Al Franken Democrat (Elected 2009), MN Senate district

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In the 113th Congress, Al Franken was a member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, and the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.In the 112th Congress, Al Franken was a member of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, and the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.In the 111th Congress, Al Franken was a member of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, the Senate Special Committee on Aging, and the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

Al Franken can be contacted at 202-224-5641.

Date Range of Contributions
Within days of their votes

Interest groups supporting or opposing a bill gave these contributions to Al Franken within 30 days of vote on that bill:

Table lists the last vote on each bill in this legislator’s chamber, excluding motions to reconsider. Contributions shown through Sep 30, 2014.

ContributorInterest Group of contributorPosition of orgs in interest groupAmountDateBillVoteVote dateDays apartsort icon
Jackson, BrianOnline computer servicesSupport$5004/9/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/140
Novo NordiskMedical supplies manufacturing & salesSupport$1,00012/5/12 H.R. 6156 (112th) Yes12/6/120
Frank, RichardComputer softwareSupport$1,0006/26/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/130
Microsoft CorpComputer softwareSupport$2,5009/18/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/130
Rigopulos, AlexComputer softwareSupport$2,6009/25/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/130
Rigopulos, AlexComputer softwareSupport$2,6009/25/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/130
Berzins, UldisPhysiciansOppose$5003/30/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/140
Wallace, RichardCable & satellite TV production & distributionSupport$2508/4/10 S. 3304 (111th) Yes8/4/100
Tellett, Carol RPsychiatrists & psychologistsOppose$5003/30/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/140
Beckerman, StephenPsychiatrists & psychologistsOppose$2503/30/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/140
Poet LlcAlternate energy production & servicesSupport$2,5002/3/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/140
Dangremond, RogerBusiness servicesOppose$5001/29/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/140
Burns & McdonnellEngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsSupport$3,0007/28/14 H.R. 5021 (113th) Yes7/29/140
Arkin, ScottHospitalsSupport$25011/11/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/130
Nissen, Steven E MdHospitalsSupport$50011/11/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/130
American Hospital AssnHospitalsSupport$2,00011/13/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/130
Appleford, Alan MSchools & collegesSupport$2507/23/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/130
Durand, LoyalSchools & collegesSupport$2509/25/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/130
Malcomson, KentSchools & collegesSupport$2507/16/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/140
Fruin, ScottSchools & collegesSupport$5007/16/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/140
Thrivent Financial For LutheransInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2,6005/21/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/140
Howard, CherylBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$1,5005/5/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/130
Weinstock, Elizabeth BBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2005/5/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/130
Roberts, John CComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2009/25/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/130
King, DavidDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2503/10/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/140
Rochlin, ArnoldDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2063/10/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/140
Laudner, RonaldDemocratic/LiberalOppose$5009/26/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/130
Forster, Barbara LDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,0009/26/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/130
Mahle, KatherineDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/26/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/130
Hogan, DianeDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2505/5/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/130
Hallowell, ElinorDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2505/5/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/130
Waggoner, DonDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,00010/15/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/130
Williams, Elizabeth SDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2501/23/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/130
Newburg-rinn, SharonCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2005/21/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/140
Human Rights CampaignGay & lesbian rights & issuesSupport$1,00011/6/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/130
Meehl, BrianEnvironmental policyOppose$2501/29/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/140
Rising, Sharon LReal estate agentsSupport$2,6005/5/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/130
Rising, Sharon LReal estate agentsSupport$2,4005/5/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/130
Pohlad, JamesPrivate Equity & Investment FirmsSupport$2,6006/25/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/131
Intl Brotherhood Of Electrical WorkersIBEW (Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers)Support$-5,00011/16/14 S. 2280 (113th) No11/18/141
Kay, Fredie DAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,00011/3/09 H.R. 2847 (111th) Yes11/5/091
Gardiner, NatAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0009/8/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/111
Gustafson, DanielAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0009/6/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/111
Goldman, MitchellAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5009/8/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/111
Harland, JohnComputers, components & accessoriesSupport$25011/5/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/131
Schraeder, NeilAccountantsSupport$25012/6/12 H.R. 6156 (112th) Yes12/6/121
ComptelTelecommunicationsSupport$1,00012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) Yes12/16/111
Level 3 CommunicationsTelecommunicationsSupport$2,0009/16/14 S. 2583 (113th) Yes9/17/141
Usem, Ruth BNon-ProfitsSupport$-1,0001/26/14 S. 1302 (113th) Yes1/27/141
Life Technologies CorpBiotech products & researchSupport$2,50011/18/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/131
Barnicle, BrendanSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$25010/12/11 H.R. 3078 (112th) No10/12/111
