Ron Paul Republican (Elected 1974), TX House district 14

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Date Range of Contributions
Within days of their votes

Interest groups supporting or opposing a bill gave these contributions to Ron Paul within 30 days of his vote on that bill:

Table lists the last vote on each bill in this legislator’s chamber, excluding motions to reconsider. Contributions shown through Dec 31, 2012.

ContributorInterest Group of contributorPosition of orgs in interest groupAmountDateBillVoteVote dateDays apartsort icon
Brewer, MichaelEngineers - type unknownSupport$5005/22/07 H.R. 2272 (110th) Yes5/21/072
Campbell, Mark A MrEngineers - type unknownSupport$26710/30/07 H.R. 3224 (110th) No vote10/29/072
Olson, Thomas A MrNon-ProfitsOppose$2507/18/11 H.R. 1315 (112th) Yes7/21/112
Walsh, John V MrMedical schoolsSupport$2502/29/12 H.R. 2117 (112th) Yes2/28/122
Acklin, Jimmy DavidMedical schoolsSupport$25012/3/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/112
Wilhelm, NicholasMedical schoolsSupport$2012/29/12 H.R. 2117 (112th) Yes2/28/122
Burns, David AEmployment agenciesSupport$20112/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Wicks, Richard W MrReal estateOppose$2,30011/10/07 H.R. 3996 (110th) No vote11/9/072
Mckenzie, CynthiaReal estateSupport$2502/29/12 H.R. 1433 (112th) Yes2/27/122
Lukas, Erich RevMedical supplies manufacturing & salesSupport$2016/20/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Sue, PamelaBeverages (non-alcoholic)Support$3186/20/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Ball, Blanche DTruck/Automotive parts & accessoriesSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Wayco, Gary L MrAuto manufacturersSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Govoni, Scott WarrenAuto manufacturersSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Bell, David JAuto manufacturersSupport$4009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Simpson, David P MrFinance, Insurance & Real EstateSupport$50010/1/07 H.R. 3648 (110th) No10/4/072
Bulcha, Akinaw MrFinance, Insurance & Real EstateSupport$1,50010/5/07 H.R. 3648 (110th) No10/4/072
Allen, Edward MrSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$2,3005/19/07 H.R. 1525 (110th) Yes5/22/072
Mangin, ScottSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$5005/23/07 H.R. 1525 (110th) Yes5/22/072
Sell, Charles G MrSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$2508/5/07 H.R. 3221 (110th) No vote8/4/072
Lawson, William T Mr JrSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$20011/3/07 H.R. 3997 (110th) No vote11/6/072
Dennison, Calvin O MrSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$1,00011/3/07 H.R. 3997 (110th) No vote11/6/072
Sell, Charles G MrSecurity brokers & investment companiesOppose$50011/6/07 H.R. 3996 (110th) No vote11/9/072
Agrawal, Maria MrSecurity brokers & investment companiesOppose$25011/6/07 H.R. 3996 (110th) No vote11/9/072
Tom, Philip MsSecurity brokers & investment companiesOppose$1,00011/6/07 H.R. 3996 (110th) No vote11/9/072
Rostron, Kenneth E MrSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$2,30011/7/07 H.R. 3997 (110th) No vote11/6/072
Conners, Daniel AndrewSecurity brokers & investment companiesSupport$2,0004/27/12 H.R. 3523 (112th) No vote4/26/122
Eppic, BrianExpress delivery servicesSupport$2502/13/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Hansen, Michael DExpress delivery servicesSupport$2012/13/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Byers, Maurice MrExpress delivery servicesSupport$2012/13/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Keim, LarryStone, clay, glass & concrete productsSupport$7004/16/12 H.R. 9 (112th) No vote4/19/122
Pennington, Gordon RStone, clay, glass & concrete productsSupport$1,0007/14/11 H.R. 2018 (112th) Yes7/13/112
Pennington, GiselaStone, clay, glass & concrete productsSupport$1,0009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Keatley, Robert LSpecial trade contractorsSupport$2755/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Halonen, Aaron MichaelSpecial trade contractorsSupport$2015/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Evans, Berry MiltonSpecial trade contractorsSupport$2015/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Kocher, Patrick GSpecial trade contractorsSupport$2,3319/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Vincent, Ronald L MsSpecial trade contractorsSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Price, Jusin K MrSpecial trade contractorsSupport$2015/12/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Laplant, Wayne MSpecial trade contractorsSupport$2015/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Jeffries, Rachael CatherineAuto dealers, foreign importsSupport$3003/23/12 H.R. 2779 (112th) No vote3/26/122
Mcdaniel, Kenneth PAuto dealers, foreign importsSupport$2009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Lloyd, Herbert KAuto dealers, foreign importsSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Diehl, JessicaTrucking companies & servicesSupport$2014/16/12 H.R. 9 (112th) No vote4/19/122
Rine, Michael LTrucking companies & servicesSupport$50012/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Bhattacharyya, Paul DavidTrucking companies & servicesSupport$20112/10/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Wildhagen, Joseph RevTrucking companies & servicesSupport$20112/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Wildhagen, Joseph RevTrucking companies & servicesSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Love, PamelaTrucking companies & servicesSupport$5002/17/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Cogliano, JosephWaste managementSupport$1,2004/16/12 H.R. 9 (112th) No vote4/19/122
Collins, DanaHeavy industrial manufacturingSupport$5004/16/12 H.R. 9 (112th) No vote4/19/122
Boyd, Mike RHeavy industrial manufacturingSupport$2504/16/12 H.R. 9 (112th) No vote4/19/122
Kistler, BrendaTextiles & fabricsSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Digirolamo, Thomas DominickTextiles & fabricsSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Morgan, Jeremy RobinTextiles & fabricsSupport$3346/24/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Halajian, B Arry SElectrical contractorsSupport$2504/16/12 H.R. 9 (112th) No vote4/19/122
