S. 978 - A Bill to Amend the Criminal Penalty Provision for Criminal Infringement of a Copyright, and for Other Purposes.

Crime and law enforcement. 112th Congress (2011-2012) View bill details
A bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes. (by CRS) 
The bill has passed through committee and has been put on a legislative calendar. 
There have been no votes on this bill.

A Bill to Amend the Criminal Penalty Provision for Criminal Infringement of a Copyright, and for Other Purposes.

S. 978 — 112th Congress (2011–2012)

A bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes. (by CRS)
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A bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes.
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    Amy Klobuchar
    • Crime and law enforcement
    • Intellectual property
    • Internet and video services
    • Music
    • Sound recording
    • Television and film
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      Referred to Committee
      Bill History

      There have been no votes on this bill.

      5/12/2011Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
      Put on a legislative calendar6/16/2011Committee on the Judiciary. Ordered to be reported without amendment favorably.
      6/20/2011Committee on the Judiciary. Reported by Senator Leahy without amendment. Without written report.
      Put on a legislative calendar6/20/2011Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 77.
      6/22/2011Committee on the Judiciary. Hearings held.
      NumberSponsorDate OfferedStatus
      ContributorInterest groupAmountDatesort iconSenate memberPartyState
      Bahner, MaxfieldAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/1/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Barker, Scott SAttorneys & law firms$25011/1/07Mark UdallDCO
      Bowen, BerryAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/1/07John CornynRTX
      Bronfman, Edgar MDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/1/07Mark UdallDCO
      Cunningham, Kenneth CAttorneys & law firms$50011/1/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Davis, Smith WAttorneys & law firms$50011/1/07Richard ShelbyRAL
      Deschauer, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50011/1/07Mark KirkRIL
      Dowd, John MAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/1/07Richard ShelbyRAL
      Dunlevie, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/1/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Fair, Ellen BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25011/1/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Fell, TrudyMotion Picture production & distribution$25011/1/07James InhofeROK
      Goelz, PeterAttorneys & law firms$25011/1/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Green, Cathy JDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/1/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Gregor, Charles H JrChambers of commerce$20011/1/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Halpem, SusanAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/1/07Mark UdallDCO
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$4,00011/1/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Kaplan, CraigAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/1/07Mark UdallDCO
      Kavanaugh, Coleen MDemocratic/Liberal$2,00011/1/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Klothen, Eve BDemocratic/Liberal$50011/1/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Kostopoulos, RitaAttorneys & law firms$25011/1/07Carl LevinDMI
      Lawler, JonAttorneys & law firms$70011/1/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Lawler, JonAttorneys & law firms$30011/1/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Margolis, P MAttorneys & law firms$25011/1/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mcdermott, Will & EmeryAttorneys & law firms$50011/1/07John CornynRTX
      Mcintosh, CarolynAttorneys & law firms$25011/1/07Mark UdallDCO
      Nealon, Robert BAttorneys & law firms$75011/1/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Rubin, Rosina LDemocratic/Liberal$1,20011/1/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Troutman SandersAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/1/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Troutman SandersAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/1/07Richard BurrRNC
      Walter, Sarah LDemocratic/Liberal$50011/1/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      White, MaureenDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/1/07Mark UdallDCO
      Wilson, Jamie MAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/1/07John CornynRTX
      Wilson, Jason HAttorneys & law firms$50011/1/07Mark UdallDCO
      Zenisek, Christopher CAttorneys & law firms$25011/1/07Mark UdallDCO
      Abrams, Stuart EAttorneys & law firms$25011/2/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Bailey, ChaseDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/2/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Bardacke, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/2/07Tom UdallDNM
      Bartley, Wendy LAttorneys & law firms$25011/2/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Barzun, Matthew WPrinting and publishing (printed & online)$2,30011/2/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bergman, StanleyDemocratic/Liberal$25011/2/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Brookover, George MAttorneys & law firms$50011/2/07Carl LevinDMI
      Colangelo, JerryProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$75011/2/07James InhofeROK
      Denny, LarryAttorneys & law firms$20011/2/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Fleming, Lisa LAttorneys & law firms$50011/2/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Freedman, StuartAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/2/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Freedman, StuartAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/2/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Glasscock, C EAttorneys & law firms$50011/2/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Green, Thomas RAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/2/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Greenberg Traurig LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/2/07John CornynRTX
      Harrison, Kirk RAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/2/07Harry ReidDNV
      Hart, Judith NugentEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50011/2/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Hatch, PeterDemocratic/Liberal$25011/2/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Kiko, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$50011/2/07James InhofeROK
      Leighton, JoyceAttorneys & law firms$40011/2/07John CornynRTX
      Leighton, LeonardAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/2/07John CornynRTX
      Leighton, LeonardAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/2/07John CornynRTX
      Moon, RichardAttorneys & law firms$50011/2/07Susan CollinsRME
      Niedermeyer, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/2/07John KerryDMA
      Niehoff, H C BAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/2/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Pellett, ClarkAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/2/07Susan CollinsRME
      Pryor, SpencerAttorneys & law firms$80011/2/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$2,00011/2/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Rosenthal, HelenDemocratic/Liberal$25011/2/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Snyder, RobertPrinting and publishing (printed & online)$2,30011/2/07Roy BluntRMO
      Turnbull, Bruce HAttorneys & law firms$1,80011/2/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Davis, ChrisAttorneys & law firms$25011/3/07Mark PryorDAR
      Eidenberg, EugeneDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/3/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Evans, AlleneAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/3/07Mark PryorDAR
      Fabian, Larry LDemocratic/Liberal$50011/3/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Gonzalez, Jams a JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/3/07Mark PryorDAR
      Hanes, Phillip RDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/3/07Kay HaganDNC
      Henes, Philip RDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/3/07Kay HaganDNC
      Isaacs, MaxineDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/3/07John KerryDMA
      Johnson, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/3/07Mark PryorDAR
      Leonard, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/3/07John KerryDMA
      Matheson, LeonardAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/3/07Mark PryorDAR
      Peterson, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/3/07Mark PryorDAR
      Bornstein, Theodore HAttorneys & law firms$50011/4/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Geerhart, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$25011/4/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Lenzmeier, CharlesComputer software$50011/4/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Macrae, Annabelle BAttorneys & law firms$25011/4/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Spiegel, Jennifer AnneAttorneys & law firms$25011/4/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Suits, Daniel BDemocratic/Liberal$50011/4/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Zoppo, JulieComputer software$25011/4/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Allison, Margaret YAttorneys & law firms$40011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Allison, Margaret YAttorneys & law firms$40011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Allison, Margaret YAttorneys & law firms$-40011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Allison, Stephen PAttorneys & law firms$80011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Allison, Stephen PAttorneys & law firms$40011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Allison, Stephen PAttorneys & law firms$-40011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Allison, Stephen PAttorneys & law firms$-40011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Andris, Theodore SAttorneys & law firms$25011/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Bailey, ChaseDemocratic/Liberal$1,70011/5/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Birkeland, Karin JAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/5/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Birnberg, GeraldAttorneys & law firms$30011/5/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Bland, Douglas SAttorneys & law firms$4,60011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Bland, Douglas SAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Bland, Douglas SAttorneys & law firms$-2,30011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Bleich, Jefferey LAttorneys & law firms$25011/5/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Broas, Timothy MAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07Bill NelsonDFL
      Burke, Richard FAttorneys & law firms$60011/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Cassidy, Thomas PAttorneys & law firms$50011/5/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Chube, Ellen BAttorneys & law firms$25011/5/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Clinesmith, CurtisAttorneys & law firms$50011/5/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Devine, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$50011/5/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Djerassi, DaleEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$75011/5/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$50011/5/07Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Earp, Stephen WAttorneys & law firms$50011/5/07Kay HaganDNC
      Eidenberg, EugenieDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/5/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Fisher, Emily HDemocratic/Liberal$50011/5/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Fleischman, Barbara GDemocratic/Liberal$30011/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Fleischman, Barbara GDemocratic/Liberal$20011/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Goulet, KathleenDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/5/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Hurley, Christopher TAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Hyman, ChrisDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/5/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Kennedy, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$2,60011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Kennedy, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Kennedy, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$-2,30011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Kennedy, Patrick J JrAttorneys & law firms$2,60011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Kennedy, Patrick J JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Kennedy, Patrick J JrAttorneys & law firms$-2,30011/5/07John CornynRTX
      Koncilja, James RAttorneys & law firms$50011/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Kunstler, Marilyn CAttorneys & law firms$25011/5/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Lenfestey, JamesBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,30011/5/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Lenfestey, Susan WBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,30011/5/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Levison, S J MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07John IsaksonRGA
      Lewis, JordanAttorneys & law firms$25011/5/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Lloyd, KurtAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Lygizos, John EsqAttorneys & law firms$50011/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Moriarty, James RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Motherway, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Mottur, Alfred EAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Mullin, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$25011/5/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Napleton, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Olsson, Frank & WeedaAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/5/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Ozmon, LairdAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Peters, DouglasAttorneys & law firms$25011/5/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Piebani, Jon WAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Power, Joseph a JrAttorneys & law firms$1,50011/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Prindable, Thomas KAttorneys & law firms$60011/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Rosenberg, HenryAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/5/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Rosenthal, SteveDemocratic/Liberal$25011/5/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Ross, Stuart PAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07Harry ReidDNV
      Saigo, BarbaraBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20011/5/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Seiler, EricAttorneys & law firms$1,15011/5/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Sharp, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/5/07Kay HutchisonRTX
      Simon, Basil TAttorneys & law firms$50011/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Simpson, C KAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Tenpenny, TriciaAttorneys & law firms$50011/5/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Wenig, Howard aAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/5/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Wilson, GroverAttorneys & law firms$25011/5/07Richard BurrRNC
      Zachary, ErnestAttorneys & law firms$25011/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Adrogue, Maria SofiaAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/6/07John CornynRTX
      Ahlgren, John LAttorneys & law firms$25011/6/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Alston & BirdAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/6/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Boyle, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$25011/6/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Brumer, MarcAttorneys & law firms$50011/6/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Burguieres, AliceProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$4,60011/6/07John CornynRTX
      Burguieres, AliceProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,30011/6/07John CornynRTX
      Burguieres, AliceProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$-2,30011/6/07John CornynRTX
      Burguieres, Philip JProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$4,60011/6/07John CornynRTX
      Burguieres, Philip JProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$-4,60011/6/07John CornynRTX
      Burke, William TDemocratic/Liberal$20011/6/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Carter, Walter T Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/6/07John IsaksonRGA
      Connelly, SerenaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/6/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Cowan, Joyce aAttorneys & law firms$50011/6/07Carl LevinDMI
      Dwyer, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/6/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Dwyer, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$70011/6/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Field, David JCommercial TV & radio stations$2,30011/6/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Field, David JCommercial TV & radio stations$20011/6/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Freed, Lance RRecorded Music & music production$1,00011/6/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Friedman, Francine E EsqDemocratic/Liberal$50011/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Goldberg, JosephAttorneys & law firms$50011/6/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Harrison, Stan HRecorded Music & music production$20011/6/07John KerryDMA
      Itzkan, SethDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/6/07John KerryDMA
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/6/07Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Kulkarni, KathyDemocratic/Liberal$50011/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Laine, ChuckTelecommunications$80011/6/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Laine, ChuckTelecommunications$20011/6/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Leventhal, AlexanderDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/6/07John KerryDMA
      Lindberg, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$25011/6/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Lionel, Sawyer & CollinsAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/6/07Max BaucusDMT
      Mandel, Thomas aCommercial TV & radio stations$2,30011/6/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Niro, RaymondAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/6/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Pastor, Janice DAttorneys & law firms$50011/6/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Pretra, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$1,50011/6/07John KerryDMA
      Prince, JanetDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/6/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$50011/6/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Reed Elsevier IncBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,50011/6/07Bill NelsonDFL
      Roetzel & AndressAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/6/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Rosenfeld, John LDemocratic/Liberal$50011/6/07John KerryDMA
      Samuels, William CDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/6/07John KerryDMA
      Samuels, William CDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/6/07John KerryDMA
      Sciaccotta, John CAttorneys & law firms$25011/6/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Simon, James LEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50011/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Sokolove, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50011/6/07Roy BluntRMO
      Solmonese, JosephDemocratic/Liberal$50011/6/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Tober, Eric EDemocratic/Liberal$50011/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Universal Music GroupRecorded Music & music production$1,00011/6/07Carl LevinDMI
      Vinson & ElkinsAttorneys & law firms$2,50011/6/07Mark PryorDAR
      Vitsack, TomAttorneys & law firms$50011/6/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Baker & HostetlerAttorneys & law firms$2,50011/7/07John RockefellerDWV
      Bandier, MartinDemocratic/Liberal$2,00011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Bandier, MartinDemocratic/Liberal$30011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Berger, MitchellAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Bernstein, RichardAttorneys & law firms$50011/7/07Carl LevinDMI
      Bernstein, SamuelAttorneys & law firms$50011/7/07Carl LevinDMI
      Bethea, Paula HAttorneys & law firms$87211/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Bethea, Paule HAttorneys & law firms$1,32711/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Bianchi, Alden JAttorneys & law firms$50011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Blau, Evelyne KBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Blau, Louis CDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/7/07Bill NelsonDFL
      Bronfman, Edgar JrRecorded Music & music production$1,00011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Broocks, LindaAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07John CornynRTX
      Broocks, LindaAttorneys & law firms$70011/7/07John CornynRTX
      Broocks, LindaAttorneys & law firms$-70011/7/07John CornynRTX
      Brown, C MAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Brown, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$25011/7/07Max BaucusDMT
      Bryan, Mary JAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/7/07John CornynRTX
      Carroll, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$50011/7/07John KerryDMA
      Daniels, Christopher JAttorneys & law firms$50011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Diamonstein-Spielvog, BarbaraleeDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/7/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Dixon, GusAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Doly, James RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Susan CollinsRME
      Dukes, David EAttorneys & law firms$10011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Fragomen, Del Rey Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Charles SchumerDNY
      Frail, StephenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Fritze, Daniel JAttorneys & law firms$25011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Fry, ShantiDemocratic/Liberal$1,30011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Fry, ShantiDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Fulda, John EAttorneys & law firms$30011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Fulde, John EAttorneys & law firms$20011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Gireath, James RAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Gray, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Grossman, StevenDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Grossman, StevenDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Henn, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/7/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Hummel, Leslle aDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/7/07Kay HaganDNC
      Hunt, RichardTelecommunications$1,00011/7/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Inomata, ReneeAttorneys & law firms$50011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Itzkan, IrvingDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/7/07John KerryDMA
      Jones, William W JrAttorneys & law firms$1,70011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Jones, William W JrAttorneys & law firms$1,30011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Korge, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$50011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Lambert, Bill GDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Lemer, RalphAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Lorsch, Patricia MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Major League Baseball Commissioner's OfcProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$4,00011/7/07John RockefellerDWV
      Manouglan, DavidTV production & distribution$1,50011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Margol, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$1,30011/7/07John KerryDMA
      Margol, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$20011/7/07John KerryDMA
      Martin, John K JrEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Mccutchen, JoeyAttorneys & law firms$-50011/7/07Mark PryorDAR
      Mcgovern, James JAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Mckelvey, Steve a JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Meating, AngelineAttorneys & law firms$25011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Moran, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$60011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Mullins, Ed WAttorneys & law firms$30011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Mullins, Ed WAttorneys & law firms$22011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Bob CorkerRTN
      Notis-Mcconarty, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Notis-Mcconarty, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$20011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Notis-Mcconarty, JeanAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Notis-Mcconarty, JeanAttorneys & law firms$20011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      O'rourke, Mary E EsquireAttorneys & law firms$25011/7/07John ReedDRI
      Perkins, CherylAttorneys & law firms$1,30011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Perkins, CherylAttorneys & law firms$30011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Posen, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Poten, TaraBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Reilly, Douglas DComputer software$50011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Riley, Christopher PAttorneys & law firms$50011/7/07John RockefellerDWV
      Rosen, GaryAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Ryan, MaryAttorneys & law firms$25011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Scharf, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Sessions, Rex LAttorneys & law firms$50011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Sharp, Richard TAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Siak, JanAttorneys & law firms$25011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Sikorski, Garry EAttorneys & law firms$1,50011/7/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Smith, William FAttorneys & law firms$1,30011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Smith, William FAttorneys & law firms$70011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$-1,00011/7/07Roger WickerRMS
      Speck, David GDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/7/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sponcler, MauriceAttorneys & law firms$70011/7/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Sponcler, MauriceAttorneys & law firms$30011/7/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Strauss, Armar aDemocratic/Liberal$50011/7/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Stuart, Sandra KDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/7/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Traylor, David GAttorneys & law firms$50011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Walsh, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/7/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Walsh, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/7/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Walsh, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/7/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Walsh, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/7/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00011/7/07Richard ShelbyRAL
      Walter, SarahDemocratic/Liberal$70011/7/07Max BaucusDMT
      Walter, SarahDemocratic/Liberal$30011/7/07Max BaucusDMT
      White, Edward KAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Zimmerman, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$25011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Zimmerman, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$25011/7/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Aycock, Johnnie MrChambers of commerce$1,00011/8/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Batimer, Steven aComputer software$2,00011/8/07John CornynRTX
      Berman, JoanDemocratic/Liberal$1,25011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Berman, JulianAttorneys & law firms$1,25011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Bernstein, StuartDemocratic/Liberal$50011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Bevan, Thomas WAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/8/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/8/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Bugelas-Brandt, PatriceBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Chanen, StuartAttorneys & law firms$25011/8/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Chesley, DiannaAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Chesley, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Clay, JanComputer software$50011/8/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Cofrin, David HAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/8/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Combs, LindaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25011/8/07Richard BurrRNC
      Conlon, KevinAttorneys & law firms$50011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Constance Anne PenceAttorneys & law firms$50011/8/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Cytrynbaum, JanaDemocratic/Liberal$25011/8/07Mark UdallDCO
      David, OscarAttorneys & law firms$50011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Doub, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$2,20011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Doub, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$30011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Egan, Michael RAttorneys & law firms$25011/8/07John ReedDRI
      English, KevinDemocratic/Liberal$25011/8/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Feinerman, Gary SAttorneys & law firms$50011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Fujisawa, Karen MDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Glimco, Joseph IiiAttorneys & law firms$50011/8/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Goirelick, Jamie SAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/8/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Green, KathrynBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25011/8/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Greenberg Traurig LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/8/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Hankinson, William TAttorneys & law firms$25011/8/07Mark UdallDCO
      Hanley, AmandaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/8/07John CornynRTX
      Kapnick, BenitaDemocratic/Liberal$30011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Kaufman, HenryAttorneys & law firms$25011/8/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Lauter, Richard SDemocratic/Liberal$50011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Maragos, DeanAttorneys & law firms$50011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Martin, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50011/8/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Mason, Kathy WAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/8/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Myerson, Roger BDemocratic/Liberal$50011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00011/8/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      North, CarolAttorneys & law firms$25011/8/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      O'malley, CindyAttorneys & law firms$25011/8/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Pannone, Gary RAttorneys & law firms$25011/8/07John ReedDRI
      Perkin, RobertRecorded Music & music production$1,00011/8/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Reed, M KAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/8/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Rensin, LiaComputer software$4,60011/8/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Rensin, LiaComputer software$2,30011/8/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Rensin, LiaComputer software$-2,30011/8/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Rich, SusanAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/8/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Riley, James KDemocratic/Liberal$25011/8/07John KerryDMA
      Rouvelas, Emanuel LAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/8/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Royer, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/8/07Kay HutchisonRTX
      Ruge, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/8/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Sagner, DeborahDemocratic/Liberal$25011/8/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Sherwood, Jeffrey KAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/8/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Silberman, ClaireDemocratic/Liberal$50011/8/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Sperling, PriscillaAttorneys & law firms$50011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Storey, Bayard TDemocratic/Liberal$1,30011/8/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Swearingen, Lynn DAttorneys & law firms$70011/8/07John CornynRTX
      Terrano, Janine FComputer software$50011/8/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Toll, Larry WTelecommunications$1,00011/8/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Trienens, Howard JAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Tzuker, Joshua EAttorneys & law firms$60011/8/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Verveer, Philip LAttorneys & law firms$50011/8/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Westberry, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25011/8/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Young, Joseph DAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/8/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Zennes, MariaAttorneys & law firms$50011/8/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Ackerly, Dana TAttorneys & law firms$25011/9/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Agee, JenniferDemocratic/Liberal$2,00011/9/07Max BaucusDMT
      Bernstein, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$25011/9/07John ReedDRI
      Clade, SusanAttorneys & law firms$50011/9/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Corrente, JudithDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/9/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Estes, RebeccaDemocratic/Liberal$2,00011/9/07Max BaucusDMT
      Farkas, JonathanDemocratic/Liberal$25011/9/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Feinberg, Diane SAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/9/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Feinberg, Kenneth RAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/9/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Gates, WilliamComputer software$1,00011/9/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Generation BlueDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/9/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Generation BlueDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/9/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Gould, AnthonyDemocratic/Liberal$25011/9/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Haley, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50011/9/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Han, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$25011/9/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Hanna, Katherine MAttorneys & law firms$50011/9/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hanna, Katherine MAttorneys & law firms$50011/9/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hart, JudithBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25011/9/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Horn, Alan FMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00011/9/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Johanson, KerinDemocratic/Liberal$25011/9/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Jordan, Vernon E JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/9/07Carl LevinDMI
      Kelly, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/9/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kiley, Thomas RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/9/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Klothen, Kenneth LDemocratic/Liberal$2,00011/9/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Kosmos, GeorgeDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/9/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kunz, April MsAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/9/07John BarrassoRWY
      Langdon, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/9/07Mark PryorDAR
      Lawler, Gregory EAttorneys & law firms$50011/9/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Lee, ClaudeDemocratic/Liberal$2,00011/9/07Max BaucusDMT
      Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/9/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Manatt, Phelps & PhillipsAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/9/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Petsavos, JonDemocratic/Liberal$25011/9/07John KerryDMA
      Rhind, James TAttorneys & law firms$25011/9/07Mark KirkRIL
      Rockefeller, Sharon PDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/9/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Rockefeller, Sharon PDemocratic/Liberal$90011/9/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Sacher, Steven MrAttorneys & law firms$60011/9/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Sarna, PatDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/9/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,50011/9/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,50011/9/07Max BaucusDMT
      Skinner, William PAttorneys & law firms$25011/9/07John RockefellerDWV
      Smith, Scott FAttorneys & law firms$25011/9/07John RockefellerDWV
      Stern, LynnDemocratic/Liberal$50011/9/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Tober, SusanDemocratic/Liberal$50011/9/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Tucker, Seth aAttorneys & law firms$25011/9/07John RockefellerDWV
      Tyson, GeraldDemocratic/Liberal$50011/9/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Winner, Sonya DAttorneys & law firms$25011/9/07John RockefellerDWV
      Young, JaneAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/9/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Abrams, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/10/07Tom UdallDNM
      Abrams, PaulAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/10/07Tom UdallDNM
      Baker, John KAttorneys & law firms$25011/10/07Mark PryorDAR
      Ballmer, StevenComputer software$1,00011/10/07Mark PryorDAR
      Bluestone, StuartAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/10/07Tom UdallDNM
      Bobrow, MichaelDemocratic/Liberal$20011/10/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Davis, Edward JAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/10/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Durkovich, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/10/07Tom UdallDNM
      Egolf, Brian JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/10/07Tom UdallDNM
      Grundfest, JackAttorneys & law firms$25011/10/07Mark PryorDAR
      Harrelson, TammaraAttorneys & law firms$25011/10/07Mark PryorDAR
      Harvey, Jennifer WAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/10/07Mark PryorDAR
      Johnson, LeonAttorneys & law firms$25011/10/07Mark PryorDAR
      Johnson, Ronald PAttorneys & law firms$50011/10/07Kay HaganDNC
      Kiesel, PaulAttorneys & law firms$49911/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Kornfield, SusanAttorneys & law firms$25011/10/07Carl LevinDMI
      Manna, Anthony SAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/10/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Mitchell, MauriceAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/10/07Mark PryorDAR
      Rosen, Samuel KAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/10/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Sagan, PaulDemocratic/Liberal$2,00011/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Stein, JayAttorneys & law firms$50011/10/07Tom UdallDNM
      Sumpter, PeteDemocratic/Liberal$50011/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Swartzberg, MaryBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30011/10/07Tom UdallDNM
      Trotter, Thomas R EsqAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/10/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Wills, RobbleAttorneys & law firms$25011/10/07Mark PryorDAR
      Yohalem, DanielAttorneys & law firms$50011/10/07Tom UdallDNM
      Barer, Stanley HDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/11/07John KerryDMA
      Barer, Stanley HDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/11/07John KerryDMA
      Broas, Timothy MAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/11/07John KerryDMA
      Cohen, Robert BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,50011/11/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Grode, SusanAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/11/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Herzer, David L EsqAttorneys & law firms$50011/11/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Herzer, Sharon LAttorneys & law firms$50011/11/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Neidorf, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,70011/11/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Neidorf, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$30011/11/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ostin, MorrisRecorded Music & music production$2,30011/11/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, Shawnee IBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/11/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Stephens, NancyMotion Picture production & distribution$60011/11/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Albee, LukeDemocratic/Liberal$50011/12/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Backus, JenniferDemocratic/Liberal$50011/12/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Ballmer, Steven MrComputer software$1,00011/12/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Brawer, Steven TAttorneys & law firms$50011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/12/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/12/07John ThuneRSD
      Caverly, JosephAttorneys & law firms$25011/12/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Cutchins, Clifford a IvDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Directors Guild of AmericaEntertainment unions$2,30011/12/07Harry ReidDNV
      Doherty, Aileen MAttorneys & law firms$1,30011/12/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Doherty, Aileen MAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/12/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Dorsey & WhitneyAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/12/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Duff, Patricia JCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00011/12/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Eakeley, Douglas SAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Ehrenberg, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Epps, John DAttorneys & law firms$20011/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Etkin, Michael SAttorneys & law firms$50011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Fikes, LeeDemocratic/Liberal$-2,10011/12/07Jon TesterDMT
      Gates, William H IiiComputer software$2,00011/12/07John CornynRTX
      Gates, William H IiiComputer software$1,00011/12/07Michael EnziRWY
