Ron Paul Republican (Elected 1974), TX House district 14

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Date Range of Contributions
Within days of their votes

Interest groups supporting or opposing a bill gave these contributions to Ron Paul within 30 days of vote on that bill:

Table lists the last vote on each bill in this legislator’s chamber, excluding motions to reconsider. Contributions shown through Sep 30, 2014.

ContributorInterest Group of contributorPosition of orgs in interest groupAmountDateBillVotesort iconVote dateDays apart
Gabreski, Ralph Charles MrPhysiciansSupport$3003/13/07 H.R. 976 (110th) Yes2/16/0726
Milton, Robert EPhysiciansSupport$5003/15/07 H.R. 710 (110th) Yes3/7/079
Milton, Robert EPhysiciansSupport$5003/15/07 H.R. 727 (110th) Yes3/27/0711
Milton, Robert EPhysiciansSupport$5003/15/07 H.R. 976 (110th) Yes2/16/0728
Bassam, DeeniPhysiciansSupport$5003/23/07 H.R. 710 (110th) Yes3/7/0717
Bassam, DeeniPhysiciansSupport$5003/23/07 H.R. 727 (110th) Yes3/27/073
Robinson, Gil RPhysiciansSupport$2504/2/07 H.R. 710 (110th) Yes3/7/0727
Robinson, Gil RPhysiciansSupport$2504/2/07 H.R. 727 (110th) Yes3/27/077
Johnston, James PPhysiciansSupport$5004/2/07 H.R. 710 (110th) Yes3/7/0727
Johnston, James PPhysiciansSupport$5004/2/07 H.R. 727 (110th) Yes3/27/077
Cifello, Vincent MrPhysiciansSupport$1,0004/5/07 H.R. 710 (110th) Yes3/7/0730
Cifello, Vincent MrPhysiciansSupport$1,0004/5/07 H.R. 727 (110th) Yes3/27/0710
Messenger, Gregory GPhysiciansSupport$2,3004/17/07 H.R. 727 (110th) Yes3/27/0722
Berry, James M DrPhysiciansSupport$2,3004/24/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0728
Berry, James M DrPhysiciansSupport$2,3004/24/07 H.R. 727 (110th) Yes3/27/0729
Barr, David TPhysiciansSupport$1,0004/26/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0726
Vanderford, Paula APhysiciansSupport$5004/30/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0722
Boyles, John H Dr JrPhysiciansSupport$1,0005/2/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0720
Liberonimd, Barry J DrPhysiciansSupport$1,0005/3/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0719
Wahl, JohnPhysiciansSupport$2,3005/4/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0718
Williams, William M DrPhysiciansSupport$7665/4/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0718
Andrasco, Ruth SPhysiciansSupport$5005/11/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0711
Simanonok, John P DrPhysiciansSupport$5005/13/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/079
Harris, Paul L DrPhysiciansSupport$5005/14/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/078
Karoub, Carl M DrPhysiciansSupport$5005/15/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/077
Karoub, Carl M DrPhysiciansSupport$5005/15/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/077
Hanseen, James DrPhysiciansSupport$5005/18/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/074
Justin, Rodney K DrPhysiciansSupport$3005/18/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/074
Poirier, Wllam T DrPhysiciansSupport$5005/18/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/074
Martin, Lawrence W DrPhysiciansSupport$2,3005/19/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/073
Salcedo, Victor MPhysiciansSupport$5005/20/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/072
Varley, Kenneth G DrPhysiciansSupport$3835/23/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/071
Rowen, Robert DrPhysiciansSupport$8005/24/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/072
Yiachos, George MrPhysiciansSupport$2,3005/24/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/072
Tandon, Vipin M DrPhysiciansSupport$2505/27/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/075
Whitmore, Wayne G DrPhysiciansSupport$2505/28/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/076
Zadeh, Joseph H DrPhysiciansSupport$5005/29/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/077
Genova, Ronald DrPhysiciansSupport$1,0005/29/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/077
Williams, William M DrPhysiciansSupport$7666/4/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0713
Mills, Richard MsPhysiciansSupport$5006/5/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0714
Cifello, Vincent MrPhysiciansSupport$1,3006/6/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0715
Paczkowski, Karen MrPhysiciansSupport$2506/7/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0716
Robinson, Gil RPhysiciansSupport$2506/8/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0717
Cotten, Leon B MrPhysiciansSupport$2506/12/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0721
Walker, AndyPhysiciansSupport$1,0006/14/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0723
Denyer, Michael H MrPhysiciansSupport$5006/19/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0728
Messamore, Erik LPhysiciansSupport$2506/20/07 H.R. 2429 (110th) Yes5/23/0729
Barton, Katherine MdPhysiciansSupport$2015/20/12 S. 3187 (112th) Yes6/19/1230
Allen, David DPhysiciansSupport$2501/3/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1129
Henry, Robert Paul JrPhysiciansOppose$-569/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Black, James A MdPhysiciansSupport$50012/28/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1123
Cable, Douglas C DrPhysiciansSupport$25012/22/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1117
Gallardo, David MrPhysiciansSupport$25012/21/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1116
Macknet, Kenneth D MrPhysiciansSupport$20112/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Wharton, FrankPhysiciansSupport$50012/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Bisson, Kenneth AlanPhysiciansSupport$30012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Paczkowski, KarenPhysiciansSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Krapff, Carrie S MrPhysiciansSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Kronz, Joseph D MrPhysiciansSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Pearce, David MrPhysiciansSupport$25012/13/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/118
