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$40010/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hewitt, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$35010/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hewitt, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hill, James L MrAttorneys & law firms$20010/14/10Rand PaulRKY
      Huey, Robert HAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Katzenberg, JeffreyMotion Picture production & distribution$2,40010/14/10Ron WydenDOR
      Katzenberg, MarilynMotion Picture production & distribution$2,40010/14/10Ron WydenDOR
      Klein, FredericAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lake, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lane, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lehrer, LucyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lonac, Paul CComputer software$20010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lovett, AnneDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lucas, CatharineDemocratic/Liberal$30010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lyman, JoanneDemocratic/Liberal$25010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lyman, JoanneDemocratic/Liberal$20010/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Malone, TerryAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Mayer, SteveAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Maynard, Cooper & GaleAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10James M. InhofeROK
      Maynard, Cooper & GaleAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Mark R. WarnerDVA
      Mccarthy, a Justin MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Merck, FriedrikeDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$5,00010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$5,00010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Mitnick, Howard MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10Rand PaulRKY
      Morgan, Margaret aDemocratic/Liberal$30010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nagle, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$-1,00010/14/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Olsson, Frank & WeedaAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Rob PortmanROH
      Polsinelli ShughartAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Pope, William TAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Portman, Barnard M MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Ragatz, Thomas GAttorneys & law firms$20010/14/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Rasche, DavidMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/14/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Rasche, HeatherMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/14/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Reed Elsevier IncBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/14/10Rob PortmanROH
      Rennels, GlennDemocratic/Liberal$25010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ribeiro, Agostinho JAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ribeiro, Agostinho JAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Rich, Robert SAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Richardson, Randolph EDemocratic/Liberal$50010/14/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Rifkind, AmyAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rix, Elisabeth HDemocratic/Liberal$50010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Robinson, Jill ScharyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Robinson, PaulDemocratic/Liberal$30010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rosen, Samuel KAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Ross, Joseph R MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Santarelli, Mary PBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/14/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Seaton, Douglas PAttorneys & law firms$25010/14/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Sherman-Palladino, AmyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,50010/14/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Simon, Paul FRecorded Music & music production$2,40010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Simon, Paul FRecorded Music & music production$2,40010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Sinatra, NancyEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, BrendanDemocratic/Liberal$50010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Spiegelman, PeterBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Spiegelman, PeterBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Spielberg, StevenMotion Picture production & distribution$2,40010/14/10Ron WydenDOR
      Syer, Sara AnneDemocratic/Liberal$20010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tamagini, James E MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/14/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Taylor, Susan MDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Temkin, JeremyAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Temkin, JeremyAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Trietz, John G Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10Rand PaulRKY
      Vastola, Sally aAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10John BoozmanRAR
      Ventura, Americo SAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ventura, Americo SAttorneys & law firms$50010/14/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Voorhees, JohnAttorneys & law firms$20010/14/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wells, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$25010/14/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Whitman, AndreaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Whitman, AndreaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Whitman, AndreaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Whitman, AndreaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/14/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wobber, DennisDemocratic/Liberal$25010/14/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Abel, Eric M MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Abramson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Adams, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Adams, Janis EDemocratic/Liberal$25010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Alexander, DickDemocratic/Liberal$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Allison, MarkAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10John BoozmanRAR
      Alt, Mary VonDemocratic/Liberal$25010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Altan, StanDemocratic/Liberal$30010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Alvarez, Sally MDemocratic/Liberal$30010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Andes, FredricAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Andrews, David EAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Auerback, Marshall aDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Avery, RussellDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Barrett, JoshuaAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Baxt, Leonard J MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Bean, Ralph J JrAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Beatty-Walters, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Becker, AlDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Blake, Walter MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Bloom, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Bogner, CarrieComputer software$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Boll, Richard ERecorded Music & music production$20010/15/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Brightwood, MichaelDemocratic/Liberal$22210/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Brown, Melissa CAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brown, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Rob PortmanROH
      Bryan, GreysonAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Carlisle, Dale LAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Carvalho, Matthew aAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Caverly, Anne MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Caverly, Brian MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Chadwick, Scott R EsqAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Chadwick, Scott R EsqAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Chemnick, Paul WAttorneys & law firms$20010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Christsensen, LeeDemocratic/Liberal$40010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cokeley, BryanAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Cotton, NancyTV production & distribution$40010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      De Leeuw, MarcAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Di Piero, J TimothyAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Ditrapano, Rudolph LAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Domnick, SeanAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Durfee, Jean HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,00010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Earhart, Anne GDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Earhart, Anne GDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Ehrke, FrederickDemocratic/Liberal$30010/15/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Evert, ElizabethDemocratic/Liberal$22010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Faddis, Leo EDemocratic/Liberal$20010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Feore, John RAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Fife, William RAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Fitzgerald, LeeDemocratic/Liberal$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Flannery, David MAttorneys & law firms$30010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Flum, PaulAttorneys & law firms$20010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Franklin, Naomi CDemocratic/Liberal$30010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Frasier, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gersowitz, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gifford, Martha EsqAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Gilbert, WalterDemocratic/Liberal$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Graiwer, JonathanDemocratic/Liberal$30010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Greenebaum, Mary MDemocratic/Liberal$20010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Guthman, JackAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Richard J. DurbinDIL
      Halning, AliceMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/15/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Handman, Laura RAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Handy, BelindaAttorneys & law firms$20010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hays, Beth PAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hays, Ernest F IiAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Herzfeld, GeorgeMotion Picture production & distribution$20010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hess, Daniel MAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Hilburn, SamAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/15/10John BoozmanRAR
      Horn, AlanMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Horn, Alan FMotion Picture production & distribution$50010/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Horn, Cindy HarrellMotion Picture production & distribution$50010/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Howard, Philip KAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Howg, Lyle C Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Johnson, NilsAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Kadash, DianaAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kantor, NorrisAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Kelly, CynthiaDemocratic/Liberal$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kimball, JerryAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Krieg, William MAttorneys & law firms$45010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Krieger, KurtAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Lee, AnthonyDemocratic/Liberal$20010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lovett, AnneDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lucas, CatharineDemocratic/Liberal$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Macdonald, Alex HAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Marino, StephenAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mccalskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$75010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mccartney, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$25010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mcginley, Sean PAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Miller, AnnComputer software$20010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mishel, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mizener, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$25010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Moench, TomDemocratic/Liberal$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Murphy, Paul DavidAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      National Football LeagueProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,50010/15/10Richard BurrRNC
      National Football LeagueProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,50010/15/10Rob PortmanROH
      National Franchisee AssnGeneral business associations$2,00010/15/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Nelkin, MarkDemocratic/Liberal$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Nelson, SheffieldAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/15/10John BoozmanRAR
      Neuberger, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Neuberger, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Newbury, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$25010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Nussbaum, JeremyAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Nussbaum, JeremyAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Oreck, EugeneDemocratic/Liberal$25010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Overstreet, DeanAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10John BoozmanRAR
      Parker, PaulineDemocratic/Liberal$30010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Parsons, KristenDemocratic/Liberal$20010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pascarella, AverardoAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Pascarella, AverardoAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Pascarella, ChristineAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Pascarella, ChristineAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Phillips, Bruce MrAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/15/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Pierce, AnneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/15/10Marco RubioRFL
      Pietrzak, AlfredAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pine, NormanDemocratic/Liberal$30010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pines, LoriAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Pryor, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Pucker, GigiMovie Theaters$2,00010/15/10Mark KirkRIL
      Pucker, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Mark KirkRIL
      Pucker, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$40010/15/10Mark KirkRIL
      Readler, ChadAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Rob PortmanROH
      Reed, JacksonDemocratic/Liberal$50010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Riccitiello, RobinaDemocratic/Liberal$30010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Roberts, MarjorieAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Robinowitz, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Roche, John J MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Rockett, CourtneyAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Rogers, Gary BAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10John BoozmanRAR
      Rosenblatt, Robert TAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Robert MenendezDNJ
      Rothweiler, KennethAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Ruben, Marshall SAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ruben, Marshall SAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/15/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Sackett, Robert WAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Sargent, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$25010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Schaupp, Arlene BDemocratic/Liberal$30010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Scholle, StephenDemocratic/Liberal$30010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Schorsch, JonathanDemocratic/Liberal$45010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Scudder, EarlDemocratic/Liberal$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Sherwood, ClareDemocratic/Liberal$20010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Shook, Hardy & BaconAttorneys & law firms$-10010/15/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Silk, ArleneDemocratic/Liberal$50010/15/10Harry ReidDNV
      Simmons, Lonnie CAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Simon, David HAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, Alice SchafferAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, AngelaTV production & distribution$25010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, JoanneDemocratic/Liberal$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Sofer, RogerAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Ron WydenDOR
      Sofer, Roger S MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Springer, KatDemocratic/Liberal$25010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      St Lawrence, Paul MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Rand PaulRKY