      Gates, William Mr IiiComputer software$1,00011/12/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Girardi, ErikaAttorneys & law firms$4,60011/12/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Girardi, ErikaAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/12/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Girardi, ErikeAttorneys & law firms$-2,30011/12/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Girardi, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$30011/12/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Girardi, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$20011/12/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Halperin, Barry LDemocratic/Liberal$25011/12/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Hui, LawrenceDemocratic/Liberal$50011/12/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hunton & WilliamsAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/12/07Lisa MurkowskiRAK
      Kaplan, EdwardComputer software$1,00011/12/07Mark KirkRIL
      Lavine, JonathanDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/12/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Lelt, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Levine, Sharon LAttorneys & law firms$25011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Levithan, Allan BAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Levy, KellyDemocratic/Liberal$50011/12/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Mccalmont, CamillaDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mccalmont, TimDemocratic/Liberal$50011/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mcdowell, Gary aDemocratic/Liberal$25011/12/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Olsson, Frank & WeedaAttorneys & law firms$50011/12/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Resnick, Ira MDemocratic/Liberal$20011/12/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Ricci, Richard FAttorneys & law firms$25011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Rodburg, Michael LAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Ronayne, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$1,50011/12/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Rosen, Kenneth PAttorneys & law firms$50011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Roy, Mary EAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/12/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Salemme, R GDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/12/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Shenker, ScottDemocratic/Liberal$-30011/12/07Jon TesterDMT
      Siesser, Steven EAttorneys & law firms$50011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Steinhart, AshleyAttorneys & law firms$50011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Streisand, BarbraMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Time WarnerEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,00011/12/07Harry ReidDNV
      Time WarnerEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$-2,00011/12/07Harry ReidDNV
      Warwick, MalDemocratic/Liberal$30011/12/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Weaver, Tim MrAttorneys & law firms$25011/12/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Wild, Jeffrey JAttorneys & law firms$50011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Williamson, Thomas W JrDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Wingens, GaryAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Wolf, Block Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/12/07Susan CollinsRME
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,50011/13/07John KerryDMA
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$75011/13/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Akin, Gump Et AlAttorneys & law firms$13011/13/07John KerryDMA
      Ayala, SusyAttorneys & law firms$50011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Ballard, MarionDemocratic/Liberal$50011/13/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Barzun, Matthew WPrinting and publishing (printed & online)$2,30011/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Belin, AllettaAttorneys & law firms$50011/13/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Berthold, Robert V JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Bingham Mccutchen LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,50011/13/07Max BaucusDMT
      Black, LeaAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Blunt, AmyAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07Roy BluntRMO
      Brown, Kenneth WAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07John CornynRTX
      Brown, Leslie CAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07John CornynRTX
      Clemons, Rebecca SAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07John CornynRTX
      Cohen, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Collins, William RAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Connor, Thomas W JrAttorneys & law firms$20011/13/07John CornynRTX
      Corenswet, Ellen BAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Corrente, JudithDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/13/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Craft, John CAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07Roy BluntRMO
      Craft, KarenAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07Roy BluntRMO
      Faggert, David YAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Farrington, Buford LAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07Roy BluntRMO
      Felton, Jay aAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07Roy BluntRMO
      Frey, CindyRecorded Music & music production$50011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Fyle, Sheila MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Gendry, Thomas WAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07John CornynRTX
      Gennarl, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Greenberg, Roger BAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Grusin, DavidRecorded Music & music production$2,30011/13/07Tom UdallDNM
      Hawley, John SAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07Mark KirkRIL
      Hoffman, Gail HAttorneys & law firms$50011/13/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hom, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Debbie StabenowDMI
      Itzkan, AnnetteDemocratic/Liberal$-2,00011/13/07John KerryDMA
      Itzkan, AnnetteDemocratic/Liberal$-2,00011/13/07John KerryDMA
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07John BoozmanRAR
      Langan, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Mark KirkRIL
      Livingston, S W JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Lonnquist, Judith aAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Magazine Publishers of AmericaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00011/13/07Richard BurrRNC
      Marshall, Thurgood JrDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Martin, Sheita NDemocratic/Liberal$50011/13/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Mays, Peggy PCommercial TV & radio stations$20011/13/07John CornynRTX
      Mays, Peggy PCommercial TV & radio stations$20011/13/07John CornynRTX
      Mccoppin, John TAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07John CornynRTX
      Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Melendres, WalterAttorneys & law firms$50011/13/07Tom UdallDNM
      Moskowitz, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Munique, ChrisAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Murphy, LyndaDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/13/07John KerryDMA
      Newmark, CraigDemocratic/Liberal$25011/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Newton, NancyRecorded Music & music production$2,30011/13/07Tom UdallDNM
      Newton, NancyRecorded Music & music production$2,30011/13/07Tom UdallDNM
      Oracle CorpComputer software$2,00011/13/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Ortiz, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07John CornynRTX
      Paret, Jonathan RAttorneys & law firms$50011/13/07Claire McCaskillDMO
      Pasic, DjenitaAttorneys & law firms$50011/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Pena, H R BAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Pettigrew, RichardAttorneys & law firms$60011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Press, Martin RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07John CornynRTX
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,00011/13/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,00011/13/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Resch, BettyAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Salem, George RAttorneys & law firms$50011/13/07Richard ShelbyRAL
      Salemme, R GDemocratic/Liberal$1,70011/13/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Schowe, Anne MDemocratic/Liberal$50011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Smith, GrantAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Stokes, BillyAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Strafer, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Talley, Cecil WAttorneys & law firms$1,50011/13/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Terris, BruceAttorneys & law firms$25011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Usdin, LindaDemocratic/Liberal$50011/13/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Jim WebbDVA
      Wallach, Eric JAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Weiner, Jeffrey SAttorneys & law firms$50011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Weithorn, MichaelBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Wilson, Jamie MAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/13/07John CornynRTX
      Amighi, Janet KDemocratic/Liberal$75011/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Aycock, William P IiiAttorneys & law firms$50011/14/07Kay HaganDNC
      Beattie, Nina MAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Beerman, LindaAttorneys & law firms$25011/14/07Richard BurrRNC
      Bellinson, James LAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Mark UdallDCO
      Bernstein, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Mark UdallDCO
      Bidwill, MichaelProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,50011/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Bidwill, WilliamProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,50011/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Bingham Mccutchen LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Boesch, DoyceAttorneys & law firms$25011/14/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Book, Amanda MAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bortnick, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Brandenstein, Henry F JrAttorneys & law firms$25011/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Breslin, KevinAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Brittenham, Skip MAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/14/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bryson, NancyAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00011/14/07Claire McCaskillDMO
      Coan, Carl a JrAttorneys & law firms$30011/14/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Coan, Carl a JrAttorneys & law firms$20011/14/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Culter, StephanieDemocratic/Liberal$50011/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Davis, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$1,25011/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/14/07Max BaucusDMT
      Duffy, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/14/07Mark KirkRIL
      Duncan, Alan WAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Kay HaganDNC
      English, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Everett, David FAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/14/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Everett, David FAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Fisher, ScottAttorneys & law firms$50011/14/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Forman, MilosMotion Picture production & distribution$20011/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Freedman, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50011/14/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Friedl, MarciaAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Goldberg, Frederick JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Max BaucusDMT
      Gottieb, RichardAttorneys & law firms$25011/14/07Richard BurrRNC
      Gunter, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$55011/14/07Richard BurrRNC
      Gunter, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$45011/14/07Richard BurrRNC
      Haltzschue, AlisonDemocratic/Liberal$50011/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Heidepriam, NikkiAttorneys & law firms$50011/14/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Jackier, Lawrence SAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Mark UdallDCO
      Jessee, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$50011/14/07Mike JohannsRNE
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Barbara MikulskiDMD
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Roger WickerRMS
      Kaplan, MyronAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Kaufman, Charles L JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Leifer, Jacqueline CAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07John KerryDMA
      Lewis, BillDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Lewis, JeffreyDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/14/07John KerryDMA
      Ligon, Austin WDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Lockridge, Grindal Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Major League Baseball Commissioner's OfcProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,50011/14/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Mayorkas, AlejandroAttorneys & law firms$50011/14/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Mcmannis, Sandra PAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/14/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Meyer, RonaldMotion Picture production & distribution$50011/14/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Neerken, JulieAttorneys & law firms$50011/14/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Phillips, Jim W JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/14/07Kay HaganDNC
      Phillips, Susan JAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/14/07Kay HaganDNC
      Porter, Elizabeth SDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Praetorius, William RAttorneys & law firms$30011/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Robins, Kaplan Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/14/07Max BaucusDMT
      Rose, Julie-AnneDemocratic/Liberal$30011/14/07Max BaucusDMT
      Rothrock, AubreyAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Sabl, BedrichDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Sabl, Verena FDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Schultz, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Sklar, Martin DAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Talley, Susan GAttorneys & law firms$20011/14/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Tate, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Susan CollinsRME
      Taylor, Robert B JrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/14/07Kay HaganDNC
      Townsend, CamillaChambers of commerce$2,30011/14/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Townsend, CamillaChambers of commerce$2,30011/14/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Trammell, JeffDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Tranga, Anthony JAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Trysla, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Unger, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/14/07Susan CollinsRME
      Weber, JosephCommercial TV & radio stations$50011/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Winton, CharlotteMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00011/14/07Mark UdallDCO
      Wolff, NorrisAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Ziffren, KennethAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/14/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Ziffren, KennethAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/14/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Anagnos, ArisDemocratic/Liberal$45011/15/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Anderson, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/15/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Anderson, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$30011/15/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Anderson, JoelAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/15/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Anderson, JoelAttorneys & law firms$30011/15/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Bagwell, RossCommercial TV & radio stations$30011/15/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Bailey, Ford BAttorneys & law firms$25011/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Baizer, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07Mark UdallDCO
      Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07Mark KirkRIL
      Balch & BinghamAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07Roger WickerRMS
      Balley, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$25011/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Barrell, Charles DAttorneys & law firms$50011/15/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Begwell, RossCommercial TV & radio stations$2,30011/15/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Bidwill, MichaelProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$20011/15/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Bidwill, MichaelProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$-20011/15/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Bidwill, WilliamProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$20011/15/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Bidwill, WilliamProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$-20011/15/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Bingham Mccutchen LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,50011/15/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bobbs, ElspethDemocratic/Liberal$25011/15/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Brennan, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$25011/15/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Budinger, William DDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/15/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Burton, James aAttorneys & law firms$50011/15/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Clifton, Susan WAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Coppersmith, Samuel GAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/15/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Davis Wright Tremaine LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07John KerryDMA
      Davis Wright Tremaine LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07John KerryDMA
      Davis, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$45011/15/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Davis, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$-45011/15/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Devidowitz, MarkDemocratic/Liberal$25011/15/07Kay HaganDNC
      Dick, J Allen JrCommercial TV & radio stations$50011/15/07Kay HaganDNC
      Gordon, Andrew SAttorneys & law firms$25011/15/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Greenlick, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25011/15/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Griffith, Joseph P JrAttorneys & law firms$37511/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Hall, Ridgeway M JrAttorneys & law firms$50011/15/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Hess, AnneDemocratic/Liberal$50011/15/07Carl LevinDMI
      Horne, Chevis F JrAttorneys & law firms$75011/15/07Mark UdallDCO
      Howard, John HAttorneys & law firms$25011/15/07John CornynRTX
      Howe, Gedney IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Howe, Gedney IiiAttorneys & law firms$80011/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Howe, Gedney IiiAttorneys & law firms$-80011/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Hubball, Matthew RAttorneys & law firms$37511/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$1,50011/15/07Roy BluntRMO
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$1,00011/15/07Harry ReidDNV
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$1,00011/15/07Mark KirkRIL
      Johnson, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Kaplan, CraigAttorneys & law firms$50011/15/07Carl LevinDMI
      Kaplan, MyronAttorneys & law firms$2,10011/15/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Kaplan, MyronAttorneys & law firms$-2,10011/15/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Little, William JrDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/15/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Little, William JrDemocratic/Liberal$70011/15/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Mansfield, Kyle BAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Matz, MarshallAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Mcguire, Woods Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07James RischRID
      Mcinerney, AliceAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/15/07Carl LevinDMI
      National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07Max BaucusDMT
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00011/15/07John BoozmanRAR
      Nederlander, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07Carl LevinDMI
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,50011/15/07John CornynRTX
      Refo, Patricia LAttorneys & law firms$25011/15/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Richardson, JeffreyProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,00011/15/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Schultz, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2,10011/15/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Schultz, StephenAttorneys & law firms$-2,10011/15/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Sullivan, Donald BDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/15/07Mark UdallDCO
      Tenenbaum, Ann GDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/15/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Tipping, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$25011/15/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Usdin, MelaneeAttorneys & law firms$25011/15/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Vine, HowardAttorneys & law firms$50011/15/07Mark UdallDCO
      Whetstone, Charles W JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Whetstone, Charles W JrAttorneys & law firms$91011/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Whetstone, Charles W JrAttorneys & law firms$-91011/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Wolff, NorrisAttorneys & law firms$1,80011/15/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Wolff, NorrisAttorneys & law firms$-1,80011/15/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Adney, John TAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Charles GrassleyRIA
      Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07John RockefellerDWV
      Baltmer, Steven aComputer software$2,00011/16/07Patrick LeahyDVT
      Barker, John P JrAttorneys & law firms$25011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Berger, Steven aAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Bloodgood, Patricia aAttorneys & law firms$25011/16/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Bresler Kuhny, Emily FAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/16/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Brittain, Clary D IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/16/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Brittain, Clay D IiiAttorneys & law firms$20011/16/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Brittain, Clay D IiiAttorneys & law firms$-20011/16/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/16/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Burke, KevinAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Mark UdallDCO
      Chrislensen, Dale C JrAttorneys & law firms$25011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Christie, ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/16/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Cooper, DebraDemocratic/Liberal$25011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Culver, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Davis, Smith MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/16/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Diperna, PaulaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Dobbs, GregTV production & distribution$25011/16/07Mark UdallDCO
      Edwards, JonAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Field, Joseph MCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00011/16/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Fischer, BarryAttorneys & law firms$25011/16/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Fleischman, Barbara GDemocratic/Liberal$80011/16/07Carl LevinDMI
      Frans, MyronAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Gates, WilliamComputer software$2,00011/16/07Patrick LeahyDVT
      Goldman, Richard NDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/16/07Max BaucusDMT
      Hand, LloydAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Harris, David LAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Hess, AnneDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hoffman, AllanAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hunter, Christopher DAttorneys & law firms$25011/16/07John ReedDRI
      Kaplan, CraigAttorneys & law firms$1,50011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Katulis, Brian MDemocratic/Liberal$50011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Koskoff, Michael PAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/16/07Max BaucusDMT
      Kuhns, AmyAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/16/07Mark KirkRIL
      Kuhns, TomAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/16/07Mark KirkRIL
      Larson, Thomas aAttorneys & law firms$25011/16/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Mason, Kent aAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Charles GrassleyRIA
      Mcdonald, MaryAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Tom UdallDNM
      Mcdonald, MaryAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Tom UdallDNM
      Mcdonough, Brigid MAttorneys & law firms$25011/16/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Mcinerney, AliceAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Mckoon, PaulDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Mcmahon, Francis X EsquireAttorneys & law firms$25011/16/07John ReedDRI
      Mudd, VirginiaDemocratic/Liberal$50011/16/07Tom UdallDNM
      Oberly, Kathryn aDemocratic/Liberal$50011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Ownes, Thomas LAttorneys & law firms$25011/16/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Pate, Barbara aAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Charles GrassleyRIA
      Pillsbury, Winthrop Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/16/07John CornynRTX
      Poplar, Carl DAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Rogers, Regina JAttorneys & law firms$-3,30011/16/07John CornynRTX
      Rubin, Rosina LDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Shaheen, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$25011/16/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Steinmetz, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/16/07Mark KirkRIL
      Taylor, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$25011/16/07John ReedDRI
      Tobias, AndrewBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$-1,30011/16/07Mark UdallDCO
      Uva, SusanCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00011/16/07Daniel InouyeDHI
      Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/16/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Walsh, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Walters, Kathryn CDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Wasserman, CaseyProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,30011/16/07Carl LevinDMI
      Whyte, Hirschboeck Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/16/07Max BaucusDMT
      Wood, BarbaraAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Worsowicz, Paul aAttorneys & law firms$50011/16/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Casey, G N JrAttorneys & law firms$25011/17/07John RockefellerDWV
      Connolly, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$50011/17/07John KerryDMA
      Cooper, TerryDemocratic/Liberal$25011/17/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Gibbons, William JAttorneys & law firms$-4,20011/17/07Mark KirkRIL
      Henderson, StephenComputer software$25511/17/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Miller, Stephen VAttorneys & law firms$50011/17/07John KerryDMA
      Terrano, Janine FComputer software$-50011/17/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Cohen, EdmundAttorneys & law firms$25011/18/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Dougles, CarolDemocratic/Liberal$2,00011/18/07Kay HaganDNC
      Lebrun, Gene NAttorneys & law firms$25011/18/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Lerner, Stephen DAttorneys & law firms$50011/18/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Ligon, Austin WDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/18/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Lupton, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/18/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Minzner, Richard CAttorneys & law firms$50011/18/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Schultz, AndyAttorneys & law firms$50011/18/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Smith, Lee MAttorneys & law firms$50011/18/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Thompson, R EAttorneys & law firms$50011/18/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Andrews, ReneeAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Avery, JudithDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/19/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Baker, David RDemocratic/Liberal$50011/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Bangerter, ShaneAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Jerry MoranRKS
      Barer, StanleyDemocratic/Liberal$-2,30011/19/07John KerryDMA
      Barer, StanleyDemocratic/Liberal$-2,30011/19/07John KerryDMA
      Barer, Stanley HDemocratic/Liberal$-2,30011/19/07John KerryDMA
      Barer, Stanley HDemocratic/Liberal$-2,30011/19/07John KerryDMA
      Beebe, WalterDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/19/07Mark UdallDCO
      Benson, Gayle MarieProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,30011/19/07John CornynRTX
      Benson, Gayle MarieProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,30011/19/07John CornynRTX
      Benson, TomProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,30011/19/07John CornynRTX
      Benson, TomProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,30011/19/07John CornynRTX
      Berry, Phillip SAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Brown, Rudnick Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07Max BaucusDMT
      Brown, Rudnick Et AlAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Jim WebbDVA
      Butlerweiser, SarahBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Butlerweiser, SarahBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Catron, Thomas B IiiAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Cogen, R MAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Connolly, John RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07John KerryDMA
      Crane, MarkAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/19/07Mark KirkRIL
      Crane, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,70011/19/07Mark KirkRIL
      Crawford, JerryAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/19/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Crawford, JerryAttorneys & law firms$1,85011/19/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Crawford, LindaAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/19/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Crawford, LindaAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/19/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Dallender, R L JrAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Emerson, LangstonDemocratic/Liberal$25011/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Estes, Susan NAttorneys & law firms$25011/19/07Mark PryorDAR
      Finnegan, David LAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07John RockefellerDWV
      France, James CProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,30011/19/07Pat RobertsRKS
      France, James CProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,45011/19/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Friedman, Gary DAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Gilmartin, Patricia FDemocratic/Liberal$50011/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Goldrich, JonaAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Graham, Benjamin HDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Green, Thomas RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Greenthal, J LAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Griffin, ColleenBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$10,00011/19/07John RockefellerDWV
      Griffin, KevinBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00011/19/07John RockefellerDWV
      Hamann, DerylAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/19/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Hanley, Joseph PAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07John KerryDMA
      Henry, SteveDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Hoagland, Donald WAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07Mark UdallDCO
      Hollier, William PAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Michael EnziRWY
      Hovis, Robert HAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Johnson, Christopher MAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Johnson, O Thomas JrAttorneys & law firms$25011/19/07Michael EnziRWY
      Kingham, Richard FAttorneys & law firms$25011/19/07Michael EnziRWY
      Lack, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Lange, RobertaDemocratic/Liberal$25011/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Lee, Paul MAttorneys & law firms$25011/19/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Leistensnider, RuthAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Lewis, RitaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/19/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Macfarlane, SethEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,30011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Macfarlane, SethEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Mackinnon, Gail GEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00011/19/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Mcglynn, Diane LAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07John RockefellerDWV
      Mcglynn, John J JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07John RockefellerDWV
      Mckelvie, Roderick RAttorneys & law firms$25011/19/07Michael EnziRWY
      Meyer, Barry MMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Meyer, RonaldMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Milrut, Joseph MAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07Michael EnziRWY
      Montminy, Amy WAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07John RockefellerDWV
      Morgan, SaraDemocratic/Liberal$50011/19/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00011/19/07John BoozmanRAR
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00011/19/07John CornynRTX
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00011/19/07Orrin HatchRUT
      Ostrofsky, KellyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30011/19/07John CornynRTX
      Ostrofsky, KellyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30011/19/07John CornynRTX
      Ostrofsky, MarcBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30011/19/07John CornynRTX
      Ostrofsky, MarcBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30011/19/07John CornynRTX
      Ostrofsky, ShellyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30011/19/07John CornynRTX
      Ostrofsky, ShellyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30011/19/07John CornynRTX
      Pannell, HenryAttorneys & law firms$30011/19/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Pennsylvania Political Leadership CmteDemocratic/Liberal$4,60011/19/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Placitella, Christopher MAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Plazza, MelodyAttorneys & law firms$25011/19/07Mark PryorDAR
      Rebein, D JAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Jerry MoranRKS
      Ryan, Deborah CAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07John CornynRTX
      Sandler, Richard VAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Sepehri, JohnAttorneys & law firms$20011/19/07John CornynRTX
      Sheinbaum, BettyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Simon, DanielDemocratic/Liberal$50011/19/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Singer, ScottAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Smith, Dennis aAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07John RockefellerDWV
      Solomon, Lillian OAttorneys & law firms$25011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Stuck, Haven LAttorneys & law firms$25011/19/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Teague, Randal CAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Thomasson, ChrisAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Mark PryorDAR
      Turner, S MAttorneys & law firms$30011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Turner, S MAttorneys & law firms$20011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Wasserman, LauraProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,30011/19/07Mark PryorDAR
      Weir, W FAttorneys & law firms$50011/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Woodrum, Clifton a IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Yeutter, ClaytonAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/19/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Young, Michael DDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Abel, Michael RAttorneys & law firms$50011/20/07Kay HaganDNC
      Acheson, Eleanor DDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Barber, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Becker, K CAttorneys & law firms$25011/20/07Mark UdallDCO
      Biros, CamilleAttorneys & law firms$25011/20/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,50011/20/07Roy BluntRMO
      Block, GayDemocratic/Liberal$50011/20/07Tom UdallDNM
      Clark, Simon JDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Collister, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$20011/20/07Mark UdallDCO
      Copeland, Douglas W JrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/20/07Kay HaganDNC
      Cotchett, Joseph WAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Dager, GingerComputer software$2,30011/20/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Dager, JimComputer software$2,30011/20/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Dager, JimComputer software$20011/20/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Danger, GingerComputer software$20011/20/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Decker, PeterBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/20/07Mark UdallDCO
      Degraffenried, Ryan Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$50011/20/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Disney, AbigailDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Duhamel, WilliamCommercial TV & radio stations$50011/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Egerman, JoanneComputer software$2,30011/20/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Egerman, JoanneComputer software$2,30011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Egerman, PaulComputer software$2,30011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Ernst, Don aAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Feinstein, Deborah LDemocratic/Liberal$50011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Ferdman, GaryDemocratic/Liberal$25011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Formby, ClintCommercial TV & radio stations$50011/20/07John CornynRTX
      Fuller, JayAttorneys & law firms$25011/20/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Fuller, Leonor RAttorneys & law firms$25011/20/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Gabrieli, Hilary BAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Gabriell, Hilary BAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Galgano, David JDemocratic/Liberal$25011/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Gallant, GaryAttorneys & law firms$25011/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Gibbons, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$25011/20/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Girardi, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Hallon, JayDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hanson, John NAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Henry, SteveDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/20/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Hiles, ClayDemocratic/Liberal$25011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Howard, David RDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/20/07Kay HaganDNC
      Hurst, Fern KDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hutchins, StevenAttorneys & law firms$25011/20/07Mark UdallDCO
      Hyman, Anita KDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/20/07Kay HaganDNC
      Jessee, Matthew CAttorneys & law firms$25011/20/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Karl, Lucy JAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Koppel, AnnAttorneys & law firms$25011/20/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Kutak Rock LlcAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Lack, WalterAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Lancaster, AngelaDemocratic/Liberal$50011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Landt, DennisBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25011/20/07Tom UdallDNM
      Laufer, Marsha ZDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Leon, Arnold HAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Leon, Arnold HAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Leon, TelsaAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Leon, TelsaAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Lichtenstein, MitchellMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00011/20/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Liss, Susan MDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Liss, Susan MDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      London, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Luce, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/20/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Luzzatto, TameraDemocratic/Liberal$30011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Manocherian, BerniceDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Mccarthy, NiallAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Morehouse, David JProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,00011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Newman, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$50011/20/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Newman, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$50011/20/07Alan FrankenDMN
      O'leary, BlancaAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Mark UdallDCO