Valdes, VladimirPhysiciansSupport$25012/11/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/116
Shetty, AmitaPhysiciansSupport$50012/10/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/115
Trevorrow, Thomas C Mr MdPhysiciansSupport$50012/10/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/115
Tuckler, Victor EdgarPhysiciansSupport$25011/29/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/116
Mcdermott, BrentPhysiciansSupport$20011/27/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/118
Bray, Harry EPhysiciansOppose$25011/23/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1128
Bray, Harry EPhysiciansSupport$25011/23/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Osterman, Floyd APhysiciansOppose$50011/22/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Osterman, Floyd APhysiciansSupport$50011/22/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1113
Razvi, Syed AsimPhysiciansOppose$25011/21/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1126
Razvi, Syed AsimPhysiciansSupport$25011/21/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1114
Herring, Michael DPhysiciansOppose$30011/15/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1120
Herring, Michael DPhysiciansSupport$30011/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1120
Bundrant, Jo MPhysiciansSupport$50012/29/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1124
Erstine, ByronPhysiciansOppose$25611/12/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1117
Erstine, ByronPhysiciansSupport$25611/12/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1123
Kendrick, Mary S DoPhysiciansOppose$20111/10/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1115
Kendrick, Mary S DoPhysiciansSupport$20111/10/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1125
Pulizzzi, John SPhysiciansOppose$25011/10/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1115
Pulizzzi, John SPhysiciansSupport$25011/10/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1125
Zorrilla, Mirta CPhysiciansOppose$25011/6/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1111
Zorrilla, Mirta CPhysiciansSupport$25011/6/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1129
Gallo, Gary Anthony DrPhysiciansOppose$25011/3/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Smith, Jennifer LeePhysiciansOppose$2,30010/30/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/114
Clifford, Michael E MdPhysiciansOppose$1,00010/25/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/111
Sams, Bradley MrPhysiciansSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Roise, Douglas RevPhysiciansOppose$50010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Wills, MatthewPhysiciansOppose$1,00010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Pfrommer, Jim MdPhysiciansOppose$25010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Dugan, ChadPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Yarrozu, AbelPhysiciansOppose$2,50010/2/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1124
Holst, KathrynPhysiciansOppose$2509/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Pulizzi, John S Mr JrPhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Hardoin, Richard A DrPhysiciansOppose$-5009/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Sams, Bradley MrPhysiciansOppose$2509/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Ellithorpe, Rita RPhysiciansSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Hardoin, Arlette MPhysiciansOppose$5009/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Larson, Marcy Sue MsPhysiciansSupport$50012/14/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/119
Khan, Seemin GPhysiciansSupport$2,50012/11/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/116
Clifford, Michael E MdPhysiciansSupport$50012/4/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/111
Harris, Dennis GibsonPhysiciansOppose$1,00011/25/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1130
Harris, Dennis GibsonPhysiciansSupport$1,00011/25/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Paloyan, EdwardPhysiciansOppose$25011/16/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1121
Paloyan, EdwardPhysiciansSupport$25011/16/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1119
Froehling, Alan L MdPhysiciansOppose$20111/10/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1115
Froehling, Alan L MdPhysiciansSupport$20111/10/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1125
Pulizzi, John S MdPhysiciansOppose$25011/9/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1114
Pulizzi, John S MdPhysiciansSupport$25011/9/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1126
Dean, Charlie WPhysiciansOppose$20010/30/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/114
Hardoin, Arlette MPhysiciansOppose$50010/20/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/116
Bivins, JeffreyPhysiciansOppose$25010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Mcclain, DavidPhysiciansOppose$25010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Feldkamp, Irving M MrPhysiciansOppose$50010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Holst, KathrynPhysiciansOppose$50010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Zafirides, Peter MdPhysiciansOppose$25010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Nguyen, Khoa TPhysiciansOppose$25010/16/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1110
Wharton, FrankPhysiciansOppose$2509/30/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1126
Roise, Douglas RevPhysiciansOppose$5009/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Brunzlick, LarryPhysiciansOppose$2505/14/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1111
Kendrick, Mary S DoPhysiciansOppose$2019/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Pooley, Richard W RevPhysiciansOppose$5009/28/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1128
Johnson, Garry APhysiciansOppose$5009/27/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1129
