Al Franken Democrat (Elected 2009), MN Senate district

Picture of Al Franken

Al Franken is a member of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, and the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.In the 112th Congress, Al Franken was a member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, and the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.In the 111th Congress, Al Franken was a member of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, and the Senate Special Committee on Aging.

Al Franken can be contacted at 202-224-5641.

Date Range of Contributions
Within days of their votes

Interest groups supporting or opposing a bill gave these contributions to Al Franken within 30 days of vote on that bill:

Table lists the last vote on each bill in this legislator’s chamber, excluding motions to reconsider. Contributions shown through Jun 30, 2014.

ContributorInterest Group of contributorPosition of orgs in interest groupAmountsort iconDateBillVoteVote dateDays apart
Drew, JohnEnvironmental policyOppose$-4,8001/2/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/1427
Pederson, James EReal Estate developers & subdividersSupport$-2,3004/7/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1328
Warner, RichardDemocratic/LiberalSupport$-2,3004/7/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1328
Warner, RichardDemocratic/LiberalOppose$-1,8009/23/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/1322
Warner, RichardDemocratic/LiberalOppose$-1,8009/23/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Novo NordiskMedical supplies manufacturing & salesSupport$-1,00011/13/12 H.R. 6156 (112th) Yes12/6/1222
Forster, Barbara LDemocratic/LiberalOppose$-1,0009/29/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/1316
Forster, Barbara LDemocratic/LiberalOppose$-1,0009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Bunnell, PaulHMOsSupport$-9957/22/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1326
Patla, DeniseComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$-9001/2/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1413
Lubin, CherylBusiness servicesSupport$-7007/15/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1319
Eftekhari, NazieHealth, Education & Human ResourcesSupport$-5501/16/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/141
Tennenbaum, SilviaBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$-5006/2/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1328
Sheehan, JanaComputer softwareSupport$-5003/19/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1421
Torres, Tomas MAccountantsSupport$-25012/1/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1325
Gessert, Charles EDemocratic/LiberalOppose$-2503/2/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/148
Kelley, ElizabethDemocratic/LiberalSupport$-2003/13/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1330
Allgood, AnnetteSchools & collegesOppose$-10011/25/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/1326
Allgood, AnnetteSchools & collegesSupport$-10011/25/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1319
Keillor, GarrisonBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$-504/7/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1328
National Assn Of RealtorsReal estate agentsSupport$103/29/12 S. 1925 (112th) Yes4/26/1227
Council For A Livable WorldDefense policy, dovesOppose$665/16/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/135
Council For A Livable WorldDefense policy, dovesOppose$965/30/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/139
Advanced Medical Technology AssnMedical supplies manufacturing & salesSupport$1505/16/12 S. 3187 (112th) Yes5/24/127
Haller, Mark HServicesOppose$20012/9/09 H.R. 3590 (111th) Yes12/24/0914
Kelly, BrianAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2003/5/11 S. 23 (112th) Yes3/8/112
Dee, Larry GVeterinariansSupport$2003/1/12 S. 1855 (112th) Yes3/6/125
Enestvedt, BertCrop production & basic processingSupport$2004/21/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1323
Elferri, EfdalMedical supplies manufacturing & salesSupport$20011/14/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/133
Elferri, EfdalMedical supplies manufacturing & salesSupport$20011/14/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/138
Perkins, SarahAccountantsSupport$2006/20/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/136
Sorrentino, Michelle AEmployment agenciesSupport$2006/24/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Morrison, EricEmployment agenciesSupport$2006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Short, MarianneHMOsSupport$20011/10/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/134
Peterman, Steven JCommercial TV & radio stationsSupport$2001/12/11 H.R. 6533 (111th) Yes12/17/1026
Weinstock, Elizabeth BBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2005/5/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/130
May, Anne GAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceSupport$2001/16/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1326
Popenoe, Paul JrAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceSupport$20012/2/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1326
Goldberger, Alfred LAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceOppose$2006/19/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/17/1328
Bliss, Fred AVegetables, fruits and tree nutSupport$2001/22/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/1412
Pellegrino, LeninRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$2007/23/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1327
Richman, Fred MTextiles & fabricsSupport$2004/23/12 H.R. 2072 (112th) Yes5/15/1221
Colwell, BruceTeachers unionsSupport$2001/22/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Del Rio, ArturoIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$20010/23/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/1327
Del Rio, ArturoIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$20010/23/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/137
Del Rio, ArturoIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$20010/23/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1314
Del Rio, ArturoIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$20010/23/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/1328
Ludwig, EugeneFinancial services & consultingSupport$2009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Llebling, TinaCivil servant/public employeeOppose$2008/29/10 S. 3307 (111th) Yes8/4/1025
Llebling, TinaCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2008/29/10 H.R. 1722 (111th) Yes9/28/1030
Hill, MarkCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2003/11/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/141
Conine, DaveCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2003/16/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/144
Schwarz, Frederick AEducationSupport$2006/29/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/1324
Werback, EllenEducationSupport$2002/19/14 S. 1086 (113th) Yes3/13/1421
