Money Near Votes: Bill

See all contributions given within days, weeks, or months of a vote.

Money Near Votes

  1. Date of this vote.
  2. Table shows all contributions within 30 days of this vote. Each row in the table shows details for one contribution: contributor (who gave), interest group (of the contributor), amount of contribution, date, Senate or House member (recipient), their party and state, and how they voted. Interest groups opposed to the bill are shown in red. Interest groups in support are shown in green.
  3. To change the date range shown, type the number of days and click Apply Changes. '30 days' shows a 60-day window, from 30 days before to 30 days after the vote. '0 days' shows only contributions received on the same day as the vote.

Contributions by Legislator

  1. Table of Contributions By Legislator shows contributions to each legislator by support and opposition interests, and the legislator’s vote. This table shows only contributions made during the date range selected above.
  2. Add Data Filters to see results for only certain legislators, to modify the date range of contributions, or to choose different interest groups. Any data filters applied also affect the table of contributions on the top half of the page.

Note: This tool shows all contributions made to all legislators within days of one vote. The Money Near Votes: Legislator tool shows all contributions made near all votes by interest groups taking a stance on those bills, for one legislator. For example, this tool—Money Near Votes: Bill—shows money from banks given to any legislator within 30 days of a vote on this credit card bill. In contrast, Money Near Votes: Legislator shows all contributions where Nancy Pelosi received a contribution from any interest group within 30 days of her vote on a bill relevant to that interest group.