Smith, Pete MrPhysiciansOppose$5005/27/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1124
Landrum, William LPhysiciansOppose$5005/26/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1123
Robinson, Gil R MrPhysiciansOppose$2,5005/15/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1112
Mckinnell, James AlexanderPhysiciansOppose$5005/5/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/112
Stanley, David GPhysiciansOppose$5005/5/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/112
Varley, Kenneth MrPhysiciansOppose$2505/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Dollinger, Scott MrPhysiciansOppose$2505/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Black, James A MdPhysiciansSupport$5001/4/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1130
May, Norman C MdPhysiciansSupport$2501/3/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1129
Schweitzer, WarrenPhysiciansSupport$2,5001/2/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1128
Cross, DavidPhysiciansSupport$25012/27/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1122
Shah, SeemaPhysiciansSupport$20112/19/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1114
Danby, Bill WilliamPhysiciansSupport$20112/16/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1111
Harrow, MaryPhysiciansSupport$20112/16/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1111
Qamar, TariqPhysiciansSupport$20012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Wyttenbach, William Hayes MdPhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Cotton, MaggiePhysiciansSupport$1,40012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Eck, Alieta R DrPhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Erstine, ByronPhysiciansSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Chang, AnthonyPhysiciansSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Sharma, MirandPhysiciansSupport$26712/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Wilkinson, Craig WestPhysiciansSupport$2501/4/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1130
Thorne, George CPhysiciansSupport$25012/14/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/119
Quigley, DeboraPhysiciansSupport$25012/14/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/119
Black, James A MdPhysiciansSupport$50012/12/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/117
Cantrell, John EPhysiciansSupport$20112/12/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/117
De Meo, Harry GeorgePhysiciansSupport$50012/9/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/114
Stanley, David GPhysiciansSupport$50012/8/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/113
Sams, Bradley MrPhysiciansSupport$50012/6/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/111
Murphy, ToddPhysiciansSupport$20112/4/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/111
Gallardo, David MrPhysiciansSupport$25012/4/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/111
Valdes, VladimirPhysiciansOppose$25011/15/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1120
Valdes, VladimirPhysiciansSupport$25011/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1120
Branton, Effie MPhysiciansOppose$38811/13/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1118
Branton, Effie MPhysiciansSupport$38811/13/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1122
Mcgee, Thomas P JrPhysiciansOppose$20111/12/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1117
Mcgee, Thomas P JrPhysiciansSupport$20111/12/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1123
Cox, Ron LeePhysiciansOppose$50011/11/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1116
Cox, Ron LeePhysiciansSupport$50011/11/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1124
Bills, John MrPhysiciansOppose$2,50010/21/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/115
Erstine, ByronPhysiciansOppose$20110/20/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/116
Heaphy, Michael R SrPhysiciansOppose$2,50010/19/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/117
Ruda, Joseph F JrPhysiciansOppose$25010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Keane, Daniel John IiPhysiciansOppose$99910/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Borum, Charles D Mr MdPhysiciansOppose$50010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Sharma, MirandPhysiciansOppose$25010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Hardoin, Richard A DrPhysiciansOppose$50010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Wilkinson, Craig WestPhysiciansOppose$25010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Golobek, Donald DrPhysiciansOppose$-5009/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Tong, Yee-wingPhysiciansSupport$20112/29/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1124
Gallo, Gary Anthony DrPhysiciansSupport$20012/28/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1123
Wittmore, WaynePhysiciansSupport$1,00012/20/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1115
Kaminski, Marek JerzyPhysiciansSupport$25012/19/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1114
Barnes, Jeff GPhysiciansSupport$50012/19/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1114
Douglass, WilliamPhysiciansOppose$2509/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Harris, Blase BonifacePhysiciansOppose$2509/26/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1130
Bivins, JeffPhysiciansSupport$25012/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Arifoglu, HPhysiciansSupport$2,50012/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Nguyen, Thuy KPhysiciansSupport$25012/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Irwin, MichelePhysiciansSupport$25012/16/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1111