Barnicle, BrendanSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$25010/12/11 H.R. 3079 (112th) No10/12/111
Bergstedt, VivianEngineers - type unknownSupport$2505/22/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/141
Schriock, Stephanie AWomen's issuesSupport$2502/10/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/131
Slottje, DanielBusiness servicesSupport$1,0006/25/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/141
Frampton, CharlotteBusiness servicesOppose$2501/28/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/141
Lystad, Lisa DHospitalsSupport$1,50011/10/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/131
Soper, RobertHospitalsSupport$2503/22/10 H.R. 1586 (111th) Yes3/22/101
Morton, Marilyn JHospitalsSupport$2501/16/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/141
Beynon, EstherOil & GasSupport$50012/13/11 H.R. 2845 (112th) Yes12/12/111
Eftekhari, NazieHealth, Education & Human ResourcesSupport$-5501/16/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/141
Monyak, DavidHealth, Education & Human ResourcesOppose$3009/27/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/131
Employee-owned S Corporations Of AmericaGeneral business associationsSupport$2,00012/16/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes12/18/131
Connett, John ESchools & collegesOppose$50010/29/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/131
Fruin, ScottSchools & collegesOppose$25010/29/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/131
Waldfogel, JoelSchools & collegesOppose$25010/31/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/131
Caple, RonaldSchools & collegesSupport$2004/8/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/141
Coudert, AllisonSchools & collegesSupport$2507/22/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/131
Tribe, LaurenceSchools & collegesSupport$3009/26/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/131
Greenstein, LarrySchools & collegesSupport$2506/25/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/141
Pattison, Anna MSchools & collegesSupport$2506/23/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/141
Anshaw, CarolSchools & collegesSupport$5007/17/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/141
Snyder, NancySchools & collegesSupport$2506/27/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/131
Davis, Matthew DSchools & collegesSupport$2506/27/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/131
Dayton, EricRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$2,6006/27/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/131
Dika, EmilElectronics manufacturing & servicesSupport$3004/7/11 H.R. 658 (112th) Yes4/6/111
Thomases, MarthaBook, newspaper & periodical publishingOppose$50012/26/12 S. 3454 (112th) Yes12/27/121
Thomases, MarthaBook, newspaper & periodical publishingOppose$50012/26/12 H.R. 5949 (112th) No12/28/121
Pease, Roland FBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2502/12/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/131
Braun, Alan GDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,0003/9/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/141
Taylor, PaulaDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2503/9/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/141
Bell, JudithDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2009/27/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/131
Lutz, ChristopherDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2,0009/25/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/131
Rodgers, CharlesDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,0009/25/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/131
Murray, GeorgiaDemocratic/LiberalOppose$5009/25/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/131
Robbins, BonnieDemocratic/LiberalOppose$50010/16/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/131
Ross, JoanDemocratic/LiberalOppose$20010/16/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/131
Wachter, MadeleineDemocratic/LiberalOppose$5001/24/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/131
Rodgers, Allan GDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2502/12/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/131
Daley, Ronald EDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2502/12/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/131
Skeist, LorenDemocratic/LiberalSupport$1,0002/10/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/131
Freeman, John PDemocratic/LiberalSupport$1,00011/5/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/131
Daley, Ronald EDemocratic/LiberalSupport$50011/7/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/131
Kahn, PhyllisCivil servant/public employeeSupport$25011/18/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/131
Grimm, Richard JrCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2503/11/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/141
Hill, MarkCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2003/11/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/141
Hamilton, Nancy MEnvironmental policyOppose$2005/20/14 S. 2198 (113th) Yes5/21/141
Hamilton, Nancy MEnvironmental policyOppose$8005/20/14 S. 2198 (113th) Yes5/21/141
Reisner, RebeccaEnvironmental policyOppose$2001/28/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/141
Hamilton, Nancy MEnvironmental policySupport$2005/20/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/141
Hamilton, Nancy MEnvironmental policySupport$8005/20/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/141
Cbeyond IncTelephone utilitiesSupport$1,00012/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) Yes12/16/112
Moore, Nicholas JConstruction, unclassifiedSupport$1,6006/28/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Moore, Nicholas JConstruction, unclassifiedSupport$4006/28/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Pohlad, DonnaPrivate Equity & Investment FirmsSupport$2,6006/28/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Pohlad, JamesPrivate Equity & Investment FirmsSupport$2,6006/28/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Pohlad, DonnaPrivate Equity & Investment FirmsSupport$2,6006/28/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Burns, M SusanAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2509/5/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/112
Kelly, BrianAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2003/5/11 S. 23 (112th) Yes3/8/112
Rich, CharlesOther physician specialistsSupport$50011/12/12 S. 1440 (112th) Yes11/14/122
Ovadia, DanielOther physician specialistsSupport$3009/23/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/132
Steris CorpMedical supplies manufacturing & salesSupport$2,60011/4/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/132
Barer, AltaSea freight & passenger servicesSupport$2,50010/28/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/132
Barer, Stanley HSea freight & passenger servicesSupport$60010/28/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/132