      Pine, NormenAttorneys & law firms$40011/20/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Pitre, Frank MAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Ragatz, TeresaAttorneys & law firms$50011/20/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Redman, Anne MAttorneys & law firms$50011/20/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Reynolds, Robert MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Sagawa, ShirleyDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Sap AmericaComputer software$2,50011/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Schwartz, Benjamin IBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Shattuck, Cooper MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Sullivan, Kevin JDemocratic/Liberal$25011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Sump, RosemaryDemocratic/Liberal$50011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Teitelbaum, CarlBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/20/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Tumer, Jeffrey LAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Vermllye, AndrewDemocratic/Liberal$25011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Wagner, LindaDemocratic/Liberal$50011/20/07Mark UdallDCO
      Walters, Kathryn CDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Watson, William MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Weinert, SylviaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/20/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Weinstein, KennethDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Wilensky, Alan JAttorneys & law firms$25011/20/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Wilson, LindaAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/20/07Richard BurrRNC
      Zaro, Jerold LAttorneys & law firms$1,30011/20/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Zaro, Jerold LAttorneys & law firms$1,20011/20/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Aidinoff, BernardAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/21/07John ReedDRI
      Allen, BruceDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/21/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Aymong, KennethTV production & distribution$1,00011/21/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Bauer, MichaelDemocratic/Liberal$25011/21/07Mark UdallDCO
      Braun, ZevEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00011/21/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Brehm, RussellMovie Theaters$1,30011/21/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Brehm, RussellMovie Theaters$1,20011/21/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Broussard, Kathleen DAttorneys & law firms$70011/21/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Broussard, Kathleen DAttorneys & law firms$30011/21/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Caldwell, CarolAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/21/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Cohen, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/21/07John ReedDRI
      Columbus, R TimothyAttorneys & law firms$1,50011/21/07Max BaucusDMT
      Corenblum, Steven MrAttorneys & law firms$25011/21/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Gordon, LarryEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00011/21/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Harrington, E JAttorneys & law firms$30011/21/07Kay HaganDNC
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/21/07Robert MenéndezDNJ
      Keam, MarkDemocratic/Liberal$50011/21/07Jim WebbDVA
      Marks, StevenDemocratic/Liberal$50011/21/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Mckeithen, R L SComputer software$50011/21/07John ReedDRI
      Oxholm, Kimberly CDemocratic/Liberal$50011/21/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Parrish, AlfredoAttorneys & law firms$50011/21/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Rabin, SamAttorneys & law firms$50011/21/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Regan, John JAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/21/07John ReedDRI
      Romagosa, Mary SAttorneys & law firms$25011/21/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Scanlan, Agnes BAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/21/07John ReedDRI
      Snyder, Jerome FAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/21/07Max BaucusDMT
      Snyder, Jerome FAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/21/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Sonfield, Robert JrAttorneys & law firms$-40011/21/07John CornynRTX
      Stephenson, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50011/21/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Zuniga, DaphneMotion Picture production & distribution$50011/21/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Burger, Robert B JrDemocratic/Liberal$50011/22/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kaclis, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/22/07Kay HaganDNC
      Phinney, Allison W IiiAttorneys & law firms$25011/22/07John KerryDMA
      Avant, ClarenceRecorded Music & music production$1,00011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bills, Michael DDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bills, Michael DDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bray, Doris RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/23/07Kay HaganDNC
      Breggia, Stephen EAttorneys & law firms$25011/23/07John ReedDRI
      Buckner, Marland E JrComputer software$25011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Burns, ClaudeAttorneys & law firms$25011/23/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Cates, DavidAttorneys & law firms$31511/23/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Cates, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25011/23/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Chase-Lubitz, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$50011/23/07John ReedDRI
      Chube, Ellen BAttorneys & law firms$25011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Jackino, MichelleMotion Picture production & distribution$50011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Johnson, John G JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Keeley, EugeneAttorneys & law firms$50011/23/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Kichaven, Jeffrey G MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kirchner, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50011/23/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Lazarus, Michael LAttorneys & law firms$25011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Leblanc, J Burton IvAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/23/07John ReedDRI
      Leblanc, J Burton IvAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/23/07John ReedDRI
      Manulis, John BEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Minicucci, Steven aAttorneys & law firms$25011/23/07John ReedDRI
      Mounteer, Thomas RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Pessolano, Kathleen MAttorneys & law firms$25011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Procton, EricaAttorneys & law firms$50011/23/07Kay HaganDNC
      Riber, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$25011/23/07Kay HaganDNC
      Rosenbaum, GlenAttorneys & law firms$50011/23/07Carl LevinDMI
      Ruth, Dennis RAttorneys & law firms$25011/23/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Schenk, Lynn aAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Skinner, William PAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Smith, RuthAttorneys & law firms$25011/23/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Smith, S SDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Smith, S SDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Spitze, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$20011/23/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Streisand, BarbraMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Walsh, Joseph WAttorneys & law firms$30011/23/07John ReedDRI
      Walsh, Joseph WAttorneys & law firms$20011/23/07John ReedDRI
      Webb, EllotAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Wetzel, John EDemocratic/Liberal$25011/23/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Bostick, George HAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bowen, Sandra DDemocratic/Liberal$25011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Dain, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$25011/24/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Feinberg, JoelAttorneys & law firms$50011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Fox, Alan CDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Fox, DaveenDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Gray, JustinDemocratic/Liberal$25011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Greene, SheldonAttorneys & law firms$50011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hopp, Deborah IBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/24/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Kaplan, MelissaDemocratic/Liberal$25011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Midler, BetteEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,30011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Northrop, Carl WAttorneys & law firms$1,70011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Northrop, Carl WAttorneys & law firms$1,30011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Paige, MikeAttorneys & law firms$50011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Pensky, CarolDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Roberts, Lisa EAttorneys & law firms$50011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Rosenwasser, Steven JAttorneys & law firms$50011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sager, Kelli LAttorneys & law firms$50011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Spinner, Steve JProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$50011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sullivan, Carson HAttorneys & law firms$50011/24/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Desky, Joan MAttorneys & law firms$50011/25/07John ThuneRSD
      Gural, JeffreyDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/25/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Lauder, GaryDemocratic/Liberal$50011/25/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Lehrer, TomRecorded Music & music production$1,00011/25/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Lussenhop, Joan CTelecommunications$25011/25/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Phillips, GiffordDemocratic/Liberal$1,80011/25/07Tom UdallDNM
      Riad, MagedAttorneys & law firms$25011/25/07John ThuneRSD
      Ringo, JulieAttorneys & law firms$1,30011/25/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Acheson, Eleanor DDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Achterberg, ConstanceAttorneys & law firms$25011/26/07Jerry MoranRKS
      Bailey, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25011/26/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Barrack, Rodos & BacineAttorneys & law firms$10,00011/26/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Beckett, Mark DAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/26/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Best, Laurence EAttorneys & law firms$25011/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Betts, GinaAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/26/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Blavatnik, LeonardDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Buster, J K MrAttorneys & law firms$50011/26/07John IsaksonRGA
      Cahill, John RAttorneys & law firms$50011/26/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Clark, ClaytonAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Coppedge, Warren NAttorneys & law firms$25011/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Daniel, Frank SDemocratic/Liberal$25011/26/07Mark UdallDCO
      Davidson, Stuart WAttorneys & law firms$25011/26/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Davis, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/26/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Delaplane, James M JrAttorneys & law firms$25011/26/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$50011/26/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Drake, Lawrence C JrDemocratic/Liberal$25011/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Duane Morris LlpAttorneys & law firms$4,00011/26/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Edelman, Martin LAttorneys & law firms$2,65011/26/07Harry ReidDNV
      Edelman, Martin LAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/26/07Harry ReidDNV
      Eegles, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$50011/26/07Kay HaganDNC
      Fibich, Kenneth TAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Fibich, Kenneth TAttorneys & law firms$20011/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Fiebelkorn, Douglas P MrDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Forster, Barbara LDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/26/07John RockefellerDWV
      Foster, RuthMotion Picture production & distribution$50011/26/07Kay HaganDNC
      Friedman, Edward aAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/26/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Fry, Shantl aDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Fulp, CarolDemocratic/Liberal$30011/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Glade, PeterAttorneys & law firms$50011/26/07Ron WydenDOR
      Godwin, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50011/26/07Kay HaganDNC
      Goff, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Goldberg, DeborahDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Green, Thomas RAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/26/07Carl LevinDMI
      Greene, NonieDemocratic/Liberal$50011/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Gruber, Daniel SAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/26/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gruber, Daniel SAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/26/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gruber, KarenAttorneys & law firms$40011/26/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hollier, William MrAttorneys & law firms$50011/26/07John BarrassoRWY
      Johnston, J BAttorneys & law firms$50011/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/26/07Max BaucusDMT
      Karmel, MarianneDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Knoblauch, Mary LAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/26/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Krieger, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$20011/26/07Carl LevinDMI
      Kronlage, Charles a JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Larson, Lindsay a IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Maer, Claude MAttorneys & law firms$25011/26/07Mark UdallDCO
      Margherio, LynnDemocratic/Liberal$50011/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Mccord, Robert MGeneral business associations$25011/26/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Mcgovern, PatriciaDemocratic/Liberal$50011/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Monnett, Charles IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/26/07Mark PryorDAR
      Newell, LianaDemocratic/Liberal$25011/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      O'hale, Robert LAttorneys & law firms$50011/26/07Kay HaganDNC
      Oleynik, Jeffrey EAttorneys & law firms$50011/26/07Kay HaganDNC
      Paul, Hastings Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,50011/26/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Pease, Roland FBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25011/26/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Phillips, GiffordDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Pongrace, Donald RAttorneys & law firms$25011/26/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Powell, Thomas MAttorneys & law firms$25011/26/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$50011/26/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Regan, JaneAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/26/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Rustad, MarkComputer software$20011/26/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Salem CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,50011/26/07Roy BluntRMO
      Slade, Anne DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25011/26/07Carl LevinDMI
      Solomont, SusanDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Stainfield, JosephDemocratic/Liberal$50011/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Statzner, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$50011/26/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Timmons, Anna HDemocratic/Liberal$50011/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Trysla, Timothy PAttorneys & law firms$25011/26/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Turner, R EEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,10011/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Wheat, Thomas CAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/26/07John CornynRTX
      Williams, Howard LAttorneys & law firms$50011/26/07Kay HaganDNC
      Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/26/07Max BaucusDMT
      Barrett, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Bates, John W IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bell, Harry F JrAttorneys & law firms$70011/27/07John RockefellerDWV
      Bell, Harry F JrAttorneys & law firms$30011/27/07John RockefellerDWV
      Bittinger, Thomas SBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,15011/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Bornstein, Theodore HAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Bowen, RobinAttorneys & law firms$50011/27/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Brantley, F CAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/27/07Kay HaganDNC
      Burchfield, BobbyAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/27/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Burka, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Chafin, H TAttorneys & law firms$70011/27/07John RockefellerDWV
      Chafin, H TAttorneys & law firms$30011/27/07John RockefellerDWV
      Cherry, Joan SAttorneys & law firms$25011/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Cohen, George HAttorneys & law firms$25011/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Cohn, BetsyDemocratic/Liberal$50011/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Crowe, H KAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Mark PryorDAR
      Dougherty, TerryAttorneys & law firms$25011/27/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Dunn, H S JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Dunn, H S JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Eaddy, RandyAttorneys & law firms$20011/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Eidson, Lewis SAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Mark PryorDAR
      Evans, David WAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Evnen, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50011/27/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Fahey, Peter MDemocratic/Liberal$1,80011/27/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Fahey, Peter MDemocratic/Liberal$50011/27/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Fernandez, ManuelAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Flannery, David MAttorneys & law firms$25011/27/07John RockefellerDWV
      Freeman, MaxAttorneys & law firms$50011/27/07Mark PryorDAR
      Friedman, LindaAttorneys & law firms$2,10011/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Golden, StephenAttorneys & law firms$25011/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Goldenhersh, TerryAttorneys & law firms$25011/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Gottsch, PatrickCommercial TV & radio stations$2,30011/27/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Gottsch, PatrickCommercial TV & radio stations$2,30011/27/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Gover, AlanAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Mark PryorDAR
      Graber, SteveAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Mark PryorDAR
      Greenman, LesterAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Mark PryorDAR
      Grossman, Barbara WDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hall, William JrDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/27/07Kay HaganDNC
      Hartray, John F JrDemocratic/Liberal$25011/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Helm, MarkAttorneys & law firms$50011/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Holroyd, Emille aAttorneys & law firms$50011/27/07John RockefellerDWV
      House, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Hubbard, Keren HCommercial TV & radio stations$2,30011/27/07John RockefellerDWV
      Jacobsen, RaymondAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Jobs, Laurene PDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/27/07Mark UdallDCO
      Jones, NatalieDemocratic/Liberal$25011/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Karmanos, DanialleTV production & distribution$2,30011/27/07Carl LevinDMI
      Karmanos, DanialleTV production & distribution$1,30011/27/07Carl LevinDMI
      Karmanos, Peter JrComputer software$2,30011/27/07Carl LevinDMI
      Karmanos, Peter JrComputer software$1,30011/27/07Carl LevinDMI
      Keillor, GarrisonBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30011/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      King, Carol NAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Kudla, PeterDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/27/07John KerryDMA
      Kurn, NealAttorneys & law firms$25011/27/07Carl LevinDMI
      Lockridge, Grindal Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07John RockefellerDWV
      Lorach, Patricia MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/27/07John KerryDMA
      Magowan, Peter aProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$1,00011/27/07John RockefellerDWV
      Mckenna, Long & AldridgeAttorneys & law firms$1,50011/27/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Mclaughlin, Peter JComputer software$2,30011/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Mclaughlin, Peter JComputer software$1,90011/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Miller, AliciaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00011/27/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Nicholas, BlairAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07John ReedDRI
      Nilsson, JennyRecorded Music & music production$2,30011/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Page, NiebaDemocratic/Liberal$50011/27/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Pantano, PaulAttorneys & law firms$50011/27/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$3,60011/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,40011/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Pendleton, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25011/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Piels, William BAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07John ReedDRI
      Poe, Sandler HAttorneys & law firms$25011/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Pottmyer, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$25011/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Quinn, Thomas BAttorneys & law firms$25011/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Reale, Philip aAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07John RockefellerDWV
      Reiner, CarlMotion Picture production & distribution$20011/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Riley, Arch W JrAttorneys & law firms$25011/27/07John RockefellerDWV
      Rizzo, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50011/27/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Rose, DebbieDemocratic/Liberal$50011/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Russ, Michael C MrAttorneys & law firms$1,15011/27/07John IsaksonRGA
      Ryan, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Saler, Ronald SAttorneys & law firms$25011/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Schell, BrandonAttorneys & law firms$30011/27/07Kay HaganDNC
      Sheehan, ShaunBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$70011/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Sheehan, ShaunBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$30011/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Singer, Steven BAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07John ReedDRI
      Sodoro, EmilAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Stubblefield, PhillipDemocratic/Liberal$20011/27/07John KerryDMA
      Van Parys, David CAttorneys & law firms$25011/27/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Veysey, GrahamDemocratic/Liberal$25011/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Vom Eigen, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50011/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Wasserman, LauraProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,30011/27/07John RockefellerDWV
      Weisbrod, D JAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/27/07Mark PryorDAR
      Weld, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/27/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Wolf, JamieDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Yarbrough, PaulaAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/27/07John CornynRTX
      Yarbrough, TroyAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/27/07John CornynRTX
      Yarbrough, TroyAttorneys & law firms$-2,30011/27/07John CornynRTX
      Youghans, SandraAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/27/07Mark UdallDCO
      Abernethy, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/28/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Agron, Adam JAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Carl LevinDMI
      Agron, GaryAttorneys & law firms$50011/28/07Carl LevinDMI
      Aukstik, DennisAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/28/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Aukstik, DennisAttorneys & law firms$30011/28/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Ayeroff, JeffDemocratic/Liberal$2,00011/28/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Azar, Franklin DAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Carl LevinDMI
      Baker, Manock & JensenAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Baker, Manock & JensenAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Baldwin, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Bernhardt, John DAttorneys & law firms$80011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Bernhardt, John DAttorneys & law firms$20011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Bernstein, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Boigon, Howard LAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Carl LevinDMI
      Bonilla, Ruben JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07John CornynRTX
      Briol, Mark JAttorneys & law firms$50011/28/07John RockefellerDWV
      Brown, Andrew BAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07John RockefellerDWV
      Buckmaster, Wesley WAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Cesari, PaulAttorneys & law firms$50011/28/07Susan CollinsRME
      Chandler, H GradyAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Cherry, Myron MAttorneys & law firms$50011/28/07John RockefellerDWV
      Clark, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Harry ReidDNV
      Cogan, Michael PAttorneys & law firms$1,50011/28/07John RockefellerDWV
      Conner, Frank M IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Conner, Frank M IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Crumbley, Alex MrAttorneys & law firms$1,15011/28/07John IsaksonRGA
      Crumbley, Claire H MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,15011/28/07John IsaksonRGA
      Daniel, E BAttorneys & law firms$60011/28/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Daniel, E BAttorneys & law firms$30011/28/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Daniel, E BAttorneys & law firms$-30011/28/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Dansky, David JAttorneys & law firms$50011/28/07Carl LevinDMI
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$4,00011/28/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,72511/28/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$1,50011/28/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Edelman, Martin LAttorneys & law firms$-35011/28/07Harry ReidDNV
      Elmore, Greg ECommercial TV & radio stations$1,00011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Erman, Earle LAttorneys & law firms$50011/28/07Carl LevinDMI
      Flynn, Frank aAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Fowle, CurtisDemocratic/Liberal$30011/28/07Carl LevinDMI
      Garcia, DomingoAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      George, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Gerson, Ronald LDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/28/07John KerryDMA
      Gerson, SusanneDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/28/07John KerryDMA
      Girard-Dicarlo, ConstanceAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Susan CollinsRME
      Girard-Dicarlo, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Susan CollinsRME
      Girardi, TomAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Mark PryorDAR
      Girardi, TomAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Mark PryorDAR
      Girards, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Gleason, RichardCommercial TV & radio stations$25011/28/07Susan CollinsRME
      Goldstein, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Susan CollinsRME
      Goodman, Jean TDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/28/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gordon, ShelleyDemocratic/Liberal$25011/28/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Gores, HalaAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Griffin, HenryAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Susan CollinsRME
      Gruenewald, BarbaraAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Harry ReidDNV
      Hatten, Robert RAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hebert, VictorAttorneys & law firms$20011/28/07Susan CollinsRME
      Heins, Samuel DAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07John RockefellerDWV
      Hendricks, BradAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Hersh, JayBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25011/28/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Hills, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/28/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hooker, LeeDemocratic/Liberal$25011/28/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Horne, Kathleen JAttorneys & law firms$2,50011/28/07John CornynRTX
      Horne, Kathleen JAttorneys & law firms$-20011/28/07John CornynRTX
      Hornsby, BruceRecorded Music & music production$2,30011/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hornsby, BruceRecorded Music & music production$20011/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hoxie, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Susan CollinsRME
      Iani, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Itzkan, IrvingDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/28/07John KerryDMA
      James, Kelly EAttorneys & law firms$50011/28/07Carl LevinDMI
      Kaplan, JoannDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/28/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Kaufmann, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Carl LevinDMI
      Kieschnick, Michael HDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/28/07Mark UdallDCO
      King & SpaldingAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      King & SpaldingAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      King, Peter MAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07John RockefellerDWV
      Kirkland, RichardBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Koenig, Ray IiiAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Koskoff, JoshuaAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Laupheimer, AnnAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Susan CollinsRME
      Lichtenstein, JoelAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Macgregor, PaulAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Mangham, Michael RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Maroni, Kevin JDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mccormick, BrianEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50011/28/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Mcgoffin, ThelmaAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Mclarty, Mary AliceAttorneys & law firms$50011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Mclarty, Mary aAttorneys & law firms$50011/28/07Mark PryorDAR
      Meyers, KrisAttorneys & law firms$2,10011/28/07John CornynRTX
      Meyers, Larry DAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07John CornynRTX
      Meyers, Larry DAttorneys & law firms$-2,10011/28/07John CornynRTX
      Meyers, Richard (Rick) LAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07John CornynRTX
      Meyers, Richard (Rick) LAttorneys & law firms$1,20011/28/07John CornynRTX
      Meyers, Richard (Rick) LAttorneys & law firms$-90011/28/07John CornynRTX
      Meyers, Richard (Rick) LAttorneys & law firms$-1,20011/28/07John CornynRTX
      Meyers, Terry MAttorneys & law firms$90011/28/07John CornynRTX
      Mills, Ellen PAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Mills, Thomas JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Molo, Steven FAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Nace, David LAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Nixon Peabody LlpAttorneys & law firms$5,00011/28/07John KerryDMA
      Olivler, John LAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Ollan, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07John RockefellerDWV
      Pearson, CliffordAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Pearson, CliffordAttorneys & law firms$1,20011/28/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Press, NancyDemocratic/Liberal$50011/28/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Privat, Kenneth OAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Pulley, J W IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Rafalowicz, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Reilly, CareyAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Richardson, Daniel PDemocratic/Liberal$50011/28/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Robins, KennethAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Carl LevinDMI
      Rogers, Larry RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07John RockefellerDWV
      Russell, Sera H IiiAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Shapiro, GaryAttorneys & law firms$50011/28/07Susan CollinsRME
      Sheldon, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Carl LevinDMI
      Showers, Jack PAttorneys & law firms$25011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Sikes-Yorkin, CynthiaMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30011/28/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sims, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Skinner, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$80011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Skinner, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$20011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Smith, Todd aAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07John RockefellerDWV
      Streicker, James RDemocratic/Liberal$1,15011/28/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Susser, Catherine GAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07John CornynRTX
      Tetzlaff, Theodore RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Triche, Jane MAttorneys & law firms$50011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Tully, Thomas MAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Vela, FilemonAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07John CornynRTX
      Waguespack, Jason PAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Warshaw, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Weisbrod, CarlAttorneys & law firms$50011/28/07Mark PryorDAR
      Weisbrod, Les FAttorneys & law firms$2,18211/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Weisbrod, Les FAttorneys & law firms$1,88211/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Wenig, Howard aAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/28/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Williams, Conrad IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/28/07Max BaucusDMT
      Woolpert, Harry EDemocratic/Liberal$25011/28/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Yorke, Ellen DDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/28/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Zaslavsky, Dennis MAttorneys & law firms$50011/28/07John RockefellerDWV
      Allen, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$25011/29/07Mark KirkRIL
      American Federation of MusiciansEntertainment unions$1,00011/29/07John KerryDMA
      Bell, ColleenTV production & distribution$2,30011/29/07Harry ReidDNV
      Bell, ColleenTV production & distribution$2,30011/29/07Harry ReidDNV
      Berner, Robert L JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/29/07John RockefellerDWV
      Bonness, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Max BaucusDMT
      Bowles, Crandall CDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/29/07Max BaucusDMT
      Brecke, Allen D EsqAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Bunzel, Mary ElizabethBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30011/29/07Max BaucusDMT
      Caruso, Daniel PDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/29/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Connolly, Peter MAttorneys & law firms$50011/29/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Cooper, CareyAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/29/07John RockefellerDWV
      Craig, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Cuce, Kimberly LAttorneys & law firms$35011/29/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Dubois, AmandaAttorneys & law firms$50011/29/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Easterly, a S IiiAttorneys & law firms$50011/29/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Field, Frederick WMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30011/29/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Field, Frederick WMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30011/29/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Gary, Richard DAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Gates, William H JrComputer software$1,00011/29/07Max BaucusDMT
      German, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50011/29/07Max BaucusDMT
      Girardi, ErikaAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/29/07Harry ReidDNV
      Girardi, ErikaAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/29/07Harry ReidDNV
      Gross, Martin LAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hack, Randall aAttorneys & law firms$25011/29/07Mark KirkRIL
      Halverson, KennethComputer software$2,30011/29/07Max BaucusDMT
      Hames, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Haney, WilliamMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30011/29/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Heneghan, PatrickAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Mark KirkRIL
      Hickey, Jr, John TAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Mark KirkRIL
      Hornak, Mark RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Jobs, Laurene PDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/29/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Kelly, Gerard DAttorneys & law firms$25011/29/07Mark KirkRIL
      Kirkland & EllisAttorneys & law firms$66611/29/07Susan CollinsRME
      Klein, Gary JAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Koester, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$50011/29/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Kolsky, Leonard SAttorneys & law firms$50011/29/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kopple, MadelynnAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Lauder, LauraDemocratic/Liberal$50011/29/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Leahy, Mary SAttorneys & law firms$50011/29/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Leatherby, JoannAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Max BaucusDMT
      Lightsey, WallaceAttorneys & law firms$1,30011/29/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Lightsey, WallaceAttorneys & law firms$20011/29/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Lohmannn, Walter H JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/29/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Matyas, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$25011/29/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Miller, Sheldon LAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Carl LevinDMI
      Moody, Willard J SrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Nelson, Mullins Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Ortman, Glen LAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/29/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Patterson, Bemiece aDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/29/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Patterson, C EDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/29/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Payne, Elizabeth PAttorneys & law firms$50011/29/07Max BaucusDMT
      Phebus, Joseph WAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Power, Joseph a JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07John RockefellerDWV
      Revord, MargaretAttorneys & law firms$50011/29/07Mark KirkRIL
      Riley, TomAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Sachs, Elizabeth RAttorneys & law firms$50011/29/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Shaw, Andrew HAttorneys & law firms$25011/29/07Mark KirkRIL
      Shoemaker, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$50011/29/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Slater, Thomas G JrAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/29/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Smith, G MAttorneys & law firms$35011/29/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Spiros, James DAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Strelecky, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$50011/29/07John RockefellerDWV
      Sugarman, Myron GAttorneys & law firms$50011/29/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Swan, Edward TAttorneys & law firms$20011/29/07Mark KirkRIL
      Tuchow, GeraldAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Carl LevinDMI
      Vance, R PAttorneys & law firms$80011/29/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Vance, R PAttorneys & law firms$20011/29/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Vincent, Ada BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50011/29/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Ward, Erica aAttorneys & law firms$1,30011/29/07Carl LevinDMI
      Ward, Erica aAttorneys & law firms$70011/29/07Carl LevinDMI
      Wolf, Block Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/29/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Anderson, LeslieAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Andrews, E SherrellAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Annett, AlexanderAttorneys & law firms$25011/30/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$18211/30/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Aucoin, Paul GAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Baker, DaveCommercial TV & radio stations$50011/30/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Bob CorkerRTN
      Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Baker, Donelson Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Susan CollinsRME
      Ballmer, StevenComputer software$1,00011/30/07Max BaucusDMT
      Barbier, Ralph W IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Battaglia, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$25011/30/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Besozzi, Paul CAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bingaman, AnneDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/30/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Bishop, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Blanchard, James JAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/30/07Carl LevinDMI
      Borababy, George MAttorneys & law firms$25011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Boss, Linda LAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Brehm, DebbyMovie Theaters$25011/30/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$62511/30/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Cacciatore, Victor JAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Carroll, JamesComputer software$1,00011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Cedarbaum, Jonathan GAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Chernenko, Marc BAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07John RockefellerDWV