Jones, Pamela JeanPhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Medrano, SamuelPhysiciansSupport$26612/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Rothman, MichaelPhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Wilson, Matthew BakerPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Harris, Gerald Ray DoPhysiciansSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Davis, Todd T MrPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Lee, Kwang SPhysiciansSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Ahmed, KhadijaPhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Jones, Pamela JeanPhysiciansSupport$20112/13/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/118
Meah, NizamPhysiciansSupport$25012/9/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/114
Shuck, Randy APhysiciansSupport$50012/5/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/110
Wharton, FrankPhysiciansSupport$25012/5/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/110
Paczkowski, KarenPhysiciansSupport$25012/5/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/110
Chang, AnthonyPhysiciansSupport$21112/30/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1125
Harris, Dennis GibsonPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/4/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/111
Khouri, Roger KhalilPhysiciansSupport$50012/29/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1124
Prasad, BheerendraPhysiciansSupport$2011/1/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1127
Black, James A MdPhysiciansOppose$50011/24/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1129
Black, James A MdPhysiciansSupport$50011/24/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1111
Wilson, Matthew BakerPhysiciansOppose$25011/24/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1129
Wilson, Matthew BakerPhysiciansSupport$25011/24/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1111
Harvey, Kevin PaulPhysiciansOppose$50011/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1123
Harvey, Kevin PaulPhysiciansSupport$50011/18/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1117
Wyttenbach, William Hayes MdPhysiciansSupport$25012/26/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1121
Langenbeck, DonaldPhysiciansSupport$50012/20/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1115
Paczkowski, KarenPhysiciansOppose$50011/12/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1117
Paczkowski, KarenPhysiciansSupport$50011/12/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1123
Mcclain, DavidPhysiciansSupport$50012/18/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1113
Hsu, AlanPhysiciansSupport$50012/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Fitch, JeffreyPhysiciansSupport$25012/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Nichols, BrianPhysiciansSupport$25012/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Erstine, ByronPhysiciansOppose$25011/10/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1115
Erstine, ByronPhysiciansSupport$25011/10/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1125
Freeborn, Scott NdPhysiciansSupport$50012/16/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1111
Needham, David C MrPhysiciansSupport$2,50012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Peng, RickPhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Zakusilov, SylviaPhysiciansOppose$50010/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/113
Jones, Pamela JPhysiciansOppose$20110/20/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/116
Rothman, MichaelPhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Long, Leske DeanPhysiciansSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Schachter, Michael B MrPhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Goffigan, JohnPhysiciansSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Moore, Bryon R MrPhysiciansOppose$20110/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Bernheimer, James Henry Mr MdPhysiciansSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Sohn, Roger CPhysiciansOppose$20110/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Conoley, Patrick MPhysiciansOppose$2505/7/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/114
Mcgee, Thomas P JrPhysiciansSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Purcell, John M JrPhysiciansSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Feldkamp, Irving M MrPhysiciansSupport$1,75012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Barnet, Ann M MrPhysiciansOppose$5005/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Froehling, Alan L MdPhysiciansOppose$2015/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Sams, Bradley MrPhysiciansOppose$5005/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Heinemann, ScottPhysiciansSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Webb, Lisa MwPhysiciansSupport$20112/14/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/119
Guese, Michael JosephPhysiciansSupport$20112/14/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/119
Mcdermott, BrentPhysiciansSupport$20012/14/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/119
Hosbein, D JamesPhysiciansSupport$50012/12/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/117
Cross, DavidPhysiciansSupport$25012/11/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/116
Ricks, Matthew RPhysiciansSupport$20112/8/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/113
Erstine, ByronPhysiciansOppose$50010/17/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/119
Varley, Kenneth MrPhysiciansOppose$2019/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Ryan, TimPhysiciansOppose$2019/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Stanley, David GPhysiciansOppose$5009/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Rothman, MichaelPhysiciansSupport$20012/5/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/110
Helmich, Roger MrPhysiciansSupport$25012/4/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/111
Froehling, Alan L MdPhysiciansSupport$20112/4/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/111
Henglein, WilliamPhysiciansOppose$2019/28/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1128
Di Lorenzo, Robert A MrPhysiciansOppose$1,0009/27/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1129