Ketroser, David B Md JdPhysiciansSupport$25011/11/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/132
Littman, Andrew CBusiness servicesSupport$2006/26/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/142
Lindley, ClarksonBusiness servicesSupport$5007/14/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/142
American Hospital AssnHospitalsSupport$2,00011/13/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/132
Arkin, ScottHospitalsSupport$25011/11/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/132
Nissen, Steven E MdHospitalsSupport$50011/11/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/132
Lennon, Vanda AHospitalsSupport$5006/27/12 S. 3187 (112th) Yes6/26/122
Ponsky, JackieHospitalsSupport$50011/19/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/132
Monyak, DavidHealth, Education & Human ResourcesSupport$3009/27/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/132
Sorrentino, Michelle AEmployment agenciesSupport$2006/24/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Bollhoefer, CarolynConstruction equipmentSupport$8006/28/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Bollhoefer, CarolynConstruction equipmentSupport$2006/28/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Riggs, SheilaSchools & collegesOppose$50010/28/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/132
Robinson, JeffreySchools & collegesOppose$25010/28/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/132
Wasser, SamSchools & collegesOppose$50010/28/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/132
Norgren, PatriciaSchools & collegesSupport$2507/21/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/132
Mahoney, ChristineSchools & collegesSupport$2507/14/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/142
Tambyraja, Rabindra RSchools & collegesSupport$2506/28/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Roosevelt, F D D IiiSchools & collegesSupport$2506/24/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Lewis, WilliamRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$5009/24/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/132
Harrington, TimothyComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2009/27/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/132
Erickson, James CChambers of commerceSupport$9006/24/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Clapp, Sharon RDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2503/12/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/142
Lees, JohnDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/24/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/132
Solomon, ArleneDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/24/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/132
Kelley, ChristinaDemocratic/LiberalOppose$-5009/24/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/132
Dadolf, Stuart VDemocratic/LiberalOppose$5009/24/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/132
Daley, Ronald EDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/24/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/132
Braun, Alan GDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,0009/28/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/132
Appeldorn, RogerDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2505/7/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/132
Sternal, KarenDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,00010/17/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/132
Demarest, MerryDemocratic/LiberalOppose$25010/17/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/132
Sternal, KarenDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,60010/17/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/132
Galbraith, VincentDemocratic/LiberalOppose$5011/21/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/132
Sivage, BonnieDemocratic/LiberalOppose$3001/21/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/132
American Federation Of TeachersTeachers unionsOppose$5,0003/17/13 H.R. 933 (113th) Yes3/20/132
American Federation Of TeachersTeachers unionsSupport$5,0006/26/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/142
Fish, NicholasCivil servant/public employeeSupport$50010/28/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/132
Frockt, DavidCivil servant/public employeeSupport$50010/28/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/132
Bonamici, SuzanneCivil servant/public employeeSupport$1,00010/28/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/132
Peterssen, LarsGay & lesbian rights & issuesSupport$1,0006/28/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Morrow, Grant IiiEnvironmental policyOppose$2005/19/14 S. 2198 (113th) Yes5/21/142
Balint, JohnEnvironmental policyOppose$2505/19/14 S. 2198 (113th) Yes5/21/142
Newsom, WilliamEnvironmental policy$2502/1/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/142
Goldman, PeterEnvironmental policySupport$60010/28/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/132
Goldman, PeterEnvironmental policySupport$1,90010/28/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/132
Morrow, Grant IiiEnvironmental policySupport$2005/19/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/142
Balint, JohnEnvironmental policySupport$2505/19/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/142
Kratsch, DonEnvironmental policyOppose$2501/25/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/132
Parker, DianeAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceSupport$1,0002/13/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/132
Reames, SherryDefense policy, dovesOppose$2505/19/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/132
Featherman, BarryData processing & computer servicesSupport$5006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Kanin, DennisConstruction, unclassifiedSupport$1,0009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Shabsin, ChrisOnline computer servicesSupport$3006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Shabsin, ChrisOnline computer servicesSupport$1,13511/3/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/133
Knabel, ThomasHMOsSupport$1,4006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Elferri, EfdalMedical supplies manufacturing & salesSupport$20011/14/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/133
Vernier, DaveComputer softwareSupport$1,00010/8/11 H.R. 3078 (112th) No10/12/113
Vernier, DaveComputer softwareSupport$1,00010/8/11 H.R. 3079 (112th) No10/12/113
Vernier, DaveComputer softwareSupport$1,00010/8/11 H.R. 3080 (112th) Yes10/12/113
Mahon, Hugh FComputer softwareSupport$2006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Dotson, DanComputer softwareSupport$2506/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Small, MartinComputers, components & accessoriesSupport$1,0006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Smith, DjFinancial services & consultingSupport$5006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Ludwig, EugeneFinancial services & consultingSupport$2009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Ludwig, EugeneFinancial services & consultingSupport$2,6009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Dekofsky, MicahAccountantsSupport$5006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Hurford, WilliamPhysiciansSupport$25011/10/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/133
