Sherwood Boehlert Republican (Elected 1982), NY House district 24

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No longer in office

Date Range of Contributions
Within days of their votes

Interest groups supporting or opposing a bill gave these contributions to Sherwood Boehlert within 30 days of his vote on that bill:

Table lists the last vote on each bill in this legislator’s chamber, excluding motions to reconsider. Contributions shown through Sep 30, 2014.

ContributorInterest Group of contributorPosition of orgs in interest groupAmountsort iconDateBillVoteVote dateDays apart
Carnrike, TammyChambers of commerceSupport$5002/28/05 S. 5 (109th) Yes2/17/0512
National Japanese American PacMinority/Ethnic GroupsOppose$-1,0006/14/06 H.R. 5441 (109th) Yes6/6/068
Butler, GilbertEnvironmental policyOppose$-2,0006/4/06 H.R. 5429 (109th) No5/25/0611
Butler, GilbertEnvironmental policyOppose$-2,0006/4/06 H.R. 4761 (109th) No6/29/0624
Carpenters & Joiners UnionBuilding trades unionsSupport$-5,0004/25/06 H.R. 5429 (109th) No5/25/0629