Ellithorpe, Rita RPhysiciansOppose$25011/16/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1121
Ellithorpe, Rita RPhysiciansSupport$25011/16/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1119
Gallardo, David MrPhysiciansOppose$50011/16/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1121
Gallardo, David MrPhysiciansSupport$50011/16/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1119
Bilderback, Laura KayPhysiciansOppose$25011/12/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1117
Bilderback, Laura KayPhysiciansSupport$25011/12/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1123
Ellithorpe, Rita RPhysiciansOppose$25011/12/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1117
Ellithorpe, Rita RPhysiciansSupport$25011/12/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1123
Johnson, Steven BeauPhysiciansOppose$-255/9/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/116
Whitney, H Everett JrPhysiciansOppose$20110/19/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/117
Jackson, Paul McleanPhysiciansOppose$25010/19/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/117
Habibe, Michael N MrPhysiciansOppose$20110/19/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/117
Ragula, AndrewPhysiciansSupport$50012/20/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1115
Cox, Jason NPhysiciansOppose$50010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Wharton, FrankPhysiciansOppose$25010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Meyer, Carl APhysiciansSupport$1,00012/18/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1113
Cherry, Christopher JasonPhysiciansOppose$50010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Habibe, Michael N MrPhysiciansSupport$20112/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Smith, Richard WPhysiciansSupport$20112/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Wilkinson, Richard SPhysiciansSupport$20112/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Roise, DouglasPhysiciansSupport$50012/16/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1111
Rizzo, Marco MrPhysiciansOppose$20110/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Jacoby, Jean Michele RnPhysiciansOppose$20110/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Ortiz, David ManuelPhysiciansSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Cole, Jeptha NewtonPhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Accad, Michel MrPhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Groen, CharlesPhysiciansOppose$20110/16/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1110
Ruiter, Todd CPhysiciansSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Hardoin, Arlette MPhysiciansOppose$5009/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Hisel, Patrick MdPhysiciansOppose$1,0009/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Pulizzi, John S Mr JrPhysiciansOppose$2509/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Larson, Marcy Sue MsPhysiciansOppose$2509/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Gallardo, David MrPhysiciansOppose$2509/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Caballero, Brenda YvettePhysiciansSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Mackenzie, Douglas J MrPhysiciansOppose$6009/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Hardoin, Richard A DrPhysiciansOppose$5009/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Cotton, AdrianPhysiciansSupport$2,50012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Borders, Guy TPhysiciansSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Vasovski, Mike MrPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Pitman, Gabriel MarshPhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Martin, Stephen MitchellPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/13/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/118
Murphy, Mary F MdPhysiciansSupport$25012/10/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/115
Larijani, MohammadPhysiciansSupport$25012/4/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/111
Dean, Charlie WPhysiciansOppose$2506/1/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1129
Carducci, Mark MrsPhysiciansOppose$2505/26/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1123
Gonzalez, Nicholas James MrPhysiciansOppose$25011/22/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Gonzalez, Nicholas James MrPhysiciansSupport$25011/22/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1113
Rains, Garry EPhysiciansOppose$2505/14/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1111
Carmichael, J DonaldPhysiciansOppose$25011/17/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1122
Carmichael, J DonaldPhysiciansSupport$25011/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1118
Accad, Michel MrPhysiciansOppose$2505/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Holst, Stephen MrPhysiciansOppose$5005/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Monroe, Matthew TPhysiciansOppose$2505/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Carducci, Mark MrsPhysiciansOppose$2015/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Smith, Pete MrPhysiciansOppose$2505/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Whitmore, Wayne G DrPhysiciansOppose$50010/20/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/116
Paczkowski, KarenPhysiciansOppose$25010/20/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/116
Hess, Terry EPhysiciansOppose$20110/19/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/117
Rothman, Michael EdwardPhysiciansOppose$40010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Ryan, TimPhysiciansOppose$25010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Wharton, FrankPhysiciansOppose$25010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Varley, Kenneth MrPhysiciansOppose$22010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Medrano, SamuelPhysiciansOppose$20110/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Ruiter, Todd CPhysiciansOppose$25010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Dubovik, StevePhysiciansOppose$50010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Garcia, Fernando T JrPhysiciansOppose$20110/17/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/119