Newhall, AnnCellular systems and equipmentSupport$1,0506/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Ruttenberg, JohnManagement consultants & servicesSupport$1,0009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Smith, SheilaManagement consultants & servicesSupport$2504/12/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/143
Beckerman, StephenPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$25011/3/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/133
Willenzik, BruceGeneral commerceSupport$2507/13/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/143
Heifetz, MelReal estateSupport$1,0007/13/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/143
Schell, J MichaelSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$2509/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Belluck, DavidSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$1,3509/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Mugford, Kristin WSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$2,6009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Temple, RonaldSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$2,6009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Ansbacher, MaxSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$1,0009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Ryan, Vincent JSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$1,0009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Temple, RonaldSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$2,6009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Kavana, JoranSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$2506/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Mugford, Kristin WSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$2,6009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Mcgahren, JenniferEngineers - type unknownSupport$2505/18/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/143
Renewable Energy Systems AmericasAlternate energy production & servicesSupport$1,00012/13/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) Yes12/16/113
American Wind Energy AssnAlternate energy production & servicesSupport$5,00012/13/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) Yes12/16/113
Severn, AaronAlternate energy production & servicesSupport$25012/19/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) Yes12/16/113
Collie, JimChurches, clergy & religious organizationsSupport$1,0007/19/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/143
Dodge, Ellen EChurches, clergy & religious organizationsSupport$3006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Korzenik, Emily FaustChurches, clergy & religious organizationsSupport$2006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Barry, HathawayBusiness servicesSupport$5006/23/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Mcgreevy, James ABeverages (non-alcoholic)Support$5009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Lystad, Lisa DHospitalsSupport$1,50011/10/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/133
Beynon, EstherOil & GasSupport$50012/13/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) Yes12/16/113
Quick, JonathanHealth, Education & Human ResourcesSupport$1,0009/22/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/133
Morrison, EricEmployment agenciesSupport$2006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Honeywell InternationalIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$2,5007/31/14 H.R. 5021 (113th) Yes7/29/143
Barker, JoelTruck/Automotive parts & accessoriesSupport$1,0009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Appleford, Alan MSchools & collegesOppose$25010/27/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/133
Steuer, LoreliSchools & collegesSupport$1,0004/6/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/143
Hintzman, WilliamSchools & collegesSupport$2009/22/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/133
Swanson, Roy ArthurSchools & collegesSupport$5006/23/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Lankenau, AlisonSchools & collegesSupport$2506/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Evans, Joyce MSchools & collegesSupport$2506/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Grabow, Karen MMilk & dairy producersSupport$5009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Smith, SusanDepartment, variety & convenience storesSupport$2506/23/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Steele, ElizabethResidential constructionSupport$1,0009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Thrivent Financial For LutheransInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2,00012/2/12 H.R. 6156 (112th) Yes12/6/123
Pellegrino, LeninRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$5009/23/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Kaplan, SylviaRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$2,6009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Kaplan, SylviaRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$1,1009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Pellegrino, LeninRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$5006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Vradenburg, PatriciaBook, newspaper & periodical publishingOppose$50012/30/12 S. 3454 (112th) Yes12/27/123
Vradenburg, PatriciaBook, newspaper & periodical publishingOppose$50012/30/12 H.R. 5949 (112th) No12/28/123
Mueller, Robert WDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
La Plant, OliverDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Sheehan, Stefanie WDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Kapaloski, EugeneDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,0009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Flynn, RoseanneDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Forster, Barbara LDemocratic/LiberalOppose$-1,0009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Warner, RichardDemocratic/LiberalOppose$-1,8009/23/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Hale, Roger LDemocratic/LiberalOppose$5009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Bradley, ValerieDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2,0009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Herst, JerryDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/23/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Blyler, James ADemocratic/LiberalSupport$5005/8/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/133
Skeist, LorenDemocratic/LiberalSupport$5005/8/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/133
Merideth, ReubenDemocratic/LiberalOppose$5001/26/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/133
