S. 42 - Criminal Antitrust Anti-Retaliation Act of 2013

Commerce. 113th Congress (2013-2014) View bill details
A bill to provide anti-retaliation protections for antitrust whistleblowers. (by CRS) 
The bill was voted on in the Senate on November 3, 2013 
Senate Vote: On Passage

PASSED by voice vote on November 4, 2013.

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Criminal Antitrust Anti-Retaliation Act of 2013

S. 42 — 113th Congress (2013–2014)

A bill to provide anti-retaliation protections for antitrust whistleblowers. (by CRS)
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A bill to provide anti-retaliation protections for antitrust whistleblowers.
Other Titles
  • Criminal Antitrust Anti-Retaliation Act of 2013
  • Criminal Antitrust Anti-Retaliation Act of 2013
  • Criminal Antitrust Anti-Retaliation Act of 2013
Patrick Leahy
  • Commerce
  • Administrative remedies
  • Civil actions and liability
  • Competition and antitrust
  • Criminal investigation, prosecution, interrogation
  • Employment discrimination and employee rights
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    Major Actions
    Referred to Committee
    Passed Senate11/04/2013
    Bill History
    currently selectedSenatePassed Senate with an amendment by Unanimous Consent.11/04/2013PASSED by voice vote
    1/22/2013Sponsor introductory remarks on measure.
    1/22/2013Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
    Put on a legislative calendar10/31/2013Committee on the Judiciary. Ordered to be reported with an amendment in the nature of a substitute favorably.
    10/31/2013Committee on the Judiciary. Reported by Senator Leahy with an amendment in the nature of a substitute. Without written report.
    Put on a legislative calendar10/31/2013Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 233.
    currently selectedSenate Vote on Passage11/04/2013Passed Senate with an amendment by Unanimous Consent.
    11/05/2013Message on Senate action sent to the House.
    11/12/2013Received in the House.
    11/12/2013Held at the desk.
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    Criminal Antitrust Anti-Retaliation Act of 2013: Passed Senate with an amendment by Unanimous Consent.

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    Ted CruzRTX$0$0Yes
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    Jeff FlakeRAZ$0$0Yes
    Alan FrankenDMN$0$0Yes
    Kirsten GillibrandDNY$0$0Yes
    Lindsey GrahamRSC$0$0Yes
    Chuck GrassleyRIA$0$0Yes
    Kay HaganDNC$0$0Yes
    Tom HarkinDIA$0$0Yes
    Orrin HatchRUT$0$0Yes
    Martin HeinrichDNM$0$0Yes
    Heidi HeitkampDND$0$0Yes
    Dean HellerRNV$0$0Yes
    Mazie HironoDHI$0$0Yes
    John HoevenRND$0$0Yes
    Jim InhofeROK$0$0Yes
    Johnny IsaksonRGA$0$0Yes
    Mike JohannsRNE$0$0Yes
    Ron JohnsonRWI$0$0Yes
    Tim JohnsonDSD$0$0Yes
    Timothy KaineDVA$0$0Yes
    Angus KingIME$0$0Yes
    Mark KirkRIL$0$0Yes
    Amy KlobucharDMN$0$0Yes
    Mary LandrieuDLA$0$0Yes
    Patrick LeahyDVT$0$0Yes
    Mike LeeRUT$0$0Yes
    Carl LevinDMI$0$0Yes
    Joe ManchinDWV$0$0Yes
    Ed MarkeyDMA$0$0Yes
    John McCainRAZ$0$0Yes
    Claire McCaskillDMO$0$0Yes
    Addison "Mitch" McConnellRKY$0$0Yes
    Bob MenéndezDNJ$0$0Yes
    Jeff MerkleyDOR$0$0Yes
    Barbara MikulskiDMD$0$0Yes
    Jerry MoranRKS$0$0Yes
    Lisa MurkowskiRAK$0$0Yes
    Chris MurphyDCT$0$0Yes
    Patty MurrayDWA$0$0Yes
    Clarence "Bill" NelsonDFL$0$0Yes
    Rand PaulRKY$0$0Yes
    Rob PortmanROH$0$0Yes
    Mark PryorDAR$0$0Yes
    John "Jack" ReedDRI$0$0Yes
    Harry ReidDNV$0$0Yes
    Jim RischRID$0$0Yes
    Charles "Pat" RobertsRKS$0$0Yes
    John "Jay" RockefellerDWV$0$0Yes
    Marco RubioRFL$0$0Yes
    Bernie SandersIVT$0$0Yes
    Brian SchatzDHI$0$0Yes
    Chuck SchumerDNY$0$0Yes
    Tim ScottRSC$0$0Yes
    Jeff SessionsRAL$0$0Yes
    Jeanne ShaheenDNH$0$0Yes
    Richard ShelbyRAL$0$0Yes
    Debbie StabenowDMI$0$0Yes
    Jon TesterDMT$0$0Yes
    John ThuneRSD$0$0Yes
    Patrick ToomeyRPA$0$0Yes
    Mark UdallDCO$0$0Yes
    Tom UdallDNM$0$0Yes
    David VitterRLA$0$0Yes
    Mark WarnerDVA$0$0Yes
    Elizabeth WarrenDMA$0$0Yes
    Sheldon WhitehouseDRI$0$0Yes
    Roger WickerRMS$0$0Yes
    Ron WydenDOR$0$0Yes

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