Stiennon, Michael DrPhysiciansOppose$1,00010/15/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1111
Mcgee, Thoomas Page JrPhysiciansOppose$20110/15/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1111
Williams, William MPhysiciansOppose$2,3105/31/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1128
Habibe, Michael N MrPhysiciansOppose$2015/13/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1110
Kellen, MarkPhysiciansOppose$2505/8/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/115
Dubovik, StevePhysiciansOppose$2019/26/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1130
Toth, John RichardPhysiciansOppose$2,0125/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Borum, Charles D Mr MdPhysiciansOppose$5005/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Whitmore, Wayne G DrPhysiciansOppose$5005/25/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1122
Macknet, Kenneth D MrPhysiciansOppose$2015/14/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1111
Tracy, MarkPhysiciansOppose$5005/5/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/112
Christman, Kenneth D MrsPhysiciansOppose$2,5005/5/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/112
Hardoin, Richard A DrPhysiciansOppose$1,0005/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Gonzalez, Nicholas James MrPhysiciansSupport$2011/4/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1130
Cross, DavidPhysiciansSupport$2501/4/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1130
Martin, RebeccaPhysiciansSupport$2501/1/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1127
Purcell, Craig WilliamPhysiciansSupport$25012/31/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1126
Earl, LawrencePhysiciansSupport$25012/29/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1124
Valdes, VladimirPhysiciansSupport$50012/27/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1122
Yossif, GeorgePhysiciansSupport$50012/25/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1120
Khater, KevinPhysiciansSupport$20112/21/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1116
Rothman, MichaelPhysiciansSupport$20112/16/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1111
Elltihorpe, Rita Renee MdPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/16/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1111
Ryan, Tom DPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Murphy, ToddPhysiciansSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Di Lorenzo, Sherri APhysiciansSupport$1,00012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Dunckelmeyer, JorgPhysiciansSupport$25012/12/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/117
Pooley, Richard W RevPhysiciansSupport$1,40012/11/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/116
Sidhu, RupalPhysiciansSupport$20112/10/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/115
Holst, KathrynPhysiciansSupport$50012/5/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/110
Erstine, ByronPhysiciansSupport$43712/5/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/110
Harris, Dennis GibsonPhysiciansSupport$34912/4/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/111
Hughes, MarkPhysiciansSupport$2,00011/29/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/116
Lee, Kwang SPhysiciansSupport$30011/27/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/118
Macknet, Kenneth D MrPhysiciansOppose$25011/15/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1120
Macknet, Kenneth D MrPhysiciansSupport$25011/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1120
Spellman, Cynthia MdPhysiciansOppose$50011/13/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1118
Spellman, Cynthia MdPhysiciansSupport$50011/13/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1122
Sharma, MirandPhysiciansOppose$25011/10/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1115
Sharma, MirandPhysiciansSupport$25011/10/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1125
Del Pino, MarioPhysiciansOppose$25011/10/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1115
Del Pino, MarioPhysiciansSupport$25011/10/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1125
Sheybani, Reza DrPhysiciansOppose$20011/3/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Graves, Stephen CareyPhysiciansOppose$50010/19/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/117
Kendrick, Mary S DoPhysiciansOppose$20110/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Koenig, Reuben EPhysiciansOppose$20110/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Davis, Todd T MrPhysiciansOppose$1,00010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Mackenzie, Douglas MrPhysiciansOppose$50010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Wilkinson, Richard SPhysiciansOppose$20110/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Black, James A MdPhysiciansOppose$50010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Hardoin, Arlette MPhysiciansOppose$5009/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Del Pino, Dino MarioPhysiciansOppose$5009/29/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1127
Maynor, Jayne P MrPhysiciansOppose$5005/30/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1127
Mosig, David A DoPhysiciansOppose$2,0005/25/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1122
Scislaw, Steven MrPhysiciansOppose$2015/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Bottenfield, Gerald WPhysiciansOppose$5005/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Ryan, Tom DPhysiciansOppose$5005/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Ford, Charles WesleyPhysiciansOppose$5005/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Johnson, Garry APhysiciansOppose$-17/30/12 H.R. 4078 (112th) Yes7/26/125
Nguyen, Thuy K MdPhysiciansOppose$2508/13/12 H.R. 4078 (112th) Yes7/26/1219