Schwarz, Frederick AEducationSupport$2006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Johnson, Carl REngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsSupport$2004/22/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1322
Burcroff, Ellen JPublic works, industrial & commercial constructionSupport$2007/24/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1328
Mosen, CarlReal estateSupport$2004/17/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1318
Mosen, BarbaraReal estateSupport$2004/17/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1318
Mulready, Richard TReal Estate developers & subdividersOppose$2008/5/09 H.R. 2892 (111th) Yes7/9/0927
Ansbach, ThomasSchools & collegesSupport$2008/8/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/1316
Radford, GailSchools & collegesSupport$2006/24/12 H.R. 5872 (112th) Yes7/24/1230
Dufresne, BarbaraSchools & collegesSupport$2003/30/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1410
Bell, CatherineSchools & collegesSupport$2003/23/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1417
Malin, Edward WSchools & collegesSupport$2003/27/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1413
Farmer, Edward LSchools & collegesSupport$2005/28/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1329
Minow, MarthaSchools & colleges$2008/30/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/118
Hector, Mark ASchools & colleges$2009/14/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/117
Nagel, TheodoreSchools & colleges$20010/4/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/1127
Massey, Douglas SSchools & collegesSupport$2002/11/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1427
Linck, RichardSchools & collegesSupport$2001/23/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/148
Kayser, BennettPublic school teachers, administrators & officialsSupport$20011/21/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/1322
Klose, LoriPublic school teachers, administrators & officialsSupport$2001/22/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Stratton, Richard GPublic school teachers, administrators & officialsSupport$20012/29/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1417
Nash, Shirin MdPhysiciansOppose$2003/24/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/146
Hyde, KellyPsychiatrists & psychologistsOppose$2003/16/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/1414
Hyde, KellyPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2003/16/14 S. 1086 (113th) Yes3/13/144
Grey, AlanPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2001/8/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Seamons, PaulEngineers - type unknownSupport$2008/25/11 H.R. 2887 (112th) Yes9/15/1120
Jones, A SEngineers - type unknownSupport$20012/30/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1416
Reynolds, WendyDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2001/12/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/1311
Grant, Janice RDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2002/12/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/1320
Reynolds, WendyDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2001/12/13 S. 3454 (112th) Yes12/27/1216
Wadlin, MiloDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2003/20/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1410
Gottfried, ClaireDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2002/19/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1419
Gilmartin, Patricia FDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2002/27/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1411
Mueller, Robert WDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2009/29/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/1316
Mcevoy, Connie CDemocratic/LiberalOppose$20010/24/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/139
Lichtenstein, DorothyDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2003/4/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1321
Reynolds, WendyDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2001/12/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1330
Grant, Janice RDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2002/12/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/131
Melnick, Matilda MdDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2005/14/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/139
Waber, Thomas EDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2004/14/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1321
Selden, IrwinDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2008/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/1328
Mueller, Robert WDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2009/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Mcevoy, Connie CDemocratic/LiberalOppose$20010/24/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/1328
Mcevoy, Connie CDemocratic/LiberalSupport$20010/24/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1313
Melchor, Alice LDemocratic/LiberalSupport$20011/17/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1311
Gorden, BobetteManagement consultants & servicesSupport$2004/25/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1310
Bollhoefer, CarolynConstruction equipmentSupport$2006/28/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Mckiveen, RobertOther physician specialistsSupport$2001/20/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/145
Drager, Ernest GHospitalsSupport$20010/29/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/1313
Drager, Ernest GHospitalsSupport$20010/29/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/1315
Glockner, JamesHospitalsSupport$2003/25/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1415
Hoffman, JudithHospitalsSupport$2002/9/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1429
Lennon, Vanda AHospitalsOppose$2001/30/13 H.R. 8 (112th) Yes12/31/1230
Madden, ChrisHospitalsSupport$2003/4/10 H.R. 1586 (111th) Yes3/22/1017
Hoffman, JudithHospitalsSupport$2002/9/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1425
Hoffman, AlanHospitalsSupport$20012/29/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1417
Drager, Ernest GHospitalsSupport$20012/18/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1428
Scanlon, MaggieHospitalsSupport$20012/15/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/1328
Drager, Ernest GHospitalsSupport$20010/29/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/1319
Cahill, Maura EHospitals$20011/28/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) Yes12/16/1118
Taylor, John ESecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$2007/12/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1316
Warner, RichardData processing & computer servicesSupport$2001/11/11 H.R. 5116 (111th) Yes12/16/1026
Mahon, Hugh FComputer softwareSupport$2006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Needham, ToddComputer softwareSupport$2004/29/12 H.R. 2072 (112th) Yes5/15/1215
Lopez, GuadalupeComputer manufacture & servicesOppose$2005/19/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1314