      Stoll, N RobertAttorneys & law firms$35010/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Stoll, N RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Stone, MargaretDemocratic/Liberal$25010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Stonestreet, Wayne SAttorneys & law firms$30010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Stucky, EricDemocratic/Liberal$30010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Sugerman, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Swanson, RosemarieDemocratic/Liberal$50010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Swiger, Brian RAttorneys & law firms$32510/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Tabit, Joanna IAttorneys & law firms$50010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Taylor, CristinaDemocratic/Liberal$40010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Timberman, SarahTV production & distribution$1,00010/15/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Todd, J Owen MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Troutman SandersAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Wachowski, AndrewDemocratic/Liberal$25010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Weinstock, Elizabeth BDemocratic/Liberal$20010/15/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Weiss, JerryAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Weitz, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$75010/15/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Wender, Nancy LDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Whitman, AndreaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Williams, Kara CunninghamAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Williams, Louis FAttorneys & law firms$25010/15/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Wolfe, John WAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/15/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Abel, James EAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Akin, Zafer aAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/16/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Albert, Albert MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/16/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Alvarez, Federico CAttorneys & law firms$25010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Andrews, Cecelia REntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50010/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bruch, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Bush, Mari CAttorneys & law firms$20010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cohen, MichaelDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cook, Stephen HAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cooper, Ethna EsqAttorneys & law firms$-50010/16/10Rob PortmanROH
      Cooper, Todd LAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Rob PortmanROH
      Croshal, James MAttorneys & law firms$20010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      De Leeuw, MarcAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Donovan, Mary aAttorneys & law firms$1,99810/16/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Drake, DanielDemocratic/Liberal$2,30010/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Durkin, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Durkin, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Elsesser, HenryRecorded Music & music production$1,00010/16/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Farley, ConorAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Farrow, Michelle aChambers of commerce$50010/16/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Gehlhausen, John DAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Glassgow, John aAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Heyman, ArthurDemocratic/Liberal$25010/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hoffman, RuthDemocratic/Liberal$25010/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Howitt, John PAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/16/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Iwata, Kay KiyomiDemocratic/Liberal$50010/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jardine, KatieAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Johnson, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$25010/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kaudy, RichardAttorneys & law firms$25010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kaufman, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kolker, PeterAttorneys & law firms$25010/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kramer, Andrew MrAttorneys & law firms$-50010/16/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Kramer, Andrew MrAttorneys & law firms$-50010/16/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Leftin, SolomonAttorneys & law firms$30010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Marsh, Peter K MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Mccarthy, Daniel JAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Mcclaskey, VeronicaDemocratic/Liberal$50010/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$25010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$25010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mchenry, Linda JDemocratic/Liberal$25010/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mizener, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$25010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mrowka, TomaszDemocratic/Liberal$50010/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Nelson, MarkAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Normand, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      O'hanlan, Edward MrAttorneys & law firms$-25010/16/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      O'hanlan, Edward MrAttorneys & law firms$-25010/16/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ollanik, Stuart aAttorneys & law firms$30010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Pruitt, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,25010/16/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Rausch, Timothy SAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Rezanka, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rezanka, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Rodriguez, Antonio JAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10David VitterRLA
      Rubin, Bruce JoelMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rubin, David JAttorneys & law firms$25010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Ruttenberg, HattieAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Schinski, Gerrie MrsAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Shamos, SusanDemocratic/Liberal$2,15010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Shamos, SusanDemocratic/Liberal$1,40010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Sheftel, Janice CAttorneys & law firms$30010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Shickich, Barbara AllanAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Shickich, JosephAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Sorgl, VincentAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Swedlin, RosalieEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$70010/16/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Torok, Alexander JAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Traskos, KevinAttorneys & law firms$25010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Trujillo, Lorenzo aAttorneys & law firms$25010/16/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wilson, RowanAttorneys & law firms$50010/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wittwer, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$21010/16/10Harry ReidDNV
      Abramson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$25010/17/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Allman, KenDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/17/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Bash, AlecDemocratic/Liberal$25010/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Boies, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2,10010/17/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Booker, JulianCommercial TV & radio stations$50010/17/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Brochin, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50010/17/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cohen, Charles MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/17/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Crane, JanetDemocratic/Liberal$20010/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Croysdale, David WAttorneys & law firms$40010/17/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Dibartolomeo, LisaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/17/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Finegold, BarryAttorneys & law firms$25010/17/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Gibbs, DanielleAttorneys & law firms$40010/17/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Haddon, Roger S JrEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00010/17/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Hupy, Michael FAttorneys & law firms$50010/17/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Klein, SusanAttorneys & law firms$25010/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kobriger, Richard RAttorneys & law firms$25010/17/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Kyros, Konstantine MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/17/10Rand PaulRKY
      Leban, AbbottAttorneys & law firms$20010/17/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Liu, EricBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/17/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Longacre, Roy LeeAttorneys & law firms$50010/17/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Mcbride, Peter MackBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/17/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$50010/17/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Motley, WarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/17/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Niven, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50010/17/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Ourfalian, SarkisAttorneys & law firms$50010/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Oz, LisaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/17/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Price, Helen EDemocratic/Liberal$20010/17/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rosen, AdrienneAttorneys & law firms$25010/17/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Schildkraut, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/17/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Solis, CherylComputer software$25010/17/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Trinklein, Jeffrey MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/17/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Trinklein, Jeffrey MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/17/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Abramson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Abramson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Albert, JudithAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Albert, JudithAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Alston & BirdAttorneys & law firms$2,50010/18/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Anderson, Charlotte JonesProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,40010/18/10John BoozmanRAR
      Arent Fox LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Bagley, Elizabeth FAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Barnhill, HenryAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Richard BurrRNC
      Bash, AlecDemocratic/Liberal$50010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bash, AlecDemocratic/Liberal$50010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Benham, Anne LelandDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Block, Moira JohnstonBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Boies, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Bracewell & GiulianiAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Ron WydenDOR
      Brown, Lester OwenAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Bumpers, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Busch, John a MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Bush, GraemeAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cafritz, LudmilaAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Calhoun, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$20010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Capshaw, KateMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/18/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Carroll, StevenAttorneys & law firms$65010/18/10Roy BluntRMO
      Cook, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cooper, Christopher RAttorneys & law firms$1,40010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cooper, Christopher RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cooper, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$20010/18/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Covington & BurlingAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Decker, Jennifer H MrsAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Rand PaulRKY
      Defranco, Leonard SAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Delaurentis, DonnaRecorded Music & music production$20010/18/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Deluca, Lisa aAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Denvir, JamesAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/18/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/18/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Do, KhoaAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Drendel, John SAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dugan, MaryAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Flannery, William J MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Folk, Philip Douglas MrAttorneys & law firms$75010/18/10John McCainRAZ
      Fredericks, Wesley C JrAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Fredericks, Wesley C JrAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Gabbert, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gardner, David CAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10John BoozmanRAR
      Garmezy, KathyEntertainment unions$35010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gelfand, James MrChambers of commerce$25010/18/10Rand PaulRKY
      Glassman, EvanAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Godley, Patricia FAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Goldman, Douglas EComputer software$2,40010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Goldman, Douglas EComputer software$2,40010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Goldman, Douglas EComputer software$1,50010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Goldman, Lisa MComputer software$2,40010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Goldman, Lisa MComputer software$2,40010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Goldman, Lisa MComputer software$1,50010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Goodell, Roger SProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,40010/18/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Gordon, GittelAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Greenfield, LeonAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Greenthal, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Habel, Christopher S MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Rand PaulRKY
      Hall, DeidreMotion Picture production & distribution$20010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Halvorsen, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Hart, BrianAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hart, David JAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Hart, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Henkens, KathrynDemocratic/Liberal$50010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hill, PatriciaMotion Picture production & distribution$60010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hilton, PaulAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Holland & HartAttorneys & law firms$2,50010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Howard, Nancy EAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hui, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Ilibassi, John a MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Indiana Chamber of CommerceChambers of commerce$1,50010/18/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$2,50010/18/10Mark KirkRIL
      Intuit IncComputer software$2,00010/18/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Intuit IncComputer software$2,00010/18/10Robert MenendezDNJ
      Intuit IncComputer software$1,50010/18/10David VitterRLA
      Intuit IncComputer software$1,50010/18/10Dean HellerRNV
      Jannol, MartinAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Jones, Jerral WProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,40010/18/10John BoozmanRAR
      Jones, Jerry W JrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,40010/18/10John BoozmanRAR
      Jones, LoriProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,40010/18/10John BoozmanRAR
      Jones, StephenProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,40010/18/10John BoozmanRAR
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kantrowitz, Steven MrAttorneys & law firms$40010/18/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Kilpatrick, Charles MAttorneys & law firms$30010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Klein, FredericAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/18/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Klinghoffer, TeddyAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Kobdish, George MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Koch, Albin CAttorneys & law firms$20010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Krapf, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/18/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Krug, John C MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Rand PaulRKY
      Lafaille, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Landau, JonDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/18/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Landman-Alfond, JillBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Landrum, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lazarus, Lewis HAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/18/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Levy, HarlanAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lipman, David MAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Livingstone, William E Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Lopez, Jorge LAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Chuck GrassleyRIA
      Lu, ChristopherDemocratic/Liberal$25010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lutz, Christopher HDemocratic/Liberal$25010/18/10Bernard SandersIVT
      Macinnes, BlairDemocratic/Liberal$50010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Marhefka, TomCommercial TV & radio stations$50010/18/10Roy BluntRMO
      Marks, BenjaminAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcallister, Singleton BAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$25010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mcclaskey, Veronica aDemocratic/Liberal$-50010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcmurray, Kevin N MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Rand PaulRKY
      Melkonian, MarilynAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Mensch, TimDemocratic/Liberal$25010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Meyer, Jill P MsAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Rand PaulRKY