Dubovik, Steven MrPhysiciansOppose$-7007/30/12 H.R. 4078 (112th) Yes7/26/125
Golobek, Donald DrPhysiciansOppose$5005/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Bucholz, Jeffrey TPhysiciansOppose$2505/4/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/111
Jones, Pamela JPhysiciansOppose$2015/14/11 H.R. 3 (112th) Yes5/4/1111
Gorfine, LawrencePhysiciansOppose$2509/26/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1130
Ford, Charles WesleyPhysiciansOppose$1,00010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Long, Lesle DeanPhysiciansOppose$50010/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Jones, Pamela JPhysiciansOppose$20110/18/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/118
Dubovik, StevePhysiciansOppose$20110/20/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/116
Mosig, David A DoPhysiciansOppose$20110/20/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/116
Wharton, FrankPhysiciansOppose$25011/12/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1117
Wharton, FrankPhysiciansSupport$25011/12/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1123
Whitmore, Wayne G DrPhysiciansOppose$50011/12/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1117
Whitmore, Wayne G DrPhysiciansSupport$50011/12/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1123
Langenbeck, DonaldPhysiciansOppose$50011/13/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1118
Langenbeck, DonaldPhysiciansSupport$50011/13/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1122
Cousens, Gabriel KennethPhysiciansOppose$25011/13/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1118
Cousens, Gabriel KennethPhysiciansSupport$25011/13/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1122
Spellman, Cynthia MdPhysiciansOppose$50011/15/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1120
Spellman, Cynthia MdPhysiciansSupport$50011/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1120
Merkle, PeterPhysiciansOppose$25011/24/11 H.R. 2576 (112th) Yes10/27/1129
Merkle, PeterPhysiciansSupport$25011/24/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1111
Clayton, Eugene N MrPhysiciansSupport$40011/29/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/116
Bossard, RobertPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/2/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/113
Harper, Charles RichardPhysiciansSupport$20012/4/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/111
Dubovik, StevePhysiciansSupport$20112/5/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/110
Barrett, John Patrick MdPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/7/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/112
Paczkowski, KarenPhysiciansSupport$50012/10/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/115
Janssen, Matthew UlyssessPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Khan, JemshedPhysiciansSupport$50012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Dubovik, StevePhysiciansSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Prater, Michael APhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Scislaw, Steven MrPhysiciansSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Reginelli, Luisa MrPhysiciansSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Holst, KathrynPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Chieppa, Wayne APhysiciansSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Martin, DanPhysiciansSupport$20112/16/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1111
Jones, Garris TPhysiciansSupport$25012/16/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1111
Zorrilla, Mirta CPhysiciansSupport$25012/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Peterson, Dan MrPhysiciansSupport$1,00012/21/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1116
Murphy, Mary F MdPhysiciansSupport$50012/27/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1122
Murphy, Mary F MdPhysiciansSupport$25012/30/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1125
Smith, George KeithPhysiciansSupport$1,0006/11/12 S. 3187 (112th) Yes6/19/128
Woods, Thomas E MrNon-ProfitsSupport$2,3009/25/07 H.R. 2102 (110th) Yes10/16/0720
Thornton, Mark MrNon-ProfitsSupport$1,48610/9/07 H.R. 2102 (110th) Yes10/16/076
Meeks, Walter R MrsNon-ProfitsSupport$20011/4/07 H.R. 2102 (110th) Yes10/16/0720
Peeler, Julie L MsNon-ProfitsSupport$75011/4/07 H.R. 2102 (110th) Yes10/16/0720
Shepherd, KennethNon-ProfitsSupport$2509/16/11 H.R. 2832 (112th) Yes9/6/1110
Husmann, TimNon-ProfitsSupport$5009/28/11 H.R. 2832 (112th) Yes9/6/1122
Olson, Thomas A MrNon-ProfitsSupport$2509/7/11 H.R. 2832 (112th) Yes9/6/111
Olson, Thomas A MrNon-ProfitsOppose$2507/18/11 H.R. 1315 (112th) Yes7/21/112
Shepherd, KennethNon-ProfitsSupport$2509/29/11 H.R. 2832 (112th) Yes9/6/1123
Neuger, Gary Jay MrPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2202/3/08 H.R. 3992 (110th) Yes1/23/0812
Steiner, Pamela P MrPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$1,00012/29/07 H.R. 3992 (110th) Yes1/23/0824
Maxwell, Amanda DrPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$3002/13/08 H.R. 3992 (110th) Yes1/23/0822
Starbird, Linda MsPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2501/21/08 H.R. 3992 (110th) Yes1/23/081
Maxwell, Amanda MPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2013/22/12 H.R. 2117 (112th) Yes2/28/1224
Dearden, Dianna LPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2012/19/12 H.R. 2117 (112th) Yes2/28/128
Morgan, RosePsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2013/18/12 H.R. 2117 (112th) Yes2/28/1220
Cullen, Thomas J Jr, PhdPsychiatrists & psychologistsSupport$2002/15/12 H.R. 2117 (112th) Yes2/28/1212
Simons, Michael Edward MrNursesSupport$1,07512/15/07 H.R. 1216 (110th) Yes12/19/073
Esworthy, Nellaine M MrNursesSupport$2,17511/20/07 H.R. 1216 (110th) Yes12/19/0728
Lounsbury, Brook NeelyNursesSupport$42412/4/07 H.R. 1216 (110th) Yes12/19/0714
Fisher, Karen M MrNursesSupport$25712/7/07 H.R. 1216 (110th) Yes12/19/0711
Olson, Beverly MrNursesSupport$50012/14/07 H.R. 1216 (110th) Yes12/19/074
