James Lankford Republican (Elected 2011), OK House district 5

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Picture of James Lankford

James Lankford is a member of the House Committee on the Budget and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.In the 112th Congress, James Lankford was a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and the House Committee on the Budget.

James Lankford can be contacted at 202-225-2132. His website is http://lankford.house.gov/.

Total Campaign Contributions Received by James Lankford: $1,081,829

Top 10 Organizations Funding

Devon Energy$24,300
Oge Energy$18,250
Downing Wellhead Equipment$12,000
Ernst and Young$11,000
Chesapeake Energy$10,500
American Bankers Association$8,500
Procure Treatment Centers$8,000
Flourish Integrative Pharmacy$7,500
Blue Crossblue Shield of Illinois$7,500
Buffalo Wild Wings$7,500

Geographic Sources of Contributions

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