Tenuta, MariaDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2,6002/14/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/133
Willis, Jeremy HansonCivil servant/public employeeOppose$3008/1/10 S. 3307 (111th) Yes8/4/103
Booth, Carol ACivil servant/public employeeSupport$25010/27/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/133
Abernathy, Rosalind SGay & lesbian rights & issuesSupport$2506/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Sensibar, DavidEnvironmental policySupport$2146/6/13 S. 954 (113th) Yes6/10/133
Newsom, WilliamEnvironmental policyOppose$2502/1/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/143
Kuehlthau, RobertEnvironmental policy$5002/6/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/143
Black, MargaretEducationSupport$2506/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Tokugawa, Diane AAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceSupport$20011/3/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/133
Warner, RichardData processing & computer servicesSupport$4009/17/11 H.R. 2883 (112th) Yes9/21/114
Short, MarianneHMOsSupport$2,60011/10/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/134
Short, MarianneHMOsSupport$20011/10/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/134
Mulvahill, Amy SOther physician specialistsSupport$2,6009/29/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/134
Goodwin, Richard HOther physician specialistsSupport$1,0001/19/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/144
Asp, JonathanOther physician specialists$1,0003/26/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/144
Letterman, DavidEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion PicturesSupport$5,1007/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Jew, H APhysiciansOppose$2503/26/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/144
Thomley, Rebecca SManagement consultants & servicesSupport$1,60011/10/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/134
Usem, Ruth BNon-ProfitsSupport$1,0001/23/14 S. 1302 (113th) Yes1/27/144
Pozen, RobertTechnical, business and vocational schools & svcsSupport$9007/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Hyde, KellyPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2003/16/14 S. 1086 (113th) Yes3/13/144
Petering, DavidGeneral commerceSupport$2007/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Celeste, Christopher AGeneral commerceSupport$2,2667/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Connors, TerrenceGeneral commerceSupport$2507/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Callahan, Richard JGeneral commerceSupport$5007/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Sapkin, Richard MReal estateSupport$1,0007/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Gildea, Sean PReal estateSupport$1,0007/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Feiner, Michael AReal estateSupport$1,0007/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Schultz, KathrynDrug storesSupport$5007/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Falk, John PSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$1,5007/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Rust ConsultingBusiness servicesSupport$1,00012/20/10 H.R. 5116 (111th) Yes12/16/104
Sandberg, LeslieBusiness servicesSupport$1,0007/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Mayer, JamesBusiness servicesSupport$1,50011/10/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/134
Broughton, Catherine SFood and kindred products manufacturingSupport$2507/31/10 S. 3307 (111th) Yes8/4/104
American Hospital AssnHospitalsSupport$2,00011/13/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/134
American Trucking AssnsTrucking companies & servicesSupport$1,0006/30/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/134
Quick, JonathanHealth, Education & Human ResourcesSupport$1,0009/22/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/134
Oconnor, MargaretHealth, Education & Human ResourcesOppose$2504/3/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/144
Quick, JonathanHealth, Education & Human ResourcesOppose$1,0009/22/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/134
Barker, JoelTruck/Automotive parts & accessoriesSupport$1,0009/29/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/134
Franco, RobertSchools & collegesSupport$2004/13/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/144
Schwarzenberg, Sarah JaneSchools & collegesSupport$5004/13/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/144
Hintzman, WilliamSchools & collegesSupport$2009/22/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/134
Schadewald, LoisSchools & collegesSupport$2509/29/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/134
Gund, GeoffreySchools & collegesSupport$5009/29/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/134
Sassenvanelsloo, SaskiaSchools & collegesSupport$5006/28/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/144
Farber, DanielSchools & collegesSupport$2,6006/28/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/144
Thompson, Jill LongSchools & collegesSupport$2507/12/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Munger, Philip RSchools & collegesSupport$2,6007/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Associated Milk ProducersMilk & dairy producersSupport$1,50012/9/12 H.R. 6156 (112th) Yes12/6/124
Bykerk, CecilInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$25012/24/12 H.R. 1845 (112th) Yes12/20/124
Bye, JulianneAmusement/recreation centersSupport$50011/10/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/134
Andersen, KurtBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2505/9/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/134
Andersen, Julian LBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2502/7/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/134
Hess, Lawrence EDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,0003/6/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/144
Hess, SuzanneDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,0003/6/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/144
Lawrence, RobertDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2503/6/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/144
Silk, LeonardDemocratic/LiberalOppose$5009/22/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/134
Johnson, ArthurDemocratic/LiberalOppose$5009/22/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/134
Roberts, JoanneDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,0009/22/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/134
Gupta, AmitavaDemocratic/LiberalOppose$5009/30/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/134
Lappas, Theodore JrDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2505/9/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/134
Shaw, Henry DDemocratic/LiberalSupport$4002/7/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/134
Davies, JackDemocratic/LiberalSupport$25011/10/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/134
