Data Filters

Use data filters to change what data you are viewing. You can use data filters on any of these pages: Total Contributions, Contributions by Vote, or Timeline.

You can select one or more legislators, select which interest groups' contributions are included, select the date range of contributions included, and select the types of contributions included. Any filters you apply change the calculations on the entire page you are viewing. If you click on a different tab of the same bill, the same filters remain applied.

Add data filters

  • Click Add Data Filters or click on the name of one of the filters: Legislators, Interest Groups, Date Range, or Types of Contributions.

Legislator filters

The Legislators data filter:

  1. Select by political party (Democrat, Republican, and/or Independent).
  2. Select by how a legislator voted.
  3. Select by whether a legislator voted in accordance with the interest groups that gave him or her the most money. For this filter, a Yes vote is assumed to be favored by interest groups in support of the bill, and a No vote is assumed to be favored by interest groups in opposition to the bill.
  4. Select legislators from a particular state.
  5. Select members of one or more Congressional committees. (Click Show All to see the list of committees.)
  6. Use the checkboxes to include any arbitrary set of legislators.
  7. Search for one legislator to quickly narrow in on just that person.
  8. Click Apply Filters to update the whole web page with your selections, including the charts and totals above the filters.
  9. Click Restore Default Filters to remove all filters that you have applied and return to the default settings.

Interest group filters

The Interest Groups data filter: 

  1. Select which supporting interest groups to include by using the checkboxes.
  2. Select which opposing interest groups to include by using the checkboxes.
  3. To add an interest group to support or opposition, start typing the name of the interest group you want, then select from the list of matches that appears (not shown here).

Date filters

The Date Range data filter: 

  1. Click the start date and end date for contributions to include.
  2. Or, type the start and end dates.

Contribution type filters

The Types of Contributions filter:

  1. Select contributions from PACs (political action committees), from non-PACs (individuals and other contributors, such as Indian tribes and direct contributions from companies), or both.
  2. Select contributions to members' Congressional campaigns or Presidential campaigns. By default, we show only contributions to congressional campaigns, because the very large contributions to the presidential campaigns of, for example, Senators John Kerry and John McCain distort the averages and totals. (In the future we plan to add an option to show both congressional and presidential contributions combined.)