      Cichocki, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00011/30/07John ThuneRSD
      Columbus, R TAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Connelly, MaryanneDemocratic/Liberal$20011/30/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Coyne, Daniel WAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Cumming, JackDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/30/07John KerryDMA
      Daly, AnnemarieAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Daub, HalAttorneys & law firms$2,00011/30/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Davis, Mark RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Doctorow, ErickMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00011/30/07Ron WydenDOR
      Eckland, Abbie GAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Evnen, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Fainberg, JackAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Max BaucusDMT
      Falco, ReginaAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/30/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Feingerts, Bruce LAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Ferolelo, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Max BaucusDMT
      Feuerstein, Harvey SMotion Picture production & distribution$25011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Fitzpatrick, Vincent R JrAttorneys & law firms$1,45011/30/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Fitzpatrick, Vincent R JrAttorneys & law firms$30011/30/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Flom, Katherine SAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Gerstein, Mark DAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07John RockefellerDWV
      Ginsburg, Roy aAttorneys & law firms$25011/30/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Gottschalk, Elizabeth PAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Gracie, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Greenberg, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Greenberger, James JAttorneys & law firms$30011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Greene, SheldonAttorneys & law firms$25011/30/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Hammelman, SuzanneDemocratic/Liberal$2,30011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hammonds, HollyDemocratic/Liberal$25011/30/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Heaton, J MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Hendrixson, Peter SAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Henry, Sue JAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hess, SuzanneDemocratic/Liberal$20011/30/07Mark UdallDCO
      Jacobs, Matthew LAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Jordan, Henry a MrDemocratic/Liberal$50011/30/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Langston, JoeyAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/30/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Langston, TracieAttorneys & law firms$70011/30/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Leehr, Jeanette MTV production & distribution$1,00011/30/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Listengart, aAttorneys & law firms$2,50011/30/07John CornynRTX
      Listengart, aAttorneys & law firms$20011/30/07John CornynRTX
      Listengart, aAttorneys & law firms$-20011/30/07John CornynRTX
      Lucke, Colleen SAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Lycan, DAttorneys & law firms$1,30011/30/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Lycan, DAttorneys & law firms$70011/30/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Malfield, Diane DAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Manna, Martin FChambers of commerce$1,00011/30/07Carl LevinDMI
      Marquardt, ScottAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Mcgee, Donald G MrDemocratic/Liberal$1,50011/30/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Mcguire, Woods Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Mcguire, Woods Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Roy BluntRMO
      Middleton, Mark MAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Moore, Thurston RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mudie, Frances PAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Murphy, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$1,40011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Murphy, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$20011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Nash, Patrick FAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      O'brien, MorganDemocratic/Liberal$1,00011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      O'keefe, KevinAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Potter, Neal MrDemocratic/Liberal$50011/30/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Prakash, SanjivEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Radlauer, David GAttorneys & law firms$25011/30/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Robert, Nicholas MdDemocratic/Liberal$50011/30/07Max BaucusDMT
      Rosenbaum, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Samolis, Frank RAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Saylor, MichaelComputer software$2,30011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Saylor, MichaelComputer software$2,30011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sergi, James SAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Shilson, JasonAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Short, Marianne DAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Sims, BillAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/30/07Kay HutchisonRTX
      Singer, Stuart HAttorneys & law firms$25011/30/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Smart, Cynthia RAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Stephens, R GaryAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/30/07Max BaucusDMT
      Subar, WalterAttorneys & law firms$25011/30/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Terry, JosephAttorneys & law firms$50011/30/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Todd, Gregory FwAttorneys & law firms$25011/30/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Waller, GailAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Waller, GailAttorneys & law firms$2,30011/30/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Watt, Richard FDemocratic/Liberal$20011/30/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Young, Richard EAttorneys & law firms$1,00011/30/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Brown, JayAttorneys & law firms$1,50012/1/07Max BaucusDMT
      Chesley, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$1,25012/1/07Mark UdallDCO
      Greenspun, BrianBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/1/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Greenspun, Brian LBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/1/07Max BaucusDMT
      Johnston, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$50012/1/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Landry, Charles LAttorneys & law firms$25012/1/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Luker, LynnAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/1/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Luker, LynnAttorneys & law firms$20012/1/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Sanders, Wilfred JrAttorneys & law firms$25012/1/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Schleicher, Joel EDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/1/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Usdin, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$50012/1/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Viken, Linda Lea MAttorneys & law firms$30012/1/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Viken, Linda Lea MAttorneys & law firms$20012/1/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Adelman, BarryAttorneys & law firms$20012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      April, RandAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Basile, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$50012/2/07John RockefellerDWV
      Berkley, RogerDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Berkley, RogerDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Berman, ScottAttorneys & law firms$20012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Brennan, William EAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/2/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Breslauer, GeraldDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Chamberlin, Alice BAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/2/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Dugan, Kevin FAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/2/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Dugan, Kevin FAttorneys & law firms$20012/2/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Fredman, Staven JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/2/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Gee, Samme LAttorneys & law firms$70012/2/07John RockefellerDWV
      Gee, Samme LAttorneys & law firms$30012/2/07John RockefellerDWV
      Goodwin, Stephen PAttorneys & law firms$25012/2/07John RockefellerDWV
      Gordon, Joshua LAttorneys & law firms$50012/2/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Gorelick, JamieAttorneys & law firms$50012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Hage, JamieAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/2/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hoddor, Lucy CAttorneys & law firms$50012/2/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Katzenberg, JeffreyMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Katzenberg, MarilynMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Keesal, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Krevoy, BradMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Meyers, Jeffrey a MrAttorneys & law firms$50012/2/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Rolnick, Josh NBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/2/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Rosenfeld, John LDemocratic/Liberal$20012/2/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Saunders, Arplar S JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/2/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Sellinger, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Spielberg, Kate CMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Spielberg, StevenMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Sullivan, Christopher JAttorneys & law firms$50012/2/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Tunis, EricAttorneys & law firms$50012/2/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Willing, Charles G JrAttorneys & law firms$25012/2/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Willis-Miller, TaunjaAttorneys & law firms$50012/2/07John RockefellerDWV
      Almond, Brad MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/3/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Ansbacher, Carollne BMotion Picture production & distribution$50012/3/07Kay HaganDNC
      Ballis, JonAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Mark KirkRIL
      Blanchard, James JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Bosworth, Arthur H IiAttorneys & law firms$50012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Bouligny, James aAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07John CornynRTX
      Cash, Howard DComputer software$2,00012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Chostner, Jeffrey EAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Clarke, John J JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/3/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Crow, Carl a JrAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Mark PryorDAR
      Curnin, Paul CAttorneys & law firms$50012/3/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Cutler, Kenneth RAttorneys & law firms$50012/3/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Denckla, Matthew RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50012/3/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$5,00012/3/07John ReedDRI
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$2,50012/3/07Richard ShelbyRAL
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$2,50012/3/07Richard ShelbyRAL
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/3/07Susan CollinsRME
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$50012/3/07Susan CollinsRME
      Duff, PatriciaCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00012/3/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Fahn, Lawrence EAttorneys & law firms$50012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Fell, KayAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Carl LevinDMI
      Feuerstein, Harvey SMotion Picture production & distribution$25012/3/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Finney, Kenneth BAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Force, Joshua SAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Fortier, SandyDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Gamsey, Walter WAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Gehris, William CAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Gibson, J Russell Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/3/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Gould, Christine GAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Gradisar, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Haddon, Harold aAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Hall, Robert MrDemocratic/Liberal$25012/3/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Hathaway, Irene BAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Carl LevinDMI
      Hurst, Q B JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/3/07Mark PryorDAR
      Hutchins, ChryseBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Jarecki, Andrew RMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/3/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Jonas, DebbleBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$-2,30012/3/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Kehl, William WAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/3/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Kenrick, ChristineBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Koehler, Robert HAttorneys & law firms$50012/3/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kwan-Rubinek, VeronikaMotion Picture production & distribution$25012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Lewis, EdwardBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/3/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mallon, Mary KayAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Marotta, BobDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/3/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Mcbride, Beverley MsDemocratic/Liberal$25012/3/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Mcleay, BartholomewAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/3/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Mcnair, Eben O IvAttorneys & law firms$50012/3/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Monfore, Robert MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/3/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/3/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Perry, William DAttorneys & law firms$50012/3/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Pruden, Norwest IiiAttorneys & law firms$50012/3/07Kay HaganDNC
      Qwest CommunicationsTelecommunications$1,00012/3/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Rappaport, Deborah CDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Reed Elsevier IncBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/3/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Romero, Gilbert EAttorneys & law firms$50012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Ruttenberg, HattleAttorneys & law firms$1,15012/3/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Scharf, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Schnipper, DonAttorneys & law firms$25012/3/07Mark PryorDAR
      Scott, WalterTelecommunications$2,30012/3/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Scott, WalterTelecommunications$2,30012/3/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Shoemaker, James M JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/3/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$2,50012/3/07Roy BluntRMO
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Stealey, SharonBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50012/3/07Mark UdallDCO
      Teamsters UnionTeamsters union$5,00012/3/07Kay HaganDNC
      Tidrick, SteveAttorneys & law firms$50012/3/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Tranin, Laura B MsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/3/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Trevino, J C IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/3/07John CornynRTX
      Trevino, J C IiiAttorneys & law firms$30012/3/07John CornynRTX
      Von Der Heyden, Karl MMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/3/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00012/3/07Orrin HatchRUT
      Wislow, FredAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/3/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Wyche, BakerAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/3/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Akerman, Senterfitt & EidsonAttorneys & law firms$2,50012/4/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Albert, Alexander UAttorneys & law firms$25012/4/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Atsinger, Lll, Edward GCommercial TV & radio stations$2,30012/4/07Roy BluntRMO
      Atsinger, MonaCommercial TV & radio stations$2,30012/4/07Roy BluntRMO
      Babbitt, HarrietAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07Tom UdallDNM
      Baddour, Phillip JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/4/07Kay HaganDNC
      Baker Botts LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,50012/4/07John RockefellerDWV
      Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07John KerryDMA
      Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Blattner, Jeffrey HCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00012/4/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Browne, John CAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07John ReedDRI
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$012/4/07Max BaucusDMT
      Butler, StephenAttorneys & law firms$25012/4/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Cuatrecasas, PedroDemocratic/Liberal$40012/4/07Mark UdallDCO
      Descoteaux, Kenneth GDemocratic/Liberal$20012/4/07John KerryDMA
      Dickstein Shapiro LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07John BoozmanRAR
      Divine, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Edelman, PeterDemocratic/Liberal$50012/4/07Tom UdallDNM
      Edlis, Stefan TDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/4/07John ReedDRI
      Flaxus, SusanDemocratic/Liberal$25012/4/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Fulbright & JaworskiAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07Roy BluntRMO
      Galderman, Anthony IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07John ReedDRI
      Graziano, Salvatore JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07John ReedDRI
      Howitt, John PAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07John ReedDRI
      Inabnett, Carrick RAttorneys & law firms$50012/4/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Irvine, NelsonAttorneys & law firms$50012/4/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Ivanhoe, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Johnson, Chris CAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07John ReedDRI
      Jones, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Joyce, Frederick MAttorneys & law firms$50012/4/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kobert, Joel aAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/4/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Lavine, Gary JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07Roy BluntRMO
      Leibell, Jeffrey NAttorneys & law firms$50012/4/07John ReedDRI
      Malwurm, James JAttorneys & law firms$25012/4/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Masyr, Jesse aAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Mcdermott, Will & EmeryAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Mckelvey, JaniceTV production & distribution$50012/4/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Michael, Bernard JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Moore, T J IiAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07Mark WarnerDVA
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$1,50012/4/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Newton, John BEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00012/4/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Peters, BretComputer software$50012/4/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Platt, Robert C JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/4/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Power, Joseph a JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/4/07John ReedDRI
      Prince, David LAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/4/07Roy BluntRMO
      Reed, M EBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$35012/4/07Tom UdallDNM
      Rich, J SAttorneys & law firms$25012/4/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Robertson, David LAttorneys & law firms$50012/4/07John RockefellerDWV
      Rogers, Larry RAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07John ReedDRI
      Sap AmericaComputer software$1,00012/4/07Mark KirkRIL
      Sidley Austin LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Sidman, Lawrence RAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/4/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Smith, Todd aAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07John ReedDRI
      Stickney, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07John ReedDRI
      Sudow, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/4/07Tom UdallDNM
      Sullivan, Neal EAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/4/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Tetzlaff, Theodore RAttorneys & law firms$46012/4/07John ReedDRI
      Time WarnerEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00012/4/07Orrin HatchRUT
      Alonso, PaulAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07John KerryDMA
      Antoine, Ava NAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07John ThuneRSD
      Becker, JoshComputer software$50012/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Bingaman, AnneDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/5/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Ben NelsonDNE
      Bromberg, Stephen aAttorneys & law firms$25012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Buchanan, Paul HAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Richard LugarRIN
      Buonanno, Bernard V JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07John ReedDRI
      Campbell, BenAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Cliford, Locke TAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Kay HaganDNC
      Cohn, Sidney LAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Corwin, Bruce CMovie Theaters$1,00012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Deitch, Lynne EAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Didier, Gordon WAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Dillon, J ScottAttorneys & law firms$25012/5/07Kay HaganDNC
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$75012/5/07John IsaksonRGA
      Dumouchel, David FAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Edelstein, Arthur aRecorded Music & music production$2,30012/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Edelstein, Arthur aRecorded Music & music production$2,30012/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Edwards, Kimberly LComputer software$2,30012/5/07John CornynRTX
      Feldman, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Feldman, Oscar HAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Fiss, Rhonda DAttorneys & law firms$70012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Fiss, Rhonda DAttorneys & law firms$30012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Glasser, Richard SAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Goldenberg, BarbaraDemocratic/Liberal$50012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Goldman, Howard BAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Gotthell, Beth SAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Gottschalk, Jeremy HAttorneys & law firms$25012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Gray, James a IiiAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Green, Karen F EsquireAttorneys & law firms$1,30012/5/07John ReedDRI
      Green, Karen F EsquireAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07John ReedDRI
      Greenberg Traurig LlpAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Gutierrez, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hagopian, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07John CornynRTX
      Hall, GeoffreyAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Harris, Donald LDemocratic/Liberal$25012/5/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Heimann, Richard MAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Heleringer, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Huget, J MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Hughey, Gaylord T JrAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/5/07John CornynRTX
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$3,00012/5/07Susan CollinsRME
      International Franchise AssnGeneral business associations$2,50012/5/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Jobs, Laurene PDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/5/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Kassler, Philip JAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Keartott, Joseph CAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Keyser, ChrisBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,00012/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      King, MichaelTV production & distribution$1,00012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Klein, Sheldon HAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Lamont, JulietDemocratic/Liberal$50012/5/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Leach, David DAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mager, Clara DAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Malone, Daniel PAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Mause, Phillip JAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mccalmont, CarmillaDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/5/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Minns, EmilyAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Murphy, Max MCommercial TV & radio stations$25012/5/07Max BaucusDMT
      Newman, MaxAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Oermann, David HAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Poole, Calvin Mr IiiAttorneys & law firms$20012/5/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Poole, Elisha MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Poole, Fay MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Ribiat, StevenAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Ricketts, LauraPrinting and publishing (printed & online)$1,00012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Ringel, Joan DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Rosenfeld, James SAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Saveri, GuidoAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Schettenhelm, Karl W JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Shehabi, SoroushBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/5/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Singer, Elizabeth aComputer software$50012/5/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Skinner, Mary JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Spagnoli, ChristineAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      St Onge, DianeAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Stephens, NancyMotion Picture production & distribution$50012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Streeter, Jon BAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Stroud, KimballDemocratic/Liberal$25012/5/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Szabo, Robert GAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Tukel, Daniel BAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Max BaucusDMT
      Venable LlpAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Vinson & ElkinsAttorneys & law firms$2,50012/5/07John RockefellerDWV
      Wheeler, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Williamson, Warren Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/5/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07John RockefellerDWV
      Wolf, Block Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Wyatt, Richard LAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/5/07Richard ShelbyRAL
      Wynne, James EAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Carl LevinDMI
      Zimmerman, EricAttorneys & law firms$50012/5/07Debbie StabenowDMI
      Zukerman, Jeffrey DAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/5/07Mark UdallDCO
      Agee, JenniferDemocratic/Liberal$2,00012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Barry, ChrisDemocratic/Liberal$50012/6/07Mark UdallDCO
      Bentley, JasonAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Birch, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Blumer, DennisAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Bohannon, MarkComputer software$50012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Capelouto, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Carnahan Iii, John MAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Roy BluntRMO
      Carnahan Iii, John MAttorneys & law firms$70012/6/07Roy BluntRMO
      Carnahan Iii, John MAttorneys & law firms$-70012/6/07Roy BluntRMO
      Cofrin, David HAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Mark UdallDCO
      Cohen, BruceEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25012/6/07Mark UdallDCO
      Cowles, Julia KAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Cuneo, Jonathan WAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Engle, CraigAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/6/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Ewing, William HAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Flicker, TedDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/6/07Tom UdallDNM
      Frampton, George T JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Mark UdallDCO
      Gilhuly, PeterAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Glickstein, David LBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50012/6/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Goodman, Saul BAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Gutierrez, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Halunen, Clayton DAttorneys & law firms$25012/6/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Hamilton, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hamilton, James GAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Hariton, LorraineDemocratic/Liberal$25012/6/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hariton, Lorraine JComputer software$25012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Hartston, AmosAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hepp, TheodoreDemocratic/Liberal$25012/6/07Mark UdallDCO
      Hoffman, E LAttorneys & law firms$25012/6/07John RockefellerDWV
      Humphries, FredComputer software$50012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hyman, UrsulaAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jacobus, John LAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Judell, Harold BAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Jurovich, Ronald MrAttorneys & law firms$25012/6/07John BarrassoRWY
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/6/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Kelner, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25012/6/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Kendall, CherylAttorneys & law firms$25012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Klein, Anthony RAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Klein, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Klein, Sheryl NowitzAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Krumholtz, E JComputer software$1,00012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Laduca, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$30012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Light, Henry DAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Lincoln, Michael RDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Lukas, Russell DAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Marineau, Susan GDemocratic/Liberal$50012/6/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Martin, GeorgeDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/6/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Martin, GeorgeDemocratic/Liberal$20012/6/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Massey, PamelaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50012/6/07Tom UdallDNM
      Mc Whorter, Val SAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mcdonald, John KAttorneys & law firms$1,30012/6/07John RockefellerDWV
      Mcwhorter, Mary FAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mcwhorter, Mary FAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mcwhorter, Val SAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Miller, Peter aAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mixon, Barbara WDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/6/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Naeve, Clifford MAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07John RockefellerDWV
      Nash, GlenAttorneys & law firms$25012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Nemeth, StephenEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25012/6/07Mark UdallDCO
      Noreika, KeithAttorneys & law firms$25012/6/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      O'malley, Todd JAttorneys & law firms$1,50012/6/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Olsson, Frank & WeedaAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Orr, SaraAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Plant, HarryDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Platt, LawrenceDemocratic/Liberal$50012/6/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Plotkin, MarkAttorneys & law firms$25012/6/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Potter, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Putnam, KathrynDemocratic/Liberal$50012/6/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Rainey, RichardAttorneys & law firms$25012/6/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Rice, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07John RockefellerDWV
      Ross, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Tom UdallDNM
      Ross, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Tom UdallDNM
      Ross, LauraAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Tom UdallDNM
      Ross, LauraAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Tom UdallDNM
      Ruben, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Ruhl, MaryAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Savage, Diane WAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Shook, Langley RAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Spaulding, Douglas KAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sprague, Mary GAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sprague, Mary GAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Taylor, KathrynAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Thomson, Kathryn BAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Tompkins, Joseph B JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Trooboff, Peter DAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Wang, EugeneDemocratic/Liberal$50012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Wang, LeslieDemocratic/Liberal$50012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Westberry, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Willens, MicheleBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$35012/6/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Williamson, Thomas S JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/6/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Zevnik, Paul aAttorneys & law firms$1,50012/6/07John RockefellerDWV
      Albstein, Andrew WAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Mark UdallDCO
      Attias, Elaine MDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/7/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Barnes & ThornburgAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07John KerryDMA
      Benson, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Mark KirkRIL
      Berger, Mitchell WAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Birch, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Mark UdallDCO
      Blachman, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Boies, Caryl LAttorneys & law firms$1,30012/7/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Boies, Caryl LAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Bondurant, Emmet JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Bonovitz, Sheldon MAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/7/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Boruchow, Sashi BachAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Boucher, Raymond PAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Boucher, Raymond PAttorneys & law firms$70012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Boucher, Raymond PAttorneys & law firms$-70012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Chandler, John aAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Chase, Brian DAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Conboy, BrianAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07Susan CollinsRME
      Cook, Oscar T JrAttorneys & law firms$30012/7/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Cook, Stephen KCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00012/7/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Cooper, Scott BAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Cronk, Peter JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Dana, Howard HAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Susan CollinsRME
      David, OscarAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07John RockefellerDWV
      Dolan, Christopher BAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Dovin, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Dreher, Frederick WAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Duffy, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Susan CollinsRME
      Ernst, DonAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Farrise, SimonaAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Fowler, BarbaraDemocratic/Liberal$50012/7/07Kay HaganDNC
      Goldfarb, Carl EAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Goldman, C MAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Goodstone, Debra WeissAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Gural, JeffreyDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/7/07Mark UdallDCO
      Hale, Dayton MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Hemmersbaugh, Paul aAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Jones, William HAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07John RockefellerDWV
      Kay, Daniel GAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07Mark UdallDCO
      Kelly, Herbert V JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/7/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kelly, Herbert V JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/7/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kiesel, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Kowalski, StuartAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Jerry MoranRKS
      Lamont, NedTelecommunications$2,30012/7/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Larlviere, DenieeAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Lauande, M LAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Leahy, TomAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Lilly, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Lippe, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Susan CollinsRME
      Mahoney, Joseph W JrChambers of commerce$25012/7/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Maiale, Nicholas JAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Maki, LisaAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Marlowe, Deborah aAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Marshall, DamienAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Mastracco, Suzanne TAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/7/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mastracco, Suzanne TAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/7/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mastracco, Vincent J JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/7/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mastracco, Vincent J JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/7/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mcguinn, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07John RockefellerDWV
      Meenan, KevinAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Meenan, KevinAttorneys & law firms$1,90012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Meenan, KevinAttorneys & law firms$-1,90012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Melville, Patricia a EsqAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Miller, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Moran, Jean MAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07John ReedDRI
      Moran, Paul PAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07John ReedDRI
      Norwood, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,70012/7/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Norwood, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$30012/7/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Patton Boggs LlpAttorneys & law firms$3,50012/7/07John CornynRTX
      Powers, Tony GAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Pratt, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Susan CollinsRME
      Remar, Robert BAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Roome, Katherine DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$30012/7/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Rosen, David aAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Sadler, Constance aAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/7/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Salem CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00012/7/07Susan CollinsRME
      Schachman, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,50012/7/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Seave, EdwinAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Shay, Kathleen MAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Silvis, Douglas KAttorneys & law firms$20012/7/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Soroko, John JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Spagnoli, ChristineAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Stoller, Corky HRecorded Music & music production$50012/7/07Mark UdallDCO
      Stoller, MikeRecorded Music & music production$50012/7/07Mark UdallDCO
      Suarez, LuisAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Tanniello, Antonia BAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/7/07Mark WarnerDVA
      The Honorable Robert J DoleAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07John IsaksonRGA
      Thomas, William TAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Vann, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$50012/7/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Walker, DanielAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Walkin, SandraAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Watkins, KenAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Weiland, CassAttorneys & law firms$20012/7/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Weinstein, Martin MAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/7/07John RockefellerDWV