Dortignac, Chris RevElectrical contractorsSupport$2014/16/12 H.R. 9 (112th) No vote4/19/122
Flerchinger, DickElectrical contractorsSupport$2505/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Fouret, GlenElectrical contractorsSupport$2,00011/29/11 H.R. 3010 (112th) No vote12/2/112
Middlebrook, Wes YBus servicesSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Croker, Ed LResidential constructionSupport$2017/10/11 H.R. 2018 (112th) Yes7/13/112
Traskal, Paul MrResidential constructionSupport$4007/10/11 H.R. 2018 (112th) Yes7/13/112
Poole, Weldon Mr IiiLumber and wood productsOppose$50010/21/07 H.R. 1483 (110th) No10/24/072
Gibb, Mark D MrDefense aerospace contractorsSupport$2016/24/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Hatch, Kelly DDefense aerospace contractorsSupport$25012/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
De Marzi, Max Mr JrBanks & lending institutionsOppose$2506/7/07 H.R. 964 (110th) No6/6/072
Leggett, DeanBanks & lending institutionsSupport$2474/27/12 H.R. 4257 (112th) Yes4/25/122
Hegg, ErikBanks & lending institutionsSupport$2503/24/12 H.R. 3606 (112th) Yes3/27/122
Wallace, John SBanks & lending institutionsSupport$1,0007/18/11 H.R. 1315 (112th) Yes7/21/112
Townsend, Kyle LBanks & lending institutionsSupport$5006/24/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Leggett, DeanBanks & lending institutionsSupport$2474/27/12 H.R. 3523 (112th) No vote4/26/122
Kinney, ClayCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2017/29/11 H.R. 2056 (112th) Yes7/27/112
Wienert, Scott MrCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$50011/3/07 H.R. 3997 (110th) No vote11/6/072
Huband, SandraCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,00011/3/07 H.R. 3997 (110th) No vote11/6/072
Huband, Douglas S MrCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$50011/3/07 H.R. 3997 (110th) No vote11/6/072
Martinez, Kevin M MrCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2,30011/7/07 H.R. 3997 (110th) No vote11/6/072
Lavin, Anthony PCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2,00011/7/07 H.R. 3997 (110th) No vote11/6/072
Suncire, RolandCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,4004/26/12 H.R. 3336 (112th) No vote4/25/122
Jimenez, SauloCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2504/26/12 H.R. 3336 (112th) No vote4/25/122
Handy-williams, BrigidCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$1,0003/24/12 H.R. 3606 (112th) Yes3/27/122
Nole, Vito Mr JrCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2507/18/11 H.R. 1315 (112th) Yes7/21/112
Arellano, Rich BCommercial banks & bank holding companiesSupport$2017/18/11 H.R. 1315 (112th) Yes7/21/112
Rollins, Wesley M MrCable & satellite TV production & distributionSupport$25010/17/07 H.R. 2102 (110th) Yes10/16/072
Esworthy, NellaineCredit agencies & finance companiesSupport$1,0007/18/11 H.R. 1315 (112th) Yes7/21/112
Ruiz, FabianCredit agencies & finance companiesSupport$2017/18/11 H.R. 1315 (112th) Yes7/21/112
Carpenter, TreffIndependent oil & gas producersSupport$5002/13/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Hoehl, Eberhard JosephIndependent oil & gas producersSupport$2012/13/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Ward, PatrickIndependent oil & gas producersSupport$2012/13/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Jucevic, Edward PMiningSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Crowther, Frank MMiningSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Collins, Matt CMiningSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Martin, JoyOil & GasSupport$2502/13/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Rosen, Deborah KOil & GasSupport$2012/13/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Bennett, Ricky SmithOil & GasSupport$2012/13/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Sharp, DouglasOil & GasSupport$50012/3/11 H.R. 3010 (112th) No vote12/2/112
Soehner, GageOil & GasSupport$25012/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Musgrave, Dean Scott MrPublic works, industrial & commercial constructionSupport$2005/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Britt, AndrewPublic works, industrial & commercial constructionSupport$2505/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Corson, Richard A MrPublic works, industrial & commercial constructionSupport$2015/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Sanders, Rhett AmbroisePublic works, industrial & commercial constructionSupport$2505/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Musgrave, Dean Scott MrPublic works, industrial & commercial constructionSupport$2502/13/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Barnes, James E Mr IiiAirlinesSupport$2005/6/12 H.R. 2072 (112th) No5/9/122
Hagen, Mark SAirlinesSupport$2015/10/12 H.R. 2072 (112th) No5/9/122
Rose, Bernard LPest controlSupport$20011/27/11 H.R. 3094 (112th) No vote11/30/112
Davis, Jacob BFarm organizations & cooperativesSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Councill, George R MrWater UtilitiesSupport$2503/8/12 H.R. 2842 (112th) No vote3/7/122
Hatfield, Amy CherreCrop production & basic processingSupport$20112/5/11 H.R. 1633 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Thompson, Irvin ECrop production & basic processingSupport$20012/5/11 H.R. 1633 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Kingham, Todd J MrFood and kindred products manufacturingSupport$27911/4/07 H.R. 3685 (110th) No vote11/7/072
Kidder, VickieFood and kindred products manufacturingSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Braverman, DavidFood and kindred products manufacturingSupport$37612/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Braverman, DavidFood and kindred products manufacturingSupport$50012/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Splonskowski, DavidFood and kindred products manufacturingSupport$20112/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Warble,, Ken C JrChemicalsSupport$2083/23/12 H.R. 2779 (112th) No vote3/26/122
Moser, Robert SChemicalsSupport$2013/23/12 H.R. 2779 (112th) No vote3/26/122