Conine, DaveCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2003/16/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/144
Love, BrianCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2503/8/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/144
Human Rights CampaignGay & lesbian rights & issuesSupport$1,0006/12/13 S. 330 (113th) Yes6/16/134
National Air Traffic Controllers AssnAir transport unionsSupport$1,0009/18/11 H.R. 2887 (112th) Yes9/15/114
Compton, MarshalArchitectural servicesSupport$25011/11/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/135
Steinberg, JudithPro-IsraelSupport$2507/21/14 S.Res. 498 (113th) Yes7/16/145
Ferraro, James LAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5003/21/10 S. 1789 (111th) Yes3/16/105
Sonnett, NealAttorneys & law firmsSupport$5003/2/11 S. 23 (112th) Yes3/8/115
Ovadia, DanielOther physician specialistsSupport$3009/23/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/135
Mckiveen, RobertOther physician specialistsSupport$2001/20/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/145
Novo NordiskMedical supplies manufacturing & salesSupport$1,00012/10/12 H.R. 6156 (112th) Yes12/6/125
Ubell, MichaelComputer softwareSupport$25010/6/11 H.R. 3078 (112th) No10/12/115
Ubell, MichaelComputer softwareSupport$25010/6/11 H.R. 3079 (112th) No10/12/115
Ubell, MichaelComputer softwareSupport$25010/6/11 H.R. 3080 (112th) Yes10/12/115
Pandian, PaulComputer softwareSupport$2,6004/14/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/145
Letterman, DavidEntertainment Industry/Broadcast & Motion PicturesSupport$-2,5007/21/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/145
American Physical Therapy AssnOther non-physician health practitionersSupport$2,5009/22/14 H.R. 4994 (113th) Yes9/17/145
Minnesota Corn Growers AssnWheat, corn, soybeans and cash grainSupport$1,0001/20/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/145
Paris, DeborahPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$1,50011/11/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/135
Snyder, JeffreyReal estateSupport$1,0007/21/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/145
Sweeney, JoeSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$50010/6/11 H.R. 3078 (112th) No10/12/115
Sweeney, JoeSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$50010/6/11 H.R. 3079 (112th) No10/12/115
Huttner, JackAlternate energy production & servicesSupport$25012/11/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) Yes12/16/115
Fink, JesseAlternate energy production & servicesSupport$5007/26/13 H.R. 678 (113th) Yes7/31/135
Aamot, BruceChurches, clergy & religious organizationsSupport$2502/6/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/135
Rust ConsultingBusiness servicesSupport$1,0004/14/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/145
Compton, Mary IdaBusiness servicesSupport$25011/11/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/135
Compton, Mary IdaBusiness servicesSupport$25011/11/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/135
American Health Care AssnNursing homesSupport$2,5009/22/14 H.R. 4994 (113th) Yes9/17/145
Goldbloom, AlanHospitals$25012/11/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) Yes12/16/115
Christu, MariaHospitals$25012/11/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) Yes12/16/115
Spellmire, S MHealth, Education & Human ResourcesOppose$2503/25/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/145
Dezurik, RitaIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$25011/11/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/135
Sieroty, AlanBuilding operators and managersSupport$2504/30/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/135
Kendzior, JohnSchools & collegesSupport$2504/4/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/145
Parks, BillSchools & collegesSupport$2,5007/28/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/135
Faizer, RumiSchools & collegesSupport$1,0007/18/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/135
Krisch, AlanSchools & collegesSupport$2501/20/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/145
Tambyraja, Rabindra RSchools & collegesSupport$2506/29/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/145
Gross, StephenSchools & collegesSupport$2507/21/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/145
Koenig, Jane QSchools & collegesSupport$4007/21/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/145
Williams, MeredithSchools & collegesSupport$2507/21/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/145
Dee, Larry GVeterinariansSupport$2003/1/12 S. 1855 (112th) Yes3/6/125
Colgan, KathieDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2503/15/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/145
Voices For ProgressDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2,5004/30/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/135
Johnson, WardDemocratic/LiberalOppose$-25010/20/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/135
Lankenau, AlisonDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2502/6/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/135
James, William JCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2503/17/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/145
Morris, Amanda FordEnvironmental policySupport$1,0006/4/13 S. 954 (113th) Yes6/10/135
Beynon, EstherEnvironmental policySupport$9006/4/13 S. 954 (113th) Yes6/10/135
Beynon, EstherEnvironmental policySupport$-7109/23/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/135
Meehl, BrianEnvironmental policy$2501/29/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/145
Vinci, YasminaEducationSupport$2505/18/12 S. 2343 (112th) Yes5/24/125
Wallerstein, GeorgeDefense policy, dovesOppose$5005/16/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/135
Council For A Livable WorldDefense policy, dovesOppose$665/16/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/135
American Nurses AssnNursesSupport$1,0009/23/14 H.R. 4994 (113th) Yes9/17/146
Premier IncHealth care institutionsSupport$2,5009/23/14 H.R. 4994 (113th) Yes9/17/146
Pelli, CesarArchitectural servicesSupport$2507/22/14 H.R. 5021 (113th) Yes7/29/146
Ertel, DavidPro-IsraelSupport$1,0005/27/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/136
Fisher, Isaac KPro-IsraelSupport$5005/27/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/136
Ades, DanielPro-IsraelSupport$1,0005/27/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/136
Berk, WilliamPro-IsraelSupport$5005/27/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/136
Yulman, E RichardPro-IsraelSupport$1,0005/27/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/136
Silverman, Barry JPro-IsraelSupport$1,0005/27/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/136
Kaminetsky, BernardPro-IsraelSupport$1,0005/27/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/136
Dean, Amy NPro-IsraelSupport$1,0005/27/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/136
Fain, RichardPro-IsraelSupport$1,0005/27/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/136