      Miller, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Minion, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Nasir, JamilAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00010/18/10Mike CrapoRID
      Ninan, Emilie RAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/18/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Norris, MeganAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      O'toole, TerrenceAttorneys & law firms$40010/18/10Roy BluntRMO
      Oracle CorpComputer software$1,00010/18/10Amy KlobucharDMN
      Oracle CorpComputer software$1,00010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Pallais, DianaComputer software$30010/18/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Parker, KyleAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Parker, PaulineDemocratic/Liberal$60010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Pastore, Joseph M IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Pastore, Joseph M IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Peek, J StephenAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pesner, StevenAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Pesner, StevenAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Pesner, StevenAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pullum, J Stephen MrAttorneys & law firms$75010/18/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Ramos, Marcos aAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Robinson, John C MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Rand PaulRKY
      Robinson, William T Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Rand PaulRKY
      Rosen, David NAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Rosen, David NAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ryan, Deborah CAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Ryan, Jay TAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Saibert, FrankAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/18/10Mark KirkRIL
      Sako, Katie EAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Salem CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$5,00010/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Sallet, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Sallet, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Salvino, Anthony MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Samuel, GregAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Samuel, GregAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Sandler, Richard VAttorneys & law firms$80010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Schraer, CynthiaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Seaton, Douglas P MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Seigel, Jessica AllegraDemocratic/Liberal$20010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shumate, Gregory S MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Rand PaulRKY
      Simon, David HAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, Marion MChambers of commerce$25010/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Solomon, David HDemocratic/Liberal$50010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sorgi, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Spielberg, Kate CapshawMotion Picture production & distribution$2,40010/18/10Ron WydenDOR
      Starr, Amelia TempleAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Stetson, EugeneMotion Picture production & distribution$2,40010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Straus, SandorDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/18/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Streyle, BillieAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Strickroot, John MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Taylor, Shirley RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$30010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Towbin, SteveAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Mark KirkRIL
      Travostino, JoanAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Van Wyk, MennoMotion Picture production & distribution$50010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Weidman, JohnBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Weidman, JohnBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/18/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Weinman, Sherry aEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Westerman, JeffAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      White, Charles S MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/18/10Marco RubioRFL
      Wilson, PatriciaTV production & distribution$25010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wirth, GailMotion Picture production & distribution$50010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Writers Guild of America WestEntertainment unions$5,00010/18/10Harry ReidDNV
      Writers Guild of America WestEntertainment unions$5,00010/18/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Yund, George E MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/18/10Rand PaulRKY
      Zeughauser, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/18/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Adams, R WareAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Agrama, FrankRecorded Music & music production$40010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Akre, StevenAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Roy BluntRMO
      Alexander, WynneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ansis, Lisa KlecknerAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Asher, SandraAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Astin, Kim LAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Avery, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$50010/19/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Baker, Darrell JAttorneys & law firms$1,40010/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Barker, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Barnard, Kevin FAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Baustin, AllanDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Beebe, TodAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Beecken, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/19/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bell, WalterDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Berger, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Bifferato, Karen CAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Bingaman, JeffDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bingley, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$90010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Birdwhistell, NanAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Birdwhistell, NanAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Boies, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Borin, MarshaAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brady, Robert S EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Brandon, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Brown, Howard JBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Brown, Howard JBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Burnett, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Buser, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Marco RubioRFL
      Buxbaum, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Buxbaum, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Campbell, KeithDemocratic/Liberal$30010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Campbell, KeithDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cann, Carmine JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Cermak, John Frank JrAttorneys & law firms$1,65010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Checchi, VincentDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Chipman, William JrAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Chitester, Robert MrCommercial TV & radio stations$25010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Cleary, M BlakeAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Cobb, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Cole, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Collins, Mark DAttorneys & law firms$75010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Collora, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cookson, KimDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cottrell, Frederick L MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Cottrell, James Ray MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Rand PaulRKY
      Crisses, Andrew MAttorneys & law firms$80010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Crisses, Andrew MAttorneys & law firms$80010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Cruikshank, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$50010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cruz, Carol PitzelAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      De Vierno, John MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10John BarrassoRWY
      Dearlove, Catherine GAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Delmonico, MelindaAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Devoe, David FEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,40010/19/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Dicamillo, Raymond JAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Dobbins, Carolyn B MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Dunn, JosephBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Estrin, ZackTV production & distribution$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Falconer, IanDemocratic/Liberal$20010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Feinberg, IraAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Fenning, LisaAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Fierro, AdamBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fineman, Steven JAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Finkel, Robert MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Flynn, Anthony GAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Foster, Anne C MsAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Foster, Susan EAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Frasier, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$-90010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Freeman, ScottAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Ganong, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gehlhausen, John DAttorneys & law firms$-1,00010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gentile, Mark JAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Gillespie, CharlesComputer software$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gornick, Lawrence JAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Grossman, ElmerDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Guida, Daniel JAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/19/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Gurrera, Vincent SAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Halfenger, G MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Hallberg, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hannon, KevinAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Harden, Timothy M MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Harkins, RyanComputer software$25010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hatten, Robert RAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Heath, Dianne LAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Hendrickson, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hermelin, JulieMotion Picture production & distribution$50010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Herzog, EricAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Heyman, ArthurDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Heywood, TomAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hock, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/19/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hoffman, Frank a EsqAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Holleman, AndyTelecommunications$25010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Howard, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Howland, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Huvane, Kevin$50010/19/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Iannucci, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Johnson, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Keelly, LouiseAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ketton, RichardAttorneys & law firms$40010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kiehl, KristinaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kleiman, GaryAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Knight, John HAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Krapf, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Kruger, LewisAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Landis, Adam G EsqAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Laster, DorotheaAttorneys & law firms$20010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lavine, Joan CAttorneys & law firms$30010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lawrence, RobertCommercial TV & radio stations$2,40010/19/10Rob PortmanROH
      Lefevre, Edmund a JrTV production & distribution$1,00010/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Leibham, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Leif, CarolBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Leuer, Laura SDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Bernard SandersIVT
      Leuer, Laura SDemocratic/Liberal$20010/19/10Sherrod BrownDOH
      Libin, Jerome BAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Long, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Mark KirkRIL
      Lyman, JoanneDemocratic/Liberal$20010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lynch, Timothy MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10John BarrassoRWY
      Manne, KarenEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Manne, NealAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/19/10Ron WydenDOR
      Marcek, CliffAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Margules, David JAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Matise, BrianAttorneys & law firms$20010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcalpin, Louise Yeiser MsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Mcclaskey, VeronicaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcdermott, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcdermott, R GregoryAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/19/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Mcgregor, NancyAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/19/10Ron WydenDOR
      Mcguirewoods LlpAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Marco RubioRFL
      Mckann, George CAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Mark KirkRIL
      Mehlman, KennethAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Susan M. CollinsRME
      Melamed, LeoAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/19/10Mark KirkRIL
      Menton, Francis JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Merchant, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Merinoff, LindaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Merinoff, LindaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Messaglia, Michael MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Miller, Jack L MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Roy BluntRMO
      Minor, Rita WilliamsEntertainment unions$1,00010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Misra, PradyumnaComputer software$25010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mohr, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Mohr, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mohr, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Moran, ElisaAttorneys & law firms$30010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Morgan, MaryDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Morgan, William CBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/19/10Tom CoburnROK
      Morin, DennisComputer software$50010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Morton, Edmon LAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Moses, EllieDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Moyer, Jeffrey LAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Mrowka, TomaszDemocratic/Liberal$50010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mulroney, DermotDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Murphy, Emily WTelecommunications$20010/19/10John ThuneRSD
      Murray, MarkComputer software$25010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Nestor, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Nolen, Samuel aAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Nonneman, Elaine MDemocratic/Liberal$1,30010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Novogrod, John CAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Novogrod, John CAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Palermo, MicheleEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,00010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pash, Lyle JeffreyProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,40010/19/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Patterson, Maria W MrsAttorneys & law firms$20010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Paul, Hastings Et AlAttorneys & law firms$5,00010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Paul, Hastings Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Jim DeMintRSC
      Paul, Hastings Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Richard C. ShelbyRAL
      Pauling, LinusDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pepper, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Porter, David J MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Pounian, StevenAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Price, DanielAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/19/10Rob PortmanROH
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,00010/19/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Raju, Srinivas MAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Ramos, Marcos aAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Rath, Daniel B MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Rees, LeanneRecorded Music & music production$2,00010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rehm, Martha DAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Richard, Charles EDemocratic/Liberal$20010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Rifkind, Amy BAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Rintels, David WBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Roberts, MarthaAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rubin, Gretchen CBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Rullman, CharlesDemocratic/Liberal$50010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rusman, Jared MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Rand PaulRKY