Blakely, Dale M MrChemicalsSupport$2,0002/24/08 H.R. 5351 (110th) No2/27/082
Hebbard, George Miller Miller PeChemicalsSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Cox, Diane BChemicalsSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Davis, Nathan MElectric Power utilitiesSupport$2503/8/12 H.R. 2842 (112th) No vote3/7/122
Berens, David PatrickElectric Power utilitiesSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Winters, Craig MrElectric Power utilitiesSupport$2013/23/12 H.R. 2682 (112th) No vote3/26/122
Kopp, Gregory MatthewElectric Power utilitiesSupport$50012/10/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Coe, Judson MrPublic school teachers, administrators & officialsSupport$-4010/19/07 H.R. 53 (110th) Yes10/22/072
Dasbach, Steve MrPublic school teachers, administrators & officialsSupport$5002/8/08 H.R. 4137 (110th) No2/7/082
Harlow, JasonPublic school teachers, administrators & officialsSupport$2006/24/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Gallion, David DMiscellaneous retail storesOppose$2502/26/12 H.R. 1837 (112th) No vote2/29/122
Miller, DillonMiscellaneous retail storesOppose$2012/26/12 H.R. 1837 (112th) No vote2/29/122
Duquette, Jason MrPharmaceutical manufacturingOppose$5009/8/07 H.R. 1908 (110th) No vote9/7/072
Ammon, Keith M MrPharmaceutical manufacturingOppose$2009/4/07 H.R. 1908 (110th) No vote9/7/072
Szentkiralyi, ZoltanPharmaceutical manufacturing$1,0006/24/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Kielbus, WandaFood storesSupport$2507/30/11 S. 627 (112th) No7/29/112
Merwick, Robert RMilitarySupport$5003/25/07 H.R. 1538 (110th) Yes3/28/072
Henderson, David R DrMilitaryOppose$1,0005/3/07 H.R. 1591 (110th) No5/2/072
Begy, David A MrMilitaryOppose$3005/3/07 H.R. 1591 (110th) No5/2/072
Zell, Ryan B MrMilitarySupport$5005/8/07 H.R. 1642 (110th) Yes5/7/072
Lee, Thomas FMilitarySupport$5005/16/07 H.R. 634 (110th) No vote5/15/072
Montgomery, Jeremy David MrMilitarySupport$2,3006/12/07 H.R. 2642 (110th) No vote6/15/072
Duncan, Johnathan Rockwell MrMilitarySupport$5006/16/07 H.R. 2642 (110th) No vote6/15/072
Karrh, Jeffrey D MrMilitarySupport$1,2507/27/07 H.R. 2874 (110th) Yes7/30/072
Karrh, Jeffrey D MrMilitarySupport$1,2507/27/07 H.R. 2623 (110th) Yes7/30/072
Karrh, Jeffrey D MrMilitarySupport$1,2507/27/07 H.R. 1315 (110th) Yes7/30/072
Chamberlain, David A MrMilitarySupport$2007/27/07 H.R. 2874 (110th) Yes7/30/072
Chamberlain, David A MrMilitarySupport$2007/27/07 H.R. 2623 (110th) Yes7/30/072
Chamberlain, David A MrMilitarySupport$2007/27/07 H.R. 1315 (110th) Yes7/30/072
Dickey, David MrMilitarySupport$38011/3/07 H.R. 513 (110th) Yes11/5/072
Schnell, Brian R MrMilitarySupport$30011/3/07 H.R. 513 (110th) Yes11/5/072
Hodgkinson, Carl J MrMilitarySupport$20611/3/07 H.R. 513 (110th) Yes11/5/072
Tweed, Brent S MrMilitarySupport$31711/3/07 H.R. 513 (110th) Yes11/5/072
Webber, Michael L MrMilitarySupport$30011/3/07 H.R. 513 (110th) Yes11/5/072
Jeys, Thomas R Mr IiiMilitarySupport$30011/3/07 H.R. 513 (110th) Yes11/5/072
Poulsen, Christoffer MrMilitarySupport$21011/3/07 H.R. 513 (110th) Yes11/5/072
Jones, Jeri Lynn MrMilitarySupport$50011/7/07 H.R. 513 (110th) Yes11/5/072
Gonzalez, Fernandez R MrMilitarySupport$25011/7/07 H.R. 513 (110th) Yes11/5/072
Peterson, James O MrMilitarySupport$2004/9/08 S. 793 (110th) No4/8/082
Silverberg, Jon PeterMilitarySupport$20111/16/11 H.R. 2838 (112th) Yes11/14/112
Dudley, John-rickMilitarySupport$25010/9/11 H.R. 2433 (112th) No vote10/12/112
Fiedler, Andrew ThomasMilitarySupport$20111/12/11 H.R. 2838 (112th) Yes11/14/112
Millershaski, Tyler JamesMilitarySupport$25010/9/11 H.R. 2433 (112th) No vote10/12/112
Akiyama, LaurenceMilitarySupport$25011/16/11 H.R. 2838 (112th) Yes11/14/112
Anderson, TroyMilitarySupport$50011/12/11 H.R. 2838 (112th) Yes11/14/112
Early, StevenMilitarySupport$25011/12/11 H.R. 2838 (112th) Yes11/14/112
Champney, Kenneth HDefense policy, dovesOppose$50011/12/07 H.R. 4156 (110th) No11/14/072
Henderson, Robert WHealth care servicesSupport$1,00012/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Brown, Tim P MrDentistsSupport$4002/21/10 H.R. 4626 (111th) No2/24/102
Busch, LawrenceDentistsSupport$25012/3/11 H.R. 3010 (112th) No vote12/2/112
Der Boghosian, RupenDentistsSupport$5003/23/12 H.R. 5 (112th) No vote3/22/122
Heuer, Stephen Joseph MrOther non-physician health practitionersSupport$2013/23/12 H.R. 5 (112th) No vote3/22/122
Beckwith, KarenOther non-physician health practitionersSupport$20012/7/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/112
Darmanchyan, Ani MrBiotech products & researchSupport$2009/24/07 H.R. 3567 (110th) No vote9/27/072
Harner, Robert HOther physician specialistsSupport$5004/22/07 H.R. 493 (110th) No4/25/072
Yeh, David MrOther physician specialistsSupport$2,3006/4/07 S. 5 (110th) No6/7/072
Taylor, Marc T DrOther physician specialists$2608/2/07 H.R. 3162 (110th) No8/1/072
Ewing, Tom W MsOther physician specialistsSupport$1,00012/16/07 H.R. 4040 (110th) No vote12/19/072
Teplitz, LindaOther physician specialistsSupport$2503/23/12 H.R. 5 (112th) No vote3/22/122
Schwartz, J Theodore JrOther physician specialistsSupport$5003/23/12 H.R. 5 (112th) No vote3/22/122
Nelson, Michael RobertOther physician specialistsSupport$2503/23/12 H.R. 5 (112th) No vote3/22/122
Robinson, Mark K MrOther physician specialistsOppose$20112/5/11 H.R. 1633 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Truett, Artis P IiiOther physician specialistsOppose$2,50012/5/11 H.R. 1633 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Makrides, Andrew A MdOther physician specialistsOppose$50012/5/11 H.R. 1633 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Chlysta, Walter JohnOther physician specialistsSupport$25012/3/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/112
Miller, Roger W MdOther physician specialistsSupport$25012/7/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/112
Bruerd, Charles DoOther physician specialistsOppose$25012/5/11 H.R. 1633 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Teplitz, Eric P MdOther physician specialistsSupport$2503/23/12 H.R. 5 (112th) No vote3/22/122
Hermann, BruceOther physician specialistsSupport$20112/7/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/112