Roberts, John CComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2009/25/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/130
Harrington, TimothyComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2009/27/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/132
Roberts, John CComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2009/25/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/137
Harrington, TimothyComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2009/27/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/139
Birnbaum, LindaComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2004/17/12 H.R. 3606 (112th) No3/22/1227
Radinovich, Joseph PFederal employees unionsSupport$2004/4/12 S. 1925 (112th) Yes4/26/1221
Sicard, ToddAccident & health insuranceSupport$2003/7/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/1423
Korzenik, Emily FaustChurches, clergy & religious organizationsOppose$2006/29/13 S. 954 (113th) Yes6/10/1320
Korzenik, Emily FaustChurches, clergy & religious organizationsOppose$2006/29/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/17/1318
Korzenik, Emily FaustChurches, clergy & religious organizationsSupport$2006/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Patton, Clyde PElderly issues/Social SecuritySupport$2002/11/14 S. 1302 (113th) Yes1/27/1415
Patton, Clyde PElderly issues/Social SecuritySupport$2002/11/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/148
Murray, Elise IEnvironmental policyOppose$2001/6/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/1317
Murray, Elise IEnvironmental policyOppose$2001/6/13 S. 3454 (112th) Yes12/27/1210
Murray, Elise IEnvironmental policySupport$2001/6/13 H.R. 8 (112th) Yes12/31/126
Keymer, Mary MEnvironmental policyOppose$2002/26/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/1428
Pall, MartinEnvironmental policyOppose$2002/27/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/1429
Leithauser, DavidEnvironmental policyOppose$2002/24/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/1426
Reisner, RebeccaEnvironmental policyOppose$2001/28/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/141
Drew, JohnEnvironmental policyOppose$20012/30/13 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/1430
Keymer, Mary MEnvironmental policyOppose$2002/26/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1414
Pall, MartinEnvironmental policyOppose$2002/27/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1413
Leithauser, DavidEnvironmental policyOppose$2002/24/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1416
Murray, Elise WEnvironmental policyOppose$2003/26/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1414
Keymer, Mary MEnvironmental policy$2002/26/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/1423
Pall, MartinEnvironmental policy$2002/27/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/1424
Leithauser, DavidEnvironmental policy$2002/24/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/1421
Reisner, RebeccaEnvironmental policy$2001/28/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/146
Meyerson, KarenRetail tradeSupport$2009/30/11 H.R. 2832 (112th) Yes9/22/119
Meyerson, KarenRetail tradeOppose$2009/30/11 S. 1619 (112th) Yes10/11/1110
Meyerson, KarenRetail tradeOppose$2009/30/11 H.R. 3080 (112th) Yes10/12/1111
Meyerson, KarenRetail tradeSupport$2009/30/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/1123
Chatterjee, SwapanData processing & computer servicesSupport$2017/22/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1326
Haggar, JamesEducationSupport$21011/24/12 S. 743 (112th) Yes11/12/1212
Haggar, JamesEducationSupport$21011/24/12 H.R. 6156 (112th) Yes12/6/1211
Mazur, Timothy SBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2142/21/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1310
Beltrand, Barbara ACivil servant/public employeeSupport$2143/23/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1411
Holloman, MarshaCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2143/23/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1411
Marcus, LeeSchools & collegesOppose$21410/23/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/137
Marcus, LeeSchools & collegesSupport$21410/23/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1314
Marcus, LeeSchools & collegesSupport$21410/23/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/1328
Lipp, StanBusiness servicesSupport$2143/30/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1410
Curtis, John PPhysiciansSupport$21412/5/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/1322
Minard, NancyDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2143/27/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1417
Sensibar, DavidEnvironmental policySupport$2146/6/13 S. 954 (113th) Yes6/10/133
Sensibar, DavidEnvironmental policyOppose$2146/6/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1323
Dwyer, David ECivil servant/public employeeSupport$22012/2/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/1315
Silvestri, LauraOther financial servicesSupport$22011/25/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1319
Halprin, Lee SEnvironmental policyOppose$2332/10/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/1412
Halprin, Lee SEnvironmental policyOppose$2332/10/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1430
Halprin, Lee SEnvironmental policy$2332/10/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/147
Folken, BruceTax return servicesSupport$2503/7/11 H.R. 4 (112th) Yes4/5/1128
Flaherty, TimothyAttorneys & law firmsSupport$25011/15/09 H.R. 2847 (111th) Yes11/5/0911
Halunen, Clayton DAttorneys & law firmsSupport$25011/15/09 H.R. 2847 (111th) Yes11/5/0911
Leland, Daniel GAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2508/30/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/118
Wilson, PerryAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2508/17/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/1121
Mondale, Walter FAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2508/17/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/1121
Rosenbaum, Robert AAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2508/17/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/1121
Sterner, AmyAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2508/17/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/1121
Burns, ArthurAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2501/13/11 H.R. 6398 (111th) Yes12/21/1023
Gilbert, WarrenAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2508/21/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/1117
Eaddy, W RandyAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2503/20/11 S. 23 (112th) Yes3/8/1113
Burns, M SusanAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2509/5/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/112
Morante, Thomas FAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2509/27/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/1120
Feldman, Robert LAttorneys & law firmsSupport$2501/12/11 H.R. 6398 (111th) Yes12/21/1022
Kunze, ChristopherVeterinariansSupport$25012/30/13 S. 1171 (113th) Yes1/7/148