      Salazar, John PAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Sale, Jerret EAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Sanchez, KarlaAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Sapsin, JasonAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Schiller, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Schmidt, Lisa aAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Schwartz, Eric DAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Searcy, ChristianAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Settle, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Shandler, ChadAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Shevick, StevenDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Siegal, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Siegal, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Silk, ArleneDemocratic/Liberal$50010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Simon, Jeffrey BAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Simpson, AnnieAttorneys & law firms$20010/19/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Sinauer, JaneDemocratic/Liberal$60010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sinauer, JaneDemocratic/Liberal$60010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Sinauer, JaneDemocratic/Liberal$50010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Singer, LaneDemocratic/Liberal$25010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Slawson, Michele MrsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Sloan, Drew GAttorneys & law firms$25010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Small, JohnAttorneys & law firms$27510/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Small, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Smoger, GersonAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sorrells, Lew EComputer software$50010/19/10John BoozmanRAR
      Specktor, Frederick a$2,00010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sprung, SusanAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Spurlock, BonnieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/19/10Mark KirkRIL
      Stallman, Sheila LAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Stallman, Sheila LAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Steam, Robert J JrAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Story, Steven L MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Rand PaulRKY
      Sussman, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Tein, Michael RossAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/19/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Thomas, Steven aAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Thor, BradleyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/19/10Mark KirkRIL
      Thor, BradleyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/19/10Mark KirkRIL
      Tomei, GaryDemocratic/Liberal$30010/19/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Torgerson, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,40010/19/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Train-Gutierrez, Patrick aAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Turner, Vickie EAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ulloa, RonaldTV production & distribution$1,00010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Vickery, Alan BAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Waite, Joel a EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Walden, Dana MichelleTV production & distribution$2,40010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Walker, DianaPrinting and publishing (printed & online)$50010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Watterson, Paul N JrAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/19/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Waxman, JulieEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50010/19/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Weiler, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/19/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Whetstone, Matthew D MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Wiewel, Brad GAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10John CornynRTX
      Wills, StephenAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wolff, BruceAttorneys & law firms$50010/19/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wolosky, LeeAttorneys & law firms$80010/19/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Yustein, RossAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/19/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Abram, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Abramson, Albert RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Amick, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Dean HellerRNV
      Anderson, RobertAttorneys & law firms$70010/20/10Dean HellerRNV
      Attanasio, PaulMotion Picture production & distribution$2,40010/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ayers, TessBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bachus, KyleAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Baker & HostetlerAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/20/10Marco RubioRFL
      Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Marco RubioRFL
      Bash, Alec SDemocratic/Liberal$90010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baum, Michael LDemocratic/Liberal$25010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bay Area DemocratsDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Bay Area DemocratsDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bay Area DemocratsDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Benson, Daniel MrAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Berger, Max WAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Berry, Phillip SAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bizot, Julien VEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Booth, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Bostwick, James SAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bowe, Michael MrAttorneys & law firms$2,60010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Brown, JayAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Brozost, MarshallAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Bucholtz, Harold RAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Callahan, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Rob PortmanROH
      Carlson, SeverinAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Dean HellerRNV
      Cashill, William PAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Casto, KeithAttorneys & law firms$20010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cofrin, David HAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Connery, Robert TAttorneys & law firms$1,25010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cunningham, John H MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Dahlstrom, Patrick VAttorneys & law firms$60010/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      David, Kenneth MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Davis, PaulComputer software$25010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Desantis, RonAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Marco RubioRFL
      Devore, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Dean HellerRNV
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$5,00010/20/10Ben NelsonDNE
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$5,00010/20/10Robert MenendezDNJ
      Dubroff, Henry aBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Dunaway, Thiele RAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Eisbrouch, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Finder, Lawrence DAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10John CornynRTX
      Fiorentino, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Dean HellerRNV
      Firth, William R MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Friedman, Alan RAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Friedman, Alan RAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Friedman, Steven L MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Galloway, GrahamAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Galloway, GrahamAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Garcia, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gaz, RandallComputer software$20010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gelblum, PeterAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gibbons, Johnny OAttorneys & law firms$30010/20/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Gibson, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Glick, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Mark KirkRIL
      Goldsmith, Karen MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Goodman, BobAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Goodman, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gordon, HowardAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Gordon, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Gordon, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Graziano, Salvatore JAttorneys & law firms$60010/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Greenleaf, Stewart Mr IvAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Gronauer, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Dean HellerRNV
      Gross, Marc IAttorneys & law firms$60010/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Gustafson, MadieAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gutstadt, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$20010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hardesty, Ashley PAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Henry, BuckBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hershey, Michael S MrCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Hertz, Gerald ZDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hill, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hoge, MikeAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Holman, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Hufford, D BrianAttorneys & law firms$60010/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Jensen, Robert RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Johnson, WilliamBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kaempfer, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Dean HellerRNV
      Kelley, MarkAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kelly, Barbara JAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Koenig, Judith LevittMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kohanski, Joseph aAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kramer, AlbertAttorneys & law firms$35010/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Latek, KevinAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Lazovich, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Dean HellerRNV
      Leif, CarolBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Leinsdorf, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lesavoy, Bernard M MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Lewis, LarryBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lindemann, Barbara TrentAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Littlefield, RichardComputer software$50010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Locker, MilesAttorneys & law firms$20010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lurio, Douglas MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Marcus, GwenMotion Picture production & distribution$50010/20/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Marks, KevinAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcclaskey, VeronicaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcclenahan, SeanAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Morrell, James MTV production & distribution$25010/20/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Morse, Richard HAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Nickerson, Sheila BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,40010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Nielson, Priscilla HAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      O'connor, Paul Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Ozer, StuartComputer software$20010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Peaslee, Richard CRecorded Music & music production$1,00010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pepetone, DianeDemocratic/Liberal$25010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pincus, MatthewBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pollin, MylesAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Rabinowitz, RandyAttorneys & law firms$30010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Ressler, Mark P MrAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Rintels, DavidBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rips, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Robey, MarciaAttorneys & law firms$35010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Rodgers, John Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Rohde, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rummage, StephenAttorneys & law firms$75010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Rushd, ShaheenAttorneys & law firms$60010/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Sachs, Robert L JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Sato, Andrew JAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Daniel K. InouyeDHI
      Schultz, AndyAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Jeff BingamanDNM
      Scudder, CharlesBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$70010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Shabel, Fred a MrProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,00010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Shiff, Adam MrAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Silk, Gerald HAttorneys & law firms$60010/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Smith, DwightDemocratic/Liberal$25010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Snapp, MaryComputer software$1,00010/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Snapp, MaryComputer software$1,00010/20/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Stebbins, Henry BAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Steven, VictoriaDemocratic/Liberal$25010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stevenson, DaveAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Stracco, Christopher J MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10John McCainRAZ
      Stricker, James MrAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/20/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Sullivan, Bryan MAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sullivan, JosephAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Sullivan, Joseph MAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Swift, James LMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/20/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Tackes, StevenAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Dean HellerRNV
      Teamsters Local 959Teamsters union$1,00010/20/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Terrell, AllenAttorneys & law firms$30010/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Trachok, Richard M IiAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Harry ReidDNV
      Walker, HermanAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Wanezek, Warren M MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Warner, KateAttorneys & law firms$25010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Warner, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$50010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Waxman, JeffAttorneys & law firms$20010/20/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Weisfuse, DoreenAttorneys & law firms$30010/20/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Weissman, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/20/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Woodbury, JasonAttorneys & law firms$50010/20/10Dean HellerRNV
      Abbott, Derek MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Abelman, StevenAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Abrams, DanielMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Adalian, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Addis, KeithEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Allen, Thomas LAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Allen, Thomas LAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Allen, YokoDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Ambrose, GeraldAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Mark KirkRIL
      Anderson, Clayton MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Arai, LeslieAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Avant, Clarence aRecorded Music & music production$1,00010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Baldwin, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Baldwin, DavidAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Balick, SidAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Barry, Brendan MrAttorneys & law firms$36010/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Beckman, DavidBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bernhardt, SusanAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Billings, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Borden, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Borden, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Borg, SusanAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bosch, Nadya CookBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$40010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brown, David BAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Brown, Marilyn TDemocratic/Liberal$20010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Brown, NatalieAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Buchanan, LaurenAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Buffington, GeorgeDemocratic/Liberal$50010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bukowsky, BrantAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/21/10Roy BluntRMO
      Bukowsky, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/21/10Roy BluntRMO