Tidwell, ThomasOther physician specialistsOppose$25012/9/11 H.R. 1633 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Stewart, Thelma FNursing homesOppose$3001/29/12 H.R. 1173 (112th) No vote2/1/122
Wroblewski, GenevieveNursing homesSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Hawes, Patricia A MrNursesSupport$25010/16/07 H.R. 20 (110th) No10/15/072
Wood, Carolyn L MrNursesSupport$5001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Hrabski, Janet D MrsNursesSupport$2001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Chambers, Michele M MrNursesSupport$3001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Ivy, BerrynellNursesSupport$50011/27/11 H.R. 3094 (112th) No vote11/30/112
Ivy, BerrynellNursesSupport$1,00011/27/11 H.R. 3094 (112th) No vote11/30/112
Ivy, BerrynellNursesSupport$1,00011/27/11 H.R. 3094 (112th) No vote11/30/112
Stoll, Christopher MrInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2509/16/07 H.R. 2761 (110th) No9/19/072
Jayne, Tim MrInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2509/16/07 H.R. 2761 (110th) No9/19/072
Franco, Iberio H MrInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$5009/20/07 H.R. 2761 (110th) No9/19/072
Hamlin, Robyn L MrInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$3501/20/08 H.R. 3959 (110th) Yes1/23/082
Mazziotti, Anthony Joseph MrInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2001/20/08 H.R. 3959 (110th) Yes1/23/082
Freiberg, Christal J MsInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2001/20/08 H.R. 3959 (110th) Yes1/23/082
Mckenna, Brion R MrInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2001/20/08 H.R. 3959 (110th) Yes1/23/082
Fosse, PaulInsurance companies, brokers & agents$2505/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Skinner, LeighInsurance companies, brokers & agents$2505/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Tigner, Brian TInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2014/16/12 H.R. 9 (112th) No vote4/19/122
Lawrence, JerryInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,5004/20/12 H.R. 9 (112th) No vote4/19/122
Jayne, Stimson MInsurance companies, brokers & agents$2005/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Nudd, Lyn EInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Vrieling, Scott MrInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$5006/24/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Clough, CandiceInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$2009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Skinner, Jeffrey S MrInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$5009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Skinner, Justina T MsInsurance companies, brokers & agentsSupport$1,0009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Pino, BryanRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$5004/16/12 H.R. 9 (112th) No vote4/19/122
Lewis, Richard TRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$2,50011/29/11 H.R. 3010 (112th) No vote12/2/112
Derose, SusanRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$2,50011/27/11 H.R. 3094 (112th) No vote11/30/112
Vanek, Thomas ERestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$27711/29/11 H.R. 3010 (112th) No vote12/2/112
Alwageeh, Imran AhmedRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$3009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Yeung, Zhou JRestaurants & drinking establishmentsSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Cox, Mary EllenWomen's issuesOppose$5006/19/11 H.R. 672 (112th) Yes6/22/112
Buckman, Robert F JrHospitalsSupport$5002/13/07 H.R. 976 (110th) Yes2/16/072
Applegate, George MrHospitalsSupport$50010/19/07 H.R. 976 (110th) No10/18/072
Martin, ReneeHospitalsSupport$2003/23/12 H.R. 5 (112th) No vote3/22/122
Wehland, DeanHospitals$20112/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Morreale, Steven CHospitalsSupport$1,0009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Febles, AlainHospitalsSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Meyer, Josh RHospitalsSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Theiss, Andrew JohnHospitals$50012/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Goebel, Donna DaytonHospitals$20112/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Kalayjian, TroHospitals$20112/10/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Weiss, Galen AndreHospitalsSupport$20011/27/11 H.R. 3094 (112th) No vote11/30/112
Dufault, Stephen M PatriotHospitalsSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Fields, DanielHospitalsSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Kirsch, James AHospitalsSupport$5009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Holmes, Benjamin F MrHospitalsSupport$6009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Danigelis, Matthew JamesHospitals$50012/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Kleinman, Michael MrDemocratic/LiberalOppose$4884/23/12 H.R. 3523 (112th) No vote4/26/122
Prucha, Angelina MarieManagement consultants & servicesOppose$1,0003/24/12 H.R. 3309 (112th) No vote3/27/122
Dorman, AndrewManagement consultants & servicesOppose$3503/28/12 H.R. 3309 (112th) No vote3/27/122
Parziale, Thomas JCommercial printing & typesettingOppose$2,3008/1/07 H.R. 2831 (110th) No7/31/072
Blandino, JeanCommercial printing & typesettingSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Rhines, Walden ClarkCommercial printing & typesettingSupport$25012/2/11 H.R. 527 (112th) No vote12/1/112
Boozalis, Debra KPhysiciansSupport$1,0002/25/10 H.R. 4626 (111th) No2/24/102
Barr, David TPhysiciansSupport$1,0004/26/07 H.R. 493 (110th) No4/25/072
Salcedo, Victor MPhysiciansSupport$5005/20/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/072
Rowen, Robert DrPhysiciansSupport$8005/24/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/072
Yiachos, George MrPhysiciansSupport$2,3005/24/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/072
Kossmann, Richard DrPhysicians$2,3008/2/07 H.R. 3162 (110th) No8/1/072
May, Norman C Mr M DPhysicians$4008/2/07 H.R. 3162 (110th) No8/1/072
Mogan, John R MrPhysiciansSupport$25010/15/07 H.R. 976 (110th) No10/18/072
Robinson, Gil R MrPhysiciansSupport$1,00010/19/07 H.R. 976 (110th) No10/18/072
