Deb Fischer Republican (Elected 2013), NE Senate district

In the 113th Congress, Deb Fischer was a member of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, the Senate Committee on Armed Services, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, and the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

Deb Fischer can be contacted at 202-224-6551 and 202-228-1325 (fax).

Date Range of Contributions
Within days of their votes

Interest groups supporting or opposing a bill gave these contributions to Deb Fischer within 30 days of vote on that bill:

Table lists the last vote on each bill in this legislator’s chamber, excluding motions to reconsider. Contributions shown through Sep 30, 2014.

ContributorInterest Group of contributorPosition of orgs in interest groupAmountDateBillVoteVote dateDays apartsort icon
Competitive Carriers AssnCellular systems and equipmentSupport$1,5009/17/14 S. 2583 (113th) Yes9/17/140
Janzen, PeterMilk & dairy producersSupport$5002/3/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/140
American Institute Of CpasAccountantsSupport$1,00011/5/13 S. 815 (113th) No11/7/131
Gayle, HeleneNon-ProfitsSupport$2501/28/14 S. 1302 (113th) Yes1/27/141
Simms, SusanHospitalsSupport$-2,5006/25/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/131
Kennedy, BarryChambers of commerceSupport$5006/25/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/131
At&t IncTelephone utilitiesSupport$2,0006/24/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/132
Cozad, JimLivestockSupport$2505/5/13 S. 622 (113th) Yes5/7/132
Andres, Susan AutherRailroadsSupport$1,5005/19/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/142
Werner EnterprisesTrucking companies & servicesSupport$2,5007/30/14 H.R. 5021 (113th) Yes7/29/142
Herre, MichaelTruckingSupport$1,0007/30/14 H.R. 5021 (113th) Yes7/29/142
National Assn Of Insurance & Financial AdvisorsLife insuranceSupport$2,5006/4/14 S. 2270 (113th) Yes6/2/142
Baldwin, LynneComputer softwareSupport$2509/22/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/133
Caldwell, DanielOnline computer services$2505/2/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/133
American Financial Services AssnCredit agencies & finance companiesSupport$1,0009/14/14 H.R. 5062 (113th) Yes9/17/143
Clear Channel OutdoorCommercial TV & radio stationsSupport$1,50011/3/13 S. 815 (113th) No11/7/133
Black Hills CorpElectric Power utilitiesSupport$1,0009/22/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/133
Luckritz, BrendaPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$50011/3/13 S. 815 (113th) No11/7/133
American Trucking AssnsTrucking companies & servicesSupport$2,0007/31/14 H.R. 5021 (113th) Yes7/29/143
American Trucking AssnsTrucking companies & servicesSupport$3,0007/31/14 H.R. 5021 (113th) Yes7/29/143
American Trucking AssnsTrucking companies & servicesSupport$1,0006/23/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/133
General ElectricIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$1,0002/6/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/143
Baldwin, LynneComputer softwareSupport$2509/22/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/134
Black Hills CorpElectric Power utilitiesSupport$1,0009/22/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) No9/27/134
Luckritz, BrendaPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$50011/3/13 H.R. 2094 (113th) Yes10/30/134
Great West Casualty CoProperty & casualty insuranceSupport$1,0007/20/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/144
Werner, PhilConstruction, unclassifiedSupport$5004/30/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/135
Growth EnergyAlternate energy production & servicesSupport$1,0008/5/13 H.R. 678 (113th) Yes7/31/135
Policinski, Anne MarieMilk & dairy producersSupport$2,5001/29/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/145
Policinski, ChristopherMilk & dairy producersSupport$2,5001/29/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/145
Hughes, DanCrop production & basic processingSupport$2505/8/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/136
Csx CorpRailroadsSupport$2,5007/22/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/146
Hoppe, John JrReal estateSupport$5004/29/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/136
Shadbolt, SherrillLivestockSupport$5004/30/13 S. 622 (113th) Yes5/7/137
Union Pacific CorpRailroadsSupport$1,5007/9/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/147
Land O'lakesMilk & dairy producersSupport$5,0001/27/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/147
Pacific Life InsuranceLife insuranceSupport$1,0007/23/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/147
Windstream CommunicationsTelephone utilitiesSupport$5006/18/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/138
Fast, CharlesTelephone utilitiesSupport$25011/14/13 S. 815 (113th) No11/7/138
Crane, JonConstruction, unclassifiedSupport$2,5006/18/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/138
Askey, Thelma JBusiness servicesOppose$5001/21/14 S. 1926 (113th) No1/30/148
Acklie, DuaneTrucking companies & servicesSupport$5008/5/14 H.R. 5021 (113th) Yes7/29/148
Fricke, RobertCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$50011/14/13 S. 815 (113th) No11/7/138
Mcgee, DennisCrop production & basic processingSupport$2505/5/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/139
Mcgee, Dennis DCrop production & basic processingSupport$2505/11/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/1410