      Welland, CassAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/7/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Whitney, Charles WAttorneys & law firms$25012/7/07Robert CaseyDPA
      Zucker, JerryMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/7/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Becker, TheodoreAttorneys & law firms$50012/8/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Dunn, NancyDemocratic/Liberal$50012/8/07Kay HaganDNC
      Gorden, BobetteDemocratic/Liberal$20012/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Hecht-Leavitt, CharlesDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/8/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hecht-Leavitt, CharlesDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/8/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Krieger, BetsyDemocratic/Liberal$75012/8/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Minars, LenDemocratic/Liberal$20012/8/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Bauman, PatriciaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/9/07Tom UdallDNM
      Boyle, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,80012/9/07Kay HutchisonRTX
      Boyle, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50012/9/07Kay HutchisonRTX
      Conboy, BrianAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/9/07Tom UdallDNM
      Deitch, SandeBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/9/07Tom UdallDNM
      Gollin, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/9/07Tom UdallDNM
      Mccrackin, WindellAttorneys & law firms$20012/9/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Norman, David J IiiAttorneys & law firms$50012/9/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Trutt, JoshDemocratic/Liberal$25012/9/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Anstorm, S DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Anstrom, S DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Arger, PeterDemocratic/Liberal$25012/10/07Carl LevinDMI
      Aronson, Louis MAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Batten, Frank JrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Batten, Frank JrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Batten, JaneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Batten, JaneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bell, ColleenTV production & distribution$2,30012/10/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bell, ColleenTV production & distribution$2,30012/10/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Bell, SharonAttorneys & law firms$50012/10/07Mark PryorDAR
      Bernstein, DeenaAttorneys & law firms$50012/10/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Bing, StevenMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/10/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Bing, StevenMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/10/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Bissell, Elisabeth SDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Boign, HowardAttorneys & law firms$25012/10/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Bradlee, David GComputer software$50012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Brooks, James LMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Butzel Long PcAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Carl LevinDMI
      Butzel Long PcAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Carl LevinDMI
      Canfield, Kenneth SAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Coffey, Anne CAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/10/07John ReedDRI
      Coffey, Anne CAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/10/07John ReedDRI
      Collin, David HAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/10/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Cone, Thomas EAttorneys & law firms$25012/10/07Kay HaganDNC
      Cotter, Leslie JrAttorneys & law firms$25012/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Cummins, JamesAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/10/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      David, LaurieTV production & distribution$20012/10/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      David, LaurieTV production & distribution$20012/10/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Drake, Lawrence C JrDemocratic/Liberal$25012/10/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Duffy, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Epps, John DAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Fineman, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Fishman, IraAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Fowler, DonaldDemocratic/Liberal$50012/10/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Friendly, AndyTV production & distribution$2,30012/10/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Frush, JimAttorneys & law firms$25012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Gaba, HaroldRecorded Music & music production$2,30012/10/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gaba, HaroldRecorded Music & music production$2,30012/10/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Galperin, Ron SAttorneys & law firms$25012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Godshall, LibertyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Gray, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$25012/10/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Griffen, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$50012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Gwynn, Mary LBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Harrison, James G IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Harrison, James G IiiAttorneys & law firms$70012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Harvey, Jennifer WAttorneys & law firms$-1,00012/10/07Mark PryorDAR
      Hill, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Hunt, HelenMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/10/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Javerbaum, KennethAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Jospin, Walter EAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/10/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/10/07Harry ReidDNV
      Karas, BarryMotion Picture production & distribution$25012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Kennedy, Ralph S JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Kennedy, Ralph S JrAttorneys & law firms$72512/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Kennedy, Ralph S JrAttorneys & law firms$-72512/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Kershaw, James JMotion Picture production & distribution$80012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      King & SpaldingAttorneys & law firms$5,00012/10/07Susan CollinsRME
      Krasnow, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07John ReedDRI
      Krieger, BetsyDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Krupka, Keith MAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/10/07Roy BluntRMO
      Levy, JaneDemocratic/Liberal$50012/10/07Kay HaganDNC
      Madden, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Madden, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$20012/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Madden, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$-20012/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Malott, AlanAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Tom UdallDNM
      Marangi, Karen LAttorneys & law firms$50012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mccarten, MaryCommercial TV & radio stations$50012/10/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Mccrackin, WindellAttorneys & law firms$20012/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Mcnichcias, Edward RAttorneys & law firms$50012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Meredith, Stephen OAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mitchell, Dupre WAttorneys & law firms$25012/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Morris, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$50012/10/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Nichols, SaraDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Nicholson, JamesAttorneys & law firms$25012/10/07Alan FrankenDMN
      O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Max BaucusDMT
      O'neill & AssocAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Max BaucusDMT
      Oelerich, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$25012/10/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Ostrow, Jeffrey EricAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Ostwald, MitchellAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Parker, Judith aAttorneys & law firms$35012/10/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Parsons, Gary MCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Placitella, Christopher MAttorneys & law firms$80012/10/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Placitella, Christopher MAttorneys & law firms$20012/10/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Plaza, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$50012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Ralston, Peter LComputer software$25012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Reznik, Andrew JEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Rillstone, Douglas JAttorneys & law firms$50012/10/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Ringley, SharonDemocratic/Liberal$50012/10/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Rossen, Mark DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Ryan, Michael LAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/10/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Ryan, Michael LAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/10/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Ryan, Michael LAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Sap AmericaComputer software$2,00012/10/07Carl LevinDMI
      Seiffert, Grant ETelecommunications$50012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sheller, Stephen aAttorneys & law firms$50012/10/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Shoemaker, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50012/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Siegal, Ronny JAttorneys & law firms$50012/10/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Sills, GregTV production & distribution$2,30012/10/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Sills, GregTV production & distribution$2,30012/10/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Singh, RajendraTelecommunications$2,30012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Smith, ToddAttorneys & law firms$50012/10/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Sparks, Jerry VChambers of commerce$25012/10/07Mark PryorDAR
      Stack, AnnDemocratic/Liberal$25012/10/07Carl LevinDMI
      Stainton, David JEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$25012/10/07Mark UdallDCO
      Sullivan, Kevin RAttorneys & law firms$50012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Swarat, August G IiAttorneys & law firms$50012/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Sykes, Melvin FAttorneys & law firms$1,30012/10/07Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Sykes, Melvin FAttorneys & law firms$70012/10/07Barbara MikulskiDMD
      Taub, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Universal Music GroupRecorded Music & music production$1,00012/10/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Universal Music GroupRecorded Music & music production$1,00012/10/07Max BaucusDMT
      Universal Music GroupRecorded Music & music production$1,00012/10/07Richard ShelbyRAL
      Veal, RexAttorneys & law firms$25012/10/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Weber, BramAttorneys & law firms$30012/10/07Mark KirkRIL
      Weinberg, MelvinAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Mark KirkRIL
      Welford, Hill B JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Winston & StrawnAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Wright, Laura RAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Young, Thomas JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Young, Thomas JrAttorneys & law firms$70012/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Young, Thomas JrAttorneys & law firms$-70012/10/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Altmon, JefferyAttorneys & law firms$30012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Barnard, William MDemocratic/Liberal$1,30012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Barr, Stanley G JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Birkeland, Karlin JAttorneys & law firms$50012/11/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Blank Rome LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/11/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Breslauer, GeraldDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Broin, JeffDemocratic/Liberal$80012/11/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Broin, JeffDemocratic/Liberal$20012/11/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Brown, Chester H JrDemocratic/Liberal$50012/11/07Kay HaganDNC
      Camardello, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$50012/11/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Davis, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25012/11/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Devine, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$50012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Dexter, Thomas C JrDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Dickstain, Sherry aDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/11/07Kay HaganDNC
      Dorsey & WhitneyAttorneys & law firms$1,50012/11/07Tom UdallDNM
      Engle, CraigAttorneys & law firms$1,20012/11/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Engle, CraigAttorneys & law firms$-1,20012/11/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Farkas, JonathanDemocratic/Liberal$25012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Feldman, PeterDemocratic/Liberal$25012/11/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Ferguson, NancyDemocratic/Liberal$25012/11/07Kay HaganDNC
      Fischer, Robert EAttorneys & law firms$25012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Glaysteen, NicholasDemocratic/Liberal$20012/11/07John KerryDMA
      Glenn, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$50012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Gleysteen, NicholasDemocratic/Liberal$20012/11/07John KerryDMA
      Gleysteen, Paula MDemocratic/Liberal$60012/11/07John KerryDMA
      Gray, Robert JDemocratic/Liberal$50012/11/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Hagan, Mary GDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/11/07Kay HaganDNC
      Hoffman, Bonnie DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/11/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/11/07Claire McCaskillDMO
      Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/11/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/11/07Roy BluntRMO
      Hom, Jack M SrDemocratic/Liberal$50012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Jackson, Paul aMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/11/07Bob CorkerRTN
      Jones, Walker Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/11/07Roy BluntRMO
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/11/07Tom UdallDNM
      Klebanoff, Jay MDemocratic/Liberal$25012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Lion, MargoDemocratic/Liberal$50012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Logan, G WDemocratic/Liberal$25012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Malinda, KellieDemocratic/Liberal$25012/11/07Kay HaganDNC
      Marler, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/11/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$1,00012/11/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Miller & ChevalierAttorneys & law firms$3,66812/11/07John KerryDMA
      Minars, LenDemocratic/Liberal$20012/11/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Nordhoff, Nancy SDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/11/07Mark UdallDCO
      Northrip, ShawnBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/11/07Alan FrankenDMN
      O'melveny & MyersAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/11/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Phinney, LuciaDemocratic/Liberal$25012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Reed Smith LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/11/07Tom UdallDNM
      Resnick, IraDemocratic/Liberal$29412/11/07Carl LevinDMI
      Reynolds, Stephen MrDemocratic/Liberal$50012/11/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Rogers, Paul GAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/11/07Max BaucusDMT
      Rubin, RosinaDemocratic/Liberal$50012/11/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Schmidt, Paul WAttorneys & law firms$50012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Shirley, Jon aDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/11/07Mark UdallDCO
      Stap, Leonard QAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Stolper, Max aDemocratic/Liberal$25012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Strottman, Kathleen aAttorneys & law firms$30012/11/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Strottman, Kathleen aAttorneys & law firms$20012/11/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Thompson, Timothy MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/11/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Trysla, Timothy PAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/11/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Universal Music GroupRecorded Music & music production$1,00012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Vann, Thomas H Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$25012/11/07John IsaksonRGA
      Welp, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$25012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Weltner, Anne GDemocratic/Liberal$25012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Winchester, James DDemocratic/Liberal$25012/11/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Abrams, JeffreyTV production & distribution$2,30012/12/07Mark UdallDCO
      Al Husseini, IbrahimComputer software$2,30012/12/07Mark UdallDCO
      Al Husseini, IbrahimComputer software$2,30012/12/07Mark UdallDCO
      Anderson, WendellBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20012/12/07John ThuneRSD
      Bartimus, JamesAttorneys & law firms$25012/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Beller, George aDemocratic/Liberal$25012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bentfield, Kathryn aAttorneys & law firms$25012/12/07Roy BluntRMO
      Blattmachr, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/12/07Max BaucusDMT
      Blattmachr, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/12/07Max BaucusDMT
      Blau, EvelyneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/12/07Carl LevinDMI
      Booth, HeatherDemocratic/Liberal$25012/12/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Broderick, BethMotion Picture production & distribution$30012/12/07Mark UdallDCO
      Brown, Sharie aAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Casey, Matthew aAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Conway, William B JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Dareshori, Nader FDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/12/07John KerryDMA
      Dareshori, Nader FDemocratic/Liberal$30012/12/07John KerryDMA
      Drinker, Biddle & ReathAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Duffy, Walter J JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Dyer, TeresaAttorneys & law firms$25012/12/07Roy BluntRMO
      Dykema GossettAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Frans, Myron LAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Friedman, Andrew HAttorneys & law firms$50012/12/07Mark UdallDCO
      Glides, Lawrence DDemocratic/Liberal$25012/12/07Kay HaganDNC
      Greenberg Traurig LlpAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/12/07Susan CollinsRME
      Hatsopoulos, George HDemocratic/Liberal$1,16012/12/07John KerryDMA
      Hatsopoulos, George NDemocratic/Liberal$84012/12/07John KerryDMA
      Hausler, Richard WAttorneys & law firms$1,30012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hauster, Richard WAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hayden, Joseph a JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Heppler, WesAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/12/07John KerryDMA
      Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Thad CochranRMS
      Johnson, James R MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07John IsaksonRGA
      Kendall, Lisa SBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50012/12/07Mark UdallDCO
      Klehr, Leonard MAttorneys & law firms$20012/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Lerman, PhilipBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/12/07Harry ReidDNV
      Level 3 CommunicationsTelecommunications$2,50012/12/07Claire McCaskillDMO
      Levin, Fay HDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/12/07Mark UdallDCO
      Lieberman, JoanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20012/12/07Mark UdallDCO
      Liguori, PeterTV production & distribution$50012/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Lipowski, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50012/12/07Susan CollinsRME
      Low, StephanieRecorded Music & music production$1,50012/12/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Mcclure, William PAttorneys & law firms$20012/12/07Max BaucusDMT
      Mcclure, William PAttorneys & law firms$20012/12/07Max BaucusDMT
      Mcdonough, Brigid MAttorneys & law firms$40012/12/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Mcgrath, KathleenTV production & distribution$2,30012/12/07Mark UdallDCO
      Montavon, Michael CAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Montgomery, James RAttorneys & law firms$25012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Moses, Alfred HAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Nemeth, StephenMotion Picture production & distribution$25012/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Newmann, FredDemocratic/Liberal$25012/12/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Nochimson, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50012/12/07Mark UdallDCO
      Nordling, ErickAttorneys & law firms$30012/12/07Jerry MoranRKS
      Olsson, Frank & WeedaAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Parent, LouiseDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/12/07Max BaucusDMT
      Patrick, Lawrence WCommercial TV & radio stations$2,00012/12/07Michael EnziRWY
      Patrick, Lawrence WCommercial TV & radio stations$70012/12/07Michael EnziRWY
      Patrick, Lawrence WCommercial TV & radio stations$-70012/12/07Michael EnziRWY
      Paul, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$25012/12/07Max BaucusDMT
      Phillips, C WilliamAttorneys & law firms$25012/12/07Max BaucusDMT
      Posner, EthanAttorneys & law firms$25012/12/07Max BaucusDMT
      Powell Goldstein LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Charles GrassleyRIA
      Roy, James PAttorneys & law firms$1,30012/12/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Roy, James PAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Ryan, Dennis MAttorneys & law firms$50012/12/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Samanie, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$50012/12/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Saunders, N L JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Savage, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07John KerryDMA
      Scheuer, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/12/07Max BaucusDMT
      Scheuer, ElizabethAttorneys & law firms$1,70012/12/07Max BaucusDMT
      Sergi, James SAttorneys & law firms$50012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sheild, Conway H IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sheild, Conway H IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sibbernsen, TerryAttorneys & law firms$50012/12/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Simpson, CarolDemocratic/Liberal$50012/12/07Kay HaganDNC
      Snyder, GuyAttorneys & law firms$50012/12/07Mark KirkRIL
      Spear, Patricia GDemocratic/Liberal$50012/12/07Mark UdallDCO
      Tchen, TinaAttorneys & law firms$25012/12/07Mark UdallDCO
      Tewkasbury, FranDemocratic/Liberal$25012/12/07Kay HaganDNC
      Van Ness FeldmanAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Vinelrad, AlanAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Walder, Justin PAttorneys & law firms$50012/12/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Walt Disney CoEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00012/12/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Wang, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/12/07Kay HaganDNC
      White, PatriciaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Yingling, Monique EAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Zucker, JanetMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Zucker, JerryMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/12/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Aguilar, Esteban a SrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07Tom UdallDNM
      Albert, Alan DAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Alston & BirdAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/13/07John ReedDRI
      Alston & BirdAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/13/07Susan CollinsRME
      Arent, Stephen WAttorneys & law firms$25012/13/07Mark UdallDCO
      Bannister, Daniel RDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Barber, CarolineDemocratic/Liberal$25012/13/07Kay HaganDNC
      Barclay, Robert C IvAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bennett, Carlton FAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bennett, Carlton FAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bennett, DorothyDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Berger, Max WAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07John ReedDRI
      Brader-Araja, MichaelDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/13/07Kay HaganDNC
      Busch, JessicaAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Callas, Christopher LAttorneys & law firms$25012/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Callas, GretchenAttorneys & law firms$25012/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Clement, D HDemocratic/Liberal$50012/13/07Kay HaganDNC
      Clement, Whittington WAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Connelly, Arthur MAttorneys & law firms$25012/13/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Cox, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$25012/13/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Donaghue, KathleenDemocratic/Liberal$25012/13/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Eisner, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Esposito, PatrickDemocratic/Liberal$2,00012/13/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Ferguson, William H MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/13/07John IsaksonRGA
      Frieden, Alan MAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Gallo, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Gardner, GeraldBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50012/13/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Gardner, PearlAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Gelt, HowardAttorneys & law firms$25012/13/07Mark UdallDCO
      Goldman, DouglasComputer software$1,00012/13/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Goldman, LisaComputer software$1,00012/13/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Grey, Robert J JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Griffith, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/13/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Grimes, David LDemocratic/Liberal$25012/13/07Kay HaganDNC
      Hagan, JeanetteDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/13/07Kay HaganDNC
      Harper, SherryDemocratic/Liberal$25012/13/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Hart, JaneyDemocratic/Liberal$50012/13/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Harwood, Bruce aAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Holmquist, Theodore WAttorneys & law firms$25012/13/07Mark UdallDCO
      Humphreys, James FAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Janss, Jennifer LAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Johnson, Thomas G JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Johnson, Thomas G JrAttorneys & law firms$30012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/13/07Kent ConradDND
      King, Donald EAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      King, Donald EAttorneys & law firms$20012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kreindler, James PAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Leblanc, Marianne CAttorneys & law firms$33512/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Light, Henry DAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/13/07Debbie StabenowDMI
      Maloney, Andrew J IiiAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Mandell, Mark SAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Manring, John B JrAttorneys & law firms$33312/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Mckenna, Dianne TDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/13/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mellick, John PAttorneys & law firms$25012/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Miller, AliciaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/13/07Tom UdallDNM
      Moller, Marc SAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      O'connor, MikeDemocratic/Liberal$25012/13/07Carl LevinDMI
      Oneill, John DAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Pena, BertAttorneys & law firms$22712/13/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Reed Elsevier IncBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/13/07James InhofeROK
      Ross, JeffAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Sall, JohnComputer software$50012/13/07Kay HaganDNC
      Sall, VirginiaComputer software$50012/13/07Kay HaganDNC
      Sarrouf, Camille FAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Schewel, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Schewel, Michael JAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sheff, Douglas KAttorneys & law firms$25012/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Shilling, Susanne LAttorneys & law firms$25012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sinderbrand, Paul JAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Singh, RajeevComputer software$2,00012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Smith, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Smith, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Smith, Thomas WAttorneys & law firms$33312/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Smulyan, Jeffrey HCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00012/13/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Southworth, Louis S IiAttorneys & law firms$25012/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Spragg, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$50012/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Stone, CathleenAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/13/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Sugarman, NellAttorneys & law firms$33312/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Sugarman, Thalla HAttorneys & law firms$33312/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Tansey, Helen CDemocratic/Liberal$25012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Toll, Larry WTelecommunications$50012/13/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Van Buren, William R IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/13/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Walter, Sarah LDemocratic/Liberal$75012/13/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Yarashus, Valerie aAttorneys & law firms$33312/13/07John RockefellerDWV
      Andrews, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Arnason, Jon YardAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Bartlett, CatherineAttorneys & law firms$25012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Bartley, Elaine HAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Beaser, Lawrence JAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Beyer, MeganBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Beyer, MeganBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Boggs, Douglas CAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bondereff, Joan MAttorneys & law firms$25012/14/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Boyd, Suzan DDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Bruce, CaroleDemocratic/Liberal$50012/14/07Kay HaganDNC
      Burns, Alexandra PDemocratic/Liberal$50012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Butcher, TimothyDemocratic/Liberal$95012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Butcher, TimothyDemocratic/Liberal$55012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Carlson, BarbaraAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Carneal, Jeffrey JBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Christodoulou, Zenon CDemocratic/Liberal$25012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Chun, Jong JoonAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Coblentz, William KAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Cook, ScottComputer software$2,30012/14/07John RockefellerDWV
      Copans, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$1,50012/14/07Max BaucusDMT
      Corbett, Leo JRecorded Music & music production$1,00012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Couric, CharlesDemocratic/Liberal$50012/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      De Leon, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$75012/14/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Elron, Marc FAttorneys & law firms$25012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Englebardt, Bonnie SDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      English, KevinDemocratic/Liberal$25012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Erickson, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/14/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Evans, Anne BDemocratic/Liberal$25012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Finberg, James MAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/14/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Finder, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$1,50012/14/07Kay HutchisonRTX
      Fleck, StephanieDemocratic/Liberal$30012/14/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Gergel, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Goodman, LeonardAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/14/07Max BaucusDMT
      Goss, David MrAttorneys & law firms$1,15012/14/07James RischRID
      Goss, David MrsAttorneys & law firms$1,15012/14/07James RischRID
      Gover, AlanAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Mark KirkRIL
      Green, GeorgeBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$70012/14/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Green, GeorgeBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$30012/14/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Greene, SheldonAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hall, JanisBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Harpootlian, Richard aAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Holder, Eric H JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Horn, Alan FMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Horn, CindyMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hutter, a JDemocratic/Liberal$30012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Isaacs, MaxineDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/14/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Jaffe, CalebDemocratic/Liberal$25012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Johnson, Jeffrey SAttorneys & law firms$25012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Kennedy, KeithAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Keyes, Judith DAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Kountoupes, LisaDemocratic/Liberal$2,00012/14/07Carl LevinDMI
      Kramer, KennethAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Max BaucusDMT
      Lehman, FrancesDemocratic/Liberal$25012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Lipman, BarryAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Loftus, James MdDemocratic/Liberal$25012/14/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Margol, Geoffrey RDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/14/07John KerryDMA
      Marler, BillAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Mcauliffe, Dorothy SBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mcconnell, RichardAttorneys & law firms$20012/14/07Roy BluntRMO
      Mcguire, Woods Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/14/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Meenan, KevinAttorneys & law firms$-20012/14/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Mihlsten, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Morea, Donna SComputer software$2,30012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Morea, Donna SComputer software$2,30012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Muscatlne, LissaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Myers, Thomas FAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Carl LevinDMI
      National Assn of BroadcastersCommercial TV & radio stations$-2,00012/14/07Kay HutchisonRTX
      Oakes, JudithAttorneys & law firms$25012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Orlofsky, Stephen MAttorneys & law firms$1,25012/14/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Parham, MichaelComputer software$50012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Patrick, W LawrenceCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00012/14/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Patricof, SusanDemocratic/Liberal$25012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Perry, Audy MAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07John RockefellerDWV
      Pettit, RobertAttorneys & law firms$20012/14/07Roy BluntRMO
      Pettiz, NormanCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00012/14/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Phillips, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Max BaucusDMT
      Pomper, Brian aDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Ramos, Pedro aAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Rein, BertAttorneys & law firms$20012/14/07Roy BluntRMO
      Richardson, Jack LAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Roberts, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$20012/14/07Roy BluntRMO
      Rouse-Bottom, DorothyBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Ruben, MarshallAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Ruben, MarshallAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Savage, Christopher WAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Seaton, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Secrest, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$20012/14/07Roy BluntRMO
      Sedgwick, Kate WBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sedgwick, Kate WBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Shanken, HazelBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/14/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Shanken, Marvin RBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/14/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Shear, BetsyDemocratic/Liberal$50012/14/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Slade, Shelley RAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Slade, Shelley RAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sokoloff, Audrey LAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Spriggs, KentAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Stephens, NancyMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Stiers, William F MrAttorneys & law firms$1,66412/14/07John IsaksonRGA
      Stopher, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Thomas, Eugene C MrAttorneys & law firms$25012/14/07James RischRID
      Thomas, Eugene C MrsAttorneys & law firms$25012/14/07James RischRID
      Thomson, Richard TAttorneys & law firms$25012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Tuck, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Vaaler, Bryn RAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Weinstein, SteveAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/14/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Willis, Marguerite SAttorneys & law firms$50012/14/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Woods, John W JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Woolery, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/14/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Wright, SuzanneTV production & distribution$1,00012/14/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Adamson, Daniel MAttorneys & law firms$25012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      Brodie, Katherine DAttorneys & law firms$25012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      Chapa, ArthurAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      Chriss, William JDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/15/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Eberhard, EricAttorneys & law firms$25012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      Faust, MarcusAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      Flood, JamesAttorneys & law firms$60012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      Harrang, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50012/15/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Jackson, Danna RAttorneys & law firms$25012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      Jennings, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50012/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Jones, GeneAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      Massey, Donald FAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/15/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Mondello, JoeAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/15/07Kay HutchisonRTX
      Norton, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Pritchard, Edward K IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Raatte, Derk VAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Senn, Sandra JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Senn, Sandra JAttorneys & law firms$80012/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Senn, Sandra JAttorneys & law firms$-80012/15/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Sikorski, Gerry EAttorneys & law firms$50012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      Simpson, KyleAttorneys & law firms$60012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      Straus, JerryAttorneys & law firms$50012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      Tristani, Gloria JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      Waters, GeorgeDemocratic/Liberal$30012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      White, MaureenDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/15/07Tom UdallDNM
      Wyss, ScottAttorneys & law firms$25012/15/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Yasi, Robert GDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/15/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Dudley, BarbaraDemocratic/Liberal$20012/16/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Duncan, CameronDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/16/07Tom UdallDNM
      Durkovich, StephenAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/16/07Tom UdallDNM
      Durkovich, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,30012/16/07Tom UdallDNM
      Espinar, JudithDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/16/07Tom UdallDNM
      Garcia, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/16/07Tom UdallDNM
      Gonzalez, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/16/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Gross, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$75012/16/07Tom UdallDNM