      Bulfin, John J MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Burg, Peter WAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cassidy, NancyRecorded Music & music production$25010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Chalat, LindaAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cheek, Teresa aAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Chen, ShawnAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Chen, ShawnAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Chen, Shawn JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Chen, Shawn JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Civitello, Donna JAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Civitello, Donna JAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Co, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$30010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cristiano, Francis VAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Daly, BruceDemocratic/Liberal$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Damsky, Caroline DDemocratic/Liberal$30010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Davis, Theresa JMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      De Fontenay, ChristineDemocratic/Liberal$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Defranceschi, Daniel MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Dehney, Robert Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Dugan, MaryAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Duncan, Robert FAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Dunkle, MarkAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Durante, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Eccles, Robert NAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Egerman, JoanneComputer software$2,40010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Esposito, John VAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Falbe, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Mark KirkRIL
      Fallon, BobAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Feder, Paul aDemocratic/Liberal$20010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Feiwus, Leonard MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Ferrer, BarbaraAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Fleming, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Foley, Thomas aAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Frommer, ArthurBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Geers, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$30010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Giudici, James CAttorneys & law firms$40010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Glasser, Daniel SComputer software$2,00010/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gleit, Jeffrey MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Goldberg, MartinAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goldberg, Steven DAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Goodman, LisaAttorneys & law firms$30010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Goodwin, Ed WDemocratic/Liberal$50010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Graham, Mary BAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Greenberg, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Gurchiek, John MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Hance, Catherine aAttorneys & law firms$1,65010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hance, Catherine aAttorneys & law firms$1,65010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hanson, JaneAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Harder, Danielle CComputer software$25010/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Harmer, ClaireAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Hays, John WAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hendricks, Nathan V Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Henry, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$50010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Herschlag, AlexEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Heyman, ArthurDemocratic/Liberal$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hinman, John aAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Dianne FeinsteinDCA
      Hoblit, GregoryDemocratic/Liberal$50010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hodges, Richard MAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hogan LovellsAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hoskins, Glenn aAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hoskins, William aAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hughes, EliseEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hurley, Brian M MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Ingle, Jay EAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Iobst, JaneAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Isken, Donald NelsonAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Jabagchourian, AraAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jester, BruceAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Johnston, Andrew MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Joyce, Elizabeth WilburnAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kaczorowski, MickEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kadash, DianaAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kaplan, Sandra JBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$30010/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Keating, William LAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kevoian, BRecorded Music & music production$50010/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Keyes, John aAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Keyes, John aAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Klein, Howard JAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10John BoozmanRAR
      Klein, Sharon aTV production & distribution$1,00010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Koclanes, Peter GAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Krumholtz, E JohnComputer software$25010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kundtz, Paul JAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kurtzman, HowardMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lamont, Beth KDemocratic/Liberal$50010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Lapuyade, Keith DAttorneys & law firms$40010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Leebern, Robert D Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Lessner, LisaAttorneys & law firms$75010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Lin, Kyoko TakahaskiAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Litman, Roslyn MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Litman, Roslyn MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Lovely, BernardAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Lowenstein, Andrea MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Lowenstein, Andrea MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Maddox, StephanAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mandinach, Jo AnnBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mangini, MiriamDemocratic/Liberal$25010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Markman, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Marshall, DamienAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Masin, Michael TAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Masten, DanielAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Maynard, William LAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Mcconnell, R JAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Mcguire, Kevin MAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Mckenna, Keith MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Mclaughlin, George EAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mctigue, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Mesriani, RodneyAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Millikan, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Moderate Democrats PacDemocratic/Liberal$5,00010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Moen, Eugene SDemocratic/Liberal$25010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Moses, EllieDemocratic/Liberal$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Murrin, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$20010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nasir, JamilAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$3,50010/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2,50010/21/10Richard BurrRNC
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00010/21/10Frank R. LautenbergDNJ
      Naumann, Mary EAttorneys & law firms$40010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Noe, Spencer DAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Noreika, KeithAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Nossaman LlpAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      O'brien, KevinAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      O'leary, Brad MrCommercial TV & radio stations$2,40010/21/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Ollanik, Stuart aAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Orcutt, AprilBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pardo, RobertoAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Parikh, MonaAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,00010/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Perret, CharlotteDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pohl, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pomeroy, DarlaAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Progressive Voters of AmericaDemocratic/Liberal$1,50010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Quesada, PabloAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Rakestraw, Pamela WDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rappaport, Jerome Lyle MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Reed, JacksonDemocratic/Liberal$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Reilly, Daniel MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Resnik, Robert aDemocratic/Liberal$25010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Riemer, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$30010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Riskin, VictoriaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Riskin, VictoriaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Robbins, RandallAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Rockett, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Mike LeeRUT
      Roemer, Charlie FDemocratic/Liberal$36010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rosen, David aAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rossi, ElissaAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Ruckdeschel, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sbarbaro, JanAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Schanker, DarinAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Schoenwald, Larry JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Schreiberg, FrancesAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Schwartz, EricAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Schweder, JimBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/21/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Scofield, Lawrence F Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$30010/21/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Sensor, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Shahbaz, NashiraBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shear, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Simeola, Mark J MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Snapp, Mary EComputer software$1,00010/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sontag, Lois CDemocratic/Liberal$50010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Springsteen, BruceRecorded Music & music production$2,40010/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Springsteen, Bruce F IiiRecorded Music & music production$2,40010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Springsteen, PattiRecorded Music & music production$2,40010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Springsteen, PattiRecorded Music & music production$2,40010/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Strumwasser, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sullivan, John MAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Sullivan, William DAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Taussig, Deborah LAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Thomas, RoderickAttorneys & law firms$45010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Thompson, BrendaAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Thompson, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Thompson, MichaelMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Togman, LeonardAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Tomazin, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Tracey, Sean PAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Tracy, Patrick K MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Trinkle, BarrieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Trinkle, BarrieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Tuthill, WalterAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Tyler, CheeverAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Tyler, CheeverAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ubogy, GeorgeDemocratic/Liberal$25010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Vrandenburg, PatriciaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Wahlquist, AndreaAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Marco RubioRFL
      Wallingford, J WhitneyAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Warner, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/21/10Harry ReidDNV
      Warner, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$50010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Warren, Todd MComputer software$2,40010/21/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Watts, DaronAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Watts, DaronAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Wayland, AprilBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20010/21/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Weedman, Joshua DouglasAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Weiss, BahrDemocratic/Liberal$25010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Weld, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/21/10Mark KirkRIL
      Werkheiser, Gregory Mr EsqAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Williams, ElisaAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Willoughby, Barry MAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Wills, Timothy CAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Wilson, LeonardAttorneys & law firms$50010/21/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Winter, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$20010/21/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Wittcoff, Roma aDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wright, Ruth MAttorneys & law firms$25010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Zonies, Joseph JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/21/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Ades, Renee BronfeinAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Altschul, MargaretRecorded Music & music production$25010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Anapol, Thomas RAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Arreola, OscarComputer software$1,00010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Askin, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$25010/22/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Backer, AnnDemocratic/Liberal$25010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Bash, AlecDemocratic/Liberal$50010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Baumann, Frederick JAttorneys & law firms$40010/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Benvenuti, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brookshire, AlexandraAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Burnham, Richard MrAttorneys & law firms$30010/22/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Busby, J BrettAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10John CornynRTX
      Chavatal, CynthiaEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Chiappa, Carl JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Tom CoburnROK
      Christian, David CAttorneys & law firms$25010/22/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Christianson, JeffreyComputer software$50010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Clark, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$35010/22/10Marco RubioRFL
      Costanza, KevinAttorneys & law firms$25010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Creighton, JonathanComputer software$25010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Decker, Paul MrAttorneys & law firms$20010/22/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Demby, FayeAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Deutsch, AlvinAttorneys & law firms$20010/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Deutsch, AlvinAttorneys & law firms$20010/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Donahue, CarolineComputer software$1,00010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Donelson, Andrew JAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dowling, Donald JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Rob PortmanROH
      Drake, DanielDemocratic/Liberal$50010/22/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Eccles, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Ehrlich, NathanielAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Faircloth, D MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Fallat, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Feil-Erwin, SueMotion Picture production & distribution$30010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Feldman, JoelAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Fernandez, BenjaminAttorneys & law firms$80010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fox, JanAttorneys & law firms$25010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Freedman, AlanAttorneys & law firms$25010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gaier, MathewAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gonzalez, Francisco X MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Gordon, Richard SAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Grode, Susan aAttorneys & law firms$40010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hall, John E Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Harkin, RuthAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Maria CantwellDWA
      Heckmann, SherylAttorneys & law firms$25010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hodge, JasonDemocratic/Liberal$50010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jennings, LauraDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kayser, Leo MrAttorneys & law firms$1,80010/22/10Rand PaulRKY
      Kayser, Leo MrAttorneys & law firms$60010/22/10Rand PaulRKY