Staton, JoePrecision instrumentsSupport$25011/17/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/1318
Schraeder, NeilAccountantsSupport$25012/6/12 H.R. 6156 (112th) Yes12/6/121
Garcia, TerryBook, newspaper & periodical publishingOppose$25012/17/12 S. 3454 (112th) Yes12/27/1210
Klibanoff, KathrynBook, newspaper & periodical publishingOppose$25012/3/12 S. 3454 (112th) Yes12/27/1224
Keillor, GarrisonBook, newspaper & periodical publishingOppose$2501/9/13 S. 3454 (112th) Yes12/27/1213
Turner, Bonnie MBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2501/11/11 H.R. 5116 (111th) Yes12/16/1026
Maguire, GregoryBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2501/11/11 H.R. 5116 (111th) Yes12/16/1026
Marzollo, JeanBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2501/14/11 H.R. 5116 (111th) Yes12/16/1029
Andersen, Julian LBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2502/7/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/134
Pease, Roland FBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2502/12/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/131
Lenfestey, Susan WBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2503/10/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1327
Garcia, TerryBook, newspaper & periodical publishingOppose$25012/17/12 H.R. 5949 (112th) No12/28/1210
Klibanoff, KathrynBook, newspaper & periodical publishingOppose$25012/3/12 H.R. 5949 (112th) No12/28/1224
Keillor, GarrisonBook, newspaper & periodical publishingOppose$2501/9/13 H.R. 5949 (112th) No12/28/1213
Henry, BuckBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2505/21/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1316
Andersen, KurtBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$2505/9/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/134
Harrell, CharlotteLivestock$25012/13/11 H.R. 2112 (112th) Yes11/17/1127
Harrell, CharlotteLivestockSupport$2506/26/12 S. 3240 (112th) Yes6/21/126
Luepker, EllenWelfare & Social WorkSupport$2503/1/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1318
Brown, Thomas WAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceSupport$2502/20/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/139
Abernathy, Rosalind SAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceSupport$2503/5/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1322
Abernathy, Rosalind SAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceSupport$2502/5/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/136
Appleford, Alan MAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceSupport$25010/27/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1310
Appleford, Alan MAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceSupport$25012/1/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1325
Pipa, Rudolph LAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceSupport$25012/1/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1325
Abernathy, Rosalind SAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceSupport$25011/20/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1314
Appleford, Alan MAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceOppose$2507/23/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/17/136
Turski, DeborahAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceOppose$2508/12/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/17/1326
Abernathy, Rosalind SAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceOppose$2507/30/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/17/1313
Kuhn, EstelleAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceOppose$2507/31/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/17/1314
Abernathy, Rosalind SAbortion policy/Pro-ChoiceOppose$2506/29/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/17/1318
Divver, Barbara AMiscellaneous retail storesSupport$2504/21/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1314
Smith, SusanDepartment, variety & convenience storesSupport$2506/23/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Erickson, RondiRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$2509/6/10 H.R. 5297 (111th) Yes9/16/109
Lewis, SandyRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$2509/6/10 H.R. 5297 (111th) Yes9/16/109
Duong, Khanh CRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$25011/21/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1315
Schriock, Stephanie AWomen's issuesSupport$2502/10/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/131
Stimpson, Clinton FIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$2504/28/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1316
Stimpson, Clinton FIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$2509/10/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/1316
Stimpson, Clinton FIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$25010/24/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/1328
Stimpson, Clinton FIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$25010/24/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/136
Stimpson, Clinton FIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$2507/11/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1315
Stimpson, Clinton FIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$25010/24/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1313
Stimpson, Clinton FIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$2509/10/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/1315
Stimpson, Clinton FIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$25010/24/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/1329
Stimpson, Clinton FIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$2509/10/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/138
Plamondon, GenevieveReal estate agentsSupport$2501/23/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/146
Nephew, LynnReal estate agentsSupport$2503/23/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1411
Skeen, RobertFinancial services & consultingSupport$2507/10/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1314
Starr, AmyCivil servant/public employeeOppose$2507/25/10 S. 3307 (111th) Yes8/4/1010
Baldo, PeterCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2503/26/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1414
Love, BrianCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2503/28/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1416
Deboer, LaurenceCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2503/29/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1417
George, MargoCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2502/26/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1414
James, William JCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2503/17/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/145
West, JanetCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2503/30/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1418
Ichinose, Craig KCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2503/30/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1418
