Money Near Votes: Legislator

This tool is currently disabled for maintenance.

See all of a legislator's votes cast within days of receiving a campaign contribution from an interest group with a position on that bill. This tool is intended as a starting point to look for possible examples of money/influence conections.

 Legislator table

  1. The Money Near Votes table shows all contributions within 30 days of a vote. Each row in the table shows details for one contribution: contributor (who gave), interest group of contributor, position of organizations in that interest group (support or opposition to bill), amount of contribution, bill, vote (how this legislator voted), vote date, and the number of days between the contribution and the vote.

    For example, the table above shows contributions and votes for Robert Berry (D-AR). The third row of the table shows that the American Forest and Paper Association give $1,500 to Rep. Berry on May 3, 2006, the same day that Rep. Berry voted Yes on bill H.R. 6124. At least one forestry company supported this bill, so Postion of orgs in interest group is listed as Support for this bill. The contributor itself, the American Forest and Paper Association, might or might not have taken a position on this bill, but at least one organization in the same industry did take a position.

  2. To change the date range shown, type the number of days and click Apply Changes. '30 days' shows a 60-day window, from 30 days before to 30 days after the vote. '0 days' shows only contributions received on the same day as the vote.

Note: This tool shows all contributions to one legislator within days of any vote by that legislator from interest groups taking a stance on those bills. The Money Near Votes: Bill tool, in contrast, shows all contributions made to all legislators within days of one vote by interest groups taking a stance on that bill. For example, this tool, Money Near Votes: Legislator, shows all contributions where Nancy Pelosi received a contribution from any interest group within 30 days of her vote on a bill relevant to that interest group. Money Near Votes: Bill shows money from banks, credit unions, and consumer groups given to any legislator within 30 days of a vote on H.R. 627, the Credit Card Accountabilty Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009