      Kelso, Robert L MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Kem, Jonathan QMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kilroy, AshleyAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Knetsch, Kathryn MAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Koch, JohannesDemocratic/Liberal$25010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Kramer, Albert HAttorneys & law firms$35010/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kuzma, Abigail LawlisAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Daniel CoatsRIN
      Lampton, NormanAttorneys & law firms$25010/22/10Roy BluntRMO
      Lee, David M MrAttorneys & law firms$20010/22/10Rand PaulRKY
      Lee, David M MrAttorneys & law firms$20010/22/10Rand PaulRKY
      Lepinskas, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$75010/22/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Limbach, WalterDemocratic/Liberal$50010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Little, MarkComputer software$1,00010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Livingston, JudithAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Livingston, ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Lowe, WesleyAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Maimoni, ArturoDemocratic/Liberal$25010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Major League Baseball Commissioner's OfcProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$3,00010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Marks, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Maron, Stanley EAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Marshall, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Maslen, ThomasComputer software$2,40010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Maxwell, SaranneAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcananey, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/22/10Mike CrapoRID
      Mccabe, John LAttorneys & law firms$25010/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mcconnell, BruceComputer software$25010/22/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Mccormick, NancyDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mccutcheon, MaryAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Mcdavid, William RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Mitnick, Howard MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Moore, MinyonAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Moveon.orgDemocratic/Liberal$25010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Moveon.orgDemocratic/Liberal$25010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Moveon.orgDemocratic/Liberal$25010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Moveon.orgDemocratic/Liberal$25010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Moveon.orgDemocratic/Liberal$25010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Moveon.orgDemocratic/Liberal$25010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Owen, Stephen LAttorneys & law firms$75010/22/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Passman, Pamela SComputer software$1,00010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pather, ShyamalanComputer software$50010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Pitaro, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Pokinlewski, StephenAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Pontious, Danee LynnAttorneys & law firms$25010/22/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Priest, JimAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Rao, PradeepDemocratic/Liberal$50010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Redfearn, B WilsonAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Reed, JacksonDemocratic/Liberal$25010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rockefeller, LarryAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Rubino, CarminoAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rullman, CharlesDemocratic/Liberal$25010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Salem CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,00010/22/10Roy BluntRMO
      Salem CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00010/22/10John HoevenRND
      Sandler, Richard VAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Schuetze, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Seeley, HelenAttorneys & law firms$20010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shaw, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Shea, James LAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/22/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Shoher, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$75010/22/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Sill, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Smalley, Bernard SrAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Smith, William W Mr JrComputer software$50010/22/10John McCainRAZ
      Snyder, Jay TDemocratic/Liberal$1,20010/22/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Spencer, QuanahAttorneys & law firms$30010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Spizer, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Springsteen, PattiRecorded Music & music production$2,40010/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Srivastava, VasishthDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Srivastava, VasishthDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/22/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Stahlfeld, EricAttorneys & law firms$40010/22/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Stetson, Eugene W IiiMotion Picture production & distribution$30010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Sturman, HerbertAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Taylor, KarenAttorneys & law firms$30010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Townsend, VincentTelecommunications$2,40010/22/10Richard BurrRNC
      Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Verrier, HughAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Vradenberg, Patricia LBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/22/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Weaver, TylerAttorneys & law firms$25010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Wee, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Weiss, Sol HAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Welty, DoloresDemocratic/Liberal$25010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Whouley, Richard JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/22/10Harry ReidDNV
      Williams, IanMotion Picture production & distribution$-1,10510/22/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Wineman, MarianDemocratic/Liberal$25010/22/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Young, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$75010/22/10Barbara A. MikulskiDMD
      Zeughauser, PeterAttorneys & law firms$50010/22/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baller, Charles HAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Bardenwerper, WalterAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Bardenwerper, WalterAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Baum, David BAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baum, Michael LAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Becker, TheodoreAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Becker, TheodoreAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Richard J. DurbinDIL
      Berger, Daniel LAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Berman, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Mark KirkRIL
      Blackman, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Bornick, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Mark KirkRIL
      Bouchard, Andre GAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Breidenbach, JanisDemocratic/Liberal$50010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Buchwald, StephenDemocratic/Liberal$25010/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Casey, BrianAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cassettari, DebbieAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Christian, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Marco RubioRFL
      Cookson, AnthonyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Craven, WesMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cummings, EugeneAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/23/10Mark KirkRIL
      Decker, Thomas a MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/23/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Deixler, BertAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Drake, SylviaMotion Picture production & distribution$2,40010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ellison, LawrenceComputer software$2,40010/23/10Ron WydenDOR
      Evans, Ralph L MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Marco RubioRFL
      Ewing, JessieMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fox, Jordan CAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Freedman, AlanAttorneys & law firms$20010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Grammig, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/23/10Marco RubioRFL
      Hasenzahl, JuliaAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hatch, GeorgeBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hatch, GeorgeBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Hirsch, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hoffman, Shepard aAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Hoffman, Shepard aAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Jacobs, Mark RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Jacobs, Mark RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Jacobson, SandyDemocratic/Liberal$25010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Joiner, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Joy, Daniel MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Marco RubioRFL
      Kavanaugh, RyanAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/23/10Mark KirkRIL
      Kerwin, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      King, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Lee, Keith LAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Legarie, WarrenProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$20010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Levy, SandyAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lewis, MimiDemocratic/Liberal$25010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Loftus, James J MdDemocratic/Liberal$50010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lokting, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Ron WydenDOR
      Lukens, TerryAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lyman, JoanneDemocratic/Liberal$30010/23/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Martin, B EliseAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Mcdonald, David TAttorneys & law firms$20010/23/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mcevoy, NionBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mchenry, Linda JDemocratic/Liberal$25010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Medina, MarkAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Meneo, Ronald Michael EsqAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Meneo, Ronald Michael EsqAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Parker, DavidAttorneys & law firms$62510/23/10Mark KirkRIL
      Patterson, MariaAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/23/10Mark KirkRIL
      Quinn, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rasche, DavidMotion Picture production & distribution$50010/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Regan, MarciaAttorneys & law firms$20010/23/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Rudolph, Karen MDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ruttenberg, David aAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Rutter, J EdgarAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Marco RubioRFL
      Sailer, JacquelineAttorneys & law firms$50010/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Schultz, StephenAttorneys & law firms$35710/23/10Mark KirkRIL
      Sherman-Palladino, AmyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/23/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Shorey, Clyde EDemocratic/Liberal$25010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Singh, JanetAttorneys & law firms$35010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Teich, Howard EsqAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Teich, Howard EsqAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Whitman, AndreaDemocratic/Liberal$1,40010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wier, Richard RAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/23/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Williams, Hank JrEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00010/23/10Mike LeeRUT
      Wittwer, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$21010/23/10Harry ReidDNV
      Wyman, MathewAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Yavenditti, KateAttorneys & law firms$25010/23/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Zimmerman, Leroy MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/23/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Adler, AndrewComputer software$25010/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Adler, AndrewComputer software$25010/24/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Andrews, Joseph MAttorneys & law firms$25010/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bailey, Timothy CAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Boccuzzi, Carmine DAttorneys & law firms$25010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Campbell, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Campos, RoelAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Casey, Brian EAttorneys & law firms$25010/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Cline, Robert D JrAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Cross, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/24/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Cruz, Anatolio IiiComputer software$50010/24/10Rob PortmanROH
      Currie, FrancisAttorneys & law firms$50010/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Currie, FrancisAttorneys & law firms$50010/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Dailey, AnnaAttorneys & law firms$75010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Deniker, Susan LAttorneys & law firms$25010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Doyle, CherylAttorneys & law firms$25010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Eisenstadt, Jeanne WDemocratic/Liberal$25010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Farmer, Stephen BAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Flaherty, Thomas VAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Flanery, Sharon OAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Forbes, Georgianna aAttorneys & law firms$50010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Fulton, DaleEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25010/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Giatras, Troy NAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Glenn, MarcyAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Goins, Jace HAttorneys & law firms$50010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Goodlette, TamaraAttorneys & law firms$25010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Greenberg, David EthanDemocratic/Liberal$25010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hackney, John GAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Hannon, KevinAttorneys & law firms$25010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Harris, Elizabeth aAttorneys & law firms$1,40010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Henley, DonRecorded Music & music production$2,40010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Henley, DonRecorded Music & music production$2,40010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Henley, SharonRecorded Music & music production$2,40010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Henley, SharonRecorded Music & music production$2,40010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Henslee, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$25010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hiaring, AnneAttorneys & law firms$32510/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Irizarry, AngelinaAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Irizarry, AngelinaAttorneys & law firms$1,10010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Isquith, FredAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Jordan, Vernon E JrAttorneys & law firms$50010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kay, DanAttorneys & law firms$50010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Klein, Beth AnnAttorneys & law firms$25010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kramer, KarlAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Leake, Paul D EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Lebovitch, MarkAttorneys & law firms$70010/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Levin, LaureAttorneys & law firms$37510/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Levine, EricAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Lewis, MimiDemocratic/Liberal$25010/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lippman, Peter IAttorneys & law firms$50010/24/10Harry ReidDNV
