Elizabeth Warren Democrat (Elected 2013), MA Senate district

Elizabeth Warren is a member of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

Date Range of Contributions
Within days of their votes

Interest groups supporting or opposing a bill gave these contributions to Elizabeth Warren within 30 days of her vote on that bill:

Table lists the last vote on each bill in this legislator’s chamber, excluding motions to reconsider. Contributions shown through Dec 31, 2013.

ContributorInterest Group of contributorPosition of orgs in interest groupAmountDateBillVoteVote dateDays apartsort icon
Plumbers/pipefitters UnionBuilding trades unionsSupport$-4,0005/14/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/130
Blitstein, NeilBusiness servicesSupport$2506/25/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/131
Weisz, JudithSchools & collegesSupport$2507/22/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) No7/24/131
Mayer, Marcia KramerInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2507/14/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/17/133
Robbins, BruceSchools & collegesSupport$2507/26/13 H.R. 1911 (113th) No7/24/133
Taylor, LyndaEducationSupport$2509/14/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/134
Liberty Mutual InsuranceProperty & casualty insuranceSupport$-5,00011/11/13 S. 815 (113th) Yes11/7/135
Bonney, CharlesVeterinariansSupport$2505/15/13 S. 622 (113th) Yes5/7/138
Bonney, CharlesVeterinariansSupport$2505/15/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1310
Rifkin, AlanClothing & accessoriesSupport$2505/15/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1310
Taylor, LyndaEducationSupport$2509/14/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/1311
Newman, PaulTelephone utilitiesSupport$2507/16/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1320
Coudert, AllisonSchools & collegesSupport$2506/5/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1321
Rollin, ArnoldDemocratic/LiberalOppose$25012/30/12 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/1324
Balint, JohnHospitalsSupport$2506/2/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1324
Carr, David BDemocratic/LiberalOppose$25012/29/12 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/1325
Bingham, JoanBook, newspaper & periodical publishingSupport$1,0001/16/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1326
Democratic Women Of The DesertDemocratic/LiberalOppose$25012/28/12 S.Res. 15 (113th) Yes1/24/1326
Weisz, JudithSchools & collegesSupport$2507/22/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1326
Pattullo, ElizabethHealth, Education & Human ResourcesSupport$5001/14/13 S. 47 (113th) Yes2/12/1328
Smith, RyanVenture capitalSupport$1,0007/25/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1329
Belsky, Judith ECivil servant/public employeeSupport$2506/4/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1330
Robbins, BruceSchools & collegesSupport$2507/26/13 S. 744 (113th) Yes6/27/1330