National Telecommunications Cooperative AssnTelephone utilitiesSupport$1,0006/16/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/1310
Florida Sugar Cane LeagueSugar cane & sugar beetsSupport$522/13/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/1410
Morgan, PjReal estateSupport$1,0004/25/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1310
Rinke, Robert DennisAnimal feed & health productsSupport$2507/25/14 H.R. 1528 (113th) Yes7/15/1410
Koslosky, AdamHeavy industrial manufacturingSupport$2509/8/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/1310
Us BancorpCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,0007/6/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/1410
Bode, JohnWheat, corn, soybeans and cash grain$5007/28/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/17/1311
Little, GeorgeEngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsSupport$25011/10/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/1311
Us Telecom AssnTelephone utilitiesSupport$1,0007/28/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/1412
Baldwin, LynneComputer softwareSupport$2004/21/14 S. 994 (113th) Yes4/9/1412
Runde, DanielNon-ProfitsSupport$2,5001/15/14 S. 1302 (113th) Yes1/27/1412
Ag ProcessingWheat, corn, soybeans and cash grainSupport$2,5005/28/13 S. 954 (113th) Yes6/10/1312
Anderson, Clark WReal estateSupport$2504/23/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1312
Abboud, David EReal estateSupport$5004/23/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1312
Baldwin, LynneComputer softwareSupport$2504/22/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1313
Aflac IncAccident & health insuranceSupport$2,0006/15/14 S. 2270 (113th) Yes6/2/1413
Ricketts, J PeterPrivate Equity & Investment FirmsSupport$1,5006/13/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/1313
National Corn Growers AssnWheat, corn, soybeans and cash grainSupport$1,5006/3/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/1413
Schock, PaulGeneral commerceSupport$2505/8/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/1413
Werner, PhilConstruction, unclassifiedSupport$5004/30/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1314
College Of American PathologistsOther physician specialistsSupport$5009/4/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/1314
Ag ProcessingWheat, corn, soybeans and cash grainSupport$2,5005/28/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1314
Black, DavidRailroadsSupport$2506/4/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/1414
Luckritz, BrendaPharmaceutical manufacturingSupport$50011/3/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/1314
American Hospital AssnHospitalsSupport$2,0002/24/14 H.R. 2019 (113th) Yes3/10/1414
Hilton WorldwideHotels & motelsSupport$2,00010/10/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) No9/27/1314
Brown, DwayneTrucking companies & servicesSupport$25010/10/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) No9/27/1314
Jader, AndrewTelephone utilitiesSupport$25010/22/13 S. 815 (113th) No11/7/1315
Hellman, TamiAccountantsSupport$1,00010/22/13 S. 815 (113th) No11/7/1315
Cellular Telecom & Internet AssnCellular systems and equipmentSupport$1,00010/2/14 S. 2583 (113th) Yes9/17/1415
Whitehead, MarkOil & GasSupport$25011/14/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/1315
Kilberg, BobbieGeneral business associationsSupport$1,0002/18/14 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes2/4/1415
New York Life InsuranceLife insuranceOppose$1,5003/27/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) No3/13/1415
Pacific Life InsuranceLife insuranceSupport$1,0006/17/14 S. 2270 (113th) Yes6/2/1415
Beren, RobertIndependent oil & gas producersSupport$5006/2/13 S. 244 (113th) Yes6/18/1316
American Soybean AssnWheat, corn, soybeans and cash grainSupport$1,0005/5/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/1416
Koslosky, AdamHeavy industrial manufacturingSupport$2509/8/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/1317
First National Of NebraskaCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$5,0006/9/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/1317
National Telecommunications Cooperative AssnTelephone utilitiesSupport$1,2508/3/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/1418
Aden, DeanTrucking companies & servicesSupport$25010/14/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) No9/27/1318
Mauch, RichardCrop production & basic processingSupport$2506/2/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1319
Stinson, KenConstruction, unclassifiedSupport$2,5006/2/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1319
Gallentine, JamesOther physician specialists$2504/18/14 H.R. 4302 (113th) No3/31/1419
Bjornstad, JeffBusiness servicesSupport$1,00010/18/13 S. 815 (113th) No11/7/1319
Fulgham, Alonzo LEngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsSupport$5002/3/14 H.R. 3547 (113th) No1/16/1419
American Chemistry CouncilChemicalsSupport$2,5007/15/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/1319
Garvin, Gary BertCrop production & basic processingSupport$5004/24/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1320
Regier, Kenneth LCrop production & basic processingSupport$2504/24/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1320
At&t IncTelephone utilitiesSupport$1,0006/6/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/1320
Sprint CommunicationsCellular systems and equipmentSupport$2,00010/17/13 S. 815 (113th) No11/7/1320
Marshall, BillBanks & lending institutionsSupport$5009/6/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) No9/27/1320