      Luvaas, JonDemocratic/Liberal$25010/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lyman, JoanneDemocratic/Liberal$50010/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Majestro, Anthony JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Mccarthy, JohnAttorneys & law firms$37510/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Menogan, AnnitaAttorneys & law firms$50010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Mica, BarbaraAttorneys & law firms$50010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Muckle, Melanie JulianAttorneys & law firms$50010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Nelson, ElizabethBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Otto, GinaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Pink, DanielBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Pollitt, Robert DAttorneys & law firms$25010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Powers, Mary EllenAttorneys & law firms$25010/24/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Prioleau-Ali, GloriaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Rice, Charles RAttorneys & law firms$50010/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Salango, C BenjaminAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Schaefer, David RAttorneys & law firms$50010/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Schaefer, David RAttorneys & law firms$50010/24/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Scott, StefaniaAttorneys & law firms$25010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Sellers, Judy BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Springfield, Raymond CharlesTelecommunications$25010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Stark, MarlaAttorneys & law firms$25010/24/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stein, Andrea LevittAttorneys & law firms$20010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Stryker, PatDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Thornton, RolandTelecommunications$1,00010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Tomazin, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Watkins, Melissa SAttorneys & law firms$40010/24/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      White, Edward D IiiAttorneys & law firms$20010/24/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Ablleman, S BernardAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Adelstein, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Armstrong, Rosemary EAttorneys & law firms$40010/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Arnold, BurleighAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bakula, ScottMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Beliveau, Severin MAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Berman, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Berman, Robert LAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Bingley, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$50010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Bogin, BonnieEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$35010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Boigon, Howard LAttorneys & law firms$-40010/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Bomick, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Bonvino, AngeloAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Bordas, James G JrAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/25/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Bordas, LindaAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/25/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Bornick, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Brickell, Mark MrComputer software$1,00010/25/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Brodhead, SallyAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Brown, MarilynDemocratic/Liberal$20010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Bubba, Joseph MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Burgy, William CAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Butterworth, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Butterworth, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Caplan, George TAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Chase, DavidMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Check, DarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cheverie, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Cheverie, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Clay, AngelaAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Mike LeeRUT
      Cloud, Sanford JrAttorneys & law firms$1,15010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Cloud, Sanford JrAttorneys & law firms$1,15010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Co, JenniferDemocratic/Liberal$30010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Cohen, BobAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Colen, Louis LDemocratic/Liberal$50010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Colley, Mark DAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Corey, Angela B MsAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Corsino, JaniceAttorneys & law firms$30010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Cosenza, George JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Damsky, CarolineDemocratic/Liberal$40010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Danbury, PeterDemocratic/Liberal$25010/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Danbury, PeterDemocratic/Liberal$25010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Daniel, TiffanyMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Daub, Hal MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      David, Lawrence GTV production & distribution$30010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Diamond, Charles PAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fawcett, WelcomeDemocratic/Liberal$27510/25/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Felcher, MariaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ferrer, BarbaraAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Foster, Don PAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Foster, Don PAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Fox, Jan WoodwardAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Frankel, JamesAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Frasca, Stephen JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Friedman, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Geffney, Joseph MAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Goblirsch, DavidComputer software$25010/25/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Goforth, JonathanRecorded Music & music production$25010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gold, GaryAttorneys & law firms$20010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Gold, GaryAttorneys & law firms$20010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Golden, R Vance IiiAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Goodman, CharlesDemocratic/Liberal$25010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Goodwin, EdDemocratic/Liberal$50010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Griffin, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Grisham, E ReneeBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Grisham, John RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Growald, Eileen RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,50010/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Growald, Paul JMotion Picture production & distribution$1,50010/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Gwynne, KurtAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Haas, James WAttorneys & law firms$20010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hake, StephenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/25/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Hardison, Richard JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Harris, DeborahAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hart, Jim VBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$28010/25/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Harvey, JoanDemocratic/Liberal$50010/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Jenkins, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kaplan, MyronAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Kaplan, MyronAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Karp, BradAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Debbie StabenowDMI
      Kasner, Karen SparAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Kaufman, GaryAttorneys & law firms$20010/25/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Kavanaugh, RyanAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/25/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Kingsley, Charles CAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Kingsley, Charles CAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Kornberg, Alan WAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Kroeber, EliseDemocratic/Liberal$30010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Krouse, BradleyAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Lamont, BethDemocratic/Liberal$50010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lawson, JelaniEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Levine, Maria EMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Loehr, JoannDemocratic/Liberal$50010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Lourie, LanceAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Lynett, W ScottBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,00010/25/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Lynett, W ScottBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,00010/25/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Mangini, MiriamDemocratic/Liberal$25010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Mann, WilliamRecorded Music & music production$1,00010/25/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Mann, WilliamRecorded Music & music production$1,00010/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Mann, WilliamRecorded Music & music production$50010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Marsh, LangdoDemocratic/Liberal$20010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Melcher, Charles HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Melcher, Charles HBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Meltzer, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Moen, EugeneDemocratic/Liberal$25010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Moonves, LeslieTV production & distribution$2,40010/25/10Roy BluntRMO
      Moore, Charles MrComputer software$30010/25/10Rand PaulRKY
      Moreland, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Morgan, ScottDemocratic/Liberal$25010/25/10Maria CantwellDWA
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$2,50010/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Nguyen, Quang TueComputer software$20010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nicholl, Peter TAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Nicholl, Peter TAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Nicholl, Teresa aAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Olf, JeraldAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Olson, RitaAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Owen, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Palmer, BarryAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/25/10David VitterRLA
      Parker, DavidAttorneys & law firms$62510/25/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Passman, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Patterson, Maria WAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/25/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Patterson, Maria WAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Perris, TerrenceAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Phelan, MarionAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Pingel, Steven RAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pomerantz, Leslie FayDemocratic/Liberal$25010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Previte, PaulAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Rakestraw, PamelaDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Reed, JacksonDemocratic/Liberal$50010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Richardson, Patricia CMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Riscassi, Richard NAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Riscassi, Richard NAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Robison, William DAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Roe, David BDemocratic/Liberal$50010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Roemer, CharlieDemocratic/Liberal$36010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Rubenstein, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Rubenstein, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ruddy, ChristopherBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,50010/25/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Sammet, James LAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Sanders, VictoriaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/25/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Schultz, StephenAttorneys & law firms$35710/25/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Schultz, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$35710/25/10Marco RubioRFL
      Shin, HaeryungAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Skeen, DaleDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, Alice SchafferAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Solodky, Howard NAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Solomon, David HDemocratic/Liberal$20010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sontag, LoisDemocratic/Liberal$50010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Spencer, ElaineAttorneys & law firms$90010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Stephenson, GaryAttorneys & law firms$20010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stoller, MikeRecorded Music & music production$1,00010/25/10Patrick J. LeahyDVT
      Stone, TimAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Swafford, Harold aAttorneys & law firms$20010/25/10Harry ReidDNV
      Swedlin, RosalieEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sweeney, Timothy LAttorneys & law firms$75010/25/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Taylor, SusanDemocratic/Liberal$25010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Time WarnerEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,50010/25/10John ThuneRSD
      Todd, LindaDemocratic/Liberal$30010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Von Tschamer, RenataDemocratic/Liberal$25010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Wallin, LawrenceDemocratic/Liberal$50010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Weiss, BahrDemocratic/Liberal$25010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Weiss, SteveAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wetzel, Veronica NAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      White, BruceAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Whitney, SearleDemocratic/Liberal$20010/25/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Williams, David L MrAttorneys & law firms$40010/25/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Wittcoff, RomaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/25/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Wolff, NorrisAttorneys & law firms$28510/25/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Yudes, Deborah EAttorneys & law firms$25010/25/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Zeughauser, PeterAttorneys & law firms$50010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Zuber, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/25/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Abrams, William FAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Abramson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Abramson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$20010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Abramson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$20010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Abramson, RonaldAttorneys & law firms$20010/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Ackerman, AlanAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Mike LeeRUT
      Alke, WendyDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/26/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Andrews, Glenn CAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Andrews, Glenn CAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Anklam, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Marco RubioRFL
      Bachner, Robert LAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Baker, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$35010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Barrett, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Bassett, JamesAttorneys & law firms$20010/26/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Baumgarten, Judy EAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Berman, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Roy BluntRMO
      Berry, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Tom HarkinDIA
      Bitler, Maureen R MsAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Scott P. BrownRMA
      Bonovitz, SheldonAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Bornick, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Roy BluntRMO
      Boyle, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Boyle, JosephAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Brennan, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Briger, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Briger, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Brill, Edward aAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Brown, BruceAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/26/10Tom HarkinDIA
      Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10David VitterRLA
      Bucci, Guy RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$2,50010/26/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Buffington, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bunn, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Bunn, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Burgy, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Burgy, William CAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Campbell, James KimoDemocratic/Liberal$25010/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Campos, RoelAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Chapin, Peter LDemocratic/Liberal$50010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Chiarelli, MariaAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Chiarelli, MariaAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Chonoles, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$1,50010/26/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Ciurczak, DianeAttorneys & law firms$20010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Clark, ElloineAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10David VitterRLA
      Cohodas, NadineBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Colley, Mark DAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Cooper, Todd LAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Rob PortmanROH
      Corwin, Bruce CMovie Theaters$40010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Costello, Timothy GAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Crain, AndrewTelecommunications$50010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Croake, PaulAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Danielson, LukeAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Deatherage, ClayAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Marco RubioRFL