      Lees, RichardAttorneys & law firms$25012/16/07Tom UdallDNM
      Peterson, James CAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/16/07John RockefellerDWV
      Queally, PaulDemocratic/Liberal$25012/16/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Schutz, StephenDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/16/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Swartzberg, MaryBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/16/07Tom UdallDNM
      Alonso, AlfredoAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Dean HellerRNV
      Alonso, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Dean HellerRNV
      Anzaldo, AndrewMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/17/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Ayrault, GuyAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Mark UdallDCO
      Boigon, HowardAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Bunnett, JohnAttorneys & law firms$75012/17/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Buonanno, Bernard V JrAttorneys & law firms$30012/17/07John ReedDRI
      Buonanno, Bernard V JrAttorneys & law firms$20012/17/07John ReedDRI
      Carpenter, HarlowDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Catfrey, Mary LAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Cohen, Robert LDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/17/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Cooper, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$25012/17/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Crowe, Philip J Mr JrDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Currin, DanielDemocratic/Liberal$25012/17/07Kay HaganDNC
      Fogel, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$25012/17/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Framme, Lawrence H IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Frome, Robert LAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07John ReedDRI
      Frost, MartinAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07Mark UdallDCO
      Gainsley, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$25012/17/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Gale, JanaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/17/07John KerryDMA
      Gittell, JodyDemocratic/Liberal$25012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Goodnight, AnnComputer software$2,00012/17/07Kay HaganDNC
      Goodson, David TDemocratic/Liberal$25012/17/07Kay HaganDNC
      Hanna, Thomas RAttorneys & law firms$25012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hart, Garrett SEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50012/17/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Harvey, Jennifer WAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07Mark PryorDAR
      Hedlund, DanAttorneys & law firms$25012/17/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Hedlund, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Henley, DonRecorded Music & music production$2,30012/17/07Mark UdallDCO
      Henley, SharonRecorded Music & music production$2,30012/17/07Mark UdallDCO
      Henry, SteveDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/17/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Hicks, Jack BAttorneys & law firms$25012/17/07Kay HaganDNC
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Holleyman, Robert WComputer software$30012/17/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Holum, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Horn, Cindy HMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/17/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Jeffrey, DianeAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Jones, Thomas CAttorneys & law firms$70012/17/07Mark PryorDAR
      Jones, Thomas CAttorneys & law firms$30012/17/07Mark PryorDAR
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Kennan, Stephanie aAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Charles GrassleyRIA
      Kostel, George E MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kullgren, JoanAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Carl LevinDMI
      Lansverk, Margaret aAttorneys & law firms$25012/17/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Lewis, TonyComputer software$2,30012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Lloyd, Kurt DAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07John ReedDRI
      Lutz, ChristopherDemocratic/Liberal$50012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Lutz, SallyDemocratic/Liberal$50012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Margol, Elizabeth BAttorneys & law firms$20012/17/07John KerryDMA
      Margol, Elizabeth BAttorneys & law firms$20012/17/07John KerryDMA
      Margol, Rodney SAttorneys & law firms$20012/17/07John KerryDMA
      Margol, Rodney SAttorneys & law firms$20012/17/07John KerryDMA
      Martinez, ManuelAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Mark UdallDCO
      Maxman, MelissaAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Mcwilliams, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Mark PryorDAR
      Migdall, Evan MAttorneys & law firms$25012/17/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Miller, Stephen VAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Mitchell, Burley JrDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/17/07Kay HaganDNC
      Mottur, Alfred EAttorneys & law firms$30012/17/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Nadeau, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      O'connell, ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      O'nell, MarkDemocratic/Liberal$25012/17/07Kay HaganDNC
      Oconnor, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$70012/17/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Oconnor, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$30012/17/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Olsson, Frank & WeedaAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Oracle CorpComputer software$2,00012/17/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Ozmon, LairdAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07John ReedDRI
      Perlis, Sharon aAttorneys & law firms$25012/17/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Perlman, Dana MAttorneys & law firms$1,70012/17/07Mark UdallDCO
      Plunkett, CarylAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/17/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Plunkett, CarylAttorneys & law firms$30012/17/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Plunkett, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/17/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Plunkett, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$30012/17/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Polikalas, StevenAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Dean HellerRNV
      Price, David MMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/17/07John ReedDRI
      Price, David MMotion Picture production & distribution$30012/17/07John ReedDRI
      Ringle, Kenneth aBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/17/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Robert, Nicholas JDemocratic/Liberal$50012/17/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Robinson, Philip MrComputer software$1,00012/17/07John BarrassoRWY
      Robison, Robert aComputer software$1,00012/17/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Russell, John WDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/17/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Sande, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Dean HellerRNV
      Sandretto, RebeccaDemocratic/Liberal$25012/17/07Carl LevinDMI
      Savier, Robert EDemocratic/Liberal$50012/17/07Kay HaganDNC
      Schulman, MelissaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/17/07Mark UdallDCO
      Shea, DanielAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Skokos, TedAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/17/07Mark PryorDAR
      Skokos, TedAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/17/07Mark PryorDAR
      Smulyan, DeborahCommercial TV & radio stations$25012/17/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Spangler, Ellen PDemocratic/Liberal$25012/17/07Mark UdallDCO
      Spring, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Stetson, Jane WDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Stuart, Sandra KDemocratic/Liberal$50012/17/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Surovell, Robert JAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Surovell, Scott aDemocratic/Liberal$50012/17/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Tampos, PeterAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Taub, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Tedrow, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07Tom UdallDNM
      Theis, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Troyer, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50012/17/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Universal Music GroupRecorded Music & music production$1,00012/17/07Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Universal Music GroupRecorded Music & music production$1,00012/17/07Susan CollinsRME
      Walsh, Peter JAttorneys & law firms$25012/17/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Watson, Murray JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07John CornynRTX
      Watson, Murray JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07John CornynRTX
      Watson, Murray JrAttorneys & law firms$-1,00012/17/07John CornynRTX
      Whelan, KatherineAttorneys & law firms$25012/17/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Wilson, William R JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/17/07Thad CochranRMS
      Woodward, JoanneMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/17/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Zaretsky, HarrietAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/17/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Abraham, LoisAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/18/07Tom UdallDNM
      Adams & ReeseAttorneys & law firms$3,00012/18/07David VitterRLA
      Alvarez, Kathleen RAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/18/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Alvarez, Kathleen RAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/18/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Ansorge, Andrew MDemocratic/Liberal$25012/18/07Mark UdallDCO
      Arnold & PorterAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/18/07Max BaucusDMT
      Baker, David RDemocratic/Liberal$50012/18/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Bellcourt, Gwenn MAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/18/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Bellcourt, Gwenn MAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/18/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Bergman, MarilynRecorded Music & music production$50012/18/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Bishop, John HDemocratic/Liberal$29912/18/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Blake, Tessa VBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,50012/18/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Buchanan, Ingersoll & RooneyAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/18/07Roy BluntRMO
      Buckley, JodyDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/18/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Camper, Naomi GDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/18/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Cassels, Tobin IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/18/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Cassels, Tobin IiiAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/18/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Cgi-AmsComputer software$2,00012/18/07Jim WebbDVA
      Cgi-AmsComputer software$2,00012/18/07Susan CollinsRME
      Chieraystoff, Nicholas aAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Clark, Diana SBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/18/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Clements, RichardAttorneys & law firms$20012/18/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Conlin, RoxanneAttorneys & law firms$1,30012/18/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Costello, Robert VAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07John RockefellerDWV
      Dardzinski, MichaelDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/18/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Democratic Freshman PacDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/18/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Diamonstein, Alan aAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/18/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Edlis, StefanDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/18/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Eichler, KellyAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/18/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Fair, Ellen BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20012/18/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Fogler, Jonathan PDemocratic/Liberal$25012/18/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Friedman, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Generation BlueDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/18/07Mark UdallDCO
      Generation BlueDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/18/07Mark UdallDCO
      Gilliland, James SAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Tom UdallDNM
      Ginott, RonaEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50012/18/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Goldfein, MortonAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Gottesman, JaneBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/18/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Green, Justin TAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07John RockefellerDWV
      Helmer, GregoryAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/18/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Helmer, Leslie HAttorneys & law firms$75012/18/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Henley, DonRecorded Music & music production$2,30012/18/07Tom UdallDNM
      Henley, SharonRecorded Music & music production$2,30012/18/07Tom UdallDNM
      Hestie, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Hishon, Robert H MrAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07John IsaksonRGA
      Hogan & HartsonAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/18/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Holland & KnightAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/18/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Ianoele, Ronald JAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      K&l GatesAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/18/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Landis, Gregory PAttorneys & law firms$1,06712/18/07Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Lilley, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25012/18/07Tom UdallDNM
      Macdonald, Alex HAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/18/07John RockefellerDWV
      Mcdowell, JoeAttorneys & law firms$25012/18/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Mcgee, DonaldDemocratic/Liberal$50012/18/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Mcmanimon, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$2,00012/18/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$1,00012/18/07John RockefellerDWV
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$1,00012/18/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Microsoft CorpComputer software$1,00012/18/07Patrick LeahyDVT
      Miles, Demetrice RAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Miller, Harris NDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/18/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Monahan, Wanda CAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Mullikin, TomAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/18/07Jim DeMintRSC
      New Democrat CoalitionDemocratic/Liberal$5,00012/18/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      News America HoldingsBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/18/07Susan CollinsRME
      Northgrave, William WAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Oppenheimer, MartinAttorneys & law firms$25012/18/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Oracle CorpComputer software$1,00012/18/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Orr, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/18/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Parsons, Charles CAttorneys & law firms$20012/18/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Patrick, Lawrence WCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00012/18/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Perman, NaomiAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Peters, Kathleen MBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/18/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Pikus, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Pounlan, Steve RAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07John RockefellerDWV
      Pugh, Cary DAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/18/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Raymar, Robert SAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Roche, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/18/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Rose, Andrew SAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/18/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Rymer, Agnes IAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Saladoff, SusanDemocratic/Liberal$50012/18/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Salazar, John PAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Saydlowski, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/18/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Scotland, GlennAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Simpson, Michael aDemocratic/Liberal$50012/18/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Smith, NancyAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/18/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Snipes, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25012/18/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Sonnenschein, Nath & RosenthalAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/18/07Charles GrassleyRIA
      Steans, Heather aDemocratic/Liberal$25012/18/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Stephens, NancyMotion Picture production & distribution$1,83012/18/07Mark UdallDCO
      Stephens, NancyMotion Picture production & distribution$46912/18/07Mark UdallDCO
      Tarricone, AnthonyAttorneys & law firms$50012/18/07John RockefellerDWV
      Walker, H L MrAttorneys & law firms$25012/18/07James RischRID
      Webster, LynnDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/18/07Kay HaganDNC
      Williams, IanBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50012/18/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Williamson, Marilyn LDemocratic/Liberal$50012/18/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Wimar, ConnieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$60012/18/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Younger, GordonDemocratic/Liberal$50012/18/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Ackerman, Kenneth DAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Albert, David GAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Allen, BruceDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/19/07Carl LevinDMI
      Allen, ClayAttorneys & law firms$1,50012/19/07David VitterRLA
      Allen, YokoDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/19/07Carl LevinDMI
      Anderson, JanetAttorneys & law firms$20012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Applegate, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Max BaucusDMT
      Banerjee, SiddharthaComputer software$2,30012/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Banerjee, SiddharthaComputer software$2,20012/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bansal, Sanju KComputer software$2,30012/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bansal, Sanju KComputer software$2,30012/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Belair, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Bennett, Alan RAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Blank, EricAttorneys & law firms$20012/19/07Mark UdallDCO
      Bowlee, CrandallDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/19/07Kay HaganDNC
      Bowles, Crandall CDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/19/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Brownstein, Hyatt Et AlAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/19/07Roy BluntRMO
      Carleton, John TComputer software$25012/19/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Chalmers, CarolynDemocratic/Liberal$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Charrow, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Clarkson, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Cleveland, ChristopherAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Coats, DanielAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Collins, Genevieve DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$4,60012/19/07John CornynRTX
      Collins, Genevieve DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/19/07John CornynRTX
      Collins, Genevieve DBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$-2,30012/19/07John CornynRTX
      Cook, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Corbitt, CraigAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Cox, Edward FAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Craver, William E IiiAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Craver, William E IiiAttorneys & law firms$20012/19/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Craver, William E IiiAttorneys & law firms$-20012/19/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Dla PiperAttorneys & law firms$5,00012/19/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Dom, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Dorkey, CharlesAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Doyle, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Max BaucusDMT
      Epstein, BarryAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Finnell, James WComputer software$60012/19/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Richard BurrRNC
      Foley & LardnerAttorneys & law firms$-1,00012/19/07Richard BurrRNC
      Friedman, Francine EAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Friedman, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Max BaucusDMT
      Friedmann, EdwardDemocratic/Liberal$25012/19/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Geismar, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Gesser, AbrahamAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Goad, MaxineDemocratic/Liberal$25012/19/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Goldstein, Bruce IAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Gorlin, Cathy EAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Grallaheimer, James GAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Graustein, JohnAttorneys & law firms$20012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Hamilton, DianeAttorneys & law firms$1,90012/19/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Hester, TheodoreAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Holderby, Bonnie LDemocratic/Liberal$50012/19/07Mark UdallDCO
      House, Pat aComputer software$1,00012/19/07Max BaucusDMT
      Howell, John EAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Iger, Robert aEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,50012/19/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Jara, Daniel HChambers of commerce$25012/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Jobeun, LarryAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Max BaucusDMT
      Kaplan, HarveyAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Karan, DavidAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Kaufman, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Max BaucusDMT
      Kaylon, MarkAttorneys & law firms$1,33312/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Kiperstin, MarkAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Koenigsberg, JayAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Koffman, KatherineComputer software$2,20012/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kohler, Deborah JAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Kolick, Robert aComputer software$2,00012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Krupka, KeithAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Lankenau, AlisonDemocratic/Liberal$50012/19/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Lawson, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Lefkowitz, JayAttorneys & law firms$33412/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Lerner, Harry JBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$30012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Linton, AnneAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Marr, JohnComputer software$20012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Mcbrady, StephenAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Mcmillan, HollisDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/19/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Nauen, Charles NAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Neal, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Nochimson, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Noteboom, LowellAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Orlanski, LeibAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Parker, Bruce JAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Pastemak, JeraldAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Max BaucusDMT
      Rhodes, J TAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Max BaucusDMT
      Richardson, Jack LAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Richardson, Jack LAttorneys & law firms$-50012/19/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Roberti, Vincent aMotion Picture production & distribution$50012/19/07Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
      Robinson, Ann RAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Rockwell, WinthropAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Roe, Roger RAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Rogers, Darla PAttorneys & law firms$45012/19/07John ThuneRSD
      Rosenbaum, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Rosenblatt, CynthiaAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Rosenfeld, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$20012/19/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Rush, BobAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Saluja, AmitAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Satz, David M JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Savin, NathanDemocratic/Liberal$25012/19/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Schellberg, Timothy MAttorneys & law firms$45012/19/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Schwartz, Alan MDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/19/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Segal, SusanAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Shapiro, DenAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07John RockefellerDWV
      Silk, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/19/07Max BaucusDMT
      Singh, Steve SComputer software$2,30012/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Singh, Steve SComputer software$2,30012/19/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Smart, CynthiaAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Smart, JamesAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Sowlee, CrandallDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/19/07Kay HaganDNC
      Stern, AndreaRecorded Music & music production$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Tanick, MarshallAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Tyler, F ClaytonAttorneys & law firms$25012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Weil, WilliamBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Weld, William FAttorneys & law firms$70012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Weld, William FAttorneys & law firms$30012/19/07Susan CollinsRME
      Wilder, Eleanor BDemocratic/Liberal$20012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Zenner, LaurieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20012/19/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Zuckerman, Seth EAttorneys & law firms$50012/19/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Abascal, ManuelAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/20/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Abemathy, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/20/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Adams, CharlesDemocratic/Liberal$2,00012/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Ashmore, Beattie BAttorneys & law firms$80012/20/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Ashmore, Beattie BAttorneys & law firms$-80012/20/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Ashmore, Beettle BAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/20/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Barlinghot, MarjorieDemocratic/Liberal$50012/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Barrack, Rodos & BacineAttorneys & law firms$5,00012/20/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Barrack, Rodos & BacineAttorneys & law firms$3,00012/20/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Barrack, Rodos & BacineAttorneys & law firms$-1,00012/20/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Bauman, PatriciaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/20/07Carl LevinDMI
      Baumel, Jeffrey aAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/20/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Bowden, WendellAttorneys & law firms$25012/20/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Brew, Gerard CAttorneys & law firms$30012/20/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Broderick, David FAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/20/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Bryan Cave LlpAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/20/07Max BaucusDMT
      Business Software AllianceComputer software$1,00012/20/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Business Software AllianceComputer software$1,00012/20/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Butzel Long PcAttorneys & law firms$4,59512/20/07Carl LevinDMI
      Butzel Long PcAttorneys & law firms$2,74512/20/07Carl LevinDMI
      Butzel Long PcAttorneys & law firms$1,85012/20/07Carl LevinDMI
      Butzel Long PcAttorneys & law firms$1,75412/20/07Carl LevinDMI
      Butzel Long PcAttorneys & law firms$1,75412/20/07Carl LevinDMI
      Cohen, Joel MAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/20/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Dahl, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25012/20/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Daniels, Mark aAttorneys & law firms$20012/20/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Dewitt, CareyAttorneys & law firms$50012/20/07Carl LevinDMI
      Draper, JohnAttorneys & law firms$25012/20/07Tom UdallDNM
      Estes, J NDemocratic/Liberal$2,00012/20/07John RockefellerDWV
      Fitzgerald, Jayne TAttorneys & law firms$50012/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Fitzhugh, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Flick, WayneAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/20/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Frankel, RogerAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Gehrke, JamesAttorneys & law firms$50012/20/07Carl LevinDMI
      Goad, Maxine SDemocratic/Liberal$25012/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Hanley, AmandaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/20/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Hanley, AmandaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,80012/20/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Harrington, John HDemocratic/Liberal$80012/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Harrington, John HDemocratic/Liberal$20012/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Hodgkins, ScottAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/20/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Horn, Alan FMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/20/07Mark UdallDCO
      Hughes, Vester T JrAttorneys & law firms$60012/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Hutchins, StevenAttorneys & law firms$25012/20/07Mark UdallDCO
      Isaacs, JonathanDemocratic/Liberal$20012/20/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Isaacson, William aAttorneys & law firms$1,80012/20/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Isaacson, William aAttorneys & law firms$50012/20/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Laird, Dallas MrAttorneys & law firms$50012/20/07John BarrassoRWY
      Laurell, NathanDemocratic/Liberal$1,50012/20/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Lunsford, Charles I IiiDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Lunsford, Charles I IiiDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Lunsford, FlemingDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Lunstord, FlemingDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Lurey, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/20/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Lyons, Daniel MDemocratic/Liberal$20012/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Lyons, James MAttorneys & law firms$30012/20/07Mark UdallDCO
      Lyons, James MAttorneys & law firms$20012/20/07Mark UdallDCO
      Maher, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$50012/20/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Maroney, Thomas PAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Maroney, Thomas PAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Mcclain, HowardAttorneys & law firms$20012/20/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Miller, Glenn SAttorneys & law firms$1,50012/20/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Miller-Marshall, PatriciaDemocratic/Liberal$25012/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Moderate Democrats PacDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/20/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Normand, Edward JAttorneys & law firms$50012/20/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Palevsky, MaxDemocratic/Liberal$25012/20/07Carl LevinDMI
      Prentice, MargaritaDemocratic/Liberal$20012/20/07Mark UdallDCO
      Rainey, AnneAttorneys & law firms$20012/20/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Ramey, LindseyDemocratic/Liberal$25012/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Ramey, SamuelDemocratic/Liberal$25012/20/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Rashid, Carl JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/20/07Carl LevinDMI
      Rassel, RichardAttorneys & law firms$50012/20/07Carl LevinDMI
      Simon, Bruce LAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/20/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Simon, Bruce LAttorneys & law firms$1,20012/20/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Smith, Charles C Hon JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/20/07John IsaksonRGA
      Soter, GaryAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/20/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Spencer, ThadRecorded Music & music production$35012/20/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Tepper, SheriDemocratic/Liberal$50012/20/07Mark UdallDCO
      The Honorable Charles C Smith, JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/20/07John IsaksonRGA
      Tritt, CherylAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/20/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Weiss, Donald PAttorneys & law firms$50012/20/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Welch, JackAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/20/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Wheeler, Mary PTV production & distribution$2,30012/20/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Wolf, Jamie RDemocratic/Liberal$25012/20/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Woodroffe, James H IiiAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/20/07James InhofeROK
      Zachem, KathrynAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/20/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Alpert, HerbRecorded Music & music production$2,30012/21/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Alpert, LaniRecorded Music & music production$2,30012/21/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Angelini, Michael PAttorneys & law firms$50012/21/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Barrett, David aAttorneys & law firms$70012/21/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Barrett, David aAttorneys & law firms$30012/21/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Beckner, ChristianDemocratic/Liberal$25012/21/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bell, JenniferAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/21/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Berger, BruceBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$50012/21/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Bergman, MarilynRecorded Music & music production$20012/21/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Bickel, John WAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/21/07John ReedDRI
      Brophy, CarolynAttorneys & law firms$40012/21/07John CornynRTX
      Brophy, RickAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/21/07John CornynRTX
      Brophy, RickAttorneys & law firms$60012/21/07John CornynRTX
      Brophy, RickAttorneys & law firms$-40012/21/07John CornynRTX
      Brophy, RickAttorneys & law firms$-60012/21/07John CornynRTX
      Clear Channel CommunicationsCommercial TV & radio stations$2,00012/21/07Patrick LeahyDVT
      Coats, Daniel MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/21/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Coggins, LouiseDemocratic/Liberal$25012/21/07Kay HaganDNC
      Cohen, LoriDemocratic/Liberal$50012/21/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Combest, LarryAttorneys & law firms$50012/21/07Patrick LeahyDVT
      Combest, SharonAttorneys & law firms$50012/21/07Patrick LeahyDVT
      Correll, Philip KAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/21/07John ReedDRI
      Cox, Michael KAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/21/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Csontos, AndrewComputer software$1,00012/21/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Denvir, James PAttorneys & law firms$50012/21/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Dresdale, MarcillaDemocratic/Liberal$4,60012/21/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Dresdale, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$4,60012/21/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Farquhar, MichelleAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/21/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Gaier, MatthewAttorneys & law firms$75012/21/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Garofolo, MalDemocratic/Liberal$30012/21/07Kay HaganDNC
      Green, CarolynDemocratic/Liberal$50012/21/07Kay HaganDNC
      Hand, LloydAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/21/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Horn, CindyMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/21/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Jaeckel, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$50012/21/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Johnson, Wallace R IiiDemocratic/Liberal$25012/21/07Kay HaganDNC
      Lambeth, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$50012/21/07Kay HaganDNC
      Lowenstein, LouisDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/21/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Lowenstein, LouisDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/21/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Magy, Leslie CAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/21/07Carl LevinDMI
      Magy, Paul SAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/21/07Carl LevinDMI
      Mccreedy, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$25012/21/07Jim WebbDVA
      Mcevoy, NionBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/21/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Michener, RogerAttorneys & law firms$25012/21/07Tom UdallDNM
      Moderate Democrats PacDemocratic/Liberal$5,00012/21/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Moderate Democrats PacDemocratic/Liberal$2,70012/21/07Mark PryorDAR
      Moderate Democrats PacDemocratic/Liberal$2,70012/21/07Max BaucusDMT
      Moderate Democrats PacDemocratic/Liberal$2,70012/21/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Moninger, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$50012/21/07Mark UdallDCO
      Morhard, James WAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/21/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Movshin, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$75012/21/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Munk, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$50012/21/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Munk, Jeffrey WAttorneys & law firms$25012/21/07John CornynRTX
      Paoletta, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/21/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Penny, TedAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/21/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Primosch, RobertAttorneys & law firms$50012/21/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Rosenthal, MonicaMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/21/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rosenthal, MonicaMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/21/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Rubino, CarminoAttorneys & law firms$75012/21/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Shaw, BethBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/21/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Smerling, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$1,30012/21/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Smith, W SAttorneys & law firms$50012/21/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Sony Pictures EntertainmentMotion Picture production & distribution$1,00012/21/07Susan CollinsRME
      Tramont, BryanAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/21/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Trysla, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$1,30012/21/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Weinstock, Elizabeth BDemocratic/Liberal$20012/21/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Weissman, DanMotion Picture production & distribution$25012/21/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Wilks, RichardAttorneys & law firms$25012/21/07Tom UdallDNM
      Wolff, MaryDemocratic/Liberal$50012/21/07Mark UdallDCO
      Bardacke, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Bencoe, LoriAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Buchanan, WhitneyAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Cloud, IanAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Cluff, JeffAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Cluff, NicoleAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Ely, Daymon BAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Enfield, LisaAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Ewing, MattDemocratic/Liberal$50012/22/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Fadduol, SamAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Forman, Paula LBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20012/22/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Gaddy, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Goldberg, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Hardy, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Harris, Richard LAttorneys & law firms$50012/22/07James InhofeROK