Weiss, Daniel MrPhysiciansSupport$25010/19/07 H.R. 976 (110th) No10/18/072
Ring, Michelle Lynn MrsPhysiciansSupport$25010/19/07 H.R. 976 (110th) No10/18/072
Eidelman, William S MrPhysiciansSupport$50010/19/07 H.R. 976 (110th) No10/18/072
Gonzalez, Nicholas JamesPhysiciansSupport$2013/23/12 H.R. 5 (112th) No vote3/22/122
Campbell, William GarstPhysiciansSupport$2503/23/12 H.R. 5 (112th) No vote3/22/122
Kendrick, Mary S DoPhysiciansSupport$2013/23/12 H.R. 5 (112th) No vote3/22/122
Stiennon, Michael DrPhysiciansOppose$1,00010/15/11 H.R. 2273 (112th) No vote10/14/112
Mcgee, Thoomas Page JrPhysiciansOppose$20110/15/11 H.R. 2273 (112th) No vote10/14/112
Tracy, MarkPhysiciansOppose$5005/5/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/112
Christman, Kenneth D MrsPhysiciansOppose$2,5005/5/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/112
De Meo, Harry GeorgePhysiciansSupport$50012/9/11 H.R. 1254 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Barrett, John Patrick MdPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/7/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/112
Dubovik, StevePhysiciansSupport$20112/5/11 H.R. 1254 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Rothman, MichaelPhysiciansSupport$20012/5/11 H.R. 1254 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Meah, NizamPhysiciansSupport$25012/9/11 H.R. 1254 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Shuck, Randy APhysiciansSupport$50012/5/11 H.R. 1254 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Wharton, FrankPhysiciansSupport$25012/5/11 H.R. 1254 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Paczkowski, KarenPhysiciansSupport$25012/5/11 H.R. 1254 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Stanley, David GPhysiciansOppose$5005/5/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/112
Mckinnell, James AlexanderPhysiciansOppose$5005/5/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/112
Eakin, Donald GlennPhysiciansSupport$2503/23/12 H.R. 5 (112th) No vote3/22/122
Erstine, ByronPhysiciansSupport$43712/5/11 H.R. 1254 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Holst, KathrynPhysiciansSupport$50012/5/11 H.R. 1254 (112th) No vote12/8/112
Mcbride, TraceyPlumbing, heating & air conditioningSupport$2015/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Whiteaker, David LeePlumbing, heating & air conditioningSupport$2505/12/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Ferrantino, Brett DennisPlumbing, heating & air conditioningSupport$2015/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Sandegren, James PPlumbing, heating & air conditioningSupport$2505/16/12 H.R. 3534 (112th) Yes5/14/122
Richardson, ScottPlumbing, heating & air conditioningSupport$1,0009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
O'neill, Theodore M MrPlumbing, heating & air conditioningSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Greenlee, Greg ClintonPlumbing, heating & air conditioningSupport$2009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Finch, JamesPlumbing, heating & air conditioningSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Longo, JessyRetail tradeSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Barrere, Joshua SRetail tradeSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Shultz, BrianRetail tradeSupport$5009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Markanson, Melissa DawnRetail tradeSupport$3009/8/11 H.R. 2832 (112th) Yes9/6/112
Smith, Merrill MrHuman RightsSupport$1,0007/10/07 H.R. 1851 (110th) No vote7/12/072
Freeman, IanCommercial TV & radio stationsSupport$50012/10/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Ellsworth, PaceCommercial TV & radio stationsSupport$4003/24/12 H.R. 3309 (112th) No vote3/27/122
Strolicht, TalTelephone & communications equipmentSupport$2016/24/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Melendez, John RyanTelephone utilitiesSupport$3504/24/12 H.R. 2096 (112th) No vote4/27/122
Smith, Kevin PTelephone utilitiesSupport$3503/28/12 H.R. 3309 (112th) No vote3/27/122
Walton, Gordon MrComputer softwareSupport$5005/19/07 H.R. 1525 (110th) Yes5/22/072
Tihenea, Gheorghe MrComputer softwareSupport$5005/19/07 H.R. 1525 (110th) Yes5/22/072
Kohanes, Loretta G MrComputer softwareSupport$4009/4/07 H.R. 1908 (110th) No vote9/7/072
Voris, James S MrComputer softwareSupport$2509/4/07 H.R. 1908 (110th) No vote9/7/072
Haven, Robert W MrComputer softwareSupport$2009/8/07 H.R. 1908 (110th) No vote9/7/072
Rider, SteveComputer softwareSupport$7004/28/12 H.R. 3834 (112th) Yes4/26/122
Stephens, JohnComputer software$2016/24/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Kaland, Kevin Francis JeffcoatComputer softwareSupport$2014/22/12 H.R. 2146 (112th) Yes4/24/122
Baughman, Giles BFarm machinery & equipmentSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Lohman, Cathleen W MrFarm machinery & equipmentSupport$5009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Tietz, BrianComputers, components & accessoriesSupport$3504/27/12 H.R. 4257 (112th) Yes4/25/122
Tietz, BrianComputers, components & accessoriesSupport$3504/27/12 H.R. 3523 (112th) No vote4/26/122
Rozmus, Nathan JohnComputers, components & accessoriesSupport$3504/23/12 H.R. 4257 (112th) Yes4/25/122
Rozmus, Nathan JohnComputers, components & accessoriesSupport$3504/23/12 H.R. 3523 (112th) No vote4/26/122
Elabbadi, Hazem MrElectronics manufacturing & servicesSupport$20112/2/11 H.R. 527 (112th) No vote12/1/112
Berrian, Donald W MrElectronics manufacturing & servicesSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Barrett, MarkElectronics manufacturing & servicesSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Holmgren, Dale A MrElectronics manufacturing & servicesSupport$20112/4/11 H.R. 10 (112th) Yes12/7/112
Central Pennsylvania Liberty PacRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1361/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Bailey, Donald TRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2,1001/19/07 H.R. 6 (110th) No1/18/072
Randall, Lewis ERepublican/ConservativeOppose$5008/5/07 H.R. 3221 (110th) No vote8/4/072
Hall, Clifford NRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2508/5/07 H.R. 3221 (110th) No vote8/4/072