      Denove, John FAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Diamond, MarkAttorneys & law firms$30010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Diamond, MarkAttorneys & law firms$30010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Direnzo, Robert C MrAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Disney, Timothy JDemocratic/Liberal$2,40010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dreyfuss, MartinDemocratic/Liberal$20010/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Epstein, Juda JAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Epstein, Juda JAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Eschbacher, GaryAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Fader, Bruce EAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Fallon, Brett DAttorneys & law firms$40010/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Federline, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Fein, RonnieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Fein, RonnieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Fernicola, PabloComputer software$50010/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Fiedler, Alan SComputer software$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Fleisher, RichardAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Fox, John WayneAttorneys & law firms$20010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Fox, John WayneAttorneys & law firms$20010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Freimuth, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Friedman, Jacob IAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Ganong, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Genova, Angelo JAttorneys & law firms$70010/26/10Robert MenendezDNJ
      Genova, Angelo JAttorneys & law firms$30010/26/10Robert MenendezDNJ
      Gibbs, GeoffreyAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gillespie, CharlesComputer software$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ginott, Rona StahlEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ginott, Rona StahlEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Glueck, KennethComputer software$50010/26/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Goldberg, MartinAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Goldblatt, CraigAttorneys & law firms$1,40010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Goldfein, JoshuaAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gradisar, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Graham, DavidMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Graham, IanAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Graham, IanMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gray, JohnAttorneys & law firms$29910/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Greenspun, Brian LBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Grosboll, RichardAttorneys & law firms$40010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Growald, Eileen RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,00010/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Growald, PaulMotion Picture production & distribution$2,00010/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Gurkoff, GeneAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Gurkoff, GeneAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Harrison, James LAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Hartley, NedeniaMotion Picture production & distribution$40010/26/10Mark KirkRIL
      Hartmann, StevenAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/26/10Mark KirkRIL
      Hathaway, BruceBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Howarth, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Hribal, RandallAttorneys & law firms$2,00010/26/10Mark KirkRIL
      Ibrahim, SamiDemocratic/Liberal$25010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Inglima, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Itkin, RobbinAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jared, CynthiaAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jawor, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Mark KirkRIL
      Johnson, NancyAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Roy BluntRMO
      Kadison, JeffreyDemocratic/Liberal$20010/26/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Kaplan, MyronAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Roy BluntRMO
      Kastner, EricAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kelly, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Klein, HowardAttorneys & law firms$35010/26/10Roy BluntRMO
      Knott, VirginiaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/26/10Mark KirkRIL
      Knowles, JustinComputer software$25010/26/10Rob PortmanROH
      Knox, Randall SBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50010/26/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Koh, SteveAttorneys & law firms$20010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Kolesar, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Dean HellerRNV
      Larson, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Jerry MoranRKS
      Lawton, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Levinson, RichardAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Liddell, RobertComputer software$1,00010/26/10Mark KirkRIL
      Lieb, Bruce LAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Light, HalAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Linn, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Marco RubioRFL
      Loftin, a StephanieAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Loomis, AnneComputer software$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lowery, Donald EEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00010/26/10Bill NelsonDFL
      Lundy, MarvinAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Macmanus, RichardAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Maley, Edwin J JrAttorneys & law firms$20010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Maley, Edwin J JrAttorneys & law firms$20010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Manaster, CarlDemocratic/Liberal$50010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mandler, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Marco RubioRFL
      Mann, WilliamBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Marconi, Anna HAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Kelly AyotteRNH
      Mccarthy, Johnathan aDemocratic/Liberal$20010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Mccarthy, Johnathan aDemocratic/Liberal$20010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Mickus, John DAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Millspaugh, LyndaAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mintz, RobAttorneys & law firms$75010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Moskowitz, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Roy BluntRMO
      Mulvihill, RogerAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Nicholl, Peter TAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nicholl, Peter TAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Noll, DavidAttorneys & law firms$20010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Obus, Steven EAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Opton, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$60010/26/10Ron WydenDOR
      Parnes, Alan PAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Parsons, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Patterson, MariaAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Roy BluntRMO
      Peterson, AmyAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Peterson, CarlAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Peterson, HensleyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Pierantozzi, AndreaTelecommunications$50010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Pierce, BradComputer software$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Piunti, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pordum, KarenAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pratt, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$50010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Prosser, DeborahAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rauchberg, Ronald SAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Ray, William MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,50010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Redd, DonAttorneys & law firms$20010/26/10Marco RubioRFL
      Regan, MarciaAttorneys & law firms$20010/26/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Roberts, WilliamsAttorneys & law firms$60010/26/10Marco RubioRFL
      Robinson, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Rockefeller-Gordon, WendyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Roman, MarissaAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rose, RobertBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Rose, RobertBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Rosen, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rubin, Stephen WAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Rubin, ThomasComputer software$20010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Rubin, ThomasComputer software$20010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Ruddy, ChristopherBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,50010/26/10Marco RubioRFL
      Rumeld, Myron DAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Sako, KatieAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Schenk, FrederickAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Schultz, StephenAttorneys & law firms$35710/26/10Roy BluntRMO
      Sellers, Judy BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$30010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Shahnami, MarisabelTelecommunications$1,00010/26/10Marco RubioRFL
      Shapiro, David WAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Shulman, MaxAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Shulman, Max RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$3,00010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sirkin, Michael SAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Smiles, Joan EAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Solodky, HowardAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Spiva, BruceAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Starshak, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Mark KirkRIL
      Sturdevant, James CAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Sutton, Kermit S MrAttorneys & law firms$1,15010/26/10Marco RubioRFL
      Terry, RexAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10John BoozmanRAR
      Thomas, ScottAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Thomas, WalterAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Harry ReidDNV
      Varda, Anthony RAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Volkmann, WendyDemocratic/Liberal$30010/26/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Volmert, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$25010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wallace, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Marco RubioRFL
      Waxenberg, Jay DAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Weinberger, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Charles E. SchumerDNY
      Weiner, Steven SAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Whitehair, JMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wiley, RicardAttorneys & law firms$30010/26/10Marco RubioRFL
      Wilner, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$50010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Wolff, NorrisAttorneys & law firms$28510/26/10Roy BluntRMO
      Wu, YibingComputer software$90010/26/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Zilkha, NazimAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Zilkha, NazimAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/26/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Abrams, Jeffrey JTV production & distribution$2,40010/27/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Abrams, Jeffrey JTV production & distribution$2,40010/27/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Adler, Betsy BAttorneys & law firms$50010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Alper, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Altieri, Maria RAttorneys & law firms$50010/27/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Altieri, Maria RAttorneys & law firms$50010/27/10Richard BlumenthalDCT
      Armstrong, James MrComputer software$1,00010/27/10John McCainRAZ
      Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$-1,00010/27/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Barr, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Battaglia, JohnAttorneys & law firms$40010/27/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Berger, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$1,40010/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Berger, MaxAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/27/10Mike CrapoRID
      Berry, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$30010/27/10Roy BluntRMO
      Beyer, Timothy RAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Blasier, Peter CAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Blasier, Peter CAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Boltuch, Burton FAttorneys & law firms$25510/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brutocao, Mary LAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Carr, Bradley MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/27/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Check, DarrenAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/27/10Mike CrapoRID
      Cheiten, MarvinBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20010/27/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Chiappa, Carl JAttorneys & law firms$1,40010/27/10Tom CoburnROK
      Cobb, MasonDemocratic/Liberal$25010/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Connors, Terrence MAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Crane, Paul NAttorneys & law firms$20010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Damico, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50010/27/10Mike CrapoRID
      Dietz, Susan HEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Disney, AbigailMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Disney, AbigailMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Disney, AbigailMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00010/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Drendel, Thomas EAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Duggan, SharonAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Dwork, CynthiaComputer software$30010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ehrlich, JustinAttorneys & law firms$50010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Feinberg, Aimee aAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Forman, WayneAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Fortuno, Robert a MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10John McCainRAZ
      Franceski, Larry GAttorneys & law firms$50010/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Gilbert, CeliaDemocratic/Liberal$2,00010/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Ginott, RonaEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00010/27/10Kirsten E. GillibrandDNY
      Goodman, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Graziano, SalvatoreAttorneys & law firms$60010/27/10Mike CrapoRID
      Greene, Sheldon LAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gwilliam, GaryAttorneys & law firms$40010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Holbrook, Janet S MsAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Rand PaulRKY
      Jansson, Peter NAttorneys & law firms$50010/27/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Jones, Leslie aDemocratic/Liberal$1,00010/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Jost, ShannonAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Jovanovic, Daphne OzBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,40010/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Kahn, Benjamin aAttorneys & law firms$20010/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Keeley, John P IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,40010/27/10Joe Manchin, IIIDWV
      Kem, Jonathan QMotion Picture production & distribution$25010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Kilpatrick, Andrew J Mr IiAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      Knobel, Mary KAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Kress, Edward Mr IiAttorneys & law firms$50010/27/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Leban, AbbottAttorneys & law firms$20010/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Lee, MicheleDemocratic/Liberal$20010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lerch, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$40010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lewis, AlfredDemocratic/Liberal$50010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lewis, David MrAttorneys & law firms$50010/27/10John McCainRAZ
      Litvak, LawrenceDemocratic/Liberal$25010/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Loehr, JoannDemocratic/Liberal$50010/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Louik, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Louik, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Robert P. Casey, Jr.DPA
      Lowe, Charles E Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10Rand PaulRKY
      Macfarland, LanningBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20210/27/10Marco RubioRFL
      Marks, AmandaRecorded Music & music production$1,00010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mason, KatherineAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Masters, William EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Matthai, EdithAttorneys & law firms$50010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcgee, LonnieAttorneys & law firms$50010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mckenzie, Lance NAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Meltzer, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,20010/27/10Mike CrapoRID
      Miller, Mark L MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10Rand PaulRKY
      Morris, MarcComputer software$25010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Munger, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Ron JohnsonRWI
      Murrin, John MDemocratic/Liberal$25010/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      National Football LeagueProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$3,00010/27/10Johnny IsaksonRGA
      National Football LeagueProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,00010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nelson, ElizabethBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20010/27/10Michael F. BennetDCO
      Nestor, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10Christopher A. CoonsDDE
      Newcomb, PhilipComputer software$25010/27/10Patty MurrayDWA
      Oldham, Sue LAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Oracle CorpComputer software$2,00010/27/10Barbara BoxerDCA
      Parsons, Charles aAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Harry ReidDNV
      Patton, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00010/27/10Patrick J. ToomeyRPA
      Paulson, JaneAttorneys & law firms$50010/27/10Ron WydenDOR
      Phillips, AmyAttorneys & law firms$25010/27/10Patty Murray