Marshall, BillBanks & lending institutionsSupport$5009/6/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) No9/27/1320
National Sorghum ProducersWheat, corn, soybeans and cash grainSupport$50012/26/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) No1/16/1420
Bolten, JoshuaBusiness servicesOppose$1,0002/18/14 S. 1926 (113th) No1/30/1420
Croplife AmericaAgricultural chemicals (fertilizers & pesticides)Support$1,00010/10/13 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes10/30/1320
Morrison, KennethAnimal feed & health productsSupport$5004/24/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1320
Boslau, ByronInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2504/24/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1320
Olsen, KeithCrop production & basic processingSupport$5004/23/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1321
Simonsen, GeraldCrop production & basic processingSupport$5004/23/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1321
Us Telecom AssnTelephone utilitiesSupport$1,0006/5/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/1321
CenturylinkTelephone utilitiesSupport$1,0008/6/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/1421
Aman, KarenTelecommunicationsSupport$2508/28/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/19/1321
Morledge, MichealFinancial services & consultingSupport$1,0009/5/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) No9/27/1321
College Of American PathologistsOther physician specialistsSupport$5009/4/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/1321
Henn, MikeMilk & dairy producersOppose$5008/7/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/17/1321
Henn, MaxMilk & dairy producersOppose$2508/7/13 H.R. 2642 (113th) Yes7/17/1321
Wieman, DeniseCrop production & basic processingSupport$2504/22/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1322
Godaddy.comOnline computer servicesSupport$1,0006/4/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/1322
Fifield, RobertWheat, corn, soybeans and cash grainSupport$2504/22/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1322
Wood, WalterFood and kindred products manufacturingSupport$2506/24/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/1422
Kilberg, BobbieGeneral business associationsSupport$1,0002/18/14 H.R. 3370 (113th) No3/13/1422
Verizon CommunicationsTelephone utilitiesSupport$2,5006/3/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/1323
Jader, AndrewTelephone utilitiesSupport$2509/3/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) No9/27/1323
Stinson, KenConstruction, unclassifiedSupport$2,5006/2/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/1324
Sprint CommunicationsCellular systems and equipmentSupport$1,0008/7/14 S. 517 (113th) Yes7/14/1424
Oliver, ShirleyBanks & lending institutionsSupport$5009/2/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) No9/27/1324
Acklie, DuaneTrucking companies & servicesSupport$1,0006/2/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/1324
Harris, JohnCrop production & basic processingSupport$-1,0006/9/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1326
Fedex ExpressExpress delivery servicesSupport$2,50010/22/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/1326
Jader, AndrewTelephone utilitiesSupport$25010/22/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) No9/27/1326
National Assn Of Rehab Providers & AgcysHealth care servicesSupport$1,0005/21/13 S. 330 (113th) Yes6/16/1326
Sandman, RandyTelephone utilitiesSupport$2508/30/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) No9/27/1327
Kaiser, William EReal estateSupport$2506/19/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/1427
Hilton WorldwideHotels & motelsSupport$2,00010/10/13 S. 815 (113th) No11/7/1327
Koll, DavidInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2508/30/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) No9/27/1327
Mutual Of OmahaInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2,5006/10/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1327
Aman, KarenTelecommunicationsSupport$2508/28/13 H.R. 527 (113th) Yes9/25/1328
Stinson, KenConstruction, unclassifiedSupport$2,5006/2/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1328
Facebook IncOnline computer servicesSupport$2,50012/17/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) No1/16/1429
Duke EnergyGas & Electric UtilitiesSupport$1,0008/14/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/1429
Dow AgrosciencesAgricultural chemicals (fertilizers & pesticides)Support$1,0006/12/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1329
Mcdonald's CorpRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$1,0005/28/13 S. 744 (113th) No6/27/1329
Pacific Life InsuranceLife insuranceSupport$1,0006/17/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/1429
Becton, Dickinson & CoMedical supplies manufacturing & salesSupport$1,00012/17/13 H.R. 3204 (113th) Yes11/17/1330
Cellular Telecom & Internet AssnCellular systems and equipmentSupport$2,50012/16/13 H.R. 3547 (113th) No1/16/1430
Godaddy.comOnline computer services$1,0006/4/13 S. 743 (113th) Yes5/6/1330
Varley, ElizabethSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$5008/27/13 H.J.Res. 59 (113th) No9/27/1330
Fmr CorpSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$1,0006/16/14 S. 2244 (113th) Yes7/17/1430
Usdan, StevenReal Estate developers & subdividersSupport$2506/13/13 S. 601 (113th) Yes5/15/1330
Wright, KarenIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$2,5004/21/14 H.R. 3080 (113th) Yes5/22/1430