Love, BrianCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2503/8/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/144
Grimm, Richard JrCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2503/11/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/141
Helt, GreggCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2503/30/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) Yes3/13/1418
Kahn, PhyllisCivil servant/public employeeSupport$25011/18/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/1319
Malinen, EricCivil servant/public employeeSupport$25010/17/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/1313
Booth, Carol ACivil servant/public employeeSupport$25010/27/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/133
Aiken, RichardCivil servant/public employeeSupport$2509/12/11 H.R. 3080 (112th) Yes10/12/1129
Goldfarb, DavidCivil servant/public employeeSupport$25012/17/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/1330
Kahn, PhyllisCivil servant/public employeeSupport$25011/18/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/131
Booth, Carol ACivil servant/public employeeSupport$25010/27/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/1321
Black, MargaretEducationSupport$2506/29/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/1324
Black, MargaretEducationSupport$2506/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Rabinowitz, JohnEducationSupport$25012/30/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1416
Broughton, Catherine SFood and kindred products manufacturingSupport$2507/31/10 S. 3307 (111th) Yes8/4/104
Rajadhyaksha, ShyamEngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsSupport$25011/26/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/1327
Becker, James MPublic works, industrial & commercial constructionSupport$2507/7/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1311
Sieroty, AlanBuilding operators and managersSupport$2504/30/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/135
Holderby, BonnieReal estateSupport$2503/30/12 S. 1925 (112th) Yes4/26/1226
Reid, VirginiaReal estateSupport$2505/21/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1316
Gershman, Harold ADrug storesSupport$2502/8/12 S. 1855 (112th) Yes3/6/1227
Lindoo, JeffDrug storesSupport$25012/17/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/1330
Coudert, AllisonSchools & collegesSupport$2507/22/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/131
Smith, Michael BSchools & collegesSupport$2507/31/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/138
Norgren, PatriciaSchools & collegesSupport$2507/21/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/132
Roosevelt, F D D IiiSchools & collegesSupport$2506/24/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/1329
Evans, Joyce MSchools & collegesSupport$2506/29/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/1324
Snyder, NancySchools & collegesSupport$2506/27/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/1326
Davis, Matthew DSchools & collegesSupport$2506/27/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/1326
Lankenau, AlisonSchools & collegesSupport$2506/29/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/1324
Tambyraja, Rabindra RSchools & collegesSupport$2506/28/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) Yes7/24/1325
Robinson, JeffreySchools & collegesOppose$25010/28/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/132
Fruin, ScottSchools & collegesOppose$25010/29/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/131
Bales, MariaSchools & collegesOppose$25010/10/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/1320
Harcha, MichelleSchools & collegesOppose$25011/17/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/1318
Pizzo, Salvatore VSchools & collegesOppose$25010/8/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/1322
Richmond, RobinSchools & collegesOppose$25011/17/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/1318
Waldfogel, JoelSchools & collegesOppose$25010/31/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/131
Minow, MarthaSchools & collegesOppose$25011/19/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/1320
Hector, Mark ASchools & collegesSupport$2507/15/12 H.R. 5872 (112th) Yes7/24/129
Haese, NathanSchools & collegesSupport$2508/8/12 H.R. 5872 (112th) Yes7/24/1215
Behrends, AlanSchools & collegesSupport$2503/12/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1428
Shockley, Rebecca PSchools & collegesSupport$2503/13/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1427
Krug, LindaSchools & collegesSupport$2503/23/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1417
Hornstein, NorbertSchools & collegesSupport$2503/24/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1416
Hooper, AlanSchools & collegesSupport$2503/11/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1429
Wallace, KristineSchools & collegesSupport$2503/30/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1410
Shockley, John SSchools & collegesSupport$2503/13/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1427
Mcdonald, JohnSchools & collegesSupport$2503/24/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1416
Franklin, KathySchools & collegesSupport$2503/22/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1418
Scherf-ghara, ColeenSchools & collegesSupport$2503/16/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1424
Rappaport, Elizabeth BSchools & collegesSupport$2503/24/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1416
Linck, RichardSchools & collegesSupport$2503/19/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1421
Alcock, SusanSchools & collegesSupport$2503/30/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1410
Bailyn, LotteSchools & collegesSupport$2503/29/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1411
Sutherland, NancySchools & collegesSupport$2503/25/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1415
Anderson, Larry JSchools & collegesSupport$2503/16/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1424
Baxter, CharlesSchools & collegesSupport$2503/17/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1423
Coudert, AllisonSchools & collegesSupport$2507/22/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1326
Norgren, PatriciaSchools & collegesSupport$2507/21/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1325
Roosevelt, F D D IiiSchools & collegesSupport$2506/24/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Calhoun, William HSchools & collegesSupport$2506/19/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/137
Evans, Joyce MSchools & collegesSupport$2506/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Snyder, NancySchools & collegesSupport$2506/27/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/131
Davis, Matthew DSchools & collegesSupport$2506/27/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/131
Lankenau, AlisonSchools & collegesSupport$2506/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Tambyraja, Rabindra RSchools & collegesSupport$2506/28/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/132
Robinson, JeffreySchools & collegesSupport$25010/28/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/139
