Douglas "Mike" McIntyre Democrat (Elected 1996), NC House district 7

Map of contributions to Douglas "Mike" McIntyre
Picture of Douglas "Mike" McIntyre

No longer in office

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Douglas "Mike" McIntyre: $3,452

Top 10 Organizations Funding

Campbell Oil and Gas Company$500
Automobile Dealer$250

Geographic Sources of Contributions to Douglas "Mike" McIntyre

Douglas "Mike" McIntyre received 55% of campaign contributions ($725,300) from outside district. (Rank: 395 out of 421.)

Douglas "Mike" McIntyre received 42% of campaign contributions ($551,850) from outside state. (Rank: 340 out of 421.)

Total Campaign Contributions, 2005-2007: $1,322,375

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Top 10 Contributing Zip Codes

Lumberton, NC 28358$92,250
Washington, DC 20036$51,000
Washington, DC 20005$50,500
Washington, DC 20001$47,000
Wilmington, NC 28403$40,050
Whiteville, NC 28472$34,250
Fayetteville, NC 28305$34,000
Wilmington, NC 28405$33,548
Wilmington, NC 28409$31,125
Elizabethtown, NC 28337$30,350

Top 5 Contributing States

North Carolina$770,525
District Of Columbia$210,500
Map of contributions to Douglas "Mike" McIntyre

Download high-resolution map (3MB)

This map depicts the total amount of campaign contributions to U.S. Representative Douglas "Mike" McIntyre (North Carolina District 7), based on the House District in which each contribution originated. This map includes all contributions from January 2005 through December 2007, excluding individual contributions of less than $200 and contributions from political parties, other candidates, and leadership PACs. Contribution data supplied by MapLight from analysis of Center for Responsive Politics data. Map created 10/16/2008 by Azavea Inc. For more details, see full report at This map may be freely reproduced provide credit is given to “MapLight.”

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