Bingham Mccutchen LlpAttorneys & law firmsSupport$1,0003/13/11 S. 23 (112th) Yes3/8/116
Morgan, John BAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2,5003/13/11 S. 23 (112th) Yes3/8/116
Morgan, John BAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2,3003/13/11 S. 23 (112th) Yes3/8/116
Tilson, TerryPublic school teachers, administrators & officialsSupport$25010/24/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/136
Perkins, SarahAccountantsSupport$2006/20/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/136
O'day, PatriciaPhysiciansSupport$50011/20/12 S. 1440 (112th) Yes11/14/126
Aelony, JaredPhysiciansOppose$5004/5/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/146
Nash, Shirin MdPhysiciansOppose$2003/24/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/146
Allen, BrucePsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2,5003/18/14 S. 1086 (113th) Yes3/13/146
Allen, YokoPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2,5253/18/14 S. 1086 (113th) Yes3/13/146
Miller, LewisGeneral commerceSupport$5007/22/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/146
Hoffman, JasonReal estateSupport$5007/22/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/146
Casperson, GeraldPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$25010/24/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/136
Dodge, Ellen EChurches, clergy & religious organizationsSupport$2501/21/14 S. 1302 (113th) Yes1/27/146
Silves, MichaelBusiness servicesSupport$2004/15/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/146
Weiss, JeffreyEngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsSupport$5005/27/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/146
Flood, JeanHospitalsSupport$25011/5/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/136
Ponsky, JackieHospitalsSupport$50011/19/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/136
Arkin, ScottHospitalsSupport$25011/11/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/136
Nissen, Steven E MdHospitalsSupport$50011/11/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/136
Miller, James HReal Estate developers & subdividersSupport$2147/22/14 H.R. 5021 (113th) Yes7/29/146
Miller, James HReal Estate developers & subdividersSupport$2147/22/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/146
Stimpson, Clinton FIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$25010/24/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/136
Norgren, PatriciaSchools & collegesSupport$2504/3/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/146
Anderson, Larry JSchools & collegesSupport$2504/15/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/146
Schumann, Paul LSchools & collegesSupport$2504/15/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/146
Kleckner, Nancy ESchools & collegesSupport$2004/3/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/146
Levitt, David GeorgeSchools & collegesSupport$2006/18/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/146
Cicchetti, DomSchools & collegesSupport$2506/18/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/146
Beckman, ThomasSchools & collegesSupport$2506/18/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/146
Earp, Jo AnneSchools & collegesSupport$3006/18/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/146
Sanders, John HSchools & collegesSupport$2507/22/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/146
Mckibben, SarahSchools & collegesSupport$2507/22/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/146
Morphos, Evangeline MSchools & collegesSupport$9207/10/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/146
Sutherland, NancySchools & collegesSupport$2507/10/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/146
Morphos, Evangeline MSchools & collegesSupport$1,0007/10/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/146
Waldfogel, JoelSchools & collegesSupport$25010/31/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/136
Maxwell, DaleRetail tradeSupport$2007/22/14 H.R. 5021 (113th) Yes7/29/146
Maxwell, DaleRetail tradeSupport$2007/22/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/146
Friedman, RichardChemicalsSupport$1,0007/22/14 H.R. 5021 (113th) Yes7/29/146
Dupont CoChemicalsSupport$1,00010/2/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/136
Conboy, NancyComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$50011/29/12 H.R. 6156 (112th) Yes12/6/126
Harrell, CharlotteLivestockSupport$2506/26/12 S. 3240 (112th) Yes6/21/126
Robinson, Sharon PorterHealth & welfare policySupport$2502/17/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/136
Lenfestey, JamesDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2503/4/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/146
Gore, Shari KDemocratic/LiberalOppose$5003/4/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/146
Ottenberg, JaneDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,0009/20/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/136
Klausner, Robert BDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,50010/9/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/136
Schober, BettyDemocratic/LiberalOppose$30010/9/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/136
Weinstein, SuzanneDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2501/29/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/136
Salutz, AnnDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2501/29/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/136
Hatoum, NabilDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2501/29/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/136
Pattullo, SusanDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,0001/29/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/136
Colby, Carroll DDemocratic/LiberalSupport$5002/17/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/136
Lewis, KennethDemocratic/LiberalSupport$1,00011/12/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/136
American Fedn Of St/cnty/munic EmployeesState & local govt employee unionsSupport$2,50010/31/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/136
Schneider, Lorraine ACivil servant/public employeeSupport$2007/22/14 H.R. 5021 (113th) Yes7/29/146
Harling, FrederickCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2007/22/14 H.R. 5021 (113th) Yes7/29/146
Abernathy, Rosalind SGay & lesbian rights & issuesSupport$2502/5/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/136
Greenhall, AgnesEnvironmental policyOppose$2505/27/14 S. 2198 (113th) Yes5/21/146
Beynon, EstherEnvironmental policyOppose$-1,0003/18/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/146
League Of Conservation VotersEnvironmental policyOppose$2,5001/23/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/146
Murray, Elise IEnvironmental policySupport$2001/6/13 H.R. 8 (112th) Yes12/31/126
Balint, JohnEnvironmental policyOppose$2507/23/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/17/136
Reisner, RebeccaEnvironmental policy$2001/28/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/146