Pizzo, Salvatore VSchools & collegesSupport$25012/1/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1325
Fruin, ScottSchools & collegesSupport$25010/29/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/138
Bales, MariaSchools & collegesSupport$25010/10/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1327
Harcha, MichelleSchools & collegesSupport$25011/17/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1311
Pizzo, Salvatore VSchools & collegesSupport$25010/8/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1329
Morrison, HunterSchools & collegesSupport$25012/3/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1327
Richmond, RobinSchools & collegesSupport$25011/17/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1311
Waldfogel, JoelSchools & collegesSupport$25010/31/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/136
Minow, MarthaSchools & collegesSupport$25011/19/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1313
Weller, Eric JSchools & collegesSupport$2509/10/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/1315
Schadewald, LoisSchools & collegesSupport$2509/29/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/134
Bales, MariaSchools & collegesSupport$25010/10/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/1315
Pizzo, Salvatore VSchools & collegesSupport$25010/8/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/1313
Weller, Eric JSchools & collegesSupport$2509/10/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/138
Schadewald, LoisSchools & collegesSupport$2509/29/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/1311
Neale, JosephSchools & collegesSupport$2508/25/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/1324
Bales, MariaSchools & collegesSupport$25010/10/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/1322
Pizzo, Salvatore VSchools & collegesSupport$25010/8/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/1320
Goldenberg, ClaudeSchools & collegesSupport$2503/15/11 S. 23 (112th) Yes3/8/118
Neale, JosephSchools & collegesSupport$2501/29/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1414
Ramsay, NormaSchools & collegesSupport$2502/11/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1427
Bailyn, LotteSchools & collegesSupport$2501/29/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1414
Krisch, AlanSchools & collegesSupport$2501/20/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/145
Shenker, StephenSchools & collegesSupport$25012/31/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1415
Bailyn, LotteSchools & collegesSupport$2502/8/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1424
Roosevelt, F D IiiSchools & collegesSupport$25012/29/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1417
Feldman, HeidiSchools & collegesSupport$25012/29/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1417
Roosevelt, F D IiiSchools & collegesSupport$25012/24/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1422
Schulman, AndreaSchools & collegesSupport$2502/5/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1421
Faulkner, KentBusiness servicesOppose$2501/16/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/1413
Rounds, CharlesBusiness servicesOppose$2502/13/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/1415
Frampton, CharlotteBusiness servicesOppose$2501/28/14 S. 1926 (113th) Yes1/30/141
Beynon, EstherBusiness servicesSupport$2506/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Compton, Mary IdaBusiness servicesSupport$25011/11/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/135
Rettof, Joseph GeorgeBusiness servicesSupport$25011/26/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1320
Compton, Mary IdaBusiness servicesSupport$25011/11/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/135
Wyse, SharonBusiness servicesSupport$2508/30/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) Yes9/8/118
Bass, CaroleBusiness servicesSupport$2503/15/11 S. 23 (112th) Yes3/8/118
Casperson, GeraldPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$25010/24/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/136
Squier, PegPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$2507/5/12 S. 3187 (112th) Yes6/26/1210
Casperson, GeraldPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$25010/24/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1313
Casperson, GeraldPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$25010/24/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/1324
Gonzales, MichaelPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$2501/3/13 H.R. 6156 (112th) Yes12/6/1229
Tilson, TerryPublic school teachers, administrators & officialsSupport$25010/24/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/136
Tilson, TerryPublic school teachers, administrators & officialsSupport$2501/22/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Tilson, TerryPublic school teachers, administrators & officialsSupport$25012/18/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1428
Schned, Eric SHealth care institutionsOppose$2509/25/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/1320
Krogh, PaulHealth care institutionsOppose$25010/27/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/1312
Zirkin, NancyMinority/Ethnic GroupsOppose$2507/8/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/17/139
Zirkin, NancyMinority/Ethnic Groups$2507/8/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1312
Rashid, KhusroPhysiciansOppose$2503/20/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/1410
Jew, H APhysiciansOppose$2503/26/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/144
Hadland, DalePhysiciansOppose$2503/19/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/1411
Grossman, Owen MdPhysiciansSupport$25011/29/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/1316
Hurford, WilliamPhysiciansSupport$25011/10/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/133
Kaufman, JuliePhysiciansSupport$25010/27/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/1317
Opsahl, DavidPhysiciansSupport$25010/17/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/1327
Ketroser, David B Md JdPhysiciansSupport$25011/11/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/132
Okereke, UgoPhysiciansSupport$25010/27/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/1317
Streitz, Susan MPhysiciansSupport$25011/5/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/138
Lindholm, PatriciaPhysiciansSupport$25011/27/09 H.R. 3590 (111th) Yes12/24/0926
Letson, Robert DPhysiciansSupport$2501/22/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Streitz, John MPhysiciansSupport$2501/22/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/147
Elmore, Stephanie HPhysiciansSupport$2501/27/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1412
Patel, MehoolPhysiciansSupport$2501/7/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/148
Rosbrow, Patricia JPsychiatrists & psychologistsOppose$2503/29/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/141
Beckerman, StephenPsychiatrists & psychologistsOppose$2503/30/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/140