      Hart, F MAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Heard, DenmanAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Henderson, StephenComputer software$25512/22/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Hoffman, MitchBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/22/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Howey, DaleDemocratic/Liberal$20012/22/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Kelly, Michael EAttorneys & law firms$50012/22/07Kay HaganDNC
      Klein, SusanAttorneys & law firms$25012/22/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Lorden, JoanDemocratic/Liberal$25012/22/07Kay HaganDNC
      Love, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Malott, AlanAttorneys & law firms$1,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Malott, LindaAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Martin, GaneshaAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Martinez, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Mcginn, RandiAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Morales, SelmaAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Morgan, RonAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Morgan, RonAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Parnall, BertrandAttorneys & law firms$50012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Ravitch, RichardAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07John RockefellerDWV
      Robins, BillAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Robins, MiaAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Tiffany, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/22/07James InhofeROK
      Touchet, Maria EAttorneys & law firms$30012/22/07Tom UdallDNM
      Wilson, JillAttorneys & law firms$50012/22/07Kay HaganDNC
      Anderson, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$25012/23/07Tom UdallDNM
      Ayoob, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$50012/23/07Tom UdallDNM
      Baskin, SheldonAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/23/07Tom UdallDNM
      Bingaman, AnneDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/23/07Tom UdallDNM
      Dugger, Robert HDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/23/07Mark UdallDCO
      Dugger, Robert HDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Dugger, Robert HDemocratic/Liberal$1,80012/23/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Gandee, R WDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hildenbrandt, CorbinAttorneys & law firms$25012/23/07Tom UdallDNM
      Knudson, RandyAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/23/07Tom UdallDNM
      Opler, Tim CDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/23/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Pound, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/23/07Tom UdallDNM
      Saenz, AngelAttorneys & law firms$25012/23/07Tom UdallDNM
      Sagner, AlanDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/23/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Sagner, DeborahDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/23/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Torres, DeniseAttorneys & law firms$25012/23/07Tom UdallDNM
      Affeldt, DaveAttorneys & law firms$25012/24/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Fraas, PhillipAttorneys & law firms$50012/24/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Glawe, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50012/24/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Hamm, StevenAttorneys & law firms$20012/24/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Hendrix, PatriciaAttorneys & law firms$25012/24/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Hunt, James B JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/24/07Kay HaganDNC
      Magnuson, John MrAttorneys & law firms$25012/24/07James RischRID
      Riccolo, JohnAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/24/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Riccolo, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50012/24/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Shavitz, JoyDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/24/07Kay HaganDNC
      Shavitz, Stephen EDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/24/07Kay HaganDNC
      Dominy, MarthaRecorded Music & music production$2,30012/25/07Tom UdallDNM
      Weeks, Patricia EAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/25/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Backer, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$60012/26/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Backer, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$20012/26/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Backer, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$20012/26/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Baynard, ErnestDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/26/07Max BaucusDMT
      Bishop, RandyAttorneys & law firms$75012/26/07Max BaucusDMT
      Bunge, JonathanAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Cicero, FrankAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Clapp, DouglasAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Max BaucusDMT
      Cook, ScottComputer software$2,30012/26/07Maria CantwellDWA
      Cooney, John DAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Devlin, AndrewAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/26/07Mark UdallDCO
      Diker, ValerieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Diker, ValerieBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Ettelson, BruceAttorneys & law firms$50012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Evans, ArthurDemocratic/Liberal$50012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Frost, MartinDemocratic/Liberal$50012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Fuller, AlisonDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Graham, David FAttorneys & law firms$50012/26/07Mark UdallDCO
      Gravante, NicholasAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/26/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Hand, LloydAttorneys & law firms$50012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Holt, Berthe MAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Kay HaganDNC
      Horton, ScottAttorneys & law firms$25012/26/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Hughes, Vester T JrAttorneys & law firms$25012/26/07Mark PryorDAR
      Kaiser, Elizabeth aDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/26/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Keitelman, Jeffrey RAttorneys & law firms$25012/26/07John ReedDRI
      Koskoff, Michael PAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07John RockefellerDWV
      Krane, HowardAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Laney, DanielAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/26/07James InhofeROK
      Lawson Jr, BobAttorneys & law firms$70012/26/07Roy BluntRMO
      Lawson, Mary PowellAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Roy BluntRMO
      Lawson, Mary PowellAttorneys & law firms$-70012/26/07Roy BluntRMO
      Lord, HenryDemocratic/Liberal$50012/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Low, StephanieRecorded Music & music production$1,55012/26/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Low, StephanieRecorded Music & music production$47012/26/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Manly, SamuelAttorneys & law firms$46012/26/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Mcdermott, James EAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/26/07Max BaucusDMT
      Mcdevitt, Chas F MrAttorneys & law firms$25012/26/07James RischRID
      Montgomery, JanDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Morgridge, TashiaDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/26/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Mowe, GregAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Nicklin, EmilyAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Paretsky, Sara N PhdBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/26/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Parker, Elissa aAttorneys & law firms$50012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Parker, MikeAttorneys & law firms$25012/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Pfaff, BruceAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Power, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Max BaucusDMT
      Printz, Charles F JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/26/07John RockefellerDWV
      Rogers, Larry RAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Max BaucusDMT
      Ruttenberg, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Scherer, Ned SDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/26/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Seeder, MarshallAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Simons, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Smith, RobertAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Smith, Todd aAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Max BaucusDMT
      Trilling, Helen RAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Verveer, PhilipAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/26/07Tom UdallDNM
      Wheeler, Mary PatriciaTV production & distribution$2,30012/26/07John ReedDRI
      Aitken, Elizabeth LDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/27/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Alison FickesAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Baskin, HoseaDemocratic/Liberal$1,50012/27/07Kay HaganDNC
      Beattie, Nina MAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Berry, Nancy J TAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Blomgren, DouglasAttorneys & law firms$50012/27/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Boesch, DoyceAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Bob CorkerRTN
      Bowles, Crandall CDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/27/07Max BaucusDMT
      Boyd, W HowardAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Capshaw, KateMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Christensen, HenryAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07Tom UdallDNM
      Connell, HiramDemocratic/Liberal$80012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Day, Dick MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07John BarrassoRWY
      Domanskis, Alexander RAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Donin Schlussel, Rena GAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Dorasy, VickieDemocratic/Liberal$50012/27/07Kay HaganDNC
      Drost, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Ellingstad, VernonDemocratic/Liberal$20012/27/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Englander, RobertBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Ephron, NoraBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Evans, LisbethDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/27/07Kay HaganDNC
      Evans, LisbethDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/27/07Kay HaganDNC
      Fay, Kevin JDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Feldman, JeffreyEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$1,00012/27/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Flynn, Neil FAttorneys & law firms$30012/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Gilbert, TonyDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Gordon, BrookeTelecommunications$2,30012/27/07Mark UdallDCO
      Gordon, ThomasTelecommunications$2,30012/27/07Mark UdallDCO
      Goulet, KathleenAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Grove, LeanneDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hall, Robert TDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Harris, EdwardMotion Picture production & distribution$50012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Healy, Martin JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/27/07Max BaucusDMT
      Holland, Lyman Mr JrAttorneys & law firms$40012/27/07Jefferson SessionsRAL
      Hussion, Gary PDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Intuit IncComputer software$1,00012/27/07Kent ConradDND
      Intuit IncComputer software$1,00012/27/07Pat RobertsRKS
      Jensen, PeggyAttorneys & law firms$50012/27/07Carl LevinDMI
      Jones, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07Max BaucusDMT
      Kaplan, CraigAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Kappler, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Katzenberg, JeffreyMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Katzenberg, MarilynMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kelly, Thomas DEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50012/27/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      King, Michael DDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kongstvedt, Peter RDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kringer, Benjamin EDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Lancaster, PeterAttorneys & law firms$50012/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Leinsdorf, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Mark UdallDCO
      Maher, MarkAttorneys & law firms$50012/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Matthews, Warren EDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Mcelroy, Scott BAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Mark UdallDCO
      Mcinerney, AliceAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/27/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Minto, Robert MrAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07John BarrassoRWY
      Moore, JudithAttorneys & law firms$1,50012/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Moore, Thomas aAttorneys & law firms$1,50012/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Mosen, BarbaraDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Mosen, BarbaraDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Moses, LeannAttorneys & law firms$50012/27/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Musgrave, Bobbee JAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Mark UdallDCO
      Niro, RaymondAttorneys & law firms$1,30012/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Normandin, Paul LAttorneys & law firms$50012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      O'brien, DonaldDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      O'donnell, RoseannTV production & distribution$2,30012/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Packer, StephenDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/27/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Parson, Barbara WDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Pennoyer, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Peoples, GeraAttorneys & law firms$25112/27/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Petersen, MaryDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Polan, Steven MAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Pottmyer, JamesDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Principe, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$50012/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Reed, Doris EDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Reese, Jane SDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Roberts, Owen WDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Roche, Julie CAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Mark UdallDCO
      Rockefeller, John D IvDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Rogers, Carl BAttorneys & law firms$50012/27/07Tom UdallDNM
      Rogin, CaroleDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Rosenthal, Neal IDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/27/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Ross, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Salem, George RAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07Richard ShelbyRAL
      Schecter, JulieDemocratic/Liberal$50012/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Shaw, BethBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Shaw, BethBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/27/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Sheinbaum, Stanley KDemocratic/Liberal$50012/27/07Mark UdallDCO
      Shipps, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Mark UdallDCO
      Shorey, ClydeDemocratic/Liberal$50012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Simas, LaurelAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/27/07Mark PryorDAR
      Skinner, William PAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Smith, Diane MDemocratic/Liberal$50012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Smith, PhilBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/27/07Tom UdallDNM
      Smolin, JudiDemocratic/Liberal$20012/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Snead, JamesAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07Tom UdallDNM
      Snipes, James CAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Soros, Jennifer aDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Spielberg, StevenMotion Picture production & distribution$2,30012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Stern, DianeProfessional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$2,30012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Stone, TheresaDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/27/07Kay HaganDNC
      Sutton, BarbaraDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/27/07Jim WebbDVA
      Syhum, HaroldAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Kay HaganDNC
      Thompson, CurtisDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/27/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Tietjen, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$20012/27/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Tuck, John CAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Bob CorkerRTN
      Uffner, StevenAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Vaaler, Bryn RAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Walker, GeorgeDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Watt, Richard FDemocratic/Liberal$20012/27/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Wells, AlbertAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Wexler, RichardAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/27/07Mark KirkRIL
      Whalen, Mary KDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      White, Kenneth LDemocratic/Liberal$25012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Williams, Earle CDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Williamson, Thomas JrAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Woodall, Robert M JrDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/27/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Wunder, RobertAttorneys & law firms$25012/27/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Abrams, PaulDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/28/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Backer, Michael aAttorneys & law firms$-60012/28/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Baldwin, JaneDemocratic/Liberal$25012/28/07Mark UdallDCO
      Balley, Cynthia VDemocratic/Liberal$25012/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Boesch, DoyceAttorneys & law firms$25012/28/07Mark KirkRIL
      Bourland, Michael VAttorneys & law firms$50012/28/07John CornynRTX
      Buntrock, ElizabethDemocratic/Liberal$1,25012/28/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Dahl, Alexander RAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/28/07Roy BluntRMO
      Davis, JoalinDemocratic/Liberal$50012/28/07Kay HaganDNC
      Eagon, Douglas PDemocratic/Liberal$25012/28/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Foley, Leander IiiAttorneys & law firms$68412/28/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Giordanella, StephenDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/28/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Gordon, ShelleyDemocratic/Liberal$20012/28/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Hanes, Charlotte MDemocratic/Liberal$25012/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Hart, JaneyDemocratic/Liberal$50012/28/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Hart, Judith NugentEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$50012/28/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Hodeen, EricDemocratic/Liberal$25012/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Irvin, MeredithAttorneys & law firms$25012/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Johnson, Kevin JAttorneys & law firms$25012/28/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Jones, J JDemocratic/Liberal$50012/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Kent, SydneyAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Laystrom, C William JrDemocratic/Liberal$50012/28/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Lehman, William JrDemocratic/Liberal$25012/28/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Lillis, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$30012/28/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Marks, Sarah HAttorneys & law firms$20012/28/07Mark UdallDCO
      Mccann, LawrenceEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,30012/28/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mccann, LawrenceEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,30012/28/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Mcculloch, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$4,60012/28/07John CornynRTX
      Mcculloch, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/28/07John CornynRTX
      Mcculloch, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$-2,30012/28/07John CornynRTX
      Mcdonald, Kathryn AnnAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/28/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Mcmillan, Charles TDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mcmillen, Charles TDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Milledge, John MDemocratic/Liberal$25012/28/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Miller, MargoAttorneys & law firms$32012/28/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Montgomery, HenrietteDemocratic/Liberal$20012/28/07Carl LevinDMI
      Northrup, Charles J JrAttorneys & law firms$25012/28/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Perry, James N JrDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/28/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Peste, MarthaDemocratic/Liberal$25012/28/07Kay HaganDNC
      Peters, Charles EComputer software$50012/28/07Kay HaganDNC
      Revelle, WilliamDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/28/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Rinl, Carole JBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$30012/28/07Sherrod BrownDOH
      Scoggins, Randall B MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/28/07John IsaksonRGA
      Smitko, MaxwellAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Smitko, MaxwellAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/28/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Sterling, Neil aDemocratic/Liberal$50012/28/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Stiles, Terry WDemocratic/Liberal$25012/28/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Turner, JerryAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/28/07Kay HutchisonRTX
      Wegg, Thomas E IiiAttorneys & law firms$50012/28/07Kay HaganDNC
      Weissbourd, BerniceDemocratic/Liberal$25012/28/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Zises, LynnAttorneys & law firms$50012/28/07Mark KirkRIL
      Anderson, KalDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/29/07Jim WebbDVA
      Caudle, GeorgeAttorneys & law firms$22012/29/07Bob CorkerRTN
      Chiles, LawtonDemocratic/Liberal$50012/29/07Kay HaganDNC
      Friedman, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/29/07John KerryDMA
      Head, MarthaAttorneys & law firms$50012/29/07Jerry MoranRKS
      Horn, John DDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/29/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Juniper, ChristopherDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/29/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Low, StephanieDemocratic/Liberal$50012/29/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Patterson, Neal LComputer software$1,00012/29/07John KerryDMA
      Pittman, MichaelDemocratic/Liberal$50012/29/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Powell Goldstein LlpAttorneys & law firms$-1,00012/29/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Rosenbaum, GregDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/29/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Rosenbaum, StevenDemocratic/Liberal$50012/29/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Ruthven, ZacheryDemocratic/Liberal$50012/29/07Kay HaganDNC
      Slater, JillDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/29/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Abrams, Stuart EAttorneys & law firms$50012/30/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Alarid, AlbertAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/30/07Tom UdallDNM
      Altshuler, FredAttorneys & law firms$50012/30/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Berkelhammer, SylviaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/30/07Kay HaganDNC
      Bettinger, CarlAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/30/07Tom UdallDNM
      Bogardus, KristinaAttorneys & law firms$25012/30/07Tom UdallDNM
      Buchholtz, DavidAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/30/07Tom UdallDNM
      Damas, Stanislaw SAttorneys & law firms$50012/30/07Mark UdallDCO
      Dreyfuss, Martin JDemocratic/Liberal$25012/30/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Fink, DavidEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,30012/30/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Hall, JohnDemocratic/Liberal$25012/30/07Barbara BoxerDCA
      Hammonds, HollyDemocratic/Liberal$25012/30/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Heins, Samuel DAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/30/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Jacobson, DavidAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/30/07Tom UdallDNM
      Lande, BobDemocratic/Liberal$25012/30/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Leeds, RichardDemocratic/Liberal$50012/30/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Lippstone, Andrew HAttorneys & law firms$49412/30/07Thomas CarperDDE
      Marden, Robert aAttorneys & law firms$25012/30/07Susan CollinsRME
      Mccormack, WinBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/30/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Mills, MichaelRecorded Music & music production$2,30012/30/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Moore, DavidDemocratic/Liberal$25012/30/07Tom UdallDNM
      Ott, WendellDemocratic/Liberal$25012/30/07Kay HaganDNC
      Park, GaryDemocratic/Liberal$50012/30/07Kay HaganDNC
      Rockman, Richard C JrBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20012/30/07John ThuneRSD
      Smith, BradfordComputer software$2,00012/30/07Patrick LeahyDVT
      Weingartner, FeliciaAttorneys & law firms$50012/30/07Tom UdallDNM
      Wheeler, Mary PTV production & distribution$1,00012/30/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      White, P MDemocratic/Liberal$1,30012/30/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      White, P MDemocratic/Liberal$1,20012/30/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Aron, AdamDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Aron, AdamDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Baer, RichardTelecommunications$50012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Barlinghof, MarjorieDemocratic/Liberal$50012/31/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Barnes, Michael DAttorneys & law firms$30012/31/07Mark PryorDAR
      Bates, Lloyd O JrAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Tom UdallDNM
      Bauer, MichaelDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bauman, PatriciaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Baumann, Joseph P JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Beck, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Susan CollinsRME
      Beier, JudyCommercial TV & radio stations$2,30012/31/07David VitterRLA
      Beier, JudyCommercial TV & radio stations$2,20012/31/07David VitterRLA
      Beier, KarlCommercial TV & radio stations$2,30012/31/07David VitterRLA
      Beier, KarlCommercial TV & radio stations$1,30012/31/07David VitterRLA
      Beier, KarlCommercial TV & radio stations$90012/31/07David VitterRLA
      Bernhard, DanaDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bernhard, DanaDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bernhard, James M JrDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Bernhard, James M JrDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Berron, Vance JrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Kay HaganDNC
      Blachor, IsaacAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Susan CollinsRME
      Bloch, StuartAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Bloch, StuartAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Bluestone, StuartAttorneys & law firms$1,30012/31/07Tom UdallDNM
      Book, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$50012/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Book, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$50012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Book, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$50012/31/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Book, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$25012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Book, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$25012/31/07John ReedDRI
      Book, RobertDemocratic/Liberal$20012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Book, Robert LDemocratic/Liberal$25012/31/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Boyd, Thomas MAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Richard ShelbyRAL
      Burgess, Angela BellizziAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Carpinello, George FAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Carr, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Susan CollinsRME
      Cavaliere, John VAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Clark, JimmyDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/31/07Kay HaganDNC
      Cohan, WilliamBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$1,00012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Cohen, LisaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Cohen, LisaBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$70012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Corbett, MaryAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Corrigan, JackAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Craig, Wm ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/31/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Crutchfield, BarryAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Tom UdallDNM
      David, LaurieTV production & distribution$2,30012/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      David, LaurieTV production & distribution$20012/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Davidson, TeresaDemocratic/Liberal$50012/31/07Kay HaganDNC
      Davis, Matthew DDemocratic/Liberal$20012/31/07Carl LevinDMI
      Dawes, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Dennis, JeffreyAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Desky, Joan MAttorneys & law firms$49212/31/07John ThuneRSD
      Desky, Joan MAttorneys & law firms$-49212/31/07John ThuneRSD
      Desky, Robert MAttorneys & law firms$49212/31/07John ThuneRSD
      Donaldson, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$50012/31/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Dowdy, L C MrAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07John IsaksonRGA
      Eckstein, Paul FAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Jeff BingamanDNM
      Eisenman, Mike JrDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Fayard, Calvin C JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Fayard, Calvin C JrAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Fayard, Frances GAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Fayard, Frances GAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Fink, DavidEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,30012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Fisher, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Fisher, William JAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Amy KlobucharDMN
      Fitzgibbons, JosephAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Flexner, DonaldAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Folger, Christina JDemocratic/Liberal$25012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Forbes, LindaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/31/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Forman, MilosMotion Picture production & distribution$20012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Fowler, Donald LDemocratic/Liberal$50012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Friebert, Robert HDemocratic/Liberal$50012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Friese, Robert CAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Fusilier, JulieAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07Max BaucusDMT
      Gabler, JanetAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Galinson, MurrayAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Gallo, Gregory MAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Giotes, Artie GAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07John CornynRTX
      Gittell, JodyDemocratic/Liberal$50012/31/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Greater Washington Board of TradeChambers of commerce$1,00012/31/07Jim WebbDVA
      Grode, SusanAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Hart, Jim VBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$35012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Henry, John BBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/31/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Hertz, GeraldDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Hestie, Thomas JAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Hirach, HalAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Hood, James CAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Ingalls, Robert PDemocratic/Liberal$50012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Ingle, EdwardComputer software$1,00012/31/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Jimenez, Magda MAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Johnston, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Kahn, AndreaAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Kerry, CameronAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Kerry, CameronAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07John ReedDRI
      Kleinman, Sidney CAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Koonce, Nell WDemocratic/Liberal$50012/31/07Kay HaganDNC
      Kramer, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Mike JohannsRNE
      Kuzma, Abigail LAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Richard LugarRIN
      Laminack, Richard NAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Laminack, Richard NAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Larson, DennisDemocratic/Liberal$25012/31/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Lasala, Joseph PAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Lipowski, JohnAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Loewenstern, KarenDemocratic/Liberal$20012/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Logan, G HunterAttorneys & law firms$2,00012/31/07Jim DeMintRSC
      Longfellow, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Manas, JeanDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/31/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Marks, Sarah HAttorneys & law firms$21212/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Markusen, AnnDemocratic/Liberal$25012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Martines, Buffy KAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Martines, Buffy KAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Mauser, Amy JillAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Mccarrick, ChristopherDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Mcconnell, Kirk DAttorneys & law firms$1,50012/31/07Bob CorkerRTN
      Mccormack, WinBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/31/07Ron WydenDOR
      Mccormack, WinBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$2,30012/31/07Ron WydenDOR
      Mcevoy, Nion TBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$25012/31/07Debbie StabenowDMI
      Mckelvey, Judith GAttorneys & law firms$32512/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Mcmanimon, EdwardAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Mendeloff, ScottAttorneys & law firms$1,44612/31/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Mendeloff, ScottAttorneys & law firms$30012/31/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Mengert, PaulDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/31/07Kay HaganDNC
      Milono, Carlo MComputer software$25012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Moody, ChrisAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Morris, Mary SAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Moses, JohnAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Lamar AlexanderRTN
      Mulloy, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Mulloy, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Mulloy, TimothyAttorneys & law firms$-20012/31/07Mitch McConnellRKY
      Ness, SusanDemocratic/Liberal$25012/31/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Nichols, David G JrAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Niederman, Gerald aAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Noonan, D MAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Nordhoff, Nancy SDemocratic/Liberal$1,30012/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Northgrave, William WAttorneys & law firms$30012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Ollanlk, StuartAttorneys & law firms$33412/31/07Mark PryorDAR
      Palka, Kathe LBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Parris, Marilyn FAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Kay HaganDNC
      Patrick, W LCommercial TV & radio stations$1,00012/31/07Benjamin CardinDMD
      Peretz, Elcise CComputer software$2,30012/31/07Benjamin CardinDMD
      Peterman, Steven JBook, newspaper & periodical publishing$20012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Phillips, Steven RAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Richard ShelbyRAL
      Pirlie, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Pirlie, ThomasAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Platt, Ronald LAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Plesent, StanleyAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07John RockefellerDWV
      Power, DavidAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Randlett, WadeDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/31/07Jeff MerkleyDOR
      Reddy, ShyamAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Reeder, James aAttorneys & law firms$70012/31/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Reeder, James aAttorneys & law firms$30012/31/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Reeves, AmandaDemocratic/Liberal$25012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Reid, SallyAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Reynold, SylviaDemocratic/Liberal$25012/31/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Rintz, BillDemocratic/Liberal$25012/31/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Roberts, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Roberts, WilliamAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Susan CollinsRME
      Robinson, PeteAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Rockefeller, John D IvDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Rogers, PaulAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Thomas HarkinDIA
      Rosen, Samuel KAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Rosenthal, RickMotion Picture production & distribution$46912/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Ross, James JAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Ross, LauraAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Sachnoff, LowellAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Richard DurbinDIL
      Schaedle, MichaelAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Schoenwald, Lawrence JAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Schumer, Robert BAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Scotland, GlennAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Secrest, LawrenceAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Sell, TomAttorneys & law firms$1,23112/31/07Kay HutchisonRTX
      Senkowski, R MAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Shestack, Jerome JAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Shrank, IanAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Sidamon-Eristoff, AnneAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Susan CollinsRME
      Simonds, RobertMotion Picture production & distribution$50012/31/07Susan CollinsRME
      Singer, Stuart HAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Snow, Brian aAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Steirnel, Walter E JrDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Stephens, NancyMotion Picture production & distribution$46912/31/07Mark UdallDCO
      Stroup, HeatherDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Stroup, HeatherDemocratic/Liberal$1,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Stroup, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Stroup, ThomasDemocratic/Liberal$1,30012/31/07Mark WarnerDVA
      Studley, JanetAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Susan CollinsRME
      Sulivan, Kathleen NAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Jeanne ShaheenDNH
      Swid, Stephen CEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,30012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Swid, Stephen CEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$2,30012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Taub, BenayDemocratic/Liberal$2,30012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Terrall, Thomas E JrAttorneys & law firms$25012/31/07Kay HaganDNC
      Thu, StevenDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/31/07Tim JohnsonDSD
      Timpone, Walter FAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Frank LautenbergDNJ
      Turfington, MartaDemocratic/Liberal$1,00012/31/07Kay HaganDNC
      Turner, Betsy EdithAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Vanderbroek, MarkAttorneys & law firms$-45012/31/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Victory, NancyAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Victory, NancyAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Susan CollinsRME
      Walker, HelgiAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Walker, HelgiAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Susan CollinsRME
      Wallace, JamesAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Susan CollinsRME
      Wallace, RangeleyAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Ware, David aAttorneys & law firms$1,80012/31/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Ware, David aAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Mary LandrieuDLA
      Watsh, Dorothy aTelecommunications$25012/31/07John ReedDRI
      White, PeterAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Tom UdallDNM
      Whyte, Hirschboeck Et AlAttorneys & law firms$1,00012/31/07Patty MurrayDWA
      Wiley, RichardAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Susan CollinsRME
      Williams, KentAttorneys & law firms$70012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Williams, KentAttorneys & law firms$30012/31/07Alan FrankenDMN
      Willis, RobertAttorneys & law firms$30012/31/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Willis, RobertAttorneys & law firms$20012/31/07Saxby ChamblissRGA
      Winston, L MarkAttorneys & law firms$50012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Woldenberg, John FMotion Picture production & distribution$50012/31/07Kirsten GillibrandDNY
      Wolfe, George BAttorneys & law firms$60012/31/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Wolfe, George BAttorneys & law firms$30012/31/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Wolfe, George SAttorneys & law firms$-30012/31/07Lindsey GrahamRSC
      Worcester, RobertAttorneys & law firms$2,30012/31/07Tom UdallDNM
      48 Organizations Supported and 3 Opposed; See Which Ones