Hrabski, Janet D MrsNursesSupport$20012/15/07 H.R. 1216 (110th) Yes12/19/073
Hawes, Patricia A MrNursesSupport$30012/15/07 H.R. 1216 (110th) Yes12/19/073
Pangalilingan, Jenn MsNursesSupport$20012/15/07 H.R. 1216 (110th) Yes12/19/073
Wood, Carolyn L MrNursesSupport$50012/15/07 H.R. 1216 (110th) Yes12/19/073
Chambers, Michele M MrNursesSupport$20012/15/07 H.R. 1216 (110th) Yes12/19/073
Mcmillen, Larry S MrNursesSupport$50012/19/07 H.R. 1216 (110th) Yes12/19/071
Chambers, Michele M MrNursesSupport$3001/7/08 H.R. 1216 (110th) Yes12/19/0720
Chambers, Michele A MrNursesSupport$3001/14/08 H.R. 1216 (110th) Yes12/19/0727
Genova, Amber R MrNursesSupport$2011/2/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1128
Van Dine, JudithNursesSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Van Dine, JudithNursesSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Ivy, BerrynellNursesSupport$1,00011/27/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/118
Gibson, Barbara AnneNursesSupport$2011/4/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1130
Ivy, BerrynellNursesSupport$1,00011/27/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/118
Mccurdy, Richard A MrNursesSupport$20112/30/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1125
Pangalilingan, Jenn MsNursesSupport$1,56212/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Demko, BruceNursesSupport$20112/13/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/118
Gauck, Anita JaneNursesSupport$2501/4/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1130
Polacek, Mary AnnNursesSupport$2,50011/13/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1122
Gauck, Anita JaneNursesSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Ivy, BerrynellNursesSupport$50011/27/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/118
Gauck, Anita JaneNursesSupport$25011/22/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1113
Axelson, ChristopherNursesSupport$25012/20/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1115
Mccurdy, Richard A MrNursesSupport$20112/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110
Hertel, Scott R MrAdvertising & public relations servicesSupport$2005/27/07 H.R. 1525 (110th) Yes5/22/076
Cox, Kathleen GAdvertising & public relations servicesSupport$3006/14/07 H.R. 1525 (110th) Yes5/22/0724
Piasecki, Philip MrOther physician specialistsSupport$-9009/13/09 H.R. 860 (111th) Yes9/22/098
Piasecki, Philip MrOther physician specialists$-9009/13/09 H.R. 3590 (111th) Yes10/8/0924
Harner, Robert HOther physician specialistsSupport$5004/22/07 H.R. 477 (110th) Yes3/27/0727
Harner, Robert HOther physician specialistsSupport$5004/22/07 H.R. 727 (110th) Yes3/27/0727
Reinhart, Shawn S MrOther physician specialistsSupport$-3713/30/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/088
Dagher, Azar P MrOther physician specialistsSupport$-113/30/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/088
Clark, RichardOther physician specialistsSupport$2003/26/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0812
Clark, RichardOther physician specialistsSupport$2873/26/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0812
Clark, RichardOther physician specialistsSupport$2003/26/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0812
Cohen, Joel N DrOther physician specialistsSupport$7753/27/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0811
Clark, RichardOther physician specialistsSupport$1,0003/26/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0812
Harner, Robert HOther physician specialistsSupport$7004/3/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/084
Sukovich, William MrOther physician specialistsSupport$-1,3284/6/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/081
Pullen, VanessaOther physician specialistsSupport$-4624/20/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0813
Petrosini, Anthony V MrOther physician specialistsSupport$5004/30/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0823
Clark, RichardOther physician specialistsSupport$2193/26/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0812
Clark, RichardOther physician specialistsSupport$2003/26/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0812
Clark, RichardOther physician specialistsSupport$2873/26/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0812
Clark, RichardOther physician specialistsSupport$2003/26/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0812
Clark, RichardOther physician specialistsSupport$1,0003/26/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0812
Cohen, Joel N DrOther physician specialistsSupport$7753/27/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0811
Hitchens, Jordan AOther physician specialistsSupport$-2009/27/12 H.R. 733 (112th) Yes9/18/129
Nelson, Michael RobertOther physician specialistsSupport$-209/29/12 H.R. 733 (112th) Yes9/18/1211
Clark, RichardOther physician specialistsSupport$2193/26/08 H.R. 1237 (110th) Yes4/8/0812
Hughes, DouglasOther physician specialistsSupport$5001/4/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1130
Shakibai, NaderOther physician specialistsSupport$2,5001/2/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1128
Raju, Raghava DrOther physician specialistsSupport$2501/3/12 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1129
Adams, Jason POther physician specialistsSupport$20112/30/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1125
De Troye, Melinda JOther physician specialistsSupport$2,00012/29/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1124
Hall, DonaldOther physician specialistsSupport$25012/18/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1113
Holland, Michael S DrOther physician specialistsSupport$50012/17/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1112
Sanchirico, Elizabeth E MrOther physician specialistsSupport$25012/16/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1111
Purins, Juris L MdOther physician specialistsSupport$25012/15/11 H.R. 2405 (112th) Yes12/5/1110

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