Reisner, RebeccaEnvironmental policyOppose$2505/8/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/136
Greenhall, AgnesEnvironmental policySupport$2505/27/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/146
Stec, RichardCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2507/22/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/146
Plamondon, GenevieveReal estate agentsSupport$2501/23/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/146
Stoesz, SarahAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceSupport$5002/17/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/136
American Academy Of Nurse PractitionersNursesSupport$1,0009/10/14 H.R. 4994 (113th) Yes9/17/147
Mazzella, JohnTelephone utilitiesSupport$2,55010/30/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/137
Klose, LoriPublic school teachers, administrators & officialsSupport$2001/22/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Tilson, TerryPublic school teachers, administrators & officialsSupport$2501/22/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Advanced Medical Technology AssnMedical supplies manufacturing & salesSupport$1505/16/12 S. 3187 (112th) Yes5/24/127
Advanced Medical Technology AssnMedical supplies manufacturing & salesSupport$1,8505/16/12 S. 3187 (112th) Yes5/24/127
Rigopulos, AlexComputer softwareSupport$2,6009/25/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/137
Rigopulos, AlexComputer softwareSupport$2,6009/25/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/137
Microsoft CorpComputer softwareSupport$2,5009/18/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/137
Torres, Tomas MAccountantsSupport$50011/13/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/137
Mokwe, MariusPhysiciansSupport$5001/22/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Letson, Robert DPhysiciansSupport$2501/22/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Streitz, John MPhysiciansSupport$2501/22/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Schreiber, KarenCrop production & basic processingSupport$2505/14/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/147
Grey, AlanPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2001/8/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Rabin, DinaPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2,5003/19/14 S. 1086 (113th) Yes3/13/147
Bradbury, Paul JPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$5001/22/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Akerblom, IngridPharmaceutical manufacturing$3009/14/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/117
Genger, SagiSecurity brokers & investment companiesOppose$1,00012/30/09 H.R. 3590 (111th) Yes12/24/097
Makah Tribal CouncilMinority/Ethnic GroupsSupport$1,00010/30/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/137
Korzenik, Emily FaustChurches, clergy & religious organizationsOppose$2006/11/14 S. 1044 (113th) Yes6/4/147
Vento, Susan LChurches, clergy & religious organizationsSupport$5003/30/14 H.R. 3979 (113th) Yes4/7/147
Higinbotham, JoanBusiness servicesSupport$5007/9/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/147
Balint, JohnHospitalsSupport$2506/18/12 S. 3187 (112th) Yes6/26/127
Lystad, Lisa DHospitalsSupport$1,50011/10/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/137
Liebow, Mark FHospitalsSupport$2506/19/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/137
Del Rio, ArturoIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$20010/23/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/137
Marcus, LeeSchools & collegesOppose$21410/23/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/137
Strassman, DianaSchools & collegesSupport$1,0004/2/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/147
Larson, BrentSchools & collegesSupport$2504/16/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/147
Durand, LoyalSchools & collegesSupport$2509/25/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/137
Appleford, Alan MSchools & collegesSupport$2501/22/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Winton, AndrewSchools & collegesSupport$2506/17/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/147
Stephens, KaySchools & collegesSupport$2506/17/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/147
Hancher, MichaelSchools & collegesSupport$2006/17/14 H.R. 803 (113th) Yes6/25/147
Hector, Mark ASchools & colleges$2009/14/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/117
Minow, MarthaSchools & collegesSupport$5007/9/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/147
Calhoun, William HSchools & collegesSupport$2506/19/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/137
Dupont CoChemicalsSupport$1,00010/2/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/137
Hansen, ElissaInsurance companies, brokers & agents$2503/19/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/147
Roberts, John CComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2009/25/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/137
Rudquist, Joyce GDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,0003/17/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/147
Lindsay, JamesDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2003/17/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/147
Dadolf, Stuart VDemocratic/LiberalOppose$5009/19/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/137
Solomon, ArleneDemocratic/LiberalOppose$25010/22/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/137
Hogan, DianeDemocratic/LiberalOppose$50010/22/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/137
Nagler, Donald FDemocratic/LiberalOppose$25010/22/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/137
Park, SynghyokDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2501/30/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/137
Buttenwieser, PeterDemocratic/LiberalOppose$9001/30/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/137
De Fontenay, ChristineDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2501/30/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/137
Buttenwieser, PeterDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2,6001/30/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/137
People For The American WayDemocratic/LiberalOppose$1,0001/16/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/137
Limburg, Peter RDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2002/4/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/137
Hughes, GretaDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2502/18/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/137
Steere, Norman VDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2002/4/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/137
Roberts, JoanneDemocratic/LiberalSupport$60010/30/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/137
Longo, RobertDemocratic/LiberalSupport$25010/30/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/137
Roberts, JoanneDemocratic/LiberalSupport$40010/30/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/137

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