      Organizations that took a position on
      A Bill to Amend the Criminal Penalty Provision for Criminal Infringement of a Copyright, and for Other Purposes.

      48 organizations supported this bill

      American Federation of Musicians
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
      undersigned organizations (2011, May 17). AFTRA DGA IATSE and SAG Support S.978. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Artists Under the Dome.
      American Intellectual Property Law Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      American Photographic Artists
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Association of American Publishers
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Association of Independent Music Publishers
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      BSA - The Software Alliance
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      CBS Corporation
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Church Music Publishers Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Directors Guild of America
      undersigned organizations (2011, May 17). AFTRA DGA IATSE and SAG Support S.978. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Artists Under the Dome.
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Entertainment Merchants Association
      EMA (2011, June 15). ENTERTAINMENT MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION ENDORSES ENHANCED PENALTY FOR INFRINGEMENT BY STREAMING. Retrieved June 24, 2011, from Entertainment Merchants Association.
      Entertainment Software Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Global Intellectual Property Center
      GIPC (2011, June 16). Chamber Applauds Senate Action To Move Forward with Illegal Web Streaming Bill. Retrieved June 24, 2011, from Global Intellectual Property Center.
      Graphic Artists Guild
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Independent Film & Television Alliance
      IFTA (2011, May 12). IFTA & Creative Industry Coalition Lauds Bill to Make Illegal Streaming of Movies and TV a Felony. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Independent Film & Television Alliance.
      International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
      undersigned organizations (2011, May 17). AFTRA DGA IATSE and SAG Support S.978. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Artists Under the Dome.
      International Brotherhood of Teamsters
      undersigned organizations (2011, May 26). Joint Statement from AFM, AFTRA, DGA, IATSE, IBT and SAG Commending Senate Judiciary Committee Passage of the PROTECT IP Act. Retrieved June 24, 2011, from IATSE.
      Magazine Publishers of America
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Motion Picture Association of America
      Anderson, Nate (2011, May 16). New bill upgrades unauthorized Internet streaming to a felony. Ars Technica. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2011/05/new-bill-upgrades-unauthorized-internet-streaming-to-a-felony.ars.
      National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      National Association of Broadcasters
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      National Association of Theatre Owners
      IFTA (2011, May 12). IFTA & Creative Industry Coalition Lauds Bill to Make Illegal Streaming of Movies and TV a Felony. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Independent Film & Television Alliance.
      National Basketball Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      National Collegiate Athletic Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      National Music Publishers' Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      News Corporation
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Newspaper Association of America
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Picture Archive Council Of America
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Ppl & Vpl
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Professional Photographers Of America
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Professional School Photographers Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Recording Industry Association of America
      RIAA (2011, May 13). Senate Bill Calls For Tougher Penalties for Unlawful Streaming of Content. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from RIAA News Room.
      Reed Elsevier
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Screen Actors Guild
      undersigned organizations (2011, May 17). AFTRA DGA IATSE and SAG Support S.978. Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Artists Under the Dome.
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Software & Information Industry Association
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Sony Pictures Entertainment
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.
      Time Warner
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      U.S. Chamber of Commerce
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      Ultimate Fighting Championship
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      Universal Music Group
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      Writers Guild of America, West
      Copyright Alliance (2011, May 12). STATEMENT FROM: Copyright Alliance Executive Director Sandra Aistars RE: Introduction of Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Streaming . Retrieved May 19, 2011, from Copyright Alliance.

      3 organizations opposed this bill

      Demand Progress
      Demand Progress (2011). URGENT: Congress Wants To Make Streaming A Felony. Retrieved June 17, 2011, from Demand Progress.
      Electronic Frontier Foundation
      Engleman, Eric (2011, June 16). Illegal Video Streaming Elevated to Felony Under Senate Bill. Bloomberg News. Retrieved June 24, 2011, from http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-06-16/illegal-video-streaming-elevated-to-felony-under-senate-measure.html.
      Hill, Brian D. (2011, June 6). Whitehouse to want Streaming Media of any copyrighted materials to be a felony. Retrieved June 17, 2011, from USWGO.

      Need proof?

      View citations of support and opposition

      Includes reported contributions to congressional campaigns of Senators in office during the 112th U.S. Congress, from interest groups invested in the vote according to MapLight, November 1, 2007 – December 31, 2007.
      Contributions data source: OpenSecrets.org

      Contributions by Legislator

      Namesort iconPartyState$ From Interest Groups
      That Supported
      $ From Interest Groups
      That Opposed
      Daniel K. AkakaDHI$0$0
      Andrew Lamar AlexanderRTN$43,900$0
      Kelly AyotteRNH$0$0
      John BarrassoRWY$4,500$0
      Max BaucusDMT$96,464$19,600
      Mark BegichDAK$0$0
      Michael BennetDCO$0$0
      Jesse "Jeff" BingamanDNM$7,500$0
      Richard BlumenthalDCT$0$0
      Roy BluntRMO$33,450$0
      John BoozmanRAR$4,000$0
      Barbara BoxerDCA$92,550$11,350
      Scott BrownRMA$0$0
      Sherrod BrownDOH$24,900$0
      Richard BurrRNC$5,000$0
      Maria CantwellDWA$6,300$3,750
      Ben CardinDMD$3,300$0
      Tom CarperDDE$494$0
      Bob CaseyDPA$15,925$0
      Clarence Saxby ChamblissRGA$17,350$0
      Daniel CoatsRIN$0$0
      Tom CoburnROK$0$0
      William Thad CochranRMS$2,000$0
      Susan CollinsRME$62,433$0
      Gaylord Kent ConradDND$2,000$0
      Chris CoonsDDE$0$0
      Bob CorkerRTN$5,220$0
      John CornynRTX$109,200$0
      Mike CrapoRID$0$0
      Jim DeMintRSC$18,250$0
      Dick DurbinDIL$91,411$8,900
      Mike EnziRWY$5,250$0
      Dianne FeinsteinDCA$0$0
      Alan FrankenDMN$129,935$42,400
      Kirsten GillibrandDNY$83,321$31,199
      Lindsey GrahamRSC$75,568$0
      Chuck GrassleyRIA$5,000$0
      Kay HaganDNC$35,050$63,400
      Tom HarkinDIA$50,861$4,250
      Orrin HatchRUT$3,000$0
      Dean HellerRNV$2,000$0
      John HoevenRND$0$0
      Kay Bailey HutchisonRTX$11,931$0
      Jim InhofeROK$7,000$0
      Dan InouyeDHI$1,000$0
      Johnny IsaksonRGA$15,114$0
      Mike JohannsRNE$57,800$0
      Ron JohnsonRWI$0$0
      Tim JohnsonDSD$44,402$41,050
      John KerryDMA$30,848$24,400
      Mark KirkRIL$24,500$0
      Amy KlobucharDMN$21,000$0
      Herb KohlDWI$0$0
      Jon KylRAZ$0$0
      Mary LandrieuDLA$84,800$20,200
      Frank LautenbergDNJ$153,325$20,800
      Patrick LeahyDVT$10,000$0
      Mike LeeRUT$0$0
      Carl LevinDMI$73,248$11,844
      Joe LiebermanICT$0$0
      Dick LugarRIN$1,500$0
      Joe ManchinDWV$0$0
      John McCainRAZ$0$0
      Claire McCaskillDMO$5,000$0
      Addison "Mitch" McConnellRKY$67,560$0
      Bob MenéndezDNJ$1,000$0
      Jeff MerkleyDOR$36,200$43,000
      Barbara MikulskiDMD$3,000$0
      Jerry MoranRKS$2,300$0
      Lisa MurkowskiRAK$1,500$0
      Patty MurrayDWA$17,050$0
      Earl "Ben" NelsonDNE$1,000$0
      Clarence "Bill" NelsonDFL$2,500$1,000
      Rand PaulRKY$0$0
      Rob PortmanROH$0$0
      Mark PryorDAR$41,734$2,700
      John "Jack" ReedDRI$58,810$1,250
      Harry ReidDNV$25,950$0
      Jim RischRID$4,550$0
      Charles "Pat" RobertsRKS$14,700$0
      John "Jay" RockefellerDWV$92,750$4,300
      Marco RubioRFL$0$0
      Bernie SandersIVT$0$0
      Chuck SchumerDNY$1,000$0
      Jeff SessionsRAL$27,750$0
      Jeanne ShaheenDNH$97,300$131,100
      Richard ShelbyRAL$15,000$0
      Olympia SnoweRME$0$0
      Debbie StabenowDMI$2,750$0
      Jon TesterDMT$0$-2,400
      John ThuneRSD$5,092$0
      Patrick ToomeyRPA$0$0
      Mark UdallDCO$93,099$37,150
      Tom UdallDNM$157,950$25,250
      David VitterRLA$13,500$0
      Mark WarnerDVA$389,850$149,750
      Jim WebbDVA$4,500$2,750
      Sheldon WhitehouseDRI$6,567$0
      Roger WickerRMS$1,000$0
      Ron WydenDOR$6,100$0

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      NamePartyState$ From Interest Groups
      That Supported
      $ From Interest Groups
      That Opposed
      Daniel K. AkakaDHI$0$0
      Andrew Lamar AlexanderRTN$43,900$0
      Kelly AyotteRNH$0$0
      John BarrassoRWY$4,500$0
      Max BaucusDMT$96,464$19,600
      Mark BegichDAK$0$0
      Michael BennetDCO$0$0
      Jesse "Jeff" BingamanDNM$7,500$0
      Richard BlumenthalDCT$0$0
      Roy BluntRMO$33,450$0
      John BoozmanRAR$4,000$0
      Barbara BoxerDCA$92,550$11,350
      Scott BrownRMA$0$0
      Sherrod BrownDOH$24,900$0
      Richard BurrRNC$5,000$0
      Maria CantwellDWA$6,300$3,750
      Ben CardinDMD$3,300$0
      Tom CarperDDE$494$0
      Bob CaseyDPA$15,925$0
      Clarence Saxby ChamblissRGA$17,350$0
      Daniel CoatsRIN$0$0
      Tom CoburnROK$0$0
      William Thad CochranRMS$2,000$0
      Susan CollinsRME$62,433$0
      Gaylord Kent ConradDND$2,000$0
      Chris CoonsDDE$0$0
      Bob CorkerRTN$5,220$0
      John CornynRTX$109,200$0
      Mike CrapoRID$0$0
      Jim DeMintRSC$18,250$0
      Dick DurbinDIL$91,411$8,900
      Mike EnziRWY$5,250$0
      Dianne FeinsteinDCA$0$0
      Alan FrankenDMN$129,935$42,400
      Kirsten GillibrandDNY$83,321$31,199
      Lindsey GrahamRSC$75,568$0
      Chuck GrassleyRIA$5,000$0
      Kay HaganDNC$35,050$63,400
      Tom HarkinDIA$50,861$4,250
      Orrin HatchRUT$3,000$0
      Dean HellerRNV$2,000$0
      John HoevenRND$0$0
      Kay Bailey HutchisonRTX$11,931$0
      Jim InhofeROK$7,000$0
      Dan InouyeDHI$1,000$0
      Johnny IsaksonRGA$15,114$0
      Mike JohannsRNE$57,800$0
      Ron JohnsonRWI$0$0
      Tim JohnsonDSD$44,402$41,050
      John KerryDMA$30,848$24,400
      Mark KirkRIL$24,500$0
      Amy KlobucharDMN$21,000$0
      Herb KohlDWI$0$0
      Jon KylRAZ$0$0
      Mary LandrieuDLA$84,800$20,200
      Frank LautenbergDNJ$153,325$20,800
      Patrick LeahyDVT$10,000$0
      Mike LeeRUT$0$0
      Carl LevinDMI$73,248$11,844
      Joe LiebermanICT$0$0
      Dick LugarRIN$1,500$0
      Joe ManchinDWV$0$0
      John McCainRAZ$0$0
      Claire McCaskillDMO$5,000$0
      Addison "Mitch" McConnellRKY$67,560$0
      Bob MenéndezDNJ$1,000$0
      Jeff MerkleyDOR$36,200$43,000
      Barbara MikulskiDMD$3,000$0
      Jerry MoranRKS$2,300$0
      Lisa MurkowskiRAK$1,500$0
      Patty MurrayDWA$17,050$0
      Earl "Ben" NelsonDNE$1,000$0
      Clarence "Bill" NelsonDFL$2,500$1,000
      Rand PaulRKY$0$0
      Rob PortmanROH$0$0
      Mark PryorDAR$41,734$2,700
      John "Jack" ReedDRI$58,810$1,250
      Harry ReidDNV$25,950$0
      Jim RischRID$4,550$0
      Charles "Pat" RobertsRKS$14,700$0
      John "Jay" RockefellerDWV$92,750$4,300
      Marco RubioRFL$0$0
      Bernie SandersIVT$0$0
      Chuck SchumerDNY$1,000$0
      Jeff SessionsRAL$27,750$0
      Jeanne ShaheenDNH$97,300$131,100
      Richard ShelbyRAL$15,000$0
      Olympia SnoweRME$0$0
      Debbie StabenowDMI$2,750$0
      Jon TesterDMT$0$-2,400
      John ThuneRSD$5,092$0
      Patrick ToomeyRPA$0$0
      Mark UdallDCO$93,099$37,150
      Tom UdallDNM$157,950$25,250
      David VitterRLA$13,500$0
      Mark WarnerDVA$389,850$149,750
      Jim WebbDVA$4,500$2,750
      Sheldon WhitehouseDRI$6,567$0
      Roger WickerRMS$1,000$0
      Ron WydenDOR$6,100$0

      Interest Groups that supported this bill

      $ Donated
      Attorneys & law firms$2,066,495
      Book, newspaper & periodical publishing$174,850
      Computer software$138,610
      Motion Picture production & distribution$82,887
      Recorded Music & music production$61,120
      Commercial TV & radio stations$56,050
      Professional sports, arenas & related equip & svcs$42,500
      TV production & distribution$41,850
      Entertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion Pictures$40,250
      General business associations$9,250
      Chambers of commerce$8,550
      Printing and publishing (printed & online)$7,900
      Teamsters union$5,000
      Movie Theaters$3,750
      Entertainment unions$3,300

      Interest Groups that opposed this bill

      $ Donated
      Consumer groups$0
      Militias & Anti-Government Groups$0
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