Wasserstein, ChristinePsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$25011/27/12 S. 743 (112th) Yes11/12/1215
Rosbrow, Patricia JPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2503/29/14 S. 1086 (113th) Yes3/13/1417
Beckerman, StephenPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2503/30/14 S. 1086 (113th) Yes3/13/1418
Salusky, SheppardPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2502/12/14 S. 1086 (113th) Yes3/13/1428
Beckerman, StephenPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$25011/3/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/133
Gruntfest, StevenPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$25010/22/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1315
Stark, Patricia APsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2501/30/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1415
Salusky, SheppardPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2502/12/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1428
Gruntfest, StevenPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$25012/18/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1428
Reames, SherryDefense policy, dovesOppose$2505/19/13 S.Res. 65 (113th) Yes5/22/132
De Fontenay, ChristineDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2501/30/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/137
Hallowell, ElinorDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2502/3/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/1311
Stout, Joan EDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2502/20/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/1328
Salutz, AnnDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2501/29/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/136
Williams, Elizabeth SDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2501/23/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/130
Park, SynghyokDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2501/30/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/137
Daley, Ronald EDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2502/12/13 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/1320
Williams, Elizabeth SDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2501/23/13 S. 3454 (112th) Yes12/27/1227
Tate, AngelaDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2503/29/12 S. 2038 (112th) Yes3/21/128
Taylor, PaulaDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2503/9/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/141
Grant, Janice RDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2503/16/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/146
Daley, Ronald EDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2502/24/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1414
La Plant, OliverDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2502/25/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1413
Stout, Joan EDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2502/24/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1414
Ashman, Marian BDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2502/25/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1413
Robbins, BonnieDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2502/27/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1411
Guptill, LloydDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2502/24/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1414
King, DavidDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2503/10/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/140
La Plant, OliverDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/29/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/1316
Flynn, RoseanneDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/29/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/1316
Daley, Ronald EDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/24/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/1321
Sheehan, Stefanie WDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/29/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/1316
Nagler, Donald FDemocratic/LiberalOppose$25010/22/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/137
Longo, RobertDemocratic/LiberalOppose$25010/30/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/1315
Stout, J EDemocratic/LiberalOppose$25010/22/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/137
Demarest, MerryDemocratic/LiberalOppose$25010/17/13 H.Con.Res. 25 (113th) Yes10/15/132
De Fontenay, ChristineDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2501/30/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1312
Hallowell, ElinorDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2502/3/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/138
Stout, Joan EDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2502/20/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/139
Salutz, AnnDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2501/29/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1313
Williams, Elizabeth SDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2501/23/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1319
Park, SynghyokDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2501/30/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1312
Gore, Shari KDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2503/12/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1329
Daley, Ronald EDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2502/12/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/131
Stout, Joan EDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2506/4/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1330
Hallowell, ElinorDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2505/5/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/130
Taylor, PaulaDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2504/14/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1321
Williams, Elizabeth SDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2506/4/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1330
Bleich, Anne WDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2506/4/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1330
Bennison, JacobDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2506/4/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1330
Kenyon, TerryDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2504/10/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1325
Helgen, SarahDemocratic/LiberalSupport$2504/26/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/139
La Plant, OliverDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Melchor, Alice LeeDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2508/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/1328
Flynn, RoseanneDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Daley, Ronald EDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/2/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/1324
Goodwin, JaneDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/10/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/1316