Ahola, Orrin RRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0009/16/07 H.R. 2761 (110th) No9/19/072
Gordon, Stephen P MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2019/16/07 H.R. 2761 (110th) No9/19/072
Ryan, Timothy F MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$7509/16/07 H.R. 2761 (110th) No9/19/072
Garris, Eric A MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2009/20/07 H.R. 2761 (110th) No9/19/072
Conant, Roger R MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$50010/21/07 H.R. 1483 (110th) No10/24/072
Jordan, Mario MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$50010/21/07 H.R. 1483 (110th) No10/24/072
Patchell, Roy A MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$25010/26/07 H.R. 3963 (110th) No10/25/072
Davis, Joseph C MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5002/24/08 H.R. 5351 (110th) No2/27/082
Delzell, Lynn E MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2501/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Ellithorpe, Rita R MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Reyes, Robin E MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$8001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Gonzalez, Nicholas James MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Durdanovic, Igor MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2501/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Roco, Joseph J MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Mcquain, Mark T MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2501/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Ripley, David C MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Prunczik, Dave A MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$7001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Klingenberg, Eldo M MdrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Huizenga, Luitjen ARepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,5001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Jordan, Mario MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$3001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Snider, Marc MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$3001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Ellithorpe, Rita R MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Gunderson, Alton J MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$-1,7581/24/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Gelman, Lawrence R MrRepublican/ConservativeOppose$1,0005/18/08 H.R. 6049 (110th) No5/21/082
Ward, CliffordRepublican/ConservativeOppose$5005/10/12 H.R. 2072 (112th) No5/9/122
Knight, Betty BryantRepublican/ConservativeOppose$2005/10/12 H.R. 2072 (112th) No5/9/122
Knight, Betty BryantRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2003/1/12 H.R. 1837 (112th) No vote2/29/122
Rodgers, John MRepublican/ConservativeOppose$-1,1503/26/12 H.R. 4239 (112th) No3/28/122
Roel, Lawrence ERepublican/ConservativeSupport$50011/15/11 H.J.Res. 2 (112th) No vote11/18/112
Benham, George D DrRepublican/ConservativeSupport$5009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Persson, Alfred KRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2506/17/11 H.R. 2112 (112th) No6/16/112
Benham, George D DrRepublican/ConservativeSupport$5006/13/11 H.R. 2112 (112th) No6/16/112
Nicholas, Phyllis WRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2002/26/12 H.R. 1837 (112th) No vote2/29/122
Williams, George J MrRepublican/ConservativeSupport$40012/4/11 H.R. 10 (112th) Yes12/7/112
Long, Darryl SRepublican/ConservativeSupport$20011/2/11 H.R. 1002 (112th) Yes10/31/112
Dodds, Helen ZRepublican/ConservativeSupport$50011/27/11 H.R. 3094 (112th) No vote11/30/112
Shanaman, NedRepublican/ConservativeSupport$20010/10/11 H.R. 2250 (112th) No vote10/13/112
Shanaman, NedRepublican/ConservativeSupport$20010/10/11 H.R. 358 (112th) No vote10/13/112
Kasler, Barbara MrsRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2,5007/27/11 H.R. 1938 (112th) Yes7/26/112
Dugan, John LRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2009/24/11 H.R. 2401 (112th) No vote9/23/112
Long, Darryl SRepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,2006/23/11 H.R. 2021 (112th) Yes6/22/112
Fehsenfeld, John ARepublican/ConservativeSupport$3001/29/12 H.R. 1173 (112th) No vote2/1/122
Haselton, Philip HRepublican/ConservativeSupport$5001/29/12 H.R. 1173 (112th) No vote2/1/122
Pierce, RonaldRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2507/20/11 H.R. 2560 (112th) No7/19/112
Groh, Fredona MrsRepublican/ConservativeSupport$20012/4/11 H.R. 10 (112th) Yes12/7/112
Haselton, Philip HRepublican/ConservativeSupport$30011/3/11 H.R. 1070 (112th) Yes11/2/112
Allen, Elizabeth DRepublican/ConservativeSupport$20012/4/11 H.R. 10 (112th) Yes12/7/112
Worthington, VonRepublican/ConservativeSupport$50010/30/11 H.R. 1070 (112th) Yes11/2/112
Dugan, John LRepublican/ConservativeOppose$6002/8/12 H.R. 1734 (112th) No vote2/7/122
Dugan, John LRepublican/ConservativeSupport$6002/8/12 H.R. 3581 (112th) No vote2/7/122
Kappes, Daniel W MrRepublican/Conservative$1,0007/30/11 S. 627 (112th) No7/29/112
Brown, RayfordRepublican/ConservativeSupport$50012/4/11 H.R. 10 (112th) Yes12/7/112
Corey, HenryRepublican/ConservativeSupport$20012/4/11 H.R. 10 (112th) Yes12/7/112
Williams, Durbin BRepublican/ConservativeSupport$25011/27/11 H.R. 3094 (112th) No vote11/30/112
Musser, Helen IRepublican/ConservativeSupport$25011/15/11 H.J.Res. 2 (112th) No vote11/18/112
Keyston, David HRepublican/ConservativeSupport$40010/27/11 H.R. 1904 (112th) No10/26/112
Dugan, John LRepublican/ConservativeOppose$-507/30/12 H.R. 6233 (112th) No8/2/122
Shipman, Edwin CRepublican/ConservativeOppose$-5007/30/12 H.R. 6233 (112th) No8/2/122
Long, Darryl SRepublican/ConservativeOppose$-4257/30/12 H.R. 6233 (112th) No8/2/122
Rodgers, John MRepublican/ConservativeSupport$5006/17/11 H.R. 2112 (112th) No6/16/112
Ham, George ERepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,0006/19/11 H.R. 2021 (112th) Yes6/22/112
Sandham, Edwin CRepublican/ConservativeSupport$5006/19/11 H.R. 2021 (112th) Yes6/22/112
Tann, Mary ThereseRepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,50010/30/11 H.R. 1070 (112th) Yes11/2/112
Plank, RaymondRepublican/ConservativeSupport$20011/15/11 H.J.Res. 2 (112th) No vote11/18/112
Malone, RobertRepublican/ConservativeSupport$70011/15/11 H.J.Res. 2 (112th) No vote11/18/112
Long, Darryl SRepublican/ConservativeSupport$20011/15/11 H.J.Res. 2 (112th) No vote11/18/112
Sampson, JohnRepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,00011/15/11 H.J.Res. 2 (112th) No vote11/18/112
Webb, TrudyRepublican/ConservativeSupport$3006/19/11 H.R. 2021 (112th) Yes6/22/112
Loufek, Charles W JrRepublican/ConservativeSupport$2,5006/23/11 H.R. 2021 (112th) Yes6/22/112
Blackwell, RadeaneRepublican/ConservativeSupport$50010/3/11 H.R. 2681 (112th) Yes10/6/112
Keyston, David HRepublican/ConservativeSupport$20012/4/11 H.R. 10 (112th) Yes12/7/112
Roth, Nancy BRepublican/ConservativeSupport$30012/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Smith, Bernon MervinRepublican/ConservativeSupport$1,0002/26/12 H.R. 1837 (112th) No vote2/29/122
Mcclure, JohnRepublican/ConservativeSupport$5004/16/12 H.R. 9 (112th) No vote4/19/122
Glick, StevenEngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsSupport$2503/4/07 H.R. 569 (110th) No3/7/072
Harper, George A MrEngineering, architecture & construction mgmt svcsSupport$50011/3/07 H.R. 1495 (110th) No11/6/072
Oneil, JohnBusiness servicesSupport$25011/27/11 H.R. 3094 (112th) No vote11/30/112
Stadler, John C MrBusiness servicesSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Walsworth, Terry RichardBusiness servicesSupport$2016/24/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Vasovski, Cynthia DBusiness servicesSupport$-509/29/12 S. 743 (112th) Yes9/27/122
Mckubre, Michael CBusiness servicesSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Covre, StellaBusiness servicesSupport$5009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Effinger, Eric MichaelBusiness servicesSupport$5009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Smith, Noah H MrComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$25010/17/07 H.R. 3678 (110th) Yes10/16/072
Echegaray, Wellington RComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2504/23/12 H.R. 3523 (112th) No vote4/26/122
Van Baelen, PhilipComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2003/24/12 H.R. 3606 (112th) Yes3/27/122
Mcpheeters, GordonComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2016/24/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Cole, Stephen LComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Restino, John JComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Suarez, Jorge Luis JrComputer manufacture & servicesSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Kennedy, James SSteelSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Mchale, DanielSteelSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Karas, ChristopherData processing & computer servicesSupport$-20110/30/11 H.R. 1070 (112th) Yes11/2/112
Maj, ChrisData processing & computer servicesOppose$4203/24/12 H.R. 3309 (112th) No vote3/27/122
Mcnealy, Anthony DConstruction equipmentSupport$5009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Mcnealy, Anthony DConstruction equipmentSupport$25012/14/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/112
Haire, David AConstruction equipmentSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Howiler, Rob DrSchools & collegesSupport$3334/25/07 H.R. 362 (110th) No4/24/072
Huff, CharlesSchools & collegesSupport$5004/29/07 H.R. 1429 (110th) No vote5/2/072
Winchell, MarkSchools & collegesSupport$5004/30/07 H.R. 1867 (110th) No vote5/2/072
Keller, Kyle JamesSchools & collegesSupport$2505/3/07 H.R. 1429 (110th) No vote5/2/072
Eldred, Joseph PSchools & collegesSupport$2105/18/07 H.R. 2272 (110th) Yes5/21/072
Terhune, Jennifer LSchools & collegesSupport$3005/22/07 H.R. 2272 (110th) Yes5/21/072
Stamper, Kyle MrSchools & collegesSupport$3006/6/07 H.R. 1469 (110th) Yes6/5/072
Boles, Kerry HardimanSchools & collegesOppose$2505/27/12 H.R. 5651 (112th) No5/30/122
Lynch, AndrewSchools & collegesOppose$2015/17/12 H.R. 4970 (112th) No5/16/122
Braun, JeromeSchools & collegesOppose$2015/17/12 H.R. 4970 (112th) No5/16/122
Vasquez, Victor AnthonySchools & collegesOppose$2504/26/12 H.R. 2146 (112th) Yes4/24/122
Frye, Zachary PaulSchools & collegesOppose$5004/22/12 H.R. 2146 (112th) Yes4/24/122
Moss, Alvin H MrSchools & collegesSupport$-1,1002/29/12 H.R. 2117 (112th) Yes2/28/122
Chalmers, GrahamSchools & collegesSupport$2012/29/12 H.R. 2117 (112th) Yes2/28/122
Borland, Lawrence MSchools & collegesOppose$5005/17/12 H.R. 4970 (112th) No5/16/122
Eckhardt, David ASchools & collegesOppose$2015/17/12 H.R. 4970 (112th) No5/16/122
Whitney, John OSchools & collegesOppose$2,50010/15/11 H.R. 2273 (112th) No vote10/14/112
Kavakoglou, VasiliosSchools & collegesOppose$2014/26/12 H.R. 2146 (112th) Yes4/24/122
Peck, Michael C MrSchools & collegesSupport$3002/25/12 H.R. 2117 (112th) Yes2/28/122
Gutay, Eva E MrsSchools & collegesSupport$2502/29/12 H.R. 2117 (112th) Yes2/28/122
Vasquez, Rose ShepherdSchools & collegesOppose$3504/26/12 H.R. 2146 (112th) Yes4/24/122
Nguyen, Diem-phuong NSchools & collegesOppose$2505/17/12 H.R. 4970 (112th) No5/16/122
Mizrachi, Simon GabrielFinancial services & consultingSupport$5004/22/12 H.R. 3336 (112th) No vote4/25/122
Awerkamp, RobertFabricated metal productsSupport$1,00011/28/11 H.R. 527 (112th) No vote12/1/112
Awerkamp, Louise A MrFabricated metal productsSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Scroggins, Ellen S MrHealth, Education & Human ResourcesSupport$50010/31/07 H.R. 1236 (110th) Yes10/30/072
Weller, CliffordHealth, Education & Human ResourcesOppose$2507/29/12 H.R. 8 (112th) Yes8/1/122
Ritz, Jeff A MrIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$2307/22/07 H.R. 3074 (110th) No7/24/072
Mckendrick, James A MrIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$1,0001/30/08 H.R. 5140 (110th) No1/29/082
Johnson, KeithIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$20012/8/11 H.R. 10 (112th) Yes12/7/112