Bonner, Leon WDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2508/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/1328
Daley, Ronald EDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/24/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/132
Sheehan, Stefanie WDemocratic/LiberalOppose$2509/29/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/133
Nagler, Donald FDemocratic/LiberalOppose$25010/22/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/1326
Stout, J EDemocratic/LiberalOppose$25010/22/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/1326
Demarest, MerryDemocratic/LiberalOppose$25010/17/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) Yes9/27/1321
Hexter, RobertDemocratic/LiberalSupport$25011/21/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1315
Nagler, Donald FDemocratic/LiberalSupport$25010/22/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1315
Stout, Joan EDemocratic/LiberalSupport$25012/1/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1325
Longo, RobertDemocratic/LiberalSupport$25010/30/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/137
Stout, J EDemocratic/LiberalSupport$25010/22/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1315
Lynch, HughDemocratic/LiberalSupport$25012/1/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1325
Kilpatrick, JustineDemocratic/LiberalSupport$25011/17/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1311
Demarest, MerryDemocratic/LiberalSupport$25010/17/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/1320
Gorden, BobetteManagement consultants & servicesSupport$2505/30/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1325
Emerson, M VaughnManagement consultants & services$2507/16/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1320
Gorden, BobetteManagement consultants & services$2505/30/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1327
Spellmire, S MHealth, Education & Human ResourcesOppose$2503/25/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/145
Spellmire, S MHealth, Education & Human ResourcesSupport$2503/25/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1415
Stevenson, DonaldHealth, Education & Human ResourcesSupport$2502/27/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1316
Moore, Carolyn BorowHealth, Education & Human ResourcesSupport$25012/29/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1417
Hanes, CynthiaHealth, Education & Human ResourcesSupport$25012/30/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1416
Greenburg, AriCommunications & ElectronicsSupport$2504/17/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1318
Goodwin, Richard HOther physician specialists$2503/14/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/1416
Marshall, Judith LOther physician specialistsSupport$2509/4/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/1321
Sandozi, IrfanOther physician specialistsSupport$2509/8/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/1317
Marshall, Judith LOther physician specialistsSupport$2509/4/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/1314
Sandozi, IrfanOther physician specialistsSupport$2509/8/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/1310
Lorber, Daniel LOther physician specialistsSupport$2501/2/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1413
Robinson, Sharon PorterHealth & welfare policySupport$2502/17/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/136
Arkin, ScottHospitalsSupport$25011/11/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/130
Mccaffrey, David ScottHospitalsSupport$25010/22/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/1320
Balint, JohnHospitalsSupport$25010/22/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/1320
Arkin, AlisonHospitalsSupport$25011/26/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/1315
Cahill, Maura EHospitalsSupport$25010/13/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/1329
Flood, JeanHospitalsSupport$25011/5/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/136
Carpenter, BeckyHospitalsSupport$25012/2/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/1321
Taler, George AHospitalsSupport$25012/8/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/1327
Balint, JohnHospitalsSupport$25012/3/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/1322
Glockner, JamesHospitalsSupport$25010/22/13 S. 1557 (113th) Yes11/11/1320
Arkin, ScottHospitalsSupport$25011/11/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/132
Mccaffrey, David ScottHospitalsSupport$25010/22/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/1322
Balint, JohnHospitalsSupport$25010/22/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/1322
Arkin, AlisonHospitalsSupport$25011/26/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/1313
Flood, JeanHospitalsSupport$25011/5/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/138
Carpenter, BeckyHospitalsSupport$25012/2/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/1319
Taler, George AHospitalsSupport$25012/8/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/1325
Balint, JohnHospitalsSupport$25012/3/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/1320
Glockner, JamesHospitalsSupport$25010/22/13 S. 252 (113th) Yes11/13/1322
Kramer-johnson, JeanHospitalsSupport$2502/20/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1418
Balint, JohnHospitalsSupport$2503/24/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1414
Hou, SusanHospitalsSupport$2502/23/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1415
Smith, StevenHospitalsSupport$2502/20/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1418
Liebow, Mark FHospitalsSupport$2503/30/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1420
Mccaffrey, David ScottHospitalsSupport$2503/23/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1413
Meyers, AudreyHospitalsSupport$2502/25/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1413
Connell, LynnHospitalsSupport$2503/29/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1419
Balint, JohnHospitalsSupport$2502/19/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1419
Soper, RobertHospitalsSupport$2503/22/10 H.R. 1586 (111th) Yes3/22/101
Balint, JohnHospitalsSupport$2506/18/12 S. 3187 (112th) Yes6/26/127
Balint, JohnHospitalsSupport$2507/23/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1327
Balint, JohnHospitalsSupport$2506/29/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/133
Taler, George AHospitalsSupport$2506/4/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1322
Liebow, Mark FHospitalsSupport$2506/19/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/137
Morton, Marilyn JHospitalsSupport$2501/16/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/141
Westgard, SolveigHospitalsSupport$25012/26/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1420
Liebow, Mark FHospitalsSupport$25012/18/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1428
Billington, CharlesHospitalsSupport$25012/30/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) Yes1/16/1416

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