Denman, Joseph M MrIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$3009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Rasch, Daniel WallaceIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Weimer, MatthewIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$2019/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Finman, LornaIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$5009/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Maendler, LaurieIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$2019/12/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Robinson, DougIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Warnica, Gary C MrIndustrial/commercial equipment & materialsSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2587 (112th) Yes9/15/112
Hoffman, David MrChurches, clergy & religious organizationsSupport$1,0009/23/07 H.R. 1302 (110th) Yes9/25/072
Fulcher, Titus L JrChurches, clergy & religious organizationsOppose$2005/13/12 H.R. 4970 (112th) No5/16/122
Vannoy, Isaac MurrayChurches, clergy & religious organizationsOppose$2002/13/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Cox, Adrian JChurches, clergy & religious organizationsSupport$2505/5/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/112
Hoyer, BrianChurches, clergy & religious organizationsOppose$2012/13/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Morris, James HChurches, clergy & religious organizationsSupport$2506/4/11 H.Res. 292 (112th) Yes6/3/112
Lallement, Joshua PChurches, clergy & religious organizationsSupport$2126/4/11 H.Res. 292 (112th) Yes6/3/112
Steinhoff, Bryce MrChurches, clergy & religious organizationsSupport$5006/4/11 H.Res. 292 (112th) Yes6/3/112
Spradlin, Charles A SrChurches, clergy & religious organizationsOppose$2502/13/12 H.R. 3408 (112th) No vote2/16/122
Dorner, Joe E MrChurches, clergy & religious organizationsSupport$5006/4/11 H.Res. 292 (112th) Yes6/3/112
Oneill, John FEducationSupport$2005/6/07 H.R. 890 (110th) No5/9/072
Radlo, Connor AndrewEducationOppose$2503/28/12 H.R. 3309 (112th) No vote3/27/122
Lancaster, Teddy MrManufacturingOppose$2009/23/07 H.R. 2693 (110th) No9/26/072
Visser, James E MrManufacturingSupport$5007/10/11 H.R. 2018 (112th) Yes7/13/112
Sewell, Justin MrOnline computer servicesSupport$2,0005/23/07 H.R. 1525 (110th) Yes5/22/072
Sewell, Justin MrOnline computer servicesSupport$2005/23/07 H.R. 1525 (110th) Yes5/22/072
Mccarthy, Stephen J MrOnline computer servicesSupport$1,0005/23/07 H.R. 1525 (110th) Yes5/22/072
Paulson, JayOnline computer servicesSupport$3504/23/12 H.R. 3523 (112th) No vote4/26/122
Williams, RichardOnline computer servicesSupport$2013/24/12 H.R. 3606 (112th) Yes3/27/122
Kaufman, Donald LOnline computer servicesSupport$25012/3/11 H.R. 2471 (112th) Yes12/6/112
Libbey, Clinton R MrOnline computer servicesSupport$5006/24/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Stevens, Lewis J MrOnline computer servicesSupport$5006/20/11 H.R. 1249 (112th) No6/23/112
Kabitzke, Ruth M MrWelfare & Social WorkSupport$5001/20/08 H.R. 3963 (110th) No1/23/082
Ward, Jerri RevEmployer listed but category unknownSupport$2007/19/07 H.R. 2630 (110th) Yes7/23/073
Bulger, Larry MichaelEmployer listed but category unknownSupport$5007/19/07 H.R. 2630 (110th) Yes7/23/073
Daws, Jonathan Gregory MrEmployer listed but category unknownSupport$4007/19/07 H.R. 2630 (110th) Yes7/23/073
Arrington, KatherineEmployer listed but category unknownSupport$2,3007/25/07 H.R. 2630 (110th) Yes7/23/073
Phillips, Jeff MrEmployer listed but category unknownSupport$2507/25/07 H.R. 2630 (110th) Yes7/23/073
Boyer, Eric M MrEmployer listed but category unknownSupport$2507/25/07 H.R. 2630 (110th) Yes7/23/073
Wirth, Adam F MrDefense electronic contractorsSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Redlich, StevenDefense electronic contractorsSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Silber, BarryDefense electronic contractorsSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Knight, Richard RoyDefense electronic contractorsSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Schrier, StevenDefense electronic contractorsSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Mabry, Phillip MDefense electronic contractorsSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Piller, Anthony J JrDefense electronic contractorsSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Harrison, RogerDefense electronic contractorsSupport$93812/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Merino, AlisonDefense electronic contractorsSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Cotterman, DougDefense electronic contractorsSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Foss, JamesDefense electronic contractorsSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Stritzel, Michael GDefense electronic contractorsSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Delong, WilliamDefense electronic contractorsSupport$1,00012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Whitener, Bonnie MaeDefense electronic contractorsSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Barton, Benjamin KDefense electronic contractorsSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Landrum, Stephen MDefense electronic contractorsSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Fleckenstein, Joseph TDefense electronic contractorsSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Huff, Jeremiah RobertDefense electronic contractorsSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Clark, Wade WesleyOilfield service, equipment & explorationSupport$2,50012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Abrahamson, BradleyOilfield service, equipment & explorationSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Kimbell, Tom COilfield service, equipment & explorationSupport$1,00012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Fry, Gregory RayOilfield service, equipment & explorationSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Marais, WillemOilfield service, equipment & explorationSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Parnell, JimOilfield service, equipment & explorationSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113
Fowlkes, Walter Battle IvOilfield service, equipment & explorationSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 3630 (112th) No vote12/13/113

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